The Union
Chapter 4
The Daughter of My Best Friend

After Lacey and I completed our date that evening, we drove back towards her hotel and her expectant parents. Lacey placed her hand on mine as I was shifting gears to get on I35 north, and said,” Mike, lets go to your home, tonight is your night and I am going to make it very special for you.” “ Lacey, your folks are expecting you back at the hotel, I do not think they will to happy with me, if I do not bring you back tonight.” Mike, its OK, I am a grown woman and of legal age, I also told my mom that I was staying the night at your house.” “There is one other thing I wanted to talk to you about, how would you feel about me being your roommate while I attend UT.” My heart was doing back flips down I35 and my heart was in my throat. I did manage to get the words out ” WOW, you really want to live with me?!?” “ Yes, silly I want to live with you, if you will have me.”
I pulled the car over and pulled her to me, and we must have kissed for hours, as the night traffic subsided around us. I was thrilled that someone finally wanted me and wanted to be apart of my life. “ Mike, there is more to the night, remember?” I fired up the car and fishtailed it down the freeway to the next exit. There was no DPS out at the time of night on the access roads or FM or RM roads, I flew down those roads at over 100+ mph as I drove the kind of cars that easily achieve those speeds. Lacey got a white-knuckle ride from her paramour, but hell I was horny and really needed to let off some adult steam. “ Shit, Mike we do not need to trip the light fantastic, slow down.” Her wish was my command. I slowed to 80 mph, reasonable compromise.

We slid sideways going down my street to my house and got traction, as we drove into the long driveway. I jumped out of my side, slammed the door, ran over to her side, opened her door, was lectured about slamming doors, picked her up and carried her to the front door. I already had the door keys ready. While carrying Lacey, I slid the key in the lock and twisted it. The door opened as if the house was expecting me. As I entered through the door, I turned around and closed the door with my back to the inside of the door’s inside panel. “ Mike, it is OK if you put me down, it was very romantic of you, but I do not want you to fall over with a heart attack.” “ Well if I do I will be the first man to come and go at the same time.” “ Mike, Mom said you could be a sick shit sometimes.” I set her down and gently kissed her on the lips, I took her by the hand and lead her to my bedroom, on the way we stopped by the kitchen, grabbed some chilled wine, some wine glasses and strawberries from the fridge, As we walked through the door of my bedroom, Lacey said,” I need to get ready, can you point me to the bathroom?” “Sure, straight ahead and thru that door, as I pointed in that direction.” I busied myself with setting up our snack. I turned just in time to see my angel walking from the bathroom, in a white sheer teddy, towards me. My 48 year old dick was sticking straight up ( like I was 18 again, it felt good) as if to salute her. My heart was pounding and I am sure she could hear it the eight or so feet away from me she was. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me with a passion, our tongues danced and intermingled, I had never experienced this level of passion before. As we kissed, she unbuttoned my shirt, helped me out of it and tossed it aside. My hands were instinctively running along her feminine curves, her breasts were soft and heavenly to touch. She mewed in my ear,” So you do know how to turn a girl on.” We returned to kissing each other.
I gently slid her teddy camisole off of her and there she stood before me, semi-nude, but absolutely a dream come true. “ Can I see your dick?” she timidly requested. I nodded yes and with a big grin, I waited a lifetime to hear those words. She knelt down, unbuttoned and unzipped my slacks; they immediately fell to the floor. My dick was still pointing up and tenting my jockey’s. She just smiled and looked up at me. “Its alright, you can keep going.”, I said reassuringly. She hooked the sides and pulled them down, my dick bounced and flopped around in front of her. She was laughing and giggling. “ Its not that funny!”, I said defensively. ”Mike, I am enjoying the show and I find your dick long, thick and really masculine and even better its all mine to play with and enjoy anytime I want to, right?” said Lacey.
I sat down on the edge of the bed. Lacey walked up to me. I was looking up at her as I leaned forward and kissed her pubis through her sheer lace undies.” God, Mike, your getting me all hot and tinglely.” “ Good, because I want to see your pussy and I want to taste it.” “ If you are asking, I am consenting.”, replied Lacey. At that I gently pulled the sheer lace underwear and let them drop to the floor. Lacey stood before me, now naked as the day she was born. A beautiful, nubile, blonde young woman, with beautifully formed thighs, a heart shaped ass, “B” cup breasts, beautiful flawless ( no birthmarks, moles or any blemishes) skin, a sexy smile, sky blue eyes, a hairless ( I think its waxed, I ask to make sure, yup waxed) pussy and a tight slit, with nothing poking through ( no beef curtain issues here).
. I slowly turned and rolled her gently onto the bed next to me. She looked up at me with such loving eye’s. She now spread her legs and gave me easy access to that beautiful, tasty, hairless pussy. I leaned over her and kissed her inner legs and thighs, savoring this wonderful, fragrant flesh of a nubile young woman. My hands were caressing her “B” cup breast’s. She was breathing harder. I gently and lightly kissed those beautiful labia’s, as she screamed with glee. I licked the outer labia’s and then spread the outer lips to expose the inner smaller lips. These were rosy and pink in color, as was her vagina. And her clitoris, it was protruding out. I sucked her inner lips and clitoris. She started to moan and groan. Her body arched upward with every lick I applied to her beautiful and tasty lips and clitoris. She grabbed the sheets and pulled on them as I continued my oral survey of this very tasty pussy. I inserted my tongue into her tight virginal hole, she screamed and drenched me in her orgasmic juices. I gently kissed and licked that piquant pussy and then pulled myself up to Lacey. “ Are you OK sweetheart?” “ Geezus, Mike, You licked my pussy like a seasoned porn star!!”, Lacey panted. “Thank you for the complement, but I have had a many years to think about what I would do with the right on when she came along, now she has and I am going to lick it and love it as much as I can.” “ Mike, I want to fuck OK?” “You got it sweetie.” I said. ”Mike, I am still a virgin.”, said Lacey. “ Wow, really, well we will take our time do things slowly.”
I rolled over on my back and gently rolled her over on top of me. Lacey asked,” Why are we doing it this way, Mike?” I began to explain the reverse missionary position to her, “ Since you are still a virgin and your hymen is still intact or not broken, this allows you to control how far you want to allow my penis to penetrate into you vagina.” I continued,” It will hurt for a brief moment when you and I rupture your hymen, but it will subside quickly and some blood will trickle down the shaft of my penis. That is where the comment about “popping your cherry came from.” She placed her knees on opposite sides of me. She slowly lowered herself onto my turgid cock. I thought, my cock is actually sliding into her tight pussy. It stopped about two inches inside. Lacey said,” Its hurting me, Mike.” I said,” We can stop.” Lacey replied,” No!” and she then forcefully pushed herself down onto my cock, essentially impaling herself. Blood flowed down the side and out of our union. Lacey stopped briefly. “ It hurt, yet the sensation of your cock sliding into me felt better. Lacey slowly started to bob up and down on my stiff cock. Lacey picked up speed. Our groins were slapping and splattering all over each other. Lacey screamed, “I am cumming” and what seemed like buckets of pussy juice just pored all over us and the bed. She leaned forward and placed her hands on my chest for leverage, and started the whole process over again, she rode my cock, like no adult woman ever did or probably ever would. I started to feel the pressure build. “Lacey, honey, I am going to cum! ”, I screamed. I rolled the both of us over and pulled out and shot cum all over her, from head to toe. Lacey screamed with glee, “ God, I loved it Mike, I want to feel you fill me up next time”. I said,” Next time is now.” I slid my still stiff cock into her hot and willing honey hole. I fucked her fast and pounded her pussy hard, she screamed she was coming again and I was right behind her, as the pressure built up again, This time we both came together, I filled her up and my cum was spurting out the sides of my cock to her pussy seal and all over us. The bed linen was a mess to say the least. I collapsed on top of her, using my elbows to relieve some of my weight. She wrapped her arms around me and held me close. I then rolled onto my side as did she. We were face to face and heart to heart. She smiled at me and tongue kissed me. “God I love you Mike and your one helluva fucker to boot.” “My pussy is going to be sore for a week, but I loved every minute of it”, Lacey exclaimed. Lacey reached down and grabbed my limp pecker and lowered herself to it. She kissed it and said,” Thank you and I will see you soon.”
I awoke in the middle of the night to a wonderful sensation of my dick being licked and my balls being caressed. “Lacey, is that you?”, I asked. “No, it’s the dog, and I am jealous, of course it is me.” said Lacey. “I am actually up for a midnight snack of crème’ a la’ cock via Mikey.” Doing her best French accent. I next felt a very familiar licking, stroking, sucking, and nuts massaging sensation. I came and she slurped it up and burped. From under the sheet I heard “thanks dad for the snack.” Lacey crawled up to where we were face to face, I kissed her cummed on face and all and said,” Your welcome sweet heart.” We both slipped off to sticky sleep land.

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