This story is violent and graphic. I’m not condoning behavior like it. This is my first attempt at an erotic story, I’ve enjoyed reading so many on here; I thought I’d give it a try. I’ll probably have some grammar mistakes. Give me some feedback and let me know any of your thoughts. Shoot me a message if you have anything like a request or such. I’ll continue the story if it seems like people dig it. Thanks
The car he always hired for me picked me up at 4pm. The driver loaded my small over-night bag into the trunk and opened the door for me. I got in and grabbed one of the drinks out of the cooler. I was nervous, like I had the four times before this. I made small talk with the driver; we’d be in the car for almost an hour with traffic. We got to the Westin-Crown Center around 5pm. Carl opened my door, handed me my bag and as always, refused a tip. I walked into the lobby and got the card key he’d left me at the desk. My heels clicked on the laminated floors as I approached the elevator. The whole ride up my anticipation grew.

I met Mr. X about 2 ½ years ago. I was 15 then, and he was 52. In shape, and quite foxy for his age, but then again, I’d always loved older men. He charmed me while I smoked outside the hotel my older sister and her friend had dragged me to. I was drinking crown out of the bottle; I probably looked like white trash. He asked if I’d like to share a joint and invited me in his hotel room. I’m not innocent and nothing happened that night that I didn’t fully want to. Looking back now, 15 sounds so young, but I’ve always been an old soul. Believe me, I was now virgin…but that’s another story. We exchanged numbers and made our arrangement. He came to Kansas City every six months or so on business, he’d hire me a car and pay for everything while we were together, I’d get $600.00 and he could use me anyway he saw fit. I needed the cash and I loved it, he needed what his wife would never give him. I probably would have done it for free. But he lavished me with gifts too, I admit it, I’ve got “daddy issues”.

No sooner had I opened the door and set my bag down, than he was on me. He reeked of Johnny Walker and weed. Closing the door he pushed me back into it and started kissing me furiously, his tongue searching for mine with fervor. His hand untied the long trench coat I had on, and nearly ripped it off me. He loved it when I wore that damned coat with the matching black bra and panty set, garter belt and stockings included, with the black pumps. All had been gifts from him for our trysts. Immediately my bra was pushed up and his mouth was on my right tit, biting my nipple, one hand wrapped around my neck while the other was roughly shoved down my panties and two fingers were shoved inside my pussy and fucked in and out hard, his palm grinding onto my clit. It was already getting hard to breath and I was moments away from my first orgasm of the night, when the assault stopped as abruptly as it had begun.

I barely had time to process the end of the pleasure before I was sprawled on the floor. He had slapped me so hard I just dropped. “Start fucking sucking my dick, whore,” he said as he grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and forcefully grabbed me chin to make me look at him. Then he spit on me and slapped me again. I immediately reached up, undid his belt and pants and pulled his cock out. I loved this part, sucking on a man, pleasuring him with my mouth. I slowly swirled my tongue on each ball and sucked on one, then the other. I licked my way around the base of his cock and up the underside, running around the head and then pressing deeply onto his slit. I started taking him into my mouth, slowly and then faster. I looked up while swirling my tongue on the underside of his cock as he slid further into my mouth, he loved this part too. I massaged his balls with one hand while I pushed my palm on his taint and then circled his asshole with the other. Later when I sucked him, he’d be rough, but the first time he liked me to pleasure him slowly so we could both enjoy it. But he wasn’t ready to give me the joy of tasting his cum yet. He pulled out of my mouth and dragged me to the desk by my hair. “Stand up and take those skimpy clothes off, bitch”.

I followed his instructions and he shoved me over the desk, I got a few slaps to each cheek. “Beg for it,” was all he said. “Please fuck my ass, Daddy. Make me your fucking cum dumpster. Please, please, please make your bitch scream, Daddy. Let me feel your cock raping my ass.”

He shoved his first two fingers into my cunt and fucked in and out, wetting them. Then he shoved the same two into my tight ass. I screamed out, and he thrust them in harder. Lining up his cock, he shoved in with barely any lubricant. He got half of his 7 inch monster inside my ass. His hand gripped my hips so hard, I knew I’d bruise. One more shove and he was balls deep in me. 7 inches long and 2 inches thick doesn’t seem like much when you say it, but shoved up your ass with little lube and you’d start crying too. Then he reached up with one hand and wrapped in my hair, making me arch my back and shove my ass into him further. The other hand wrapped around my throat, squeezing gently so I didn’t bruise there. He made me tell him I loved it, that I loved him, what a slut and whore I was, how I was his bitch, and beg for more and for it harder; the usual stuff for Mr. X. I was into it, it hurt like hell, but him dominating me and using me felt so good, I was begging to be allowed to cum five minutes into it. He let me cum for the first time, it felt so good. It wasn’t long after I did, that he filled my ass up with hot, sticky cum.

I was shoved to the floor, and then a good sized anal plug was forced into me, he didn’t like his cum to be “wasted”. I crawled over to where he sat in the chair and began to lick his cock and balls clean while he lit a joint.

….I’ll write more if anyone wants to read it :)

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2011-12-27 06:22:02
It is really good so far, develop the plot more. Just one thing, avoid aging your girls under 18. That will get you more readers, you can just skip the age or write something like I was so young, let your reader's put the age themselves.


2011-11-15 15:43:50
Enjoyed the story, let me know when you want to meet at the Westin for some of the same treatment !


2011-09-08 10:05:21
Nice beging?. i'd like to

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2011-09-07 20:10:54
Fantastic!!! Maybe you can fill us in on how you started. How old were you, that very FIRST time when you got your cherry popped. And all the sticky little details you seem really good at giving us. If this is your first attempt to write it out man you are a natural. Thanks.

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2011-09-01 23:27:10
Please write the next chapter. A little longer, i was so close to my climax.

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