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A woman meets an old friend
The air was stiff but breathe able, the sun was blazing down that afternoon. I remember because that was the day that my life had changed and I became who I am today. It was a typical Thursday, nothing special was going on, just work at the bar tonight. I got up about noon, started the day a little late but that wasn’t uncommon. I jumped in the shower letting the warm water caress my body. Letting the spray hit my chest and then roll down to my pussy. I lather up the cloth getting it nice and soapy, as I began to rub my body.

Now before I continue, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Laura and I’m 28 years old. I live in a single apartment that my parents bought me as a ‘get out of my house and never come back type of things’. I came out to them while I was in high school and was as they would say ‘unnatural’ but whatever I don’t care. Any how I have a tight body, which I keep up. I’m about 5’7’’, long legs and huge tits they are around a 38DD. But I’m not fat just the opposite I have a small waist. My face is angelic or innocent looking I guess according to everyone. Even thought that is not the case at all. I have brown hair that’s highlighted and chestnut colored eyes. I’m somewhat of a knock out to men and a bomb shell to women.

But back to the story, I rubbed the cloth all over my body and paid careful attention to my pussy. Slowly rubbing and caressing than slowly pushing a finger inside. Moaning I leaned against the shower wall and spread my legs wider. Inserting another finger and pumping in and out, I could feel my walls squeezing my finger and I panted and pumped faster. Moaning louder I reached with my other hand and grabbed one of my tits and massaged the breast. The shower was hitting at the perfect angle, where the spray was actually hitting my clit. Panting and pumping even faster I came in only a few minutes.

Pulling my fingers out I sucked the juices off and enjoyed the taste. Quickly I finished my shower, and got out heading to my bedroom when there was a knock on my door. Thinking to myself ‘who the hell that could be’ I reached for my bathrobe and went to the front door. Looking through my peep hole I saw a woman outside. Slightly opening the door, I poked my head out.

“Yes, can I help you?” I asked

“Thank god, it’s you. Do you remember me?” she replied


Now would be a good time to tell who this girl is. Her name is Alex and is the one who changed my life and help me make myself the way I am today.

“Jeez you’re still as forgetful as always. Even in high school, you could even remember to do your homework. It’s me, Alex; you know one of your best friends, who moved away in the middle of our freshman year. Ringing any bells?” She looked annoyed.

Then as if a fog lifted from my mind and I remembered. Alex was my best friend back in our freshman year and when she had to move I was heartbroken because I never got the chance to tell her how I truly felt about her. On a more than friend bases, I wanted her and I wanted her bad. But I somehow managed to control my feelings whenever she was around. But when it was just me in my room, I would finger fuck myself into a coma each night dreaming about her and me doing sexual things together. But I never had the courage to actually tell her fearing it would ruin our friendship.

“Alex? Oh my god, ALEX!!!” I screamed as I opened the door wider, pulling her inside for a hug. Totally forgetting I had my robe left open which thing keeping it closed was my hand.

After pulling apart I notice she’s blushing and staring at my lower body. I glanced down and quickly cover and tie the sash around my robe to hold it in place. Blushing too, I closed the door acting as if nothing had happen. I lost contact with Alex after she moved.

“What are you doing here? And who did you find me?” I asked

“Huh... oh right I called your house seeing if you still lived there, but your mom answered telling me you had moved out after high school and she gave me your address and then hung up.” She explained.

You got to love mom always straight to the point no questions asked. But I was glad she didn’t tell Alex about me. I guess you could say I was still scared of her finding out.

“So what are you doing here? I thought you would never return to the city?”

“Well you see I moved back here because of a job and since I lived here before I thought it wouldn’t be so bad since I knew a few people in town. Plus, I want to come visit you one day since you never call anyone back and to see how u were doing” we moved to the kitchen as she talked about the job and the company she worked for some more.

I looked Alex over. And man I could not complain, her body was amazing, her breasts looked to be a 38 C. and I recall she looked to be 5’4” with blond hair cut into a smart bob. That framed her face. She had gray eyes and a small waist. And those legs looked firm and kept in shape. But what was really shocking was her ass it was nice a round, perfect for grabbing. She was wearing a tight t-shirt with jeans that left nothing to the imagination. I was starting to get wet just thinking of all the things I could do to her. But told myself not too, because she could find out about the really me who likes women. Pulling myself away from those thoughts I rejoined the conversation.

“That sounds amazing you get to do all of that stuff and you’re happy about it? I wish I had your job.” I said. Not really meaning it, I enjoyed where I worked. I got to meet new people every day.

“Speaking of jobs” as I finally noticed the time, “I’m going too late to mine if I don’t hurry up and get dressed.”

I the whole time she was there I forgot that I was only wearing a robe and that it was slowly approaching the time for me to head to work.

“You should come to the bar, where I work, with me. I’ll give you a free drink if you do?” I teased not actually expecting her to really come.

She replied, “Yeah I’ll come with you. Plus it gives us a chance to catch up”

I go into the bedroom and begin to get dress for work. Wearing a tight fitting black T-shirt and form fitting jeans with matching white thong lingerie set. After I finished my hair and make-up I was ready to go. I came out looking for Alex when I heard moaning coming from inside the bathroom. Knocking I asked if everything was all right.

“Yeah …I’m fine…I’ll be out in a minute”

“Well hurry up or I’ll be late for work” I exclaimed.

At the bar, it was pretty packed more so than usual because a bachelor party was going on and it seemed the more drunk they got more people showed up to join in. I didn’t have much time to spend with Alex until about closing time. The boss had come out earlier and asked if I could close up since he was feeling all that good.

Knowing me I said I would and that he would have to pay my over time. He agreed and left before the bachelor party came into full swing. And boy were things getting wild with them. After serving there drinks again, Alex came up to the bar and order a gin and tonic.

“Coming right up” I smiled as I prepared the drink

“I can’t believe you’re a bartender. I always though you would run your own business by now Laura.”

I laughed as I recalled having a similar conversation with one of my co-workers earlier that week.

“Yeah I thought so to, until my parent kicked me out and paid for the apartment I live in now that I have to keep up with. That dream was kind of put on the back burner for a while until it turned up not to be happening any time soon.” I replied as I handed her, her drink.

“Why did your parents kick you out?” she asked a little confused.

“Yea… um let’s not get into that right now.” I shrugged off the question. Ok, more like avoid the question complete still feeling a little uneasy about the whole spilling my guts to the girl I use to love.

“Hey could we get another round over here” someone from the party had called and I was saved or so I had thought.

The drink order kept coming in and I could hardly keep up, by the time it was closing hour I couldn’t have been happier. I could finial breathe and take a break. I hadn’t seen Alex for the rest of the night since the conversation earlier.

Thinking to myself she must have gone home seeing that it’s five in the morning. She emerged for the booth I the far back.

“Hey you, I thought you had gone home by now I didn’t mean for you to stay with me the whole night.”

“It’s ok. I don’t have to be at work tomorrow.” She shrugged it off as if it was no big deal.

“Well ok. I’m just about to close up and then we can leave together. Give me 30 minutes to clean up the place than we can go.”

I left to start the cleanup and true to my words I was locking up the joint a half an hour later. We drove back to my apartment. The car ride on the way as slightly strand, see the hour I didn’t complain.

Once back at my apartment, I invite Alex in. closing the door behind us, we went in to the kitchen.
I offered her something to eat.

“No thanks, so are you going to answer my question earlier?” She asked.

“What question?” I tried to deflect from answering but it was no good in the end.

“Why did your parents kick you out?”

“Oh for nothing really, so how are your parents doing?” I asked again avoiding the question.

“Their fine other than the fact that they hardly talk to me now a days” she complained.


“Huh... Oh yeah they found out I was a lesbian”

“WHAT?” I chocked

“I’m gay, so they stopped talking to me” she played it off as if it wasn’t a big deal.

I was shocked here I was afraid to tell her I was gay and she ends up spilling her guts as if time and distance had not done anything to our friendship.

“Re...Really? I never would have known. You don’t strike me as being gay or anything.” I stated

“Huh, really?” she asked

I looked at her in a new light. ‘She’s gay’ was the only thing going through my mind as I stared at her wanting. She must have seen me staring because her next question was the start of it all.

“Have you ever been with a woman?” she stared me down with some gleam in her eyes as if she would jump me any minute. Not that I didn’t want her too, but still she was my best friend back in the day. She’s the girl that I loved than, and I believe now.

“I…I…Yes I have” I murmured

“I see. So than you won’t mind if I do this than will you?”

She came around the counter to where I was standing, and gently leaned her head forward to softly lay a kiss on my lips. I trembled for more as I grabbed the back of her head and kissed her harder. I gently pressed my tongue to her lips which she opened willingly. My mouth crushed hers as I felt the old feeling of wanting from the past.

I ran my hands over her body. Cupping her breasts, giving them both a gently massage, before I lowered one of my hands to cup her mound through her jeans.

She moaned in my mouth, and started to do the same with me copying my moves, when she stops kissing my lips she begins with my neck. I moan as she slowly kisses and suck on my neck. Then she begins to suck on my earlobe. I couldn’t take it any longer I had to have her.

I grabbed her by the waist and hoist her up onto my hip, as I made my way down the hall to the bedroom. We started to kiss again with her on my hips. We enter the bedroom; I put her down and attack. I rip at her shirt, lifting it above her head so I can have access to her breast. Down on my knees I stuck my hands under her bra pushing it up. With my mouth I captured the nipple and slowly started to lick and suck. While my hand was busy massaging and groping the other. After a good few minute of playing with her nipple, I switched to give the other breast the same loving.

She held my head into place as I worked her breast moaning louder every time I nibbled. A good couple of minutes ran by before I started to lower my head further down her body. Creating a path of kisses before I reached the top of her jeans, I undid the top button and slowly slide the jeans down her legs. She was wearing a black lace thong.

Glancing up, her face was flushed and she was breathing hard, I moved my head forward head for the treasure between her legs. I could smell her excitement. I closed the distance a laid several kiss on top of her mound. I reached for the sides of her thongs and pulled them down.
Leaning forward again I kiss her mound and reach with my other hand for her clit. I slowly begin to rub her clit until I feel her become wetter I than lower my head to her slit and begin to lick up and down. Pull a lip into my mouth a slowly sucking. I started to work two fingers into her hole, pumping in and out. Her moans were beginning to be drowned out as she pushed my head forward ushering me to go on. Panting hard she begins to call my name.

“Laura… don’t stop, don’t stop… it feels so good… ooohhh, right there, baby LAURA”

I smiled think ‘yeah I’m not going to stop anytime soon’. I pumped my fingers faster into her, feeling her walls contract around my fingers, squeezing tighter with every thrust. I abruptly stopped my work on her, she yelled at me.

“Why did you stop?” she looked on the verge of tears and was angry.

“Because I want to be naked too” I responded.

With that she moved forward and grabbed the hem of my shirt, lifting it over my head. I began to undo my pants, when she dropped to her knee and lowered them down my legs. I than swiftly took my panties down as well. I moved to unclip my bra, letting it slide of my shoulder and onto the floor. It felt good to have my tits released. The cold air caused my nipple to stand at attention, but it wasn’t the only thing. I was soaking wet,
I could even smell my own arouse. I looked down at Alex and I swear she looked ready to devour me. I barely had time to think, before her mouth was attacking my clit. Sucking and licking around and around, sometimes even biting. I lost all words and thoughts in my head. I moaned so loud I thought the neighbors could hear.

I grabbed the back of her head pushing it forward, humping her face as she licked my slit. Begging her to do it harder, at that point did she thrust two fingers inside me roughly, I screamed from the sudden attack. She pumped her fingers in and out of me. I felt like I would explode with sexual tension that was building up. I grounded my pussy on her hand while she sucked my clit. Moaning I clinched her hand as I prepared of a huge orgasm. When she abruptly pulled her hand away I almost screamed, but instead she replace her fingers with her tongue and the shear feeling brought me over the edge. I held her head firmly in place as I climaxed all over.

Once my orgasm subsided, did another wave hit as she moved her tongue inside. After a few minutes she let me calm down long enough to push me down on the bed. With her lying on top, we started to kiss passionately.

“That was amazing” I said in between kisses.

“Good…” was a she all she could say before I flipped us over and start to kiss, suck and lick my way down her body, placing small kisses around her mound before I reached any further inside her lips. I licked the outer lip and started to suck and nibble a bit before I moved to the other side to give it the same attention. I could hear her moans grow louder as I continued further inward.

I spread her lips apart and stuck my tongue inside her wet sopping hole wiggling my tongue around, feeling her wall tightening. I moved my tongue in and out reaching further in. enjoying the taste of her as she squirms and wiggles. I wrap my arms around her hips to hold her in to place as I attack her pussy without thought. I feel the tension in her body as her voice became inaudible. She was on the brink of climaxing, I quickly removed my tongue and push two fingers in and pumped as fast as I could while sucking on her clit.

It brings her over the edge, and she climaxes all over my hand and face. I slowly bring her down from her high. Once she was calmed I moved up to kiss her, letting her taste her own juice.

“Oh my god, that was amazing” she stated in-between kisses.

Laughing I told her it wasn’t over just yet, and moved off the bed and headed to my closet. When I came back I had a nine inch dildo strap-on fasten to my pelvis. I slowly walked to her, enjoying the look on her face as I neared. I told her to turn over with her butt sticking in the air.
Once she did, I moved behind her and rubbed the dildo over her pussy. She gave a shudder, and asked for me to put it in.

“Oh god… yes stick that in my Laura, let me feel you inside me…”

Since I didn’t want to wait any way I drilled the cock into her without hesitation. I impaled her over and over almost coming all the way out, she screamed to be fucked harder and faster. For some where a pulled out a lot of energy and gave her just what she wanted.

“Do you feel that bitch… do you feel me slamming into you. You fucking tease” I asked.

It seemed that all my past frustrations came forward as I fucked Alex as hard as I can, thinking it was my only chance to prove to her that I was in love with her.

I fucked her so hard that the bed began to shack and hit the wall. She gripped the sheet in her hands, as her mouth was open and she became inaudible again. Slamming even faster into her I reached around and pinched her clit. That pushed her off the edge and she climaxed against the strap-on. I pushed deep inside as the vibrations set me off as well.

When we both finally finished, we fell forward, with the dildo making a popping noise as it slid out. Lying on top I quickly laid kisses on her face and neck before kissing her lips.

“That was great” I whispered as I spooned next to her.

“I agree that was the best sex I had in a long while” she murmured as she began to go to sleep.

I got up quickly to take of the strap-on before we both went under the blankets naked holding each other until morning.

The next day I told her the truth about why my parents kicked me out and would you believe she laughed. Telling me that she already knew why my parents kicked me out but wanted to hear it from my mouth. Which I more than did last night, I also ended up telling her me true feels which she already knew as well since she had them too and last night only confirmed her suspense.


A few years have gone by and I and Alex now live in a house in the downtown area. And she helped me reach my dream of opening a new business which she is the co-owner too. And business could not be better since I mostly get to do nothing but test out the products on my girlfriend each night.

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