My disgusting experience with Daddy: Part 3

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(Preface: I was lying in my bed, with my tits being groped, sucked, and slapped by my own father, after he had caught me letting our dog lick my pussy and had watched me get off. He was drunk, as usual, and this was the first time he’d ever come into my room at night… like this. )

So far he had paid all of his attention to my C-cup tits and his own cock. He had pinched my nipple and pulled it up to my mouth, spit on it and rubbed it over my lips, telling me to suck it. I felt my nipple drag across and pull at my bottom lip, but I continued to pretend I was asleep…

Then I felt his right hand move around my waist to my ass cheek, and he squeezed it over my panties while pulling my cheeks apart and open. He lifted my ass cheek up, squeezing it, and dropped it, much like he did with my left tit, over and over again. Then his hand (and I couldn’t help but think about how big his fingers were; those were the fingers that taught me how to tie my shoes!) moved above the cloth to the entrance of my asshole and I felt him push his finger against it, actually going inside a little and pushing my panties inside too. His left hand was still squeezing and jiggling my tits and rolling my nipples, and I was thinking I’d have to find the courage to let go of my cover of “sleeping” and stop this. Surely once he realized I was awake he would stop, right? It was going too far!! Daddies are not supposed to touch their daughters like this! And the way he was touching me in my asshole… it kind of hurt! And my nipples were sore, too!

I thought about my two older brothers who were away at college. What would they think of this if they knew??? What would they think of me?? Would they help me? They’d probably want to kick Dad’s ass! I made a mental note to talk to my oldest brother, Kevin. I was closest to him and he was very protective!

Dad kept poking at my asshole, pushing my panties deeper inside and I could feel the material bunching up in there! It sort of felt like I had to, you know, go to the bathroom! I wondered, is he pushing my panties in on purpose?? He was grunting and making noises too, and his breathing was so heavy and reeked of alcohol. I could tell when he was looking at my face, even with my eyes closed, because I felt a hot blast of stinky breath on my face and it made me feel sick!

I was trying to comprehend all of this when he really freaked me out by making this loud “Guhhhh” sound and shoved his hand under my panties, pulling out what was wadded up in my asshole, and replacing it with his heavy middle finger! He was so quick!! My asshole was extremely tight because I was so tense, and his finger was so thick and dry! I don’t know how he got it in there, I guess he just forced it… it hurt so bad and surprised me so much my ass clenched down around his finger, I arched my back, kicked out my legs, opened my eyes and shouted “NOOOOO!!!!!!” I couldn’t help it, it was just a reaction. I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed. And while I was trying to push him and yelling for him to stop he just kept thrusting his finger harder, until it was in me as far as it could go. There was no chance of pretending to be asleep after that!!

Everything erupted! We both launched into full attack mode, only on opposite sides.

I tried to kick my legs hysterically and writhed around, trying to push his arms away, shrieking and yelping! But he was too big and too strong. His left arm went across my chest and pinned me to the bed, while his right hand maintained his position with his finger inside my asshole. He was saying things like “Stop it!! You dog fucker! Cunt!” and then a whole stream of vulgar things I’d never really heard before, much less from my dad. I realized that my fighting him was only making his finger go deeper inside my asshole, so I tried to calm down and thought maybe I could reason with him.

I started to cry and heard myself say “Daddy…” … I just wanted his finger out of my asshole. It was filling me up and making me feel like I needed to go, plus it hurt and it wasn’t right and I was too young for this! . And he responded by pushing his finger deeper in me. “Don’t” I said, unable to put together anything more than that, and my asshole once again clenched tight around his finger.

He put his lips close to my ear. He licked my ear, and stuck his tongue in it, making it wet with his smelly spit, while I heard his sloppy licking and breathing up close and personal. His pelvis was moving and sort of humping my leg, with his dick sticking out, hard like a broom stick and sticky with what I know now was pre-cum. His middle finger was moving in and out of my asshole and his thumb had found its way to my pussy hole. I was wet, even though I was disgusted and afraid, and I was humiliated as his thumb picked up my lubrication and rubbed through the folds of my vaginal lips. He pushed, and I mean PUSHED his thumb inside my hole. He pushed his hand deep into me, with his thumb in my cunt and his middle finger all the way inside my asshole, and gripped me like he was gripping a bowling ball. He pushed so hard he actually slid me up my bed a few inches, til my head hit the wall and was pushed to the side. Then he whispered, in a deep voice that I’d never heard from him before, “I’m going to fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”. .

(to be continued...)

Stay tuned for Part 4!

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2015-07-08 19:19:52
The one who said its sic and horrible shut the fuck up if you don't like it go die in a hole

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2014-12-19 12:45:47
This little slut!

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2014-10-31 09:50:31
@ #MyOpinion , why read it if it's so disgusting, the title should have been a premonition of what was to come. I absolutely love it!!!! Imagine fingerfucking her so hard in both orifices that she literally move up the bed a few inches.

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2014-04-11 02:42:53
That is horrible and its not a good story her dad is sick wat is wrong with you people!! #My Opinion

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2012-12-19 21:14:45
This little slut needs to be abused more and more by her daddy and some of his friends and maybe her brothers as well...Hoping for more, much,much more...

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