Dad explores a relationship with his step-daughter
A Dad’s Fantasy
This is a fictional story. A few of the people are based off real people in my life. Their names have been changed to protect all involved. If this was a perfect world, and I could have a genie in a bottle or an amulet that granted my wishes I might actually wish for this. Otherwise, this is all just my personal fantasy that I find therapeutic to express and share.
This is a continuation of A Dad’s Fantasy.

I fell asleep running my hand over her sweat glistened back and running it through her soft hair. I had to have stayed awake for at least 15 or twenty more minute. The whole time I was still in her, slowly becoming softer. I think she fell asleep just a minute or two before me.
The next thing I remember was waking to the two of us in the same position and her just smiling up at me.

Chapter 2:

I gave her a smile back.
“That’s a cheesy grin.” I said.
With that she just squeezed her vaginal muscles around my cock. I was still in her after all that time asleep. I moaned.
I looked at the clock and saw it was barely 7am. We had only been asleep for 4 and a half almost 5 hours. It felt like I had slept solid for 8 rejuvenating hours instead.
“How long have you been up?” I asked.
“About an hour.” She said. “You were sleeping so peacefully, I didn’t want to wake you. Then I felt you grow in me about ten minutes ago. It was amazing. I just about came.”
“That does explain the grin.” I said realizing I must have had morning wood.
I brushed the stray bed-head hairs from her beautiful honey colored eyes. I didn’t want that moment to end, but I knew my next question might crash the party.
“So…about last night, where do we go from here?”
“I was thinking about that. I need to think some more. Why don’t you take a shower while I cook breakfast? How does French toast and bacon sound?”
“Wonderful.” I replied.
She sat up on my driving my hard cock deep in her. We both groaned in pleasure. She rolled her hips causing my cock to move slightly in and out of her pussy. I thought we would have another session of sex but, she got up off me and walked out of the room.
I watched her walk away from me, naked. Her shapely ass swayed teasingly as she turned the corner and headed down stairs. She didn’t bother to even go to her room to grab a robe or a night shirt to cook in.
I threw my head back on my pillow and thought, “What the hell are you thinking, Stefan? You’re daughter?!”
A little red guy must have appeared on one of my shoulders because the next thing I heard was, “Not your daughter. Your STEP-daughter, and she’s technically not even that anymore. She’s a sexy, legal, 18 year old sex pot.” Tasha’s mom, my late wife, passed away about 4 years earlier.
In the other ear I heard, “She’s you daughter as far as your heart and the courts are concerned. Don’t do this.”
“But it was so-O-o perfect. No woman has ever made you like that. Never.” the antagonist said.
“I can’t argue with that.” the other said. Or, did I say that aloud.
Either way, I finally got up and picked out some clothes for the day and laid them across the bed. I then hopped into the shower and cleaned myself up. The hot water cascaded over my body, relaxing every muscle. I felt like I was 18 all over again. I got out and shaved while I dripped dry. Then I went to get dressed.
I was sitting on the edge of my bed, one leg in a pair of boxer briefs when, Tasha called up saying breakfast was ready. The image of her down there naked caused me to join her the same way. I removed my leg from the underwear and tossed them next to the rest of my clothes. I marched confidently down to the kitchen in the buff.
The table waste with only one set of silverware and one very large glass of orange juice. I took the towel I had grabbed on the way down and set it on the vinyl covered dining chair before sitting down. Tasha walked in carrying a platter of food. On the dish were 8 pieces of French toast and a dozen perfectly cooked strips of thick bacon.
“Is that all for me?” I asked in doubt.
“Nope.” She replied then sat herself across my lap.
Her soft ass rested on my right leg and she entwined her legs with mine locking us together. She then slid the plate slightly to my left and then poured syrup over the toast. I wrapped my arm around her to help steady her without thinking.
She cut a biteful, and feed it to me. “So, here’s what I am thinking.” She began. “Last night was amazing. And I don’t mean just because of the rock-my-world sex.
“You were right about everything you said I wanted. You do know me better than I know myself. That only makes me love you more. It even made me forget for a while why we were having a talk to begin with.”
“About that…” I tried to get in.
“Shhh. Just let me talk for a moment.” She continued stopping my thought. “I’ll address that later; just not today. The truth is no guy will ever understand me like you do. There has always been something about us. From the first time Mom brought you home so I could meet you, I loved you. It wasn’t because you came baring gifts either. I just felt it.
“Then a couple of months later Mom gave us tickets to go see a concert and bond. I remember you taking some punishment from some idiots that started moshing and slam dancing near us. You put your body between the action and me, protecting me from harm. I remember you had bruises the size of grapefruits all over your arms and back. I just remember how much you had to love me to protect me like that and letting me see the band instead of us just leaving.
“Then you decided to take up Tae Kwon Do, with me. I was already a brown belt. You weren’t really able to help me, but it was you wanting to spend time with me. There have been more things like that for the past 7 years.”
She was saying all this while feeding each of us bites of the delicious breakfast. If I tried to grab any food for myself she smacked my hand and fed what I wanted to me instead. The only exception was the orange juice. That, I was allowed to do for myself.
“I guess what I’m saying is that you have been there for me and with me through everything. It’s like we were – “
“Meant to be together.” I finished for her. “We just clicked together.”
“I felt it, too.” I told her. “That’s one reason why I proposed to your mom. I just thought it was a my longing to be a dad.”
“It’s why I said you could marry her. I wanted a dad.” She said. I was required to get Tasha’s permission to marry her mom. Tasha had to want me in her life, too, her mom told me.
It now seems that the reason behind all that was deeper than we realized. I fell in love with Tasha early on. It was easy. I always just chalked it up to her being a good kid and my love for her mom. The truth was, looking back on the situation, Tasha and I were soul mates, destined to be together. Who knew? Kind of a weird imprinting thing like Jacob in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.” I just did it again. A movie reference no real man should know.
“I just didn’t realize why I wanted you in our family so bad until now.” She said. “I wanted to be close to you the first time I saw you.”
I thought back to that day 6 years earlier. Tasha was just about to enter 7th grade. Her mom had used the internet to reconnect with me.
Janet, my late wife and Tasha’s mom, and I had been high school friends and lovers. Our relationship burned hot and fast which means it ended just as heated. Janet was my first, although I wasn’t hers. I had been going to church and used the excuse, and true for the time, that we had to stop having sex and end our relationship because it wasn’t right in “God’s eyes.” I had come to believe in the whole of Christian concepts regarding premarital concepts. In spite of my breaking off the relationship, Janet never stopped loving me or being with me.
When we got back together and dated again when Tasha was 12, Janet confided to me that I was the only man who ever made her cry or really truly loved. She had felt we were meant to be family. In fact she only dated Tasha’s bio-dad because his size, shape and mannerisms reminded her of me. His personality at times did, too. Although, as their, relation continued on he began to be more and more abusive. Then Tasha came, and then 4 years later her brother. (Tasha’s brother died in a car accident with Janet). One day, when Janet was pregnant with their third child, Tasha’s father came home drunk. The ensuing fight resulted in his beating up of Janet in front of the kids, causing her to miscarry. Janet left him that night.
I was in a time and place in my life, when Janet confided in me about her past, where I was looking to settle down and be a family man. I had fallen in love with Janet all over again because of her confession and her kids. Looking back I would say that I felt obligated to just give her another chance. I chose and forced myself to Janet, even though neither the butterfly emotional aspect nor the intense physical attraction one usually has in a relationship ever existed.
But now, I sat naked on a chair with someone that it was like I eye closed my eyes and when they opened the sole purpose of my existence was there. Those feeling that never existed with Janet were there now for her daughter, and it wasn’t because she was sitting equally naked on my lap.
She fed me one last bite of French toast then one for herself. A drop of syrup landed on the top of her chest. I didn’t hesitate. I sucked and licked the thick maple from her soft skin. She giggled playfully then moaned in pleasure.
When I had finished cleaning her off, she got up and cleared the table. I sat there for a moment hearing her start water to wash dishes. I got up, finished the last drink of O.J. and brought the glass to her.
She stood there at the sink. Her bare, sexy, heart-shaped ass was amazing. Her waist narrowed at the small of her back. Then higher was her sexy back, it was the type of back that movie stars only dream of so they could wear a low cut backless dress. I walked up behind Tasha and pressed my naked body to hers. She tilted her head back and to the side resting it on my shoulder. My stiffening cock found a home between the softness of each ass cheek. I kissed the side of her neck as I reached around and placed the cup in the sink. My hands wrapped around this young goddess and held her close to me.
Tasha began rolling her hips enticing my dick more. My fingers explored her tummy, chest and clit blindly. She then opened her legs slightly giving me better access for my hands to play with her slit and clit. Then I felt her hand slide between us. She arched her back long enough to give her hand room to push my cock down so the tip slid down between her legs. I felt her heat and moisture along the top of my shaft.
I didn’t need word to know what that meant. I bent me legs and took a hand to help guide my erection into her tight pussy. Very slowly I pushed forward and up. I wasn’t able to get very deep but the sensation was amazing. We rocked our pelvises carefully to cause my cock to slide back and forth about 3 inches in and out of her. The sound of water coming from the faucet seemed more like an exotic waterfall in the distance as I stood in the Garden of Eden.
We made love slowly for 15 minutes. Neither of us were in a hurry. It was just pure love. She came softly on me. I just stopped moving and enjoyed the soft squeezes her love muscles provided. I didn’t cum but that did not matter. It wasn’t about that.
“Looks like you need another shower.” She said into my ear as she leaned back even more languid and molding to my body from her orgasm.
“Uh huh.” is all I said.
She leaned forward and turned off the water causing my cock to slip 2 inches deeper than it had the last 15. We both moaned. She then stepped to the side and away from me. My cock slipped out of her pussy and my tip forcefully slid the length of her ass crack. Tasha reached back with one hand and grabbed a hold of my member without looking. Carefully she pulled me along to follow her to the shower.
She didn’t release her grasp from me until we had both stepped into the spray of the shower head and she turned to face me. I was placed under the direct spray first. I let the water cascade over me again running mostly down my back. Tasha grabbed my body soap and began washing my body I stepped closer to her out of the spray. Her hand explored every inch of skin as she lathered it with fragrant gel soap, first the front of my body then turning me around to wash my back. I was turned around once again to rinse completely off.
She then pushed me back against the wall under the shower head. I was no longer under the spray of the water. She reached up over my head and angled the showerhead more to her body. The water rolled off her body with a shimmer of light. She quickly washed her hair then her body. I watched as her hands seductively caressed her own body lathering it up with my body soap. She rinsed the foam from the front of her body then handed me the soap and a cloth before turning her back to me. I took the not so subtle yet silent hint and washed her back after aiming the nozzle down and both of us stepping forward out of the spray.
Before I could re-aim the water to wash off the soap’s lather, Tasha pushed her slick soapy body and pressed it to mine coating my chest and dick with soap as she playfully wiggled around. My hard dick slid between her soft round cheeks. I just reached around and pulled her tight to me as my hands covered each breast and began massaging them. This went on for only a few seconds before Tasha turned around. She wrapped her arms around my neck at first and pulled us close so we could kiss. It was like making love in the middle of a forest surrounded field in the middle of a noontime sun shower. Our bodies opened up, closed, and shifted just enough to allow the cleansing water to wash away any soap still on us but never let our lips part.
We continued like that until the water was no longer able to keep us warm. I broke our kiss to turn and turn off the water. Tasha opened the shower door and stepped out. By the time I stepped out to join her, she already had an oversize towel wrapped around her body and tucked under her full tits and was waiting for me to step.
She was holding a second towel. With me feet firmly out of the shower and on a bath mat, she knelt before me and began drying me off from the bottom up. Her attention to me and caring for me had me feel like I was a god. I didn’t ask for it. She just did it like it was her only duty to me.
Once I was dry she stood up, and said, “If you promise never to go behind my back and dress like you did last night, promise that you will be faithful to me, I will treat you like this the rest of your life. I will make you feel like a king and take care of your every need. You will forget the fact you ever thought you’d want to be a woman.”
“I promise.” I said without thinking or hesitation.

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