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I jumpel on top of and started to tickle here belly and pulled her skirt of to reveal her sexy little silk panties.............
Since I can remember me and Natalie have always been freinds. She was my Mums freinds daughter so we saw each other alot. Both of our Dads had left us and our mums were quite well...quite lively women. She was a year younger than me but that didn't matter too much and everytime she came round we had alot of fun. I didn't notice her looks at first but as we began to grow and her body matured I appreciated it alot more and started to fantasize about her. Now that she was in her teens she was incredibly sexy. She was light black a mix between her mum who was white and dad who was black. She had long smooth sexy legs that brought out her round tight little ass perfectly. And to top it all of she had short dark hair,brown choclate eyes,small firm tits and a nice sexy little belly.
Im gonna take you back to when my obsession started.......

It was friday afternoon and I had just got back from a long boring day at school to find that my mums freinds car was in the driveway. I smiled and hurried inside to find my mum and her freind sitting in the living room drinking tea and laughing.
'Hi', my mum said with a smile.
'How was school?'
'It was boring as usual' I said unhappily remembering that just a few moments ago I was sitting bored in English with Mr peterson writing lines and lines of absolute crap.
My mums freind chuckled and took a sip of tea.
'It can't be that bad surely, enyway even if it is boring make sure you do your work and concentrate, I dont want to get a phone call from the school again ok?'
'Yeah mum' I replied.
With that I walked upstairs to find Natalie laying on the bed playing with the ps2.

She was wearing a small sports t-shirt and a tight little mini skirt.
She didn't notice me at first so I crept over to the bed all of a sudden and started to tickle her on the waist. She gigled and screamed and pushed me of. She looked at me with a smile and said
'Hey, that wasn't funny Jason'
'Sorry' I replied laughing and jumped on the bed next to her.
As I did so she carryied on playing still with a bit of a grin on her face. I waited for a moment or two and then asked
'so what ya playing?'
'oh this um... Getaway thats it. The getaway, its quite good I don't know how to use all the buttons propaly yet but im getting used to it.
'Yeah it's quite hard to get used to but once you get the hang of it its quite fun. But the problem with it is its got alot of films in between witch take ages to finish.'
'Yeah I know, I've been through a couple all ready its really annoying.' she replied.
I watched for a coulple more minutes and walked to the wadrobe to change my school clothes of into something more comfortable. As I reached the wardrobe a film started on the getaway and I instantly noticed a girl dancing on her pole with her tits out. Natalie started to laugh. As a bulge appeared in my trousers. I turned the other way and went bright red with embarrassment trying to keep my now rock hard cock down. After the longest five minutes in my life Natalie stopped laughing and began to play again.
'You can turn round now, its gone' she said smiling.
I waited for a few minutes more till my cock was as low as it could go and turned around to the wardrobe. I picked out a tanktop and shorts and put them on. I then threw my school clothes in the corner of the room and layed back down next to Natalie. She started giggling again.
'What so funny' I said as I jumped on top of her and started to tickle her belly. She laughed loudly and shouted
'stop stop!'
then knowing that I wasn't gonna get of she threw me over and started tickling my legs. I struggled, grabbed her thighs and pulled down her skirt to reveal her small silk pantys. With that she suddenly pulled my shorts and boxers down revealing my hard cock. But that didn' seem to stop her she continued tickling me and I carried on doing so till we heard from downstairs
'Carol!!..... we've got to go honey'
With that she jumped of and pushed me over the bed laughing. She then grabbed her skirt of the bed quickly, put it on and ran downstairs laughing.

Later that day I got a phone call late in the night.
'Hello' I said
'Hi Jason its me, I know its quite far way but, could you come round my house for a while, my mums gone out for the night clubbing and I feel a bit scared.'
I hesitated for a minute, it was a long way and it was late but she was scared and I couldn't just leave her by herself.
'Sure, i'll be over as soon as I can.'
'oh thanks alot Jason I, really I mean it.'
'No problem' I said cheerfully and put the phone down. I changed into tracksuits and a hooded top and made my way downstairs to hear the buzzing of our very old and loud computer. My mum was wearing knickers with a t-shirt on top and her eyes were glued to the screen.
'Mum could you drop me of at Natalies?' I asked.
She didn't seem to notice me and just kept on typing and looking at the screen. I waited for a few moments and then just gave up. I went to the bathroom put some deodorant on and took a piss.
As I was walking out the front door I noticed my mum rubbing on a dark patch in her knickers. I stood there looking for a while and then got slapped back into reality when I realised I was getting aroused. I quickly closed the door and walked into the darkness of the street.

It took me about an hour to get to Natalies house and when I got there I was freezing cold. I just about managed to press the doorbell when Natalie opened the door in her bathrobe. She showed me in and locked the door.
'I really appreciate this' she said smiling
'I told you its no problem any time' I replied.
She was about to show me into the living room when she noticed I was shaking. She placed her hand on my forehead and said
'your freezing, why didn't you say something?'
'do want to have a warm shower'
I knodded and she showed me up to the bathroom. It was quite small and there was not alot of room to move about but it was hot and that was all that mattered.

When I finished I put my boxers and t-shirt on and walked down to the living room where Natalie was sitting watching tv. As I looked at her I noticed her robe was open slightly and her it reaveld her small nipples. She turned to face me and noticed what I was looking at. I quickly looked at the tv and got embarrassed, when I felt her warm soft gentle hands coming up my leg. She turned my head around to look at hers and said
'you know, the real reason I wanted you to come round is........
with that I pushed her down on the sofa and kissed her lips. She smiled and pulled of my t-shirt feeling my body all over. I pulled of my boxers and opened up her robe. She was even more beautifu,l even more sexier that I could of ever imagined. I tickled the lips of her pussy and placed my hard cock into her tight pussy. She had shaved her pubic hairs neatly and it looked incredible. I started to push my cock harder and harder as I felt her hard nipples with my hands. As I did so she let out a series of screams and moans and pushed my ass harder with her hands.
'Oh yeah,ah,oh ahhhh !!!' she kept on screaming.
I couldn't help but join her in her comments till the sexual feelings in my cock were reaching there climax. I quickly pulled my dick out as my warm sperm flew over her chest. She sat upright and started slowly licking it of my cock. She lifted me up looked into my eyes and said
'i helped you now you help me'
With that she lay on her back and opened her legs revealing her now juicy and loose pussy. I layed on my tummy and crawled so that my head was right next to her pussy. I then placed my two hands on her firm little tits and covered her hole with my mouth and ate her out with all my might. She moaned even louder now and screamed pushing my head harder into her pussy.
'Fuck me, fuck me!!!!!' she screamed
I couldn't help but enjoy her pleasure and carried eating her out till she let out one huge moan and lay back. I curessed her body with care and then stood her up. I turned her around bent her over and started to fuck her with all my strength. She started to moan and scream again and feeling even more excited I pushed harder than I ever thought I could. I carried on pushing harder and harder when suddenly we heard footsteps coming to the door. But what could we do, we were both butt naked. I jumped behind door to hide and saw it was Natalies mum. She came stumbling drunk through the living room door. Her long blonde her was a mess and you could tell she'd been clubbing because she was wearing a tight leather skirt and and a belly top. She didn't seem to notice my clothes and said
'why you naked Nat ,what you been doing?'
'I just got out of the bath mum' Nat said nervously.
'Alright, im gonna go up to bed now, don't go to sleep to late.'
She then walked upstairs into her room and shut the door. With that I came out behind the door and breathed heavily and smiled at Natalie.
'I better go, shouldn't I'
'No don't go, my mum won't be up till late in the morning stay the night,
'Ok' I said with a smile.
Natalie fetched a blanket from her room and we lay down next to each other clinching each others naked bodys and fell into a deep and relaxing sleep.

The End

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when it said ps2, i checked the date. this site doesn't even delete older stories? jeez.


2009-10-09 12:02:59
What a pity you haven't listened to Mr paterson - you might have at least learnt to spell and a bit of grammer, which would have made this bit of twaddle a bit more bearable


2005-12-02 12:48:43
lol @ ps2 hadnt come out yet, other than that thx for the comments


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ps2 hadnt comed out yet


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Not as good as the other two stories of yours.

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