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Samael and Serielle find that two heads ar better than one and that showers are fun...
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Vice (4)

For Me There Is the Walking of Paths. Any Path So Long As The Path Has Heart…

When I got home from dropping Becca off, Samael was baking in my kitchen.

It smelled like cake and he was whisking a bowl of fluffy white icing while bobbing his head to the music bumping out of my stereo. My eyes were wide and my smile grew when I saw him standing there. His grasp of our resonance was complete, like a pillar of light he shone with the brilliance of pure Love. Unlike most Cherubs it didn’t come from him in tendrils connected to those he cared for, but instead washed from him in waves to cover everything around him. I was still in shock that some of it was directed at me. It was a happy shock, but I’d never seen myself worth that much before.

The love that is directed towards a Cherub is usually just passing through, guided and redirected to where it belonged. It’s not that we were forbidden to fall in love with each other or with mortals but it made things complicated when we did. It made it harder to do what we do, harder to sift through the strands and tie them where they ought to be. It could make us selfish, make us careless, and make us fall. Standing in the same room with someone who had found a way to navigate that hazardous path and stay strong in the torrent was a singular experience in my short life as one of the Fold. Not only had he found a way to stay above it, he had found a way to drag himself back up from being one of the Fallen. No one had ever done that before. Once you fall you’re supposed to be done.

Yet there he was, testing the icing on the tip of his finger and looking through the window on the front of my oven before nodding and smiling at me while I stood there staring at him. I took in a shaky breath to speak but he beat me to it.

“You know we probably shouldn’t have done all that with Becca, yeah?” Samael asked me while he took a tray of chocolate cupcakes out of the oven and set them on the counter to cool.

“You keep saying that,” I answered, sitting on a stool at the island and sticking my finger into the bowl of icing. It was sweet, really sweet. I could feel the granules of sugar between my teeth. “I don’t understand though.”

“I’ll tell you,” he said, taking a knife from the block and chopping quickly at a handful of chocolate he tossed onto the cutting board. “First though, tell me why you did it.”

I felt like I was in school. Normally I’d resent that. But this was Samael. “She was so uptight. She just needed to relax. Now she’s already stronger than she was this morning; more sure of herself, standing taller.”

He paused in his chopping and looked at me, raising one eyebrow and turning up the corner of his mouth in a grin I couldn’t quite decipher. “Yeah, I get that. Very noble. Now go on; and don’t editorialize this time.”

I knew where he was leading me and I honestly didn’t see the problem. “I’m trying to get closer to her mother so I can set her straight. She doesn’t have anything but her love of power, and it’s the wrong kind of power Samael. That Swanson woman needs something great to happen to her so she can feel the real deal, man.”

“So you took her as a client and then spent the day naked with her daughter? I see the dots, love; but I don’t see you connecting them.”

He was making two drinks in short glasses, measuring the gin and ice and tonic with exacting precision. He tossed a lime, sliced it midair with one stroke of the knife, set the knife down and caught one half in each hand, then squeezed them gently above the glasses and shook them to get every last drop. I could have just sat there and watched his perfect movements with my chin in my hands and my elbow on the counter, but he wasn’t going to let me off that easy. He slid one drink to me and sipped his own, smiling appreciatively before nodding at me to say something.

You didn’t seem to mind so much at the time,” I said shyly, feeling chastised but not knowing why.

“Intention is everything Serielle,” he set the glass down and started spreading the sugary frosting on the tops of the cupcakes as he took them from the tray. “So why did I do what I did, and how was that different from what you were doing?”

“Hey we were both there, man. We did the same thing,” I answered. It was probably the best gin and tonic I’d ever tasted and I couldn’t wait to try the cupcakes. Pleasures of the flesh were our caste’s specialty.

“We most certainly did not,” Samael said, sounding distracted as he sprinkled the chopped chocolate liberally onto the tops of the little cakes. He looked up as he finished one and handed it to me rather deliberately, like he was granting me enlightenment in the form of warm baking. “If you think about it you’ll see why?”

“Are you telling me I’m selfish, Samael?” I teased him, shifting a bit where I sat. As I bit into the cupcake I was overcome with its flavor. Mortals can’t bake like this. I giggled and licked icing sensually from my lips.

“You’re very good at that,” he said appreciatively of my wiles. I beamed with pride for only a second before he smashed it with his next words. “You’re dangerously close though to losing the plot.”

“I don’t get it, man.” I told him honestly. “Everyone got what they wanted today.”

I got what I wanted today. Becca got what she wanted today. You wanted to use her to get to her mother, though. Did you get what you wanted, Sara?”

I hadn’t. His direction was clearer to me now and I was worried what I’d find if he took me all the way there. “Are you saying that I’m just another user, Sam?”

“I’m saying intention and not deed tunes the Choir.” He bit into the next cupcake he’d finished and closed his eyes like he’d seen the face of god, chewing slowly and sighing before speaking around the food in his mouth. “Oh fuck, that is soooo sweet.”

They were. You could kill a small child with one of these things. I finished mine and we both paused in the rapture of sweet, sweet sugar.

“I’m not like them, if that’s what you’re getting at Sam,” I said quietly after a moment of saccharine bliss.

They are just us, little Cherub. There are no angels and demons; just angels and angels when they’re drunk.”

I giggled at his analogy and he frowned at me. I’d done something wrong and I so badly wanted not to screw this up. I saw the strands of light and love between us, and he caressed mine with his own. His face brightened again and he shook his head and smiled, taking another sip of his drink.

“Did she teach you that?” I asked Samael, leaning eagerly forward on my elbows.

“Aliona?” he asked, then made an awed face. “Sort of, yeah. She showed me, but I had to see it for myself. There’s no line, Serielle. There’s no off switch. It’s all one long Scale. You decide; not some outside force, not some faceless power, and not some council of Seraphim.”

I’d wondered if he would talk about this with me. I’d both hoped he would and that he would not. This was heavy stuff; big moves for big players and I’d always seen myself as one of the small fish making small ripples in a big pond. “They’re the Truth though, Samael. How can you say you know better than them?”

“I’m not,” he smirked, draining his drink and making another. “I’m saying that there is capital T Truth, and then there is the truth we create for ourselves. The Seraphim are no different.”

I thought of my half assed plan to go through Becca to get to Cassidy. As soon as I’d started talking with the young girl I’d realized that she had her own part to play in the Choir, independent of her mother. I’d hoped to kill two birds with one stone but the entire time my initial plan was at the front of my mind. If she saw her daughter uncoil and relax she might do so herself and then it would be easier to find what she loved and join her with it. Had I made one wrong move the damage I would have done would have been disastrous. If Becca ever found out I’d have crushed her. Thinking I knew better than Becca what was good for Becca was arrogant, and thinking I could manipulate the Choir to that extent had been cocky and dangerous.

“So what about you, then?” I asked, still lost on some detail I couldn’t put my finger on. I was frustrated with myself and wanted somewhere else to pin it. Maybe pinning it on Samael wasn’t fair but sharing the blame was easier than taking ownership of it. “Why’d you let it happen?”

“Because I did it for Becca. You did it for you.” He finished covering the tops of the remaining cupcakes with the chopped chocolate and leaned back to look at them with his chin between his fingers, slowly nodding proudly.

“I guess I went astray somewhere,” I said, getting it now and feeling ashamed.

“Too much time away from your own kind can do that to a Cherub.” Samael looked at me and his grin split his face and showed his pearly teeth through his lips. “Don’t beat yourself up though, yeah?”

I softened and warmed in his gaze, it was like lying under the sun naked. I smiled back, somewhat sheepishly, and said “Thanks.”

“My pleasure,” he said happily and tapped my nose with the icing covered spatula.

I remembered then what had happened in the car with Becca. I’d been so distracted by this perfect specimen of our caste in my kitchen I’d completely forgotten that somehow she had heard our thoughts between each other.

“Something happened that I don’t understand, Samael. Becca heard me.”

“Heard you?” he asked, licking the spatula and sliding the bowl to me. I ran my finger along its rim and sucked the frosting from my finger.

“She heard me tell you I was quitting my job,” I explained.

“well now that’s just…weird,” Sam said, a look of puzzlement crossing his face.

“I know, right? What is that? Mortals can’t do that.”

“I have no idea,” I was surprised to hear that, but I guess no one can no everything. “We’ll find out though. This whole Swanson scene is far from over.”

“I want in,” I said in a rush, my stomach fluttering as I licked another bit of frosting from my fingertip. “I want to help you, Sam.”

“Okay,” he said, putting the spatula in the sink and licking his lips. “The more the merrier. You have to understand what we’re doing first, though; and exactly what you’re getting yourself into. I want you to see something.”

He led me out onto the patio overlooking the beach. He closed the door to shut the music inside and the leaned on his elbows on the railing. I stood beside him, waiting. He asked me, “Are you ready for this?”

“Ready for what, man?” I asked curiously.

He took in a breath and he took my hand in his, turning to face me. He put his other hand on the side of my face and my knees went weak looking into his deep green eyes. There seemed to be no bottom, like staring into space. “I’m going to show you something so that you can decide if you want to go where we’re going. Hold tight, yeah?”

He gripped his hand around mine hard and I took in a staggered breath. I nodded, not knowing what was happening but ready to go anywhere and do anything he asked of me. Samael leaned close to me and touched his lips gently against mine, which were shaking like I was cold despite the heat coming from him like a kiln. I’d never felt anything like it before, my Spark flaring with his proximity and threatening to burn me up with the love that emanated from him. A tiny point of light flashed inside my mind and expanded outwards, blinding me with its brilliance.

I saw everything he had seen, felt everything he had felt. I heard what he had heard, and knew what he knew. Each time I thought it could get no brighter or louder I was shocked backwards from the overwhelming power of the experience and it took me higher. I felt like I was being thrust upwards and away from my body, spiraling into the sky and beyond. A million years couldn’t prepare someone for whatever Samael was doing to me. I forgot my home, forgot my life, forgot my vessel, forgot the individuality of my very existence and I was consumed by the raging fire inside of him. It could have been only a minute but it stretched out to feel like eternity. Time lost meaning, space lost meaning, reality lost meaning. The Choir twisted and pulled out so that each note was so far apart it was inaudible, then it collapsed back into one pure resonating note that exploded like a supernova.

Self was lost.

I blinked eventually, my patio coming into focus. It looked wrong somehow, bigger and at an angle. I realized I was on my back on the floor and Samael was beside me on one knee, my hand still locked in his. I tried to breathe and probably looked like a fish surprised to find itself pulled out of the pond to flow on the shore. “What…what was…”

“You’ve seen the brilliance of the Lamb. It’s the light that guides us now. She’s like the heart of a star, Serielle; and she shall lead us back home. That is who you’re helping, not me.”

“That’s…that’s fucking…that’s insane,” I stammered.

He shook his head, smiling. “No it isn’t. It’s the only sane thing left. It’s the Truth we fight for now.”

He let go of my hand and stood. I tried to get my feet under me to stand up. I felt like I’d been hit by a train. That isn’t true; I’d been hit by a train before and it was nothing like what had just happened to me.

“You have to promise one thing before I help you up, Serielle,” Samael said softly. I nodded at him to go on. “Intention. Promise me intention and not outcome will guide you from now on, and I’ll help you up. If you cannot then I’ll leave and you can do what you will. But if we have to come back after that; you won’t like it, yeah?”

“I promise Samael,” I said breathlessly, still struggling to make my lungs work. “I promise.”

He held his hand out to me and pulled me to my feet, taking me into his arms and rocking me slowly back and forth. The bonds of love had strengthened between us and he pulled me up with them as much as with his hand. The brilliance of the Lamb? Had he shown me Aliona’s Spark? It was terrifying. My body shuddered and I felt smaller than I ever had in my short life. A Seraph had touched me once and though I’d been staggered I’d never felt myself pulled apart into little pieces like that. Even channeled through Samael it was enough to make the sun seem small.

“You don’t know the half of it little Cherub,” Samael whispered into my ear. I was still shaking and would have fallen back down to my knees had he not been holding me.

“Didn’t she take mortal lovers?” I asked eventually, awed beyond comprehension. “How does she not burn them into ashes and consume them?”

“She had to leave them behind. She’s given up more than any of us will likely ever even have.” His voice was full of hushed reverence. “None shine as bright as her. I’d do anything for her.”

“Do you love her?” I asked him, thinking that perhaps even I, a Cherub, didn’t understand the full depth of that word.

“Yes. Deeply,” Samael told me quietly. “In ways I can’t explain. That’s why I had to show you.”

I leaned my head up and looked at him. There was a tear coming from his eye and I realized my own rolled freely down my cheeks. “Thank you.”

He shook his head slowly, smiling and wiping my tears with his right hand, his left arm still holding me up around my waist. “You don’t say thank you for Love like this. You just return it, yeah?”

“Yeah,” I breathed. “Samael, I love you.”

“I know,” he smiled, then kissed me on the lips softly and gently. “I love you too, Serielle.”

“I mean I love you, Samael.”

“I know,” his smile grew. “I love you too.”

“Can we…?” I started.

“Yeah,” he replied before I could finish. He picked me up and carried me inside to my bedroom.

Play The Record Again…

When I told Sara that I was still partially concerned that some other immortal was pulling Cassidy Swanson’s strings she was worried I was going to be upset at her for cutting her loose as a client. From her point of view we had no connection to her anymore and that it was her fault. She’d been confused when I told her not to worry because we still had Becca.

“What?” she asked, the look on her face telling me just as much as the thoughts in her head. “I thought we weren’t going down that road?”

“We’re already on it,” I explained. “It’s too late to pull back from that now. Cassidy can’t be the center of this anymore though. It’s about Becca now. If she wants her mother to be happy then we get to keep going. If she doesn’t, then it’s a different matter all together. We still have to find out what makes her tick though; she has too loud of a voice because of her fame to risk her working some demon’s agenda.”

“You feel something for her, too. I can tell,” Sara said. There was a note of jealousy in her voice. I expected no less though; love is like that.

“It’s the challenge,” I told her. “She resisted the wink. I can’t get her out of my head and I actually don’t know why. I’m starting to think the longer that I’m in this that it’s not her, it’s her resistance of me.”

“Isn’t that what you were warning me about last night?” Sara asked, putting her arm over my chest while we lay in her bed late in the morning.

“Yeah, it is,” I smiled at her and played with her hair, flowing over her shoulders in red spirals. “I’m far from perfect, Sara. How do you think I know so much about temptation and sin and all that?”

“I guess. You are Samael the Sinner, after all,” she said to me, giggling and bouncing up off the bed and through the door into her bathroom.

I heard the shower start and thought about her lithe form getting all wet and soapy, the water cascading down her body. Yesterday morning she had been a petulant young Cherub I’d hoped to avoid; by last night I’d realized I had fallen in love with her. There were many kinds of love, and I felt one or another for almost everyone I met, mortal or not. This had rapidly become something different though. Her youth and energy filled me with new life. Her shortsightedness tempered the long view I tried to take on everything. I felt young again, like before I’d become jaded to the machinations of petty people and petty angels and demons. This was the strong love, the capital L Love, and I was surprised by it. I hadn’t expected this.

You never expect it. That’s exactly what was so great about it. If you saw things like this coming you’d plan for them and screw it up somehow. If there was one thing I’d learned on my climb back up it was that you had to let the pieces fall where they may and everything would be okay. Could I explain it or trace it along its strands to its root cause? Of course I couldn’t; love doesn’t work that way. It just forms and then is and you either take it when you can or you pine for it later.

Sara’s face poked around the corner of the door between her bedroom and her bathroom, her hair hanging in coiled wet tendrils and dripping water onto the floor. Her grin was genuine, not the one we used to subtly shift the Choir around. “Aren’t you coming?”

I slid from under the fine white linen sheet that covered my naked body and she giggled and ducked back into the shower. Coming around the corner I saw her stretch and writhe languidly under the water falling in the shower stall. It was big and spacious, a bench along the back wall and jets all around showering her like indoor rain. Sara winked and licked her upper lip luridly as I opened the glass door and joined her. She slid her hands around my waist to my back and pulled herself against my chest. Her perky little breasts slid against my skin as she swayed back and forth under the falling water, looking up at me with her sparkling green eyes.

I put my right hand on the left side of her face and as I pushed my tongue past her lips to tangle with hers I slid my other hand down onto her hard little ass. Sara reached down with one little hand and took my cock in it, sliding it up and down my length slowly while I squeezed her bottom and kissed her. My right hand moved slowly from her face down her neck and over her left breast. I pressed against its firmness and then moved down to rub my fingers on her perfectly bare pussy. She moaned lustily as one finger pushed into her opening and I slid those of my other hand between her cheeks, softly caressing at her tiny asshole while I fingered inside her slippery little pussy. We stayed like that for a few minutes looking into each other’s eyes, Sara stroking my cock to hardness while I toyed with her openings between her legs.

“I bet I know what you’d like me to do right now Samael,” she said coyly, pulling away from me and sliding slowly down my body to sit on the shower’s tiled bench, never looking away from my eyes.

“Are you reading my mind, Serielle?” I asked her, entranced by her thick red ringlets hanging wetly over her breasts and sticking to her back.

“Uh uh,” she said, slowly shaking her head with her mouth open. She took my cock and pointed it at her mouth, licking under the tip with a quick flick of her tongue. “I don’t have to.”

Her voice smoldered and her eyes sparkled up at me and then she wrapped her lips around me and suckled gently on my cock without moving her head. I put one hand on the glass wall of the shower beside me and the other I rested softly on the back of her head. Sara started moving her head forward and back at the neck, twisting it slightly this way and that as she took more of me into her sucking mouth. Her perfect little face with its prominent cheekbones and narrow chin was still looking up at me, and her mouth looked even tinier with my cock in it. Her lips were stretched as far as they would go as she stroked my cock with her hand and she went forward and back with her head, taking half my length with each push forward. She wiggled her little tongue against the underside of me and groaned as she did it.

Both her hands were wrapped around my shaft now, holding tightly with her fingers laced together at the base as she lunged her head down onto me to take almost my whole length into her mouth and the top of her throat. Sara moved her hands to my hips and pulled me to her, as she pressed harder to take my whole cock into her. She looked up at me again, water running in little rivulets down her face and her shoulders. She started swallowing with her throat, the grasping and sucking sensation sending shivers of raw pleasure up my shaft and through my whole body. She was so eager to please me, to make me feel the way we made others feel. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and guided her to her feet again.

“I’m not the only one here,” I said to her, and her face turned into a mask of unbridled desire.

I took her by the back of her right knee with my left hand and around her slender waist with my right, lifting her easily into the air with her back against the glass wall of the shower. She reached between her legs and guided my cock into her waiting pussy and then grabbed my shoulders and let herself slide slowly down my length so I was buried all the way inside of her. She didn’t open herself up for me as she had the day before when we were with Becca so I felt every inch resist me wetly as I pushed into her. As she put her legs around me and locked her feet together at the ankles behind my ass she let out a long “nnnnnnnnnn” and bit her lip, closing her eyes and tilting her hips up and down. I moved my hips up and down to slide my cock in and out of Sara’s tight pussy, holding her now with both hands tightly around her fine ribcage.

“Ohhhhh Samael,” she moaned while I fucked her. “I always…AH...dreamed of this.”

“Oh did you?” I crooned, shoving one short sharp stab of my cock into her and making her squeal before going back to long in and out strokes.

“Oh, I diiiid,” she writhed against me, grinding down onto me and swiveling her hips around as water cascaded over us from the walls. “Ever since…I first…AH…saw you…nnnnnn…when I was just…a little…AH…girl.”

“You’re still just a little girl, Serielle,” I said, sliding my hands down to her hips to feel better the gyrations of her tiny hips.

“Nnnnnnn…I know Samael,” she breathed as the speed of her bucking little hips increased and I felt her pussy opening and closing, grasping wetly along my cock. “You’re so big… AH… and strong… AHHHHH… and so much… OH… older than me. I’m just a tiny… AH AH… little… OHHHHH… girllllllllnnnnnnnnn AAAAAH!”

The wiggling and writhing and shivering of her body took me places no mortal ever had or ever could have. I felt her wrapping the strands of love between us around and around our bodies, caressing me with them. I did the same, running them up and down her skin as she heaved her little pelvis up and down on me with strong thrusts. I braced my feet apart further and stood there with her hips clenched in my hands, letting her take over with the undulations of her thin, hard, little body. She screamed out her pleasure, short and sharp with each downward thrust of her pussy onto my cock.

“Ohhhh Samael, ohhhhhh, I want you to come inside me.” Sara drawled out through her wide open mouth.

I slid my hands under her clenched ass and pulled her against me, away from the wall. She threw her arms around my neck and held on tightly as I moved her body up and down on my cock. Her hips were still pivoting forward and back with the rhythm of me fucking her and I felt a wave of pure physical joy rush through me and over us both as I cried out with her and came in her tight little pussy, wet and quivering and gripped around my shaft as hard as she could manage. As my thrusts slowed she locked her lips to mine and I sat down on the bench with Sara wrapped around me. She slid her ass slowly back and forth as she milked every drop from me with the muscles in her pussy and our tongues went deeply in and out of each other’s mouths.

As my orgasm subsided she had another of her own and leaned back to look in my eyes with her mouth wide and her lips shaking.

“Holy shit Samael,” she panted. “I’ve never been fucked like you fuck me.”

“I guess this is how the mortals feel when we’re done with them,” I said, out of breath and shaking as well.

“Mhm,” she moaned, wrapping her arms around me and holding me tight.

When we were done in the shower, after soaping each other up to wash our sweat and the wetness of our love making from our bodies, we got dressed. Sara lounged lazily on one couch while I put cupcakes in a plastic container in her kitchen.

“What are you doing with those?” she asked playfully.

“Spreading the good word,” I told her, sealing the lid on and sliding it across the counter to the edge.

“The good word about baking?” she asked, sitting up and looking at me curiously.

“What better word to spread on a day like this, yeah?” I laughed and Sara laughed with me. The bond between us had become surreal in such a short time; it took my breath away just looking at her. Her waist length explosion of curly red hair, her impish face, her taut little body. She was a perfect Cherub and I felt rather smug that she was mine now. She obviously felt the same, her eyes half shut and sparkling as she looked me up and down. “I promised to check in on some people now and then. They’re for them.”

“Oh yeah? Who?” she asked me.

“They’re names are Mark and Lisa, and if I don’t make sure they’re okay now and then my vessel won’t be worth a damn when she’s done with it.”

“Ooooo, exciting,” Sara quipped as she hopped to her feet and clapped her hands together. “I get to meet the mortals that changed the world!”

“I guess you could say that, yeah. They’re pretty important to her, that’s for sure.” I braced myself for the day’s only difficult question and looked into Serielle’s eyes.

“Look,” I said, smirking shyly, “this is going to be awkward. I need money. All my resources are overseas and I can’t get at them.”

We rarely kept money in banks, except under fake names that could die and then leave it all to the next false persona. I’d come to America quickly, not intending to stay. The name I was travelling under, Sam Samuels, was the flimsiest of my aliases; and he was a bit broke after severing his ties to a rich heiress who’d needed nothing more than to realize she loved her driver.

“Problem not,” Sara piped in her mischievous voice. “I have more than we could probably ever spend if we tried. You know you’re going to stay here, right?”

“Thanks cupcake,” I said. I was relieved. The last thing I needed was for her to think this was all just some couch game so I had somewhere to stay. “I need it now though. I’ve been wearing these same clothes for quite a while now, yeah?”

“At least you don’t smell,” Sara said wrinkling her nose at me. “Where have you been staying then? You’ve been on this side of the water for what…three months now?”

“I’ve mostly been wandering around at night not staying anywhere, washing my clothes with pocket change in all night laundromats. There’s always someone that needs some love and company, yeah?”

“Yeah,” she said, smiling at me. “You’ve been trying to fix hookers and escorts, haven’t you? That’s how you met Kendra, isn’t it?”

“You’ve got me pegged, love.” I said, putting my shoes on. Sara joined me as I took the cupcakes from the cupboard and she opened the door and we went outside. “Just like Germany all over again, I guess.”

“So that’s what you were doing there? Saving hookers? I’d always hoped you were there watching over me…”

“I didn’t realize you needed so much watching or else maybe I would have been.” We got into her car, a green BMW with all the trimmings.

“This is fun,” Sara said to me, looking over and winking. “We’re going to be a good team, you and me.”

Her childish zeal was infectious. I had to remind myself what was at stake. “You know this is the bleeding apocalypse right?”

“It sounds scary when you say it that way,” she said warily, making a funny little face as she pulled out of her parking lot and into traffic. “I’d rather just go one step at a time. Take it slow, y’know?”

I laughed at her and she joined me. Somehow poking fun at the End Times seemed exactly the right thing to do at the time. “Right then, love. Slow and steady, yeah?”

“Sometimes…” she teased, flashing her eyes at me again.

“You’re a bad little girl, aren’t you?” I asked, raising my eyebrow over the frame of my glasses.

“Yeeaah…” she said wickedly, grinning widely. “I really am.”


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Late again, but I thought of what you said about music being the themes of the characters and you got something there. I will listen to a song and if it is just right I feel it...I don't know move throw, sink your just right.

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