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oral pleasures
Well it's a beautiful arid spring day and I have an exciting urge to tend her vaginal garden,Please lay back my beautiful queen. For this intensity to blossom.

You must relax your skeletal muscles to the smooth trembles of anticipation,now spread the valley of your legs, so I can start my life long loving career of tending to your Garden.

My hands trickle up your ample stem,to pluck and squeeze the two root nipples into a nitric oxide reboot.

Circulating oxygen and nutrients into the vaginal plant structure.

Gently spread the valley soaking up the earthly organic smell of fine mature soil.

Now I take my man palm and lightly slap the soil to ruffle up the enymes mustering underneath her plantation.

My sweet love agree's with my fingers examining her soil.

folding and bending folding and bending firm packs of her pussiconus foundation.

My index finger tool pokes and pokes and hooks upward for the G-spot to get proper oxygen.

So I can squeeze the clitoral swollen stem numerous times. So beautiful and so engorged with Aloe liquid.

Time to release my saliva plant feeder on her vaginal vegetable delicious garden.

The male mucus membrane mixes the carbon dioxide into an orgasmic flash of photosynthesis,feeding her

sexuality, I just can't help it i have to suck more and more of her juicy vaginal fruit, her juice a true antidote to

my sexual aliments. planting the seeds of love as her flower germinates lust through out the mystical garden

her satisfaction causes male nuts to grow and sustain our sexual population. Stems grow to new heights
gathering sun light pumping rays of life.

Cum wet female let me tend your Garden-Darklover69

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2013-02-27 05:01:21
The second time I ever had sex (with the man who is now my hubsand, but was my boyfriend at the time), he slipped out, but not all the way out. For a while afterwards, we couldn't even have sex at all, as the pain of him even attempting to put his penis inside me was just too much. I found that putting a pillow under my lower back and butt and using some lube until my body was used to sex solved the problem. Occasionally I do still have some pain during sex, but that's mostly from my lack of physical abilities.

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