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*****WARNING this is a very graphic story in which a female gets revenge on her boss and is killed. If you do not like violent stories or snuff please do not read stop now. This is pure FICTION and is in no way, shape, or form real. I also do not condone violence as such portrayed here in ANY way. This is my warning, enjoy*****

It was eight-thirty in the morning in Florida, Miranda’s day had began well at first. The temperature outside when she left for work was a comfortable seventy degrees with the wind slightly blowing. She dressed herself in a white skirt that rose a few inches above her knees with a matching white suit top. Underneath she had picked lacey pink thongs and the bra to go with it, she felt good, looked good and knew it. As she walked into the door of her floors work she could already hear the yelling from her bosses office. Miranda kept her smile as she walked to the office door and knocked. She received no answer as expected, turning the handle she pushed the door open. Her boss Ms. Amanda White was busy barking orders at newer interns, while they cowered almost at her feet. Turning to Miranda she yelled “Where have been Melissa? I want my coffee and chocolate, I wanted it an hour ago bitch” Miranda only nodded and smiled, her boss didn’t even know her correct name.

She had been tormented the past year and a half to say the least, being called unheard of names, being sent to do maids work. She was not treated like an employee with a degree in marketing should be, but that was about to all change. Miranda had a plan she would soon set into action to get her revenge. As she got Amanda’s coffee she dropped three sleeping pills in along with the cream she wanted. Knowing this would make her boss feel bad she also knew who would be called upon to take her home. Miranda was called for everything from Amanda, she was the link between words and actions.

Not long after Miranda delivered the precious coffee and chocolate to her boss she got the call. She smiled to herself as she took the stairs and walked up to Amanda’s office then knocked on the door. “What do you want? Come in” she heard as she stepped into the room. “Oh Miranda it’s you thank god, I’m not feeling well take me home” Amanda then fell to the floor, passed out cold from the pills, now it was time for Miranda to work. She checked to make sure that her boss was out then removed her clothing. To Miranda’s surprise her body was amazing, well toned and petite she now took in what made her upper management. Her hair was dark and straight past her shoulders, her eyes brown and beautiful with dark tanned skin. Her body itself was petite, tall at five-foot ten inches she weighed around 130lbs. As her chest softly fell in and out Miranda could see her pert breasts, most likely a 34C with dark areoles and large nipples perfect for sucking,

It was time for part one of Miranda’s revenge, after taking in the view of her nude boss for a moment she began to act. She spread her legs on the floor then took a dildo out of a small bag she carried up with her. Inserting it into Amanda’s asshole she took out a camera and began snapping pictures. After taking thirty or so in different positions and being satisfied Miranda took the dildo out of her bosses tiny asshole. She must have needed to go because her own shit covered the head of it. Miranda smiled thoughtlyfully as she pushed it into her bosses mouth, sliding it a few times then snapping a few more pictures. She then pulled the dildo out, wrapped it up and put it away and started dressing her boss again. Within a few minutes she was fully dressed and ready to go, but her own shit was smeared on her lips and in her mouth. Miranda took a rag out of the bag and began to wipe her face and lips, satisfied that she was presentable she sat down at Amanda’s desk. She connected her camera with a cord and began to upload the pictures, within minutes she was finished. Her plan was working, she had put the pictures of her boss within view on her desktop as well as sending them to other clients. They were all labeled “I’m a bitch but I love anal- the whore”.

Now Miranda knew she had need to get Amanda to the car, she picked her up onto her feet and threw her arm over her shoulder. Pushing forward she opened the door, to anyone that questioned her she told them that Amanda wasn’t feeling well and was sleeping and ask to please not wake her. Taking the elevator down she moved to the car as fast as she could, soon the drugs would be wearing off. At the car Miranda put Amanda in the backseat, she took a strong piece of rope and tied her legs together then handcuffs her wrists behind her back.

Smiling Miranda knew that the hardest part of her job was behind her now. She got behind the wheel and sped for her home out in the country. The long dirt road led to her cabin on the lake. It was the perfect for what she was about to do, woods surround the place with no one around for miles. There’s was not one soul to hear Amanda’s screams or to find out about Miranda’s secrets. Pulling her car into the garage Miranda heard her boss beginning to wake in the backseat and she began to get more excited that her plan was really working. She would do her boss what she’d been dreaming of, what she deserved for being such a bitch to her and other employees.

Amanda opened her eyes as she began to move only to find that she couldn’t. She pushed against the handcuffs and rope trying to remember where she was at. She screamed for someone to help her as Miranda opened the back door, her bosses eyes met hers as she screamed to let her go, then “ask what the fuck are you doing to me? She smiled back and at the sight and simply replied “I’m your Boss now Amanda” then slapped her hard across the face. She then pulled her from the car and carried her into the house as fast as she could. It wasn’t an easy task as Miranda began screaming and struggling to get free from her attacker. But it was no use, the ropes were tied tight and the handcuffs began to dig into skin as she moved.

Miranda had planned well and set up everything needed before she left for work that day. She placed a blindfold on Amanda’s head to cover her eyes then moved her to the basement. There was a futon laid out into a bed in the center of the room, beside it on a chest were dildos ranging from an inch wide and six inches long all the way up to four inches wide and eighteen inches long. There was also a strap-on, a whip, a roll of thick rope and candles among the other things with a sharp butcher knife on the end. Miranda pushed Amanda face down on the bed and told her that it would get worse if she struggled. She then pulled her bosses skirt up high revealing her tanned ass in a white thong covering little. She reached to the side picking up the whip as Amanda was about to speak she brought it down harshly to her bare skin causing her to scream as red whelps instantly formed on her backside. She laughed and said “I told you if you struggle I’ll make it worse” as she brought the whip down again and again on her boss.
Tears were now streaming down Amanda’s face causing her dark mascara to run as she no longer screamed but cried intensely. Her mind was a blur as she thought this couldn’t be happening, Miranda still whipping her with force. As she stopped to admire her work she took in the sight of her bosses ass now purple and black in contrast with her white thongs with blotches of red blood from the cuts she left. She smiled as she said “you will now obey me, I do not work for you and you will regret your past. Amanda just cried as Miranda took the knife and cut the thongs from her body. Flipping her over into her back she couldn’t help but notice how wet her bosses pussy had became from the beating. “So you enjoyed that didn’t you slut?” as she placed her hands on her skin to feel the wetness between her legs. She was soaked and it couldn’t be denied Miranda was also turned on from what she was doing. “Amanda screamed through her crying “don’t touch me bitch” with this Miranda smiled, pushing a few fingers into her bosses cunt working them in faster.

She moaned as her own body betrayed her at the feeling, already she was so close to orgasm. Miranda then grabbed an eight inch long three inch wide dildo and with no warning placed it at the entrance to her asshole and shoved it in as deep as it would go while pushing her entire hand into her pussy simultaneously. Amanda screamed loud as she bucked off of the bed her orgasm hit her hard causing her to shake and squirt while Miranda fucked both of her holes without mercy. As Amanda collapsed on the bed gasping Miranda pulled her hand out of her pussy, taking the knife she cut the rope from her legs loose knowing she was too spent to put up a fight. She then placed a hand back on the dildo and pulled it out quickly placing her face on her bosses pussy to taste her juices with the knife in her hand. It was delicious as she ran her tongue up and down licking as Miranda moaned now in pleasure. But not for long as Miranda stood and placed the knife to Amanda’s neck “you will listen and do what I ask or I will slit your throat here” she said, Amanda nodded slightly saying “please, anything you want”.

Smiling she knew this was going to work as planned, Miranda got on top of her former boss in a 69 position and slid her tongue over the wet pussy below her. Amanda knew what to do also, burying her tongue into the younger girls pussy as well. After a few minutes Miranda sat upright, pushing her hips down onto Amanda’s face trapping her below as she struggled to breath she panicked and tried to push free. Miranda yelled at her telling her to finish eating her pussy and take it or she would hurt her worse. She pushed down hard feeling the tongue inside of her and lit a large candle as she started riding Amanda’s face up and down giving her split seconds to breath. The wax began falling down onto the skin below her as she became closer to orgasm she could feel it every time the wax hit Amanda would flinch making Miranda’s pussy wetter. She lowered the candle down barely within an inch of skin and watched the flame dance as the woman underneath moved wildly causing intense pleasure for her. The orgasm inside was building as she pressed down hard onto Amanda’s face, she could not control it any longer. As she flooded the mouth below she came strong and hard screaming out as she let the candle down onto bare skin burning her slave. She then fell forward with one motion and placed the flame to Amanda’s pussy for a second then swiftly slid it inside extinguishing it. Trapped beneath the juices of her attacker Amanda couldn’t breath, finally she gasp taking in the air as Miranda lifted up and off of her face.

After her orgasm subsided Miranda stood to look at her work, Amanda’s face was now coated with her juices. She was also crying and shaking, from fear or from pleasure maybe it was both. Now it was time to finish the job, Miranda stood and ordered Amanda to her feet, she absently obeyed and got up. Now Miranda reached for the strap on clasping it around her tight body then the roll of rope. She grabbed Amanda by her dark hair and guided her to the corner of the room where only a small bench sat. She sat on her knees crying as Miranda tied a noose out of the thick rope and tossed it easily over a beam about seven foot up.

With Amanda still on her knees she then placed the noose around her neck and pulled it snug holding onto the loose end tightly. “Get on all fours bitch with your arms on the bench” she did as she was told, a gasp followed as Miranda positioned herself behind Amanda and pushed all ten inches in as she held onto the rope. The rubber cock slid in and out noisily from the already wet and used pussy it penetrated. “Do you like that Boss?” Miranda cooed, “do you like my cock in your hole? I told you that you would pay” she then pulled the rope causing it to tighten on Amanda’s neck, her face began turning red. She could barely breath as she got fucked hard from behind, her mind was frantic as her thoughts began to escape her except one, that she was going to die soon. Miranda slowed then stopped and pulled out then placing the strap on at the entrance to Amanda’s puckered asshole and gave a hard solid push. She screamed as it invaded her and moved wildly underneath but received no mercy. Miranda pushed as hard as she could as she said “Goodbye Amanda, have a nice trip” yanking the rope and pulling Amanda to her feet. She then picked her up and placed her on the bench and ordered her to stand giving her just a little slack to breath.

Amanda gasp for breath as she cried and begged to please not do this to let her go. But Miranda just looked up at her and smiled as she pulled the rope tight once more and tied it off to the side. Naked with the thick rope now tight around her neck Amanda threw her arms to her neck and tried to free herself. Miranda watched for a moment then put her hands on the bench and slowly pulled it away leaving Amanda dangling two feet off of the ground. She stepped back and took in the sight or her former bitch boss, kicking frantically as her face turned from red to blue. She could see veins bulging as she struggled against her fate that she was tiring to fight. Miranda then stepped forward and wrapped her arms around her legs steadying them while she buried her face into the pussy before her.

Amanda was still conscious as her body was on fire when she felt the sensations of her clit being sucked as a final orgasm built inside her “thinking this cannot be happening to me not this” as her body trembled. Just as she was about to cum Miranda stopped and stepped back watching again, Amanda’s hands shot to her aching pussy working fast as she was in and out of consciousness. Her face going purple as she almost absently worked and her body jerked in one last orgasm Cumming hard. Her head tilted up as she suffocated to death kicking wildly. Then all of a sudden there was nothing, except her bladder and bowels letting loose on the floor beneath her. Amanda was gone, but she managed to cum one last time before she went. Miranda looked on in awe of the body before her, taking in how it looked knowing it was her first but not her last. She then moved and untied the rope letting the body to the floor. Now all that was left was to get her to the swamps and move on, she smiled thinking of work the next day.

If you liked this story please rate and comment, more to come possibly if I get good feedback as I know some will not like this story. I am also working on another Amy's Panites story also.


2014-07-16 00:34:28
oh fuck i had no idea i would like this...the way she sucked her cunt as her boss died made my cunt squirt....this is bad shit....i men good.

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2013-01-22 10:18:07
Amazing story overall - Totally LOVED the ending!

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2011-09-28 14:45:34
interesting but would like to have known what her boss did to make her want to kill her

anonymous readerReport

2011-08-26 02:47:18
Really liked it. Well written, just a place or two where the names were inverted. I say 7 out of 10

anonymous readerReport

2011-08-25 22:52:35
Nicely paced and well written. Not my fetish, but interesting nonetheless.

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