College frat boys get more than they bargained for

They meet on campus. She is19, tall, blonde, with ice cold blue eyes and the perfectly sculpted face of a Norse goddess. The highlights of her perfect body are her d cup breasts, as well as her beautifully rounded little ass. He is tall, with black hair and eyes of a deeper blue than hers. He has bedded many like her before, and as his eyes bore into hers, he can detect no hint of danger. Her eyes, looking back into his, can see nothing but lust. The same look she has seen in so many hundreds of men's eyes before. Yes, he is filled with lust and that puts him in her power.

"How come I've never seen you at our house before?" he asks, referring to his fraternity house. She plays coy, saying, "I'm not much of a party girl", but in fact she has been there, quietly, on previous occasions, carefully observing faces and losing herself in the crowd when she catches sight of him. These recon missions help her choose those who will join her for the big evening she has planned.

He becomes more insistent. "Why don't you come over some time?" She gradually and from all he can tell, reluctantly, begins to give in. In reality, it is she who is drawing him into her trap. Finally, on the Monday before Spring Break, she says, "How about if I give you and some of your friends a little private party after everybody else leaves for Spring Break?" Well, if that's the way she wants it, he thinks, OK, but I'm getting it first. He tells her he will make all the arrangements. When she begins describing the men she wants at the party, an alarm bell, triggered perhaps by his most deep seated survival instinct, goes off. "How do you know what all these guys look like if you've never been to our house?' he demands. She confesses soothingly that she has been there before, but she's very shy and just blended into the crowd. It's funny how they hadn't run into each other there! Reassured, he begins quietly approaching the frat brothers on her list. They must not tell anybody about the party; that is her only condition. In all, there will be 12 young men at the party, all "studs" and all looking forward to the night of their lives with the gorgeous blonde goddess their brother has described to them.

The blonde, too, is looking forward with great eagerness to the big night. She has selected all 12 of her men with great care. She has also planned the entire evening out with great attention to every detail, and is confident of her skills. She does not understand the powerful force that is driving her towards this night, but she knows that it is too strong to be resisted. She has started down the road, and there can now be no turning back.


It's now the Friday before Spring Break. One by one, the frat brothers take their leave, some home, some to beaches in Florida and one braggart off to Europe with his parents. That snob doesn't know what he's going to be missing, laugh the 12 who remain.

She arrives around ten that night. None of the boys notice the bag that she leaves beside the door, recessed in the shadows. She slips out of her coat, revealing a glorious low cut red dress, her luscious breasts literally ready to spill out from the top. Matching the dress is a pair of red high heel pumps. She surveys the scene. The large main room of the frat house has a few sofas and other furniture lining the walls, but the center of the room is big and wide open. All 12 of her men can line up there without any trouble. Perfect.

The beautiful blonde scans the faces greeting her. There is her host, the one that she arranged this whole evening with. There is the quarterback, with his straight blonde hair, blue eyes and deep dimples in his cheeks as he beams a smile at her. She almost orgasms on the spot as she locks eyes with him! He is her true prize tonight. Another stud, with black curly hair and blue eyes is there, wearing the backwards baseball cap she always saw him wearing. "I wonder if he takes it off during sex?" she thought, realizing that she'd find out very soon. He had caught her practiced eye as someone she could just tell had great sexual stamina and capability. All those who greet her are tall, good looking young studs in their sexual prime. All 12 that she had requested are there. Perfect.

She sits on one of the sofas with them, sipping some of the cheap swill beer they offer her. Can't get drunk, she thinks. I'm going to need all of my senses to be at their sharpest tonight. After briefly chatting, she takes the host by the hand and tugging him off the sofa announces "You're going to be first." The rest of the boys guffaw loudly as the two lovers walk to the bedroom just off the main room. On their way, she calls out "Don't drink too much guys. You need to be able to do what you gotta do!"

The bedroom is devoid of furniture except for a queen size bed and a lamp on a nightstand, throwing off a dim glow from its low watt light bulb. She is glad there is some light. I want to see their faces, she thinks. She and the host go into the bedroom, shut the door and still fully clothed, she drops to her knees. She undoes his jeans, pulls down his briefs, and his fully erect tool pops out to greet her. Good, he's a big boy, she delightedly says to herself. He's ready to go, but I want to taste him first. She slips his manhood in her mouth, and begins tonguing it lightly, forcing low moans out of him. How helpless he is with his penis in my mouth, she marvels. Her love juices begin to flow in response to the sound of his guttural male moaning. Precum begins to seep from the slit of the penis. She puts a hand under his balls, and to her delight, they feel heavy. She can tell that his pouch contains a nice big load. What's inside him right now is going to be inside me soon. After brief oral worship of his erection, she gets up, and still facing him, slips out of her dress and kicks off her high heels. He feels his already swollen organ stiffen to steel like rigidity as he is confronted with the beautiful naked body standing before him, her long blonde hair tossed back, revealing her gorgeous bare shoulders and breasts. The host firmly grabs the big, beautiful bare breasts in front of him and kneads the luscious flesh in both his hands. She now feels her love juices flowing freely and her heart beats wildly in anticipation of penis penetrating vagina. The host strips, picks up the beautiful, naked, unresisting body and tosses it onto the bed. She assumes the familiar position and watches as he thrusts his head between her legs. As the first tonight, he can claim the privilege of tasting her. She can feel his skillful tongue taunting her womanhood, and now she realizes that she is the vulnerable one. Briefly looking up into her eyes, he says “damn, your pussy is sweet” before he goes back to the blissful oral torture he is inflicting upon her. She grabs and tousles his hair as he continues to orally tantalize the moist, yearning seat of her womanhood. She is on the very edge of orgasm, but she resists it, and it’s almost a relief when he raises his head, hovers briefly over her and then lowering himself onto her, finally slides his rigid tool into her now saturated canal. Trying to keep her senses by focusing on her objective, she whispers in his ear "Is it just you guys here?" "Yes", he gasps breathlessly as he builds up his rhythm. Satisfied, she surrenders herself to the orgasms that start to flash through her body. She orgasms not only from the sexual ecstasy that he is giving her, but also from the thought of the ultimate ecstasy to come later that night. She looks into his face in the dim light, and can see in his eyes only the unleashed lust of the male animal. She puts her hands on his hips, and then moves them further down to his ass cheeks, guiding his ever more rapid thrusts deeper into her. She moans as his thrusts, building up to a fever pitch, suddenly end with a deep groan as he empties his sperm into her body. The act of lust completed, he dismounts, and begins to pick up his clothes from the floor. She calls out to him from the bed. "Don't get dressed when you go back out there. I've got a big surprise for all you guys. And send in the next one!”

The blonde gets out of bed and stands just inside the doorway waiting for her second stud. Now naked, with one man’s load in her, she is anticipating the thrill of feeling yet another penis sliding into her. She can’t help but think to herself, I hope it’s him, and experiences a slight letdown when another stud appears in the doorway and shuts the door behind him. He’s no slouch, either, she consoles herself, surveying the bare chested stud with curly dirty blonde hair and blue eyes standing in front of her with an obvious bulge in his jeans. I don’t know what it is, but I love the blue eyed boys, she muses to herself. She runs her hands across his bare broad shoulders, then down his muscular chest, making the movement of her slender, elegant hands to the top of his jeans a seamless one. I’ve done this so many times before, she laughs inwardly. She catches the stud’s subtle smirk which lets her know that he’s well aware that she is highly practiced in her art. Another pair of jeans undone, another pair of briefs pulled down and another proud, fully erect penis exposed to her hungry mouth. About 7 ½, she calculates with her appraising eye. So far so good; another big boy. She takes the swollen cock in her mouth, first teasing the tip with her tongue, and then gradually absorbing more and more of the shaft into her mouth. The stud puts a firm hand on the back of her head and pushes her further down on the shaft. Their combined efforts get her to the root of his penis. Deep throat! He can’t help but notice that she shows no sign of gagging. After slowly backing her mouth off his engorged tool, she jumps up, helps him out of his sneakers, socks, jeans and briefs, and pulls him by the hand to the bed of lust. In the blink of an eye, she is on her back with him fully buried inside of her. This stud is big and good, she thinks as he slams into her with a steady rhythm. Again, she achieves orgasm, and again it’s partly from the pleasure he’s giving her and partly from anticipation of the sublime ecstasy yet to come. Suddenly the stud’s entire body stiffens as the contractions deep in his balls seize hold of him. A deep, visceral groan escapes him as he achieves a man’s ultimate release. His sperm is propelled at high velocity into her eager, welcoming body. She likes this stud’s cockiness, and gets out of bed with him, giving him a playful, stinging slap on one of his ass cheeks. As they walk to the door and his erection subsides, he can feel unexpelled sperm oozing from his penis. Drops of his DNA splash onto the carpet, and will be joined there as the night progresses by the genetic material leaked out by other young men. The blonde hurries the stud out of the room, telling him, as she will all 12 tonight, to wait naked for her along with the others in the main room for the evening’s ultimate surprise.

The third stud is her curly haired boy. He, too enters the room bare chested, wearing jeans, sneakers and his baseball cap. There is something so young about him, she thinks, as she drops to her knees, and pulls down his jeans. He has to be at least 18 or 19 since he's in college, but he doesn't seem any older than 16. It's probably that baseball cap he always wears, she muses. She giggles a little seeing the tight, royal blue briefs he’s wearing that barely contain his erection. She eagerly pulls down the tight briefs, and his large, rigid tool springs out at her. Contemplating the liberated phallus, she wants to waste no time in getting him completely naked. Obeying her gestures at his shoes and the command of “come on, come on,” he removes his sneakers, pulls off his socks and strips off his jeans. She gives him no chance to pull off the royal blue briefs, already halfway down his thighs. She pulls them down his legs to his feet and he steps out of them. She tosses the briefs, wet with a spot of precum, to the far corner of the bedroom saying "You won't need these anymore!" She now begins orally pleasuring his tool. He's big and he tastes good, she thinks, as she massages his balls. Stubbornly, he refuses to make a sound, so she takes a little bit of extra time on him with her mouth, tormenting his stiffened manhood with her tongue, and caressing and massaging his swollen balls with her hand. She can tell that he is making a conscious effort to be macho, not to cry out or even groan as she knows he so badly wants to. Finally, with a decisive bob of her head, she fully engulfs his glorious erection in her mouth, her nose coming to rest against his pelvic bone, and she is rewarded with a low groan of pleasure. She can’t wait any longer to bed this stud and leads him by the hand to her arena, where they will consummate their lust. Now in bed, he is fully naked except for his baseball cap and she realizes that he’s not going to be taking it off. So he really does keep it on ALL the time she thinks and giggles again. Her giggles stop as his hard, swollen tool is thrust into her. He proves that she was right about his sexual stamina as he rails her mercilessly. She begins screaming as a chain of multiple orgasms hammer her body. He is now vocal too, grunting as he slams into her with all his force. He begins to perspire and soon he is saturated with sweat, drops of it falling from his nose onto her, bathing her with the byproduct of his frenzied lust. She begins to perspire too, and her sweat mingles with his, giving further dimension to their carnal union. His powerful thrusting continues, unrelenting. "Is he ever going to cum?" she wonders, even as she urges him on. "Yeah, baby, yeah." The fucking continues for half an hour, until finally, with a gasp of "holy fuck, holy fuck", he attains the ultimate release and shoots his load deep inside her. As he gets out of bed, his erection still lingering, she says “tell the rest of them to strip before they come in.” No sense in wasting time on getting them out of their clothes, she muses. Still pouring sweat, temporarily spent by the most intense orgasm he has ever experienced, her curly haired stud stumbles from the room.

The air in the room is now heavy with the smell of sex and sweat as the blonde prepares for her next lover. Stud #4 enters the room nude, as she had requested and fully erect like those before him. Another hunk, she thinks, with his light brown hair and inevitable blue eyes. She is waiting by the door for him and flashes a lustful smile at him as he shuts the door and turns to face her. Again, she repeats the familiar pattern, dropping to her knees and taking his manhood in her mouth. She pleasures the tip of his tool and feels a familiar oily substance on her tongue. Precum, and he’s oozing a lot of it. With a firm grip on the base of his erect penis, she holds it straight up, parallel to his body, fully revealing his tightened scrotal pouch, pulled upward by both the tension that she is applying, as well as the straining urgency of his erection. Keeping her hold on the stiffened tool, she tantalizes the slit with the tip of her tongue, coaxing out the stud’s seminal oil. Skillfully using circular motions of just the tip of her tongue, the beauty swirls the precum all around the head of the penis. I just love playing with body fluids, the blonde laughs to herself. The stud groans deeply with pleasure. Using only the very tips of her fingers now and applying only the slightest of pressure at the base of the stud’s engorged cock, the blonde coaxes a fresh flow of precum from the slit. Catching the fluid on her tongue, she now slides her tongue slowly and lustfully down the stud’s tool to the base, lubricating him with his own erotic oil. The stud shudders now with an even deeper groan than before. She slides her hand upward and now holding up the tool by its very tip, her mouth has free access to the stud’s scrotal pouch. She begins to tongue his balls, licking the sack, and even as her lascivious tongue caresses the taut pouch that contains them, the two vital organs inside are producing thousands of sperm cells per second, to be added to the flood that will be propelled from the stud’s body at the moment of climax. The blonde then takes each of the encased jewels briefly and lightly in her mouth. She contemplates the bulging sack containing the precious white fluid that she carnally hungers for. I want to blow him so bad, she yearns. I want to feel him explode in my mouth and I want to feel that hot jet of sperm shooting onto my tongue. I want to taste his very essence and then consume it. I want to swallow every last drop of him. Catching hold of herself, she realizes that she cannot follow her deepest carnal impulse on this night. He must deposit his load in her pussy. Still, the longer she can stimulate and pleasure the stud with her mouth, while denying him ultimate release, the larger the load.will be. Once again, she takes her time with a hardened tool, now teasing it with the tip of her tongue, now sliding her full mouth onto it, taking care not to take the stud past the point of no return. When she judges he can last no longer, she gets up and pulls him to the bed. Penetration is followed by the stud’s frenzied pounding. He won’t even last 5 minutes she thinks and is amazed that he continues to pound her for 10 and then well past 15 minutes. She orgasms from the sheer delight of being possessed by this potent male animal who has withstood her most skillful oral assault. Finally, heaving a groan deeper than all the others, the stud’s balls surrender their massive load. Deep inside the blonde’s canal of love, the stud’s cock spurts again and again, the first spurt a massive, thick white jet, propelled at explosive force, those following gradually decreasing in thickness and velocity. The stud buries his face in the pillow and groans again as he feels his spasms continue. Finally, after seconds that seem an eternity, the contractions cease, the stud lifts his head and looks into the eyes of his woman. She gives him her most lustful smile, and purrs “you were so good baby.” She rewards him by walking with him to the door, hand in hand, regretting that this is the only lovemaking session they will ever have.

Finally, he walks through the door, the fifth stud of the night. It’s the quarterback. There they are face to face again, both naked, he with his erect tool and she conscious of the hardening of her nipples and the fresh flow of her love juices at the sight of him. Two pairs of blue eyes lock onto each other like laser beams. A different feeling has taken hold of her now, and unlike with the others, she throws herself into his arms, embraces him and kisses him passionately, even as she wonders what took him so long. It's a good thing he isn't thinking about what's been in my mouth tonight, she thinks, as they reach for each other with their tongues. “I’ve waited for this for a long time” he says. “Really?” she responds. “But we’ve just met tonight.” “Yeah, but I’ve seen you here quite a few times, but never had the nerve to talk to you.” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing! The quarterback, the object of desire of every girl in the school didn’t have the nerve to approach her! He smiles and she melts as the dimple indents his cheek. After locking lips with him again, she drops to her knees and takes the long awaited prize in her mouth. He is mine, at last! She lovingly and tenderly pleasures his stiff, straining manhood. He tastes so fucking good, she thinks to herself. His tool in her mouth, she closes her eyes in erotic bliss. She takes less time on him with her mouth than she had on the others: her yearning pussy will not be denied! She gets up, and the quarterback scoops her up in his arms just as the host had done. He carries her over to the bed, but instead of tossing her onto it, he gently, almost reverently places her on it. Climbing into bed with her, they again kiss and embrace passionately, until he lovingly inserts his tool into her. He starts off slowly, and she contrasts his gentle insertion and slow but steady thrusting with the rough pounding she has taken from all of her other studs. He actually feels something for me, she realizes joyfully, as she searches his eyes and finds a passionate tenderness she had not seen in any of the others. Her orgasms are now triggered by the ecstasy of something that is almost love, as she begins to regret what she will have to do later that night. He grinds his body into hers, pressing her into the mattress, as they kiss passionately and he continues his slow, steady thrusting. He’s actually making love to me!, she thrills. Breaking their kiss, she whispers “I want to ride you. “ He withdraws his tool, gets on his back, and she impales herself on his shaft. She slowly rides him, rocking herself gently on his tool of love. He reaches up and lovingly caresses her breasts with his hands. How many men’s hands have fondled those huge, beautiful tits! Dozens of faces flash before her eyes. Why couldn’t I have met him when I was 16 and my body was untouched, she mourns. And now, even worse, my soul…Feeling sorry for him, she begins to think maybe I can just let him leave, but she banishes the idea as rapidly as it enters her brain. There is no turning back on the path that she is on now. After taking a canter on her stallion, they switch positions again, and again he is on top of her, beginning the thrusting that will lead to climax. As his thrusts become harder and more rapid, he slides past the point of no return, and his orgasm spews his seed into her. Getting out of bed, she walks him to the door. They embrace and kiss one final time and he says “This is the first time of many.” Her heart sinks with the grim knowledge of just how wrong he is.

As the quarterback leaves the room, she drops to her knees and awaits the arrival of stud #6. I’m going to end up on my knees anyway, she laughs to herself. She has just experienced a feeling so close to love that it almost frightened her. Now, she has reverted to sheer animal lust. The next boy through the door is simply another piece of meat for her to feast on. The new stud presents himself, stripped and erect. I don’t even have to waste my time on getting any of them hard, she marvels. This latest morsel in her carnal feast has brown hair and brown eyes. His stiff tool is now right in her face; all she does is open her mouth, and she can taste his manhood and feel it with her tongue. I’m really going to do a job on this one, she decides. She cups her hand under his swollen balls and thus holding his erect tool in place, she slides her mouth slowly down his shaft, until her lips kiss the very base of the rigid penis. To her delight, the stud moans in ecstasy. She slowly pulls back her mouth, all the way back to the tip of his manhood, and giving the tormented tool no time to recover, she thrusts her head down onto it again. She pulls back up, slides back down, now more rapidly. The speed of her head thrusts increase, and the stud can no longer contain himself. “Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!” he exclaims. She gradually slows her pace, until finally she rises, takes him by both hands and turns him around, so that he now has his back to the bed. Facing him, she places the palms of both her hands on his well developed chest and starts pushing him back to the bed. “Come on, come on,” she taunts him with a playful lust, as she shoves him backwards. When she has the stud backed up to the bed, she gives him one final decisive push. Now on his back in bed, he positions himself with his rigid tool waiting for her to mount. Unlike the loving way she gently rode the quarterback, she is going to fuck this stud with a vengeance. She lowers herself onto him, grasping the stiff phallic prize in her hand. She can feel the engorged tip pushing past her nether lips. Withdrawing her hand, she lets herself slide the rest of the way down the pole of flesh. With ecstasy, as she pushes her hips and ass downward, she feels the stud’s swollen tool filling up more and more of her wet, eager vagina. Soon, her pussy lips meet the base of his cock, and the fucking begins. Slowly at first, she starts to bounce up and down, impaled on the stud’s erection. Gradually she increases her tempo, until she is slamming her body up and down, again and again on the shaft of love. With each downward thrust, with each upward bounce, her breasts jog rhythmically. Her beautiful rounded ass cheeks undulate with each downward thrust of her hips. Her love juices flow freely, bathing and lubricating the tool that is providing her with such ecstasy. The stud grabs the big, beautiful, bouncing breasts and squeezes them with a lustful grip so unlike the tender caresses of the quarterback. She, in her turn, puts both her hands on the stud’s powerful chest, bracing herself as she continues her steady pelvic thrusts. Carried away by the sheer animal passion she is experiencing, she orgasms again and again. Suddenly, she dismounts and gets onto her back. The stud now mounts her, and begins a series of deep, violent thrusts that culminate with the propulsion of another molten load of sperm into her welcoming vagina. Another penis leaves the room, its purpose fulfilled.

Now in a playful mood, the blonde is again on her knees, just inside the doorway, and as she sees the shadow of stud #7 approaching, she opens her mouth wide. Entering the room is yet another fully erect stud. Seeing her open mouth, he loudly exclaims “cool!” and inserts his stiffened tool straight into her waiting mouth. She readily accepts the swollen cock into her mouth and he starts edging slowly forward, pushing the engorged head towards the back of her throat. She isn’t even gagging, he marvels, but in reality, she has no fear of gagging on him. He’s not really that big, only about 8 inches, she reasons. When he has pushed his tool into her open mouth as far as it will go, she closes her mouth, and nudges her head forward until she can touch his pelvic bone with her nose. She’s deep throating me, the stud rejoices. She surveys her new man. He has brown hair and brown eyes, just like her previous stud, the only two of her lovers tonight who do not have blue eyes. They look remarkably alike; even their tools are about the same size, with the new stud only slightly larger. She pleasures him orally, using her tongue to toy with first the head, then the shaft, and finally with the stud’s balls. After the obligatory oral worship, she leads the stud to the bed where their carnal union will be fully consummated. On her back, she feels the bliss of yet another hardened man tool penetrating her canal of love. As the stud begins his thrusting in earnest, she whispers passionately in his ear, “Is he your brother?” knowing that he will automatically understand who she’s referring to. “No, he’s my best friend,” he almost gasps as he delivers another thrust of his hips. She will never learn just how close the two are, having been friends since 3rd grade, constantly being mistaken for brothers, and later learning that they had been born in the same hospital on the same day. As the new stud continues to thrust, she orgasms deeply and forgets her momentary disappointment that she will not, after all, be taking two brothers tonight. They’re just like brothers, she reflects happily. They’re both experiencing me tonight and even more thrilling, they will share the ultimate experience, together, at the end of the night. As the stud continues thrusting, she can’t make up her mind which of the two friends is the better lover. They’re both equally effective at missionary, she decides, so she is about to tell her new stud that she wants to ride him, when his thrusts suddenly become more rapid and more violent. There’s no stopping him now, she realizes, and lets him bring to completion what can no longer be denied. Finally the stud feels the contractions deep in his balls, and as he gasps “oh, god!”, the mass of thick, white seed is propelled upward through his tool and spews out the slit, leaving the male and being absorbed by the female.

After Stud #7 leaves the room, the blonde gets out of bed, and taking two steps towards the door, she feels something warm and wet under her bare right foot. It gives her an erotic thrill when she realizes that it’s spilled sperm, and judging from its warmth, probably just exuded from the subsiding erection of stud #7. Another step and her toes meet a colder liquid, no doubt spilled by one of her earlier conquests. It thrills her that she is treading on the very essence of the human male with her beautiful bare feet. She waits by the door, standing this time, for stud #8, and is rewarded by the appearance of a curly haired, blue eyed blonde, sporting the inevitable erection. This stiff tool really catches her eye. The shaft is long and to her liking, but not overly thick, and it is crowned by a thick bulbous head. It reminds me of a mushroom, she giggles to herself, fascinated by the unending variety of the love organ of the human male. I’ve never seen two that were exactly alike, she marvels. She flashes the stud a lascivious smile and drops to her knees. Gripping his balls, she begins swirling her tongue around on the bulbous head of the stud’s tool. It’s so thick, she wonders if he can even feel anything. She begins using the tip of her tongue to tease the stud’s slit, and he begins moaning with pleasure. I’ve got him where I want him now, she thinks with satisfaction. She slides her tongue down the shaft, and then uses it to slather the stud’s balls. Finally, she puts the head fully into her mouth, and works the tip of the stud’s spear slowly and sensually with her lips and tongue. She is delighted by the moaning she elicits from the now sexually helpless stud. He’s completely in my power, she enthuses to herself. After orally pleasuring the stud, she leads him over to the bed. On her back now, she expects imminent penetration, but this stud surprises her. Planting himself between the beautiful, sensuous thighs, the stud takes the thick head of his cock and begins slowly rubbing her nether lips with it. He slides the head up and down the length of her labia, being careful not to penetrate the sanctum of love it protects. He now moves further upward, still not pushing past the yearning lips, until swollen head meets clit. The feel of the bloated head of his tool in contact with, but not yet penetrating her hungry womanhood, drives her nearly out of her mind with lust. “Put it in, don’t tease me!”, she moans pleadingly while secretly hoping that he will prolong the sweet torment that he is inflicting upon her. Finally, the stud slides the head of his tool along her pussy lips one more time, and then almost abruptly shoves it into her. She can feel the bulbous mass pushing past her lips and entering her canal of love. She can feel the shaft sliding deeper, ever deeper into her. The stud starts pounding her with a steady rhythm. So close to the point of orgasm from the carnal teasing she had been subjected to, penetration now pushes her over the edge and her body is rocked by multiple orgasms. Whipping himself up into a lustful frenzy, the stud grabs her by the legs, and tosses them onto his shoulders. She moans in ecstasy as the stud, firmly grasping the beautiful legs, uses his new found leverage to penetrate her even more deeply and rapidly. Finally, the inevitable happens, as his balls spasm and his tool belches forth his genetic code, contained in the hot, thick, white fluid that is deposited in the blonde’s pussy. Yet another satisfied young stud, leaving behind him in bed a woman whose carnal appetite still hungers for even more.

The blonde is once again at the door to greet stud #9. A thrill goes through her when she is face to face with the most handsome of all her studs, second only to the quarterback. At just under 5’ 10, he is shorter than her other men, but his facial features are perfectly chiseled and, like the quarterback, his cheek dimples deeply when he flashes his smile at her. His hair is reddish brown, his eyes are blue, and he has a naturally tanned skin tone. Just having turned 19, the stud is several months younger than she is. By way of greeting, the blonde reaches out, grasps the stud’s erection in her hand and begins to slowly stroke it while she drinks in his handsome features. This one is so fucking hot, she enthuses to herself, and that is saying something considering the quality of all the male flesh she has assembled here tonight. She is impressed with the 9 inch tool that the stud is packing. She drops to her knees, and begins teasing the stud’s manhood with her tongue. She finds the musky scent emanating from the stud’s balls very alluring. “Sorry, babe, I’ve got some sweaty balls,” he says apologetically, having just liberated his swollen package from a pair of tight briefs before stepping into the room. “Yum!” she replies, taking her tongue and lapping the salty pouch. As she puts the stud’s stick of love back into her mouth, she is struck by how hairy he is below the waist. His chest and upper body aren’t especially hairy, but below the waist, his ass, legs and everything else are covered by a dense coat of reddish brown hair which complements the stud’s tanned skin perfectly. No wonder his balls sweat so much with all this hair, the blonde thinks. Briefly taking the tool out of her mouth, she asks “Do you know you have a really hairy ass?” The stud responds “All the girls tell me that” and is rewarded with a stinging slap on the ass for this reference to his numerous prior conquests. He’s a cocky little stud, she thinks as she puts the tool back in her mouth and begins to work on it in earnest. Soon she has her man groaning in ecstasy, as she takes both balls briefly in her mouth. Getting up, she puts her hand firmly on the stud’s erect tool, and tugging on it leads him to the bed, using the tool as a leash for her male beast. Pushing him down onto the edge of the bed, she once again gets on her knees between the stud’s legs and resumes her oral assault on his bloated manhood. I’m taking my time with this one, she decides. Slowly, sensually, she sucks the stud, looking intently into his eyes while he groans with pleasure. As her finale, she lowers her head all the way down, using her mouth to engulf the stud’s entire erection down to the base. Satisfied with her oral performance, the blonde now climbs into bed and lying on her back, legs open, prepares to receive her man. The stud plunges his eager tool into the blonde’s welcoming womanhood. He is a well practiced lover, thrusting away with deep and steady strokes. The blonde orgasms deeply, in ecstasy at being possessed by this fine specimen of the male animal. “Come on, fuck me!” she taunts him, and is rewarded by harder and faster thrusts. She is amazed that he has still not achieved release as the minutes lengthen and the stud begins to sweat profusely, even as he continues to thrust home his rock hard tool. Finally, his balls are called upon to deliver their massive load of white liquid. The stud lets out a gasp, as buried deep inside the blonde, the slit of his tool explodes, and spurt after spurt of the male love offering is ejected into the wet and welcoming vagina. The stud pulls his tool out, but even now still not completely satiated, he gives his woman a wicked smile and shoves the still erect tool back into her. As she screams “holy shit, holy shit” the stud launches one final frenzied assault, slamming the blonde again and again with now ragged strokes as he pushes his manhood to the very limit. Predictably, this second round does not last very long, and in less than 5 minutes the stud lets out a deep groan as all remaining seminal fluid is drained from his body. Now spent, he lies there next to her, briefly resting after his heroic performance. The blonde, thoroughly impressed, decides that she must brand this stud as her own. As he lies there on his back, she places her mouth on his shoulder, and forming a seal with her lips, draws as much of the stud’s flesh into her mouth as she can. She applies suction, and blood vessels break. When the stud gets up, his sweaty balls now completely drained, he is sporting a massive hickey on his shoulder, and gets the further reward of another slap on his hairy ass from his delighted lover.

Stud #10 enters the room, and he is yet another treat for the still unsatiated carnal appetite of the blonde. At a little over 6’ 2, he is the tallest of all her men. The blonde’s mouth begins to water as she drinks in the sight of this stud with his brown hair and blue eyes. He has the finest body of all of her studs, with his broad shoulders, well developed chest and his lean, muscular frame. Only 18, he is one of the few freshmen living in the frat house. The stud’s most impressive feature is the huge, fully erect flesh pole that he is equipped with. She literally cannot keep her hands off his body, as she paws at his shoulders, chest and arms with their long biceps. Looking in awe at his stiff pussy wrecker, she asks him “How big is that monster?” and knows that he’s not lying when he replies “11 inches.” Dropping to her knees, she tentatively takes the tip of the stud’s massive tool in her mouth. I don’t know if I can deep throat this, she thinks, but I sure as hell am going to try. She slowly begins working her lips down the stud’s shaft, and more and more of his tool disappears into her mouth. When she has gotten about half of his pole in her mouth, the stud asks her, “So, do you swallow?” Backing his tool out of her mouth, she gives him a sharp, stinging slap on the ass and says “You’re not going to find out!” The stud replies “Just asking,” and she returns to her oral work. Actually she would love nothing more to taste and swallow this magnificent stud’s molten load of sperm, but the precious white liquid must end up in her pussy, like all of the others. Once again the stud’s shaft slides into her mouth, deeper and deeper. With around 10 inches of the shaft in her mouth, she begins to gag. I’ve got to do this, she decides, and fighting her gag reflex, and with some help from the stud’s hand on the back of her head, she determinedly pushes the last inch of the massive tool down her throat. Gasping for air, but thoroughly pleased with herself, she gets up, grabs the stud by the hand and pulls him over to the bed. There, with the stud half sitting, half laying on the bed, she tongues and teases his mammoth pole, being sure to maintain eye contact with him the whole time. After orally tormenting the stud’s snake, she orders him to get fully in bed and lay on his back. She slowly lowers herself onto the rigid pole, and begins bouncing up and down on it, almost frightened to ride the stud at the full throttle pace she would have liked. Gradually, she builds up speed, and her moans turn to screams of delight, as her love juices coat the stud’s tool. She finally dismounts, and they trade places. Now on her back, her feet pointed at the ceiling, she takes the stud as he shoves his tool into her to the root. She screams as the thrusting battering ram of flesh smashes her cervix, unleashing a chain of multiple orgasms. As he pounds away, and feels the first contractions deep in his balls, the stud says, “So you really don’t want to swallow me?” Consumed by lust, she replies, “No, I want your fucking load in my pussy.” Soon, the stud is rendered helpless, as the contractions in his balls become full fledged orgasmic spasms. Letting out a deep groan, he can feel his tool exploding inside the blonde’s pussy, bathing her love canal with spurt after spurt of his thick, white genetic product. Relieved of his load, the stud departs, leaving the triumphant blonde in bed, delighted at her biggest conquest of the evening.

The blonde now greets stud #11 at the door. He is tall, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a large, stiff tool. Once again, the blonde drops to her knees and takes an engorged penis in her mouth. She massages the stud’s balls with her hand while bobbing her head up and down on the rigid shaft. The stud begins to moan with pleasure, as the combined efforts of the blonde’s fingers, lips and tongue bring blissful torment to his entire package. With the stud fully aroused, the blonde gets up and leads him to her true battleground, the bed. She spreads her legs to receive yet another man, and soon the stud’s tool is sliding in and out of the blonde’s eager pussy. As the speed of the stud’s thrusts begin to accelerate, he becomes vocal, grunting as the base of his penis meets the blonde’s pussy lips again and again. The stud’s thrusts come harder and faster, and the animal grunting of her partner unleashes a new wave of lust in the blonde. The sound of the deep male grunts, combined with the steady, intense pounding being delivered by the stud unleashes a wave of orgasms that flood the blonde’s body. The blonde begins at first to moan, and then to scream as the stud’s relentless carnal assault continues. He’s a total animal, she thinks as she is driven almost out of her mind with lust at the stud’s continual grunting. Even better, he’s making me feel like an animal too, she enthuses, as she grips the stud’s ass with both hands and pushes him even deeper into her. Now lathered with sweat, the stud keeps thrusting steadily, rhythmically and deeply. He barely notices the first slight contraction deep in his balls, and continues his steady pace. The contractions start to come more frequently, more insistently, and the stud begins to realize that release is on its way. In response, he quickens his strokes to a furious tempo, trying to get in as many thrusts as he can before climax. Finally, the stud gasps out “I’m gonna cum,” even as the contractions become the ball draining spasms of ejaculation. The stud’s announcement triggers yet another orgasm in the blonde, and the two climax together as the stud’s balls explode. Buried deep within the blonde, the slit of the stud’s tool blasts a torrent of sperm that is propelled deep into the welcoming pussy. Bathed in the stud’s sweat, with his load deep inside her, the blonde reflects with a lustful thrill that she has drained 11 men’s balls tonight.

Stud #12, the last of all her men tonight, enters the room. He is almost a carbon copy of stud #11, will blonde hair, blue eyes, and a full erection. I haven’t had to work on getting any of them hard, the blonde reflects happily. She’s also pleased that each of her studs have had larger than average equipment. As she starts to work the stud’s 8 inch tool with her mouth, she calculates that he’s slightly longer and thicker than stud #11. Once again, a male flesh pole disappears into her mouth as she takes the stud down to the root while massaging his balls with her hand. Aroused by the stud’s soft moans of pleasure, she gets up and they take their carnal games to the well used bed. The stud positions himself on his back, and the blonde slowly pivots herself onto the erect tool. She begins to ride the stud, slowly at first, but then quickening her pace. Soon, she is thrusting herself down onto the stud with a vengeance, and her huge beautiful tits bounce joyfully as she slams herself into him again and again. In ecstasy she thinks, I’ve fucked 12 guys tonight. I feel like such a fucking whore! Suddenly, the stud grabs the blonde by the waist and flips her onto her back, being careful not to slip out of her in the process. The vital link between man and woman remains unbroken. The blonde lets out a yelping squeal of delight as she feels herself being twisted on the stud’s corkscrew of flesh, ending up on her back, and the stud takes control, beginning to slam her into the mattress. The stud thrusts hard and deep, and the blonde orgasms multiple times. This stud is good, but now the blonde’s orgasms are more in anticipation of the ultimate thrill of the night, now only short minutes away. The stud’s pounding becomes almost frenzied, until finally, the carnal call of nature can no longer be denied. The stud lets out a deep groan as he feels his tool spurting again and again, depositing a massive load into his beautiful partner. One young woman has brought herself and 12 men sexual fulfillment on this night of passion. The Time for Lust is ended. It is now time for the ultimate fulfillment.

Wrapping herself in a sheet, the blonde walks into the main room to the rowdy cheers of her men. She sees that one of them has put on a pair of shorts, and at least 2 others have put their underwear back on, and she says "Come on guys, lose the shorts, lose the skivvies! I've got a big surprise for all of you after I freshen up a little bit." Good naturedly grumbling, the studs strip. She goes to the door, picks up the bag she had deposited there earlier and is pointed to a bathroom. She ducks quickly into the bedroom to pick up her crumpled dress and her high heels and then shuts herself in the bathroom.


In the bathroom, the blonde towels all of the residual sweat from her body, puts her dress back on and slips into her high heels. She reaches into her bag and pulls out her makeup and hairbrush. She freshens up her makeup and begins brushing her hair. I'm such a typical girl, she ponders. Yes, typical except in one important way. She puts the hairbrush and makeup back into the bag and removes the other contents to examine them. The breakdown assault rifle is ready; she checked it before coming over to the frat house. With it in the bag is the 40 round clip which will enable her to put at least 3 bullets into each man; a standard issue 30 round clip just is not enough for tonight's work. She has also chosen her ammunition carefully; the hollow point bullets will flatten out on impact, devastating more flesh and causing maximum damage to any internal organs that they penetrate. The 9mm handgun is also there with its 14 round clip; it won't be needed until the end. She is sure of her capabilities with the assault rifle; she has practiced and trained with it many times, including firing it in high heels, as she will be doing in mere moments. She has no pity for those whom she is about to destroy; she has looked into all of their eyes, searching for the essence of their souls, and only once had she seen anything other than lust.

For one fleeting moment she thinks "What about him?" and his smile, his dimples and the passionate look in his blue eyes as he was loving her flood her consciousness. "NO" a voice deep inside her answers loudly and decisively as all pity is banished forever from her heart. Clutching her bag, she opens the door to the main room.

She walks back into the main room and calls out to her studs, "Come on, line up here in the middle of the room! It's time for your surprise!" To her satisfaction, none of them have a stitch of clothing on, except for the curly haired boy with his inevitable baseball cap. They laughingly obey, and then she rearranges their ranks, ordering the quarterback and the curly haired boy to stand next to each other. All of them assembled in one line, in a big open space, with absolutely no cover. Perfect. For a brief moment she ponders the sight of all of them. She has made a sexual connection with all 12 of these boys in this one night. Now she will make the ultimate connection with them. She spilled their sperm; now it is time to spill their blood. "Now let me get your surprise!" she calls out as she turns quickly away, reaches into her bag, and with rapid, well practiced motions sets up the assault rifle, slams the 40 round clip into it, and whirls around to face her men.

The next microsecond seems to last a millennium. Her thoughts race as her heart pounds. She marvels at how all of these big strong studs, so forceful and dominant in bed, are now at her mercy, a mercy that they will not receive. She contrasts their helpless nakedness with her gorgeous dress, and her high heels, the ultimate symbol of female power and dominance. She locks eyes with the quarterback, who stares back at her with puzzled fear. He is her deliberately chosen first target and her ultimate prize of the night. If she shows him no pity, she will have no pity for any of the others. Her icy blue eyes stare through him as her finger squeezes the trigger. A 3 round burst cuts into the quarterback's chest and propels him backward, crumpling him to the floor. Faster than an eye can blink, she drops her curly haired boy with another 3 round burst, and then flicks the switch to full automatic to complete the night's work.

The frat boys have no time to respond. Shock roots most of them to the spot, while several of them are more than a little befuddled with drink. The blonde squeezes the trigger now in full auto, sweeping down the line of naked, shocked men in front of her, cold bloodedly making sure to pull down the muzzle of the rifle as she fires to compensate for the upward kick. It's just like I prepared for it, she thinks, not uttering a word as her finger stays on the trigger. This is so easy, she reflects, just a little pressure on the trigger from my finger, and she feels within her a deep sense of joy as she annihilates the human life standing before her. The experience of the young men at the receiving end of this merciless hail of bullets is very different. Bullets rip through male bodies, smashing, tearing and destroying once proud, well developed chests. That's where I want to hit them, she thinks. Perfect. The bullets are hungry for human flesh, and they feast upon the young male bodies that they tear into. As each slug finds its home in a stud’s body, thumping into the chest, its velocity begins to slow, and as designed, the nose of the bullet begins to expand. The expanded bullets continue their course, more slowly now, as they relish the human feast the blonde has provided for them, greedily devouring flesh, tearing blood vessels, rending well developed muscle, and inflicting maximum damage on the internal organs that they slice through. Burrowing deeper and deeper into their victims, widening their destructive path, nourishing themselves with human blood, they taste more and more of the healthy young male flesh that they hunger for. Finally, their impetus expended, they come to rest, each contentedly finding a home deep in a young male body, gorged on all the human flesh, blood and muscle they have consumed, oblivious and uncaring as to the track of devastation and suffering that they have carved through their mortal hosts. Small and silent, they are stronger than the big, sinewy studs that they have buried themselves in. They are the messengers of death, and each of the studs has received the call. Some answer instantly, while the others begin to follow their brothers on the path into the darkness, as their earthly agony and suffering mount. The blonde watches as bodies are flung back or just crumple to the floor before the hail of lead. The last boy on the end furthest from her, stud #7, given a fraction of a second more than his brothers, turns and starts to run, just as he hears 3 bullets thumping into the body of his best friend, stud #6, standing next to him. I've got to stop him, the blonde thinks and empties her last 5 bullets into his back. All 5 slugs find their mark, one catching him in the heart and slamming him face down onto the cold, unforgiving stone floor. He is dead before his body hits the floor.

Her clip is now empty and all 12 men are down. Some are lying completely still while several are groaning, no longer from the ecstasy of sexual release, but from their death agonies. Blood is streaming from the broken, bullet riddled bodies. Putting down the assault rifle, she takes her 9mm handgun out of her bag and slides in the 14 round clip. She walks carefully towards the mass of devastated flesh, making sure to avoid stepping in the pools of blood now collecting on the floor. She still has time; it’s now about 4:30 in the morning and the rest of Frat House Row is dark. The town's only night shift cop is fighting off sleep with coffee and computer solitaire.

The quarterback now lies on his back moaning softly. His eyes are dimming and he's beginning to lose all feeling in his once powerful frame. He can hear the slow deliberate click of her high heels as she makes his way towards him. For one last time their eyes meet. Her ice cold eyes now sear through him, merciless and brutal. She was the goddess of love; now she is the Angel of Death. Her face is the last thing he sees on earth. There is no hesitation as she squeezes the trigger of the 9mm twice. Two for you, sweetie, she thinks to herself. The quarterback's pain is immediately extinguished as the 2 slugs tear through his brain and propel him into the unending darkness.

The realization that she has ended a human life flashes through the blonde's brain, and she is surprised at the orgasm she experiences. She has brought the cycle of life full circle tonight. Life was experienced in the sexual ecstasy she and all of her lovers shared earlier this night and now her studs are experiencing death in all its brutal reality at her hand and in front of her eyes. It is the ultimate orgasm!

She next steps over to her curly haired boy. The cap has finally fallen from his head, revealing his still sweaty black hair. He did sweat a lot when he was fucking me she reflects. He is groaning, and she clinically notes that blood is oozing from his mouth. Must have got him in a lung, she thinks. Good shot. To her joy, as he begins coughing and sputtering blood, she notes that his penis is hardening! He's getting a death erection! He derived so much pleasure in life from his manhood, and even now, death is not cheating him! She waits until he is fully erect, and then squeezes the trigger twice, propelling 2 bullets into his head and leaving him with an eternal erection.

She now has 10 9mm bullets left in her clip and 10 more studs to service. She had processed them all through sex and now she would process them into death. Her host now lay still, and she can see that one of her bullets had gone high and caught him in the throat, probably ripping his jugular and giving him a quick ending. She still fires a ritual 9mm round into his head, performing her final service for him. She now methodically goes the rounds of the crumpled and sprawled out bodies to administer a shot to the head to each one, whether it shows any sign of life or not. She steps over to stud #2, lying on his back, gasping in agony from the 3 slugs that have ripped into his body. The blonde notes with satisfaction that he is fully erect, just like the curly haired stud. Stud #2 can see the blonde standing over him and knows why she is there. This realization is his last conscious thought. He does not hear the crack of the 9mm as it propels its high velocity messenger of death at his skull. The blonde watches as the slug punches a neat hole in the stud’s forehead. The bullet sears deep into the stud’s brain, tunneling its way through the cerebellum, cutting a path through both hemispheres, before its velocity is spent and it comes to rest deep inside the stud’s skull. All of the gray matter along the path of destruction, now reduced to a mushy pulp, begins to start slowly oozing upwards, to be vented by the entry wound. Another human life extinguished.

Close by is stud #4. Three bullets had ended his life; one of the slugs had caught him in the heart, bringing instant death. The 9mm cracks again; another bullet plows into another skull. Next in line is stud #8. He too, lies still with a bullet in his heart, and 2 others elsewhere in his chest. Another shot to the head for him.

Hearing low moaning, the blonde now steps over to stud #9. Somehow, he is still alive with 4 bullets in his chest. He too, has a stiffened tool, and the blonde smiles as she thinks back to all of the pleasure that she had derived from his love organ. She looks at the hickey on his shoulder and thinks with satisfaction, he has my mark on him. She looks into his eyes one last time, and watches as he breaks into spasmodic, agonized coughing. She would like nothing more than to watch him slowly die, to see how long it would take for life to become totally extinct, but she has no time to waste. She squeezes the trigger of her 9mm and the stud’s death agonies are mercifully cut short. The blonde’s high heels click on the cold stone floor again as she makes her way over to stud #10. Four bullets have also hammered into his powerful chest. He lies there now, murmuring something softly, with blood frothing and gurgling at his lips. Hearing his broken, agonized mumblings the blonde cold bloodedly thinks, I hope he’s saying his prayers. She is tantalized by what he might be saying. She needs to know what he is experiencing on the very threshold of death. Carefully tucking up the hem of her dress, so as not to get it soaked in the massive pools of blood now on the floor, the blonde squats down beside stud #10. She looks into his eyes, searching them deeply, and realizes that she is now looking into a void. Straining to understand the disjointed, incoherent mutterings of the stud, she speaks her one and only word after the shooting, a softly uttered “What?” This silences the stud’s murmuring, and he now begins to groan in agony. Getting back to her feet, the blonde aims the 9mm at stud #10 and pulls the trigger. The slug tears into the stud’s brain, extinguishing forever any knowledge he might have attained about the ultimate mystery of death. The blonde smiles joyously as she contemplates the stud’s fully erect 11 inch pole, a forever frozen monument to his now extinct carnal prowess.

Now she walks over to stud #11, lying still on the floor. Of the 3 bullets that had struck him, one had caught him in the heart. A ritual 9mm to the head for him. Stud #12 also lies still. With random lethality, 2 of the blonde’s hollow points had found his heart, literally pulverizing it. A third had ripped through his aorta. The stud never knew what had hit him. Another obligatory 9mm round to the head for him.
There is now only one man left showing any sign of life. This is stud #6. With 3 bullets in his chest, he has heard the agonized groans of his friends, the sounds mingling with his own gasping and groaning. Through his agony, he can hear the click of the high heels, and he knows full well the meaning of the sharp cracks of the 9mm as the other groans are brutally silenced, one by one. Now, he realizes that he is alone; all of his companions in death have fallen silent. Once again, he hears the click of the high heels, and he knows that his time has come. Groaning softly in agony, he looks up into the ice cold eyes of the blonde. Unbelievably, he feels his penis swelling for one last time. He sees her mouth curving into an almost gentle smile of satisfaction. He wants to say something to her, but as his lips begin to form the words, her finger squeezes the trigger, searing a slug deep into his brain and silencing him forever. Only one bullet left. She walks over to the last of the bodies, that of stud #7, dropped in his tracks by her last 5 bullets. She can tell by the way his body is splayed out, even though he is face down, that life had been instantaneously and brutally obliterated. Still, she has to complete the circle and fires her last bullet into his head. Studs #6 and 7 lie less than 10 feet away from each other, both naked as that day they had been born in the same hospital. Now, 19 years later, they lie dead under the same roof, their lives extinguished by the same beautiful hand. The circle is now truly complete.

All was now still. The sounds of death agonies have been silenced. Glancing briefly at the body of stud #6, the blonde can see brain matter slowly oozing from the 9mm hole in his skull. There’s no coming back from that, she reflects with grim satisfaction. They are all like that now, their bodies shredded, their brains pulverized and slowly exuding from their skulls. Perfect. The blonde heaves a deep sigh as she contemplates with satisfaction the night's work. She is especially pleased at the sight of the young male corpses that have full erections. Their blood engorged tools had been such sources of pride and pleasure to them, but now, frozen in death, they are completely useless to them or to anyone else. The blonde had planned well, and all of her planning had paid off. She had used 12 men tonight, pushing them and herself to the sexual limit, and then had discarded them like trash. It would be up to the medical examiner to collect all the broken human refuse in the morning. The blonde puts the weapons that had served her so well back in the bag, puts on her coat and walks out of the frat house, carefully locking the door behind her.


The Chief didn’t need this shit. It’s the Monday of Spring Break and he was looking forward to a quiet week with an empty town. And now here’s the fucking cleaning lady from the frat house screaming incoherently into the phone. She sounds like they just let her out of a mental institution! What the fuck? I really do NOT need this fucking shit, repeats the Chief as he drives over to the frat house, cursing all the way. His attitude changes when the hysterical cleaning lady lets him into the house, now heavy with the smell of mass death. Struck speechless, the Chief realizes that he can’t handle this on his own. By that afternoon, an FBI special agent and a ballistics expert are on the scene.

It was obvious that not only death, but also sex had occurred in the frat house that night. The medical examiner confirms that all 12 young men's balls had been drained of their seminal fluid that night. Traces of semen are found everywhere in the house. Drops of sperm from several of the boys, probably leaked out after intercourse, had splashed onto the carpet in the bedroom, and there were traces of semen on the floor in the main room. Semen and vaginal secretions were intermingled on the bed, and lab results confirm DNA matches for all 12 victims. "Did you find any condoms?" the agent asks the Chief. "Not one", responds the Chief.

The ballistics expert is astounded, almost against his will, by the expert shooting of the killer. 40 assault rifle bullets are recovered from the bodies, along with 14 9mm slugs. Every bullet had found its mark. "Five of these boys shot through the heart. One of them caught in the heart while he was trying to escape. Another boy took 2 bullets to the heart. Had his heart completely destroyed. The guy who did this is a pro." But what was the killer’s motive? The Chief and the agent wrestle with the enigma. The Chief, with years of experience, follows his gut and says, “Ten of these guys had blue eyes. That’s got to be some kind of piece to this puzzle.” The more sophisticated agent responds dismissively, “Just pure coincidence.” The Chief and the agent don’t agree on much, but they are united in one goal. They have to get this GUY. And the mystery woman that the frat boys had sex with is a valuable witness. "Yeah, a witness, not a suspect," says the Chief. "No way a woman could cause this much damage." "You got that right," concurs the agent.

The blonde is now half a continent away. She thinks often of that night, and experiences no guilt, no remorse, only satisfaction for a job well done. Her beautiful hand snuffed out 12 lives that night. All of their faces are etched into her memory. All are now forever young, strong and at their sexual peak. She wonders about their experiences in their last hours on earth, and tries to put herself in their place. She imagines what it must have felt for like for each of her studs to achieve erection, feel her mouth on their swollen organs and then thrust deep into her unto they felt the orgasmic spasms of male climax, the last they would ever experience. She wonders about their last moments, as they felt the bullets tearing through their bodies, the pain and agony they felt, and their last dying thoughts, as they heard her high heels clicking on the stone floor, the crack of the 9mm as one of their friends was snuffed out, and the realization that they would be the next to enter the unforgiving darkness. She especially wonders how one of her men, yes him, felt as his life ebbed away. She knows that all of these questions will be answered one day. For now, she is very pleased with herself. She belonged to all of them for a fleeting period of time that one night. Now, all 12 of them belong completely to her for all eternity.

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