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dipesh on a fun ride
hi, my name is dipesh.
3 months age, me and my friends went to some tour. There we spent for 4 days. We enjoyed a lot. I think it’s on third day. We went to some park there are 10 members of girls in our batch. At that time, in the park it’s started raining. So that we are very happy and danced in that rain all of us get wet. Our cloths are wet and then we started observing the girls. They are very hot in those wet cloths.

One of those named Shithya, was very sexy figur. She has 34-26-36 sizes and very sexy in wet cloths. I just can’t controlling by seeing her like that. I just went from there and seated at a bench. By my bad luck she came behind a tree which is clear view for me except my friends all. No one is there and she also not noticed me. I don’t know why she came there. I just watch her breast, hip, thighs and top to bottom.

Suddenly she saw me and asked me, ‘why are you being here?’ i just don’t know what to say. But said you are awesome in this wet chudidhar and sexy structure you are. The twist is I didn’t observe my erecting cock by seeing her. It was just erected some. It was clear appearance through my jeans because it was wet by rain. She observed that and you are not in your manner, just be in your control and went from there. Finally we reached to our hotel.

We completed our dinner at 11 night. And went to sleep in her room she was alone. I just went near her room. I shocked that she didn’t slept. Also hugging pillow and rolling on the bed. I observe all these things through the window. I decided to get in her room. My luckiness, she forgot to put the door completely. I just removed my jeans at the door only and entered into the room she was shocked by seeing me and my erecting cock. I just closed the door and asked her.

I: I think you are thinking about me.
She: No but I think some of about you. I hope I need some one now.
I: I wanna be some one of that she didn’t replied. I slowly went near to her and tried for kissing. She didnt said no. So i started kissing her lips her lips was really so sweet. I just lying on her and kissed her. One of my hands was going to on her left breast and another hand was at at her hair.

Her boobs were so soft and started rubbing slowly. I can feel her breath. It was heat and fast. I just started kissing her neck and rubbing her breast with two hands. She was moaning ‘ah hari ahahah’ and saying I can’t control this. I think she didnt faced such kind of situation. I rubbed some hardly and she moaning a loud. Slowly i removed her top and bra. In that bed light her breast was so bright. I just pressed her nipples with fingers and sucking those.

I just started to put my hand in her pant. Smoothly touching her pussy I started rubbing it. She was moaning a lot and saying that ‘common hari, remove my pant and panty please I can’t control really please. I didn’t do and my cock was erected so. Just took her hand on to my cock and she surprised and said hey it may around 7inch na I said, yeah, but one more inch.

then she replied, “what!
You mean 8 inch’s, but is it will go into my pussy.” i said “yes. I just rub her pussy with my cock by not removing her pant. She asked to remove her pant. But I said to wait. I rub her pussy hard. She moaning a loud please hari, do something. I can’t control. It was first time for me. My breast and my breath become hard. I can even take breath.”

Then I removed her pant and panty. I just kissed her pussy. Now we both are nude she was awesome. I just touch her pussy with my penis. She said insert that in my pussy please then I started putting my cock in her pussy. It was so tight. My cock was not able to get in her pussy. She moans a lot. Really it was first time her. Slowly i kept half of my cock. For the half only she started shouting.

Suddenly I pushed she shouted a lot I started pushups. She said “no please stop. Plz remove. It was hurting.” I said “don’t worry” and pushing. Her juice came out. So now it was somewhat easy to pushups. She moans with some sweet pain. She said now it was fine. So, I started pushups fastly. She again started shouting. Quickly I closed her mouth. I think she already get satisfied. Even I started fucking still more hard.

Finally my white drops came out then I decreased my fastness. She said that she wanna taste it. But i said no. Again I started kissing; rubbing each and every part for one hour again started sex. At that time she was felt so happy because after one time her pussy just stretched after the sex. I just lied and she lied on me.

Her breast was pressing by my chest and my dick always touching her pussy. She said to insert that in her pussy. I did. We both are slept in that position only in the morning 4th (final) day we wake up. Both are nude. She again lied on me. She made a cal her friends and said to do not come to room and dont disturb. I just shocked I asked why. She didn’t reply and start kissing doesn’t think the story was over. Wait for fourth day.............................

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2011-08-29 06:07:50
Very poor English, way too hard to even bother with.

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2011-08-28 16:33:39
wow i can barely read this. this story might be good, if i could read it.

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