At the Start
My Niece: JennyLynne
Chapter1-At the Start

My niece JennyLynne is the daughter of my sister and her first husband. Jenny was always an affectionate child. Whenever I came over to visit my sister, Jenny was right there in my lap, or she would come running and jump into my lap, as kids do. She always had a ready smile and a award winning persona. She was always very tactical or touchy feely. She was always curious about anything and everything. When I lost my job and apartment, I went to live at my sister’s, temporarily. Jenny was on my heals all of the time. She had to be with me at all times, I figured it was just her being young and insecure. I could not even take a shower alone, No sooner would I get in the shower and in would spring Jenny, she wanted to share the shower with me. My sister had a very open mind and warned me this might happen, she said Jenny showers with anyone that is available, so since my sister did not see any harm in this, I did not object. I figured Jenny was just curious and the novelty of showering with her uncle would wear off and it would stop on its own. I could not have been more wrong. Jenny’s curiosity extended into pointing, touching and asking questions about male anatomy, mine more specifically. I patiently explained everything to her about the peculiarities of male genitalia. She liked washing those that were in the shower with her. She once put her hand in the crack of my ass, I just about jumped out of my skin. Another time in the shower, Jenny started to pull gently on my dick. I asked her why she was doing that? She said she seen at her friends house that her friends brother was pulling his dick and she was curious as to what happens when you do this. Wow, I thought, how do I explain to her about masturbation. Trouble was my dick was fully erect and she just stared at it with a look of awe. She asked is that what happens, I explained yes and if you keep pulling my dick other interesting things will happen. So she picked up speed and I shot a wad of cum across the shower. She shrieked with joy and said,” Wow can you do that again!” I said maybe some other time. We both got out of the shower and I cleaned up the area, so no one would be the wiser. In a few months I found a new job and was able to move out and into my own place again. Jenny continued to be my shadow whenever I visited and we also became close friends as she grew into a young lady.

My Niece: JennyLynne
Chapter 2-A New Beginning

Five years later my sister and her family was on vacation in Mexico and celebrating Jenny’s 15th birthday, when a tour bus crossed the double lines and they were hit head on. Jenny’s parents, my sister and her husband were killed instantly, Jenny was seriously injured, but recovered. I received a call from the Mexican Federales and flew to Monterey where Jenny was hospitalized.
I walked into her room expecting the worst, but it was not as I expected. She woke three days later, I was sitting by her bed. She reached her hand out to me and asked for her mom. At that moment I WISHED I could have been anywhere else. But I had to man up and tell her the truth. I broke it to her as gently as can be in a situation as that. We both cried in each others arms. She asked me what was going to happen to her, I told her if she wanted to she could come and live at my home. Her recovery took 5 months of therapy and surgeries to fix all of the damage done from the accident. I was her nurse and companion through it all. We grew very close as friends. I had to lift her in and out of the bath as she had casts on both arms and the arms had to be outside of the water. I had never bathed another human as I had to bathe her. She could not do for herself, and asked me to help. When it came to washing her butt and genitals I asked for permission each time, she always said I never had to ask and that permission was always granted, as she trusted me and loved me. I would gently spread her outer lips apart and gently wash her inner lips and pussy opening, jenny squealed with glee each time I did this. I would help her stand in the tub and spread her butt cheeks apart and wash her pert little asshole and surrounding area. I would help her out of the tub and dry her beautiful nubile body off .During one such bath she suggested that she wanted me to help shave her legs, no big deal, that job was a piece of cake, she also wanted me to shave her pussy, as she likes to be bald, she says it is more comfortable in the summer months.. I lathered up my hands and dabbed her pubic and pussy lips with the warm foam. I then placed my middle finger length wise over the pink inner lips as I shaved up to my finger and used it as a limit and guard in case I slipped, as I did not want to nick her in a personal way. This was the first time I ever shaved a girl’s pussy. I encourage anyone to experience this it is a lot of fun for both parties. Sometimes the shavee cums. If you like this story and want it to continue, tell me.....

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