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I knew he was sick but I had to have his diseased cock in me!!!
He came in the darkened motel room door closing it behind him. He stared at my naked body on the bed; slender, tan, long legs that were just shaven. He started to undress without saying a word as he peeled off his t-shirt and shorts. It was hot out and his skin seemed to glisten in the glow of the light from the bathroom. His muscular body was hairless, like mine.

I had packed my pipe earlier and leaned over and retrieved it from the nightstand as he pulled off his underwear and socks. I lit it and hit it and sucked in some good 420 smoke. He crawled on the bed in between my legs and motioned for the pipe which I handed to him, still smoking. He hit it a couple of times and passed it back to me. I smoked some more and repacked the pipe and we hit it and got really high.

This was my anonymous internet lover come to my motel to fuck me hard, deep and rough – just how I like it! At least I hope it was him! Never know on the internet these days though; hmm, perhaps I shouldn’t have posted the name of the motel I was at and the room number on my ad; that’s the blonde in me coming out!

As we tripped through our high and huffed on poppers, we began to play around and as usual, my head found it’s way to his cock in nothing flat! I sucked his cock into my mouth and slobbered all over it in anticipation of this fat, thick and long cock pounding my aching asshole bareback.

He reached down my chest, playing with my pierced nipple and ran his hand down my flat stomach until he reached my prize. He encircled my cock with his hand and began pumping my shaft as I continued to slurp on his massive cock.

I reached for my lube as he rolled onto his back in the middle of the bed. It squeaked a little and I smiled as I knew it was about to do a lot more squeaking!

While I rubbed lube on his cock with one hand, I smeared lube on and in my asshole, I was going to need all I could get; this cock was huge!

I straddled my soon to be lover and leaned down until our lips met and we kissed feverishly, our tongues jamming in and out of each other’s mouths. I reached down and slid his cock in between my ass cheeks. We bucked our hips in unison so his massive cock ran up and down my crack, sometimes grazing right across my quivering rosebud.

We both got so hot and turned on by this, his cock rubbing up and down my crack, rubbing against my hole we went nuts! I thought this was an opportune time to break out the poppers again! We hit my little brown bottle a few times each and that sent us over the edge.

I grabbed his cock and guided his uncut monster to my asshole. I eased the head inside me and slowly worked the first couple of inches in and out so I could get used to it. After a few more hits on the popper bottle, I was working over half his cock in me, and this thing had to be 10 inches easy.
Finally he had enough of my slow boating it and he grabbed me by the hips and pulled me down hard on his cock. A tidal wave of pain shot through me ripping up from my asshole and up my back. It hurt so fucking bad, but just for a couple of minutes. As he kept pounding me the friction on my sphincter started to feel good and I began to get into it. I bounced up and down on his cock taking almost all of it up my asshole. This was the biggest cock I had ever had in me and was such a new experience and very exhilarating.

I’ve had lots of hook ups from the internet, but none had cocks like this guy’s. He jerked my cock while I rode his hard and deep. I wanted to take him doggy style, it’s the best for deep pounding and deep cum dumping.

I lifted off his cock and got onto all fours. My asshole didn’t even try to close up, it was spread wide open, my pink rosebud stretched like it was blooming. He got up and turned my ass around so it was hanging off the bed and he slammed his rock hard cock all the way inside me with a loud slurp and ass fart. A small shot of pain rippled around my asshole as I quickly got into the fucking and thrust back to meet each of his jack hammer thrusts in.

As he continued his relentless pounding of my asshole, it slopped and slurped with my ass juice and his pre-cum. Sweat was dripping from both of our bodies as we continued with our insatiable lust for gay bareback sex.

The sensations buzzing through my head and body were magnificent. I loved being high and being fucked by such a huge cock! My legs were beginning to quiver when his thrusts got even deeper and jerkier. I figured he was going to cum in me soon. I wanted his man jizz sprayed deep inside my hole.

“Yeah! Fucking cum inside my faggot ass!” I yelled out. He gripped my hips tighter as he pumped my asshole with his cock.

“You want my cum you little pig?” he asked.

“Mmm, yes, I want every drop in my asshole!”

“Alright,” he said, “you always ride bareback?”

“Always,” I said.

“Kinda risky isn’t it?” he asked as his balls tightened up.

“Mmm, yeah, it is…” I replied, a smile on my face.

“What if I had AIDS or something?” he asked in an almost non-caring manner.

“Hmm,” I replied, “I guess it would have to be one hell of a fuck!”

“Well, was it?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, the best fuck of my life!”

He smiled and rammed his cock as hard and deep inside me as he could. It was beginning to hurt a little now, but there was no way I was going to stop now, no fucking way!

“Oh, did I tell you I am POZ?” he asked sarcastically.

I didn’t answer. Was he telling me he was POZ or just asking if he had told me he was POZ? It didn’t matter, with a cock like that, it was worth getting AIDS!

“Hmm, no, you, you didn’t” I said almost gasping for breath. My cock got instantly hard, for some reason the thought of him having AIDS turned me on. I knew I wasn’t going anywhere, I was going to stay there and take his toxic load.

“Aaah!” he moaned as he erupted his load of poisonous cum deep inside me. I perked up and arched my back and thrust my ass back to meet his inward thrusts.

“Yeah baby!” I yelled, “cum in my faggot asshole! Gimme that DNA!” I was becoming a wild fuck pig! I writhed in ecstasy as he filled my hole with his POZ cum. I can’t believe how turned on I was to get AIDS from this guy!

We collapsed on the bed and cooled off. I asked him how he got pozzed and he told me the story of being at the bath houses in Providence, Rhode Island and he found some huge cock he just had to have inside his asshole, but he said he even knew the guy had AIDS just by looking at him, but he had to have his cock in him.

We fucked one more time and he dumped another load deep inside me to make sure he infected me and he left. We never exchanged names or anything, but I got a gift from him I’ll cherish forever!!!

Anonymous readerReport

2016-10-07 12:15:55
I think its so hot to be fucked by a poz only men who dont care bout bare back my fantasy is to be used by about ten poz guys if im goin get poz may as well do it in style

Anonymous readerReport

2016-02-20 15:25:50
Fucking hot!
I'd love to get seeded by some hot guy with full blown aids, telling me about his high viral load just as he's unloading his toxic poz cum deep inside my cum hole, knocking me up so I can spread the gift :P

Anonymous readerReport

2016-01-22 16:11:23
Hot story!

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-30 11:11:33
That's how I want to get aids!!!

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-06 06:31:47
I had a guy ask me my status and he was telling me how he didn't care but was just asking. I told him I would tell him as I was unloading in his ass. I pumped an 8 day load in his ass as I whispered in his ear that I was poz and told him the bonus was my viral load was over a million. I never found out whether he even got tested but another guy I fucked only 4 times and pozzed him. I found out 3 years later that he had the fuck flu just 4 weks after I fucked him the first time. I didn't even know I had it then.

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