One and only Love
Reunion of

About thirty years ago I met my soul mate. Her name is Jerilyn. We were together only briefly as another party broke us up for their wicked gain. I met Jeri when she applied for a receptionist position at Convergent Technologies. The then exiting receptionist, Kathy Lopez was showing Jeri around and Kathy introduced Jeri to me. When I looked at Jeri , this deep feeling that I had known her all of my life and before my current existence, came over me. I knew she felt the same towards me by the way she looked at me in return. I waited about 2 weeks before I approached her and asked her to lunch. I wanted her to be settled into her job and not cause her any problems. We went to lunch at a place called “Hoagies”, a sandwich shop next to Convergent Technologies . We talked for 2 hours and we both came to the realization that we knew each other far longer than our current life time. We were old souls that have lived previous life times together. Our souls were in synch. I had fallen hopelessly in love with Jeri from the moment I met her. When we were apart, I suffered what best can be described as withdraw symptoms. When we were together we could finish each others sentences and could pretty much understand each others thoughts and moods. Jeri was frightened by these abilities and it pushed us apart, I, on the other hand felt it was very normal and it gave me additional warm feelings towards her, as I found someone who could touch my soul. Jeri was very young, as was I, but I understood the psychic connection we had and I already had paranormal experiences in other aspects of my life.

But Jeri felt like it was an invasion to her privacy and it caused us to have problems in our budding relationship and ultimately, allowed someone else to shove a wedge between us for their own gain. The day Jeri walked out of my life, it felt like I had a part of me was torn away and the loss I felt was that of the loss of a loved one or spouse. I could not talk about her for years after without breaking down into tears. I never felt anything towards anyone again. I tried to love again, but to no avail. Through the years, Jeri would contact me in our dreams and we would communicate, it usually dealt with problems she had and she felt I was the only one to help her out of them, sometimes it was that she only wanted to be held in my arms again, I guess to feel secure. I always followed up with a phone call the next morning, just to check on her and if she was O.K., she usually informed me about the dream and I would always tell her that is the best way to contact me, so we have maintained a psychic connection to this day. Recently she came to me in a dream to see how I was doing. I informed her that I had developed a heart condition and she promptly said ”Oh, Mike you’re lying.”. I told her I was not lying and lifted my T-shirt to show her the scars from my surgery. At that moment she burst into tears and sobbed with what is best described as a convulsive response with each sob. I took her shaking and convulsing body in my arms, held her close to my body and told her “It would be alright, that I would always love her and watch over her whether I am on this side or the other.” In the dream I could feel her body close to mine and her hair in my hands. I called her the next morning and the first words from her mouth was” So it is true.” I told her yes it was. We talked for hours, about all we have done while leading separate lives. She told me she cried all night after the dream. I told her,”I am still here, and have not passed on yet”. It always hurt me, whenever she cried, when you love someone, you cannot bare to see them hurt. I know Jeri still loves me, even though she is with someone else. This is one of those times in adulthood that complications exist. I had always hoped she would reenter my life somehow, I guess that is unrealistic or was it.

The Reunion

Fast forward almost 30 years later, I now lived in Texas. I started working for a Division of a California based company here in Texas. About six months into the job, the Texas branch started looking for a Quality Technician, Corporate in California had a candidate that wanted to transfer from San Jose to Austin. The candidate flew to Austin for an interview. My supervisor was one of the interviewer’s, of this new candidate. I was in for the surprise of my life, that day. The day the candidate came in for the interview, my supervisor was showing the candidate around the facility. He stopped in the lab area where I was working. I had my head down into the works of an instrument. He tapped me on the shoulder, and introduced the new QA Tech, I looked up into the eyes of the woman I loved 25 plus years ago. I arose to my feet. She looked into my eyes and soul, as I did for her. Our hands found each others and clasped apposing each other. My supervisor questioned,” So you know each other? “. Without looking away from each other, we both said with a deep knowing “yes, we have known each other for many life times”. With our hands still clasped, I pulled her close to me, wrapping our arms around her back, our hands resting on the top curve of her butt, as I had done so long ago. I held her in my arms again, she leaned into me, as did I towards her, Our lips found each others, we kissed as only long lost lovers do. It was a warm, inviting. lingering and loving kiss that had waited a life time to be expressed. I stopped momentarily from kissing her and I looked at her with joy and amazement in my heart for her. I now felt complete again with her in my arms. It was the kind of kiss that made others in the area jealous, as I was told later.
As they walked away from me, she asked,” Aren’t you forgetting something, Mike?” “Don’t need to, you walked back into my life.”, was my response. What she was referring to was the last time she walked away from me and out of my life, I grabbed her, I planted her and I against the adjacent wall for leverage and French kissed her.( I wanted her to know the passion I felt towards her, as a last ditch effort to change her mind about walking out of my life. I do not regret kissing her passionately, but the way I went about it and being rough about it, I do regret that.), then I slapped her on the ass, the right cheek to be exact, as she walked away and out of my life forever. In those days she had and still did today a wonderfully firm ass. She had a wonderful body that was just a great turn on to look at and touch. When I was younger, I fanaticized about her body while I masturbated, though I stopped doing that a long time ago. I am not proud of what I did back then, but she said many mean and cruel hearted things, much of what she said damaged me for the rest of my adult life, before she walked away and out of my life, I was hurting and in not very good control of myself.
Later my supervisor asked me how I knew her? I told him, she is / was my first, my last, my everything, to borrow a phrase from Barry White. I told him I could not and did not love anyone else after she walked out of my life so many years ago.
I told him that she was to be my life time partner. She was the only one I ever wanted to be in my everything. I also told him that she is truly the only one who can and does understand my soul. We both are connected to each other through the astral plane. We have communicated with each other through dreams. He asked me if there would be a problem, as she and I would have to work together, I told him I did not think so. I told him to ask her also. He told me she asked for this assignment to be close to me as she found out at corporate; I worked at the Texas division. She wanted to see if there was a fire still burning after all those years. I told him it was a bonfire that never would burn out. He asked me for one small favor, “Can you at least control your affection for her on the job.” I told him I would do my best to, but it may slip now and then, as I have waited a life time for her.
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