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Natural Ways
Hello my brothers and beautiful vixens. I'm here to spread my advice on natural erection and keeping up.As you know ED hits the top of feeling less then a man list.You want to perform you want to please,Don't be labeled a minute man. So here are some tactics to fight this terrible enemy. Sadly I don't have all the answers for men who have severe internal chemical problems,so I wish them well and hope for their recovery.

But for the everyday men with no severe aliments this can help.It could be small bad habits and all it takes is one to shut down the others.Now some stuff you will not like to hear because it requires a sacrifice, but nothing is free-no pump no hump.Women have gotten mad at me for not cumming cause I kept my erection so well,they thought I wasn't turned on enough and it had nothing to do with that.

Since I was pup masturbater I trained myself to be a stamina lover and used techniques not to blow my load so quick and also learned the difference between what i like to call pent up ejaculation and premature ejaculation. Never had Premature,but some men get Pent up Ejac. We'll talk about that soon.

Well lets get down to vitamins,herbs and minerals, exercise, some mental tactics, women's help and defeating some bad habits and enemy's like PDE5 which acts like a stealth ninja to chop your erection down in metaphoric way. PDE5 is enzyme that keeps that erection at bay.

Now top of the line sex drugs which I give respect to,can cause some bad side effects.But there are natural herbs vitamins and minerals that can counter PDE5. Try Horny goat weed-(vitamin C ester C) Yohimbe but with caution and use small amounts-try B-complex act as converts-Ginseng-potassium great for high blood pressure suffers and magnesuim-remember good erection is when the blood vessels are relaxed so blood can get through. While you might look like the crazy beast on the outside,your a smooth operator on the inside. Garlic is Good but watch blood thinning. These promote a beautiful non poisonous mist called Nitric oxide in the body which dilates your vessels and the mother amino acid to this is L-Arginine.

That's what these sex drugs promote.In fact Viagra lost an award because horny goat weed did the same thing with less counter effects. Cause it promotes nitric oxide and the products I explained help push that wonderful gas. Also some effect the nerves in good ways. So Lady's when you shop you can pick up these products in secret.Then you'll see a change in his health and energy.Also try Royal jelly and omega fats good ones,help promote nitric oxide.

Amounts to take: You can take them all together, also early in morning before breakfast and through the day let it mix in your blood. Start off small amounts,and you are a big boy look it up on the net ask around or your vitamin store persons. Even if it's just Arginine by itself,because it can fight with other amino acids to be absorb. This isn't a perfect science,but you won't go blind.

Exercise and sexercise/ Try leg squats, and leg presses to bring that blood to the lower parts,bike riding,running treadmill or jogging. Also fast paced moving rec sports-football-basketball-soccor-fluid martial arts styles like kung fu or kickboxing. Blood flow is key and rest and replenish. We have to stop making age the scape goat when your only 30ish. Also you can do male kegals. Move your penis back and forth acting like your holding pee.Do like 20-30 reps a day. and last but not least good old rest a good nap and quick swallow of the vitamins I suggested will help rebuild and prepare your system to stay more on fire.

The Brain biggest sex organ, and we must feed it as well. Those transmitters are very important,they give the signal for u to move and also the trigger on your nerve line that says oh we are engaging in sex send electricity to his parts. Try omega fatty acids -vitamin E -carnitine-B-complex-amino acids.

Habits: Smoking is terrible creates blood clots in penis lining and good ol' wife is going to have a sour night. processed food cause they zap nutrients from you. Keep airways clean get some air and watch your surroundings.They are finding that these contaminates and additives are damaging health. Haven't you noticed they surprising boom of food that says all the good things in it now. I guess some people stood up and said stop killing us.Also get off the couch move walk build your blood up and exercise.

Food:Cut down on junk food and simple sugars, and to many carbs-try complex carbs. Vegitables which stable hormones-lean meats and proper protein-good fatty acids.100% juice drinks-limited alcohol.

Women: Go and touch him I mean really touch him,no offense but shake your ass on his groin. do taunting sexy flashy out of order displays that get his blood boiling.Be in a professional setting and walk over and whisper I want to suck your cock,that will light him up.Even when you give oral sex, treat that penis like it's it's the cure to your sexual sadness.This builds his sexual brain power and another growth. Also encourage him and be compassionate. But fellows you have to be open and be nice back.

Sexual Habit: Try looking at adult material that mimics body frames of your female partner. Masturbate but record your reaction on a person piece of paper or your head,see how long you can go,what makes you spring up what knocks you down quickly.Use your hand or rub up against an object like a pillow-or use the
flesh light to feel the sensation of motions going up and down on your penis.

Pent up ejac is when you have been without and your very excited when someone new comes along.This means you can perform but you have to clean the pipes cause your backed up.If your going to engage in sex and the other person knows this. Nicely tell her prior to your sexual encounter,so she knows what to expect and tell after that I'm going to fuck you silly. Heck I told this one women that, and when I came she sucked it all down,The beautiful gift pumped my brain power up to fuck this woman like Gladiator warrior and we all win. Pent up ejac cum quick but can perform nearly all night-premature sadly when a man cums but thats it,he's done for hours.

Stroke the sword: When penetrating a woman stroke with authority and look at her from different postions.
watch how u go inside and out of her,slow the pace,then speed it up and pace it some,build a stroking rotine,enjoy and relax and be in control,watch the motions of her body.Master the cock sword and wield it's power and you 2 have a wild night.


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