My Second Chance
Chapter 1
The Daughter of My Best Friend

Denise is my best friend in the world and only friend I can talk honestly and frankly to about adult subjects. I met Denise while I was working for a startup company in California about 25 years ago. She was my earthly savior, as I had just broken up with the love of my life and basically was rebuilding my life. She became the shoulder I cried on and looked to her for answers to what I had done wrong in a relationship that had scarred my soul so deeply. As we worked together she helped heal me and gave me strength to face the world again. I know it sounds melodramatic, but it is true. She was my Florence Nightingale, without her help and heart, I doubt I would be here today to write this story. I loved her and at the same time I knew I was not yet in any shape to take on a relationship. Besides she was living with another man, Kenny. He was good to her and was also a good person. The day she married him was the happiest day of her life and was the saddest day of my life. I could not attend the wedding as it was just to hard to watch. I also knew when the time came for the minister to ask, ” Is there anyone here who believes this couple should not marry, let them speak now or forever hold their peace”, I would have spoken up and ruined the happiest day of two peoples lives, I could not and would not do that to either one of them. Denise and Kenny tried desperately to have children. Denise had two miscarriages, before she had Lacey Lynn. I never met Lacey, but I sure heard a lot about her as she grew up. She was a hell raiser like her momma and was also a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. This is where the story of Lacey and I begins.
I got a call three days before Christmas from Denise, she, Kenny and Lacey were flying down to Texas and Lacey was going to start at the University of Texas at Austin, in the spring. They wanted to see Texas before it got hot and scope out the surrounding areas. I said that I was looking forward to seeing them and showing them around. When they arrived, Denise called me and asked me to come and see them at the hotel La Quinta. I arrived a little early and walked into the lobby. I walked over to where the vending machines were. There was a beautiful young woman, eyeing the candy machine, I commented that candy is older than the hills and would probably make her puke or dead. We started laughing and joking around, we really hit it off. I asked her if she might like to go to dinner tonight, surprisingly, she said she would love to go out with me. She told me she thought I was very attractive and handsome. I said,” So you do not mind I am older than you. Her response,” Old chickens make the best soup.” “I will bet there is plenty of peck in a old rooster like you.” About this time, Ken and Denise walked up and said, “Hi Mikey, so you met Lacey?” I said, “This is Lacey?” Lacey replied, “This is Uncle Mike?” We looked at each other and burst out laughing. Denise commented,” What is so damn funny?” We just looked at her and laughed some more. “Lacey, what the fuck is going on?” demanded Denise. “Well mom, Mike and I are getting along so well we are going out on a date!” Denise just looked at me and asked, ”Is she serious?” I replied,” Well yes it is true we are going out on a date.” Kenny just looked incredulous and said, “Ah , Shit, How the hell did that happen?” Well, Dad we were laughing and talking and just getting along fantastically, He asked and I said yes. I really like Mike, he is not like any guys I have met yet. Kenny,” He is old enough to be your father, young lady.” “Dad, I know why mom thinks so highly of Mike, he is a really great guy and I want to get to know him better also”, replied Lacey.

Chapter 2
The Daughter of My Best Friend

With all the pleasantries sorted out, we went to breakfast and planned the day out. Lacey and I planned our date out. All the way through breakfast Lacey was massaging my thigh. I took it as a harmless flirt. I showed them around town and the hill country. Tomorrow, they will tour the University of Texas at Austin and get Lacey acclimated to the university. Lacey and I are going to a movie and dinner this evening. During our trip to the hill country we visited Marble Falls, Fredericksburg and Johnson City. I played Tour Guide.
That evening Lacey and I went to dinner at Benihana’s in Austin, we must have talked for hours. By the time we left the restaurant we were like old close friends. We were walking, holding each other close, (as it was cold out and we were being quite affectionate with our new found closeness), to my vehicle and this guy pipes up,” Hey Grandpa ,Go find Grandma and fuck her, leave the young ones alone.” This pissed Lacey off, She responded and looked at me,” I am going to make him apologize.” I said to Lacey,” Let it go, he’s just a kid with a mouth.” Lacey responded,” No, he will apologize or I will beat an apology out of him.” At that, she walked over to him and demanded an apology, He responded by saying,” make me” and in the same breathe, he grabbed one of her boobs. That sent her into a rage, that encompassed him receiving a broken nose, two black eyes, a face completely black and blue, two cauliflower ears and tinnitus for probably a week or more. By the time she was done beating his ass he begged her to allow him to apologize, just so she would stop beating him. The cops rolled up about this time. Lacey was over by me by now, calming down. One cop walked up and asked, “What happen here?” I explained that pile of human waste over there, insulted me and my girlfriend and Lacey went and demanded he apologize.” “Well, he responded to her demands by grabbing her by the boobs and that was when she basically beat the holy shit out of him.” You mean that little girl right there (pointing at her) did that much damage to one human being”, I nodded and said “ yes, officer”. “Lacey, is this story correct?”, asked the officer.” Yes, Sir it is”, she responded. The officer went and got his book out and started writing it up and the other officer picked up the trash and stuffed it into the police car. The guy was charged with public nuisance, disturbing the peace, sexual battery, attempted sexual assault, lewd conduct and assault with intent to cause bodily harm, it was a grocery list of crimes that this guy was facing. We received documentation and we were subsequently told that a court date would be issued and we would be contacted. We continued our date and seen the movie “Tangled. “Lacey was a dream date. What I mean by that is she was warm and affectionate, just a wonderful person. She took my hand and placed it on the boob the other guy grabbed. I told her “ Thank you, but do you think this is to soon?” “I like you a lot, Mike”, Lacey mewed into my ear. “ Mom was right about you and she suggested I get to know you better, she thinks we would be good together.” “I…I, Denise said this and what else did she say about me to you”, I stammered a question.

Chapter 3
The Daughter of My Best Friend
“Well for one thing, Mom said you never found the right person to share your life with and that along the way you took care of all the members of your family as they became sick”, said Lacey. “You always took care of someone else and never found anyone to care for you, when you needed it.”, Lacey continued. “I like older men because they are more stable and confident in themselves.” “Older guys are better in bed, they know the importance of giving as well as receiving.” Lacey said laughing. “I liked you from the moment I met you and mom said I would, she knows you really well, doesn’t she?” Your right Lacey, Denise knows me like she knows the back of her hand.” “Your mother was my earthly savior, without her I doubt I would be here right now.” Lacey stepped in closer to me, we are now eye to eye. “That is why I want you”, she kissed me, “I desire you”, she kissed me ”I want you in me”, she kissed me “on me and all over me”, she kissed me again, “if you get my drift.” At this point we were holding each other. Lacey is a carbon copy of her mother, only taller, same beautiful blond hair, Cayman blue eyes, long, sexy legs, just a gorgeous body all around. She has her mothers looks, her fathers temper, her mothers brains and from the looks of things to come, I will be very shortly. This beautiful young woman is expressing to me what I would have killed for long before she was born.

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