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A story of two people finding each other and finding themselves.
Opening the car door the 6,7 foot man stepped out into the dewy misty morning. Locking the vintage jaguar door, he stood back admiring his prize possession. Now in his sixty’s and semi retired, the car was his first extravagant and impulsive decision. Buying the remote house with 5 acres of pasture and woodland was his second.

All his life he had dedicated his existence to science. Until the military became interested in his work. He could never understand why everything always came down to money or war. Sure he had made numerous millions himself, but that was to help further scientific research. But now he realised he wanted to make a difference in a different way. On this gloomy morning he was making his third exuberant decision. He would help another person who was in need. The hard part was who. Then when he had seen an advert in the local rag about children who needed a home, needed a family, needed him? He knew he had found his answer.

Walking up the straight path that led to the big double doors of the impressive home for the mentally challenged. For no apparent reason he looked up, in one of the second floor windows was a small figure. Through the bars on the window he could easily see a naked girl, legs spread wide displaying herself to him. He watched as her fingers slid down to her young pussy and gripped her modest lips then pulled them apart severely. Opening her little eager body for the tall stranger. He watched transfixed as she pushed her little pussy against the window pane. She moved her petite hips, gyrating, masturbating , squashing her tender clit. All the time looking at him, pure carnal pleasure radiating from her face. Seconds later the young girl fell fully against the window with a bang as she climaxed. Putting her hands either side of her head she stayed motionless her eyes never leaving his gaze. Letting the old stranger have his fill of her naked form.

“Yeah! what you want?”
The tall gentleman jumped with a start.
An attractive, but stern and grumpy looking women had opened the big security doors to the tall stranger.
“Good morning madam, I have an appointment. My names Professor Wilson.”
“Oh, sorry sir, we get all sorts of dodgy people coming to see their miserable kids, lock em all up I say. That would cut down on thieving and robbery’s,”
“ Er, I suppose it would,”
“ Im miss EvansYoung. Claire been welcoming you at her window, sir? She normally does to strange men. Shes only 10, so she isn’t doing any harm. We use her in regular lectures about sexual mental health seminars. They have been so popular that we have started to charge entrance Well we had to when we started to get 50 men a week turning up for them. We think it does little Claire good to get it out of her system and she looks forward so much to them. The old prof looked on in astonishment.

An hour later the same ugly on the inside, pretty on the outside woman, was showing the Prof around the home. The home was in three parts. Men, woman and adolescents All the kids were aware that a potential adoptive parent was doing the rounds. The annoying woman introduced the tall old man to her favourite kids.
The Professor could sense the well rehearsed display that was before him. Especially some of the girls trying to flirt with him, even flashing young breasts, Claire who sat with a short skirt on, opened her legs to display her near hairless wet pussy. Letting the old man know she would willingly give herself to him. Feeling the lurch in his pants he quickly exited the room. Escaping the young nymphomaniac.
“Sorry about that, she likes to do that to all men. Quite sweet really. But I'm sure she will be pregnant as soon as she has her first period. Old enough to bleed old enough to breed. So they say.”spluttered the woman in giggles.
As they continued along the many passages, while walking passed one closed door there was a faint sound of sobbing. The prof stopped and listened.
“Who is in here?”
“Oh you don’t want her, she's a cripple. In fact she is going to be moved, cos we cant do anything with her.”
The tall man opened the door, inside the sparse room, a young blonde girl sat hunched over in a wheelchair. facing the bare wall. Motionless and quiet. Her wrists were strapped to the arms of the chair.
“She just sits there all day, even wets herself. When anyone tries to get near her she attacks them, that’s the only time she makes a sound, fuckin awful scream. Sorry sir, like I said she's going to the high security wing of the mental institution end of this week. Lock her up for the rest of her life,” nudging the little girl. “Best thing for you, cripple.”
“ I think you have said enough, get me her file.” the big man boomed at the shocked woman.
Ten minutes later, he was deep in concentration, in the homes managers office, leafing through the young girls notes, on his own.
Amy Brooks 13 years old.
Prostitute mother who died when child was 5. Father Unknown.
Child born with various deformities, including no lower legs or hands.
Thought to be mute. Aggressive to all staff and other children. Otherwise meek and unperceptive to any outside stimulation.
Conclusion to child’s future. Sterilisation on admittance to serious mental health institution. Possible use as an S.G.D, for extreme inmates.
Stapled at the top there was a small certificate verifying approval of candidate for immediate sterilisation and positioning of S.G.D in the male wing of the high security hospital for the mentally insane. He noticed the candidates name was still blank.
He vaguely understood what this would mean for his new friend and he wasn’t about to let that happen to her. Quickly looking through the other files he found one for the young girl called Claire. Writing Clare’s full name on the certificate he carefully positioned it in her file, then putting it in the to-do tray on the managers desk.
Just then the manager walked in.
“Are you sure with your choice Professor?”
“Oh yes I was looking for some one who was in serious need and Amy definitely is in need. While I’m here could you tell me what the S.G.D programme is?”
“It stands for Sexual Gratification Donor Putting it plainly, it means unpaid whore. They use them in some hardcore institutions for extreme mental patients who have committed serious sexual crimes. It calms them down after they’ve had there fun. Much more fun to watch as well as being so much cheaper than drugs. I’m sure you understand coming from a scientific background.”
“Er, yes. Purely for science.” the big man looked at Claire s file. Realising she was only ten. The virginal nymphomaniac with fatherly issues he thought as his pants swelled, would be put in the best place for her. Little Claire would find her nirvana. For the rest of her life. But never become pregnant. The old Professor was pleased with himself for being able to help two people in need in one day.
“Oh I nearly forgot, some one came in put that file in your tray and asked me to tell you, the candidate must be ready for their first encounter on Saturday.”
“Saturday ? Christ that’s 3 days away.”
The Prof watched as the manager opened up the file, smiled to himself when he read the name, then picked up the phone.
Wheeling Amy down the corridor an hour later, the Prof noticed the commotion in one of the rooms.
Two male staff were getting a very excited naked 10 year old onto a wheeled stretcher. Even laying down she held her legs open so everyone she passed would see her little pussy. So eager for any sexual attention. The Prof felt happy for her knowing where she will be going after her sterilisation.
Waiting in the premed room miss Evans looked through young Clare’s notes. The look of pure anger on her face. The lectures had been lucrative for her this last year. Ever since she had been giving the young girl huge doses of a steroid, that enhanced sexual libido Now her little nest egg was being transferred out. Picking up the medical procedure card the woman ticked the box for sterilisation , further below she saw a tick box for clitoridectomy. The fat woman gave an evil chuckle. Then ticked the box. Knowing the little nymph wouldn’t be enjoying herself so much.
Just then the young girl was wheeled in. Then placed in a gyno chair, strapped her ankles into place in the stirrups, her young pussy glistened with moisture as the little petals on her pussy filled with blood. When they strapped her waist in then her wrists the small girl murmured with pleasure. She had never been so excited, even when she had her audience of men.
Little Claire smiled at the woman who approached her, she had always been her friend. Watching miss Evans move between her legs with a syringe, she closed her eyes as she felt the familiar mouth encircle her tiny clit as was normal, she lovingly sucked her sensitive flesh into her mouth and as usual Young Clare felt the needle slide into her thigh.
This time was different as the fluid emptied from the syringe, miss Evans sunk her teeth into the small tender flesh. The little girls naked body instantly rigid in intense pain, a loud squeal filled the room.
Miss Evans never realised she had given the girl her most powerful instant orgasm she had ever had. The little body fell limply back to the gyno chair, unconscious. As the surgeon walked in.

Outside the Prof had been having problems getting Amy into his car. The teenage girl, screaming and grunting, had been lashing out at the tall stranger. Eventually an orderly had given the girl a sedative. The prof quickly loaded her onto the back seat and headed off to his large home.
Eventually after an hours drive, they arrived in the converted stable yard behind the house. On removing her from the back seat he was horrified to find her bowel and bladder had both evacuated all over his leather upholstery. Seriously aggravated by the stink and mess, he laid her on the cobbled yard floor. Ripped the stinking clothes from her and began hosing down the still unconscious girl. Muttering to himself in his rage. As he stood over the naked teens alabaster petite body, he began to feel powerful. His cock began to stand proud in his pants.
He aimed the powerful water jet at her young pert breasts which were no more than a small handful, looking intently as the force of the water made indentations into their small firm breast flesh. He was intrigued by her small puffy nipples as they grew before his eyes. Abruptly he aimed the water away and moved closer to her, he could plainly see on each breast a small lump under the skin. Touching them he could feel another nipple on each breast to the outer edge of the normal one. Making a mental note to investigate another time, he was to eager to continue with his harsh cleansing.

Lost in his new found game he repositioned her arms wide above her head, then spread her slender shortened legs apart, which consisted of thighs only. He admitted to himself, she was a stunning little creature. There was no deformity as such. She had been born perfect but with the uniqueness of no lower limbs or hands. Her pretty face had been created by a craftsmen, her figure was slender and feminine. She was an angel. Kneeling between her thighs he took a closer look at her naked pussy. Naked as there was no hair. investigating the skin closely he saw in fact no hair follicles existed. There was thousands of woman across the world who would want what this little teen had.

He boldly felt over her high soft mons, he couldn’t let some thing so beautiful be so filthy. Picking up his hose he got back to work washing the young naked body. When she was drenched he disappeared in to one of the stables returning with a long brush and sheep dip disinfectant that he had found on one of the shelves. Shaking the mixture first he then poured it over the sleeping girl then vigorously began scrubbing her clean. Meticulously covering every part of her flesh. Paying particular attention to her breasts, the brush bristles dancing across her tiny pink nipples causing them to swell and harden insanely. He took time and patients with her young pussy not wanting to cause any lingering pain. After he finished her legs he noticed her pussy lips had enlarged as they had become engorged with blood, he gave them a few more licks with the brush, checked again and was surprised to see them peeling open like a pink rose. He brushed again, they opened more revealing her inner depths. She didn’t have a regular virgina, hidden behind her soft lips which were now becoming bulbous as they became stimulated by the jet of water, was a lush moist entrance to her tunnel. He could see her hymen clearly. Unusually her clit was positioned on the edge of her opening, any insertion would rub directly on her nub. It also occurred to him when she urinates that would also flow directly over her clit probably giving her some pleasure.
He couldn’t resist. He had never seen anything so blatantly erotic. She was only 13. he felt ashamed of him self, but Amy’s pussy seemed to be alive, beckoning him for attention. The swollen pink petals open, inviting any and all males. Her soft body seemed to be glowing. Her pretty face was flushed, her sweet mouth slightly open,the pink lips now intensely pink. Her young budding breasts had become firmer, the little nipples now puffy and erect were the same gorgeous pink as her lips and pussy lips. Even though still drugged. This young girls body was ready and wanting to breed, now.
The tall Prof stood up abruptly, quickly undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. He never noticed the young girls eyes flicker open briefly, just enough time to witness his long thick cock spring toward her. Before she returned to the arms of Morpheus He sank to his knees between her milky thighs, using one hand to steady his aim he rubbed the helmet against her soft thickening pussy lips which now due to there continued swelling had closed her opening slightly. As he gently pushed against them he was astonished to see them flutter open more allowing full access to her young tunnel. As he slowly pushed further he felt the lips close around his large manhood. In the past he had nearly hurt some woman with the 3inch thick tapered at the base and 9 inch long cock. But this little unconscious 13 year old virgins body was taking him in beautifully. Feeling her pussy lips folding around him, caressing him as he inched forward made him quiver down his spine. His cock was inside pure heaven, so warm and moist slightly tight yet giving as he went further into her depths.
He shuddered when he felt her hymen hold him at bay. A brief feeling of shame came over him as he held back. What the hell was he doing to this young girl. He knew it was so wrong. Yet as a scientist he realised this young body was willing and eager to breed.
Breeding is biology, biology is science. He is a scientist.
The big scientist pushed forward hard shredding the virginal membrane. Hearing a small cry of pain, he felt the small petite body shudder under him. As he laid still he looked at her face. Amy was looking straight back at him, awake. Her sweet eyes seemed to delve into his soul. For some unknown reason instead of jumping off her her began to gyrate his massive tool inside her. Amy’s eyes closed her mouth dropped open in ecstasy. He felt her thighs lift and drop wide , her arms remained above her head. She had submitted to his matting.
He felt her tunnel becoming tighter as he pushed forward, his thick cock was pushing the caressing lips further apart, as his tapered cock began to fill the young tender pussy. Little Amy began panting heavy as strange feelings deep in her tummy began to engulf her senses. As her organs moved to allow full penetration, her cervix began to dilate.
Just as the Prof began thinking the little girl wouldn’t be able to take all of what he had to give her. He felt some thing give inside her. As he thrust forward his pelvis slammed into Amy’s As her young body had accepted the last 3 inches.
The young teen let out a long strangled gurgle as she became fully penetrated on his 9 inch cock, which had invaded her surrendering womb.
The Prof watched in awe of the young girl as she withered under him lost in her throws of carnal bliss. He moved his hips hard against her, stimulating her clit. Pushing, twisting, grinding into her
Then he felt his cock being squeezed, her pussy lips were tightening around him. As he started to moan in the wondrous sensations Amy's body began shuddering violently., causing her firm small breasts to giggle. Then he began to feel pulses of compression on the end of his cock, as her cervix clenched around its head, milking him for his seed. A loud cry of release spat from his mouth as he began to ejaculate inside her little body, his orgasm controlled by the clenching cervix. He shot copious amounts filling her young womb.
As his load shot into her womb bouncing off the membrane walls Amy convulsed in fits as she herself reached her peak and climaxed her first orgasm. So powerful, little Amy screamed, then her tense sweaty body once more laid still on the ground, unconscious
The Prof looked down at the still form. Young, perfect, beautiful. He stroked the messy hair from her sexually ravaged face. He gently lent forward and kissed her forehead, then her delicate lips, then her button nose.
Pushing himself upward he rose to get up, he suddenly realised he couldn’t pull out of her. He reached down and felt around her pussy lips. They were tightly sealed around the base of his cock. As he tried in vain to separate from her, he could feel his cock head trapped deep inside. Her cervix had closed on his cock trapping the helmet inside her womb. They were locked together. Images of dogs tieing together flashed through his mind. He had an epiphany when he saw an image of Amy tied to a big dog.
“Now that would be breeding,” he said to himself, he felt his cock stiffen again inside the young girl.
The tall Prof picked Amy gently from the floor, holding her tight against him due to there predicament and carried her inside one of the stables. Laying down on the soft hay he held her tightly and closed his eyes.
A few hours later Amy woke to find herself in his strong arms. Feeling the nice but unusual intrusion between her legs she pulled away letting the limp member fall out of her. No jism leaked from her, it remained sealed within her womb.
She sniffed at the flaccid cock inquisitively, then licked it. Approving of the taste she began cleaning it, licking it all over removing all the tasty residue. Taking it in her mouth she sucked and danced her tongue around the head, not letting any of the new found tastiness. When satisfied she had consumed it all she quietly tottered out the door way and stopped, looked around the stable yard briefly, she then lowered her bum towards the floor and emptied her bladder, all the while looking around her and sniffing the new fresh country air.
She hadn’t realised the big man had been watching her in the old mirror hanging on the wall. When a sudden loud angry bark broke the still silence. Amy visibly jumped in horror, a whimper of terror slipped from her mouth as she spun round and leapt back into the stable. The Prof was astonished, this girl didn’t need a wheelchair, she was totally mobile on her stumps. Amy dived back next to him folding her naked body into a little ball and snuggled into him. Burying her worried face in to his warm hairy chest. The Prof put a large arm around her petite trembling frame and stroked her soft face.
“Its OK Amy its OK. Your safe in hear, baby.”
In minutes little Amy had drifted off, soothed in her protectors affection.
The Prof looked down at his new ward. Her soft pretty face was the picture of serenity. Most of the night the Prof laid awake, he had so much to think about. What had happened in the cobbled yard, the lust that came from the young teen had amazed him. Also her primitive mind had become of interest to him. Not a normal young girl. Maybe because of her upbringing in the mental health system, it had damaged her mentally. Maybe she was born different. All this he was eager to investigate. An hour later after some deep thinking he couldnt wait any longer. Sliding carefully away from the sleeping girl he crept out of the stable, locking the door behind him. He went into the house, straight into the basement where his newly furbished lab awaited him.
Please let me know what you think. Constructive criticism thankyou.
Part 2 coming shortly.
Yes maybe there will be a what happened to Claire story. If you would like?

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KingCrazy here this is a very fun story please make more.

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