She is the most special of my 4 daughters
Breaking Brooke.

This story picks up where I left off at the end of: 4 Mom's and 4 Daughters pt 2.
These stories can stand alone but to get a broader perspective I urge you to read the entire series which begins in: it happened on vacation, then onto: it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 2 through pt 14.

Now, onto "Breaking Brooke".

The time I spent separately with my three other girls was certainly unique, interesting and gratifying. Each girls curiosity and desire had been satisfied, as well as my own. The sessions we had were incredible and taking the virginity of Megan and Becky was quite an experience for us. I wasn't to surprised that Amber had already been broken before I could get to her but the sensation of fucking her still amazing and while Amber was much more precocious that Megan or Becky they were all much more adventurous and provocative than Brooke.

Brooke was an incredibly pretty young girl with her sparkling blues eyes, full lips, straight blond hair, tanned skin, long slender legs, her torso was lean, stomach flat, a nice pair of tits and when she breathed in you could see the outline of her breast bone and she had what anyone would call a "kissable neck". Her entire frame was proportioned such that.....................well, like I said before she was PERFECT.
Given all her physical attributes she was painfully shy and quiet, never saying much but observing everything. I imagine she had questions, tons of them on numerous subjects, but instead of asking she simply observed or quietly researched for answers. The things she couldn't get answers to quietly and on her own she did ask but those were always about herself.
Brooke wasn't vain or anything like that rather as she saw the world she wanted to know how the world saw her back.
She was not naive, reckless or unassuming she was calculating and precise and once her research was done and she was comfortable she moved ahead.
She is a deep and sensitive soul, if a person observed her like she does her surroundings they would see her in what seems to be a constant state of reflection and/or quietly devouring information.
That was everything I knew about my daughter and is exactly what I thought again as I looked over at her sitting in the passenger seat while her and I drove the 200 miles to the car show, with a stop at the largest flea market in the southwest, at least the sign said it was anyway.

As I parked the car at the flea market and we got out the heat is the thing that gets your attention and in the southwest I don't care if it's a dry heat, it's HOT !.
We were dressed for the heat with sparse thin clothing and I was reminded how revealing when Brooke stepped out and stretched from the ride. She had a thin pair of light gray shorts on that didn't even descend to mid-thigh and were not loose at all rather they molded to her legs, hips and butt with the back of her shorts followed her the curve of her hot butt to the small of her back. The thin white shirt she had on was waist length and when she stretched her arms over her head the shirt rode up exposing her flat toned and tanned stomach and as she leaned back you couldn't help but to follow the inward curve of her back and the protrusion of her buttocks then down her perfectly proportioned legs.
I wanted to melt right then and there, and not from the heat rather the heat in my shorts s my cock twitched from the sight of pure loveliness stretched out before me.
When she finished her stretching I came back to coherence and,
"Brooke, maybe you should..........oh never mind, lets go", I said. I was going to say put on more clothes.

She is a real eye catcher, this fact was never lost on me as anywhere we went I always made it a point to discretely look around and witness boys and men of all ages at least take a look while some just stopped in their tracks to gawk.
Today was no exception, as we walked around the tables and booths of the flea market I noticed the typical reactions amongst various males and on more than one occasion see a wife or girlfriend nudge their mate and give them a stern look as they walked past and turned their heads to take in as much of Brooke as they could. Did they get in some trouble for looking, yeah, was it worth it, YEAH !.
Hell I was certainly looking at her and when she walked ahead to a table and bent over to pick up an object and look at it you could practically hear every man in observance collectively sigh while reading their minds as their inner voice said "DAMN !!".

After a couple hours of the flea market we were ready to go. We made it to the car and started back up the road, we planned to get there and see a couple hours of the car show before dinner then to the hotel and spend most of tomorrow at the show then be back home late tomorrow night.
After several miles up the road she turned to me,
"Daddy, what are all those men thinking when they stare at me", she asked.
I just looked over at her with my head slightly cocked in her direction my eyes rolled up and the look on my face was meant to convey the question like "you have to be kidding".
"I'm serious", she said.
Her and I have had this conversation before and she knows the answer so I don't know if she is doing more research or she just wants to hear what she already knows, either way while I focused on driving I replied,
"Their curious about your thoughts on so called global warming", I said mockingly.
"Daaaaaaad", she groaned.
"We've talked about this before sweetie, what do you want me to say, boys look at girls and vice versa", I said.
She took in and let out frustrated breath,
"I asked what are MEN thinking, not boys" she said.

She had me now. I mean should I tell her, really tell her what MEN are truly thinking when they look at her, the lust that is in our eyes and minds !. How could I say anything then exclude myself even if it didn't reference her but some other hot young girl I stare or just plain gawk at.
She is very observant and I am sure she has noticed me staring at some beautiful young creature that I didn't know and wonder what I am thinking.
I don't lie to my daughters and in doing so I sometimes have to pick my words carefully so as not to be to graphic yet still convey the message or information they seek.
I had to be careful here because I could easily expose myself and be misunderstood. Sure I admire Brooke's stunning looks but the difference is she is my daughter and while I still have lust I do know her for who and how she is, I have that benefit.
I can't deny that I wouldn't like to take some hot young thing and just have sex with her and diispense with all the things that lead up to such and event, that isn't in my mind or in any mans mind when they look at a HOT girl or woman.
The difference with Brooke and the appreciation (and desire !) I have for her physical beauty but I also know her character and have studied her in the philosophical sense, to know someone is to love them and not be just another hot piece of ass to deposit some cum in.

"Brooke honey, you are incredibly attractive, above average, and they....huh.....they have.....huh......a real appreciation for your beauty and well....................... honey, you turn them on, OK.
"So they think the same thing as boys do", she said.
Yes, they do", I said.
"Even though I am much younger than they are", she asked.
"That's especially why", I said.
"Well that is a shame", she said.
"Attractiveness draws the attention and you have that in spades however, there is much more to you than your looks. The trick is figuring out the ones that can look past your........incredible assets and see the real you. The one who thinks deep and views the world silently, the one who is sensitive and soulful, the one who thinks more than speaks, the one who is intuitive enough to understand what is in front of or behind her", I said as I slightly looked over at her out the corner of my eye.
This let her know that I know that she knows and that her asking was confirmation of what she knows and it was my way of letting her know that I am not gullible enough to let a 12 old girl get one over on me.

"You know ME don't you daddy", she said smiling.
"Yes, I do", I said.
As bright as she already shines she was absolutely beaming right now and she kept that glow the rest of the trip. Nothing was said between us from that point on and every time I looked over at her instead of reflection I could see the wheels spinning in her head as she processed information, she was on the cusp of a decision.
This is the way she remained as we finally arrived at the car show.
As we walked around looking at cars, while I also noticed the ones who just had to stop and look at Brooke, I couldn't help but to visualize her as one of those models that you see laid out onthe hood of a car with a skimpy bikini on or standing beside the hood in profile with her hand on one hip and the other onthe car. She would be good at it, at least looks wise she would be a very good one but she isn;t the type to want to.
I noticed she seemed to revel at the attention this time, not really doing anything in particular other than a slight strut. She realized more and more the power that females have and it concerned me that she was showing a little bit of a different side. As I dwelled on my concerns another thought hit me, her movements may be for my benefit. I didn't like the surroundings in which she decided to strut but I guess you pick the right venue or rather get the bang for the buck.
"Brooke, tone it down a little", I said.
"Oh, you noticed", she said looking back at me over her shoulder with a smile on her face.
"YEAH, I NOTICED", I said with a stern look.
She pouted her lips, turned her head back and strutted a few more steps then began to walk like she normally does. She is observing and gathering information is what I thought and/or drawing me out. What did I say earlier about me not being taken in by a 12 yr old girl ?.
I felt like I fell right into her trap, intuitive yes but she may be craftier than I thought.

After a couple hours at the car show we headed to the hotel to check in, refresh and go have dinner. When we got to the room and walked in she threw her bag on the first bed except her vanity case which she took to the bathroom and I heard the shower.
I laid out on the other bed and watched TV and tried to figure what we were going to eat.
Brooke came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her torso, I thought I would shoot off right then and there. One of the hottest things there is would be a woman just out of the shower, clean and scrubbed without a hint of make up or perfume. Of course she wasn't a woman rather she was a highly advanced for her age, in all ways, 12 yr old daughter, my daughter.
I mean I am 29 yrs old and still well within the normal sexual needs and wants and perhaps I am still crazy about getting some like when I was 16 but I can't help it Hell, HOT is HOT, OK !.
My thoughts went form food to...............well you can imagine what it went to, I just closed my eyes and breathed.
"Can we go to that French restaurant we passed down the block", he asked.
"It's a date", I said.
"Great", she said as she grabbed her other bag and dash back into the bathroom. I was hungry but figured she will be awhile so I settled back in to watch TV.
When she came out of the bathroom my jaw hit the floor. She had on a thin red dress that almost made it to her knee's and her hair was pinned back. That particular color red in contrast to her nice tan formed a striking picture. My hunger disappeared but my sexual appetite grew exponentially. As a father I wanted to ask "where did you get that dress" at but all I could manage was,
"Oh my God", I said. I shouldn't have said anything at all. The one thing you don't want to do is let a female think they have you hooked or verify their power but sometimes we get caught off guard.
"Is this ok" she asked as she twirled.
I wanted to say that she was absolutely blazing, smoking, freaking hot as hell but I kept myself in check.
"You look fine sweetheart, let me change and we'll go eat", I said calmly.
The huge smile she had on her face dulled and she kind of slouched. I laughed inside thinking "that took the wind out of her sails".
The restaurant was french which of course had a romantic setting to it and the decor only helped frame Brooke's loveliness. She acted quite the lady and looked it to as we had one course then the next.
Once done with dinner we walked along the shops, stopped and had an ice cream then made our way back to the room. It was well night but not to late so we decided to get a pay per view movie and watch that.
It was a compromise, she wanted some romance movie and I wanted an action flick so we settled on a comedy. As usual there were sexually suggestive rhetoric and inuendos as they came up we would glance at one another.
I would look at her and see the wheels spinning in her head and she was looking at me to see how I was looking at her.
When the movie was done it was getting late and we had a long day tomorrow, she had already changed into her usual, just like her sisters, which is a pull over shirt and panties, that's it.
She jumped up and went to the bathroom and I took the opportunity to shed my clothes and get under the covers. When she came back she sat on the bed next to me, I could tell her wheels were spinning again,
"What's on your mind sweetie", I asked
"What is sex like", she asked.
I didn't want to play coy or anything I mean hell, I wanted her bad and planned to take her, as I took her sisters, but Brooke was different. She was shy and sensitive and once she processed her information regarding anything she was ready so things didn't "just happen" with her. I knew all the girls talked to each other and it was no secret that I took the others but either she was left out of their loop somewhat but more than likely she used all her senses and information from various sources. Like I said before being how Brooke is her sisters teased her mercilessly so there is no telling what information she obtained from them.

"What do you mean exactly", I asked.
"That is what does it mean for someone", she asked.
"Sex can mean many things to various people like an expression of love, to satisfy or relieve stress, something fun to do, to some it has meaning to others it's "just sex".
"Does it really hurt", she asked.
"For a girl for the first time at least, Yes", I said.
"The first time should be.....special and with someone they love and loves them or for that matter ANYTIME people have sex it should be that way", she said. She was simply making a statement and expressing a belief. I didn't say a word, neither of us did, we just looked at each other.
"Can we make love", she asked.
The sexual desire I have had all day and every time I looked at her transformed into something different for me now. Different strokes for different folks (no pun intended) I say and anyway a girl wants it I like to give it to them be it soft, hard or anything in the spectrum. I'm not into leather and whips and all that but I have tied up a few, at their request of course.
"If you are sure you want to baby", I said as I reached up and stroked her hair.
She stood up and pulled off her shirt and all I could do was marvel at the work of nature as she worked her panties down her legs. She wasn't shy, she didn't need to be but she had been viewed enough and that is not what she wanted. She pulled back the cover and laid down beside me and cuddled up, I went straight for her neck and went to work while my free hand explored the front of her perfect body and the other was around her back holding her to me.
Her breathing instantly picked up as she experienced knew sensations that she has only seen or heard about, she was completely relaxed and succumbed to the pleasures of me sucking and kissing her neck and squeezing her titties.
I worked my way down, taking one nipple then the other into my mouth and sucking and alternately biting each nipple ever so slightly. This caused her to exhale loudly and tighten the hold she had around me.
I intended to kiss and lick every square inch of her precious body, this moment will never be replicated and I intended to make the absolute most of it for myself and for her.

I munched and kissed my way down her body and my destination ?, her sweet fresh pussy. As I arrived she opened her legs and I positioned myself for a feast I know I will never forget. I didn't dive right in rather I kissed the top of her mound and slowly worked down while I looped my arms under her legs to raise them up and apart. She raised her arms over her head and relaxed her head and turned it to one side as her beautiful long hair splayed out, she was settled in for what she anticipated to feel so good.
Once I had myself and her positioned I gave her cunt a deep long lick from bottom to top, she took in a long breath and let out an,
I began to lick her up and down nice and steady as she slightly rocked her hips in a fuck motion with an audible, "mmmmmmmmm",
her taste was fantastic and her smell was wonderful. She was thoroughly enjoying this and kept rocking her hips and her arms above her head.
Her cunt lips where so firm and my teasing had them flared out, I worked my tongue deeper into her slit while opening her up with my thumbs and stuck my tongue into her hole as deep,
"ohhh daddy eat me, eat me daddy, eat meeeeeee", she quietly breathed out.
As I got my tongue in her hole she let out an low,
"ahhhhhhh yeeeeesssssss", then I would flick her flared lips then back into her slit and up to her clit. At that point she arched her back and, "OH MY GOD THAT FEELS SOOOO GOOD", she loudly moaned out.
When I left her clit alone she eased back down then I attacked her clit again,
OHHHH, MMMMMM, OHHHH, MMMMMM", she loudly groaned and then she started bucking her hips. I stayed on the attack, I was going to bring her off I had to have her pussy.
As I worked on her clit her breathing became erratic but her bucking slowed down and she arched her back up again and struggled to speak,
"OHHH........I THINK.....OHHH...... I FEEL LIKE I'M.....OHH...I HAVE TOOOOO AH, AH, AH, I'M GONNA OH, OH, OHHHHH DADDYYYYYY", she screamed out as my face and mouth were flooded with with her sweet juice. She had moved her arms to her side and tried to dig her fingers into the mattress.
As her orgasm continued her breathing and moaning was stuttered, "OH..OH...MY..MY...GODDDD, UH...UH..UH..OHHHHH".
I let her come down off of it and just rubbed my hand across her flat stomach and over her titties while I kissed each of her luscious inner thighs.
After a few minutes her breathing evened out but she still had the shakes, I could see her shiver and have little flutters in her stomach. She had to process what happened with this wonderful feeling she just experienced. It had really taken something out of her and I knew she needed time.
I crawled up beside her and she rolled onto her side, I snugged up to her back and ran my hand up and down her side then kissed her back and held her. She melted into my arms, her energy would be quickly restored but right now she needed to recover.

After about 10 minutes of us laying there she finally spoke,
"Daddy, that was incredible", she said.
"That's how sex can be", I said.
"Are we going to make love now", she asked.
"Honey, what happened was the easy part. I'm not going to lie to you the first time can be painful", I said.
"I know I know but after that it has to be....wonderful", she said with a question in her eyes.
I smiled and nodded my head.
"Make love to me daddy, make love to me", she said as I pulled away from her and she rolled onto her back.

I moved on top and mounted her while she opened her legs and pulled her knee's to her chest. I reached down and rubbed my finger into her slit then between her lips and around her hole to release some of her jizz and rub it around.
I grabbed my cock and moved my hips in and touched her cunt with my head and worked it up and down and into her slit and found her hole. She had her hands wrapped around her knee's and was holding them tight as I pushed.
Her cunt lips made a creamy little smacking sound as I forced my head past them and entered her hole. My squishy head flattened out as I pushed in and I felt the tip start to enter through and between her vaginal ring muscle.
It was like forcing my head into the hole of a straw,
"Relax baby, just ease up", I softly cooed to her.
She breathed out and closed her eyes like she was concentrating or going into a trance and I pushed as my head squeezed through and she instantly snapped from her trance,
"UHHHH", she moaned.
"You OK baby", I asked.
"OH YEAH, she said dreamily.
I pushed in some more, forcing her hole open and driving my cock inside her,
"UHH..UHHH....UH", she moaned in a stuttered breath as I reached her cherry.
"Take me daddy, go slow and don't stop but take me", she whispered.
She threw her arms around my neck as I leaned over her even more while supporting myself on my forearms and wrapping my fingers around her shoulder. I tensed up my muscles and pushed my hips forward and pulled her shoulders with my hands and slowly but steadily eased my cock into Brooke's tight snatch.
She tensed up and dug her fingers into my back and tears welled up in her eyes as I forced my cock into her then suddenly a little bit of resistance was gone and I felt wetness and "Breaking Brooke" was done,
"Oh Daddy you took me", she managed to say through clenched teeth.
"You Ok sweetheart", I asked.
"Uh Huh", she groaned.

Now that her cherry was mine I took advantage of the extra wetness and began to pump. She eased the grip on my back and began to work with me. She worked her hips to fuck me back, as I heaved in she met me with a push and I buried more dick into her with each thrust until we had an even steady rhythm. She had moved her legs down and had each foot planted on the bed and I had moved my hand from her shoulders. She moved her hand from around my back and brought them up to where mine were and we locked fingers.
The whole session since breaking her had been so serene and gentle, no loud noises or moans and groans or grunts rather just subtle barely audible little "ohhh's and ahhhh's, we were making love.
As we worked her breathing increased, she was building to climax and I was to,
"I KNOW BABY, ME TO", I said.
I increased my fucking and started to saw in and out of her with long deep thrusts. Our fingers still locked tightened even more. Her breathing became labored as she was got closer,
"OH, OH, OH, OH OHHHHH, IT'S HAPPENINGGGGGGGG, UHHHHHHHHHHHH", she almost screamed as my cock was scorched with burning hot oil that flowed from within her. As she continued to pant and shake it only brought me closer, I wanted to hold out but I had no control over my muscles,
As the spunk flowed up the tube in my shaft and exited my peehole,
"OHHHHH, OHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHH BABY, OH MY GOD BABY" I yelled as thick gooey streams of her daddy's cum shot deep into her young womb.
I fucked into her a few strokes and,
UHHHHHHHH MY SWEET LITTLE GIRRRRRRL", as another sticky stream of sweet incestuous sperm flooded deep into my baby's little cunt.
I made a few more strokes and,
"UH.......UH........UHHHHHHHH, I deposited three more spurts inside of her.
Breathing hard now my cock made a slick slosh sound as I pulled out of her cunt. We unlocked our fingers and I rolled to my side and she rolled to her side with her back to me as she shook and shivered, I pulled the covers over us but she wasn't cold rather she was just coming down from another powerful orgasm so like the last time I held her, we fell asleep like that.

We did wake up and roll over to make love a few times throughout the night, and the next day. Needless to say we didn't make it to the car show and hardly made it out of the bed until later when we showered together then headed home. Nothing was quite the same after that, it wasn't the same with any of our girls, in a good way, but like I said from the start Brooke was different and lasting.
I haven't experience anything like I did with Brooke in about 16 years. Brooke was special, very special.

The End.

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I love the way you fuck.... Brooke., that is my daughter's name. ... I've been thinking of getting her puss for the next few days

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2014-10-16 00:49:16
Im with 2 girls and I dont love one more than the other. At times yes I do love one more but overall I love them both equally but differently. And if you asked me who I love more either I can't answer because their is no answer or I just say I love them both. And I couldn't be happier. Btw yes they know about each other.

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I have a question.who did he really love the best his sister or his daughter Brooke?

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GREAT SERIES it was fucking amazing u should continue it tho from it all started on vaca to 4 moms 4daughters finnally breaking brook wow great keep writing

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This is the last in the 4 moms 4 daughters series or actually the beginning was the It happened on vacation series. I love how they were all tied together. Ever think about rewriting and making it one long story, would make a great book.

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