Meeting the people of the house
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I slowly opened my eyes as the sun peered into the room. Opening my eyes to see a big juicy ass in my face with black stockings on the legs. I looked up to see the back of Vampiras hair. I couldn’t help myself. I smacked her ass as I sat up. “Owww.” She said with a laugh putting on her black panties. “Fucker.” She said not turning around. “Get dressed. I think Heather made breakfast.” Vampira said wiggling her ass for me before throwing on some Black skinny jeans and walking out of the door. I sat up in the bed I passed out in shaking the sleep from my eyes. I opened my duffel bag full of clothes. I had the sense that something was missing from my bag but couldn’t put my finger on it. Any way I grabbed a Black and white Alesana t-shirt and a pair of black baggy denim shorts and threw them on. Leaving the room I walked into the kitchen to see Sydney and Vampira chatting drinking coffee. Heather eating pancakes staring at me. And a girl I hadn’t met before. I took a seat and relaxed. “So how’d you sleep?” Heather asked. “Ok I guess the ride really kicked my ass so I passed out as soon as I hit the pillow.” I said laughing. “Oh uh this is Luna.” Heather said pointing to the new girl giving me a sick look. I looked at Luna taking her in. She was almost a carbon copy of Amy except for a few things. 1 her boobs where way bigger. I think they were a starter D cup. She had bright green liberty spikes with no hair on the side of her head. And 2 sleeve tattoos. Her eyes where Icy blue almost like Lilith’s. And she had a bottom lip piercing. “Hey what’s up?” I said with a smile. Luna took a bite from her cereal. Chewing it she looked away and mumbled “Whatever.” Ok? I thought. “Here have something to eat.” Heather said getting up and grabbing me a plate of food. She handed it to me putting her hand on my shoulder and giving it a little squeeze.

Grabbing a fork I ate looking at the 4 girls. Luna who seems to be a bitch. Heather who reminds me of a happier friendlier Lilith. Vampira and her equally demonic looking sister Sydney. “Hey John can I ask you a question?” Sydney asked me. I looked over with Vampira giving me a seductive smile. Confused I said “Sure go for it.” “Are you good at making music?” Sydney asked. “The only thing I can do when it comes to music is scream and start mosh pits.” I said with a bit of a laugh. “Well my bands making a record that we’re gunna send to Giant records.” She said “And I need help with my last song and I was wondering if you could help me out.” She asked sweetly. “Sure.” I shrugged. “Cool we’ll talk more about it later. I have to get to class. Come on Vanessa I wanna show you how fucked up my Professor looks.” Sydney said grabbing her bag and walking out of the door. “Its Vampira sis.” Vampira said chasing her sister out of the door.

“So what am I gunna do all day?” I said staring off into nowhere. “Die.” I heard a voice say. I looked over at Luna who had an angry look on her face. “Luna!” Heather warned. “No he seems like a fucking Idiot. Piece of shit waste of space. Look at his ugly fucking mug. Im outta here. Late for class.” Luna said leaving and slamming the door behind her. “Sorry about her.” Heather began. “Don’t worry about it I dealt with worse.” I said with a chuckle. “Oh you didn’t meet him because he leaves early but his name is Kemaine. He’s the last roommate you’ll meet I promise.” Heather said with a giggle. “Cool.” I said with a smile putting the dishes away. “So…I have no classes today. Wanna hang?” Heather asked. “Sure but what are we gunna do?” I asked. Heather walked to her room and opened the door. I stayed in the kitchen. After a few seconds I smelled something familiar. I ran to her room to see Heather sitting on her bed with a joint in her hand. “Smoke and relax.” Heather said with a giggle handing me the joint. I closed the door taking the joint in my hands and pressing it to my lips. Heather turned on some music and patted the spot on her bed next to her. I sat down noticing her room. Red wall paper with a lot of posters of bands. All time low, Fly leaf, Hailstorm you name it. I shut off her music hooking my iPod up to her computer and turning on some Three Days Grace.

“So how do you know Vampira?” Heather said puffing on the joint. “I live with her.” I said laughing at Heather who’s eyes where crazy big. “Stop laughing.” Heather said before she burst out laughing herself. “So is your boyfriend cool with you living in a house with another dude?” I asked. “Im single and happy.” Heather said laughing. I noticed she was still in her PJ’s. Her few top buttons where unbuttoned and I could see down her shirt making my cock twitch a little bit. “So what do you think?” Heather said giving the joint to me. I took a hit and asked. “Think of what?” I said. “Me.” She said laughing. “Well I think you’re really cool. You remind me of this girl I know Lilith. You’d like her. But your cool. Cute.” I said trying not to laughing finishing up the joint. “Well thank ya.” She said in a fake country voice. Things where quiet for a little than she pushed me. I laughed pushing her back. Next thing you know a shoving contest ensued. She cocked her hands back and shoved me hard off the bed I grabbed her just in time to drag her down with me. I landed hard on the floor with her on top of me.

We laughed and stared at each other. Heather looked at me before pressing her lips to mine. I put one hand on the small of her back and the other on the back of her head before I slid my tongue across her lips letting her part her lips. I snaked my tongue into her mouth and heard her moan gently. I broke the kiss and stood her up. She pulled up her Pajama top letting me see her handful sized tits. Her skin was creamy white. She looked at me with a smile as she locked her hand around my neck and kissed me again. I picked her up and laid her down on her bed not breaking the kiss. We kissed for a few more minutes before I kissed down to her neck lightly attaching myself to it gently sucking. She put her hand on my head grabbing my blue and green hair and started to moan lightly after I left a decent sized hickey I trailed my tongue down to her tits. B sized with pink nipples on them. I swirled my tongue around the left one taking it in my mouth making her gasp and moan in pleasure. I took my mouth off of it to blow on her nipple making it stick out. I kissed my way across her chest and repeated my action to her right nipple biting it and making her cringe in pleasure and pain. I pulled her pajama bottoms down and stood up looking at her panties grey with a white skull and cross bones on them. I laughed and yanked them down looking at her pussy. Blondish white landing strip above her clit. I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulders getting close to her pussy and smelling her scent. I shook my jeans down and took off my boxers letting my dick spring out. I looked up at her as she looked down at me biting her lip and grabbing her boob. I laughed diving face first into her pussy licking it up and down. Heather immediately started to hump my face moaning. I licked up the slit swirling my tongue around her clit before pushing my tongue into her pussy tongue fucking her. Heather started to grind her pussy into my face letting me taste her sweet juice. Putting booth hands on the back of my head she started to push my face into her pussy shoving my tongue deeper into her dripping hot fuck hole. I started to suck her clit making circles around it with my tongue. “More…More please m-more.” Heather said between gasps. I licked my middle and index finger and shoved them into her pussy making her scream a little. I guess between me sucking her clit and finger fucking her it was too much to bare as she screamed and grabbed my head as she convulsed and came in my mouth. And I lapped it up greedily and happily.

After she let my head go I sat up and kissed her letting her taste herself on my tongue. “Now it’s my turn.” She said with a slutty smile as she sank to her knees getting eye level with my cock. She giggled and kissed the head of my dick sending tingles up my spine. “Oh I see someone like that.” She said before taking the head of my dick in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. I jumped a little bit causing my dick to go a little more into her mouth. She smiled a little bit before she let the head fall out of her mouth. “Now let’s see how far I can take it.” She said with a slutty tone before she opened her mouth wide and sank my dick deep into her mouth. She was about 2 inches away from hitting my pubes and she was already making sloppy gagging noises as spit from my dick dripped onto her tits. After a few tries I laughed and asked “Need some help?” She made a noisy sloppy “MMHHMM” Sound. I grabbed the back of her head and forcefully pushed my dick into her mouth. Pure heaven. Licking the underside of my dick with her tongue out of her mouth just touching the tip of my balls. I let her head up a little bit giving her a breath of fresh air. Her whole bottom mouth and chin and neck where covered in spittle and her whitish blue hair was tangle and stuck to some of the spittle. “Ready?” I asked to which she smiled seductively and pushed me on my back with a big laugh. “Im ready wet And I wanna FUCK!!” She said stroking my dick. “Did you bring a condom?” She asked. DAMN I though “I didn’t even plan on being here so I didn’t bring a condom.” I said in disbelieve. I can’t believe I got head and hard and wasn’t even gunna be able to fuck Heather. She made a face like she was thinking before looking at me and smiling. “Well…Do you promise to pull out?” She asked. “Hell ya I promise.” I said with a wide grin as she got on top of me and looked into my eyes and slowly sank down until the head of my cock was in her wet love hole. “Ahhh” She cooed before sinking my cock deeper and deeper into her before of pelvises met. I grabbed her hips and slowly lifted her up and down feeling my dick slide in and out of her wet twat. I listened to the sounds her pussy made grabbing and squeezing my cock and the sweet little moans and gasps Heather was making. I wanted this to last but I wanted to cum badly so I decided to turn it up a notch. I hooked both my Arms under her arms and picked her up.

I stood up still thrusting into her. I turned around and placed her on the edge of the bed I grabbed her hips and looked at her straight in the eyes. “You ready?” I asked. She looked at me with a determined look and a sexy smile that gave me everything I needed to know. I dug my fingernails into her hips and took my cock out of her pussy just until the head was in and then I thrusted forward burying it up to the hilt. I started to thrust and jackhammer into her. Her eyes were closed. Even though the music was on full blast you couldn’t hear it over her screaming. “MORE MORE HARDER PLEASE OH GOD HARDER FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!!!” Jesus she had a filthier mouth than the girl from the exorcism…killed your boner didn’t it…your welcome Haha BACK TO THE STORY. I fucked her for all she was worth just fucking her as hard as I could. “IM CLOSE IM CLOSE KEEP GOING” she begged. I bent down and shoved my tongue in her mouth and kept fucking her.

After a few more thrusts she practically screamed in my mouth as she came and came hard. I could feel her juices on my pubic hair and covered my lower body. “Suck It.” I said more of a demand than a suggestion. I took my cock out of her and she sank to her knees taking my dick into her mouth tasting her own cum. She circled her tongue around my cock and licked and lapped up her cum. I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed the back of her head and yelled and wave after wave of cum was poured down her throat. After I was done Cumming she smiled and laughed. “Wow never been so thirsty in my life.” She said jokingly. I was out of breath and was lying on the bed trying to catch my breath. “Hey I have to get ready for my 11 o’clock class but I think Luna will be here.” Heather said grabbing a pair of grey skinny jeans and a top from her closet. “Oh….Joy.” I said catching my breath. “She’s not that bad once you get to know her.” Heather said laughing and walking out of her room. That sounds so familiar I said to myself.

The door closed as Heather walked out of her house to go to her 11 o’clock class. I was alone in the house. I walked very slowly to the bathroom and turned on the hot water and slide into the shower. After about 5 minutes I found the strength to stand up and clean myself. After I turned the shower off I walked into the room Vampira and myself shared and toweled off into the same clothes I wore this morning. I opened my bag again taking out my laptop. I still felt like something was missing. Eh anyway I opened up my laptop and decided to check the college website to see if there was anything to do in this place. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and set up shop in the kitchen. After a few hours on the computer I checked my clock. 3:03 P.M. And no one was around. I had nothing to do and I was bored as shit. Than the door opened.

“I DON’T CARE WHO HE IS HE LOOKS LIKE A FUCKIN ASSHOLE!!!” I heard a voice scratch from the doorway. I saw a cell phone get thrown my way. I ducked as it smashed against the wall. “MY FUCKING PHONE! COULDN’T YOU STAND THERE AND TAKE THE HIT?!?!” Luna asked getting in my face. I studied her she was short around 5’3 but her Liberty spikes made her look like 5’7 or 5’8. Wearing a black tank top and a Mini leather skirt with spikey Punk boots with chains on them. “Sorry I didn’t feel like getting hit with a fucking cellphone.” I retorted getting in her face. “Fuck you.” She said shoving past me. “Fucking bitch.” I mumbled under my breath. “The fuck did you just say?” She said in a quiet tone before turning around and getting right in my face. “THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?!?!” She said pushing me until my back was against the wall. “I SAID FUCKING BITCH!!!” I yelled right back at her. She didn’t flinch or more she still stayed angry and determined. “DAMN RIGHT IM A FUCKING BITCH AND THIS FUCKING BITCH ISNT AFRAID TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF A FAGGOT LIKE YOU!!!!!” She screamed. “AND THIS FAGGOT AINT AFRAID TO KICK THE SHIT OUTTA BITCH LIKE YOU!!!” I said looking down at her. But when I looked down I noticed two things. 1 her tits where too big for her tank top and 2 there was something dripping down the inside of her leg. I looked at it and couldn’t believe it. “Are you…..Are you wet?” I asked looking at her. The look on this angry bitches face…..Priceless. Her cheeks got red and she quickly went into defense mode. “Fuck you.” She said turning around to walk away. “You did get wet I KNEW IT!!” I said laughing. “I get it do fights turn you on? Is that why your such a bitch all the time?” I said laughing. She walked back to me and didn’t even say anything she just cocked her fist back and sank it into my stomach making my double over. And then she kicked me in the left side of my face knocking me back against the wall. I lifted my hand up to my nose. It was bleeding She lifted up her skirt to show me she wasn't wearing any panties and that she had a hoop through her clit. “You could never handle me.” She said turning around and grabbing a beer from the kitchen.

Fuck this girl I thought to myself time to show who the hell is dominant. I got up and rushed her from behind knocking the beer out of her hand and driving her into the couch. I pinned both of her arms behind her back with one hand and drover her face into the Sofa pillow. “GET THE FUCK OFF ME!!!” She screamed I just laughed and growled into her ear “Fuck you! You wanna act like a fucking bitch I’ll treat you like a fucking bitch!!” In one motion I tore off her skirt and left in on the floor. “FUCK YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!” She screamed. With my free hand I wiped her pussy and felt how wet it was. “Let’s see who can and can’t handle what. Let’s see…being a bitch to me when you first met me that’s five. Than throwing the phone at me that’s five and hitting me in the stomach and face that’s ten. Count with me slut.” I said as I smacked her in her ass with my wet hand. “One…” I said. I smacked her again. “One…” “WHAT THE FUCK!!!” Luna yelled “THAT’S TWO!!!” I just laughed and kissed her neck “You never counted with me so it doesn’t count.” I said with a laugh. I smacked her ass another time. “Three.” I said “I THOUGHT IT WAS 1” She screamed. “SHUT UP WHEN IM TRYING TO HELP YOU!!!!” I screamed at her and smacked her ass again. After a few seconds of silence she said in a small angry tone “four.” I laughed as I smacked her ass. After she counted to ten her ass went from red to damn near purple. My cock was rock hard so I once again got naked from the waist down and smacked her ass with my cock. “WAS THAT YOUR FUCKING DICK?!?!” She screamed in anger. “COUNT!!!” I said. “13” She said. We got to twenty and her ass was dangerously purple put her pussy was soaked. “Ah so you like getting spanked bitch.” I said into her ear. “You know what. You may think your tough shit and dominant but while im here IM THE DOMINANT ONE GOT THAT CUNT!!!” “Oh ya? We’ll see.” Luna said before she got her hand free and punched me in my jaw sending me to the floor.

“LETS SEE IF YOU CAN HANDLE THIS!!!” Luna said before jumping on me hitting me in the face again and sinking onto my cock. We both shuddered. She started to buck up and down and started to grind her pussy into my cock. It was so damn good so amazingly tight. But I knew what she was trying to do. She was trying to make me cum first. Hell No. I thought to myself. I sat up taking one of her tits into my mouth and sucking on it while I pinched the other one. She moaned and groaned with pleasure. I picked her up and tried to walked down the hall way fucking her. I basically jumped as far as I could and every time I landed she would sink onto my cock. I kicked open her bedroom door and before I could do anything she dug her nails into my back and raked them down. “AAARRRGGGHHH!!!” I screamed as I fell hard onto the floor with her still fucking me cowgirl style. “Told you, you couldn’t handle me.” She said laughing and happily bouncing on my cock. Fuck this cunt I thought to myself. I found the strength to get up and I got face to face with her and bit into her neck while jack hammering into her. Shot her head back and howled in pleasure. I slammed her on the floor and got on top of her fucking her. “Is…is that….all…you…g-got?” She coaxed me in between gasps as she cocked her fist back and punched me in the side of the ribs. “N…Not….By a lo-long shot CUNT!!” I said punching her in her mouth. She grabbed the back of my head and kissed me pushing me on the floor and regaining the initiative.

I could feel myself getting close. I couldn’t cum first of I wasn’t gunna hear the end of it. She would be the dominant one. She broke the kiss and smiled at me a sick twisted smile. I could see the tint of blood on her teeth. “What’s a matter gunna blow your load soon.” She said laughing. “FUCK YOU!!!” I said kicking it into fifth gear. I threw her off me and got behind her in the doggy style position I smacked her ass twice making her twitch in either pain and/or pleasure. “HANDLE THIS BITCH!!!” I said as I took my cock which was wet from her pussy juice and shoved it all the way balls into her tight asshole “AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” Luna screamed bloody murder at the top of her lungs as I pounded her asshole for all it was worth. She started to thrust back and started to breath faster. I knew she was close to Cumming So I started to smack her ass with each thrust and yell at her. “TELL ME YOU LOVE IT! YOU LOVE IT DON’T YOU! TELL ME!!!” She started to shake and stutter like she was having a seizure. “F-F-F-FUCK YO-U-U-U-U!!!!!!!!!” Luna screamed as her pussy gushed like a waterfall onto the carpet below us. After she stopped Cumming I inserted 2 fingers into her pussy gathering some pussy justice and tasting it myself. Tasted like Raspberry’s and spite. I took my hard cock out of her ass and laughed “I WIN!!!” I said before she sank a fist into my stomach and pushed me on the bed. “Not by a long shot.” Luna said almost calmly before she started to insert my hard cock into her wet well fucked pussy. She started to bounce up and down making all the slutty noises she could. I tried to hold my load but it was to no prevail as I came into her tight pussy up to her womb. As I was Cumming she looked at me in the eyes not blinking at all. After I stopped Cumming she got off me and laughed. “Let’s hope I don’t get pregnant asshole.” She said walking out into the living room and grabbing my shorts and her torn skirt. “I hope I didn’t hit you too hard.” I said. “I was caught up in the moment.” I said with a laugh and got smacked in the face as a response. “Don’t apologize for something I enjoyed.” Luna said with a smile kissing me on the cheek with the first bit of affection she’s showed me all day. I walked into the room and looked in the mirror. I had blood drying on my nose and I had Luna’s blood tinting my teeth.

I chilled in the room I was on the computer until around 6 or 7 o’clock. I heard voices and I knew that everyone else was home cooking. I got a knock on the door. “Come in.” I said. The door opened and this guy around 18 or 19 walked in tan skin black hair with a black Aerosmith t-shirt. “Hey you John.” He asked. “Ya what’s up?” I said getting off the bed. He extended his hand and looked at me “Im Kemaine its cool to meet you.” I gladly shook his hand and said hey. “Dinners about to start wanna come down and chill?” he asked. “Sure im starting to get hungry.” I said as I followed him downstairs. We all sat at the table on the right side it was Vampira, Heather and I. and on the right it was Luna, Sydney, and Kemaine. We were all eating and having a good time and then Luna looked at Kemaine. “So what did you manage to steal today?” She asked. “Oh dude check it. Two iPhones and a hundred and twenty bucks.” Kemaine said taking all of those things out of his pockets. “Whoa how’d you get those?” I asked. “Kemaine is a bit of a Kleptomaniac. He loves to steal.” Sydney said with a smile. I laughed. “As long as he doesn’t touch my stuff I think it’s cool.” I said sitting down. “Oh dude that reminds me.” He said going into his room and coming back out. “Here’s your wallet and cellphone…Oh and knife.” He said putting my stuff on the table. “…..You took my shit?” I asked. “Ya but im giving it back.” Kemaine said with a smile. I took my cellphone and wallet and knife. I looked into my wallet. “Where’s my 10 bills Kemaine?” I asked. He flashed me a smile and laughed “I dunno what you’re talking about man.” He said with a smile. I flipped open my knife and threw my chair. “FUCK YOU GIVE ME MY SHIT BACK!” I said getting into Kemaines face. “You really gunna use a knife Pussy?” he asked. I threw the knife and punched him in his face and in return he punched me in the mouth. He grabbed me by my shirt and tried to pick me up. I kicked him in his stomach and got him in a head lock. “STOP THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!” I heard Sydney yell and heather and Vampira pulled me off of Kemaine allowing him to get a free shot in my stomach. “Stay the fuck away from my shit asshole!!!” I yelled as Heather and Vampira pulled me into the room on the left.

All I could think of while I was angry was about the house for some damn reason. The kitchen/Living room combination. Than the hallway which had the bathroom at the end of it. Than the guest room. And Heathers room on the left and then Luna’s Sydney’s and Kemaines on the right. “Relax John.” Heather said. “Vampira can you go grab my knife.” I asked as she left. “I swear if he touches my shit I’ll fuckin kill him.” I said trying to calm down. Vampira walked in holding my knife which I put in my pocket. Sydney walked in and laughed. “Easy killer.” She said with a smile. “He said he won’t touch any of your things again.” “Im still getting even.” I said looking at the floor. “Hey Heath, John and Vanessa are gunna help me with my music can you leave.” Sydney said. Heather shrugged her shoulders and left. “John I have to ask……How open minded are you?” Sydney asked. “Im pretty open minded.” I said with a shrug. “Can you keep a secret?” Vampira asked. “Ya why?” I asked. “Well….In every song I make at the end of it I scream in the background.” Sydney said. “Ok.” I said. “Well…the reason I scream is…Because I tape when I cum and put the Audio into the music.” Sydney said with an uneasy tone. “That’s cool.” I said with a laugh. “So can you help me with my last song?” She asked. I laughed and took off my belt “I’d love too.” I said. “But here’s the thing John.” Vampira said putting her hands on my shoulders. “My sister usually helps me out a lot.” Sydney said. “Wait what?” I said confused. Vampira looked at me uneasily “We….Sorta fuck each other…” She said. It took me a while for it to register but when it did I sorta dawned on me and two things happened. One I laughed and two my dick got harder. “So you two are into Incest?” I said. “Are you cool with that?” Sydney said very concerned. I chuckled and joked. “Incest is wincest.” I said laughing as I looked at Vampira and kissed her on the neck. “You’re ok with it?” Sydney said with a laugh. I took off my pants and showed her my hard cock. Does this answer your question?” I asked sarcastically. “GREAT!!!” Said Sydney as she took off her black and white striped shirt. No bra and pierced tits with two tattoo’s under each tit. Under the left it said LOVE and under the right it said PAIN with a barbed wire heart around her belly button. Vampira took her shirt off and unsnapped her bra.

Sydney walked back with this machine in her hand and turned it on. “This is this audio machine I got from the studio. It basically records the sound and then in the studio it takes all the static away and focuses on the sounds I make when I cum.” Sydney said as she turned it on. “Now the fun can begin.” Vampira said before she turned around and took off her skinny jeans pulling her black lacy thong with her. Sydney took off her skirt and stood in front of me with Vampira.

Two Beautiful girls standing in front of me. One with big tits pierced nipples tattoos and black hair. Another big set of tits pierced nipples and spikey hair with sharp teeth. I got up and walked towards Sydney and put my hand on her shoulder lightly pushing it down. She got the message and got on her knees as she took the head of my cock in her mouth. I grabbed Vampira and kissed her passionately as I slipped two fingers into her dripping wet pussy. With the other hand I went right for it putting it on the back of Sydney’s head and shoving her face onto my cock making her instantly deep throat. “MMGHMGGMHMGM.” Was all the came out of her Slut mouth. I broke the Kiss with Vampira. She smiled at me showing her fangs. “I’ll be right back.” Vampira said walking to the closet. I focused on Sydney as I put both hands on the back of her head and instantly fucked her face like it was the tightest pussy in the world. All she did was gargle spit as it drooled down her chin and dripped onto her big tits. She was moaning with her eyes closed tweaking and twisting her own nipples. As her tongue was swirling around my dick and giving me the best blowjob I basically ever had when I got tapped on my shoulder. I turned around to see the hottest thing I ever seen in my life. Vampiras Black and red spikey hair. Her smiling with her fangs her big tits with skull piercings through them and a Bright pink Strap on dildo about the same size as my cock attached to her. “Do you think she can fit one more in her mouth?” Vampira asked. “Why….Why don’t Oh God we find o-out.” I said trying to focus on the head Sydney was giving me. Vampira got beside me and cock smacked Sydney. Vampira and I got hip to hip as she forced the pink dildo into her sisters mouth causing her to stretch her mouth open to take both cocks in her mouth. We only gave her a few seconds before I put my right hand on the back of Sydney’s head Vampira put her left hand on the back of Sydney’s head and face fucked her as I turned to Vampira and shoved my tongue down her throat. I guess the vibrator had a Clit stimulator on it and it was sending shocks of pleasure up to Vampiras spine.

After a while Sydney got her mouth off of both the dicks. My dick rested on the right side of her cheek. Vampiras cock was resting on the left side of her cheek. “Let’s move on.” Sydney said looking at us with the sluttiest look she ever had on her face. “You want her mouth or pussy?” I asked. “Lemme fuck her mouth. I wanna show little sis Im still the leader between us.” Vampira said with a laugh.

Sydney lied down on the bed I got between her legs and Vampira her big juicy ass on Sydney’s big juicy tits and shoved the pink fake cock in between Sydney’s lips shoving it down her throat. “EAT IT SIS!” Vampira said. I laughed and looked at Sydney’s Shaven pink pussy. I bent my head down giving her clit a few licks making Sydney moan between all the gagging and gurgling. I got up and got between Sydney’s legs rubbing the head of my cock along the slit a few times before I pushed the head in “MMMMHHHHHMMMMM!!!!!!” Sydney moaned. “She loves it.” Vampira said over her shoulder. I thrusted my cock in and out of Sydney. I had one arm pinning Sydney’s leg and the other hand rubbing her clit furiously. Vampira screamed as she came all over Sydney’s tits. A clear stream of liquid ran from Sydney’s tits and pooled onto her stomach which I slurped and licked up. I was still thrusting when Vampira turned around taking off her strap on and grinding her pussy into her sister’s face. “Eat me like a good little sister.” Vampira said laughing with her eyes closed. I pulled out of Sydney and got up shoving my cock into Vampiras mouth making her moan and gag on my cock. I felt my balls tingle as I cheered Vampira on. “How does ya sisters pussy taste?” I asked. Vampira gave me a sloppy “MHM” as she happily gagged and moaned around me cock. I kneeled down and tuck my cock between her tits and frenching her as the pleasure was too much and I blew my load all over Vampiras neck, chin, and tits. I stood off the bed and so didn’t Vampira. I let Sydney lick my cock clean.

Vampira kissed my neck and whispered into my ear “Here comes the fun part.” She said tossing me a half empty bottle of KY Jelly and putting her strap on back on. It took me a second to realize what Vampira ment. “Fuck me good sis a record deal is on the line.” Sydney said laughing as Vampira shoved the fake cock into her sister’s pussy. Seeing Vampira fuck her own sister made my cock spring at attention. I squeezed the KY hers and mine onto my cock lubing it up real nice. “Pick her up.” I told Vampira as she picked up her baby sister kissing her passionately. I walked up and wrapped my arms around Sydney squeezing the head of my cock into her ass as my greasy cock sank into her tight asshole. “Now start thrusting baby.” Sydney said over her shoulder. I grabbed her ass as I started to thrust in and out. I looked at the mirror and got a full view of the action. Vampira and Sydney tits pressed against each other and shoving each other’s tongues down their throats but what I loved to see was Vampiras bright pink strap on disappear into Sydney’s Pussy. I picked up my thrusting to match Vampiras and we went at it like this for a little while. I attached myself to Sydney’s neck and started to bite and suck on her neck like it was my job. I started to slam my cock into her tight asshole. “GU-Guys Ima gunna cum!!” Sydney said. “Cum for me little sister.” Vampira said with a seductive smile. “Ya sexy, Vampira lets go all out…1…2…3” We both made a Goth fuck sandwich. We thrusted into Sydney and jack hammered into her making her ass clap. I felt my balls tighten and I came. I moaned loud as my cum flew into her tight ass. Than Vampira came after me she kept thrusting and shaking as she let out a loud ass scream as cum flew from her cunt and flowed down her legs and finally Sydney’s ass clenched onto my dick for dear life. Her pussy was convulsing as her cunt juice flew from her pussy onto the dildo on the floor.

We threw her on the bed. I liked up Vampiras pussy juice from her legs. “Taste yourself.” Vampira said shoving the cock into Sydney’s mouth. After she sucked the pink dildo clean. I made her clean my cock off. She sucked it with love and care as her eyes fluttered trying to stay awake. “Thanks….Guys…….tired…” Sydney said as she laid naked on her bed with her eyes closed. I looked at Vampira and kissed her on the cheek. “You’re a great sister.” I said. Vampira laughed and bit my neck. “Let’s go to bed. Maybe another round?” She asked stroking my wet dick. “Maybe….as long as you don’t use that thing on me.” I said pointing to the pink strap on laughing as we walked away my cock in her hand.


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wow luna sex was the most crazy sex i ever read fucking loved it

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Worse then last one what happend to amy u lost the story now this SUCKS

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The only thing thing i saw thathas ever upset me about ur spelling is that u spelled halestorm wrong. Other than that i love ur stories keep goin. ALL HAIL KINGOFREJECTS

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