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Put your head between my thighs
And make me relize
That you're the ONLY one
That really knows how to make me cum

And while your tounge is between my lips
I want you to use your finger tips
And softly move them all around
Then throw me to the ground

Then im gonna pull out your dick
So i can take a lick
Untill u decide to throw me on the bed
And make my face all red

I want you to make me sweat
Because i very much bet
Thats what ur gonna do
when im through with u

Just make sure u turn out all the lights
And make me scream with delight
Because once the night is through
Ill always be your boo!

anonymous readerReport

2012-11-30 12:19:22
Fuuuuuuuuucccckkkk mee hard and long

anonymous readerReport

2012-09-09 07:31:34
You are judging by what you can see as nice . It is what you can't see that can hurt you.Did you know that the maid will clean the braothom next door to your room wearing the SAME rubber gloves that will be used to handle your things in your braothom, including drinking cups, TP and your toiletries?Think about it for a moment.


2011-10-30 11:43:13
nice but how bout another go, this time wid d lights ON. :o)

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