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I loose my v card to the woman of my dreams.
I had just gotten home from school on a friday, it was a very long week and I was so glad to be home. my mother was in the kitchen cooking wearing an extremley attractive outfit, although she was in her mid 40's I can still proudly say that my mom is a babe. I remember when I was 12 and walked into the bathroom when she was getting out of the shower, I got such a boner and had to run to my room to jerk off before the situation escalated. After that I had constant fantasies about my mother. fuck i even tuck her in ever night and set her alarm clock because i love her so much. My favorite feeling in the world is the warm fuzzy feeling i get when my mother gives me a hug, as she did now in the kitchen. greeting me home from my toils. I had a bit of a boner but I don't think she felt it. because she would have moaned due to the fact that my penis is so huge, I am a stud at school and many girls want to get into my pants proabably if i'd let them but none of their teenager bodies were as attractive as my mom and the attractive mature woman that she is. My mother was wearing a white tank top with ripped jeans. her nipples were errect and clearley visible from underneath her shirt. I could tell that she wasn't wearing her bra. I walked upstairs to my room to play some xbox for the rest of the night. my favorite game is halo. its sooo funn, i love gaming with all my friends on xbox who are impressed with my incredible skills at halo. im pretty much the wayne gretzkey of halo if you ask anybody who knows what their talking about. It was around supper time and my mother usally calls me for dinner so i walked downstairs to see the progress on my meal. My mother was not in the kitcken anymore, i walked into her room too see what was holding up our meal and saw her spread eagle on the bed. naked. fucking herself with a large black dildo moaning. "Mom!" I said. You don't have to do that silly peice of plastic. My penis is wayyyyy bigger I proudly told her and whipped it out. "OH Mike!" she said "Thats SOOOO FUCKING HUGE!" My eleven inch errect penis was just glistening with sweat and pre cum infront of my mothers longing eyes. "I'm so proud of you and your large penis mike, she told me, you must have grandpa's genes. I got onto the bed and began pounding my mothers vagina, it was soooo tight... no one must have fucked this woman except for mr. black dildo, since my father left. I began to thrust in my large member. she moaned. as it went further and further into her vagina. OHHH MIKEE she yelled. it feelss sooooooooo goood! I began pounding her cunt, untill i saw that she was nearing orgasm. Then I felt her body convulse as all her years of sexual tenstion were released. This was my dream cum true. I was finally fucking and soon to be cumming inside of my mom. I pulled out after she was done, and shot my load all over her face and into her hair. I dumped buckets on that woman. Where have you been all my life. she asked me. right here i said. She asked me how long my penis has been that big for. I said 2 years. I know this because i keep a penis measurment chart hidden in my room. What can I say. I am proud of my member. Later that day i walked downstairs and saw her watching tv on the couch. She asked me if i would do anal with her. She knew the awnser before i opened my mouth due to the look of excitment that dawned upon my eyes as soon as the words left her mouth. She got down on all fours and i rammed my penis up her asshole without lube. It was even tighter than her vagina. After 2 minutes my penis exploded hot cum deep inside her asshole. She moaned in appreication then we began to make out. She pulled off all her clothes and we began to make our. She stuck her tounge in my mouth and ran her hands across my chizzled abs. i lay down onto of her and we began to sixty nine, I ate our her sweet pussy, and she began to give me head. I got lots of bjs from girls at my school but nothing felt as good as what my woman did with her tounge. Then we started to lick eachothers assholes, I dont like to admit it but it felt very very good. That was the start of our story and every day after that we would make sweet love to eachother. On the weekends she would make me bacon and eggs then give me a blow job. it was the best part of the week. I have always loved her cooking but combine it with a blow job and its the best thing ever. Sometimes she would even bang me while i was playing halo, of coarse i left my mic on so everyone would belive me and know how much of a boss i am. I am such a better playing when my mother is giving me head, i am like unkillable. I hoped you enjoyed my story about me and my mom, please comment.

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2014-11-14 22:55:24
This story is shite
No paragraphing
Terrible punctuation (capital letters)
But you play halo so 2/10

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2011-09-01 00:26:55
You screwed it up when you put in that long line of dashes, wouldn't let word wrap work correctly.

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2011-08-31 14:38:37
I fucked mother when I was 12. I am a small frame boy but my manhood is huge about 12 in. Mom is a widow and had no sex for 3 yrs. The first time I fucked mom's pussy she passed out 3 times before I cum about 6 oz. semen in her cunthole. Mom's crazily in love with my hard dick. I get to fuck that clean shaved pussy 3-4 times a week.

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2011-08-28 18:20:47
this was bull old ar you,12?


2011-08-28 01:41:17
I immediately like you because you play halo! :) Best game ever. If this was true you'd be the luckiest guy out - playing halo and getting head! Nice story, just space it out and make it a bit more realistic.

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