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This is my first story.. Enjoy ;)
My mum was a sexy bitch and she knew it.
She had blonde hair to her shoulders, peircing blue eyes, 36DD's and a figure to die for, well
for a 38 year old.
I had been sexually attracted to my mum since I was 12. Now my sexuality
was getting more intense it was fair hard to even look at her without getting a
boner. My dad left us 5 years ago. But that didnt bother mum. She took it as
an opptunity to tart it up around town. This made me pissed off due to the fact
of hearing her with guys each night, wishing it was me. Hearing her moaning,
screaming, panting.
Almost all of my wet dreams and jerk offs were over her, Id recently gotten into
rape fantasys. The feeling of being powerfull. Id only fucked one girl and she wasnt into
the rape roll play.

My school holidays started and we were heading to Sydney to stay at our summer
home. I loved the holidays cos that was the only time she ceased the whoring around
and focused her attention me. I think it was fair to say I was indeed obsessed with her.
Id sneak peeks when I could, cop a feel when I could. And passionatly kiss her when
she would pass out on the lounge.

I had inheritted my fathers jet black hair, green eyes
and pale skin. When we arrived at the house we decided to leave the unpacking to tomorrow.
It was hot as, thankgod, cos now my mum was wearing her short shorts and skimpy singlet.
I was wearing my board shorts, not the ideal clothing for hiding a boner.

She had been practicing her yoga moves. The postions she was in made my cock spring to life. She would grunt as she moved.
I couldnt hold on any longer.
My raging boner got bigger and harder. This feeling of impulse swam over me. Before I knew it I had
said "Fuck mum you look so tapable!", she just stared at me.. almost horrified. I stared back and gave her
a wink. She stood up, walked over to me and slapped me. "How dare you speak to me like that?!"
That slap just got me going even more. "What? Your a hot sexy slut you should be begging me to
say this stuff to you" -slap- another one, harder. Left my face tingeling. I loved it. "Wow, you call that a hit you filthy slut?!". Then bam! Her fist connected to my cheek. She stood back in awe as I spit blood in her face. I looked down to the ground, then in a heartbeat raised my hand and slapped her. She was abusing me
calling me a freak, bad son, sick you name it. I couldnt help it. Her hits, the blood, the got me going and my cock was ready for action. I grabbed her hand threw her on the floor making her head hit the floorboards.
She was dazed, she couldnt speak or move she just lay there moaning. I seized my chance. I unzipped and got ontop of her. Pulled her shorts off exposing her mouth watering pussy. I pulled her singlet up over head, ripped her bra off, and I was in heaven her tits were soo yummy, I licked and sucked at them pinched them and rubbed them squeezed them hard and nibbled them.

I fingered her sweet pussy, letting her have a bit of pleasure before I tore it apart. I felt her juices soak my fingers, I licked it up drying them then shoving them back in. She was still dizzy from the fall. But I didnt care, it gave me more time to play with the bitch whod been teasing me for 6 years. I was filled with rage, anger, lust and excitment. Not a good combo when raging hormones were thrown in the mix. I knew there was No going back, plus I couldnt be bothered with day hours/days of saying sorry for pushing her down and saying those things to her.
I had almost gotten my 8inch cock in her inviting pussy when I felt this sharp pain on my arm. Mum was biting me in hopes
Id get off her in pain. I laughed, "Dont you get it? Pain is my pleasure you little fuck whore!!" I forced her arms down and
slid inside her. I held it in, making the moment last. Then she screamed "NO please, please Joshua please dont!!"
I looked down, smiled and started ramming her. She screamed in pain and it got me going more. I was raping my mother.
I yelled "Shut up! You deserve this! You tease me and tease me till I cant take! Well now youll pay!"
I fucked her harder than even I could handle, My sides were hurting, my legs aching. But I had to show her what she did to
me. Her muffled cries for help, tears and screams made it the best fuck ever. I threw her on the lounge, bent her over and fucked her ass. It was so tight, clearly no one but me had been up there, and I was happy about that. She screamed in pain, tears flowing. I felt it I was almost there. I cupped her tits hard squeezsing them. I was there. I yelled "Im cumming! Im cumming mummy! ahh
fuck yeah!" and I came right inside her. She panted and cried. I gathered myself, put my pants back on, kissed her.
and left her curled up on the floor. I held her up by her hair and whispered "You know you loved it, it wont be the last time either" with that, I went to my room and slept. Dreaming about what I did to my mummy, and what I had instore for her the next time..

To be continued..

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2012-11-14 16:08:58
I just came in my.... Wait I'm not wearin pants

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2012-11-14 16:08:29
I just came in my.... Wait I'm not wearin pants

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2011-11-19 16:11:36
When's part two comeing. It's been a few months now.

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2011-08-31 14:45:17
I fucked my mother's pussy when she was drunk I was intended to rape her that night,but, mom willingly let me sink my 6 in. hard dick in her sexy pussy. I was surprised that mom enjoyed sex with her own son. Mom and I fucking every day like a couple of man & wife.

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2011-08-28 17:52:29
Good work can't wait for the rest.

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