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these stories were originally done by jayrich and nither him nor me own kim possible series and if anyone from the cast complains they can SUCK MY LEFT NUT BYE
The Incredibly Lucky Ron Stoppable

KP, I GOT YOUR BACK!!! Ron runs up towards the stage area, where Kim is currently fighting Shego. It s another one of Drakken plan to take over the world that s drawn the two here. This one involves the kidnapping & brainwashing of the President, so this Mission is High Priority. Shego & Kim s battle is heated & epic, more than normal, with no one having the clear advantage. Dr. Drakken s up high on a podium, holding the President hostage, and hoping for protection from Kim. Ron reaches the platform stage just as Shego lands a vicious shot that sends Kim to the ground.

Kim coughs and tries to catch her breath as Shego stands over her, hands glowing. I guess you can t do anything, Kimmy. She leans in closer, preparing to strike. You had this coming for a long time, Princess. Sic her, Rufus! Shego looks up and sees a small pink blur speeding towards her. It s Rufus. Before she can react, the Naked Mole Rat jumps up and bites her on her finger. Shego jumps back in pain, and tries to shake Rufus off, giving Kim enough time to recover.

Thanks for the save&Ron? HWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! Kim looks up and sees Ron charging full speed at Shego. But before he can do any damage, he trips over an electric cord and ends up stumbling into her. Shego is sent flying, as is Rufus. She hits her head on a Scaffolding, which knocks her out immediately, then rips open the top of her Jumpsuit on a hanging hook before flying and landing on the floor backstage behind the curtains. Ron, still stumbling, slips off the stage and lands backstage in the same area. RON Kim sees the accident and begins to check on them before she hears familiar sinister laughter.

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Kim looks up to see Drakken floating away in his Hover Pod with the President. She looks around, looking for anything to help her catch him. After spotting a rope, she grabs it, and lassos it to the Hover Pod and hangs on to chase after Drakken. Meanwhile, Ron wakes up from his daze. Uh&what happened? He opens his eyes to see only green skin. And everything comes back to him. WHAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! SHEGO!!! He jumps up and covers himself, expecting the worse. A few seconds later, he realizes she s knocked out. She must be out cold. HA! Looks like it s another victory for Mr. Ron Stop& His words die in his mouth. All that comes out is a little drop of drool as he sees Shego s Weapons in all of their glory.

Holy&she s exposed. Her breasts are just hanging out in the open. Whoa, those are way bigger than what Kim s packing. She even rivals Mrs. P. I can t believe it. Ron inches closer, being careful not to make enough noise to wake her up. He slowly kneels down to get a closer look. This is even better than Half-Price Tuesday at Bueno Nacho. He inches his hand out, until it s directly over them.

Ron starts shaking as he lowers the hand closer, then he shoots it back. No, this is wrong. This is so wrong. He s about to get up and walk away when he thinks to himself. Come on, Stoppable! Be a Man! This is a Once in a Lifetime Chance. There s no one back here. Kim will never know she s chasing Drakken. Besides, it s not like Shego doesn t deserve it. He looks back at her, still out cold. He puts both hands in the air and counts silently to himself. One&Two&THREE!!! He shoots his hands down and quickly grabs Shego s Funbags. He starts to caress and massage them as he looks like he s in a moment of pure ecstasy. Oh, this must be what Heaven feels like. He almost gets lost in the moment when another idea pops into his head. OK, I now know what they feel like&but now I gotta know what they taste like.

Ron leans his head closer, as pure curiosity & horniness has taken him over. He opens his mouth and slowly licks his tongue across her nipple. That causes Shego to moan slightly in her unconscious state. He then puts his entire mouth on her Breast. He starts sucking on her right Tit while using his left hand to feel on her left one. He goes at this for about two good minutes before he stops and sits up, with a grin almost as big as The Joker s. Okay, that was the greatest moment of my life. His eyes then wonder down to see Shego s Legs, and what s between them. Let s see if I can make it even better. He moves his hand slowly towards The Prize. He gets closer&and closer&until a familiar voice rings out that makes his face go white. KIM POSSIBLE! YOU THINK YOU RE ALL THAT, BUT YOU RE NOT!!!

Ron shoots to his feet and runs back to the curtain. He comes out onto the stage to see Kim driving the Hover Pod, lowering the President down. Drakken is handcuffed and being thrown into the back of a Paddy Wagon by Federal Agents. Kim hops out the Hover Pod and runs over to Ron. RON! Thank goodness your OK. Shego didn t& NO! No! No. Shego is out cold from some head hitting thingy. She s out. Ron is looking more nervous than ever. Kim doesn t pay attention. Come on, we ll leave the Federal Agents to take care of her. YES! Let s let s do that. Get far away from back there. Far away. Just then, the President walks up to the two. Thank you so much, Ms. Possible. I don t know how I could ever repay you. I am in your debt. A smile comes onto Ron s face. You could proclaim it National Naco Day and give us unlimited access to Bueno Nacho. Both Kim and the President look at him for a moment. Kim sighs and grabs Ron s arm. Come on, Ron. WHAT? I think it s a reasonable award.
The two begin to walk away from the whole event. As Kim pulls out her Communicator to fill in Wade, Ron looks back at the stage, and remembers what when on behind it.

The Incredibly Lucky Ron Stoppable 2

2 Weeks later&

How does she do it? Drakken paces around his Secret Lair (OK, not that secret), thinking to himself how he got beaten by Kim Possible yet again. Shego is sitting down at a table with her feet kicked up. Hmm, let me see&is it because all your evil plans are LAME and never have ANY hope of working? Not now, Shego. I am in a seriously peeved mood. Shego jumps to her feet and looks at Drakken. YOU? You just got beat by a High School Cheerleader, for the Umpteenth time! Big Whoop! I, for some reason, feel like I ve been severely violated! I m gonna go have me some alone time. Drakken s eyes widen as he looks at Shego. Need me to join you? Shego gets a puzzled look on her face, and then looks back at him as if he were stupid. No, A-LONE time. Meaning time to myself. Not time with some whiny little Evil Genius who took three years to pass High School Science! She storms off into her quarters, leaving Drakken alone. Drakken yells back at her. IT WAS TWO!

An Electric Sliding Door opens and Shego storms into her room, hands glowing. She looks ready to take someone s head off. UGH! Why do I keep working for that Idiot? The glow fades and her hands go back to normal as she sighs and sits down on her bed. Things were so much better when I was training Senor Senior Jr. She picks up a picture that s on her Nightstand. It s of her and Junior&with her holding a whip over Junior, who s covering up trying not to get hit. He was athletic, handsome&and had endurance that could rival a marathon runner. Too bad he came up short with the Package. She starts to get angry and tosses the picture behind her, before jumping up in a rage. WHY CAN T I FIND A MAN WITH A BIG DICK THAT ISN T AS DUMB AS ONE? She stands there and hangs her head down, looking like she s given up. I need to relieve some stress. Ugh! And get this disgusting feeling off of me.

She goes into her bathroom and begins to run her shower, then begins to undress. She takes off her Jumpsuit Top, and her breasts pop out into the open like a Jack in a Box. She bends over and pulls down her Jumpsuit Bottom to reveal a Luscious Ass that s been hidden for so long. And a pussy that looks cleanly shaven (Surprisingly). She steps out of her pants and steps into the shower, wanting to wash away the feeling of failure (and Violation). The water rains down on her jet-black hair, soaking it so that it covers her face. She stands there, for a minute, before she flips her hair back and lets the water shower down on her round & perky jugs. She begins to wash herself, starting with arms, then her shoulders, then down to her breasts. She stays there for a while, having a familiar feeling of them being played with & caressed. It s both stimulating, and a little bit sickening to remember that feeling, but she goes on anyway, pushing her Tits together as the soap bubbles between them. A small moan comes from her as she continues. Her mind wonders to the all the Villains she has made love to (OK, screwed) in her evil career. Killigan, Monkey Fist, even that one night in Tahiti with Adrena Lynn, none of them were satisfying enough.

She remembers not being satisfied on any of them occasions. Even Drakken, who had a decent tool, just didn t know how to use it. Frustrated, she yanks out the Shower Head (which ain t removable) and puts it right on her Tight Pussy. OOOHHH, YEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!! The water pressure is turned on to its highest setting. She massages her breast and rubs on her nipple with one hand, and guides the Shower Head deeper with the other. The sensation makes her fall to her knees as she keeps going. She moves her other hand lower and starts to rub on her Clit furiously. OH, GOD! Almost there! ALMOST THERE! She feels her climax coming. Closer&and closer&and closer&and&

SHEGO! Drakken busts through the bathroom door, startling Shego and ruining the moment. I ve finally developed the perfect way to eliminate Kim&Possible? Shego grabs her gloves, that are hanging on a Towel Rack, and slip them on. They slowly start to glow. Drakken gets very nervous. Uh, I did something very bad, didn t I?


Drakken is sent through the wall into the Laboratory Wing. As the dust clears from the wreckage that was made, a figure with glowing hands stands over the cowering Drakken. It s Shego, still naked, still soapy, and still pissed. What&is the First Rule&OF OUR AGREEMENT??? N-n-never disturb you when you re in your room, unless I want one of my Doomsday Weapons shoved up my ass sideways. Shego steps closer and leans over to look Drakken in the eyes. So what do you think you were doing when you&what? Wh-what? What are you staring at? Do I have something in my teeth? What? She wonders why Drakken has turned into a staring, drooling idiot. Then she looks down and sees her Big Titties are the reason. She quickly grabs a towel to cover herself. WHAT DO YOU WANT, DRAKKEN??? Drakken snaps out of it. Uh&I mean, I ve done it. I ve developed the perfect plan to take over the World and take care of Kim Possible! Uh-huh. Ye and why would this plan be different from the others? Drakken gets the oh-so-familiar evil grin across his face. Because, it involves us trapping her, and you getting to do anything & everything you want to do to her. An evil grin now comes across Shego s face. Oh, yes. I think I m gonna enjoy this.


Ron is sitting on the couch at the Possible House. Both Kim s Mom & Dad are at work, and the twins are performing a dangerous experiment (something involving a Puppy, a Trampoline & some explosives). He has his eyes closed, and a couch pillow in his hand. And it looks like he s over fluffing it. Oh, yeah. That s soft. That s Heaven. Now pull your pants down. Ooh, a green thong. I wonder what s green underneath& Underneath what, Ron? Ron opens his eyes from his Daydream to see Kim looking at him. WHAAH!!! Uh, I mean, NOTHING! I-I was just thinking about&Trees. Just trees and stuff. Suddenly, they re interrupted by the sound of a Toilet flushing. The Bathroom Door opens and Rufus comes scampering out. He jumps on Ron s lap and climbs into his pocket. Hey, did you remember to wash your hands? Before he can answer, Kim s Communicator goes off in her pocket. She pulls it out and answers it. What s the Sitch, Wade? Wade appears on the screen. Kim, I ve just received word that there were several robberies reported in the Pebble Beach Area. A rash of Sports Equipment Stores have been picked clean of special computerized Golf Clubs. Hmm, sounds like Killigan. I m on it. She shuts off her Communicator as Ron stands up. But, you can t be on it, Kim. We got the Cheer Team s meeting today to discuss the Pep Rally. No big. You can go and take notes for me. I shouldn t be long. Please & Thank You. Kim rushes out of the door as Ron tries to stop her. WAIT&KIM!!! Ron stands in the Doorway she rushes off to her mission. Rufus comes out of Ron s pocket and looks up at him. Well, this shouldn t be too bad.

Later, at Middleton High&

I can t believe Kim didn t even show up. She had to send her lackey. Bonnie is steamed, as usual, as she walks down the hall. Ron is tailing behind her. Hey now, first of all, The Ron Man is no one s lackey. And number two, Kim s off trying to save the world. That so figures. She s always off in some far-off place. She cares more about Saving the World than this team. When you see her, tell her I want a few words, and not the good ones. She storms off in a huff, leaving Ron at the Lockers. Well Kim s gonna be happy about that. Better drop off these notes at her Locker, before I hit Bueno Nacho! Rufus jumps out of Ron s pocket and climbs up on his shoulder, happy & ready to go. Let me tell you buddy, I got a craving for Grande Naco that s bigger than& As soon as he opens Kim s locker, a trap door opens under him. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Ron is sent plummeting downward with Rufus, but the Trap Door closes before Rufus can fall in. Ron falls all the way down the chute and hits the bottom hard. Ohhhh, what happened? He looks around and sees nothing but darkness. OK, either this is my worse nightmare, or a really big surprise party in my honor. Just then, sinister laughter fills the air, and a pair of Glowing Green Hands appear out of the darkness. OK, I can count out surprise party. Ron backs up to a wall as the hands come closer, and a pair of Glowing Green Eyes appears. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Incredibly Lucky Ron Stoppable 3

The glowing hands shoot a beam outward and it hits a Lantern. The flame from the Lantern illuminates the room to show that it s Shego with Ron. They re in the Deep Basement of Middleton High. Time to&wait a minute, you? The Buffoon? Where s Possible? Is she sneaking around trying to find a way to surprise me? Ron stops cowering in the corner to answer Shego. Sh-sh-she s not here. She s not here? Then where is she? Just then, Ron starts to think to himself. OK Stoppable, obviously Shego s trying to hunt Kim down. You can t let anything happen to her. This&is where you stand up&and be a man. Ron gets up to his feet and looks Shego in the eye. And why should I tell you? Shego smirks, and then kneels over to grabs a rock off the ground. Her hands begin to glow again, and she turns the rock into powder in her hands. Ron goes back to cowering in the corner. WHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! SHE S OFF AT PEBBLE BEACH CHASING KILLIGAN!!! Shego starts to get angry. KILLIGAN? That Fat Pro Golfer Wannabe? Oh, that s just great! Once again, Drakken manages to Fuck Up another one of his plans. Shego turns her back and begins grumbling to herself. Ron gets back up from the corner and begins to climb out the way he came. Well, since Kim isn t here, I guess I should just be going. Shego shoots a beam that hits the wall above Ron. Since I can t have a Showdown with Possible&I might as well settle taking her friend as a Hostage.

Shego inches closer as Ron back up to the wall. This is it, Stoppable. Are you gonna go quietly? Or are you gonna go loud? He jumps off the wall and faces Shego in a Kung-Fu Stance. Shego cocks an eyebrow up. You can t be serious, kid. Oh&I am! HWAAAAAAAAAHH!!! You wanna piece of Ron? Shego laughs a little bit to herself, right before she lunges at him. Ron barely avoids the strike and attempts a Monkey Kick. Shego grabs his leg, flips him over and they start to trade & block each other s blows. After a few moments, Ron actually gets in a Palm shot to Shego s chest. She stumbles back and holds her right Breast as Ron grins and waves for her to bring it. Getting frustrated again, Shego leaps at him in a blind fury. Ron dodges this attack barely, and jumps back into his fighting stance&until his pants fall down. AWWWWWW! Why does this always happen to me?

Shego gets ready to charge again when she stops in her tracks. She takes a look down and her mouth drops wide open. All that comes out is a little drop of drool as she sees the giant bulge coming from Ron s Boxers. That s what Stoppable is working with? But he s only a Teen. Of course, that would explain all the clumsiness I ve seen from him. OH, I ve GOT to get my hands on that&and my mouth. Shego grins to herself, thinking of all the things she can do with that thing. Ron sees this and decides to take this moment to escape. He reaches down to pull up his pants when Shego snaps out of it. Hold it RIGHT There! Ron stands back up as Shego slowly walks over to him. I ve decided to cut a deal with you, kid, and give you a chance to play hero&for once. Ron looks confused as Shego continues. I ll lay off Possible for the time being. So you and her can go Save the World and all that. But in exchange, you have to do something for me. Ron gets nervous as Shego grows a Devious Grin. A-And what would that be? Your Boxers&drop em!

A look of pure shock comes across his face. Of all the things he thought she would ve asked, that was the last one that came to mind. Instantly, he remembers that day when he felt up on her breasts while she was Knocked Out backstage at the Presidential Fund Raiser. Since then, he s had wet dreams about going even further than that with her, but nothing like this. He hesitates for a second, but then complies, pulling them all the way down to his ankles. Shego stands there in shock, staring at his Pipe. Holy Shit, he s almost as big as Drakken. And with his youth, I bet he can go on and on. I guess I should teach the kid how to use it. She starts to get a little wet just thinking about it. She drops to her knees, and grips the Cock with her hand. Hmm, let me guess&Virgin? No! No, no. I ve done it, plenty of times. Dozens! A smirk grows on her face. Ye like I m supposed to believe Good little Kimmy actually gave it up to you. She s probably saving herself for something stupid like Marriage. Well kid, welcome to Shego s Sex-Ed 101, kid. First lesson, now

Shego slowly leans forward and opens her mouth. Her tongue comes out as she gives it a quick lick. Then, her Dark Green Lips slowly wrap around his Large Shaft, and she takes it in. The same look of ecstasy that was on Ron s face when he first saw Shego s bare breasts is back. Shego begins to slowly move her head back & forth, as her tongue just goes crazy around his Cock. OH! It s been so long since I had a Big Cock in my mouth. Her pussy starts to get soaking wet, and she starts to rub her clit as she did in the shower. Ron can barely stand as he looks ready to blow. Oh, man. This feels so good. I m about to pop. NO! No, no, gotta stay strong. I don t know how long she ll do this, so I got to make it last. And as long as she doesn t Deep Throat me, we don t have a problem. And at that moment, Shego begins to take it all in. More and more goes deeper into her mouth until her chin is on his balls. OK, we DO have a problem. She pulls back and pumps her head faster, going like there s no tomorrow. She gets so into it that she rips open her Jumpsuit Top to reveal those luscious round breasts again. This sends Ron over the edge. He stops holding on and let s go, as Semen blasts into her mouth, filling it up almost instantly. It s so much, that the Semen starts to drool out of her mouth. She pulls her head back, letting Ron s Cock out of her mouth. Ron steps back a little, thinking he s done something that ll end his life&and is shocked to see that she swallows his whole load down her throat. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Yummy. Ron stands there in disbelief. Oh&My&God! SHE S A TOTAL FREAK!!! This would be my dream come true if I wasn t frightened that she ll kill me. Regardless of the fear, Ron s Dick goes hard again. This doesn t go unnoticed by Shego. Hmm, looks like the little soldier is still ready to go. Ron gets nervous again. Yeah, whaddya know&go figure. Ye I think it s time we go to lesson 2. Ron looks confused again. Lesson 2? She has a Sexy Evil grin as she slowly bends over and pulls down her Jumpsuit Bottom to reveal her shaven pussy and that heavenly Ass. Ron almost faints after seeing this. This&is a Dream Come True.


Rufus has just climbed up to Kim s Locker, and is frantically pressing buttons trying to activate the spare communicator. After a few more tries, he finally gets Wade. What up, Ro Rufus? What s going on? Rufus starts scampering about what happened to Ron, but Wade can t understand him. Is this Bueno Nacho again, Rufus? Rufus groans and then begins to act out all that happened to Ron. Wade finally begins to understand. Something tells me Ron s in trouble. Better call Kim.

Back to the Action!

Shego stands bent over in front of Ron, with that perfect ass in the air. So, you ready for Lesson 2? Ron grabs his Cock and grins. Oh yeah&OH YEAH! THE RON MAN S READY!!! And with that, Ron lunges forward and inserts into her Soaking Wet Pussy. Shego moans with ecstasy almost instantly. OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH, YES! Ron pumps in and out of her, enjoying every minute. This is it, Stoppable. Today&you are THE Man! He begins to stroke faster, getting fully into it. Shego looks like she s in heaven. Oh my GOD!! Kimmy does not know what she s missing. Ron leans over and starts massaging Shego s Round Tits. The sweat is pouring off of them both as Ron continues to pump it in, Deeper & Deeper. Shego looks closer than she s ever been to an Orgasm. OH, YEAH!! RIGHT THERE!!! I m so Close! I m&I M&AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ron shoots out his load, filling her up just as much as he did her mouth. It s almost like a fire hose. Shego falls to the ground, sweating, exhausted, and Happy. Ron falls to his knees, still smiling over what he s done.

Shego lays there, feeling vindicated&and out of breath. You know&with a few more lessons&you could really become a pro. Ron feels glad over the compliment. He looks down to answer Shego when he sees something that he never thought to see in his wildest dreams&Shego s Bare Ass. His Dick gets Rock Hard upon seeing it, and dozens of ideas of what he could do to that ass run through his head. It s a thing of pure beauty. You know what? Screw it all. Shego might kill me when she gets her strength back, so I might as well go out with a Bang! Ron gets a Devious grin on his face as he looks at Shego. Yeah, I could become a pro. And I think I ll take my Anal Test right now! Shego looks confused. Anal Test? Wh-what re you&No, NO! THAT S NOT GONNA HAP&

Before she can finish, Ron grabs her ass and penetrates straight into her Asshole. Oh, man. This is like 10 times tighter than her pussy. Shego s gloves start to glow brightly as she s clearly not happy about this surprise. Ron sees it, and decides just to keep fucking her ass as long as he can. Shockingly, Shego s hands slowly stop fading as she begins to enjoy it. Oh, YEAH! OH, GOD THIS FEELS SO GOOD!!! RIDE ME, STOPPABLE! RIDE ME HARD! Ron can t believe what he just heard. She IS a Total Freak! I don t think I can hang on any longer. He keeps pumping her ass, going deeper with each stroke. Shego is drooling & moaning in joy. It s been so long since she s had it up the ass real good, and it s about to make her come again. Oh God&OH GOD&I m Gonna, again&AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Ron lets loose yet another load. This one looks to be the biggest. He pulls out of her, and falls to the ground, drenched in sweat, and a smile on his face. I d die now a happy man&it was worth it& And Ron passes out from Exhaustion, laughing to himself.

Ron wakes up a Few Hours later, fully clothed and wiped of the sweat. He looks up and sees the dimly lit room again, this time it has a tunnel of light shining in on his face. Ugh. Am I dead? He gets up off the ground and tries to get his bearings when he notices that the tunnel is real. Shego left him a way out&and left him alive. He walks out through the tunnel and out into the open just as Kim arrives on the scene. RON! Is everything OK? As Ron s eyes still adjusts to the light, he hears Kim s voice. Kim? Is that you? Yeah&I-I m okay. Kim hugs him, glad to know that he s safe. Wade said that he scanned the school and saw you fell through a Trap Door. And he said Shego was there. What happened? Don t worry, Kim. You see I m safe. I handled the situation. Guess you could say I had the tools to get the job done. Kim looks puzzled. What does that mean, Ron? OH, Uh&NOTHING! Nothing! Let s go to Bueno Nacho. I think its Half-Priced Tuesday.


Shego walks into Drakken s secret lair, looking refreshed and carrying a Shopping Bag. Drakken ducks behind a table. Wait, Shego. Before you get mad, there was no way I could ve known Killigan would pull that stunt. And the plan can still& Forget it, Drakken. I m taking a Personal Day. Hold off your Half-Assed for another day. She walks straight into her quarters as the door slides shut behind her. Drakken just stares at the door, surprised she didn t break anything. Humph! My plan wasn t that Half-Assed. In her room, Shego pulls a bag of Ice out of the Shopping Bag. She lays the Ice Bag on her bed and gently sits down on it. Ouch! She finally rests on it, as a Vindictive look grows on her face. I gotta get me some more of that Stoppable Cock&and pay him back for my Ass.
The Amazingly Lucky Ron Stoppable

Ron, are you OK? Kim sits with Ron at the back of the School Bus, wondering if everything s Kosher since he hasn t said a word since they left. They ve joined the Cheer Squad and a few members of the Football Team on a Special Pep Rally to Camp Wannaweep. Usually hearing the name causes Ron to go cowering in a corner, but this time he s kept his composure, causing Kim to worry. She puts her hand on his knee. Is this about you having to leave Rufus behind because of his Veterinarian appointment? No, I m cool, KP. Like the other side of the pillow. Kim smiles, assured he is OK. So the counseling sessions with the School Psychiatrist have been working? Yeah, he says that I should just think about happier times whenever&that name is mentioned. And he also gave me this nifty Stress Ball to squeeze when I get nervous. I doubt that I ll need it though. At that moment, Ron looks out of his window and sees the Camp Wannaweep welcome sign outside of the Camp. He starts hyperventilating and squeezing his Stress Ball, so hard that it explodes in his hands. Bonnie Rockwaller sees this and turns to look at the two. Um, yeah, he s not gonna be acting like this the whole trip, is he? Kim stands up to Bonnie. Chill out, Bonnie. Ron will not be a problem on this trip Uh-Huh, he better not!

The Bus rolls through the front entrance gate of the camp, and Ron s close to having a nervous breakdown. He remembers all of the horrible events that went on here. The Bugs, The Rabid Monkey, and the two Incidents with Gill, the Swamp Mutant. Ron remembers the advice of the School Psychiatrist and recalls all of the good events in his life. His Times at Bueno Nacho, his Adventures with Kim saving the world&and losing his virginity to Shego. Just thinking about that gives him a Hard-On that can be seen even through his Baggy Pants. Ron looks down and notices it. Oh, no. Not again. If Mr. Barkin sees it, he ll make me sit through another film of The Birds & The Bees . Gotta hide it. Ron quickly grabs Kim s pom-pom and puts them on his crotch, trying to cover up. At that time, the Bus hits a huge speed bump, and Ron realizes he forgot to buckle his seat belt. He s sent flying onto the Aisle Floor, and the whole Bus starts to laugh at him, as Kim looks very embarrassed. Bonnie sighs and looks at her Cheerleader friends. You see, this is why I don t associate myself with the loser class. She & her friends start laughing along with the rest of the Bus. Ron is about to make a comeback at her when the insult dies in his mouth. He s at eye-level with Bonnie s crotch area, and can see between her legs & under her skirt that she s not wearing any underwear. He can t make out the whole scene, but he can definitely see the hair and the clit from Bonnie s Pussy.

Bonnie s&not wearing Panties& He goes on staring, as Bonnie doesn t even pay attention to him. But suddenly his concentration & gaze is broken. STOPPABLE!!! Ron jumps to his feet and stands Eye-to-Chest with Mr. Barkin. Is there a reason why you were lying on the floor of a moving Bus? NO, NO! No, sir! None at all! Uh, I mean&I ll just go back to my seat now. Ron sits back down in the back as the Bus comes to a complete stop. The door opens and they all pile out into the open. Mr. Barkin marches them out to the middle of the Camp Site, then lines them up in 4 rows. Kim is placed 2 rows behind Ron and five students to the left, while Ron is directly behind Bonnie. Mr. Barkin walks around in front of the kids, like a Drill Sergeant addressing his troops. People! The school has issued this Pep Rally in order to Pep up your spirits for the Big Game. We will spend a couple of hours here raising your School Spirit, and you will be Peppy by the time you leave this camp. Now the Big Game is tomorrow night, so I expect you to& Mr. Barkin is interrupted by the Bus Driver. They turn their backs to the students and talk, as Ron can t help but keep his eyes on Bonnie s ass. Oh, man. It s so round&it s so perfect. And she s not even wearing panties. Oh, she must be a Pro. I bet she could teach me so much. Ron begins to let s his imagination go wild.

He starts to imagine the both of them alone in the School Gym & Bonnie wearing a special Cheerleader Outfit with a super short skirt. The Outfit is black & blue with a Big Letter R in the front. She looks at Ron with seductive eyes and slowly walks towards him. Gimme an R! Ron looks confused, as he s the only one in the Gym with her. Um&R? She moves closer as a devious grin grows on her face. Gimme an O! OK, O! She gets right up on him and leans in close. Now gimme an N! N! She puts her arm around him and drags her finger gently over Ron s chest. You know what that spells? You, ya big stud. She leans in closer and gives him a Deep, Wet Kiss. They both start leaning more and find themselves on the floor. They keep kissing, as Ron begins to feel on Bonnie s ass. He slowly moves his hands up her body, feeling on every curve of her. His hands finally reach her Cheerleader Top, and he slowly starts to lift it up when a Loud & Uninviting voice breaks up this dream. STOPPABLE!!! Ron is snapped back into reality to see Mr. Barkin staring a hole through him from a distance. What is wrong with you? Are you high? What? N-No. No Mr. Barkin, sir. Barkin walks back to the group. Then pay attention, then. People, it appears that our Mode of Transportation has run into some Technical Difficulties. In other words&the Bus broke down. This means that we will have to spend the night here. Now later, I will be assigning partners to share Cabins. For now, practice on your cheers and proceed with building up your Pep .

The group disbands. Ron tries to make his way over to Kim through the crowd, when he notices Bonnie kissing Star QB Brick Flagg on the lips, then giving him a slap on his butt. He sighs, wishing that it was him. It ll never happen, Stoppable. Bonnie goes for Dimwitted Athletic Type, not the Shy Mascot Type. Kim walks over to him. Well, looks like we re gonna have to hang here for a while. I ll call Wade to see if anything s going on. Kim walks off towards the Main Office as Ron tries to find the positive in this situation. OK, Stoppable. You re stuck here while Rufus is at the Vet. None of the other girls are interested in you, except maybe Kim&hey, maybe me & Kim can hook up tonight. Ah, who am I kidding? Mr. Barkin will never let the boys get close enough to the girls to let that happen.

Later that night&

The Group is gathered around the bonfire as Mr. Barkin reads from a list of the students that are there. All right, listen up. Seeing that these Cabins are only made to accommodate two, I will be pairing you off to these Cabins. Now, due to the Discriminatory Act the school has been issued, I will be pairing you off regardless of Age, Race and/or Gender. This causes some gasps from the crowd. Ron looks around and sees Bonnie with a joyous grin on her face as she looks at Brick. The Camp Counselor walks over to Mr. Barkin to address what he just said. Excuse me, sir? Do you think that it s a wise decision? I mean, Co-Ed Cabins. Not to worry, these are all young adults who know the value of Responsibility. Besides, my eyes & ears are like a Cat. If I see anything that I don t agree with, I ll pounce with the quickness of a Cheetah. Mr. Barkin focuses his attention back to the students. Alright, now here s how you ll be paired off. Possible! You ll be rooming with&Brick Flagg! Kim looks shocked. This came out of Left Field for her. Brick is smiling and being congratulated by his teammates. Bonnie looks devastated. This so can not get any worse! Mr. Barkin makes his next announcement. Stoppable! Your roommate will be&Bonnie Rockwaller!

Bonnie s jaw drops as she can t believe her luck. Ron develops a smile on his face, thinking this might not be so bad. But the smile quickly fades when he turns towards Bonnie and sees a vindictive look on her face. As Mr. Barkin finishes up announcing the partners, Ron gets up and makes his way to the Cabin he was assigned, hoping to avoid Bonnie s wrath. He reaches the front door when an arm shoots out and blocks his way. It s Bonnie, and she s looking pissed. Let s&get this straight, Stoppable. We may be roommates, but that s it. So do not pull your usual goofy stunts around me! I will not put up with it like your stupid friends or Ms. Perfect Possible. Understood? Ron lowers his head and nods it. And do NOT think that there will be any sex in that Cabin. As a matter of fact, if I catch you even trying to look at me that way, I ll stick these Pom-Poms straight up your& OK! OK, Bonnie. I get it! She sneers at him and walks into the Cabin. Huh, you better! Ron follows after her into the Cabin, thinking this might not be such a good thing. Oh, man. This is gonna be a Nightmare.
Later that night&

Bonnie is sitting on the Top Bunk being her usually moody self. She s filing her nails, trying to past the time until this is all over. Ron is walking around the Cabin, checking every dark corner and under every piece of furniture. Bonnie begins to get annoyed by all of this. What are you doing, Stoppable? Ron continues his check. I m checking for Bugs and Psychopathic Monkeys. They can hide anywhere and attack from any place. Oh, I can not believe that I am stuck with you for the night. Ron gets up from his check and comes back at Bonnie. You know, this isn t exactly a Picnic for me, either. Bonnie gets angry a shoot down a mean look at Ron. Hey, you should be happy that you get this close to a beautiful woman. Lord knows Ms. Perfect doesn t have my looks. Ron is about to come back at her again, when he decides to just let it slide. Look, how about we just go to bed and get some sleep. That s the first good idea you had. The sooner tomorrow gets here, the sooner I get away from you. Bonnie turns her back to Ron and lies down on her bed. Ron sighs to himself and turns off the light. He walks over to the bottom bunk and takes off his shoes & pants, not wanting to sweat in his sleep. He climbs in the bottom bunk and closes his eyes, quickly falling asleep himself.

A few hours later, the Camp Site is quiet. Everyone is asleep in his or her Cabin as you can barely hear anything. Inside Bonnie & Ron s Cabin, Bonnie gets up to get a drink of water. She walks over to the sink and grabs a cup, but changes her mind when she looks in the cup and sees how filthy it is. ICK! Never in my life! She throws the cup down and walks back to the bunk. As she begins to climb up to the Top Bunk, she notices something on Ron. Ugh. Must be a bug. Better shoo it off of him before it attacks me next. She climbs down and goes to bat the bug away when she sees what it really is in the darkness&Ron s Bulge. Holy shit&THAT S what Stoppable is working with? Well, it does explain the clumsiness. I wonder if Kim knows? I gotta see this for myself. Bonnie carefully begins to grab Ron s Boxers, trying not to wake him up. She reaches inside and slowly pulls out his Cock, looking shocked by the size of it. Geez, it is for real! I never would ve guessed. I wonder what it tastes like?

She looks around, checking the windows of the Cabin to make sure that no one is looking in. She then grips the shaft in her hand, and gives it a small lick, expecting it to be the nastiest thing ever. Huh. It s not so bad. Just then, Ron starts to shift a little. Bonnie turns pale, thinking she s about to be caught Red Handed&somewhat. Then a smile comes onto Ron s face. Oh, Shego. I love it when you do that. Bonnie looks at Ron angrily. Who the hell is Shego? She shrugs it off, concluding that it s Ron talking in his sleep. She takes a few more lick of his Penis, then leans in more. She opens her mouth, and slowly begins to engulf the head. It s starting to feel real good to Ron. So good that he wakes up, and sees Bonnie s mouth on the head of his Cock. WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH&

Bonnie sits up and quickly forces her hand on Ron s mouth to shut him up. Would you shut up, Stoppable? Ron snaps back in and realizes it s not a dream. Bonnie, you were you were just giving me a& She cuts him off before he can continue. Look, I know what you re thinking. No you don t. Cause right now, I m really confused. Bonnie sighs and sits on the edge of the bed. Look, Stoppable, I had a plan to be with Brick Flagg right now, but stupid Mr. Barkin changed that. My sister s made a bet with me. Said they d stop teasing me if I get laid by the star QB, like they did when they were in High School. I was just& She holds her head down in disappointment. Ron gets up from his bed and puts his arm around her. Hey, hey, it s OK it s OK. The Ron Man knows about being teased. And it never affects my style. Bonnie raises her head and looks at Ron. You know, you re not so bad after all, Stoppable. They both smile, then their eyes meet, and they both lean in to kiss each other.

The two of them end up falling on the lower bunk bed. It s just like Ron s Daydream. He starts to feel on Bonnie s ass. Playing with it before he slowly moves his hand up her body, feeling all of her curves. He reaches her Cheerleader Top and lifts it up, revealing her Soft, Round Breasts. He massages them, pushing them together and playing with them. Bonnie moans softly in approval. R-Ron&wait&I wanna do something& She slowly moves down Ron s body, reaching his still erect Penis. She grabs it, and begins to put it in her mouth when Ron interrupts. Uh&Bonnie? Are you sure that& Shut Up, Stoppable! I need this. I just need to Suck someone! It s just a Blowjob. Ron shuts up, remembering his experience with Shego. It s best to just let a Frustrated Woman suck you off, and lay back and enjoy it.

Bonnie puts her lips on his Cock and proceeds to work her tongue all around his head. She goes up and down on his shaft, leaving it wetter with every motion. Ron can t believe how good this feels. Oh, man. She s even better than Shego at this. This feels so good. Bonnie starts to tilt her head as she goes lower and lower on his Manhood. Ron feels like he s about to blow when he gets a glimpse of Bonnie ass from under her skirt with the moonlight hitting it just right, to give it that glow. It s even more perfect than I could ever dream. I bet her pussy is heaven. I gotta get my Dick in that. I gotta touch it! I gotta see how warm it is! But Bonnie would kill me if I even tried. Bonnie takes his Cock out of her mouth and starts to lick it like an Ice Cream Bar. She goes up & down the shaft, and even starts to suck on his balls. All the while, her pussy is getting more & more soaked. Ron notices she s enjoying this and makes a bold decision. I&I can t help it. I just gotta touch that Pussy!

Ron takes his Middle & Ring Fingers and puts them together, then lifts her skirt and slides them into Bonnie s Wet Box. Bonnie gasps, not expecting him to do something like that, but she continues licking & sucking on his Cock, enjoying the moment. She takes it in once more, this time all the way down until it disappears. Ron looks ready to pass out. I can t believe it. She even knows how to Deep Throat. I can t hold back. Bonnie keeps pumping her head back & forth off his Cock. She takes it out of her mouth just when Ron lets his load explode. Semen flies all over her face and in her hair. Ron is scared for his life. He takes his fingers out of her wet box, and has flashbacks of what happened with Shego, hoping for the best. She shoots an evil look at Ron. Do you have to Fuck up everything, Stoppable? Ron looks close to begging. I m so sorry, Bonnie. I didn t mean& You know what, if you wanna make it up to me& Bonnie climbs onto his bottom bunk and spreads her legs right in front of him. &then Fuck Me! Ron is completely caught off guard. He never expected to hear that. But& Oh, you think you can just finger me close to an Orgasm then just quit? She leans in and grabs his collar, pulling him close to her. I WANT YOUR DICK IN ME, STOPPABLE!!!

Ron looks shocked, but not too shocked that he doesn t comply. He leans in and rubs the head of his Cock around her pussy lips. It turns on Bonnie more & more, as she starts breathing heavy with anticipation. Stop teasing me, Stoppable. Put it in! He stops the teasing, and fits his penis inside her surprisingly tight box. She moans in pleasure, finally getting what she wanted. Ron begins to move slowly, pumping in and out of her. Oh, man. She s so warm. She s got Shego beat by a mile. He s getting lost in this pleasure, as he grabs her thighs and pushes himself deeper in her. Bonnie is in Heaven. OH, GOD!!! OH GOD, RON!!! YEAH!!! LIKE THAT!!! OH, FUCK!!! Bonnie s screams can be heard 2 Cabins over. But in that Cabin, sleeping like a Log is Mr. Barkin. He s cuddled up with his Teddy Bear, unknowing of the wildness going on. Over at the other end of the Campgrounds is Kim s Cabin&without Kim, who was called away on a mission to investigate Professor Dementor. Back at the Cabin, the entire Bunk Bed is shaking from the action. Ron is sucking on Bonnie s Firm, Round Tits as he keeps pounding her. Suddenly, Bonnie pushes Ron away from her. He pulls out and wonders what s going on when she lays him on his back. It s time for Bon-Bon to drive.

She climbs on top of Ron as before, and guides his Dick into her. She slowly begins to bounce up and down, before picking up the speed they had before they stopped. Ron grabs her Firm Breasts again and begins to massage and play with them. This time Bonnie helps, and she guides Ron s hands, pushing her Tits together and rubbing on her nipples. They re both going at a fast pace, as the whole room fills with squeaks from the bed. Bonnie closes her eyes and tilts her head back, feeling closer than ever. YES!! YES!!! OH, YES!!! I M GONNA CUM!!! I M GONNA& Bonnie hops off of his Cock just as he sprays all of his Semen out. He lets it go all over her back and her Round Ass as she falls forward onto Ron, with her Breasts burying Ron s face. She rolls over onto the other side of the bed. They re both drenched in sweat & breathing hard. Ron has a huge smile on his face. As he passes out, only one thought goes through his mind. I am The Man!

The next morning, Ron is woken up by his pants being thrown on his face. He sits up to see Bonnie fully dressed and standing by the door. Come on, Stoppable! I don t have all damn day to wait for you! Get a move on! She storms out of the Cabin as Ron sighs and starts to put on his pants. He stands up and grabs his shoes when he notices Bonnie back in the doorway. And thanks for last night, stud. She blows a kiss at him, then exits back out. Ron smiles and puts on his shoes before leaving the Cabin. The Bus is already half-full as Mr. Barkin is loading the rest of the kids. Ron joins Kim in line. Hey, KP. Everything go OK with your bunk? Didn t find out. Had to go on a late-night Capture of Professor Dementor. How about you? Was Queen Bonnie bearable? Ron is about to answer when he feels a smack on his butt. He turns to see Bonnie walking onto the bus ahead of them. Ron smiles and replies to Kim. Eh, you know. The Ron Man always survives, no matter the danger.

Kim & Ron climb onto the bus, as it s revealed that they re being watched on a Monitor. The Figure that s watching them steps out of the shadow to reveal that it s Shego, with a sinister grin on her face. Trust me, Stoppable. You don t know what danger is&at least not until I show it to you. You re gonna pay for what you did to me! OWW!!! She grabs an Ice Pack and begins to gently rub her ass. And my Ass!
The Unbelievably Lucky Ron Stoppable part 3

It’s 11:30am, as the Sun brightly shines into Ron Stoppable’s room, which looks like a Tornado hit it twice. Rufus is sleeping in Ron’s Sock Drawer, using one of his Socks as a Blanket. The room is eerily quiet, that is until Ron’s alarm clock goes off. “IT’S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!!” The song blares throughout the room as Ron is shocked awake. He reaches for something to grab onto, but ends up falling out of his bed, which wakes up Rufus. He picks himself up off the floor and grabs his Shirt. “Come on, Little Buddy, first Day of Spring Break. Which means nothing but Sun, Fun & Video Games!” Rufus stands up and yawns as Ron puts on his pants and a pair of Sandals. He grabs Rufus and runs into the bathroom. Grabbing his Toothbrush, he turns on the Faucet to the Sink and brushes his teeth. Rufus climbs onto the sink and grabs a Toothbrush of his own and brushes his. The two finish and dash out into the hall and down the stairs.

“MOM! I’m up! Got the Waffles ready?” He runs into the Kitchen to see nobody at home. Only a note left on the table. He grabs the note and read. “Dear Ronnie, your father and I have gone shopping since last night you cleaned out the Refrigerator with your mouth. We will be back this Afternoon.” Ron puts the note down and looks at Rufus. “Oh well, looks like it’s Bueno Nacho time!” Rufus shakes his head in excitement just as the house phone rings. Ron picks it up. “Hello? Casa De Stoppable.” “Ron, I’m so glad I caught you” It’s Kim on the other line. A smile comes onto Ron’s face. “Hey, Kim. So how’s Cheerleader Practice?” “It’s fine, but I need a favor from you. I ran out of the house and forgot to grab my Mom’s Medical Supplies. Can you go drop them off for me?” The smile on his face quickly turns into a frown. “Aw, Kim. You’re really cutting into my Ron time.” “Please & Thank You.” Ron finally caves. “Alright, I’m on my way.” “Good. The Tweebs should still be home so they’ll let you in. I owe you, Ron.” She hangs up the phone as Rufus crawls into Ron’s pocket and looks up at him, wondering what’s going on. “Looks like we gotta make a small detour, Rufus. But this won’t cut into our fun time.”

A Little Later…

Ron shows up outside of Kim’s house. He rings the doorbell, and a moment later the door swings open. Ron looks in and then quickly ducks as a Rocket shoots over his head followed by Kim’s Twin Brothers, Jim & Tim. “We should’ve used less fuel.” Ron stands back up, wondering what’s going on. “Uh, what’s with the Rocket?” Jim uses a Remote Control to try to call back the Rocket as Tim explains. “We heard NASA was willing to pay for a new Cleaner Burning Rocket Fuel. We succeeded, but it makes the Rocket a little harder to control.” Tim takes the control as Jim turns to Ron. “Kim called and said what you needed. Mom’s bag is upstairs in her room.” Just then, the Rocket crashes in a Neighbor’s Back Yard. “Oh no, Ms. O’Leary’s yard. We gotta get that Rocket back.”

They run off towards the Neighbor’s house as Ron heads inside. He climbs the stairs and walks into Kim’s Parents Room. The Bag’s not out in the open, so Ron decides to look for it. He checks the counter, under the bed, then checks the drawers. He opens one drawer, and his face starts to turn bright red as he sees what lies within…its Mrs. Possible’s underwear drawer. “Whoa!” He looks at the door to make sure no one’s watching, then grabs a few pair to see what they look like. He holds one up to reveal that it’s a Thong. “Oh, man. I never knew Mrs. P wore a thong! Dr. P is a lucky man!” He’s about to put the underwear back in the drawer when he notices a photo face down in the drawer. He picks up the photo to look at it, and his Dick almost shoots out of his pants. It’s Kim’s Mom, naked, and playing with her Huge Breasts. Ron drools uncontrollably, mesmerized by the photo. After a minute, Rufus snaps him out of it. He puts down the Photo and closes the drawer. His eyes gaze downward, and he sees her Medical Bag behind the door. He grabs it and runs back down the stairs, trying to get his mind off of what he just saw. “No! Stop it, Stoppable! That’s Kim’s Mom! What you’re thinking…it’s Sick & Wrong. Get your mind off of it!” He runs out of the house and closes the door behind him. Ron hops on a Public Bus headed Downtown as the Tweebs are getting scolded by Ms. O’Leary.

An Hour Later…

Ron arrives at the Hospital and walks through the sliding doors to see Mrs. Possible being congratulated by fellow Colleagues after a successful Brain Transfer Procedure. She sees Ron walking up to her and welcomes him. “Ronald! How nice of you to drop by. Kim told me what you’re doing. Sorry to cut into your free time.” “No problem, Dr. P.” He hands the bag over to Mrs. Possible. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Nacos to scarf down. Plus, these hospitals bring back bad memories.” “Nonsense, Ronald. There’s nothing to fear from Hospitals. Probably just something that happened from your last Check-Up.” Ron gets nervous and starts to scratch the back of his head. “Uh, actually…I haven’t had a Check-Up in a while.” Mrs. Possible gets a motherly look on her face as she folds her arms. “Ronald…” “Don’t worry, Dr. P. It’s on my To-Do List. But a man like me does have Priorities. Like Half-Price Tuesday as Bueno Nacho!” He’s about to jet off to his favorite hangout when he’s grabbed by Mrs. Possible. “And a young man like you needs to keep healthy. A small Check-Up won’t take that much time out of today, Ronald.” “But you’re a Brain Surgeon, Dr. P.” She turns and smiles at Ron before leading him down the hall. “But I also studied Basic Medicine in Medical School, which means I’m more than Qualified to perform Check-Ups on Patients.”

She leads him to her Office. He’s about to walk in when she puts her hand up to stop him. “Sorry, Ron. But Rufus has to stay in the Waiting Room. Sterilization Rules” Rufus looks upset, but he jumps out of Ron’s pocket and scampers off to the Waiting Room. Ron walks into her Office and waits as Mrs. Possible remains outside. “I’ll be right with you, Ronald. Just have to make a quick phone call. She walks down the hall to the end and pulls out her Cell Phone, dialing in a number. She puts the phone to her ear and listens to it ring for a few moments before someone answers. “Hello?” “Honey, it’s me.” “Oh, Hey sweetie. Everything OK at work?” “Yes, it’s fine James. Just wondering if we’re still on for tonight. The Twins are going to a Sleepover, and Kim’s got a Stakeout Mission. So it’ll just be you & me.” “Oh, I’m sorry, Sweetie. But I gotta pull an all nighter tonight. NASA’s really been bugging us to finish our Robot so they can send it to explore Jupiter. I hope you’re not too disappointed.” She sighed, looking very disappointed. “No…no, it’s OK, Honey. I’ll see you when you get home.” She hangs up the phone, too upset to even say goodbye. She stands there, with her fist clenched tightly, as her mood changes from Disappointment to Frustration. She then turns back to the room to start her Check-Up on Ron. “You know…I’m beginning to think that I’ll never get laid.
The Unbelievably Lucky Ron Stoppable 4

Mrs. Possible reaches her office and stands outside, trying to regain her composure and not look to upset that Ron notices. “OK, stop thinking about this. You’re a strong woman, and you’ll get through this. It’ll just be another night with the Vibrator again.” She walks into the Room and sees Ron struggling to put his Hospital Gown on. “Ron?” He turns his head and sees Mrs. Possible. “You see this is why I don’t like Hospitals, Dr. P. I think I put this thing on backwards.” He turns around to show that he did put it on backwards…and his penis hanging out in the open. Mrs. Possible is awestruck at the sight of it. “My God…THAT’S what young Ronald is packing? Well, it does explain all of the clumsiness. My word. Maybe I won’t need a Vibrator tonight after all.” A cute, but fiendish smile grows onto her face as she shuts the door behind her. Ron recognizes the look. It’s the same look that was on Shego & Bonnie’s face.

Mrs. Possible slowly moves closer to Ron. “Yes, Ronald, it is on backwards. But I think we can work around that.” This confirms Ron’s suspicion. “Oh, no. Oh, No! She’s coming on to me. I can’t do this; this is Kim’s Mom. This is so sick & wrong! I gotta do something to stop her!” Ron starts going through his mind about what he can do to not appeal to Mrs. Possible, but before he can come up with a solution, a warmness comes at him from below. He looks down to see Mrs. Possible gripping his Cock. “Uh…Dr. P? Aren’t you supposed to be using a glove when you do that?” “Don’t worry, Ronald. I’m sure you don’t have anything that I don’t want. But you do have something I’m especially interested in.” She begins to stroke his Dick slowly, as she licks her lips. Ron tries to fight it, but is losing badly. “Oh, God. Her hand is so warm. NO! No! Can’t get hard! Think about Basketball, Cold Showers…DNAmy!!!” She keeps stroking, with each movement getting Ron harder & harder. It starts to turn her on, also. As she can feel herself getting wet between her legs. “I can’t believe this. Just stroking this monster is getting me off. I gotta have this in my mouth.”

Mrs. Possible squats down as she continues to stroke Ron’s shaft. Ron has a worried look on his face. “I can’t let this happen…but I don’t want this to stop.” She comes down to eye-level with his penis when surprisingly she gets nervous. “Gee, it’s been so long since I’ve done this. Hope I still remember…don’t wanna put Ronald into a Coma.” She opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out a little as she moves closer. Her Ruby Red Lips engulf the head of his Cock as she uses her tongue to lick all around it. Ron looks paralyzed with pleasure. “Oh, man. She’s not a pro…she’s a fucking Master! Her and Mr. P must have Freaky Sex every night!” She pumps her head back and forth on his Cock, as she slowly starts to take off her white jacket. She tosses it on the floor and starts unbuttoning her blouse, all without losing a step. She opens her blouse to reveal a White Lace Bra holding back those Incredible Tits. Ron instantly gets flashbacks to the photo. “I…I shouldn’t do this…but I can’t help it. I just gotta see them for myself.” Suddenly, Mrs. Possible takes his penis out of her mouth and looks up at Ron. “Ronald, would you like me to show you something maybe Kim can do for you in a few years?” Ron nods his head yes, unable to speak from the pleasure. Mrs. Possible grins and slowly removes her Bra, letting loose her Massive Jugs.

She grabs them and pushes them onto Ron, so that his Penis is completely enveloped by them. Ron can’t believe what he’s feeling. “Holy Crap! My First Titty-Fuck!” She massages his Dick in between her breasts, pushing them together to make it even tighter. She gently licks his head, then moves her luscious breasts up and down over his shaft. Ron’s feeling at peek performance. “I’m sorry, Kim. But your Mom is the best Woman I’ve ever had. Hands down.” Mrs. Possible looks up and notices Ron’s close to his Orgasm. She stops and stands up straight. “Oh, we can’t have you popping your Cork without having the Main Course.” She turns her back to him and bends over, revealing a White Lace Thong. She moves it aside to show her Dripping Wet Pussy, ready to be penetrated. Ron stands there…stunned, until Mrs. Possible snaps him out of it. “Waiting for something, Ronald?” “No…Not a thing, Dr. P!”

He guides his Penis through her lips, into her warm, inviting box. She looks back at Ron with seductive eyes. “Ooh, you know your way around, Ronald. You must have had some experience.” Ron gets nervous as he starts to pump her pussy, in & out. “Uh…yeah, a little.” “Don’t worry, Ronald. I won’t tell your mother…provided you show me what you learned.” His eyes light up, like seeing presents on Christmas Day, and he goes Balls Deep into her, making her moan in pleasure. “Oh, Ronald! Just how I like it! Keep going…Faster!!!” Ron picks up the speed, slapping his skin with Mrs. Possible’s Round Ass. He leans forward and massages her Bare Breasts, enjoying every moment of this. Mrs. Possible starts drooling uncontrollably, as she looks close to her Climax. “YES, RON!! YES!! I’M CLOSE!! I’M CUMMING!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”
Ron lets his load go inside of Mrs. Possible, as they both fall to their knees, sweaty and tired.

Ron tries to catch his breath, when he realizes what he’s done. “Oh, no. I didn’t pull out. Dr. P. I…” “Calm down, Ron. I’m on the pill. Mr. Possible & I learned our lesson after Jim & Tim.” She gets up off the floor and helps Ron up, then kisses him gently on the forehead. “Thank you, Ronald. You don’t know how I needed that.” “No problem, Dr. P. Glad to help out.” Ron buckles up his pants and heads for the door when Mrs. Possible calls to him. “Ronald…if you’re not busy, maybe you can help me out around the house tonight. Kim’s Cheer Practice won’t end to late, and Mr. Possible has to pull and all-nighter.” She looks at Ron with those same seductive eyes, which Ron still can’t resist. “Never too busy to help you out, Dr. P.”
The Not-So-Lucky Ron Stoppable

“Morning Time…and time for Vengeance!” Shego’s alarm goes off. She puts on her gloves and smashes the clock into a million pieces. As she sits up in her bed, topless, she recalls the events that lead her up to now. The Frustration, the chance meeting with Ron Stoppable, and her getting reamed up the Ass by Ron’s massive manhood. A look of pure hatred fills her face, as the morning sun shines on her perfect Round Tits, making them almost glow. She gets up from bed to reveal she’s wearing nothing but a Dark Green Thong. She slips on her ‘Oh Boyz’ Slippers and walks into her bathroom. Her hair is all a mess and she looks a little Hungover, but still Damn Sexy. She turns on her faucet and runs the water as she grabs a Toothbrush and some Toothpaste, and begins brushing her teeth. Just then, she hears Dr. Drakken’s voice over the P.A. system. “SHEGO! Are you up? I need you! Meet me in my Laboratory!” Shego groans and spits the Toothpaste out of her mouth, before leaving the bathroom to get dressed. “Fucking Drakken. I’ll meet my Foot with his Ass, that’s what I’ll do.”

5 Minutes later…

The sliding door opens and Shego walks into the Laboratory to see Dr. Drakken high above the room, designing another scheme to take over the world. Shego looks up at him, Angrily. “What is it, Drakken?” “Shego, I am so close, I can taste it. I almost have the perfect plan to annihilate Kim Possible and her Buffoon sidekick, AND take over the World! It’s gonna be, as they say, Off the Heezy!” Shego gets annoyed and begins to walk off. “Yeah, that’s nice Drakken. By the way, mind if I borrow one of your Doomsday Weapons? Thanks.” She walks into Drakken’s Weapons room not caring about his answer, leaving Drakken alone again. “Oh, sure Shego. Knock yourself out. Now could you hand me the Screwdriver? Shego? SHEGO?” He turns to see no one there. Shego stands in the Weapons Room, in front of a Miniature Neutronalizer. She picks it up, as a Devious Grin grows on her face. “Oh Yes, Ron. You are gonna see…that Payback, is a Bitch!”


Ron is sitting at the Kitchen Table, having a bowl of Corn Flakes. Across from the table sits his mother, who’s wearing some Slippers, a Bathroom Robe, and possibly nothing else underneath. Ron nervously picks up his spoon and begins to eat, when his mother breaks the Silence. “Ronald, are you feeling OK?” WAAAHHHHH!!! OH! Oh. I’m OK, Mom. Just a little ‘On Edge’ lately.” He takes another bite, as Mrs. Stoppable reaches over & grabs his hand, causing him to stop in mid chew and look up. “Well you know Ron, you can talk to me about anything. I’m here for you.” Ron yanks his hand back before she can get a full grip, then stands up from the Table. “You know what, that’s all good, Mom. But right now, I g-g-gotta go and…and…MEET KIM! Yeah, Big Practice for the Big Game.” Ron’s Mother looks confused. “But I thought your school already had the Big Game, Ronald.” He gets more nervous, trying to think up a good cover. “Uh…this is for…CHESS! Yes, the Chess Team really needs us Cheerleaders and Mascots. So I’m uh…gonna go train for the uh…Chess Thing!”

He runs out of the Kitchen and out the Front Door of the house. He shuts it behind him, breathing hard and still nervous. Rufus comes out of his Pocket to see what’s the Matter. “I don’t know how much more I can take. First Shego, then Bonnie, Then Kim’s Mom. Now my Mom might be starting? Does every Woman in Middleton want my Cock?” Rufus looks at him and shrugs, not knowing the answer. “(Sighs) Let’s just go and meet up with Kim, Little Buddy. Hopefully, she won’t go crazy and try to rape me.” They head off down the block to meet with Kim. They reach the Possible Residence and are greeted by Kim waiting at the Front Door. Kim smiles at Ron and Hugs him. “Ready to hit the Mall, Ron?” “Ready, Willing and Able. Can’t wait to hit the Food Court.” Kim smirks at Ron being himself. “Yeah. Well I just need to update my look. A Quick swing by Club Banana should do it.” Ron smirks right back at her. “You know, I don’t understand why you just don’t buy your Clothes at the Smart Mart.” “And you’re not me, so you never will.” They both laugh and start on their way. Ron looks back at the house, with the Front Door open, and sees Kim’s Mom standing by the stairs. Mrs. Possible gives Ron a seductive smile as she licks her lips, which makes Ron nervous again. “Uh, let’s get a move on, KP. Don’t wanna miss any Big Sales.” He grabs Kim’s arm and leads her down the street towards Downtown.

30 Minutes later…

Kim & Ron are sitting at the Food Court. Kim has two bags from Club Banana sitting at her side, and Ron’s scarfing down a Grande sized Chimerrito. “Man, I am SO happy that they put this Express Bueno Nacho here. It’s like a little home away from home.” Kim is about to say something when Bonnie, who just came from Club Banana herself, interrupts her. “Well, well, if it isn’t Ms. Perfect.” Kim’s smile disappears from her face as soon as she hears her voice. “Hello, Bonnie.” “I’m shocked to find you here among us ‘Common Folk.’ What, no World to save? No Sinister Plot to stop?” Kim looks up at Bonnie and grins. “Well, better to save the World and keep fit than sit around and get all…flabby.” Rage comes over Bonnie’s face. “Listen here, you little…” Ron interjects himself into the conversation. “WAIT! No fighting! No fighting. Can’t we all just get along?” Bonnie regains her composure and turns her back to Kim, looking at Ron. “You’re lucky that I have more important things to do with my time, Kim. Later.” Bonnie walks past Ron, slowly rubbing her finger along his chest. She gives him a sexy smile and a wink that Kim can’t see, before walking off. Kim has a confused look on her face. “What was that all about?” Ron looks back at Kim, more nervous than ever. “I-I-I have n-no Idea. Beats the hell out of me.”

As the two talk, a shadowy figure watches them from up high. It’s Shego, and she has the Mini Neutronalizer in her hand. “Thank you, Stoppable. That’s exactly what I’m about to do!” As Ron continues to chow down on his snack, he realizes a shadow is over him, and it’s starting to grow. He looks up to see Shego diving down on him, hands glowing. “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” Kim tackles Ron and gets him out of the way, just a split second before Shego crashes through the Table, destroying it. Kim gets up and protects Ron as Shego recovers herself. “Move out of the way, Kimmy. This isn’t about you, it’s about your little Boy Toy there.” Kim gets herself in a fighting stance. “1, He is Not my Boy Toy. And 2, if you want Ron, you’re gonna have to go through me.” Shego thinks about Kim’s threat…for a second. “Hmm, Doable!”

Shego charges, and the fight is on. The two trade blows all around the Food Court as Ron just stands there, thoughts of his last encounter with Shego running through his mind. “Oh, man. She must want revenge. And now Kim’s involved because of me! Oh, why did I have to Fuck her Ass that day?” The battle rages on as the two fall into the Mall Fountain. Soaking wet, Shego gloves are still glowing as a Ball of energy at Kim. KP ducks, and charges at Shego as they Struggle in the Fountain. “I mean it, Kimmy. I don’t care about hurting you…for today at least. I just want Stoppable!” “And I told you, you’re not gonna hurt him.” “Him? I’M the one that’s Hurt!!!” They push each other apart and fall into the water. Ron rushes over to the scene to see both stand back up. He looks at Kim and sees her Wet T-Shirt, and the Sports Bra she has on underneath. “Whoa. Never knew Kim for the Sports Bra Type, but it explains a lot. AGH! What am I doing? Gotta Focus!” Shego lunges at Kim with a Clothesline, but Kim counters with a Roundhouse Kick that sends her out of the Fountain. Kim hops out of the Fountain and looks at Shego. “OK. What did Ron do to upset you?” Shego forces herself to her feet, still recovering from that kick. “You mean you don’t know? Fine. I’ll tell you what Mr. Big Man did to me over there…”

Ron’s life flashes before his eyes, thinking he won’t have long to live if Shego reveals their Secret. He runs in between the two, interrupting Shego. “KIM! Whatever Shego tells you is a Dirty Lie.” Kim looks more confused than ever, as Shego decides to take her shot. “You’re Mine, Stoppable!” She leaps at Ron with the Mini Neutronalizer, but Kim cuts her off, causing Shego to drop the Neutronalizer. As they struggle, the weapon goes off, and engulfs the two in a Bright Energy Field. After a moment, the field is gone and both Shego & Kim fall to the ground, smoke coming off their bodies. Ron runs over to check on Kim. “KIM!! KP!!! Hold on, I’m gonna get you some help.” He picks up Kim and carries her towards the Mall Exit, rushing out of the Mall. Shego slowly starts to recover as she picks herself up and looks around. She opens her mouth to call out…but in Kim’s voice. “R…Ron?”
The Not-So-Lucky Ron Stoppable 2

The Mini Neutronalizer did its job perfectly. Kim Possible is now in Shego’s body. Kim slowly struggles to her feet, getting her bearings back. “Ron? Ron, where are you?” Her eyesight comes back as she looks around, seeing nothing but Innocent Bystanders still surprised over the Battle. She looks down to see if she’s on level ground, when she sees her legs are not hers. “Wha…What the?” She runs over back to the Fountain to look at her reflection, and sees the truth. “No! I-I…I can’t believe it. Shego switched bodies with me. Oh God. This is like a Bad Plot out of some Science Fiction Show. I gotta find Ron. Gotta explain…” Before she can do anything else, a Hover Pod crashes through the Glass Ceiling and swoops her up, carrying her up out of the Mall the way it came. Kim tries to get her balance back, but it’s hard in her new body. Just then, a small monitor activates and Drakken’s face appears. “Shego, I don’t know why you decided to go AWOL on me, but I need you back at the Lab, pronto. There’s business to take care of.” Unable to control the Hover Pod herself, Kim decides to just go with it.

An Hour Later, Back at Kim’s House…

Ron is pacing around in Kim’s Bedroom as Rufus stands on her Bed Post holding the Communicator over Kim’s body, scanning for various abnormalities. After a moment, Rufus puts it down on the bed and Wade’s face appears on the screen. “Well, nothing is Physically wrong with her, Ron. She looks fit as a Cheerleader…who saves the world.” Ron looks relieved, then turns his attention to Kim as he sees her waking up. “Oh, shit. Kim will freak out if I’m in her Bedroom without permission. Let’s go.” Ron & Rufus run out of the room as Wade logs off. Kim slowly sits up, feeling like a Truck hit her. “Ugh! What happened?” It’s Shego’s voice, confirming that Shego is in Kim’s Body. “Where is this place?” She gets up off Kim’s Bed and on her feet, almost losing her balance at first, but then catching herself. She slowly walks towards the door when she passes a Full Body Mirror. She takes a quick glance to see herself then continues on…then runs back to the Mirror in shock. “WHAT THE FUCK??? I’m Kim? I’m in the Cheerleader’s body? What is this, a Bad Dream?” She starts to feel on her hips, moving her hands down a little, then moving them up until she reaches her Soft, Round Breasts. “No, this is real. I really am in her body. Hmm, not bad. She’s developing quite nicely. Though, not like me.”

She walks over to Kim’s nightstand, looking at all the little knickknacks, then picks up a Picture of Kim & her family. A sinister grin grows on her face. “This could be good after all. I can make Kim’s Family suffer, and they’ll never know the truth. Ye—I think I’m gonna like this change.” More evil thoughts fill her head, until she hears a knock on the door. “Kim, it’s me, Ron. Is it cool to come in?” Shego gets startled, and runs back to the bed to lie down, pretending not to feel well. “Uh, yeah. Come in.” Ron opens the door to see Shego faking Ill. “Kim, you OK? Your voice sound deeper, and a little more annoying.” Shego gets angry at that comment. “Annoying? I’ll show you annoying, you smart little…no. No, Shego. Can’t let him catch on. Gotta play along.” She clears her throat to sound more like Kim. “Oh, I’m fine, Stoppable. RON! I mean Ron. Just had a bad run in with Shego.” “I’ll say. Whatever that thing was that Shego had, it looked like it put a whammy on you. I’m surprised she knew how to use it.” Shego holds back the temptation to strangle Ron. “Well, you know. Shego’s always been the Brains of the Operation. She’s the most dangerous Villainess that we’ve ever faced.” Ron drops his jaw a little, shocked at what came out of Kim’s mouth. “Are you sure you’re OK? You’re giving Shego compliments and…” Shego stands up and begins to push Ron out of her Room. “Yes! Yes! I’m fine! Now go! I got um…Cheerleader stuff to do.”

She boots him out and shuts the door behind her, leaning on the door trying to make sure he can’t come back in. Once she makes sure he’s gonna, she goes back to her own Voice. “Damn that Stoppable! The little punk is gonna pay for…wait…That’s It!” An idea forms in her head, and she smiles fiendishly at the thought of it. “I’ll seduce Stoppable. I’ll work my charm on him and get him to Fuck Ms. Princess while I’m in her body, getting back at him and her. She’s probably still a virgin…yep, still a virgin.” She laughs to herself, as she imagines the plan unfolding in her head. “Oh, yes. This time, they’ll both pay.” Shego walks over to Kim’s Bedroom window and sees Ron leaving the house on his way back home. She goes to the door and leaves out of Kim’s room. Walking down the hall, she passes Kim’s twin Brothers, Jim & Tim. The two hold up Squirt Guns to her, with intent to fire. “Hold it! You may not pass! Besides, we need to test out our new Chemical on…” Shego gets impatient and interrupts. “OK, you know what? What if I show you something to make you happy. Will you leave me alone?” The twins both nod their heads. Shego then lifts up the shirt and the Sports Bra that Kim was wearing to show the Twins Kim’s Round Breasts. “There. Happy? Knock yourselves out.” Shego lowers the shirt and continues out of the house as Jim & Tim stand there in disbelief, for about 2 minutes. Then Tim finally breaks the Silence. “I CALL DIBS ON THE BATHROOM!” Tim runs into the Bathroom and shuts the door behind him, locking Jim out. “NO FAIR!” Jim looks around for a second, then runs into his room and locks the door behind him.


The Hover Pod that’s carrying Kim, in Shego’s body, pulls in and lands inside Drakken’s Secret Lair. Kim slowly stands up and looks around, recognizing this place. “Oh, man…this must be the Secret Lair of…” She’s then interrupted by the Evil Genius himself. “Ah, Shego. You return.” “Dr. Drakken!” Kim jumps out of the Hover Pod and into a Fighting Stance. Her gloves start to glow involuntarily, as Drakken falls to his knees. “Oh, Please don’t hurt me. I’m sorry for pulling you away, but I need your help.” Kim starts to remember what’s going on. “That’s right, I forgot. I’m still in Shego’s body. Can’t let him know any different. At least until I get back in my body and save Ron.” Kim starts to clear her throat, so she sounds more like Shego. “Yeah…you better get on your knees. Cause I’m Shego…and I’m bad.” Drakken gets back up on his feet and looks at Shego. “Is everything OK, Shego?” “Uh, why wouldn’t it be? I’m Shego. Everything’s Cool. So, what’s the Big Evil Plan of…Evil?” Drakken looks strangely at her, then shrugs it off and announces his plans. “Very well. Using the Mind Control device that I ‘borrowed’ from Professor Cyrus Bortel, I can gain control over the Queen of England. Then, using the Rare Orchid I used to almost make Kim Possible disappear, I can sprinkle the Royal Duke, then…” Drakken goes on, getting lost in his own Master Plan. Kim slowly backs away heading for the nearest room away from here. Ironically, she backs up into Shego’s Room.

She looks around, seeing everything that makes Shego what she is. “God, it’s like I stepped into her deranged mind.” She looks on Shego’s bed and sees her Diary, off all things. Curiosity gets the best of Kim as she sits down on the bed, picks it up and begins to read. “Hmm, ‘September 1st, 2001. After another successful mission with Team Go, we celebrated with our Customary All-Night Orgy. It felt good, but this whole Crime Fighting Career is starting to go sour on me. I’ve called Drakken again, and told him that I’m still considering his offer to become his Henchwoman and take over the world.’ Whoa! She had an Orgy with her own family? Major Whack-Job.” She stands up and walks around some more, passing a Full Body Mirror. She stops in front and examines the body she inhabits now, feeling on the hips and the breasts. She lifts up the Jumpsuit to expose Shego’s Luscious Tits out in the open. “No wonder I’ve been uncomfortable, she doesn’t even wear a bra. Such a Slut!” She lowers the Top and looks at herself closely in the Mirror, with a look of depression. She then holds her head high and looks herself in the eye. “Don’t worry, Kim. You’ll get your body back, save Ron, and make that bitch pay for what she did.”

Back at Middleton…

Shego, still in Kim’s body, and Ron are at Middleton High, to pick up some coupons for Bueno Nacho that Ron left in his Locker. As Ron puts in his Combination, Shego commences her plan to Seduce Ron. “Ron…how about we go somewhere private. Just you…and me…and a Dildo…and some K-Y…” Ron’s eyes widen as he instantly figures it out. “Oh, Man. Now Kim is coming on to me. Oh, Curse The Ron’s Sexiness. CURSE IT! I gotta turn her off me.” He starts thinking of someway to distract her, then comes up with one. “Look, Killer Golf Balls coming this way!” Shego turns around, and Ron dashes off around the Corner. Shego turns her attention back to Ron, to see that he’s gone. “(Sighs) I can’t believe I fell for the oldest Trick in the Book.” Shego chases after him, using her agility to leap over the kids in the hall. “Hmm, Little Kimmy is athletic. That explains her keeping up with me.” She gets closer with every leap that she makes, then takes a huge leap to land right in front of Ron, startling him. She stands with her hands on her hips, and a Seductive smile. “I love it when you play hard to get. Come on, I want you to Ride me Hard & Put me away Wet.” Ron looks like he’s about to have a Heart Attack. “What the Hell has gotten into Kim? I gotta do something to get rid of her.” And Ron gets another idea. “Uh, yeah. You know what, let’s go to Bueno Nacho. That should get me all…Sexed up and stuff.” “Whatever you want, Hunk.” Shego grabs Ron and wraps her arm around his as they head off. “Whatever to get your pants down and continue my plan, Moron.”

Back at Drakken’s…

Kim, still in Shego’s body, peeks out of Shego’s Room, to see Drakken, surprisingly, still rambling on about his Master Plan. She sneaks through the Laboratory, unnoticed by Drakken, and enters the Garage of his Secret Lair. Inside, she finds dozens of replacement Hover Pods. “No wonder he always got a new one whenever we blow up his last one.” She sees a Shiny New one in the center of the room and hops in, starting it up and flying out of the Lair, still unnoticed by Drakken. Kim begins to work on the Hover Pod’s Radio Frequency, until she finally gets the one she wants. “Wade? Wade, can you hear me?” A blurry image appears on the screen as Wade’s voice is heard. “Hello?” “Wade, thank god I got through.” The image clears up to show that it is Wade. “Who am I talking t…SHEGO???” “NO! No, Wade, it’s me Kim.” Wade’s not believing her. “Yeah, right. And how do I know you’re really Kim?” “One on of our Missions, you kept one of the Bebe bots for yourself so you could…” “OK! OK! It’s really you. What happened?” Kim looks relieved to be found out. “It’s a long story. But right now, you need to get in touch with Ron. Shego’s in my body and he’s in Deep Trouble.”

Back in Middleton…again…

Ron is munching down a Grande Sized Naco, as Shego, in Kim’s body, looks on. Ron has a big smile on his face. “This always works. Kim can’t stand when I eat my food sloppy. She should be bailing out for the Mall anytime now.” Shego is definitely getting grossed out by this scene. “Good God! How did I ever let this Sloppy Dork Fuck me? OH! Most of it isn’t even hitting his mouth! UGH! I wanna leave right now and…wait a minute, I think Stoppable’s trying to gross me out, so I’ll lose interest. Who knew he was capable of coming up with something smart. But it won’t work.” Shego reaches over and grabs Ron’s hand, looking him tenderly in the eyes. “Ronny, I’m not feeling so well, I need to go home. Could you walk me to my house?” Ron looks up and wipes the cheese from his face. “Finally! She’s lost interest. I’ll just walk her home, and it’ll be over.” He nods his head and gets up from his booth seat, as the two walk out of Bueno Nacho and down the street towards Kim’s house. Along the way, Ron notices a change in Kim’s appearance. Her eyes don’t sparkle as they use too, and the warm smile that graced her face has now been replaced by a sinister scowl. He looks worried, wondering if being zapped with that Device has changed her all around sunny attitude altogether. Shego notices Ron’s staring, and quickly forms a smile on her face so that he won’t get suspicious.

They reach the front door of Kim’s house, and stand in front. Ron smiles at Kim. “Well, here we are. I’ll catch ya later, KP. Gotta hit the Arcades.” Ron turns to head off, but Shego grabs his arm and kicks the Front Door open. “Oh, you’ll be hitting something alright.” She shoves Ron inside the house and follows him in, shutting the door behind her. No one is home, as Ron backs away from her and climbs the stairs to the 2nd floor. She climbs up after him, as he backs up down the Hallway. He gets trapped in a corner, which ironically has a door into Kim’s Room. Shego moves closer and closer, as Ron begins to sweat from nervousness. Shego comes in inches away from his face, and licks her lips. “Don’t worry, Ronny. I’ll give you a good reason to sweat.” She grabs Ron and shoves him into Kim’s room. He stumbles and falls on his back on Kim’s bed. Before he can get up, Shego pounces on him and starts to unbuckle his pants. Ron starts to panic. “WAIT! Kim’ we can’t do this.” She reaches in his pants and pulls out his Cock, getting a firm grip on it. “That’s what you say. But your little Soldier is ready to go.”

Ron gets a major case of Déjà vu, remembering hearing that phrase before, but gets knocked for a loop as he feels Shego licking his Cock like an Ice Cream Cone. She slowly licks around the head, before engulfing it in her mouth. She leaves it there for a moment, just enjoying the feeling. “God, I forgot how good this feels. And how thick he is. It’s almost a shame that Kim can’t be here for this, but I’ll make sure her body enjoys it.” She bobs her head up & down on his Cock, bringing a smile to his face. Ron feels like he’s in heaven, but it’s also a familiar feeling. “Oh, man. This feels so good. It’s like Kim’s a pro at this. But I thought she was a virgin…at least that’s what her Diary said.” Ron starts to tremble, looking ready to blow at any moment. Shego sees this and takes his Cock out of her mouth. “Ah-ah. Wouldn’t want you going off before the Main Course.” Shego crawls onto the bed and lies there with her Ass hanging in the air. Outside of Kim’s window, a Hover Pod is seen landing in the yard. Shego winks at Ron. “Go ahead, Ronny. Any hole you want.” Mesmerized by Kim’s body, Ron pulls down his pants and begins to insert his Throbbing Dick in her, when Kim crashes through her Room Window. “Ron, stay back! Shego is…” And Kim, in Shego’s body, sees Ron readily about to penetrate Shego, in Kim’s body. All 3 stand there, jaws dropped, frozen in the moment.
The Not-So-Lucky Ron Stoppable 3

There’s a long awkward silence, as the 3 remain frozen still. Finally, Kim, in Shego’s body, breaks the silence. “What…the hell…is going on?” Shego, in Kim’s body, decides that the jig is up. “(Sighs) Well, I almost have my master revenge. Gee, Now I know how Drakken feel.” Ron backs up, finally realizing what’s going on. “Wait…Shego’s…in Kim…and Kim is…OH! THIS IS SO SICK AND WRONG!!!” Rage starts to take over Kim. She pulls out the Mini Neutronalizer as she lunges herself at Shego. They both end up falling off of Kim’s Bed and on the other side. A moment later, the same Bright Energy Field that caused this engulfs the two again. After the Field fades off, both women stand up on their feet. Kim looks down and sees she’s back in her body, not Shego’s. “FINALLY! Back in my own Bo…” Now she realizes that her Breasts & Thong are exposed in the open. Red-Faced, she pulls up her pants and pulls down her shirt, right before getting a Fierce Kick to the Gut by Shego.

“You may be back in your body, Princess. But that only means you’ve given me my powers back!” Shego’s gloves start to glow bright green. Ron yells out to Kim. “KP, LOOK OUT!” Kim recovers to see Shego charging at full speed. She does a handstand and spins around, whipping her leg into the side of Shego’s head. Shego is sent out the same window Kim burst in through. She takes a hard fall and lands in the Hover Pod. Kim jumps in the window about to chase her when she sees Shego already taking off. “This isn’t over, Kimmy! You can’t protect Stoppable forever! I’ll make him pay for my Ass!” She flies off and disappears in the clouds. Kim looks up, then sighs to herself after all that she’s been through. Meanwhile. Ron is slowly sneaking towards the door, ready to run for his life. He makes a small creak in the floorboard, which Kim hears clearly. “Sit Down, Ron!” Ron gulps, and quickly sits down on Kim’s bed. Kim turns to him with an angry look on her face. Ron is facing the other way, not able to look her in the face. “You know, in my self-defense Kim, I didn’t know Shego took over your…WHOA!!!” Kim grabs Ron’s collar and turns him to her, looking very serious. “Explain…Now!”

“Explain what, KP?” “Don’t play games with me, Ron. Shego kept talking about her ass when she went after you. And when I was in her body, I felt some pain back there. Now what did you do?” Ron realizes that there’s no way out of this now. So he hangs his head down and fesses up. “I…I fucked her.” And in an instant, Kim’s jaw drops to the ground and her eyes widen. “You mean…she raped you…right? RIGHT?” Ron puts his head in his hands and continues to explain. “Actually, it was mutual. You see, while you were out capturing Duff Killigan, Shego set a trap for you, which I fell in to. She then said she was gonna take me hostage to get to you. I tried fighting her off but I couldn’t. Then, all of a sudden, she started coming on to me. Then she said that she’d let me go and lay off of you, if I had sex with her. I’m only Human, KP!! I couldn’t help myself!!” Ron looks at Kim, who’s in a state of shock right now. She manages to get out a few words. “And…her ass?” Ron laughs nervously. “Well, she didn’t want it there…but I got a little greedy.”

Kim turns away from Ron, still processing in her mind everything he just told her. Ron hangs his head in shame, thinking he’s lost the one true friend he’s ever had. Kim begins pacing around the room, looking up with her fists clenched. “My…best friend…with…my worst enemy. How…why…?” Ron is about to apologize again, but changes his mind, not wanting to piss her off more. Kim stops pacing around and stands across from Ron. “This…this is so…Frustrating! I…I am…SO Frustrated right now. God! I’m so frustrated that I could…” Kim stops, then looks at Ron. After noticing the silence, Ron looks up to see Kim giving him a look. A very familiar look. A look that was given to him by Shego, Bonnie, and Kim’s mother. And upon seeing the look, one thought goes through his mind. “No…Fucking…Way.” Before Ron can blink, Kim dives at him and slams him down on her bed. She kisses him, deeply & passionately, shoving her tongue down his throat. She then starts to rip his shirt, getting to his bare chest. Ron finally pulls back from Kim, needing to breath. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???” Kim looks at him with a Seductive smile. “Sampling.” Ron gets even more confused. “Sampling?” “If you want me to believe that Shego really had sex with you, then I’m gonna have to see how you are…for myself.” Those words almost make Ron have a Heart Attack in disbelief. He never thought it possible. He dreamed, but still never thought it possible.

Kim slowly works her way down Ron’s body, going for the kill zone. She reaches his pants and pulls them down a little, enough to reveal his hardening Dick. “So this is what you’re working with, Ron. Hmm, it does explain all of the clumsiness.” She gets a firm grip on it when Ron stops her from proceeding. “Wait, wait, I thought you were a virgin.” Kim gives her trademark smile to Ron. “Well, technically I am.” Ron’s look goes back to confusion. “Technically?” “Overnight Field Trips I took with Bonnie and the rest of the Cheerleaders.” Ron is about to say something, but then remembers how freaky Bonnie can be…from first hand experience. Kim focuses her attention back to ‘Little Ron’ “I’ve even practiced on a Dildo…but never the real thing.” And with that, she takes his Cock into her mouth. It’s a little overwhelming to her, but she starts to suck on it slowly, moving her tongue all around the head. She works her head down a little bit more, trying to adjust. “God, Ron’s so big. I can barely fit it in my mouth.” Ron is lying back with a wide grin, in total ecstasy. “Oh, man. She’s better than Shego, Bonnie…even her mom. Her mouth is so warm.” Kim takes his Cock out of her mouth and begins to take off her pants.

Ron now is more nervous than he’s ever been. Kim strips down to her Red Panties, then slowly pulls them down and off. As Kim begins to climb on top of Ron, he panics. “Kim, wait. We can’t do this! What if your brothers come in?” “The Tweebs just went to Space Camp. I saw them when their Bus left.” Ron thinks of another excuse. “Your parents?” “Mom’s overseas performing Brain Surgery on the British Prime Minister, and Dad’s busy on a Top Secret Project.” Ron tries thinking of anything else, any other reason to get Kim to stop. He fails, and finally decides to give up and give in. “Aw, the Hell with it! I don’t care about the cost, I gotta fuck her pussy!” Kim climbs on top and Straddles Ron, with a seductive grin on her face. “Are you ready for me, Ron Man?” Ron grins, thinking of all the things he’s about to do with Kim. “Ready and waiting.” Kim grabs hold of Ron’s Shaft, and slowly begins to guide it into her Box. The head of his Cock touches her lips, then slowly penetrates, sliding deeper & deeper as she goes lower & lower onto him. Kim starts to bite her bottom lip, not knowing if she can take much more. “Oh God, the Dildo was never this thick.” She finally takes it all in, resting herself on his Dick.

Kim starts to rotate her hips a little, remembering some of the lessons Bonnie taught her. As she moves, she looks down to see about Ron. “Am…am I doing OK, Ron?” Ron’s eyes are glazed over as he wears a grin that takes up half his face. He nods his head slowly to answer her. Kim smirks to herself and rolls her eyes. “Yep, must be doing something right.” Without warning, Ron grabs her hips and pulls her even closer to him. Kim gasps, then moans in pleasure. “Oh, Ron! Don’t get so rough. This is my first time.” “Don’t worry, Kim. Just think of this like the time I taught you in Home Ec. Or when we worked at Bueno Nacho together.” Kim gets a concerned look on her face. “That doesn’t exactly make me feel better, Ron.” “OK, OK…then maybe this will.” Ron starts to go in sync with Kim, pumping in & out of her. Kim starts to get excited. “Oh god, Ron!” The Bedsprings start to squeak, as the action picks up. Almost instinctively, Ron raises his hands and grabs Kim’s firm, round breasts. Kim falls forward, putting her hands on Ron’s chest, enjoying having her Tits fondled. “Oh, that feels so good!” The two are moving in perfect sync, pounding each other more & more. Ron looks up at Kim, who opens her eyes to look at Ron. Their eyes meet, and Ron stops his motion, to Kim’s surprise. “Ron, what’s wrong?”

Suddenly, Ron grabs Kim and flips her over onto her back. She looks shocked, but Ron gives her a seductive grin before he begins pumping in & out of her again. Kim lies on her back, enjoying the sensation. “OH YES! YES!” Sweat is flying off of the both of them as Ron keeps up the pace. He grips Kim thighs and leans in a little, going deeper inside of her. Kim’s Breasts are bouncing around, almost hypnotic-like. She looks to be in pure ecstasy, as she clenches the sheets on her bed and bites her bottom lip again, looking close to hitting her Climax. “Oh God, Ron! I think…I think I’m going to…” “Me too, Kim. I’m about to blow!” Ron pulls out of Kim in the nick of time, then shoots all of his Semen all over Kim. Her stomach, her breasts, even her face gets covered. Ron falls back on the bed, lying next to Kim. The two of them are breathing hard, nearly out of breath. Kim slowly lifts her head to look at Ron. “That…was Spankin’.” Ron grins back at her. “Booyah!”

After a few minutes, they both sit up on the bed. Kim stands up and looks at Ron. “I’m going to go take a shower. Wanna join?” Ron doesn’t answer, he just stays silent and hangs his head. Kim walks over to check on him. “Ron, what’s wrong? Didn’t we have fun?” “Oh yeah, Kim! Yeah, we did. But…Shego got away, and she’s still planning on her revenge. We’re gonna have to watch our backs all the time because of that crazy Bitch.” Kim sits down and puts her arm around Ron. “Well, maybe not if we get to her first.” Ron looks up at Kim, confused. “What are you talking about?” Kim develops a sexy, yet evil smirk on her face. “I have a plan.”
The Not-So-Lucky Ron Stoppable 4

“(Sighs) Another day, another doomed Drakken World Domination Plot.” It’s morning time in Dr. Drakken’s Lair. Shego sits up in her bed. The pain in her ass has finally resided enough for her to sit. No Alarm Clock goes off, as she didn’t bother to set it. She doesn’t even bother to look at the time, which is 11:30am. She’s wearing nothing but a Dark Green Thong, and doesn’t really care. Her Breasts hang perfectly, as the sunshine illuminates them, giving them a glow as it did before. Slipping on her ‘Oh Boyz’ Slippers, she stands up, trying to adjust her eyes to the light, and heads for the bathroom for her morning routine. The door slides open and she walks over to the sink, turning on the faucet. She grabs her toothbrush, and some toothpaste, and begins brushing her teeth. Her eyes finally adjust to the sunshine as she spits out the toothpaste and wipes her mouth. She leaves her bathroom and grabs a dark green Robe hanging on the wall. Putting it on, she steps out of her room into the Main Laboratory area, on her way to the Kitchen.

When she steps out, she notices that most of Drakken’s equipment is running, but Drakken is nowhere to be seen. She doesn’t pay much attention, since this type of thing has happened before. “(Sighs) I swear…I’m glad I don’t pay his evil Electric Bill. Probably somewhere in the Millions by now.” She passes through the Lab and enters the kitchen, which looks like your typical, run of the mill kitchen…kind of out of place in an Evil Lair. She looks in the refrigerator, trying to decide exactly what she should have this morning. After a moment, she pulls out a Carton of milk and decides to have a simple bowl of cereal. Grabbing a box of Evil-O’s, she pours them into a bowl, followed by the milk, and leaves the kitchen, not bothering to clean up after herself. She plops herself down on a couch in a corner of the Lab, in front of a Big Screen TV. She turns it on, and flips past shows like ‘Space Passage’ & ‘Evil Eye for the Bad Guy, to finally end up on ‘The Fearless Ferret’. “UGH! The Ferret Show?” She looks to her left at a clock on the wall. “Eh, there’s nothing else on around this time.” So she continues to watch the show, and eat.

30 Minutes later…

Finishing her breakfast, Shego tosses her bowl onto the table, gets up and decides to get dressed. She also notices that Drakken still hasn’t shown his face or been heard from. She starts to call out at him. “DRAKKEN! Are we gonna do some evil stuff today or what?” Still no answer. She heads toward the Equipment Room, where she keeps her gloves and spare jumpsuits. “Drakken? Hey, if you locked yourself in the bathroom again, I am NOT getting you out.” She reaches the room and presses a side button to slide open the doors. But what she sees is totally unexpected. There’s Drakken, bound & gagged on the floor of the room, looking scared to death. Shego immediately grabs her gloves and turns around. “Alright, show yourselves! Monkey Fist, Killigan, Dementor…come out!” She looks at a dark corner of the Lab, figuring that it’s the most likely hiding spot. She’s right, but out of that corner steps…Ron Stoppable.

Shego is in shock. “YOU??? You did this to Drakken?” Ron smiles, a confident, almost cocky smile. “You could say that. But Dr. Drak isn’t who we’re here for.” Shego’s look changes to that of smugness. “Oh, I get it now. You’re still mad about me taking over little Kimmy’s body and almost tricking you to have sex with her.” “No, at least not anymore. Actually, after you left, me & Kim tore up the bedroom. So that’s not why we’re here.” Shego then raises an eyebrow, listening to what Ron has said. “Wait, you said we. That means…” And before she can react, Shego is hit with a Light-Blue Energy Ray. She falls to the ground, unable to move, with a light-blue glow around her body. Kim jumps down from the rafters and lands right beside Shego. She’s holding a bag in one hand, and an Immobilization Ray in the other, leaving no doubt that she’s the one who shot Shego. “We’re here, because we didn’t want to leave you out of our fun…and payback.” Shego struggles to move, but can’t. She yells out in frustration, and realizes she can move her mouth. “Out of your fun? What the hell are you talking about? What are you gonna do?” As Shego yells continues to yell out, Ron picks her up and puts her on her shoulder, as he & Kim walk over to her room, leaving Drakken by himself…again.

Ron tosses Shego onto her own bed, then smiles as Kim adjusts the settings on the Immobilization Ray, allowing for limited movement for Shego. Shego looks up at the two, thinking they have something sick & sinister planned. “Hey, uh…I’m sorry, for…the whole ‘Tricking you into taking Kim’s virginity’ plan. Ye—it was really Drakken that made me…” Kim cuts her off. “Calm down, Shego. This won’t hurt.” Kim leans in closer to Shego and grins seductively. “In fact, you just might enjoy it.” Kim tilts her head slightly, and lays on a Deep, Wet, Passionate Kiss on Shego, who’s shocked about it, and didn’t see it coming. Kim even moves her tongue into Shego’s mouth, surprising her more. Shego tries to fight it, but can’t because of the Ray’s effect. Then she starts to give in to it. Ron grins to himself, as he watches the make-out session. “Damn, that’s sexy.” Kim backs away from Shego, and Shego looks down, seeing that just the Kiss Kim gave to her made her dripping wet. She looks back up to see Kim smirking, and starts to think to herself. “Holy Shit! Just the Princess kissing me got me soaking wet. This is some joke. It’s got to be. They’re not really gonna Fuck me…are they?”

At that moment, Ron starts unbuckling his pants, letting them drop around his ankles. He then slowly pulls down his boxers, revealing the massive manhood Shego’s real familiar with. Shego turns to it, and gets lost in a trance, remembering that day under Middleton High School. But Kim quickly grabs her attention again. “Don’t worry, Shego. Just think of this as another All-Night Orgy with Team Go.” Ron looks at Kim with shock. “What? She actually had an Orgy with her brothers?” “Read it in her diary.” “Oh, that is Wrong-Sick.” Ron moves closer to Shego’s face, and instantly she opens her mouth, welcoming his Cock. “What am I doing? I’m letting the Buffoon and the Princess have their way with me. But damn, he’s such a good fuck…and I always wanted Kimmy. God, I want his Cock in my mouth now.” And she gets her wish. Ron inserts his Dick into her warm, drooling mouth. She feels a small bit of gratification, as she works her tongue around his head. “Oh God, this tastes so good.” Her sensation is interrupted when she feels her thong being pulled down to her knees. Kim is behind Shego, mere inches away from her wet love lips. Shego can feel Kim’s breath on her, and Kim knows it. “Hmm. Time to see if what Bonnie taught me actually works.” She inches closer, then sticks out her tongue and licks inside Shego’s Pussy.

Shego trembles in pleasure and would fall down, if not for the Immobilization Ray’s effects holding her up. Kim begins to bury herself into Shego’s ass, as Shego gives Ron a serious Deep Throat Job. The sensation of giving and getting good is almost more than Shego can handle. “Oh, God. It’s been so long since I had two at once. I can’t even remember the last time. Oh, I think I might cum just from this.” Ron also looks ready to cum, as he can barely stand from feeling Shego’s tongue work all around his manhood. Unable to hold on any longer, he lets his load go inside of her mouth. This time Shego is ready, as she gulps down every bit of his semen down her throat. None of it escapes her mouth. Kim gives Shego’s lips one last, long lick, before backing away, with a small line of saliva connecting her lips to Shego’s pussy. “That tasted almost as good as Bonnie’s.” Kim gets up off her knees and pulls down her Capri Pants; She steps out of them and takes off the light red Thong she’s wearing, before lying on Shego’s bed, Spread Eagle. “I think it’s time for you to be a giver, Shego.”

Shego slowly opens her mouth, letting Ron’s Cock go free, before turning to Kim. There’s a look of struggle on her face. “DAMMIT! They’re making me into their Sex Slave. I wanna pay them back…but I want them to Fuck my Brains out, too.” Shego begins to bury her face between Kim’s legs. Kim motions for Ron to come over to her. “Come on, Ron. I want what you gave to Shego.” He grins at her and walks over, as Kim opens her mouth for his Cock. She takes it in, and works her tongue all around his Penis. She isn’t able to Deep Throat his meat, but she makes up for it with her tongue work. Shego is licking Kim like a Popsicle, going all around and inside of Kim’s Pussy. Then suddenly, Shego wraps her arms around Kim’s thighs, really pushing herself deeper into her. Kim puts her hand on Shego’s head, sending her deeper as she moans with pleasure. She didn’t expect Shego to be so into it. “Oh, man! Her tongue really in there. She must’ve practiced with Adrena Lynn or something to get this good.” Kim keeps up her work on Ron’s Manhood and not after long, he’s back hard. Shego looks up, and sees his Erect Dick. Kim sees Shego eyeing Ron’s Cock and smiles. “Ron, I think Shego wants to get fucked. Right, Shego?” And what comes next is something no one would ever expect. Shego smiles, lovingly, and her eyes light up like a Christmas tree. “Yes. I want Ron’s Cock in me.” Kim decides to play with Shego a little, since she’s helpless. “What was that, Shego?” She starts to get desperate. “I WANT RON’S COCK IN ME!!!”

Ron develops a smug smirk as he begins to climb onto the Bed. He grabs his Cock and slowly dives in between her lips, putting himself deep inside Shego, who moans in pure pleasure. “OH GOD, YEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!” Ron begins pumping in and out of her. Shego is wearing a huge grin, when she realizes Kim’s dripping pussy is still in front of her. So she goes to work on it. Kim puts her hand back on Shego’s head, pushing her deeper, as she uses the other hand to Rub on her Breasts. Ron is in full swing, pounding Shego’s Pussy much like he did that day under Middleton High. Shego is in Heaven. She closes her eyes and delves even deeper into Kim, who looks ready to climax any second. “Oh, God! She’s so good…I think I’m gonna…” Ron also looks ready to blow. “Me too, KP…I’m gonna…” They both hit their Orgasm at the same time. Ron lets loose another load, this time in Shego’s pussy. Both Kim & Ron look out of breath, but Shego just looks frustrated, as she looks up at the two. “Wait…no, you can’t do this. You can’t leave me like this. I haven’t had my Orgasm yet!” Kim rolls over and out of the bed. “Don’t worry, Shego. We wouldn’t dare think about leaving you unpleased.”

Kim walks over to Shego’s Dresser Drawer. Shego begins to wonder what she has planned, but those thoughts are tossed to the side as Ron takes his Cock out of her and lies down on her bed. “I figure that it’s your turn to ride, Babe.” Shego smiles nervously, wanting more of Ron. The Immobilization Ray’s effects are still allowing minimum movement, as Shego climbs on top of his Cock. “You’re about to get the best ride of your life, Stoppable.” She slips down onto his Penis and begins to grind herself on him. It doesn’t take long for her to get into full gear. “OH GOD, THAT’S IT!! HARDER!!! YES!!!” The bedsprings are squeaking loudly and the bed is shaking wildly. Shego is lost in her own ecstasy. So lost that she doesn’t notice Kim coming up behind her, carrying a 2-way Dildo. She climbs onto the bed and grabs Shego, almost startling her. “Well, since Ron took the one hole, I can settle for the other.”

Shego immediately gets what she meant by that. “Wait…NO!” She tries to move, jump out of the way, do anything, but the Ray’s effects are still active. “Oh, God! NOT AGAIN!” Kim inserts one end of the Dildo into her pussy, then slowly guides the other end into Shego’s ass. Shego starts grimacing in pain as Kim pushes it in through her asshole. “AARGH!!! IT’S FUCKING TEARING ME APART!!!” Kim works the Dildo in and out of Shego’s ass, and herself. Ron keeps pumping into her pussy, not slowing down a bit. Shego begins to enjoy it as she did last time. “YES!!! OH GOD, YES!!! DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP!!!” She begins to tremble all over from the pleasure, and starts drooling uncontrollably, feeling ready to climax right then & there. “YES!!! OH GOD YES!!!! FINALLY!!! I’M GONNA…I’M GONNA…AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” She lets out a Huge Orgasm, screaming at the top of her lungs, and falls onto the bed besides Ron. Kim takes the dildo out of Shego’s ass, and Ron takes his Cock out of her pussy. Shego lies there, pouring in sweat, breathing hard, unable to move…but extremely satisfied.

Kim gets up from the bed, and grins at Shego. “Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, Shego.” Shego grins at the two, out-of-breath. “You know, you two really know how to give good Payback.” Ron smirks and begins to get dressed himself. “Oh, this wasn’t payback. This was to thank you for getting me & Kim together.” Suddenly, the sound of Helicopters can be heard coming from outside Drakken’s lair. Kim finishes dressing and grabs the Immobilization Ray. “That’s our Payback.” Shego looks over to her window, and can see FBI Choppers landing. The Agents all pile out of the Helicopters and raid Drakken’s Lair. Both Kim and Ron are fully clothed now. Kim turns off the Ray’s effects on Shego, and tosses her Rope onto her. Shego’s still unable to move much from the Wild Sex-a-thon. Kim smiles as she leaves out of her room. “Enjoy your stay in Federal Prison, Shego.” Ron follows her right out. “And don’t drop the Soap, Girl!”

10 minutes later…

Both Dr. Drakken & Shego, now wearing her Robe, are handcuffed and tossed into an FBI Paddy Wagon. Drakken has a vengeful look on his face. “KIM POSSIBLE! YOU THINK YOU’RE ALL THAT, BUT YO…” Shego cuts him off. “AW, SHUT THE HELL UP, DRAKKEN!!!” The Agents close the doors as the engine starts. Shego looks through the small barred windows at Kim & Ron. “I’ll get you back, Princess. I’LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR MY ASS!!!” The Paddy Wagon pulls off as Ron looks at Kim. “Well, another Evil Villain put behind bars. And it was fun doing it, too.” Kim looks a little concerned as she looks at Ron. “I don’t know, didn’t go as smoothly as I thought it would…” Her look then changes from Concerned to Seductive. “…maybe we should get in some more ‘Practice’.” Kim walks off to the Helicopter that will give them a lift home. Ron follows behind, with only one thing to say about Kim’s offer. “BOO-YA!
The Yori Chapters
Deep inside a Maximum Security Super-Villain Prison rest many evil criminals who have more than threatened the world’s safety & caused chaos. There’s Adrena Lynn, who’s serving time for Extreme Fraud & Kidnapping, Senor Senior, for rigging the X Games, and Duff Killigan, for trying to clone Tiger Woods.

But deep down, in Solitary Confinement, sits the most dangerous of them all…Shego. She sits in her cell, similar to the one Hannibal Lector had in ‘Silence of the Lambs.’ On the walls are photos of her arch-nemesis Kim Possible, along with Ron Stoppable. The photos show them hanging out together, enjoying their time. Shego sits on her bed, wearing her prison issued jumpsuit. She stares at the photos on the wall, wearing a look of resentment and pent-up rage.

“I hope you enjoy your moment of heaven princess,” she says with a sinister sneer. “Because when I get out…your ass is gonna go through Hell! OW!” She jumps up and starts to rub her ass, revealing that she’s been sitting on a bag of ice all this time. At least she was until the bag melted, and she’s not happy about it as she yells out of her cell to the Guards. “Dammit, MORE ICE!!!”


Ron is packing his items from his locker into his backpack, with a huge grin on his face.

“SUMMER VACATION, RUFUS!!!” He yells to his naked mole rat friend. “Nothing but fun, sun & Naco’s by the ton!”

Rufus nods his head in anticipation. Ron finishes cleaning out his locker and closes up his backpack. He slings it over his back and makes a beeline for the door. “And you know what the best part is, buddy?” He says as he looks down at Rufus. “Kim & Bonnie are at Cheer Camp, Mrs. Possible is overseas performing Brain Surgery, and Shego’s locked up. There’s no way this can turn into…”


He hears his name said like that, and immediately traces the voice to Yori, his classmate when Ron was an exchange student at the Yamanouchi School. He turns to see her standing behind him, confirming his guess. “Stoppable-San, I am in need of your assistance.”

Ron is a little shocked to see her. “Yori! What are you doing here? What’s wrong?”

She walks up to him, stopping mere inches from his face. “The Yamanouchi School has assigned me a mission. It is like a Final Exam at your school. If I am successful at this mission, I will have graduated to the rank of Ninja.”

Ron smiles, feeling happy for her. “That’s great, Yori. But I don’t understand why you need my help.”

“I am in need of your special skills, Stoppable-San.” She says. “For my mission, is to defeat Lord Monkey Fist.”

Upon hearing his name, a cold shiver goes down Ron’s spine. He knows all about Lord Monkey Fist. Originally, they met when he was known as Monty Fiske, a world-renowned Archeologist. But he went psychotic with his obsession with Monkeys, to the point that he had surgery to augment his body so he could become more Monkey-like. Ron always considered Monkey Fist to be his Arch-Nemesis, especially since they both have master the art of Tai Shing Pek Kwar (a.k.a. Monkey Kung Fu). He looks at Yori, and comes to a decision. “Alright…I’m ready to help out.”

She hugs him tightly, feeling gratitude. “Thank you, Stoppable-San.” Ron smiles, welcoming her warm embrace. But he then pulls away suddenly.

“Um, Yori…I’m all for helping out, but how are supposed to get to Monkey Fist.” He asks. Yori smiles, remembering Ron’s naïve-ness. “Have you forgotten Stoppable-San? The Yamanouchi School has graduates in high places.”

At that moment, a Helicopter appears out of nowhere and floats down beside the two, landing some feet away from them. There are two Helicopter pilots dressed as Ninjas at the controls. Ron rolls his eyes and smiles. “Oh yeah, the ninja connection thing.” He says as he & Yori board the chopper. “Hey, any chance we could swing by a Bueno Nacho on the way?”

“Oh, Stoppable-San.” Yori says as she laughs at what she thinks is a joke. “You and your American style jokes.”

30 Minutes Later…

Both Yori & Ron are flying off to Japan, towards the last known destination of Lord Monkey Fist. It’s been a quiet flight, with Yori wearing a worried look on her face most of the trip. Ron decides to break the silence. “Yori, is everything OK?”

She turns her head towards him. “I am OK, Stoppable…I mean Ron-San. It is just my nervousness. I am afraid that I might not be as brave as you to face up to this challenge. I do not even know where to look for Monkey Fist” Ron is surprised to hear her say that. He’s been on a few adventures with her, and she’s shown a stone cold confidence in her skills. Now, she seems scared. As Ron realizes what she’s feeling, and idea pops into his head. “Don’t worry Yori,” he says as he reaches into his pocket. “I know how to find out.”

He pulls out his Communicator from his pocket and activates it. “Wade, Come in.”

Wade’s face appears on the screen. “Ron? What’s the problem?”

“I need you to find the location of Monkey Fist.” He says.

“Monkey Fist?” Wade responds. “But there isn’t a mission on him. Although I have been monitoring some strange activity from him. It’ll take a while, though. Should I get Kim back from…?”

Ron quickly cuts Wade off. “NO! Uh…no need to. Me & Yori are handling the situation.”

Wade smirks at Ron. “Oh, I get it. A little alone time with Ms. Ninja, so you can…”

Ron immediately shuts off the Communicator, not wanting Yori to hear any more. He then quickly changes the subject. “Yori, what exactly are we stopping Monkey Fist from doing?”

Yori turns to Ron and explains. “Sensei has informed me that Monkey Fist is currently seeking the Chimpanzee Gem.”

“The Chimpanzee Gem?” Ron asks.

“Yes. It is an ancient & powerful artifact.” She replies. “It can give the holder the power to have mental control over every species of Monkey in the world.”

Ron’s look changes to that of seriousness, and he clenches his fist in anger. “That fiend! With that much control over all the Monkeys in the world, who knows what he could do? We have to stop him!” Yori smiles at Ron, then leans over and rests her head on his shoulder. Ron wants to move her away, but can’t bring himself to do it. A part of his heart, a huge part of his heart, enjoys being with Yori, and enjoys the attention she gives him. He decides to rest himself, until they get to their destination.

2 Hours Later…

Ron & Yori have checked into the Tokyo Hilton. Ron called in Wade to deliver some Spy equipment that might be needed to assist Yori. He walks out of the bathroom, wearing a 3-piece suit and holding the Communicator in his hands.

“Nice duds you got me, Wade.” Ron tells him.

“And they’re not just for show.” Wade says. “The Cufflinks are actually mini buzz saws, the Bow Tie can emit a powerful sneezing powder, and…”

“Let me guess.” Ron says as he cuts him off. “When I click my heels together, my shoes become a phone?”

“Actually, when you click your heels together, the shoes become C4 Explosives.” Wade answers. Ron’s eyes grow wide, and he stands with his feet wide apart, not wanting to risk anything. His attention is turned to the bathroom door, as he notices Yori stepping out wearing a traditional Japanese Kimono. Ron is stunned at her beauty, and finds that he can’t take his eyes off of her.

“Is there something wrong with my outfit, Ron-San?” She asks.

“NO! No, no. Not at all.” Ron says nervously. “You…look beautiful.”

“Thank you, Ron-San.” She says while blushing. There’s an awkward moment of silence as they stand there, gazing at each other like they’re love sick puppies. After a few moments, Wade chimes in on the Communicator, breaking the silence.

“Ron, I found the location of Monkey Fist.” He says. Ron raises his Communicator towards his face. “He’s at the same Hotel you’re in, down at the Casino.”

“10-4, Wade.” Ron replies as he sends the Communicator offline. He then looks up at Yori. “Time for action.”

15 Minutes Later…

The Casino, where Wade located Monkey Fist, is packed with Tourists & Regulars. Some betting all they have on the games, others just content with looking on from a safe distance. Monkey Fist is sitting at a Blackjack Table, being dealt cards. Just as he’s about to check his hand, a gentleman joins him at the table.

“Deal me in, too.” The Gentleman says. Monkey Fist turns his head to see that it’s none other than Ron Stoppable who’s sitting with him. Yori also joins in and sits beside Ron. Monkey Fist look turns to that of rage.

“The other Monkey Kung Fu Master!” he says between his teeth.

Ron just smiles as he takes his cards in his hands. “Actually, it’s Stoppable. Ron Stoppable.” He replies in his best Sean Connery voice.

“What are you doing here?” Monkey Fist demands.

“We know of your foul plan, Monkey Fist.” Yori responds. “And we are here to ensure that you will never get your hands on the Chimpanzee Gem.”

Monkey Fist laughs at the two, not really considering them a threat. The Card Dealer offers another card to Monkey Fist, who denies it. The Dealer then offers to Ron, who checks his hand to see a 10 and an 8, equaling 18.

“Hit me.” He says. The dealer puts a 3 down on Ron’s hand. He signals to stay. The Dealer shows his hand having a 20. Monkey Fist then shows his hand, revealing 19. Leaving Ron the winner as he reveals his hand as having 21.

“Whoa, I never thought it would actually work.” Ron says, with a look of shock. “I’ve always seen it in the movies and…” Monkey Fist becomes enraged and flips over the Blackjack table in a rage.

“Enough of these Foolish Games!” He sneers. “Monkey Ninjas, ATTACK!!!”

As Monkey Fist yells out his order, various people in the Casino are revealed for their true selves, Monkey Ninjas. Even the Blackjack Dealer takes off his outfit to reveal he’s a Monkey Ninja. Ron & Yori find themselves surrounded by a dozens of them, but they don’t back down. They get into their fighting stances as the Monkey Ninjas leap & attack. Everyone in the Casino panics and runs out as the fight begins. Yori is more than holding her own against them. Even Ron is fighting back with success, as his knowledge of Monkey Kung Fu shows a little. Monkey Fist stands back and lets the fight rage on, picking his spot to strike. After a moment, he leaps into action and blindsides Yori with a Flying Kick, sending her crashing into a Roulette Wheel. Ron sees the attack and quickly breaks away from his battle.

“YORI!!!” He cries out. Monkey Fist slowly stalks towards her when Ron steps in front of him, blocking his path. “You keep your hands off of her!”

Ron leaps at Monkey Fist with a flurry of palm strikes, all of which Monkey Fist barely is able to block. Monkey Fist tries to mount a defense, but finds every one of his strikes reversed and countered. Ron then connects with a palm strike that sends Monkey Fist stumbling back, holding his chest. Before Monkey Fist can recover, Ron follows up with a Butterfly Kick that sends him through the Glass Door Entrance to the Casino. Monkey Fist struggles to get to his feet, still holding his chest in pain.

“MONKEY NINJAS, RETREAT!!!” He yells out, as he makes his escape. The Monkey Ninjas follow after their lord. Ron thinks about chasing after them, but remembers Yori. He picks her up from the debris and carries her over to the elevator, so they can get back to their room for her to recover.
3 Hours Later…

Back at the hotel room, all of the furniture has been cleared from the center of the room to develop a makeshift dojo. Ron & Yori are in the middle of an intense sparring session, trading & blocking each other’s attacks at a furious pace. Yori attacks with a roundhouse kick, which Ron evades flawlessly. He comes back and lunges at her with a flying spin kick, but she counters by flipping over him and nailing him with a kick to the face. Ron falls on his back, stunned & exhausted.

“Yori,” he says, out of breath. “Can we…take a break? We’ve been going…for 3 hours.”

Yori stands with his back towards him, shaking in aggravation. “I am sorry, Ron-San. I am just…very frustrated.”

Frustrated. That’s a word would wake Ron up in the middle of the night. It’s that word where it all began. Shego felt frustrated, and Ron lost his virginity. Bonnie felt frustrated, and Ron banged her at Camp Wannaweep. Even Kim & her mother felt frustrated when he was around, and it led to wild sex. Now Ron is having a frightening, yet exciting feeling of déjà vu.

“Oh no, not Yori.” He thinks. “I mean, yes Yori but…what would Kim say? I can’t. I can’t now. I gotta do something.”

Ron gets up and walks over to Yori. “Hey, maybe we should try some of that Herbal Tea Master Sensei uses.” Ron suggests nervously. It doesn’t help as Yori still has that feeling of frustration.

She turns to look at Ron. “I feel I cannot fight up to my potential, Ron-San.” She says. “It is as if…I have nothing to fight for.”

Ron puts both of his hands on her shoulders and looks her in the eyes. “You have plenty to fight for, Yori.” Ron replies. “Honor, Justice, even Love. You can…”

Ron catches himself and realizes what he just said. In the back of his mind he hopes that Yori didn’t pay attention to what he said, but those hopes are dashed when Yori looks up at him, seductively. Before Ron can even blink, Yori leans forward and kisses him deeply on the lips. She pulls him closer to her, the kiss rising in intensity with each passing second. After a minute, Ron finally is able to break free.

“WAIT! YORI!!” He yells, out of breath. “We…we can’t. I mean…”

“I need to feel love, Ron-San.” She says as she begins to take off her gloves. “It will be my inspiration for when I fight Monkey Fist. I need you, Ron Stoppable-San.”

She grabs the top half of Ron’s Ninja outfit, and rips it open, exposing his chest. She then rips open her own top to show a pink lace bra holding back her round, succulent breasts. She then quickly smothers Ron lips with hers, moving her tongue inside his mouth. Ron reaches out and grabs her breasts. He slips his hand under her bra cup and plays with them, squeezing them gently, yet firmly. His eyes then shoot open, as he realizes what he’s doing.

“Oh, man…I can’t do this…but I don’t wanna stop.” He thinks. “They’re so soft. Almost softer than Kim’s…”

He squeezes them a little harder, causing Yori break the kiss and moan out loud. She then looks at Ron with loving eyes.

“It is time that I give you pleasure, Ron-San.” She says, as she slowly leads him down to the floor. She lies him down before slowly tugging down on his pants, revealing his already hard Cock. She’s a little more than shocked by the size of it. “You really must be the Chosen One.” She says with a smile.

Ron laughs nervously as Yori grips his member with both hands. “It will be my honor to pleasure you with my mouth.” She says, before inserting his Cock into her mouth. She wraps her lips around his shaft and slowly works her tongue around the head. Ron almost loses it right there, as his eyes almost roll back into his head.

“For the love of Nacos, how did she get so good?!” He screams in his mind. “Her lips feel like velvet. I’m sorry, Kim. But this feels so good.”

Yori bobs her head up & down on his shaft, as he takes her hand and begins to massage his balls. She closes her eyes and takes in all of Ron’s manhood, not quite deep throating it, but getting real close. Ron clenches his fist, as he feels himself getting close to his limit. Yori is now twisting her head as she bobs up & down, making Ron feel like his Dick is in a corkscrew. He looks ready to blow.

“Uh…Yori?” He blurts out. “I’m think I’m gonna…”

He feels his load about to shoot out when, in the blink of an eye, Yori comes off of his Cock and moves her head out of the way. A split second later, Ron blasts his load into the air. After a moment, he looks at Yori with a grin.

“I forgot…Ninja reflexes.” He says.

Yori grins back as she slowly takes off the bottom to her Ninja outfit. “As they say in your country Ron-San, you have seen nothing yet.”

As she takes off the rest of her outfit, Ron gets a confused look on his face. “Actually Yori, I think you mean ‘You haven’t seen no…’” He’s cut off when he feels the head of his Cock rub against her vaginal lips. She’s already straddled him and is about to insert his Dick.

“Please forgive me, Kim.” He thinks. “But I just can’t bring myself to stop her.”

He can feel his manhood pierce between her lips and into the walls of her wet pussy. Yori sets herself down on his Cock, then begins to bounce her ass up & down on it. She leans in and wraps her arms around Ron, as he grimaces.

“Man, she’s so tight.” He thinks, as he begins to pound her pussy. The sound of their skin smacking together fills the entire room. Ron places his hands on her hips to guide her movements. Yori begins to bite her lips.

“Oh, Ron-San! Yes! You ARE the chosen one!” She yells as he shoves his Cock deep with in her. She begins to bounce in sync with his strokes, sending his Dick all the way into her pussy. Ron grits his teeth, as he feel himself on the verge again. Yori is also close to her climax.

“OH, RON-SAN!!!” She screams as she pulls herself off of his Cock. Not a moment later, Ron shoots out cum all over her bare back. Yori lays on top of Ron, her frustration & doubt all but a memory now. She looks down and gently kisses Ron on the lips, then smiles warmly.

“Thank you, Ron-San.” She says, “You have given me great inspiration.”

The Next Day…

Ron is standing at the Airport Terminal, wearing his regular clothes. He has the Communicator in his hand, and Wade’s face is on the screen.

“So Monkey Fist is behind bars?” Wade asks.

“Yep.” Ron replies. “We took him down! With our mad Kung Fu skills, Monkey Fist had no chance.”

Wade has a look of non-belief on his face. “Yori did most of the work, didn’t she?”

Ron lowers his head, knowing that he can’t hide it from Wade now. “Yeah.” He then shuts off the Communicator as he sees Yori walking towards him. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and smiles.

“Thank you again for your help, Ron-San.” She says. “I would not have been able to defeat Monkey Fist without you.” She then leans in close to Ron. “And I will not inform Kim Possible about our ‘Training’ methods.” This brings a blushing smile to Ron’s face. Suddenly, a Ninja appears out of nowhere and hands Ron a plane ticket.

“First Class! Spankin’!” He says with a grin. “Hey, you think you could use some of that Ninjitsu to help me with my bags?”

He points to a spot behind him, where about a dozen suitcases lay on the ground. Yori giggles at Ron. “Oh Ron-San, always with the American-style jokes.” She says. “Naturally, it will be…”

Ron cuts her off before she can finish. “I know. It will be my honor to carry my own bags.”
The Monique Chapters

Kim clicks on her stopwatch, as Ron & Monique proceed to munch down a Grande Sized order of Nacos. The three are at the Bueno Nacho, and Ron has yet again challenged Monique to see who can scarf them down the fastest. Ron is in the lead, but after a few more bites, he begins to feel stuffed. Monique, however, is stuffing them down like there’s no tomorrow. Ron tries to down some more, but it’s too late. Monique wins easily.

“And time.” Kim says as she clicks her stopwatch again. “Looks like Monique’s the champion again.” She holds Monique’s arm high in victory. “I’m surprised you still got it.” Kim says.

“Oh please.” Monique says. “Even with my schedule, I’ll always have time to school Ron.”

“Yeah, you got lucky this time.” Ron cuts in. “And…the other 12 times. But NEXT TIME…”

“So, still working double shifts at Club Banana?” Kim asks.

“Yeah.” Monique answers. “But I got some vacation time coming up, and I’m trying to do anything I can to not think about that place.” Just then, a familiar beep is heard coming from Kim’s pocket. She reaches in and pulls out her Kimmunicator to see Wade on the screen.

“What’s the Sitch?” Kim asks.

“Actually, we got two.” Wade tells Kim. “DNAmy is rumored to have been testing on animals in the Amazon, and Dr. Dementor has threatened to release his mutated Weiner Dogs upon all of Germany if his ransom demands aren’t met.” Kim puts her hand on her chin, as she thinks about the situation.

“Well, I’ll handle Dementor.” She says. “And if I catch a quick ride…”

“Don’t sweat it, KP.” Ron interrupts. “I can handle DNAmy on the solo tip.” Kim gives him a look of non-belief. “What? I can!” He says in his defense. “Just as long as she doesn’t have Monkeys. No monkeys. Right, Wade?”

“No monkeys, Ron.” Wade replies.

“I can tag along, too.” Monique says. Kim turns her attention to her.

“Are you sure, Monique?” Kim asks.

“Hey, like I said, ANYTHING to get my mind off of Club Banana.” Monique says.

Kim smiles, feeling a little better than Monique will be going with Ron. “Then I guess we’re set.” She says. “Wade, we’re on our way.”

An Hour Later…

Kim is on a Mini-Jet flying over what looks to be Germany’s wooded area. She’s strapping on her skydiving equipment as it looks like she as to jump out of the Jet to reach her location. As she hooks on her parachute, she walks over to the pilot of the Jet. He looks to be a military man, and has a nametag on him that reads ‘J. Rich’. She puts her hand on his shoulder and smiles.

“Thanks for giving me a lift, Jay.” she says.

“No problem.” Jay replies. “It’s the least I could do since you helped us save the World Series from being cancelled.”

“No big.” She says. “All I did was make sure the president got to the game on time to throw the first pitch.” She walks back towards the rear of the Jet and slides open the door. After making sure her gear is fastened on tightly, she leaps out of the Jet and begins to plummet downward to the earth. After counting to herself to 10, she pulls the cord on the parachute. The chute deploys, and Kim gently glides down to the ground. Once she lands, she notices that her surroundings have more of a Jungle feel. She takes out her Kimmunicator and uses it’s scanning function. After a moment, the results show that she is in The Amazon.

“What? I’m in the Amazon?” She says. Her look begins to change to a frightened one. “Then…that means that Monique & Ron are…”


Monique & Ron reach the shore after Windsurfing from a cruise ship they hitched a ride from. Ron looks at his surroundings.

“Is it me, or does the Amazon now have a more woody feel to it?” Ron asks.

“This doesn’t look like the Amazon at all.” Monique answers. Ron pulls out the GPS system Wade gave to him and checks his coordinates. After a moment, he gets the answer.

“We’re…we’re in Germany.” Ron’s face turns to a look of shock. “But this is where Kim’s supposed to be. That means we…”

He looks up at a nearby cliff and sees a stone castle resting on top. He immediately recognizes it as Dr. Dementor’s Castle Laboratory. “OK, this is the last time I get directions from an old Sea Captain.” Ron says.

“Maybe we should check out this Dementor’s Lab anyway.” Monique says.

“Yeah.” Ron agrees. “Besides, it’ll be a while for even Wade to get some transportation out here.”

A Few Minutes Later…

The two reach the massive wooden door that’s the entrance to his lair. Ron decides to show off his bravery for Monique. “OK, we kick down the door, kick some bad guy butt, then go back to kicking it at the Bueno Nacho.”

“Except, I don’t know any Kung Fu like Kim.” Monique says.

“Don’t worry.” Ron tells her. “You’re with the Ron Man. A Master of Monkey Kung Fu. A Warrior Hero. I got this.”

Ron steps back into his Monkey stance, right before unleashing a devastating thrust kick…that does nothing to the door. He grabs his foot and hops around, yelling in pain as Monique just shakes her head. Suddenly, the door starts to creak, and it slowly comes crashing to the ground. Ron stops hopping in pain, and stands triumphant.

“BOOYA!!!” He yells as he walks into the lair, with Monique following closely behind. They don’t have to walk far though, as Dr. Dementor comes out from a dark corner to greet them.

“What is the meaning of THIS?” He yells. “What? The Nincompoop? What are you doing here?”

Ron looks a little upset by that comment. “You know, it’s one thing to call a guy a buffoon. But a Nincompoop?” Monique elbows Ron in the arm, getting him back focused. “Oh yeah.” He says, getting back on the subject. “We’re here to stop your mad plan for ransom, Dementor.”

Dr. Dementor just laughs at their threat. “And how will you do that, little man.” He says. “You do not even have your companion with you, the Kim Possible.”

Ron just smiles, confident in his skills. “Don’t need KP to kick your demented butt!” He charges at Dementor, ready to tear him apart with his Monkey Kung Fu, but Dementor just smirks and snaps his fingers, which signals dozens of his henchmen to surround him and block off Ron. The Henchmen all have a mutant Dachshund on a lease, which causes Ron to stop in his tracks.

“So, what were you saying about kicking my BUTT?” Dementor asks. Ron smiles nervously and backs up towards the entrance by Monique.

“Um, those aren’t regular Weiner Dogs, are they?” Monique asks.

“Not really, and we should run now.” Answers Ron, as she grabs Monique’s hand & dashes out of the Castle. The Henchmen are about to give chase when Dementor stops him.

“STOP!!!” He yells. “We cannot give chase, I haven’t given the order.” He then pulls out his patented ‘Dramatic Villain Light’ and shines it under his face. “GET THEM!!!”

Ron & Monique are scrambling through the forests, trying to escape Dementor’s forces. They can hear the dogs barking and they pick up their speed. After a few minutes, Ron stops and looks back, trying to see if he can spot his pursuers. Monique stops when she sees Ron not running with her.

“Ron, what are you doing?!” She whispers.

“I think we lost them.” Ron whispers back. “We gotta make our way back to the clearing. It’s this way…or is it this way?” Ron gets mixed up and confused about which way they came from.

“You mean you don’t remember where camp is?” She yells silently at him.

“Don’t worry.” Ron says. “I know it’s around here some…” He’s not able to finish his sentence as he’s sent plummeting off of a cliff with Monique, into the darkness below.

Monique lands in a puddle, a bit bruised but OK. She gets up to show that her clothes are soaked, though. She looks up, worried about where Ron could have fell.

“RON?” She yells for him. “ARE YOU OK?”


The sound of branches snapping fills the air. A moment later, Ron falls & stops right beside Monique, hanging upside down from a tree, with his pants all but hanging off of him. “Uh, yeah. I’m cool.”

Monique walks over and begins to untangle Ron from the branches. She gets him down and unsnags his pants from the tree. They pull hard and the pants end up flying into the same puddle Monique landed in. Completely wet, Ron decides to just put them on his shoulder and wait for them to dry. They both begin to walk towards a clearing in the woods. As they walk, Ron’s eyes gaze over and notice Monique’s wet T-Shirt…without a bra underneath. He can’t help but to stare at her breasts, which are almost an identical copy to Kim’s.

“Oh, man,” Ron thinks. “Why did her shirt have to get wet? I can even see her nipples getting hard.”

And at that moment, Ron’s Cock also starts to get hard. Since he’s now only wearing boxers, Ron walks with his hands low, cupping his groin trying to hide the bulge. They reach the clearing and decide to set up a new camp here. Ron reaches into his pants that he’s carrying over his shoulder and pulls out a tablet. He tosses it in the middle of a clearing. Upon contact, the tablet expands into a two-person tent.

“Wade’s compactable camping equipment.” Ron says. “Never leave home without it.” He pulls out two more capsules from his pocket before giving one to Monique. He tosses his on the ground, and it expands into a Sleeping Bag. Monique does the same.

“We better get some sleep here.” Ron says. “Dementor must think we’re goners from that fall. Wade can get Kim to pick us up tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” Monique agrees nervously. “We should get some sleep.”

They both grab their Sleeping Bags and climb into the tent. Ron can’t help but notice that Monique’s scared about the situation. As they slide into their bags, Ron tries to comfort her.

“Don’t worry about this, Monique.” Ron tells her. “Me & KP have been through much worse than this.”

“You…you have?” She asks.

“Dozens of times.” He replies. “The face offs with Drakken & Shego, I could tell you stories.”

He starts to, but then decides against it. He doesn’t want to think about Shego & the times he’s spent with her, especially in this situation. Not wanting to pitch his own tent inside of his Sleeping Bag, he changes the subject. “Uh…have you seen the new jeans Club Banana’s coming out with?”

“Ron, I gotta tell you something.” Monique says as she gently puts her hand on top of his. “I…I don’t know if we’ll make it through tonight. And…I don’t wanna die a virgin.”

Ron’s look instantly changes to that of horror. The one thing he was trying to avoid is staring him right in the face. He sits there in shock, but quickly snaps out of it when he notices Monique unzipping his Sleeping Bag.

“Wait…Monique!” Ron says. “We’re in the woods. We can’t…”

“I don’t care, Ron.” She says. “Bonnie told me about you & her at Camp Wannaweep.”

“Great!” Ron thinks to himself. “Bonnie makes me promise to keep it a secret, and she blabs to all her girlfriends.”

His thoughts are interrupted as he feels Monique sliding her hands down his boxers, and gripping his Cock. “You know you want to, boy.” She says. “Because little Ron is standing at attention.”

Ron blushes at that comment, but still remains nervous. “Monique, we can’t.” He says firmly, trying to deter her. “This…this will ruin our friendship.”

She just smiles and leans in closer to him. “So I’m guessing you haven’t heard of ‘Friends with Benefits.’”

Ron has a confused look. “Friends with Benefits? What does that mean.”

Monique’s grin turns into a seductive one. “Let me show you, Ron.”

She turns her attention to his Cock, which she’s been stroking for most of the conversation and is rock hard. She moves in close and runs her tongue around the head. Ron eyes nearly roll into the back of his head.

“Oh, crap…too late!” Ron thinks.

Monique teases Ron’s member, running her tongue all around the shaft, and even licking his balls. Ron grits his teeth in pleasure.

“Damn…how’d you get so good?” Ron asks.

“Kim lets me use her Dildo while she’s off at her ‘Cheerleader Getaways’.” She answers, still firmly gripping his Cock. She finally stops the teasing and takes his Dick in her mouth, wrapping her soft lips halfway down around the shaft. She pulls back, and works her tongue to make Ron’s rod smoother on the way down.

“Must’ve…had a lot of practice.” Ron says, his voice cracking. He can barely get the words from his mouth.

Monique doesn’t answer. Instead she brings her head lower onto his shaft, tightening her lips as she takes more than half of his manhood into her mouth. As she brings her head back, Ron feels himself getting closer to his limit. Monique closes her eyes as she continues with a steady motion. She can feel her panties getting wet just from sucking him off, and she moves her hand slowly down into her panties and rubs her clit. Ron’s eyes wander downward to see her hand.

“Oh, man.” Ron thinks. “Her ass, it’s so round. It’s even bigger than Kim’s. I can’t help myself.”

Ron slowly moves his hand along with Monique’s. He spreads her legs wide open and begins to finger her throbbing box. Monique responds with a gasp, then a muffled moan. Her tongue wraps all around the head of his Cock, as his fingers delve deeper into her love box with every thrust. Finally, she removes his Cock from her mouth, wanting more than just his fingers.

“Oh, Ron!” She yells. “I want it, baby. FMN!”

Ron stops his fingering and looks at Monique. “FMN?”

She grabs him by the collar and pulls him close; much like Bonnie did Ron their first time. “Fuck…Me…NOW!!!” She orders.

There’s some hesitation, as Ron thinks about Kim and her feelings. But his thoughts also turn towards Shego, Bonnie & even Yori, and he decides it’s useless to try to fight now. He leans in close and locks his lips with Monique’s, keeping them there for more than a few moments. He lets his hands roam under her wet shirt, as he caresses her breasts. Monique breaks the kiss as she gets down on all fours, and pokes her inviting ass in the air for Ron to take. He slowly pulls down her panties to reveal her luscious ass in all of its glory. Ron grabs his rod and begins to guide it within her love walls. He inserts his Cock, and pushes himself all the way in, enjoying the warmth of her pussy. Monique bites her lip in pleasure.

“OH, YEAH!!!” She yells out.

Ron pulls himself back, then begins to stroke his member in & out of her pussy, going slow so to not climax too soon. He leans in and grabs hold of her breasts again, rubbing and fondling them as he keeps his steady strokes. Monique is yelling for more.

“Oh god, Ron. Fuck me faster!” She tells him. “Don’t hold back, boy! FUCK ME!”

“Whoa! She wants it more than Shego did!” Ron thinks to himself. “Well Stoppable, gotta give her what she wants.”

Ron begins to speed up his strokes, and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh becomes louder & louder. He lets go of her breasts and grabs hold of her hips, guiding his strokes as he penetrates deeper & deeper into her. Monique grabs her Sleeping Bag and clenches it tight.

“OH GOD, YEAH!!!” She screams. “You’re so big, Ron!”

Ron is grimacing from Monique’s tight pussy, but he’s still pounding it mercilessly. “Monique…tell me…who’s the man.” Ron says, feeling cocky about having Monique in this position. “WHO THE MAN, MONIQUE??”

“YOU ARE, RON!!!” She screams out. “YOU’RE THE MAN!!! YOU’RE THE…THE…”

She’s not able to get the rest out, as she feels a tingling sensation all over her body. Ron feels it to, and pulls out not a moment too soon, as he shoots his cum all over Monique’s ass. Monique doesn’t even notice, as she’s busy basking in the glow of her first orgasm. Ron falls back on his Sleeping Bag, looking exhausted.

“Can’t move…so tired…must sleep.” Ron says, out of breath.

He closes his eyes, only to open them a moment later when he feels Monique’s lips on his, and her tongue entering his mouth. She Frenches him for almost a minute before breaking the kiss.

“Good night, Ron Man.” She says with a seductive grin, as they both drift off to sleep.

The Next Morning…

Ron is sleeping peacefully in his Sleeping Bag before he’s awakened by the sound of dogs barking. Monique sits up also, wide-awake from the noise. Ron shushes Monique, as he can hear Prof. Dementor’s voice off in the distance.

“Search around here. Their bodies have to be here somewhere.” They hear him command.

Ron slowly puts his pants back on, then his shoes. He remains in the tent, waiting for the right moment. He can hear them coming closer, and after a moment of waiting, he leaps out & strikes.


Ron leaps at Dementor with a flying kick…only to be grabbed by his henchmen just inches away from striking him. Dementor grins at him smugly as he approaches him.

“So it seems you have survived the fall.” Dementor says. “But let’s see if you SURVIVE MY TORTUROUS GIFT SHOP!!!”

“NO! NOT THE GIFT SHOP!!!” Ron yells.

Monique peeks her head from out of the tent and sees Ron being held captive. She turns her attention to Dementor, as she recognizes the coat he’s wearing.

“That’s a Smarty Mart jacket.” She says to herself. “That means it has the broken seam.”

She looks at the coat, scanning it for a loose piece of thread. She finally finds it in the shoulder. “There it is!”

She pops out of the tent and leaps at Dementor, grabbing the loose thread and yanking it forcefully. After a second, Dementor’s coat unravels into a load of thread, exposing his bare chest…well, except for the Girdle that he’s wearing. His henchmen are stunned to see this, which allows Ron to grab them by the back of their heads, and crack their heads together. They fall to the ground unconscious. Dementor tries to cover himself up, ends up getting a flying kick to his face, which KO’s him.

“BOOYA!!! Good guys win again.” Ron cheers. But his celebration is interrupted as his Communicator goes off. He pulls it off to see Wade on the screen.

“RON!!! Thank god you’re alive.” He says. “Kim’s on her way to pick you up. Just hide out from Prof. Dementor and…”

“Chill, Wade.” Ron tells him. “Dementor is done for. Took him out, Ron-Style.”

“What? Really?” Wade says in shocked. “Well, uh…good work. Kim should be there in a few.”

Wade signs off, just as a helicopter flies over the area. It hovers down to the ground as Kim jumps out. Ron has a nervous look on his face. He doesn’t know if Monique will keep this night a secret or not. Monique then leans in and gives him some words of reassurance.

“Don’t worry.” She tells him. “What happened last night is just between you & me.”

She gives him a playful slap on his rear before running off to greet Kim. Ron just stands there and sighs, unable to even believe all that’s happened to him so far.

“O…K. At least this can’t get any weirder.” He says.


Back at the Maximum Security Super-Villain Prison, a guard is walking down a long hallway. It’s late at night, and he’s delivering a prisoner his food. He stops in front of a cell with a glass wall…Shego’s cell.

“C’mon, Shego. Time for your dinner” The Guard tells her.

Shego turns around and stares at the Guard with seductive eyes. “Ye-I was thinking of having something different off the menu.” She says. “Something like…tube steak.”

She licks her lips and walks closer to the glass wall of the cell. The Guard smiles, and presses a button on the side of the cell to open a hidden door in the glass wall. He walks in, and drops the food tray on the floor. Shego approaches him and begins to run her hand over his chest. She reaches lower, until she’s inside of his pants. The Guard grins, expecting to get lucky. He’s wrong however, as Shego fiercely clenches his balls, causing him to wince and cry out in pain. She then delivers a head butt that sends him stumbling back. Finally, she connects with a spin kick and finally KO’s him. He falls to the floor and lays there, motionless, as Shego begins to strip him of his clothes. She puts them on herself and grabs his ID card. Before she leaves her cell to make her escape, she looks back at her wall. More specifically, a photo of Ron Stoppable & Kim Possible together.

“Hope you’ve enjoyed your dream part of life, Princess.” She says. “Because your nightmare is about to begin.”
The Killer Bebe Chapters
“OH GOD, RON!!!”

Ron thrusts his Cock in & out of Bonnie. He has her sitting on a workbench with her legs wrapped around his. Ron’s pants & boxers are down to his knees, and Bonnie’s panties are dangling around her ankle. As he continues to pound her pussy, Bonnie becomes louder with her screams.


Ron gives her a nervous look. “Cool it, Bonnie.” He whispers. “No one’s supposed to know we’re in here, remember?”

“Sorry, Ron.” She says, blushing. She then shoots her head forward and kiss him deeply, as her screams are muffled by Ron’s mouth. After a few moments, both of their bodies start to tremble. Ron quickly pulls out of her, so not to get her pregnant, and lets his load fly. He sprays it all over the front of her cheerleader mini-skirt, which doesn’t make Bonnie happy.

“Dammit, Ron!” she yells. “I got practice in like 5 minutes. Now I gotta spend time in the bathroom rubbing this out.”

“I’m sorry, Bonnie.” He says. “This is the first time we’ve done it in the Janitor’s closet. I panicked!”

“Well, learn not to panic next time!” She stands up and pulls her panties back up under her skirt. As she makes her way out of the closet, she gives Ron a long wet kiss on the lips. “I’ll see you later, Big Ron.”

She walks out of the closet, leaving Ron by himself. He pulls up his boxers & pants and straightens himself out, before also walking out. Down the hall he can see Rufus waiting on top of his locker. He walks over to apologize to him.

“Sorry, Buddy.” Ron says. “But I ran into Bonnie and…” Rufus interrupts and yells at Ron, in Mole Rat Language. “Hey, I couldn’t help it. She one of the head cheerleaders. And I know why they call her that now.” He leans his head against his locker. “Man, with Bonnie, Yori, Monique, Kim & Kim’s Mom after me…I need a vacation! And since Summer Vacation starts tomorrow, I’ll never be able to escape them unless…”

His eyes widen and a grin comes across his face. “That’s it! VACATION!!!” he yells out. “I can cruise to the beach, catch some waves, check out a Bueno Nacho in another state…and no Sex-a-thons to take up my time.” He opens up his locker and pulls out his communicator along with a flyer for a Video Game Tournament in Miami Beach. He punches in Wade’s number and waits a moment, before Wade appears on the screen.

“Hey, Ron. What’s the Sitch?” Wade asks.

“No Sitch this time, Wade.” Ron says. “I wanna invite you on a trip, to Miami Beach. We can get into that Video Game Tournament going on down there.”

“Miami Beach? How can you afford that?” Wade says.

“Oh, I still have some of my royalties from the Naco.” Ron tells him. “So, you in?”

Wade takes a second to think about it, then gives him his answer. “OK…sure, I’m in. I could actually use a break from this computer.”

“That’s great!” Ron says excitedly. “I’ll get Felix to come along also. This is gonna be one slammin’ vacation!”


Deep within the Congo Jungle, one of the Killer Bebe bots, Bebe 1, lay on the ground, de-activated. But then, a spark shoots from the neck, then another one. After a few moments, her eyes begin to glow a sinister bright red. Bebe 1 picks herself up off the ground and begins to recalibrate her systems.

“Searching…establishing connection with Hive Queen’s brain…connection established.”

Bebe 1 starts scanning the area, searching for other Bebes. She finds three more lying nearby, but scattered in pieces. As she walks over to them, she emits an electronic signal that’s received by the others. Slowly, their parts start to shake & vibrate, then reassemble themselves. After a minute, the Bebes become fully assembled.

“Accessing Queen Bonnie’s consciousness.” Bebe 1 raises her head slightly and begins to access the mind link she still has with Bonnie. 2 minutes later, she lowers her head. “Primary Objective changed. Must acquire King for the hive.” Bebe 1 says.

“Yes. Files show Ron Stoppable is most desirable by Queen Bonnie.” Bebe 2 adds.

“We must sample Ron Stoppable to see if he’s suitable for our Queen.” Bebe 3 says.

“Then it is agreed.” Bebe 1 tells them. “We must have intercourse with Ron Stoppable and sample his sperm to see if his is fit for our Queen.”

The four Bebes then turn and head towards the sea with a single objective in mind. “Must Fuck Ron Stoppable.” They disappear in a cloud of dust, using their super-speed to cross the ocean to get to Ron.

One Day Later, in Miami…

At the Airport, a plane just lands on the runway. It rolls to a stop, and some time later, the door opens as steps are rolled up to it. The first one off the plane is Ron, who’s wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, flip-flops and shades.

“AH, BOOYA!!!” He yells out. “This is it, buddy. Miami Beach. Nothing but Sun & Fun.” He walks down the stairs to the bottom. A moment later, Felix comes out of the plane hovering in his wheelchair.

“And the Video Game Championships of the East Coast.” He adds as he hovers down beside Ron.

“Right you are, Felix.” Ron says. “Hey, where’s Wade? He said he’d meet us here.”

“And you’re late.” The two turn around as the hear Wade’s voice and expect to see him…only to be greeted by the Wadebot 2.0. “I’ve been waiting for five minutes.”

Felix is about to say something when Ron puts his hand up. “Uh, Wade? I thought you said you needed to get away from your computer.” Ron says.

“I did.” He answers. “I’m on my Laptop now. I’m using this while my computer is under maintenance. Now, let’s get a move on.” The Wadebot rolls towards the terminal, leaving both Ron & Felix at the runway.

“Is he always like that?” Felix asks.

“ You mean stay at home, never leaves the house to see daylight? Yeah, pretty much.” Ron says. “Don’t worry, you’ll get use to it. Let’s get going to the Hotel.” The two follow after the Wadebot and into the Terminal.

At that moment…

On the other side of the city, at the National Robotics Corporation, there’s a break-in at one of their factory areas. Deep inside, the Killer Bebes are standing in front of an Alloy-Modification Chamber. There are only three standing in front of the chamber. A moment later, the fourth & final one steps out of the chamber.

“Bebe unit. Did the procedure go successfully?” Bebe 4 starts to feel its skin. It still looks like the same titanium, but once she touches it, it flexes like human skin.

“Skin has become malleable.” She responds.

“The secondary mission is successful.” Bebe 4 says. “Proceed with Primary Objective. Proceed with the capture & sampling of Ron Stoppable.”

The Next Day…

Ron, Felix & the Wadebot are all in the Hotel Lobby. The entire Lobby is hosting a Video Game Tournament, with some of the best players from around the country here to compete.

“Whoa. Looks like we might have some major league competition here.” Felix says. Ron looks around, taking in the whole scene. He’s about to respond to Felix when, out of the corner of his eye, he sees a blur run across the room. He turns in that direction but sees nothing but Fan-boys. “Hey Ron, you OK?” Felix asks.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Thought I saw something for a second.” Ron tells him.

“Hmm, that’s strange.” Wade says as his face appears on Wadebot’s screen. “I’m getting readings of weird energy signatures.”

“Probably just some of the new games they got here.” Felix says.

“Yeah. I’m gonna hit the bathroom before we get into it.” Ron says. “I need to wash my hands. They smell too much like Naco’s.”

Ron leaves his two buddies and makes his way through the crowded Lobby to the bathroom. He pushes the door open and enters the Men’s room. A second later, a robot hand reaches out and locks the door before disappearing. Ron looks back to see what’s going on, but sees nothing. He then glances in the mirror, and sees Bebe 1.


She slowly walks toward him, backing him up into the sink. “What are you doing here?” he asks.

“We are here for Queen Bonnie.” Bebe 1 says.

“Oh yeah, they must still be obedient to Bonnie.” He thinks to himself. “Uh, Bonnie’s back in Middleton. WAAAAAY back in Middleton. Glad I could help…” He tries to run out but Bebe puts her arm up, blocking his way.

“Queen Bonnie desires you for her needs.” She says.

“You can say that again.” Ron tells her.

“Queen Bonnie desires you for her needs.” She repeats. Ron rolls his eyes, remembering that she’s a robot. “But we must first see if you are suitable for her.”

Ron’s eyes widen like elevator doors swinging open. “WAIT! You don’t mean…”

Just then, three bathroom stall doors bust open, revealing the other three Bebe bots. “We must have intercourse to see your worthiness of our Queen.” Bebe 1 says, as she grabs him by the collar. She forcefully pulls him close and locks in with a deep passionate kiss. Ron waves his arms around wildly for a second, then finally gives into the kiss. Bebe 1 then pulls away from him.

“You have soft lips now?” Ron asks.

“Latex coated lips with a hint of Cherry.” The Bebe bot responds.

Ron licks his lips to confirm. “You know, I thought I tasted cherry for a sec…WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” The Bebe bot tosses him into a bathroom stall. He lands on the toilet seat, and before he can even blink, the Bebe bots are all over him. Bebe 1 proceeds to kiss him again. Bebes 2 & 3 rip his shirt apart and expose his bare chest. Bebe 4 quickly unbuckles his belt and pulls his pants down.

“Holy shit, I’m being raped by Killer Bebes.” Ron thinks. “This is like a bad Star Trek plot…or something that some horny writer would think up.”

Bebe 4 has pulled his boxers down to reveal his thick member. She grabs hold of it in her hand. “Commencing with Fellatio Protocol.”

Ron breaks the kiss from Bebe 1. “Fell-what? What is she talking about?” Is…”

He’s interrupted by the sensation of feeling her surprisingly warm lips wrapping around his shaft. Bebe 4 works into a steady motion, almost mechanical but very smooth. Ron’s eyes almost roll into the back of his head.

“Oh, man. She’s giving me the perfect Blowjob.” He thinks. As he looks up, he sees Bebe 2 standing over him, topless. Before he can speak, she leans in and smothers his face with her breasts. As he grabs hold of them, he’s surprised again by how soft they are. Almost like the real thing.

“How did your skin get soft?” Ron asks through the mountain of boobs.

“Specially made malleable alloy upgrade.” Bebe 2 responds.

“Must’ve been some upgrade.” Ron says. He puts both hands on her round melons and pushes her away, as Bebe 4 stops her action and removes his Cock from her mouth.

“Semen collection delayed by this action.” She says. “Doubling Fellatio speed.” She puts her mouth back on his Cock and goes double time, bobbing her head like a piston on his shaft. Ron jerks & jumps for a second, as Bebe 3 smothers him with her breasts. After a moment, Ron feels a tingling in his legs and begins to tremble, signaling he’s on the verge of hitting his climax. He then lets go of his whole load into Bebe 4’s mouth, almost filling it up. She takes it all in, then removes his rod from her mouth and backs up. A spark flies from her neck. “Semen collection…complete.” She falls to the ground, seemingly deactivated & off-line.

“Whoa. She just went off-line from me coming in her mouth.” He thinks. “There’s one less Bebe. Maybe now I can…”

He’s not able to finish his thought, as Bebe 1 sprays a pink mist from the nipples on her breasts in his face. Ron coughs for a second, thinking he’s been poisoned. “OH, GOD! I’ve been poisoned!”

“You haven’t been poisoned, my sexy stud.” Bebe 2 says, as she begins to talk exactly like Bonnie. “It is a mixture of Viagra & Spanish Fly.” As she says that, Ron can feel his Cock instantly hardening again. It becomes even more rock solid than before. Bebe 3 brings her leg over and straddles herself onto him.

“Let’s go for a ride, Big Ron.” She says as a door slides open down there, revealing an almost lifelike pussy. She guides herself onto his member and brings herself all the way down. Ron grits his teeth, taken off guard by how warm it feels inside of her. Outside of the stall, the Wadebot unlocks the door and enters the bathroom.

“Ron? You in here?” Wade asks through the screen. “You didn’t stumble face first into the toilet again, did you?”

“WADE, HELP!!!” Ron screams. “I’m being raped by Killer Bebes!”

Wade has a look of disbelief on his face. “Ha, ha, Ron, very funny. You’re not giving my Wadebot another swirley.” Wade uses the X-Ray on the Wadebot to look into the stalls. What he sees is Ron being rode hard by Bebe 3, while Bebe 1 presses her lips against his. Bebe 2 runs her hands up & down his chest, while playfully biting his ear.

“Whoa! You really are in there with the Bebes.” Wade says. “You lucky bastard.”

Ron pushes Bebe 1 away from him. “WAAAADE!!!!”

“OK, OK, I’ll help out!” He says, and begins to type in a sequence on his Laptop keyboard. He finishes and waits a moment, but nothing happens. “Sorry, Ron. But I can’t override their systems. They’ve upgraded from the last time.” Wade then notices Bebe 4 on the ground, off-line. “What happened to her?” Wade asks.

“Blowjob…I came in her mouth…then she passed out or…went offline or something.” Ron says, fighting off the advances of Bebes 1 & 2.

Wade thinks for a moment, then comes up with a plan. “It must’ve been the exertion.” He says. “Although they have the upgrades, the Bebe bots weren’t originally built for sex. Hate to tell you this Ron, but you’re gonna have to Fuck your way out.”

Ron stops fighting back, looking shocked. “You gotta be fucking kidding me.” The Bebes continue to advance on him, and he decides that Wade is right. He grabs Bebe 3’s hips to bring he closer, and begins to pound her back. Bebes 1 & 2 stop their action and proceed to just look on. He pushes himself deep within her with every stroke, cause her to twitch & malfunction.

“S-s-s-so…so g-g-g-g-good…” She says as her neck shoots out a spark, just like Bebe 4 did before. The glow from her eyes fade, and she falls limp off of his Cock. Ron looks down and sees that little Ron is still ready to go. He stands up and pushes Bebe 2 against the stall wall, and locks her lips to his as he lifts her legs up & apart. He slides his rod inside of her metal love box. He can feel the lubricant trickling on his Dick inside of her, and begins to pump her hard. The stall walls begin to shake from the impact.

“Man, it’s like having sex with a real woman.” He thinks. As she’s getting pounded, Bebe 2 begins to malfunction like her two predecessors. Ron continues banging her, as she begins to make noises that sound like moans of pleasure. She looks up as the glow from her eyes slowly fades. “Big Ron…too much…” are her last words, before she goes offline and falls lifelessly to the ground.

Ron breathes a sigh of relief. “Just one more then…” He turns around and is met with a passionate kiss by Bebe 1, who has been watching the whole event. She puts her arms around his neck and wraps her legs around him, straddling herself on his Cock. As she begins to bounce, she breaks the kiss.

“You must pass the final test, lover boy.” She says. “Before you can be deemed worthy for Queen Bonnie.” The action is hot & heavy inside the stall. Ron begins to sweat from the friction, but Bebe looks strong and fully functional. Ron falls to his knees, then leans forward, putting Bebe 1 on the bathroom floor. They stay together, as Ron continues to stroke into her ruthlessly. After a minute of rough sex, Bebe 1 finally begins to break down. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Ron, and he speeds up his motion trying to last out. This sends her into overdrive. She begins to shake uncontrollable.


“Say it!” Ron says. “You know you want too.”

“You are leet, Ron Stoppable.” She says. A loud pop & a big spark flies from her neck, just as Ron blows his load inside of her, filling her up. A Bonnie-like smile forms on her face. The glow from her eyes fade, and she goes offline. Ron stands up and pulls up his boxers & pants, as he looks around at the deactivated Bebes. He opens the door to the stall to see the Wadebot in front of him, with Wade on the screen.

“Whoa, didn’t think you could do it, Ron.” Wade says. “Get it? Do it…”

“Very funny, Wade.” Ron says sarcastically. “You wouldn’t happen to have a spare T-Shirt in there?” A lower compartment opens on the Wadebot and shoots a T-shirt right at Ron, and hits him in the head. “OW! That thing does have everything. So what do we do with the Bebes?”

“Don’t worry.” Wade says. “I can get and extraction team to take care of them. Now let’s get back to the event.” Ron nods his head in agreement as he puts on the T-shirt and walks out with the Wadebot.

“Hey, and Wade…” Ron says.

“Yeah, Ron?”

“Felix never finds out about this, OK?”

A Week Later…

At Middleton Airport, Kim & Monique wait for the arrival of Ron & Felix. They don’t wait long as the two of them come out of the tunnel. Kim runs over and hugs them both. “Welcome back.” She says. “So, you enjoy your trip?”

Felix holds up a silver medal that’s around his neck. “Second place in the tournament. Qualifies for a good vacation in my book.”

“You said it, buddy.” Ron adds as they bump fists.

Kim smiles. “Spankin’. I was thinking…”

Suddenly, Bonnie runs up to Ron and wraps around his arm. “He won’t have time for that, Kim.” She says. “Ron has to study the new cheering routines with me. Isn’t that right?” She reaches down behind him and squeezes his ass tightly, causing him to jump a little.

He smiles and blushes a little. “Uh, yeah. Study. Sorry, KP. Gotta run.” Bonnie drags Ron along with her out of the Terminal and to the Parking Lot, leaving Kim with Monique & Felix.

“You ever notice how Ron’s spending more time with Bonnie lately?” she asks.

“Yeah, probably Bonnie just lording over him as usual.” Bonnie says. “Come on. We’ll walk Felix home and head to Club Banana.”

Later that night…

Several miles from the Super Villain Prison, and walking along a dark road is Shego. She’s wearing a trench coat over her prison issued clothes. A car comes down the road and she puts her thumb out to hitch a ride, only to be passed up. She groans in frustration.

“That’s it.” She says. “Time to show them some real headlights.”

Another car comes down the road. Shego waits until the headlights on the car illuminate her, then she opens her coat and lifts up her shirt to reveal her luscious round melons. The car immediately comes to a stop, and she walks around to the driver’s side. The gentleman in the car rolls down his window.

“So, what can I do for you, pretty lady?” He asks.

“Well, you can give me the keys and get the hell out of the car.” She replies, before reaching in and yanking the gentleman out of his car and throwing him to the ground. She unlocks the door from the inside and climbs in. With a grin on her face, she closes the door and puts her hands on the wheel.

“Get ready, Kimmy. Shego’s coming back to town.” She burns rubber down the road and leaves nothing behind, but a cloud of dust.
The Global Justice Chapters
Through the halls of Global Justice, an Agent is seen running at full speed. The Agent looks vaguely familiar, and has a nametag that reads ‘J. Rich’. He dashes past other agents & workers before boarding an elevator. As the door closes, he punches in 82 as the floor her wants to go to. The elevator lifts up in a hurry, as soothing music plays through the speakers. It doesn’t soothe the Agent though, as he taps his foot, impatiently waiting to get to his floor.

“Come on, come on.” He says, still waiting.

After a few moments, the elevator finally gets to the floor. He shoots out like a track star down the hall. At the end of the hall is the main battle room, crown jewel of Global Justice headquarters. He runs into the room, and immediately walks toward Dr. Betty Director, the Head of Global Justice.

“Ma’am! Important Intel just wired in to us.” He says as he hands her a sheet of paper.

“Thank you, Agent Rich.” She says, taking the sheet. She begins to read what’s on it, as her look slowly changes to a serious one. “It’s just as I feared. People, Codename Mean Green has escaped. I need my best agents active for a level 4-protection mission. Whatever happens, at all cost, we must protect Ron Stoppable!”

About an Hour Later…

At the local Middleton Bueno Nacho, Ron sits in a booth enjoying a Grande sized order of Nacos. In celebration of Bueno Nacho’s 5th anniversary, he’s wearing a large sombrero. Across from him sits his best friend/girlfriend, Kim Possible. Ron stops his munching on Nacos and offers Kim some.

“You sure you don’t wanna join in on the celebration?” Ron asks.

“No, I’m good.” She says. Suddenly, Ron notices an image out of the corner of his eye. He looks in the direction and man dressed in black. Or at least he thinks he does, as the man disappears in the blink of an eye.

“Hmm, that’s weird.” He says.

“What’s weird?” Kim asks.

“I could’ve sworn I saw a guy dressed in all black at that table stalking me.” Ron tells her. Kim develops a worried look on her face.

“Okay, you’ve been having too many Nacos, Ron.” She tells him.

“No, I haven’t.” He says. “This is only my 9th order.” She grabs him by the hand and pulls him out of the booth. They both head out of the restaurant and walk down the street, heading the route to get to Kim’s house. Back in Bueno Nacho, the man in black comes out of hiding and spies on the two out of the window.

“Target is on the move.” He says into a hidden microphone. “Will proceed with shadowing & protection.”

3 Days Later…

Nothing has changed since that day at Bueno Nacho. Ron still sees mysterious men out of the corner of his eye, but once he turns to look, there’s no one there. At the Middleton Mall, he hangs out with Kim inside of Club Banana to get his mind off of his “paranoia”.

“I’m telling you Kim, there are weird, mysterious Government agents following me all around Middleton.” He says.

“And I say you’ve been watching too many Mystery movie marathons.” She says, as she grabs a pair of Capri pants from the rack.

“Hey, those movies are classics. And they…” He stops in mid-sentence as he notices yet another figure out of the corner of his eye. This time, he doesn’t turn immediately around, so as not to give him a chance to hide. He slowly walks over to a mirror, and stands in front of it so that the man can be seen also.

“Kim, come here.” Ron whispers as he motions her over. Kim sighs and walks over to him carrying the pair of pants. She takes a look in the mirror and sees the man Ron was talking about.

“Whoa, you are being followed, Ron.” She says.

“Told ya, and he’s RIGHT BEHIND ME!!!” He turns and points towards the man in black, who just realizes he’s been found out. He runs out of Club Banana, being chased closely by Kim. Ron’s way behind bringing up the rear.

“WAIT UP, KP!!!”

The chase leads to the fountain area of the Mall. The same fountain where Kim & Shego switched bodies. Kim leaps & jumps off of a nearby table and lands right in front of the man in black.

“What’s the rush?” Kim asks the man. “I thought we’d have a little chat.”

The Man backs up and sets himself in a Kung-Fu stance, indicating he’s in no mood for talk. Kim also gets into her Kung-Fu stance, and the two stare each other down, anticipating the other to make the first move. Finally, the man attacks first, lunging at her with a snake strike. Kim easily dodges the strike and counters with a spin kick. The two trade blows up close, with Kim countering everything the man in black has to throw at her. After a minute of going back & forth with their strike, they both back off back into their stances, breathing hard but still ready to brawl. Ron finally arrives on the scene and backs up Kim.

“So…who are you?” She asks the man. “And why have you been tailing Ron?”

The man just presses a button on his collar. “I believe my superior can answer that question.” A second later, a trap door opens up and sucks in Kim & Ron. They’re transported through a series of tubes until they arrive in the middle of Global Justice Headquarters, right in front of Dr. Director.

“Sorry for the uncomfortable trip here.” She tells them.

Ron stands up along with Kim and brushes himself off. “Yeah. You know, maybe next time you could have some recliners or beanbags to land on instead of the hard floor.”

“What’s the Sitch?” Kim asks Dr. Director.

“Unfortunately, we have a grave situation.” She answers. “Codename Mean Green has escaped.”

Ron begins to chuckle a little. “Mean Green? Sounds like some lame movie villain. Why should we be scared?”

“Codename Mean Green is also known as Shego.” Dr. Director says to Ron, who begins to shake with fear. He takes a big gulp and starts to sweat.

“OK, now that’s scary! SHE’S GONNA TEAR ME APART!!!” Ron panics and hides behind Kim.

“Or possibly worse.” Dr. Director says. “Which is why Ron Stoppable needs to be under constant watch until she is apprehended.”

“I’m staying too.” Kim adds. “Ron’s my best friend, and I’m not gonna let Shego get to him without a fight.”

Dr. Director begins to pace around the room, thinking over the situation. “Hmm, it would help if we had a top-level combatant such as you standing guard. All right. We will set you up two quarters right by each other. In the meantime, take a look around. You might want to familiarize yourself with Global Justice; you might be here for a while.”

As the two leave to explore the facility, Agent Rich approaches Dr. Director. “Ma’am. You might want to take a look at Mr. Stoppable’s recent activities.” She nods her head and follows him into the next room, where a group of scientists are gathered around a large screen.

“What’s going on here?” She asks.

“Well, we’ve noticed some very odd readings from the subject.” One scientist says.

“You mean Ron Stoppable.” She says.

“Yes.” Another scientist replies. “Very strange indeed. And most of them are Hormonal. We still have that micro-camera we implanted from when we were studying his ‘Ron Factor’. We were just about to examine his actions and…” The scientist holds up a videotape, which Dr. Director snatches from his grasp.

“I think I’ll be watching this.” She says. “Might be priority one classified.” She takes the tape and exits the room down a long hallway. She walks past various workers in her organization until she reaches her quarters. She places her thumb on a number pad and the door slides open, allowing her to enter in. She takes a long sigh and inserts the tape into her VCR, before sitting down on her bed and grabbing her remote.

She presses the Play button and closely observes the what’s on the tape. The first thing she sees is Ron & Kim battling Drakken in order to save the kidnapped President. Unimpressed, she keeps watching the tape.

“Looks like the same basic mission for Ron & Kim.” She says. “Nothing that would heighten his Hormonal…what’s this?”

Her full attention goes back to the tape when he notices Ron & Shego down in the cellar of Middleton High. She watches Shego take his virginity, first sucking him to hardness then riding his Cock until she reached her orgasm. She also witnesses how Ron shoves his member up her ass, against her protests. As she watches, she slowly becomes more aroused.

“Oh my.” She says. “I never knew that Ron was so…gifted down there. Although it does explain the clumsiness.”

Betty slowly begins to slide her hand between her thighs, feeling herself getting wet. As she continues to look at the tape, watching Ron in the cabin at Camp Wannaweep with Bonnie. She slowly unzips her jumpsuit down just below her belly button, showing a white Sports Bra, then ventures her hand inside. Part of her underwear can be seen, revealing that she wears white cotton panties. As Ron pumps himself on the tape, Betty slowly starts to match her finger movements to his strokes.

“Oh yes. Yes, that’s it.”

She slowly becomes lost in her own world, imagining Ron is there with her at that moment. She can hear Ron’s voice from the tape, so it’s not that hard to imagine. She leans back onto her bed and delves her fingers even deeper between her love walls. Her eyes are closed as she works herself closer to her limit. After a few moments, she opens them to see Ron with Kim’s mother on the tape now.

“My god! Ron sure has been around in his young life.” She thinks to herself. “Although with a rod like that, I can see why.”

As she lies back down on the bed, she spreads her legs wide open. Her fingers probe in & out of her at a furious pace. She feels herself coming closer & closer to her climax. Then, suddenly, she stops. She sits back up on her bed, dripping in sweat.

“This…will not do.” She says, out of breath. “If I am to fully understand why Ron Stoppable is being hunted by Shego, as also to why he has been so sexually active, I must take a hands-on approach.”

She stands up and zips up her jumpsuit. Straightening herself out, she regains her composure and exits out of her quarters, on a mission to find out more information about Ron Stoppable…and his recent adventures.
Inside of Global Justice’s Gym facility are Ron & Kim. Ron has on a pair of boxing gloves as he pounds the heavy bag. Kim just watches from the side.

“Hey, Kim. Check me out.” Ron says as he lays in blows to the Heavy Bag. “Call me ‘Sugar Ron Stoppable.’ Float like a butterfly, sting like a hornet.”

He gets in a good shot that pushes the bag away from him. Ron turns to Kim and flexes his muscles, right before the bag smashes back into him, knocking him to the ground. Kim laughs and helps Ron up to his feet, just as Dr. Director steps into the room.

“Everything going alright here?” She asks Kim & Ron.

“Yeah.” Kim says. “Except for Ron being knocked out in the second round by the Heavy Bag.”

“Nice gym you got here, Doc.” Ron says. “Maybe I should test my skills out in the ring.”

“Actually, I was thinking of having a little sparring session with Kim, if she doesn’t mind.” Dr. Director says, turning to Kim.

“It’ll be my pleasure.” Kim answers. The two walk together towards the sparring ring and climb through the ropes. Dr. Director unzips her jumpsuit a little, to allow easier movement. Her white sports bra can be seen just enough by everyone surrounding the ring, including Ron. Kim gets into her fight stance, as does Dr. Director.

“Ha! The redhead doesn’t stand a chance against our boss.” One agent says.

Ron turns to the agent & grins. “You don’t know Kim Possible.”

A referee standing in the ring waves his arm, and the two dangerous females charge each other. Kim leaps in with a flying kick, which Betty easily dodges. Dr. Director comes back with a Roundhouse that Kim easily avoids. They start to trade blows back & forth, gauging each other’s strength. Ron & the rest of the agents look on in awe.

“Whoa! She’s really keeping up with the boss.” The agent says.

“Check the name, guys.” Ron tells them. “Kim Possible, she can do anything.”

Back in the ring, Kim goes for a Roundhouse kick of her own, only to have it blocked by Dr. Director. She in turn, flips over and locks Kim in an Ankle Lock.

“Your skills have gotten better, Kim.” Dr. Director tells her. “But they just fall short of mine.”

“I…beg to differ.” Kim says, fighting her way out of the hold. She rolls over under Dr. Director, and sends her flying into the air. She lands on her fight, just as Kim grabs her arm and wraps her legs around it, sending her to the ground.

“GO KP!!!” Ron yells from outside the ring.

Kim wrenches her arm, trying to make her submit. “Eloquently done, Ms. Possible.” Dr. Director says. “But not quite good enough.”

She does a reverse somersault and gets to her feet, forcing Kim to break her hold. They both stand up to their feet, ready to go again. Kim is about to charge again when Betty puts her hand up. “I believe that’s enough for one day Kim, excellent sparring session. Maybe you should get cleaned up.”

‘Yeah.” Kim says. “I am a little ripe.”

Ron looks on from outside, then takes a whiff of himself. “WHOA! Maybe I should get cleaned up myself.”

Betty hops over the ropes and lands right beside Ron. “Terribly sorry, Ron. But I’m afraid your quarters doesn’t have a fully functioning shower. But you can use mine.” She looks at him with caring & seductive eyes, which Ron doesn’t exactly notice.

“OK, it’s all good.” He says. “I just hope you got one of those frilly scrubbing things. They feel good on you once you get use to them.”

They walk together out of the gym and down the hall, towards Dr. Director’s quarters. As they walk she slowly puts her hand around him. Ron looks up at her. “Oh, um…about rooting for Kim back there, Doctor…”

“No explanation needed.” She tells him. “I understand she’s your friend. And please…call me Betty.”

“OK…Betty. Cool” He says. They reach her quarters and enter inside. Ron immediately heads towards her bathroom, so he can use her shower. He shuts the door behind him as Betty stays behind. As soon as the door closes, she inputs a code that won’t allow the door to be open by anyone else but her.

“All according to plan.” She thinks to herself. A moment later, she can hear the shower water running. She walks over to a drawer and grabs a pair of binoculars. Flipping a switch on them, she holds them up to her eyes and looks at a wall. The sight goes through the wall, showing her everything happening in the bathroom, including Ron washing himself in the shower.

“Time to initiate phase 2.” She says to herself. She slowly begins to strip out of her jumpsuit into her bra & panties. Grabbing her robe off of her bed, she slips into it and slowly creeps into the bathroom. Ron doesn’t pay attention to her sneaking in, as he continues to wash himself. She lets her robe drop to the floor and takes off her bra, revealing her surprising large round breasts, before bending over and pulling off her cotton white panties. As she moves closer to the shower, Ron finally notices her image against the shower door. He panics and thinks it’s his worst nightmare.


The shower door opens to show Betty standing there, fully naked, except for the eye patch. “Relax, young Ronald. It’s me. We’re completely protected from anyone here.” She says. Ron stands there speechless, not knowing exactly what to say. “I thought you might need some help washing up in here.” She climbs into the shower with him, and shuts the door behind her.

Ron is in a state of shock. “How do I always get myself into these situations?” He thinks to himself. His thoughts are broken though, as he feels her hands caress his chest, working the soap all around. He then feels her perfect breasts pressed against his back, as she moves closer to him. Her hands begin to roam downward, and Ron knows exactly where they’re heading.

“You know, you really are a gifted young man, if I do say so myself.” She tells him. Ron smiles nervously and blushes, as she moves in even closer and whispers in his ears. “Some gifts more greater than others.” She grabs his shaft and begins to lather it up with soap. Ron starts to get weak in the knees.

“Oh man, she’s stroking my cock! And she’s so good at it.” He thinks to himself. “She’s starting to make me…”

He doesn’t get the chance to finish his thought, as he finds himself turned around by Betty. She leans in and kisses him passionately on the lips, as the shower water rains down on the two, drenching them. Ron tries to fight, but quickly gives into it, remembering the other times he fought it didn’t do any good. Betty wraps her leg around Ron, as Ron reaches down and squeezes her round ass, causing her to moan into his mouth.

“Kim’s gonna be so pissed if she finds this out.” He thinks. “But it’s not my fault she came onto me.”

The action is getting hot in the shower, along with the water. Ron’s Cock rubs against her inner thigh, and proceeds to make her even hornier than before. She puts her leg down and breaks the kiss.

“Your experience shows, Ronald.” She says. “I should reward you for that.”

She puts her hand on his shoulder and slowly bends over, until she’s up close & personal with his manhood. It’s dripping wet from the shower water. She grabs it with her other hand and takes it all into her mouth. Ron puts his hands onto the shower wall to keep balance, as he feels the warm sensation of her mouth wrapped around his head, then his shaft.

“Oh man, she might just be the best blowjob I’ve ever had.” Ron thinks.

She begins to work up a steady back & forth motion, as her lips envelope his shaft. Her body rocks back & forth along with her head, sending her wonderful breasts swinging like a pendulum. As she works on his rod, Ron can’t help but to stare at her ass. Betty looks up and catches him staring, and releases his Cock from her mouth.

“No need to be silent, Ron.” She says as she rises up and pushes closer to him. “I’m all yours in here. You can have all of me.”

Just like before, she wraps her leg around Ron. But this time, she reaches down and grabs hold of his Cock, guiding him inside of her love box. As she slides down onto him, a feeling of ecstasy washes over her. She wraps her arms around him and proceeds to take the lead, as she works up a rhythm of bouncing on his Cock.

“Oh yes! Just like that! OH!” She moans. Ron grabs hold of her legs and holds her up. The two of them fuck each other furiously in the middle of the shower, as the water falls over their bodies like a spring rain. Ron feels his legs getting weak, and guides him & her over to the shower wall. He leans her against the wall, and begins to pound her pussy hard.

“OH YES!! THAT’S IT, RON! KEEP IT UP!!!” She screams.

The sound of flesh pounding flesh fills the bathroom, along with occasional squeaks made by skin rubbing against the tiled wall. Ron continues to punish her pussy, with every stroke making Betty moan louder. Her entire body is now pulsating with each thrust Ron makes into her. They both begin to reach their limit at the same time.

“Betty…I…I think I’m…”

“Go ahead, Ron.” She says, breathing hard. “Shoot your warm liquid inside of me!”

After a couple of more moments of pounding, he can’t hold out any longer, and he let’s loose his entire load inside of her. Betty closes her eyes, as the sensation of him coming inside of her brings her to her orgasm. They both slowly slump down to the shower floor. Ron lies there on his back, still inside of Dr. Director. She lies on top of him, with a heavenly smile on his face. The Shower is still going, and the water quickly washes their sweat away as they both lay there, satisfied.

“That…was absolutely…magnificent.” She says, still out of breath.

“But I came…” Ron says. “Inside you and…”

“Don’t worry…about that.” She tells him. “Global Justice Scientists give all female agents a pill to prevent any accidental pregnancies.”

“But…Kim…” Ron says weakly.

“We’ll just consider this Priority One classified.” She says warmly. Ron closes his eyes as he begins to pass out from exhaustion. The last thing he hears is Dr. Director’s voice. “Now get some rest, Ronald. You deserve it.”

2 Hours Later…

Kim walks up to the door to Dr. Director’s quarters. She’s about to knock when the door slides open, showing Ron fully dressed, with a towel wiping down his wet hair.

“OH! Uh…Hey, KP.” He says.

“Ron, you were taking a shower in there for 2 hours?” She asks him.

Just then, Dr. Director appears behind him. “Terribly sorry, Kim. We were just discussing his knowledge of…Monkey Kung Fu, you called it?”

Ron smiles nervously and nods his head in agreement. “Uh, yeah. You know, I got the Mad Monkey skills.”

“Indeed you do.” Dr. Director says. “I shall have to implement that into my agents training.”

Ron walks out of the room and down the hall with Kim, who’s a little suspicious, but just disregards it. Betty looks on from her doorway, as a pleasant smile grows on her face. The smile fades though, as she notices Agent Rich heading towards her.

“Ma’am. I just received report that Shego has gone off the radar.” He tells her. “We have no idea of where she could be now.”

“Then we’ll have to assume the worse.” She says. “She must’ve found Drakken.”


Back at Dr. Drakken’s secret lair, he’s seen lugging a huge battery towards what appears to be a Mobile Death Ray.

“Lousy cops…NNGHH…taking my muscle away…UGGHH…THIS IS BENEATH ME!!!”

He places the battery into the slot of the Death Ray, activating it. He then stands up straight, as he back cracks back into place. “Do they really expect an evil genius such as myself to do all the heavy lifting?” He asks himself. “NEVER!!! And with my New & Improved Death Ray, I can get my lovely companion out of that prison, and resume my plan…FOR WORLD DOMINATION!!!”

He climbs up a latter on the Death Ray, and sits down in the seat at the top. He grabs a pair of goggles and puts them on, as he steers the Death Ray towards a wall. “Don’t worry, Shego! The Drak-Man’s coming to save…”


The wall Drakken has aimed for comes crashing down. Drakken looks on with shock & confusion, seeing as he hasn’t pressed a button yet. He then realizes someone might be out to get him, and hops down from his Death Ray to face them.


He quickly gets his answer, as the first thing he sees through the dust are a pair of glowing green hands. “SH-SH…SHEGO?” He says, nervously.

The figure of her can be seen through the dust. She slowly steps into the light, giving Drakken a full view of her, and confirming his guess.

“Dra-a-a-kky…I’m ho-o-o-o-me.”
The Not-So-Lucky Kim Possible
She stands over the debris of fallen rocks. The wind whips her jet-black hair back & forth, as she wears the usual scowl she has on her face. Her baggy prison jumpsuit flutters & flaps against the wind. Drakken looks on in worship, as if he were in the presence of a goddess. A huge Joker-like smile forms on his face, getting wider by the second.

“SHEGO!!!” Drakken yells, running over to his Henchwoman. He picks her up & hugs her tight, feeling ecstatic that she’s returned. “Oh, how I’ve missed my dangerous, volatile mad-woman.”

“Yeah, missed you too, Drakken.” She says. “Now put me down!”

He stops hugging her and puts her back on her feet. “If you had waited a while longer, you would’ve seen blasting guards left & right to spring you free. And look, they made you wear orange. HOW DARE THEY MAKE YOU WEAR ORANGE!!!”

“Yeah OK.” She says, not really caring. “Look, out of my way. I’ve been in this thing for far too long. Time to get some style back.” She shoves him aside and runs into her room, slamming the door behind her. Drakken brushes himself off and looks at the damage Shego’s caused.

“Geez, you’d think she would learn to knock after all these years.” He sees the charred remains of scorched rock and stone. “Oh, well. I’m just glad to have my muscle back. And with Shego back on Team Drakken, we can finally proceed with our plans…FOR WORLD DOMINATION!!!” He begins to laugh maniacally, getting lost in his own demented mind.

Inside of her room, Shego has stripped out of her prison wear and stands in front of her closet completely in the buff. The setting sun shines off of the back of her body, giving it a heavenly glow. She turns her head to the door as she hears Drakken’s laughter.

She sighs. “That guy has Got to get a hobby.” She turns her attention back to her closet, picking out on of her many battle jumpsuits. She slowly steps into the pants, then pulls them up around her. They form fit, wrapping around her round ass until they completely cover it. She then slips into her top. As she zips it up, her breasts press and smash together, until they are also covered. She slips on her shoes and the look is complete. She stands up and looks at herself in the mirror.

“Now this is more like it.” She says with a smirk. She reaches over and picks up her prison jumpsuit. Her hands begin to become charged with green energy, and she incinerates the suit to ashes. She lets them fall to the floor and walks out of her room, only to see Drakken still laughing maniacally.

“AND COMMODORE PUDDLES SHALL HAVE CONTROL OVER FRANCE!!!” He yells out. Shego nods her head and walks over to him.

“HEY, DRAKKEN!!!” She yells, snapping him out of it. He realizes that he’s been going on for about a while now.

“I did it again, didn’t I?” He asks.

“Yeah. Didn’t you go to Therapy to straighten that out?” She says.

“I tried a few classes, but they weren’t my cup of tea.” He says.

“Yeah, whatever.” She replies. “So, what kind of evil ‘Take over the World’ plot do I have to help you with tonight?”

Drakken turns to Shego & smiles. “Now Shego, you know tonight is Friday Night. Which means…”

Shego grows a horrified look on her face. “Oh no! Not That! ANYTHING BUT THAT! NO, NOT KARAOKE NIGHT!!!”

2 Hours Later…

Shego sits at a table in the middle of the room, right in front of the stage. Her head is down in her arms, as she wishes she were anywhere else but there. “I should’ve stayed in prison.” She says, muffled through her arms.

Meanwhile, Drakken is onstage with a microphone, butchering classics at a record pace. “My life is brilliant, my evil’s pure, I saw an Henchwoman, of that I’m sure.” He’s singing a James Blunt song, which is ANYTHING but beautiful. Shego buries her head even deeper into her arms, trying to hide her face the best she can.

Drakken continues singing and, against our prayers, reaches the hook. “YOU’RE SHEEEGOOO, YOU’RE SHEEEGOOO, YOU’RE SHEGO, IT’S TRUE!!!”

“I am going to strangle him until he turns blue!” She thinks to herself. “Well…bluer!”

A tear begins to fall down Drakken’s cheek, as he continues to butcher the song. Once he finishes, the crowd gives him a standing ovation, more for him stopping than singing. He walks off the stage and sits back down next to Shego. “Did you see that, Shego?” He asks her with a cocky grin. “I tore it up. I was…” He stops and pulls out a book from his coat that reads ‘Hip Talks for the Villain on the go!’ He puts down the book and continues. “…I was off the chizzle, She-Gizzle!”

Shego groans loudly in frustration. “Let’s just go home before I experience more embarrassment.” She says.

“Now, now Shego.” Drakken says. “You know the rules. We’re both supposed to go up there and perform songs. Now I think you should go with the Pussycats Dolls and…” Drakken stops talking when he notices Shego holding up her glowing hand, clenched in a fist. “But we can always do that next week!” He says, smiling nervously. “For now, lets just get home.”

The two stand up from the table and start to walk towards the exit. Everyone in attendance begins to clap and cheer as they leave. Drakken grins widely and looks at Shego. “You see that, Shego? These people recognize true talent.”

Shego rolls her eyes as she follows him out. “They’re not cheering for your singing, Dr. D.” She says. They walk over to Drakken’s Hovercraft and hop in. Shego decides to hop in the backseat. She lies back and kicks her feet up on the seats as Drakken hits the ignition and takes off.

As they zoom high into the air, Drakken decides to vent to Shego about her attitude. “You know Shego, you might wanna try giving Karaoke a try.” He says. “At least for me. I mean, I was planning on using my Industrial strength Laser Ray to blast you out of prison, and I don’t get so much as a…”

He turns back to face her, only to see her dead asleep, snoring loudly. He sighs to himself, and begins to wonder why he employs her. “She ignores me, she insults me…she even uses my stuff! Why do I keep her around?!” He shakes his fist in anger, trying to figure out the answer. He then notices her frame, as the moonlight glows off of her body. It finally comes into his mind why.

“Well, she does look positively heavenly in this light. Plus she helps out with my inventions, when I liberate them from others.” He says, as he reaches his hand over and rubs the back of his finger across her cheek. “And who else can whoop on Kim Possible like she can?” Right at that moment, Shego grabs Drakken’s wrist and opens her eyes, frightening the bejeebus out of him.

“You got that right, Dr. D.” She says with a smirk. “But you’re forgetting one more thing I do better than anyone else.” She lets go of him and flips up into the air, landing in the front passenger seat with Drakken. She opens his coat and starts to unbuckle his pants, which now have a huge bulge in them. “Mmmm, I’ve missed my little Drakky.”

Once she gets his pants unbuckled, she reaches in and pulls out his python of a Cock. She licks her lips, then opens her mouth and takes it the entire head. Her tongue runs circles around it inside her mouth, which makes Drakken’s grin even wider. Her hand strokes his shaft all the way down to his balls, as she makes sure his whole Cock gets the experience. Drakken lies back and lets her go to work on him.

“Shego…you are off the Chizzle.” He says. And that causes her to take his Cock out of her mouth and look at him.

“Ye—if you want this to continue, you’ll stop saying that.” She says. Drakken smiles innocently and makes a zipper motion across his mouth, indicating that he’ll shut up. And Shego goes back to focusing on his large rod. She lets her tongue run over his shaft, as her hand still strokes it, her Raven hair resting against his skin.

Drakken starts to move his hand onto Shego’s chest, and begins opening up her jumpsuit top. He goes inside and begins to fondle her perfectly round tits. Meanwhile, Shego has his Cock back in her mouth, and has even taken in some of his shaft. But he’s still way to big for Deep Throat. She bobs her head up & down, her velvety lips tightening on his shaft. Drakken begins to squeeze and tweak her nipples, which turn her on even more. Before the two know it, they arrived back at Drakken’s Lair.

He slowly brings the craft to the ground as Shego takes his Cock out again. She sits up begins to kiss him passionately on the lips. Her tongue explores into his mouth, urging his to do the same, which he does. She presses herself closer against his chest, as the make-out session continues. Drakken can feel her nipples poking into his skin. After a few minutes, she breaks the kiss, leaving a small line of saliva connecting the two villains.

“How about we take this action inside, and I put on my ‘special’ outfit.” She says with a seductive grin. “You get the Chocolate Syrup & the Whip Cream, and I’ll get into something more comfortable.”

With that, she does a back flip out of the Hovercraft and onto the floor. She turns and runs into her room and gets ready, as Drakken hops out of the craft and scrambles to the kitchen. He rummages through the cabinets, looking for the items Shego suggested to him. “DAMN! Where is my Coco-Moo?” He says, frustrated. Finally, he finds a bottle that says ‘Coco-Moo brand Chocolate Syrup. He grabs it, along with the Whip Cream, and heads out of the kitchen to see two of his loyal henchmen standing at attention, awaiting orders.

“Dr. Drakken, we await your command.” One of them says.

“Uh…you’ve got the day off.” Drakken tells them. “Go on, go ‘chill out’ and stuff.”

“But boss, you told us to be ready for your World Domination plan.” The other says.

“Look, Shego and I are about to do a little ‘brainstorming’. If you catch my drift.” Drakken says.

“Uh…I’m afraid we don’t, sir.” The first one says.

“OK, then I’ll simplify it for you.” He says as he walks over to his Industrial Strength Laser Ray. “Get out, before you are atomized.”

The two immediately scramble for the door, running in fear of Drakken & his weapon. As the door slides shut behind them, Drakken rushes over to the Living Room area of his lair. After tossing the items on the couch, he takes off his jacket to reveal a surprisingly manly chest. He picks up the can of Whip Cream and looks towards Shego’s room.

“Oh, Shego…” He says, impatiently waiting for her to come out. He doesn’t have to wait long, as her door slides open. She appears in the doorway, wearing green & black lingerie, with the same color stockings & high heel stilettos. As she walks over to him seductively, Drakken quickly starts to unbuckle his pants. He lets them drop to the floor, revealing a pair of ‘O Boyz’ boxers. Shego stops in mid-step and looks at him strangely.

“O Boyz boxers?” She asks, feeling a little freaked out.

“What? They rock out loud.” Drakken says in his defense. “Besides, you got a pair of O Boyz slippers.”

“Yeah, but I’m a girl!” She says. “Ah, Nevermind. You got the stuff?”

Drakken begins to shake the can of Whip Cream in his hand. “Oh, yes! Let’s get down with our bad selves!” He charges towards her, with intentions of freakiness on his mind. As he approaches, Shego lifts her leg and puts her foot in his chest. She kicks him off, and sends him flying backwards onto the ground, along with the can. She grabs the can and kneels down on a bearskin rug in front of the fireplace.

“Nuh-uh, Drakky.” She says seductively. “It’s not that easy tonight.” She gets down on her back on the rug and pulls down her outfit enough to reveal her perfect breasts. She begins to spray Whip Cream on them, just enough to cover her nipples. Once they’re both covered, She looks at Drakken and motions for him to come closer.

“Mama wants you to work for it!” She tells him. “Now crawl over here.” Drakken does as she asks, getting down on all fours and crawling towards her. He hovers over her prone body, and begins to gently suck the Whip Cream off of her nipple. Shego growls ion pleasure, urging him to continue. Drakken starts to work on the other breast, licking the nipple slowly. Once the Whip Cream is gone, he starts to bite her nipple. Gently, but rough enough.

“Oh YEAH, Drew! That’s what I like!” She yells out. He continues to play rough with her breasts, until Shego is finally tired of waiting. In one swift move, she grabs Drakken and rolls him over so that she’s on top. She starts to pull down his boxers, once again revealing his massive manhood.

“I want this monster in me now!” She says with an evil grin.

“But what about the Coco-Moo?” Drakken asks.

“Don’t ruin it!” Shego tells him.

Drakken is grinning too, as he gets into the moment. “Oh, Shego. Do you think tonight…I can try your heavenly ass?” She responds by charging her gloves up with green energy. Drakken smiles and quickly changes the subject. “OK, NO ANAL! NO ANAL!!! But…could you call me…Big Daddy Drakken, tonight?”

“Ye—not gonna happen.” She says, rolling her eyes. “Not let’s get down to business.” She starts off by letting his Rod rub against her inner thighs. She works up a back & forth motion, teasing Drakken as long as she can. “You wanna put it inside of me, don’t you?” She says knowingly.

“Shego...” He says.

She scoots up a little closer to him, and lets the shaft of his Cock rub against her ass. “You just can’t wait until you split me with this monster, can’t you?” She smirks.

“This is not funny, Shego.” Drakken says, longing to be inside of her.

“All the way inside of my warm pussy, drilling me balls deep…”

Drakken cuts her off. “Dammit, Shego. You don’t treat an Evil Genius this way.”

“Alright, Alright! You can put it in me.” She says, getting annoyed. “So sue me for trying to get some foreplay in.” She grips his shaft and spreads herself wide. As he head comes to her love lips, she starts to grit her teeth. Memories come flooding back of all the times he’s reamed her, and almost split her in two. It’s very painful for her every time, but it’s an addicting pain. One she can’t get enough of. The head of his Cock delves inside of her, and she slowly begins to take in the shaft.

“Oh, Shego. You feel tighter than ever.” Drakken declares.

“Shut up, I’m trying to concentrate!” Shego barks at him. She slides down lower…and lower…until finally she takes all of him inside of her. It feels like he’s all the way into her ribcage, but it’s a feeling she enjoys. “Oh GOD, I’ve missed this!” She yells out.

“As have I, Shego.” Drakken says with a wide grin. She starts rotating her hips, and begins to ride the Doctor like a wild bull. Her tits jump and bounce around as if they were in a lottery ball machine. At least until Drakken grabs hold of them and squeezes them tight. She bounces off his Cock as if she were on a trampoline. Sweat already beginning to drip off of her body. Partially because of the roaring fire, but mostly her getting drilled.

“Oh FUCK! Yeah…right there! That’s the spot!” She tells him, breathing hard. She comes down hard on Drakken, inadvertently causing him to penetrate into her Balls Deep. Her whole body vibrates with every stroke. Her hair is a complete frazzled mess.

“OH!!! Fuck me, Drakken! FUCK ME!!!” Drakken sits up and pulls Shego close to him. Her luscious breasts press against his firm chest. Their eyes meet, and they kiss passionately. As the light from the fire illuminates their body, causing them to glow, Drakken continues to pound Shego’s pussy into submission. Their mouths become one, and their tongues wrap around each other like serpents. They stay like this for what seems like forever, until Drakken feels a rumbling in Cock that feels like Mt. Everest. He breaks the kiss, as his body tenses.

“Shego…I’m gonna cum!” He says, feeling ready to explode.

“C-C-Cum inside of me!” She says, struggling to hold on herself. “FILL ME UP!!!”

He doesn’t bother questioning her, instead he just let’s loose his steaming hot load deep inside of her. Shego hits her orgasm at the same time, and begins to leak her love juices all over Drakken’s Rod. Her body falls limp, and she collapses on top of the good Doctor. The sound of heavy breathing now fills Drakken’s lair, along with the crackling of the fire.

“Next time…we should use…the Coco-Moo.” He struggles to say.

“Whatever…you say…Big Daddy Drakken.” She answers.

Meanwhile, in Middleton…

Kim lies in her bed, under the sheets, right next to Ron. Kim’s parents are both at work, and the Tweebs are off at another camp. Both Kim & Ron are naked, and look like they just got finished with a wild night themselves. Now they’re making pillow talk.

“No way.” Kim says.

“I’ll bet it’s true.” Ron answers. “I mean, why wouldn’t it be? Shego & Drakken? Bet they’re doing it right now.”

“Shego wouldn’t go for someone like Dr. Drakken.” Kim tells him.

“I’m telling you, it could happen.” He tells her. “They’re probably going at it like rabbits now.”

Kim just smiles and starts to climb on top of Ron. “Mmmm, I know something I’d like to be doing like rabbits now.”

Ron just smiles and gets read for another round. “BOOYA!!!!”
The Not-So-Lucky Kim Possible 1


The guard roams through the halls of the Maximum Security Super-Villain Prison, passing cells that house the most dangerous threats to safety & calm in this world. He pushes a food cart in front of him, delivering their daily lunch. He stops in front of Duff Killigan’s cell and slides a pot inside. Killigan opens the pot and takes a whiff of what’s inside, only to have his face turn green in disgust.

“What is this abomination?” He asks the guard.

“It’s Haggis! Your favorite.” The guard replies.

“This is not my favorite dish!” Killigan tells him as he walks away. “Ya didnae even boil it in the Sheep’s stomach.”

The guard ignores Killigan’s yells and protests, and moves onto DNAmy’s cell. “Vegetarian platter for DNAmy…” He keeps going, then stops in front of Adrena Lynn’s cell. “…for Adrena Lynn we got…oh, no…”

He looks up and sees her legs dangling from the ceiling. Fearing the worse, he searches in his pocket for the Key Card to open the cell with one hand, and radios for help with the other. “EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! We have a code 82! Repeat, a code 82!” He finds the card and slides it through, causing the door to slide open. He runs into the room and looks up, only to find Adrena Lynn alive & well. She comes down hard with both feet onto his head, instantly knocking him out.

“Thanks for opening the door.” She says. “Such a gentleman.” She quickly rushes out of the door and down the hall, only to find her way being blocked by dozens of guards. They give chase, as Lynn dashes through the halls like a track star. She passes a Laundry Cart and grabs a bed sheet off of the top. Making another turn, she finds herself in a dead end, with nothing but a window. The guards quickly catch up and block the only way out.

“GIVE IT UP, LYNN!” The lead guard says. “There’s nowhere else to go.”

“Maybe for you wet blankets.” She says, getting a firm grip on the sheet with both hands. “But for me, there’s always one way.” She kicks the window open and dives out of it.


A moment later, the sheet opens up and acts like a parachute, gently gliding her towards the ground. She looks down, and is in shock to see that dozens of guards have already covered the ground and are waiting for her to land. She thinks her plan is doomed, until a News Van pulls up outside of the Prison Walls. The back door of the Van opens, and a rope with a hook attached is shot up at her. She grabs the hook and fastens it to her pants, as the Van pulls off.

“HA! There’s nothing like Wind Surfing on a warm, sunny day.” She says, knowing her escape is complete. The rope slowly retracts into the Van, pulling her in also. Once she’s safely in the Van, she unfastens the hook and hops in the driver’s seat. Her cameraman is the driver. “It’s about time you showed up.” She says. “I was hanging up there forever.”

“Sorry. The Van needed gas. Had to fill up.” He explains.

“Nevermind that.” She tells him. “Now that I’m out of the joint, time to plot my payback on the man that ruined my career. Ron Stoppable!”

“So what do you got planned?” He asks her.

She thinks about it for a second, before developing a fiendish grin. “I’m thinking…Airborne Action. FREAKYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!”


Ron is lying asleep on top of a heart-shaped bed, with velvet red sheets. He suddenly jumps awake, and looks around nervously, wondering what’s going on. The first thing he notices is Bonnie crawling onto the bed beside him, stark naked.

“Hey, ‘Big Ron’.” She says seductively.

“BONNIE!!! Wh-What’s going on? Why am I here?” He asks desperately.

“We just wanted to make you feel comfortable.” Monique says, crawling into bed on his other side, also naked.

“We would do anything to make you happy, Ron-San.” Ron looks up to see Yori kneeling right over him, naked too.

“Monique? Yori?” Ron starts to panic, as he realizes what’s going on.

“It’s important for you to be happy, Ronald.” He notices Kim’s mom, Mrs. Possible, standing at the foot of the bed, wearing a doctor’s coat, and nothing else. “Doctor’s orders.”

Ron looks over to see Dr. Betty Director standing right besides her, wearing nothing. “And a good young man like you always follows orders.”

Ron is about to open his mouth, when he feels a smooth stroking sensation on his manhood, along with a warm feeling that makes him harder by the second. He looks down to see what’s causing it, and notices a pair of glowing gloved hands. He instantly knows who it is.

“So, you ready for another lesson, Stoppable?” Shego says with a sexy grin. Before he can even answer, Kim appears out of nowhere and flips onto the bed, landing perfectly on Ron, mere inches from his Cock.

“Class is in session.” She says.


Ron lets out a loud scream, which shakes him awake. He sits up screaming loudly, until a hand covers his mouth and puts him back down on the bed. Once his vision adjusts, he sees that it’s Kim.

“SSSSHHHHHHHHHH!!!” She says, putting her finger over her lips, before removing her hand from his mouth.

“KP, what are you doing here?” Ron whispers loudly.

“Late mission to stop Dementor from taking over the world.” She whispers back. Ron notices that she’s wearing a large Trench Coat, along with a pair of Cheerleading Sneakers & Socks. “I past by a 24-hour Bueno Nacho on the way home, and all I could think about was you.” She tells him affectionately.

Ron starts to feel touched. The woman he’s admired and loved over the years, the woman he’s with now, still loves him. But the feeling goes away once he notices his Cock gripped in her hands. “Kim, we can’t do it here.” He whispers. “My parents are still home.”

Kim grins softly at him. “That’s what makes it more exciting.”

She reaches into the Trench Coat pocket and takes out a Condom, Magnum-Sized. As she puts it on his still hard Rod, Ron tries to talk her out of it. “Kim, this is too risky. You can’t do this.”

She looks at him with a sarcastic grin. “I think you’re forgetting the name, Ron.”

“Well, yeah…you Can do anything.” He says. “But my parents…they could…” He wants to continue, but the words die in his mouth as Kim flips off the Trench Coat to show that she’s wearing nothing at all, but her sneakers & socks.

“Come on, Ron…I need my early workout today.” She says. “Please?”

Her lower lip starts to quiver, and the puppy-dog look is in full gear. Ron shields his eyes, trying not to give into the look that has doomed him so many times before. But his Cock lying against her soft skin works against him. He looks at her, and in an instant he’s putty in her hands.

“All…Alright!” He whispers, caving in. “But just a quickie!”

She smiles and brings her hips up, before lowering herself onto her love. Ever since the first time they did it, she’s thought about no one else but him. Her dildo hasn’t been used since that day, and she’s even stopped going on trips with Bonnie & the rest of the Cheer Squad. Whenever she has a moment of free time, her mind goes straight to Ron.

Her hips start to rotate with him inside of her. Ron already finds himself clenching his bed sheets tightly. Out of all the women he’s been with, Kim has been the tightest by far. She starts to move back & forth now, sending his Cock in & out of her at her will. The sound of skin smacking skin fills the room, as Kim picks up the pace. She bites her bottom lip to hold back from screaming out in pleasure. But her moans are harder to keep in. Ron looks ready to blow, and can’t stop himself from being quiet about it.

“OH GOD KIM!!! I’M GONNA…” Kim puts her hand on his mouth, shutting him up. Thinking quickly, she leans in close and kisses him on the lips, just as they both hit their orgasm. Both of their bodies tremble, and their moans & screams are muffled by each others lips. It’s a quiet orgasm between lovers. After a minute, Kim pulls away and breaks the kiss, leaving a thin, yet long line of saliva.

“Thanks for the workout.” Kim says as she climbs off of Ron. “See you at school, Big Ron.” She slips back into her Trench Coat and climbs out of the window, leaving Ron in his bed, tired & satisfied.

“Yeah…see ya…” He says, not realizing she’s already gone. He closes his eyes and grins widely as he tries to get in a few more hours of sleep. At least until he hears a familiar voice.

“Oh, no…RON! Are you dreaming that you’re a Naked Mole Rat again?”

His eyes shoot open to see his mother staring right at him from the doorway. He screams and covers himself up with his blanket, turning bright red from the embarrassment.

Later that Day…

In the Middleton High School Gym, Kim is with the rest of the Cheer Squad hard at work practicing their new cheer. They’ve come up on the last routine, which requires two Cheerleaders to be flung high into the air and caught by their teammates. Heather launches Tara into the air, and a moment later she’s caught by the team. Kim then runs at Bonnie, flips, and lets Bonnie launch her skyward. She’s ready to catch her on the way down when she notices Ron taking off his Mascot Head. Instantly Bonnie becomes lost in his handsome looks. Memories of the time they spent together at Camp Wannaweep, and her house when her parents & sisters weren’t around, come flooding back. She becomes so distracted, she doesn’t notice Kim hitting the floor hard behind her. But Kim gets up and quickly reminds her.

“Nice catch, Bonnie!” Kim says sarcastically & angrily through her teeth.

“Well, maybe if you learn to land on your feet, Kim…” Bonnie replies, not looking at her.

“YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO CATCH ME!!!” Kim yells. “THAT’S THE WHOLE…wait, why are you staring at Ron?”

Bonnie realizes that she has been staring at him, and quickly turns to Kim. “Huh, uh…what are you talking about? I wasn’t doing that.”

“Yes. You were.” Kim says. “You were totally focused on Ron.”

Bonnie starts to panic. She doesn’t want word of her affair with Ron getting out around school. And she especially doesn’t want her biggest rival being the one to find out. Thinking quickly, she makes up an excuse. “Well…tell him to stop wearing such tacky clothing. He looks like a Rodeo Clown.”

She quickly walks away from the group, making sure not to make eye contact. Kim, still freaked out by Bonnie’s actions, walks over to Ron. “Hey, Ron.” She gives him a kiss on the cheek before grabbing her gym bag.

“Hey, KP.” Ron says. “How was practice?”

“It was alright.” She says. “Though something strange happened. Bonnie was supposed to catch me on a routine, but she was too busy staring at you.”

Ron’s heart skips a beat, as there’s a look of total shock on his face. He turns away from Kim before she can notice. “Uh…well maybe she’s just noticing the Ron man’s appeal.” He says, telling the half-truth. “You know, many women find guys like me attractive.”

Kim looks at Ron and smiles. “Yeah, but at least I won’t have to worry about Bonnie taking you.” She says as they start to walk out of the Gym. Ron smiles innocently and scratches the back of his head, but in his mind he’s thinking about his times with Bonnie. As they enter the hall and pass the lockers, Ron finds himself pulled to the side by Monique.

“WHOA! Monique, what…”

“Hey, Ron.” She says. “How about you drop by Club Banana later today, and we can test out the new fitting rooms.”

“Hey, Monique.” Kim says, appearing behind the two. “What were you saying about the fitting rooms?”

Monique starts to get nervous and changes the subject. “OH! Would you look at the time? Sorry, Kim. Can’t hang out. Busy, busy, busy. TTYL!” She walks off quickly down the hall away from the two, much to Kim’s confusion.

“Now what was that all about?” Kim asks. A moment later, she hears the ring-tone on her Kimmunicator. She pulls it out to see Wade’s face on the screen. “What’s the Sitch, Wade?”

“Trouble down at LAX.” Wade tells her. “One of their planes was just hijacked.”

“We’re on it.” She says as she grabs Ron and heads out of the school.

An Hour Later…

Kim & Ron are above the clouds, flying through the air with their personal Jetpacks. As they approach LAX, Kim contacts Wade on the Kimmunicator. “We’re coming up on LAX, Wade.” She says. “The Jetpacks Dr. Porter lent us are Spankin’.”

“No problem, Kim.” He says. “How does Ron like his?”

Wade gets his answer when he hears Ron’s loud & off-key singing. “HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZONE!!! Gonna take it RIGHT INTO…THE DANGER ZOOOOOOOOOONE…”

“RON!!!” Kim yells at him as she ends her communication with Wade. “We’re here, Tom Cruise. So you can stop with the solo.”

They decrease the thrust on their Jetpacks and slowly begin to glide to the ground. Once they land, they shut them off and walk over to the scene of the crime. “Actually, I think I have more of a Brad Pitt look.” Ron says. “Or maybe Matt Damon.”

They pass under the yellow tape and approach a man wearing a business suit. The man immediately turns his attention to them once he sees Kim. “Thank goodness you could make it out here.” He tells them. “My name is William Carter, owner of Will-It airways.”

“What exactly is going on here, Mr. Carter?” Kim asks.

“Some Psycho yelling woman barged through the terminals and scrambled onto the runway.” He says. “She had a cameraman with them, and they took a Mini-Jet. It had some customers that were about to go on a skydiving adventure.”

Kim thinks for a second about who it could be. “Wait a minute.” She says, turning to Ron. “You don’t think it could be…Adrena Lynn?”

“But I thought she was locked behind bars.” He says. “Doing the whole 5-to-10 thing.”

“SIR! SIR! YOU GOTTA COME SEE THIS!!!” A Runway worker runs up to the scene carrying a Portable TV. He shows it to Mr. Carter, Kim & Ron. The first thing they see is Adrena Lynn on the screen.

“WHAT WILL SHE DO NEXT???” Adrena Lynn yells out.

“Well, guess that answers our question.” Ron says, stating the obvious.

“I’ll tell you what I’ll do next, SHOCK TV, BABY! FREAKYYYYYYY!!!!!!!” She backs up from the camera a little bit, and shows several people behind her, bound & gagged. “In case you didn’t notice, I’ve taken these ‘Extreme’ wannabes hostage. My demands? Only one. Deliver to me the man who ruined my great career. I want Ron Stoppable!”

Everyone watching the Portable TV is in shock. They all turn their attention to Ron, who is just as shocked as they are. “Boy, you write one bad High School Newspaper article and it haunts you forever.”
The Not-So-Lucky Kim Possible 2

“Deliver Stoppable to me within the hour, or these people will have one hell of an extreme ride! FREAKYYYYYYY!!!”

Adrena Lynn cuts the feed, with her ransom demand already delivered. Kim looks at Ron, worried about him. “Looks like Lynn is still holding some bad blood over you.” She says to him.

“Yeah, you’d think the Prison Psychiatrists would help her out with that.” Ron says.

“OK, we have a Crazy Adrenaline Freak, holding people hostage in a plane 30,000 feet in the air.” Kim says, analyzing the situation. “With my weight, I just may be able to make it with the Jet-Pack.”

“No need, Ms. Possible.” Mr. Carter says. “I’ve chartered as small jet to help you get up to that height.”

“Appreciate it, Mr. Carter.” Kim says, before turning to Ron. “Ron, you’re staying here.”

“What? No way, KP!” He protests. “We go in this as a team.”

“Not this time.” She tells him. “Adrena Lynn wants you. And it’s too risky for you to be up that high with her, with nowhere to run. So you’re staying grounded.”

Ron reluctantly agrees and turns away from her, grumbling under his breath. “It’s not fair. Leave me grounded for the mission. I can help out! I mean, so what Adrena Lynn is after me. It’s not like she’s…” He’s cut off when a hand reaches out from the shadows and covers him mouth, pulling him into the shadows.

Meanwhile, Kim has just hopped on the plane, along with several GJ agents who’ve just arrived to back her up. They shut the door as the propellers begin to spin on the nose & the wings. The plane starts to roll along the runway, picking up speed until it’s able to lift off the ground. It soars up into the sky, as the pilot already zeroes in on the plane Adrena Lynn has hijacked.

“Found it!” The Pilot says. She’s been hiding above the clouds, but I’ve zeroed in on her location.”

“Perfect.” Kim says. “Just put us up next to her, and we’ll handle the rest.” The Pilot does just that, steering the plane until it’s at the same level as Adrena Lynn’s. He positions the wing to hover just beside the adjacent plane’s door. Kim and the GJ Team get ready to board the plane.

“You sure you can do this, little lady?” One agent asks.

Kim just smiles at him. “Check the name.” And with that, she runs and leaps out of the door onto the plane’s wing. She does a front flip and propels herself back into the air. She kicks the adjacent plane’s door in and lands on it, ready for combat. “Alright, Adrena Lynn. You’re…not here.”

She doesn’t see her on the plane, only the passengers who were taken hostage. “Oh thank god you’re here!” One of them says. “Adrena Lynn…she left before we took off. Said the plane is being controlled remotely.”

“Don’t worry, we’re here to get you back on the ground.” She says as GJ Agents board the plane and tend to them. She pulls out her Kimmunicator and phones Wade. “Problem, Wade. Adrena Lynn isn’t up here.”

“I know.” He says, appearing on the screen typing on his computer. “My reading show that her broadcast came from on the ground.”

“Can you trace it?” Kim asks.

“No. She shut off the transmission before I could get a specific location.” He says. “But I do know the area she was in. I’m sending out my Wadebot to scan it.”

“I’m on my way, too.” Kim says. “Let’s just hope she hasn’t gotten to Ron first.”

Meanwhile, on the ground…

Ron’s back slams against a brick wall as the mysterious hand is still over his mouth. Once the hand is removed, he starts screaming.


The hand goes back, and Ron hears a familiar voice. “Ooh, I always did like a Screamer.” The hand comes back off of his mouth as he instantly recognizes the voice.

“Adrena Lynn?”

She steps out of the shadows to reveal herself. “That’s right, baby!” she says. “And right now, things are gonna get hot & heavy. FREAKYYYYYYY!!!”

Before Ron can ask how, he feels her lips pressed hard against his. Her tongue shoots into his mouth like an arrow, and stays there. She reaches her hand into his pants and begins to jerk his Cock hard, looking like she wants him to come right then & there. Ron is in total shock, and can feel his manhood thickening by the second. Panicking, he pushes her away.

“What is WRONG with you, woman?” He says, trying to catch his breath from the passionate make-out session.

Adrena Lynn just smirks at him. “Ooh, looks like the Ron Man wants to lead this dance. Then let’s Tango.”

She kisses him again, this time grabbing his hand and putting it deep into her pants. Ron instantly feels that she’s wearing no panties at all. He pulls his hand back and breaks the kiss, much to Lynn’s annoyance. “What’s the matter, babe?” She asks. “Need a little Kink?” She lifts up her shirt, showing Ron her perky round breasts. He’s caught off guard as he notices she has both nipples pierced.

“WHOA!!! Did NOT expect that!” Before he can react, She pushes him forward onto the bed of a Pickup Truck. Unnoticed to Ron, Adrena Lynn has a Camera rolling from inside of the Truck, aimed at the two. She hops onto the bed and pulls a remote out of her pocket. A moment later, the Truck’s engine revs up, and it starts to drive down the alley, much to Ron’s surprise.

“Hey! What’s going on?” He asks, getting nervous.

“In just a few moments, Ron Stoppable, high school stud, will have his Cock deep within the Cunt of yours truly.” She says. “And to make it more exciting, he has to make me come before this Truck reaches Middleton Heights, and drives off the highest cliff! It’ll be extreme, it’ll be dangerous, and it’ll be…FREAKYYYYYYYY!!!!”

“YOU ARE OUTTA YOUR MIND!!!” Ron yells at her.

“Probably, but I’m also horny as a Mink.” She says, bending down and straddling his legs. “And I want Big Cock in me, Baby!” She unbuckles his pants and pulls them down with his boxers to get to his Rod. With both hands, she starts stroking his shaft, trying to get him Rock Hard.

“Come on, Baby!” She says. “Get hard for mama!”

“Gotta think about non-sexy things!” He quickly thinks. “Baseball…Cold Showers…The School Lunch Lady topless…”

He struggles to put his mind on hideous and disgusting thoughts, trying to prevent an erection. But it’s no use. A couple of more seconds with her warm hands, and Ron’s hard as steel. “Yes! That doctor lady was right!” Adrena Lynn says. “The adrenaline rushing through your veins makes your blood pump faster! Meaning faster Hard-On!”

The truck turns a corner and barrels down the street, and Ron starts to realize that it’s being remote controlled. Meanwhile, Adrena Lynn now has her tight jeans down around her knees, and is ready for insertion. She brings her love lips to the head of his Cock, and slides down on it slowly, taking it all in. “Whoa! Bigger than I expected.” She says. “But just how I like it!”

She begins to move her hips, getting the friction going between them. Ron has no choice but to hold on for dear life, as he palms her ass. “That’s right baby!” She tells him. “Give into the kink.” She then turns her attention to the camera. “Will Ron Stoppable make me reach my climax before the ‘Cliffhanger’? Stay tuned and find out!”

High in the Sky…

Kim, using her Jet pack, is soaring above Middleton looking for any sign of Ron and/or Adrena Lynn. She’s on her Kimmunicator with Wade, who’s also using his Wade-Bot searching for any trace of the two. “Anything yet, Wade?” She asks.

“Nada. She seems to be using some kind of jamming device to mask her location.” He says. “It’ll take me a couple minutes to get past its firewalls.”

“Work fast, Wade.” She tells him. “I gotta bad feeling with her, Ron’s in for the ride of his life.”

Back in the Truck Bed, Adrena Lynn is giving him the ride of his life. Bouncing on his Rod like she was riding a Mechanical Bull. “OH YEAH!!!” She screams. “This is better than when I rode the head bull in Spain!”

“This doesn’t make sense!” Ron says, still holding onto her for dear life. “You faked your extreme stunts! How did you become brave enough for this?”

“Blame your girl scout girlfriend, stud!” She tells him. “You could say I lost a little sanity while I was in the big house.”

“Yeah, well I think I’m about to lose something myself.” He says, feeling close to his climax.

“Ah, ah, ah! Remember, the only way for the Truck to stop is if I get my rocks off!” She tells him. “If you come and I don’t, that just means we go for the ultimate ride…together! FREAKYYYYYYYYY!!!!!”

“She’s right. The Truck won’t stop until she comes.” Ron thinks to himself. “But I’m close to popping my cork, and she still looks like she can go a few more rounds. How can I…” His train of thought stops, as he notices her breasts jiggling with each bounce she takes. He also sees her pierced nipples, and the light gleaming off of the metal. Coming up with a desperation plan, he grabs her piercings and starts to tweak them. “Alright Lynn, let’s see how Kinky you are.”

Adrena Lynn instantly starts screaming for more. “OH FUCK!!! YEAH, BABY! WORK THE KINK!!!” She starts to feel it herself. The combo of getting fucked and having her nipples played with is bringing her rapidly to her own climax. “YEAH! I FEEL IT! I’M COMIN’…EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEME!!!!!!!!!”

She hits her orgasm hard, and tosses her head back into the air. Her entire body tenses up, and trembles with pleasure. A moment later, Ron hits his limit, and shoots off his load deep inside of her pussy, filling her up. She then falls on top of Ron, feeling completely drained. Ron feels like passing out himself, but snaps out of it when he remembers that the Truck is still going.

“Must…reach…remote…” He says, trying to reach for the remote Adrena Lynn dropped in the middle of her orgasm. He’s able to get a finger on it, and presses the button, as the Truck starts to slow down. After a minute, it comes to a complete stop. Ron breathes a sigh of relief. But his calm only last for a second, as a metal claw clangs onto the edge of the Truck, scaring him half to death.


Ron then notices the Claw is connected to the Wade-Bot 2.0, which is there to rescue him. “Ron, it’s Wade. We tracked you and Adrena…Lynn…?”

Wade sees Adrena Lynn lying on top of Ron, half naked, passed out, Ron still inside of her. “Going thru Stockholm Syndrome?” Wade asks smugly.

“Very funny, Wade.” Ron says. “Now help me get her off.”

“Looks like you don’t really need my help for that.” Wade says with a smirk.

“WADE!!!” Ron yells annoyed.

“Alright, I’ll help.” He says. “You better get straightened up. Kim’s less than a minute away from here”

Ron takes Wade’s advice, straightening himself up and getting out of the Truck. They just finish getting Adrena Lynn fully dressed when Kim comes down from the clouds and lands right beside them. She runs over and hugs Ron, grateful that he’s OK.

“Ron! Thank goodness you’re not hurt.” She says, before looking over to see Adrena Lynn still passed out. “What happened?”

“Uh…she was…uh…” Ron tries to think of a quick excuse, but nothing comes to mind for him. As he starts to panic more, Wade steps in for the save.

“She tried to go through with an extreme plan to get rid of Ron.” He tells Kim. “But got scared at the last minute and passed out.”

“That makes sense.” She says. “I’m just glad that everyone is OK.”

At that moment, several FBI vehicles roll up to the scene, and Agents pile out to take Adrena Lynn into custody. As Kim begins to talk to the captain on duty, Ron turns to Wade. “Thanks, man.” He says. “I almost panicked there.”

“No problem, Ron.” He tells him. “But if I were you, I’d straighten everything out with Kim. And I mean everything.” Ron nods his head in agreement, knowing he’s right.

The Next Night…

It’s a rainy evening in Middleton, as Kim stands with Ron in front of his house. Kim is dressed in her mission gear, while Ron is wearing his regular outfit. The two are having an argument about going on the mission.

“Kim, you gotta let me go with you.” Ron pleads.

“I said no.” Kim tells him. “Adrena Lynn came after you yesterday, and Wade just found out she was hired to do so. It’s too dangerous now. That means you stay home, until I can figure out who’s behind this.”

“Well, at least take Rufus with you.” He says, bringing him out of his pocket. Rufus jumps out of Ron’s hand and lands in Kim’s pocket, not giving her a chance to protest.

“Alright, he can come along.” She says. “But you stay here. Besides, It’ll give you time to study for that big math test. You need to pass it to graduate.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” He says solemnly. “You stay safe out there, KP.”

She leans in and kisses him gently on the lips, before pulling away and reassuring him. “It’s just a quick reconnaissance mission. No big. I find out some information, jot it down, and be back in time for dinner.”

Just then, a Mac Truck rolls up in front of Ron’s house. The Driver honks the horn, signaling Kim. “And that will be my ride. See ya!” She runs over to the Truck and hops in, as Ron waves goodbye from the doorway. As the Truck rolls off, Ron goes back into his house and shuts the door behind him.

“Aw, man. Left behind again.” He says, upset about not going with Kim. “I need something to take my mind off of this. I wonder if I still have Zombie Stompers?”

On the other side of town…

Deep within a Dark Alley, a dark, shadowy figure wearing a Trench Coat approaches the side of the Police building. A quick flash of lightning shows that the figure is Shego. She raises her right hand, and it begins to glow bright green. And with one quick chop, she tears down the bricks to the side of the building. After the dust clears, we see she’s ripped into the holding cell area. A moment later, Adrena Lynn comes running out.

“Geez, what took ya?” She says. “I was going stir crazy in there.”

“Drakken forgot to refuel the Hovercraft.” She says, reaching into her Trench Coat. She pulls out a stack of bills and hands it to her. “Here’s your payment.”

“Sweet!” Lynn says. “Now I got enough to finance my incredible comeback! FREEE--!!”

Shego interrupts by putting her hand over her mouth. “Ye—you need to stop that now.” She says. “It’s getting annoying.”

“Hey, why did you need me to distract Ron Stoppable?” Lynn asks. “I thought you were going after his girlfriend.”

“I am.” Shego tells her. “I just needed to keep the Princess busy while I got the tools to teach her a lesson.”
The Not-So-Lucky Kim Possible 3

“Are you gonna be OK here alone, sweetie?”

Ron stands in front of his doorway like last time, only his parents are the ones standing outside in the rain. They’re dressed up and look like they’re heading out for a night on the town. “Mom, I’m 17. I think I’ll be perfectly fine here by myself.” Ron tells her.

“Come on, honey.” Ron’s Father says. “The Actuary’s Convention has already started. And we wanna beat the rain.” Ron gets a kiss on the cheek from his Mom, before she joins her husband in the limo they rented. They hop in and drive off, leaving Ron by himself at home. He walks back into the house, closing the door behind him.

“No parents, no Rufus, no Kim…sure is lonely around here.” He says to himself. “I gotta think of something to do. Maybe I should take Kim’s advice, and start studying for my math final.” He thinks about it for a second, then comes to a decision. “I wonder if the O Boyz special is on?”

He runs up the stairs and heads towards his room, where he jumps onto his bed. He grabs the remote and is about to flick on the TV, when he hears a noise coming from outside. Instinctively, he looks at the window. A flash of lightning reveals a shadowy figure standing outside.

“Kim?” He thinks to himself out loud. “Could she be back already?”

He climbs out of his bed and slowly walks towards his window, stopping short once he’s right beside it. He takes a deep breath to calm himself down, then jumps in front of the window and opens it wide, just as lightning strikes again.



“Wait…Bonnie?” The light from Ron’s room shines out enough to show that it’s Kim’s cheerleading Rival.

“Are you gonna let me in or what, Stoppable?” She says, pushing him out of the way and entering his room. She’s wearing her school Varsity Jacket along with her cheerleading outfit, but is still soaking wet from the rain. Ron immediately grabs a towel and wraps it around her.

“What are you doing here?” Ron asks.

“You mean besides standing out there getting drenched waiting for you to let me in?” She replies, in her usual smart way. “I heard Kim went off on a mission and left you here.” She starts drying off her hair, as she walks towards him. “I thought you were lonely and needed company.”

Ron has a confused look on his face. “Wait…how did you find out I was alone?”

She pauses for a second and her eyes grow wide. Quickly, she changes the subject. “Hey! Aren’t you gonna let me use your shower? I mean I was out there in the rain, in a tree. Do you know how many germs I could have now?”

“Oh, uh…” He walks over to his door and points her in the direction of his bathroom. “It’s right down the hall, make a left.”

“Thanks.” She says, making her way down there. “And no peeking!”

He watches her walk down the hallway. Even though it’s dimly lit, he can still make out the wonderful apple-shape of her ass. It’s enough to make him poke through his pajama bottoms. Very visible, if not for the darkness. As she turns into the bathroom, Ron continues staring at nothing. His thoughts go back to that night at Camp Wannaweep, and how she helped him ‘conquer’ his fears. But the sound of a running shower brings him back to reality, and he quickly ducks back into his room, trying to snap himself out of his horniness.

“OK, Ron. Remember, you’re with Kim now.” He says to himself. “So what you have a cheerleader just as hot as her using your shower right now. You’re with Kim now.” He stands there, battling with reason & instinct. Steady reminding himself that he’s in a relationship, yet battling the urge to take Bonnie & ravage her in that shower over & over. Finally, Instinct wins out…but not by much.

“OK, just a quick peak.” He says as he walks out of his room and towards the shower. “I mean she probably doesn’t even look fit anymore. She has been taking a few more cupcakes at lunch…maybe she’s getting a little fat.” He reaches the bathroom door, reassuring himself that Bonnie’s not sexy. Unfortunately, he’s dead wrong. As he peeks through the door, he can clearly see Bonnie’s figure through the shower door. Pear-shaped, perky round breasts, long legs, and a heavenly ass. His Cock grows rock hard, and looks like it could penetrate steel.

“OK, I was wrong!” Ron says quietly, pulling back from the door. He quickly retreats to his room and gives himself another pep talk. “Alright, Stoppable. When she comes back in here, just say you’re with Kim now. And you can’t fool around anymore. Yeah, simple enough. I’ll just tell her…”

He turns to his doorway, only to see Bonnie standing there wearing his old Bueno Nacho T-shirt, and nothing else. She’s drying her hair with a towel as she walks into the room. “Tell me what, Ron?” She asks.

Ron’s confidence dies quicker than an Extra on Star Trek. “That you’re so damn sexy.”

Bonnie smiles warmly at him. “Thanks, Ron.” She says. “I needed to hear that. You’ve been a good guy to me, and I think you need a thank you gift.”

She places her hand on his chest, and gently starts pushing him backwards until he falls on his bed. She then walks over to Ron’s stereo and turns it on. Ironically, it’s tuned in on a love song station, which is exactly what she wanted. She begins to dance for him, slowly moving her hips seductively, immediately getting his attention. His eyes grow as wide as dinner plates, his jaw drops, and all of his focus is now on her. As she moves, she lifts up her shirt to reveal black lace panties. Ron looks about ready to burst now.

“Oh good gravy, she’s wearing lace.” He thinks to himself. “NO! Must stay strong, Stoppable! I gotta tell her! I gotta tell her right now that…I wanna hit that so hard.”

She lifts the shirt up more, showing off her navel & her washboard stomach. Ron looks like he’s in a hypnotic state, as she gyrates closer to him. His eyes follow her hip movements, never trailing away, not even for a second. Bonnie then straddles him and lifts up the shirt even more, showing the bottom of her round tits, and basically telling him she’s not wearing a bra. She moves to the music like a belly dancer, and her moves are just as trance inducing. Her crotch rubs against his, and even between the fabric, Ron can feet how wet she’s getting. His hands begin to shake as Reason & Instinct battle again for his decision. He wants to grabs hold of her, run his tongue over every inch of her, and plow into her until she loses her voice screaming his name. But Reason wins this round, as he sits up quickly, knocking Bonnie off of him and onto the floor. He gets up and turns off the radio, as Bonnie stands up, obviously upset.

“What the hell, Ron?” She asks. “I thought we were going somewhere.”

He takes a long sigh and begins. “Look, Bonnie…I know what we’ve been doing feels good. I mean REAL good. But, I…”

“Wait, I got something to say too.” Bonnie says, sounding serious. “Ron, you’re…annoying, lazy, sloppy, you have the worst taste in clothes in human history, you’re uncoordinated in every sport, you have no large muscles…plus you’re voice kinda cracks when you’re angry.”

Ron’s look changes to one of total shock. He can’t believe what Bonnie has just said to him in his own house. As his anger grows, he finds it much easier to tell her off. “Oh yeah, little lady?” He says, voice cracking. “Well, you…”

“But you’re a really sweet guy.” She continues. “A lot nicer than some of the jocks I dated. And I know I treated you rotten for a while…but I really do appreciate you, Ron.” She walks up to him and grabs his hardening Cock through his pajama bottoms. “And I wanna show you how much.”

Ron’s back to square one again. He tries to speak, but the words die in his mouth. Reason & Instinct are battling to see what Ron’s choice would be. Instinct takes the win, and Ron leans in close to kiss Bonnie on the lips. They embrace each other tightly, looking like they’re reunited lovers who just found each other after years. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they break the kiss.

“Bonnie…” Ron says, still having doubts about this. “…I can’t. I mean…Kim and…”

“Kim’s not here.” She tells him, gently pushing him back onto the bed. “And we were both alone tonight. And no one should be alone.”

She presses a button on his stereo system to get the music playing again, then turns off the light in the room before climbing in bed with him and straddling him once more. They kiss again, this time more passionately. Bonnie’s tongue delves into Ron’s mouth without delay, as they embrace each other. Lightning flashes outside, illuminating the two for a moment. Ron’s hand roams under her shirt, and he starts to fondle her lovely breasts. After a minute, Ron rolls over on top of her, making sure to keep the kiss locked. Now Bonnie’s hands go to work, as she grabs the bottom of Ron’s shirt and starts pulling. She breaks the kiss, but only long enough to pull his shirt off to reveal his bare chest. Ron then lifts her shirt up, enough to bring her breasts out into the open.

“Put it in me, Big Ron.” She says. “Fuck me now!”

Ron nods his head and pulls his pajama bottoms down, just enough to let out Ron jr. Bonnie quickly slides her black panties off and lies there, spread eagle, waiting to be entered. Ron brings the head of his rod to her lips, then slowly forced it inside of her. Bonnie starts to wince a little. Even though she’s been with Ron for a while, she’s still not use to having someone so big inside of her. Especially since Brick Flagg comes up short in that department. Once he’s deep inside, her face straightens up. She looks up at him, and the two kiss once more. Ron starts working up a slow stroke, much to Bonnie’s delight. The sound of thunder echoes throughout the room as Ron strokes into her over & over. Minutes pass by before Bonnie breaks the kiss, and starts to moan.

“Yeah. Oh yeah!” She moans. “Give it to me, Big Ron! Faster!”

As soon as those words exit her mouth, Ron starts to speed up his work. He doesn’t go lightning speed as he has in the past, instead he drills into her harder, making her grunt & moan with every thrust. Bonnie starts to grit her teeth, as she digs her fingernails into his back. Not enough to draw blood, but enough for him to feel it. The bed starts to squeak louder, and thunder echoes through the room again, as Ron continues plowing into the Cheerleader.

“Man…I forgot how tight you are.” He says, feeling tons of friction now.


“Boy, I am SO glad my parents aren’t home to hear that.” He thinks to himself.

Ron’s now drilling her harder than he’s ever done before. The sound of skin smacking against skin rivals the occasional thunder strike heard in the room. Bonnie holds on to his bed sheets tightly, as she’s now dripping with sweat, looking like she just stepped out of the shower. Her breathing his heavy and her moans get louder each time Ron pounds her soaking pussy. Finally, she’s had all she could take, and reaches her limit.

“OH, FUCK!!!” She screams. “I’M CUMING, RON!!!”


He pulls out of her just in the nick of time. A split second later, he sprays his load out like a firehose, covering her stomach & her breasts with his cum. His cock rests on her clit, as he sits there, trying to catch his breath. He wipes the sweat from his forehead, takes a deep breath & exhales, after an intense fucking session.

“That…was spankin’.” He says, out of breath. “How was it for…”

He quickly gets his answer as Bonnie sits up and kisses him passionately. After a minute, she backs away, leaving a small, but long line of saliva. “You were fantastic, babe.” She tells him. “I never came so hard before.” She crawls off of the bed, leaving Ron sitting there. In the back of his mind there are feelings of satisfaction & regret.


On the other side of the world, somewhere near Cairo, Egypt, there’s a small local café, where some of the seediest lowlifes hang out. Inside, the place is fairly empty, save for a few thugs hanging out by the bar. But their attention quickly turns to the door once they notice a blonde haired woman walking through the doors. She’s wearing a red dress, with black high heels, and carrying a purse. Immediately, she notices a person in the room. More notably, Adrena Lynn’s cameraman. She walks over and introduces herself.

“Hello, handsome.” She says in a high-pitched voice, making her seat on his lap.

“Uh…hey yourself, beautiful.” He says nervously.

“What’s a rugged strong man like you doing in here?” She asks.

“Well, I’m…sort of helping out with a big plan.” He says, laughing nervously.

“Ooh. And just how ‘Big’ is it?” She asks, leaning in. She lets her hand pull down just enough to reveal the nipples of her breasts, which drives him crazy.

“Oh, mama!” He says. “Well, me & Adrena Lynn are working with some Mad Scientist and his Green Lady sidekick to take down that teen hero. You know, Kim Possible.”

The lady grins and cocks an eyebrow up. “That’s all I needed to hear.” And before he can blink, he finds his face smashed down on the table. The woman then gets up and connects with an Axe kick, planting her leg down on the back of his neck. She then takes off the blonde wig, revealing her identity as Kim Possible. She digs into her purse and pulls out her Kimmunicator, getting Wade on the line.

“Wade, I have a lead.” She tells him. “Adrena Lynn and her flunkie are in league with Drakken & Shego.”

“Well, that explains her breakout.” Wade says. “But we need more info.”

“And that’s why I’m going in deeper.” She says, taking her leg off of his neck. She walks towards the exit, being checked out by everyone else in the room, but not dare being approached. She walks out of the door and into the night, determined to find out everything that’s going on.
The Not So Lucky Kim Possible 4

“Honestly, Ron. You really need to learn how to update your wardrobe.”

Ron’s sitting on the edge of his bed looking at Bonnie, who’s perusing through his closet and tossing most of his clothes on the floor. “I mean Maroon is not a color you should wear in the fall.” She says, holding up one of his shirts.

Ron reaches over and grabs his communicator. “Kim hasn’t even checked in yet.” He says. “Better call Wade to get the 4-1-1.” Before he can activate the call button, Bonnie pushes him down on his bed and climbs onto him.

“I swear, you worry about Ms. Perfect too much, Ron.” She tells. “Why think about her, when you got Bon-Bon here to yourself.” She leans in closer to him, and grins seductively. “And I’m ready for round 2.”

Just then, the doorbell sounds throughout the house. As soon as Ron hears it, he sits up, knocking Bonnie off of him and onto the floor. He jets out of the room and down the stairs, thinking it may be Kim. Or even worse, his parents. He stops in front of the door, and starts thinking of a plan. “OK, Stoppable. You just gotta be a man, and tell the truth.” He thinks to himself. “Because the truth will set me free!”

He reaches for the doorknob and opens the door wide, and is surprised to see Monique standing there. “Hey, Ron. What’s going on?” She says with a grin.

“Monique! What are you doing here?” Ron asks, still startled.

“Yeah Monique, what ARE you doing here?” Bonnie asks, coming down the stairs.

“Well, I was in the neighborhood and decided, my good friend Ron could use a big helping of Nacos!” She says, showing Ron a bag from Bueno Nacho from behind her back. “They’re Grande Sized!”

“BOOYA! SCORE!!!” Ron says with a big grin, as he reaches for the bag. But Monique pulls it back, out of his reach.

“Uh-uh, boy. I gotta warm these up in the microwave.” She tells him. “Now you just go upstairs and make yourself comfortable.” Ron does exactly that, turning around and making his way back up the stairs, as Bonnie comes all the way down the steps. Monique heads into the kitchen and for the Microwave, followed by Bonnie.

“What exactly are you doing here, Monique?” Bonnie asks her again.

“The same reason you’re here, girl.” Monique answers. “Kim’s on a mission, Ron’s all alone, and I’m feeling horny.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Bonnie scoffs. “I’m here…. just to borrow some of his notes from History.”

“Yeah right, and I’m Beyonce.” Monique puts the bag into the microwave and turns it on, before turning her attention to Bonnie. “Could you at least help out and get me a few plates?”

“Alright, fine.” Bonnie groans. “But just because you’re here don’t expect to get him anytime soon. You can have him when I get tired or something.”

As Bonnie walks into the cupboard, she quickly finds the door being slammed shut behind her. Outside of the cupboard, Monique pushes a chair under the doorknob to lock her in there. “You mean when I get tired of him, girl.” Monique says with a smirk. “And trust me, I got a lot of endurance in me right now.” She hears the microwave beeping, and walks over to take the Nacos out, before running out of the kitchen and up the stairs, leaving Bonnie trapped in the cupboard.

Once Monique reaches the top of the stairs, she makes a beeline towards Ron’s room, where she sees him about to contact Kim on the Communicator. “Oh, Damn!” She thinks. “I can’t let him call Kim, it’ll ruin everything!”

Thinking quickly, she walks into the room and “accidentally” bumps into Ron, causing him to drop the Communicator on his bed. “My bad, Ron.” She says. “Guess I better watch where I’m going. Here’re your Nacos.”

She hands him the bag as he sits down on his bed. She sits down right beside him, and slides the Communicator further away from him, out of his reach. He opens the bag and unwraps the first Naco, before taking a big bite out of it. “Mmmm, these are some tasty Nacos.” He says, mouth full.

“I know something that’s also tasty.” Monique utters, licking her lips. She places her hand on his thigh and moves it inward. Ron’s too busy scarfing down the Naco to even notice. Her hand slowly moves towards his pants zipper, and she begins to unzip him. She reaches inside and quickly finds his manhood, grabbing firm hold of the shaft. She then slides off the bed and onto her knees in front of Ron, pulling his Cock out. All of this goes unnoticed by Ron, who’s engulfed in the flavor of his Naco.

“You know, it’s the little inventions like these that make the world great.” He says, mouth still full. “If that Thomas Edison guy, or Benjamin Whatshisname invented stuff like this, we would…have…a…”

He takes a swallow of his food, then looks down to see Monique’s mouth already wrapped around his Cock. Instantly he thinks of telling her to stop, but the heavenly sensation washes over his body as her tongue rolls over every inch of his shaft. Still, he forces the words out anyway.

“Monique…we can’t…”

She takes his Rod out of her mouth and starts to stroke it in her hand as she looks up at him. “Calm down, Ron. What’s a little fuck between friends?” She says with a seductive grin. “Besides, you were alone tonight. And no one should be alone.”

Suddenly, Ron starts to hear the loud pounding coming from Bonnie downstairs. “What was that?” He asks.

“Oh, nothing.” Monique says, smiling.

“Wait a minute, where’s Bonnie?” He asks.

“Oh, she just ran out for more Bueno Nacho.” She tells him.

“In the middle of a rainstorm?”

Monique decides to put an end to Ron’s questions, and tackles him to his bed, pressing her mouth to his. Her tongue roams into his mouth, as her hands are hard at work unbuttoning her Cargo Pants. She breaks the kiss and starts pulling them down, revealing a sexy pink thong that wraps around her hips. She kicks off her pants and starts pulling down her thong as Ron backs up to his own headboard.

“Look, Monique, I’ve been meaning to talk to you.” He says.

“I know, baby.” She says. “I missed your Cock in me just as much as you missed my tight, warm pussy.”

She gets her thong off and straddles Ron. Her pussy hovers over his rock hard manhood, and uses her fingers to split herself open, before coming down on his pipe. She starts biting down on her bottom lip. The fight that Ron’s been putting up is now long over, as he decides to just enjoy this moment. He grabs her ass and clenches it, as he starts to guide her movements.

“Oh yeah! That’s it, boy!” She moans. “Fuck me! Fuck me good!”

Her hands are on the top of his headboard, as she leans out over him, her breasts rocking back & forth directly above him, teasing him hypnotically, until he shoots forward and wraps his mouth around her nipple. He sucks them, and licks them, all the while bring Monique closer to her limit. Her moans fill the entire room, and echo throughout the house. Her hips are almost a blur, as she bounces of up & down on his Rod like a trampoline. The two are sweating buckets now, and Monique’s hair is wild and frizzled (even more than usual).

“FUCK!” Monique screams. “OH, GOD! I’M GONNA…”

The words down come out of her mouth, but she does…hard. Her orgasm causes her entire body to tense up, freezing in place, before she falls to the bed. Ron sits up, feeling exhausted from the whole event. “Aw, man. How am I gonna explain this to Kim?” He says to himself. “I didn’t even get off myself.”

At that moment, Bonnie appears in Ron’s doorway, looking pissed. “You little witch.” She says, pointing at Monique, who’s just now snapping out of her orgasm-induced ecstasy. “You think you can keep Ron all for yourself, think again!”

She charges the bed and, using amazing agility as a cheerleader, leaps over Ron and tackles Monique off of it, to the ground. Immediately a Cat Fight breaks out, completely with Hair Pulling and scratching.

“He’s my Big Ron!” Bonnie says, tugging on a chunk of Monique’s hair.

“Oh not without a fight, girl!” Monique counters, biting Bonnie’s arm.

Ron looks on with shock from his bed. Countless times he’s dreamed of this moment with countless women taking part in it. In fact, he pinches himself to see if it is a dream. “Nope, it’s real.” He says to himself. Then his mind wanders to Kim, and he starts to say something he never thought he would in his life. “OK, I can’t believe I’m about to say this but…LADIES, STOP FIGHTING OVER ME!!!”

It doesn’t work. The two are still going at it like it’s the WWE. Just then, Ron notices his Communicator beeping, indicating he has a call. “Must be Wade calling about some new cheat codes.” He says, picking it up. But once he answers, it’s Kim’s face that appears on the scream.


Bonnie & Monique stop their fight as soon as Ron says her name. They both duck behind the bed, not wanting Kim to know about their fun with him. “Yeah Ron, it’s me.” Kim says, feeling confused. “What’s with the screaming?”

“OH! Uh, I was just…watching scary movies. Yeah!” Ron tells her. “It’s the All-Night bloodsucker, brain-eating monster marathon on.”

Behind the bed, Monique & Bonnie try to stay low and out of Kim’s sight, until Monique accidentally smashes Bonnie’s hand. “Hey! Do you mind not touching the hands? I just got them manicured.” Bonnie whispers.

“Well maybe if you’d move those boxing gloves out of the way…” Monique responds.

“Well, better to just have big hands, than big everything else.” Bonnie replies with a smirk.

“Oh, that is it!” Monique says. “YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!!”

And at the drop of a hat, the two are at it again. The fight spills out onto Ron’s bed. Right behind Ron, and right in Kim’s sight. “Bonnie? Monique? What are they doing over there, Ron?” Kim asks.

The two realize they’ve blown their own cover, and decide to stop the fight. They turn to the screen and wave at Kim, as Ron desperately tries to think of an excuse. Any excuse. “Uh…Monique was delivering…Bueno Nacho and, Bonnie…was showing me new cheer moves?” Ron says, hoping that Kim will buy it. Both women nod their heads in agreement and smile, not wanting to get on the bad side of someone who knows multiple forms of Kung-Fu.

“I’m not buying it, Ron.” Kim says. “Maybe Monique, but there would be no way Bonnie would walk into your house.”

“It is a bit on the Tacky side.” Bonnie says, agreeing with Kim. At least until Monique elbows her in the gut.

“Ron, I want the truth. Why is my best friend and my rival in your room, in your…” She gets cut off as the picture goes wonky. The camera shakes violently, not letting Ron get a clear view of what’s going on.

“Kim? Kim, are you OK?” Ron asks, getting nervous. Bonnie & Monique crowd around him and stare at the screen, which is still shaky and not showing a clear picture. After a minute, the shaking stops and the screen shows the sky, indicating Kim’s Kimmunicator has been dropped. A loud punch is heard connecting, followed by a sickening thud, then footsteps.

“Kim! What’s going on? Do you need help?” Ron yells, starting to panic. Footsteps are heard, followed shortly by the sound of a body being dragged. The footsteps get softer, and softer, until they can no longer be heard. In fact, nothing is heard. And it puts a fright inside of the three. “Oh, god! KIM!!! Please, answer me! KIM!!!”
The Not So Lucky Kim Possible 5

Ron switches frequencies and tries to contact Wade. It takes a second, by he’s finally able to get him on. “Ron, is that you?” Wade asks.

“Yeah, Wade.” Ron says. “Something happened to Kim and…”

“I know, I’m on it now.” Wade says, as he starts typing on his keyboard. “I’m scanning the area for anything unusual signs or energy signatures.”

Ron waits impatiently, looking more worried than he’s been in his entire life. Both Bonnie& Monique are also concerned for Kim’s safety. After several moments of typing, Wade suddenly stops, and it makes the sick feeling in Ron’s stomach even sicker. “What is it, Wade?” Ron asks. Wade stays silent, not wanting to tell Ron the info. “ Dammit Wade, don’t hold out on me. What happened?”

“Kim was attacked…by Shego.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Ron says, a look of anger growing on his face. Bonnie & Monique look at each other confused.

“Wait, just wait. Who is this Shego?” Bonnie says.

“Your guess is as good as mine, girl.” Monique answers.

“Wade, I’m gonna need a ride, and Kim’s last known coordinates.” Ron tells him, sounding surprisingly professional.

“I’m on it. I’ll alert the Global Justice Airship & Dr. Director.” Wade says.

Ron puts down his Communicator, stands up and walks over to his closet. He begins to pick out his mission clothes and tosses them on the bed, as the two ladies look on, still feeling left out. “I am so confused, it’s not even funny.” Monique says, as she picks up the Communicator and questions Wade. “Alright Wade, give us the 4-1-1.”

“Monique, I don’t think now’s a good time for…” Monique shoots him a look of seriousness, which changes Wade’s mind. “Alright. Kim’s been kidnapped by Shego, who works for a mad scientist named Dr. Drakken.”

“You mean that ugly blue guy Kim always talks about?” Bonnie asks.

“That’s him.” Wade says. “I’m trying to locate his lair now. But regardless…”

“I’m going in to save her.” Ron says, fully dressed & putting on a black jacket. “The guys at Global Justice will drop you two off at your houses. Right now, Ron Stoppable has to go to work.”

He turns and is ready to walk right out of the door, when he feels his arm being grabbed. He turns back to see Monique holding on to him. “Not alone you don’t, boy. We’re going, too!”

“Uh-Uh! No way! Too dangerous!” Ron tells them.

“Ron, Kim’s our best friend too!” Monique tells him. “And we aren’t just gonna sit back while something’s happened to her.”

“Um, I’m perfectly happy with not saving Kim and staying out of trouble.” Bonnie interrupts.

“Oh yeah? Well, OK.” Monique says. “Go ahead. Miss out on your only chance to show up Kim and rub it all in her face.”

Bonnie thinks for a moment, just a moment, before she comes to a decision. “Alright, I’m in this too.”

The two of them hop off the bed and charge Ron’s closet, picking out his spare mission outfits and putting them on. Ron looks on with his jaw dropped, and wonders how they’re tagging along with him. He wants to say something, but realizes it wouldn’t work anyway. Just then, the sound of Helicopter propellers whirling can be heard from outside. It’s the GJ Airship. Ron dashes out of his room and down the stairs, before opening the front door to see them on his front lawn.

“Whoa…” It’s the only word that can come out of his mouth, and it’s more than enough to describe their mobile headquarters. Monique & Bonnie join him at the doorway fully clothed, and are rendered speechless themselves. The door to the airship slides open, revealing the silhouette of a person standing there. After a moment, their eyes adjust to the light to see that it’s Dr. Director.

“We’ve received your message, Ronald.” She says. “And we’re ready to take you to the destination. Are both of your friends coming along?”

“Well, actually…”

“Yes we are!” The two of them says, cutting him off. They both run on board the ship, followed reluctantly by Ron. The door slides shut behind them as the Airship takes off for Kim’s last known whereabouts. Inside the ship, the three are lead into the main bridge, where dozens of GJ Agents are watching dozens of monitors tracking Kim’s whereabouts.

“Unfortunately we’ve lost track of Drakken’s lair.” Dr. Director tells them. “He seems to have upgraded his cloaking technology. But we’ve got our best volunteer man on the job.”

“Wade?” Ron asks.

“Yes, how did you know?” She asks.

“Get the best man for the best job.” He answers. As they reach the center of the bridge, a scientist approaches them with three shoeboxes, and hands each one to them. They open them up to see what looks to be normal sneakers.

“Ugh. Sneakers?” Bonnie says. “You could’ve at least got us Brand Name.”

“What a minute.” Ron says. “These are…”

“Yes. The same Superspeed Sneaker technology used by Kim to defeat the Killer Bebe Bots.” Dr. Director says. “We believe that they might be helpful in your rescue mission.”

Ron takes them out of the box as he slips out of his old shoes. He puts these on and tests them out, jetting around the bridge five times in the blink of an eye. He stops in front of the three, as if he never left. “BOOYA, SUPER SPEED! But, won’t the shoes get stuck on me if I overuse them?” Ron asks.

“Not at all. Global Justice made significant improvements to the technology to ensure that there are no malfunctions.” She tells him.

“Oh, I gotta try these babies on!” Monique says.

Just then, an Agent runs up to the 4 and hands Dr. Director a note. Her look changes to a somber one as she turns to Ron. “Ronald, I’m afraid I have terrible news.” Ron starts to become concerned as she continues. “Rufus was just picked up by fellow agents and rushed to the Veterinarian. He’s in serious, but stable condition.”

A feeling of shock overwhelms Ron, followed by feelings of pure rage. “Oh, no. They’re done for now.” Monique says. Bonnie nods her head in agreement. Even the two ladies know that you don’t harm Rufus, Ron’s best friend.

“No one…messes…with the Mole Rat.”


Kim’s eyes slowly begin to open. Her vision is blurry, and it doesn’t help that there’s a bright light shining in her face. She tries to move, but find that her wrists and ankles have been shackled down. Someone has her locked up. And Kim finds out who once she hears a familiar voice.

“Wakey, wakey, Sleeping Beauty.”

Her vision clears up just in time, to see Shego standing in front of her, wearing a confident smirk. She’s wearing a black & green halter top along with a long skirt, and high heeled boots. “Shego.” Kim says coldly. “I take it you’re the one that attacked me in the alley.”

“You got that right, cheerleader.” She says. “Took you a while to wake up, too. Guess I don’t know my own strength.”

“Why did you chain me up?” Kim asks. “Didn’t Drakken have some lame plot like hang me over a pool of rabid piranhas?”

“Ye—Drakken had a plan with electric eels or something, but I talked him out of it.” She says. “Because I have much bigger plans for you, dear Kimmy.”

“What do you mean, ‘bigger plans’?” Kim asks. Shego walks up to Kim and gently runs her finger under her chin. She then grabs a handful of Kim and whips her head back, before kissing her on the mouth, aggressively. Her lips smother Kim’s, almost not giving her any room to breath. She grabs hold of Kim’s breasts and fondles them roughly. Clearly, she’s not in a mood to be gentle. As Shego forces her tongue down Kim’s throat, Kim begins to feel something firm between Shego’s legs. Shego then pulls back quickly, but still leaves a long line of saliva that connects their mouths. Kim looks up at Shego, trying to catch her breath.

“OK, you’ve officially have creeped me out!” Kim tells her.

“Oh, I haven’t even begun, princess.” Shego takes a few steps back, then stops and stares at her prisoner. She reaches for the slit of her skirt and flings it aside, revealing exactly what Kim felt between Shego’s legs…a large black strap-on. “Like it, Kimmy? I had it tailor made to match what your boyfriend’s packing.”

“So you’re gonna put that thing up my ass.” Kim says.

“Oh, not just your ass.” Shego says, an evil grin growing across her face. “Your mouth, that little wet pussy, every hole you have is gonna be filled by this baby! In fact, let’s start now.” Shego pulls a remote from the bosom of her breasts and presses a flashing red button. A moment later, Kim starts to feel her chains loosening. But before she can throw a punch Shego’s way, Shego grabs the back of her head and forces her mouth on her strap-on. Kim struggles to pull herself away, but can’t move her arms enough to push off of her.

“Oh, yeah! Suck it, you little whore!” Shego says. She pushes Kim’s head down even further, trying to force her into deep throating the Strap-on. Kim’s eyes begin to water, as she struggles to even breathe. Shego’s enjoying every moment. Even though she’s not feeling anything from Kim, she’s getting off just by watching her struggle & suffer. After a minute, she pulls Kim’s head off of her and grins evilly. As Kim coughs and gasps for air, Shego looks down at the handy work she’s done. The Strap-on is well lubricated enough for entry.

“I must say you do good work, Kimmy.” Shego tells her.

“You’re gonna pay for that, Shego.” Kim says angrily.

“No, princess. You’re gonna pay!” Shego presses the button on her remote again, and the chains retract, pinning Kim back against the wall. She walks over and hikes up Kim’s skirt, revealing a pink thong underneath. “Getting a little risqué, eh Kimmy?”

She pulls down the thong to Kim’s knees, then starts teasing her by rubbing the Strap-on against her love lips and her clit. “You thought I forgot about that day, didn’t you?” Shego asks, her look growing more sinister. “The humiliation I felt when you and your little boyfriend had your way with me. Over and over! Well princess…Time for me to return the FAVOR!!!”

She rams the strap-on deep inside Kim’s snatch, almost knocking the breath out of her in the process. Kim’s eyes go dead for a moment. There’s a mixture of pleasure & pain that she’s feeling. But right now, its much more pain than it is pleasure. She lets out a groan, which only excited Shego more.

“Yes! Scream for me, you little bitch!” She starts pumping in & out of her, pushing it as far as it can go with each thrust. She pulls down the top of Kim’s dress, then rips apart her bra to expose her breasts. She grabs a firm hold of them & fondles them roughly as she leans in close to Kim. “What’s wrong, Kimmy?” She asks smugly. “You don’t look like you’re enjoying this. I know I am.” She shoots in for another kiss, causing her head to smash back against the wall. Her tongue probes every inch of Kim’s mouth. It’s enough to suck out her fillings (if Kim had any). She pays special attention to her lips this time, especially the bottom one, biting down on it hard enough to draw blood as she moans with pleasure. She then pulls away again, be pulling down her halter-top and showing off her own tits.

“You might as well stop resisting, Kimmy.” She tells her. “Cause I’m not stopping until you come!”

“Get…real.” Kim says, trying to resist the urge of having an orgasm. “Besides…Global Justice & Ron will be here to take you & Drakken down!”

“Oh, sweetie. You see, me & Drakken…WE’RE COUNTING ON THAT!!!” She goes back to pounding Kim’s pussy unmercifully with the Strap-on. Her nipples begin to rub against Kim’s, as Shego’s breasts almost engulf hers. Kim tries to hang on, but the massive size of that Strap-on is too much to take. Finally, she feels herself reaching her limit, and closes her mouth, not wanting to give Shego the satisfaction of knowing she gave her a screaming orgasm. But she can’t help but grunt it out, and Shego hears enough to know that she’s succeeded. She pulls out of her and backs up, covering herself back up with the Halter Top.

“Was it good for you?” Shego says with a superior smirk.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” Kim tells her, feeling a little out of breath. “I was thinking of Ron the whole time.”

Shego grins a little at Kim’s joke, then smacks her hard across the cheek, leaving a red mark on her face. Kim turns back to Shego and looks at her coldly. “You’re gonna pay for that one, too.” She says.

“Yeah, yeah, send me a bill.” Shego says, turning her back on Kim. “It’s not like Ron Stoppable’s coming to save you now.”

At that moment…

On the other side of Drakken’s hidden lair, Ron, Bonnie & Monique lurk in the shadows. All three are wearing the Superspeed Shoes. They look on as Drakken works hard on engineering his latest plan for World Domination. There are dozens of Doom-Vees at the bottom around him, all equipped with various Drakken Death Weapons. As his minions begin to board the Doom-Vees, Ron tells Monique & Bonnie his plan.

“OK, you too use the speed shoes to go and find Kim.” Ron says. “I’ll stay here and handle Drakken.”

“But how’re you gonna do that?” Monique asks.

“By doing with Ron Stoppable does best.” Ron answers. “Being the distraction. Now go!”

The two ladies each give Ron a kiss on the Cheek, before sprinting off down the hall, looking for Kim. Ron decides to take action now, and he hops down off of his ledge and rushes to an empty Doom-Vee. In the blink of an eye, he opens the door, shuts it, and turns on the engine. “I always did wanna drive one of these babies.” He says. “Like those Rap stars in the videos. Maybe I can…WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

He presses down on the gas pedal and immediately the Doom-Vee rolls out of control. It’s like a bumper car now, and it smashes & demolishes the others relentlessly. Drakken turns to see what’s the cause, and immediately sees who’s in the driver’s seat. “IT’S THE BUFFOON!!! GET HIM!!!”

His henchmen scramble to get to the remaining undamaged Doom-Vees, only to have Ron bash into them. It’s a massacre of metal & car parts as the henchmen dive out of the way of the out-of-control SUV of Mass Destruction. When Ron finally gets it to stop, every other Doom-Vee is totaled beyond compare. He hops out of the ride and looks at the damage. “Whoa! Hope you had those rides insured, Drakken.”

He immediately feels Drakken’s hands grabbing his collar and is rammed into the side of the Doom-Vee by him. “No, but you’re gonna need it right now!” Drakken says.

Ron escapes his grasp and rolls into his fighting stance. “Alright, where’s Kim?”

“Possible? She’s having fun with Shego right now, and Shego doesn’t want to be disturbed.” Drakken says, walking over to a switch. He flips it and the platform the two are on begins to rise into the air, as the ceiling opens up above them. “I know what you’ve done to my Shego, and she’s getting her revenge on little Kimmy right now.”

Drakken presses a button on his left glove, and his body begins to shake. Suddenly, muscles begin to bulge wildly, ripping through his lab coat until it’s shredded to pieces. His new hulking physique almost towers over Ron as he walks towards him. Ron hops back and gets into his Tai Shing Pek Kwar stance, ready to rumble.

“For kidnapping Kim, and hurting Rufus, I’m taking you down hard!” Ron says.

“Bring it…Buffoon.” Drakken replies.
The Not So Lucky Kim Possible 6

It starts to rain on the roof of Drakken’s lair. The moon barely peeks out through the clouds, and is the only thing illuminating the two. A flash of lightning off in the distance adds more light, but only in flashes & only for a moment. The sound of thunder echoes through the night followed only by the sound of raindrops hitting the ground. The two stare down each other, not moving, not flinching even once. Ron stands poised in a perfect Kung Fu stance. Various thought roam through his mind, all of them about how to take down Drakken. Dr. Drakken is standing there patiently, waiting for Ron to make the first move, so he can crush him with his bare hands. After what seems like forever, Ron finally breaks the silence.

“Hench-Co Strength Enhancer?” Ron asks.

“Yes. Now in glove form.” Drakken answers. “I know you & Possible put my Shego in prison. It won’t happen again.”

“Wait, your Shego?” Ron says. “You mean you & her?”

“Are tight-knit. Are ‘Hooked-Up & Off the Chain’ as your generation would say.” Drakken tells him.

“Heh, I knew it. Kim so owes me a Grande Naco Meal.” Ron declares with a smirk.

“Ha! You still think you got a chance to make it out of here.” Drakken says. “How utterly buffoon-like.” With that, Drakken charges Ron like a bull that’s just seen all red. Ron barely dives out of the way as Drakken drives both fists into the ground, smashing them through the pavement. He pulls them out and lets a haymaker fly. Ron ducks it and counters with several hard punches to Drakken’s gut, which have absolutely no affect on him. Drakken laughs and swats Ron away as if he were a fly. Ron rolls across the ground before stopping himself and picking himself up.

“And that fool Monkey Fist said that Tai Shing Pek Kwar should be feared.” Drakken says, snickering. “Ha! What a joke!”

Ron brushes himself off and gets back in his fighting stance. “Oh, you best be fearing the Monkey Kung Fu.”

It’s Ron who charges this time, ready to rip into the mad doctor. But Drakken is ready. He lets a big right hand fly, but Ron flips and avoids it. Drakken tries to come back with a left hook, but Ron ducks that and maneuvers around him in a circle. Drakken is now swinging for dear life, with none of his attacks even coming close to hitting Ron. “GRRRR!!! STAND STILL, YOU BUFFOON!!!” Drakken thinks he’s caught Ron off guard, and claps his hands together to smash his head. But Ron ducks, and counters with a devastating flip kick that sends Drakken off of his feet and to the ground. Ron flips back into his Monkey Kung Fu stance.

“HWAAAAAHHHHH!!! You wanna piece of Ron?” He asks with a smug grin.

“When I’m done with you, you’re gonna be in pieces!” Drakken yells. He charges again, intending to flatten Stoppable with one blow. Ron stands perfectly still, waiting for the right moment. Drakken storms closer, and closer, until finally he has him where he wants him. Ron flips up and over the charging Drakken, and comes back down with a flying stomp. But Drakken anticipates the move, and swings his arm out, swatting Ron down to the ground. Before he can recover, Drakken puts his foot on his chest, pinning him down.

“You’re in for a world of hurt now, Buffoon.”

Meanwhile, downstairs…

“Let’s take a break, shall we, Kimmy?”

Shego walks over to the side of the room that has a large Widescreen TV on the wall. She grins as she grabs a videotape off of her dresser. “We can watch a little movie.”

“Oh god, did you & Drakken make a sex tape?” Kim asks smugly.

“Wait…how did you know about the…nevermind! Anyway, you should really keep a closer eye on your Boyfriend, Kimmy.” Shego tells her. “You never know where his Cock might roam.”

She inserts the tape into the VCR and presses play. A moment later, the screen shows Ron, being ridden hard by Adrena Lynn. Kim drops her jaw in shock, as Shego grins evilly. “That’s right, princess. While you were out playing ‘Hunt the Bad Girl’, she was playing Hide & Seek with Boy Toy’s Rod. Doesn’t that just burn your toast?”

Just then, a loud thump from the fight upstairs is heard. Immediately Shego charges up her gloves, ready for any attack. “I’ll be back in a sec.” She tells Kim. “In the meantime, you can enjoy the show.” Shego carefully walks out of the room and down the hall, looking to see exactly what’s going on. A moment later, Bonnie & Monique run into the room from the other direction.

“Good thing these Speed Shoes can jet us between spots in a second.” Monique says. “Or that distraction would’ve never…” She gets a good look at Kim and notices the look of shock on her face. “Kim, what’s wrong?”

“Ron…cheated on me.” Kim says. Once her hand is free, she points at the TV, showing the two footage of Ron & Adrena Lynn.

“How could that little perv cheat on me?” Bonnie says?

Kim then turns to her in shock. “What do you mean cheat on you?”

“Look, Kim…we gotta fess up.” Monique says, still helping her get loose. “I’ve been having sex with Ron. Really great sex. But it’s my fault. Totally my fault. I pressured him into it…I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Monique, I am shocked!” Bonnie gasps. “For you to do something so…naughty. It…”

“Oh, cut the act, Bonnie.” Monique tells her. “You were riding Ron like a Mechanical Bull before I came over tonight.”

“Well…if she wouldn’t keep him all to herself, this wouldn’t have happened.” Bonnie replies.

They finally unlock all of the shackles and free Kim, who steps down off of the wall. She shoots the two of them a cold look, which makes them feel even guiltier than before. “So, when did it first happen?” Kim asks Monique.

“The Dementor mission. When you were sent after DNAmy.” Monique replies.

“And you?” Kim asks, turning to Monique.

“Camp Wannaweep.” She replies, but not wanting to.

“But Ron really does care about you, Kim.” Monique tells her. “In fact, he’s the one that started this rescue mission.”

“Where is he now?” Kim asks.

“The last time we saw him, he was about to fight that weird blue guy.” Bonnie says.

“Drakken! Come on, he’s gonna need our help.” Kim grabs her purse and dashes out of the room, followed closely behind by Bonnie & Monique. As they run down the hall, Kim pulls out her Kimmunicator from her purse and dials up Wade. A moment later, he appears on the screen.

“Kim! Thank god you’re OK.” He says.

“I’m fine.” She tells him. “But where is Ron?”

“He’s up on the roof of the complex, and it looks like he’s battling Drakken and…oh, no.”

“What ‘oh, no’ Wade?” Kim asks.

“Drakken’s giving out the same readings that Ron gave out when he had the Strength Enhancing Ring.” Wade tells her.

“Which means Drakken now has Super Strength.” Kim realizes. “We’ve got to hurry. Ron’s life might be in danger!”

Back on the Roof…

Drakken is putting all of his weight down on Ron’s chest, trying to keep him down. He raises his fist high into the air, and prepares to punch a hole right through his head. “Any last words, Buffoon?” He asks.

“Yeah…for the last time…my name…is Ron…STOPPABLE!!!”

He rolls out of the way, a split second before Drakken’s fist comes crashing down. He gets to his feet and delivers a Dropkick to Drakken’s chest that sends him stumbling back. But Drakken quickly recovers and charges again. Ron meets him with a Leg Sweep that takes Drakken off of his feet. He then stands up and gets back into his fighting stance.

“Yeah, that’s right, Drakken. You’re getting whooped on.” Ron says. “Whooped on by a buffoon! Wait…that didn’t come out right.”

Drakken pounds his fists on the ground in frustration and gets up. He charges Ron again, fists swinging wildly. Ron avoids every attack he’s throwing, but just by the skin of his teeth. He backs up from Drakken, trying to get some space between. Soon, Drakken begins to slow down and tire, which gives Ron the opening he needs. He jumps & twists in the air, hitting Drakken in the face with a Butterfly Kick. Drakken stumbles back, seriously stunned. And before he can recover, Ron leaps into the air, flips over and nails him in the back of the head with a Scissors Kick. Drakken flips over and lands hard on the ground, defeated.

“Ron Stoppable…you think you’re all that…but you’re not.” He says, right before passing out.

Ron reaches down and presses the button on Drakken’s glove, disabling his Strength and returning his body back to normal. He then puts one foot on his chest and stands triumphant.


He folds his arms over his chest and holds his head high, knowing he’s defeated one of the most dangerous mad man villains ever known. Right now, Ron Stoppable feels on top of the world. But the feeling doesn’t last, as a bright green energy blast hits him on his side.


The blast sends him flying clear across the roof. He slides on the wet roof, all the way to the edge of the Lair, until his arm & leg dangles off the edge. On the other side of the roof, where the attack came from, stands the villainess herself, Shego.

“And that is for my ass.”

Her hands are still glowing as she slowly walks towards him, but she stops once she notices Kim, Bonnie& Monique climbing onto the roof. They look at the fallen Drakken, then Shego, before noticing Ron down at the edge of the Lair.

“RON!” All three scream, as they rush over to save him from falling off the ledge. Kim gets there first and pulls him back, as Bonnie & Monique surround him. His arm is badly burned, and he looks ready to pass out from the pain. He looks up to see Kim’s face, and smiles.

“Did…did we beat the bad guy?” He says, just before passing out. There are tears welling up in Kim’s eyes, but she wipes them away to reveal a look of pure rage. She stands up and turns towards Shego, ready to rip her to shreds.

“Aw, Kimmy mad cause I hurt her boyfriend?” Shego asks. Kim says nothing, instead she walks towards Shego, stopping several feet away from her and getting into her own fighting stance.

Monique puts her arm around Ron, as Bonnie does the same. “Whoop her ass, Kim!” Monique tells him. “Take her down hard!”

“You better not let her get away with this, Possible!” Bonnie adds. “You better make her pay!”

Kim starts to stare down Shego, angrier than she’s ever been in her life. Her muscles are tense, and she looks like she could knock her head off dozens of miles away with one kick. Shego however is looking confident, as she smiles at the Kim. “Looks like your fan club’s put a lot of faith in you.” She says. “Too bad it’s not gonna help.”

“Remember when I said you were gonna pay?” Kim asks her. “Well, here’s the check, bitch!”

Kim throws the first punch, connecting with Shego’s jaw. And the fight is on! The two trade lightning fast blows, blocking & countering only to have their own attacks blocked & countered. This goes on for a full minute until Shego kicks Kim in the chest, and sends her sliding backwards. Kim stops herself and comes back with a flying kick to Shego’s jaw, which sends her to the ground. She quickly gets up and starts to charge her, but then notices that her lips been busted open.

“What’s wrong, Shego?” Kim asks smugly. “You don’t look like you’re enjoying this. I know I am.”

Shego wipes the blood from her lips and growls before charging Kim. She lets loose with a flurry of strikes which Kim blocks easily. Kim then mounts her own counter attack, landing well-placed strikes to her face & chest. Shego’s reeling backwards, and out of desperation sparks her hand up and waves it across Kim’s face. The light blinds her, and Shego takes advantage by delivering a brutal Roundhouse Kick to her jaw that sends her spinning to the ground. Shego starts to laugh fiendishly as she watches Kim struggle to her feet.

“You might as well stay down, princess.” She tells her. “You have no chance in hell of beating me.”

“After all these years, Shego…” Kim says, pushing herself off the ground. “…you should really check the name!”

She twists into a Spinning Split Kick, nailing Shego twice and sending her stumbling back. Kim gets to her feet and charges her. As she swings, Shego grabs both of her wrists, stopping the attacks. But Kim grins and darts forward, nailing her out of the blue with a devastating Headbutt. As Shego stumbles back again, Kim follows up with a Haymaker that sends her spinning towards the ledge of the Lair. Shego stops herself from going over and gets her bearing, when she sees Kim barreling towards her. Kim leaps into the air, plants one foot in Shego’s chest, then the other under her chin, connecting with a devastating Flash Kick. It sends Shego over the edge, and she goes screaming down towards the blackness below. Kim looks on as Shego’s body fades into the darkness, feeling a strong sense of vindication at that moment. But her attention is drawn back to Ron when she notices the Global Justice Airship appearing behind her. She turns to see various agents attending to Ron and handcuffing Drakken, as she runs over to Dr. Director.

“Is Ron gonna be OK?” She asks.

“He has 2nd Degree Burns across his arm and a mild concussion.” Dr. Director says. “But he’ll be perfectly fine once we get him to a medical facility.”

“I know the perfect one.” Kim says.

8 Hours Later…

Kim (dressed back in her mission clothes), Monique & Bonnie are sitting in the Waiting Room of the Hospital. In the Operating Room, Kim’s mother, Mrs. Dr. Possible, is working on Ron’s injury with other experienced Doctor’s from around the world. They’ve been there for 8 hours, and haven’t even thought about leaving for one moment. Finally, the Operating Room doors swing open, and Ron is wheeled out. All three of them stand up as he’s followed by Kim’s mom, who starts to take off her equipment.

“Mon! Ron! Is he…?”

“Ron’s gonna be perfectly fine.” Mrs. Possible says, giving her daughter a reassuring smile. “Global Justice have outstanding equipment. His arm will heal up from the burns as long as he keeps the cast on and nothing will come from his concussion. But he will have to stay off his feet for a few weeks. Which means no saving the world for quite a while for him.”

“Don’t worry.” Kim says, smiling. “I’ll make sure he gets some rest.”

“Good. I’m gonna go home and check on your father & the twins.” Dr. Possible says. “You three can visit with Ron, but try not to stay too long. He needs his rest.”

Kim’s mom walks off as the three walk over into Ron’s Hospital Room. They see him lying in bed, watching TV. His arm is in a cast, and his head is bandaged. The three rush over to him and hug him tight, almost suffocating him. “Hey, OK! It’s good to see you guys, too.” Ron says.

They let go and give him some air. “Ron, you are the man, boy!” Monique says.

“I can’t believe you took down Drakken all by yourself.” Kim adds. “You do have mad Monkey Kung Fu skills.”

“Heh, heh, yeah.” He says, before his mood turns serious. “Listen, Kim…there’s something I gotta tell you. About Bonnie & Monique…”

“I know.” Kim says. “They spilled when they came to free me. And I know Adrena Lynn forced you too.”

“Yeah, well that’s only half the story.” Ron says, deciding to let it all out. “It wasn’t just Monique, Bonnie & Adrena Lynn. There were more.” He takes a deep breath and lets go with his confession. There was Yori, Dr. Director…and you’re mom. I’m sorry, Kim. I’m so sorry.”

Kim stands there in utter shock. Her jaw drops down so low you can fly a 747 through her mouth. Monique & Bonnie are also staring at him in shock of what they just heard. “D-D-Dr. Possible?” Monique says.

“OK…remind me to keep my mother away from you, Stoppable.” Bonnie adds.

“Look, I know you could never forgive me for all this, but I hope…”

Kim puts a finger up to silence Ron, as she huddles up with Monique & Bonnie.

“Alright. All of this…is VERY frustrating.” Kim says. “But he did tell us about it. Which was honest.”

“I agree.” Monique says. “Most boys would try to keep that a secret as long as they could. Plus, he did save the world.”

“Well, don’t expect sympathy from me.” Bonnie tells them. “He cheated on me and broke my heart. I will never forgive him.”

“He wasn’t your man in the first place!” Monique yells at her!

“Alright, Bonnie. That’s fine.” Kim says. “Then you’ll have no problem staying far away from him as long as you live.”

Bonnie starts to think it over, and comes to a conclusion. “Well, to err is human and all that.”

They break the huddle and turn back to Ron. “Alright Ron, we’ve come to a decision. We forgive you.” Ron smiles, feeling relieved that he hasn’t lost three friends. “But we’re gonna have to lay out some ground rules. First, from now on, your Cock goes into no one else but us.”

“No problem, KP.” Ron says. “I am totally…wait, did you just say ‘us’?”

“We’ve made an agreement.” Kim tells him, with a seductive smirk. “Since we’re all friends, and friends share, we’ve decided to share your Rod.”

“OK, I’m having serious reservations about this.” Ron says. “I mean, are there certain days or weeks? And don’t I get…a…say…in…”

He stops in mid-sentence as he feels Kim’s hands grip his Cock from under the sheet. “Now, now, Ron. My mom says you need to take it easy.” Kim says. “And you don’t wanna disobey Doctor’s Orders, do you?”

“You know, I think Ron needs to be rewarded for saving the World.” Monique adds, also grabbing hold of Ron’s Manhood.

“I think so, too.” Kim replies, pulling back the sheets and letting his Rod out into the open. “Bonnie, wanna join in?”

Bonnie folds her arms & looks away. “I refuse to share him with others. I have my dignity.”

“Fine.” Kim says. “You can stand there & watch.” With that both Kim & Monique start working over Ron’s Cock. Kim engulfs the head into her mouth, as Monique runs her tongue all around the shaft. Bonnie turns her head away, trying not to look interested. But the sounds of their moans along with Ron’s proves to be too much for her, and she caves in like an avalanche.

“I hate you, Kim.” She says, climbing on the hospital bed and joining in on the action. She focuses on his balls, massaging them and taking them into her mouth, as Kim works the head & Monique works the shaft. Ron’s feeling like he’s died and gone to heaven. He doesn’t even bother to try and stop them, knowing this probably won’t ever happen again in his life. After several minutes, the ladies switch spots, with Kim working his balls, Monique engulfing his head and Bonnie licking the shaft. They keep this up until Ron becomes as hard as Titanium. Then they let up.

“OK, I think he’s good & ready now.” Kim says.

“Good, so move out of the way while I go to work.” Bonnie says. She tries to climb onto Ron when Monique stops her.

“Uh, who said anything about you going first?” Monique asks her. “If anything, it should be me.”

“Uh, my boyfriend.” Kim says. “So I get first crack.”

“Ladies, ladies!” Ron says. “There’s enough of the Ron-ness to go around for all of you.”

“You’re right, Ron.” Kim says. “Bonnie, Monique, you two can go ahead of me.”

Bonnie looks at Kim with suspicion. “Why the change of mind, all of a sudden?”

“Because I figure Ron needs a warm up, before he gets to the main course.” Kim says with a smirk.

“Ha! You’ll be lucky if I leave enough of him before your turn.” Bonnie replies.

“Uh, Ladies…” Ron goes unheard in the argument, as Bonnie begins to pull of her Cargo Pants. She kicks them off and takes off her thong before climbing on top of Ron.

“Just watch.” She says with a smirk. “There will be nothing left after his Bon-Bon gets finished with him.” She grabs firm hold of his Cock and uses her fingers to hold her love lips open. As she takes all of his manhood inside of her, she begins to have second thoughts about her boast. Instantly, she starts getting weak in the knees, and puts her hands on Ron’s chest to keep balance. But Bonnie doesn’t want to lose out to Kim, and begins riding his Cock for all he’s worth. Kim & Monique are enjoying the show.

“Wow, you were right, Monique.” Kim says.

“I told you.” Monique replies. “Just like a Mechanical Bull.”

“Good Technique.” Kim adds. She finds herself sliding her hands inside her pants & her panties and rubbing herself gently. Monique, however, has been fingering herself since the sight of Ron’s Rod, and has finally had enough.

“OK, that’s it. It’s time to get this party started.” She says, pulling down her Cargo Pants, along with her pink thong. “Ron, it’s time to see if you got some skills with that tongue.”

Ron starts to panic a little as he realizes what she means. “Wait, you mean that? But I don’t have that much experience with…WHOA!!!” Monique climbs onto the bed and straddles Ron’s face, so that she faces Bonnie. Ron quickly decides to go to work, and rolls his tongue all over her snatch lips & her clit. Monique trembles with pleasure as she tries to keep balance herself.

“GOT-DAMN RON, you are multi-talented.” She screams.

A smirk appears on Bonnie’s face as she looks at Monique. “Yeah, I felt that tongue at Wannaweep. You won’t be long now.”

“Oh, the hell with that!” Monique says. “You’ll be screaming Ron’s name and shaking long before I hit my limit.”

An angry look develops on Bonnie’s face. “Oh yeah? Well…” She starts to panic, knowing Monique’s right. She can feel herself about to cum at any moment, and it leads to her doing the unthinkable. She grabs the back of Monique’s head, brings her close and kisses her on the lips, deeply & passionately. Monique’s eyes shoot wide open, as she feels Bonnie’s tongue probe inside of her mouth. At first she wants to pull away from her, but slowly she starts to enjoy it. Bonnie’s hands start to caress & fondle Monique’s tits as they continue to kiss. Kim just looks on in awe.

“I can’t believe it.” She says. “I never thought that would happen.”

The kiss doesn’t last much longer though, as both feel themselves on the verge of a hard orgasm. They pull apart and try to ride it out. “OH GOD, RON!!!” They both scream, hitting their climax at the same time. Bonnie pulls Ron out just as he sprays his load inside her thighs. Monique squirts out her loves juices before falling onto the bed, exhausted. Bonnie does the same, landing right beside Ron.

“Looks like it’s a tie.” Kim says.

“You mean they both came at the same time?” Ron asks.

“Yep, right after Bonnie made out with Monique?” Kim tells him.

Ron looks at her shocked. “You mean, they were kissing? And I didn’t see it? And we couldn’t get it on tape?”

“Nope.” Kim says, taking off her Cargo Pants & thong. “I guess you’ll just have to settle for me.” She climbs over Monique & onto the bed, straddling Ron. She takes his still-hard Cock and slides down onto it, wincing with every inch she takes in. She starts working her hips, and Ron quickly picks up the rhythm and follows hers. He lifts up her shirt and starts fondling her breasts, just the way she likes it.

“KP…you are on today!” Ron says.

“So are you, Ron.” Kim grabs Ron’s hands and starts to guide their movements. Soon, their hips start moving at top speed. Every thrust Ron makes sends his Cock deep into Kim, and brings them both closer to their limit. Soon, Ron finds himself not able to hold on any longer.

“OH GOD, KP! I’M GONNA CUM!!!” He yells.

“ME TOO, RON!!!” She screams back.

She doesn’t bother to get off of him. Not this time. Both of their bodies tense up as Ron spills his load deep inside of Kim. She can feel it filling her up, and it’s a heavenly sensation. She falls forward, catching herself before she lands on Ron. It takes a moment, as Ron catches his breath, but he finally realizes what he did.

“Kim…did I just come inside of you?” He asks.

“Yeah.” She answers. “And it was wonderful.”

“B-But what if…” She stops his chatter by pressing her lips against his. He wants to ask the question, but the warm feeling of her lips smothering his makes him not care. She lies down on top of him, her breasts pressed against his chest. And with Monique cuddling with him on his left side, and Bonnie snuggling him on his right, Ron drifts off to sleep, feeling like the luckiest man alive.
The Fearless Ferret Chapters


Ron sits on the edge of Kim’s bed, head buried in his hands and a feeling of overwhelming guilt running through him. Just last night he & Kim were on a mission in the Great Northwest, trying to stop DNAmy from converting all wildlife into her mutated minions. A chase from her lair led through the wilderness, and it also led to Kim’s leg becoming broken. But as Ron continues to blame himself for the accident, Kim, lying in bed wearing a leg cast, tries to convince him otherwise.

“Ron, it’s not your fault.” She tells him. “No one could’ve predicted that motorbike would run out of fuel when I tried to make that chasm jump.”

“Yeah, but I was right behind DNAmy.” Ron debates. “I could’ve stopped her. You know…if I hadn’t gotten roughed up by her Chipmunk bodyguards.”

“We’ll catch her again, Ron. Don’t worry.” She says, placing her hand on his shoulder, then slowly moving it downward. “In the meantime, I know something that will make you feel better.”

Ron begins to enjoy Kim’s touch. “Yeah, real bet…NO! UH-UH, No!” He jumps to his feet and fends off her advances. “We can’t do it, Kim. You’re injured.”

Kim just smiles seductively. “Oh, you’ll be careful, Ron. I know first hand that you can take real good care of my body.”

“Yeah, real go…STOP THAT!!!” He says, snapping out of her ‘spell’. “Look, I gotta go. You just get some rest. Besides, you got the Possible Family Reunion this weekend.”

As Ron walks out of the room, Kim folds her arms over her chest in a huff & pouts. “I’d get plenty of rest if I had your Cock, Ron.”

Outside the room, Ron makes his way down the hallway and towards the stairs when he hears a familiar beeping. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out Kim’s Kimmunicator. “Oh, man. I must’ve took it by accident.” He says, deciding to answer it. “What’s the Sitch, Wade?”

Wade’s face appears on the screen. “Bad news. Duff Killigan’s just broken out of prison, and it looks like he’s trying to restart his old plan.”

“You mean the cloning Tiger Woods and creating a Golf Army for World Domination plan?” Ron asks.

“Bingo.” Wade says.

“You know, some Villains just aren’t inventive anymore. I mean, come up with something fresh.” Ron says. “I’ll let Kim know and…wait, I can’t. She can’t stop Killigan with a broken leg.”

“Well, maybe we can bring in Global Justice to work with us.” Wade suggests.

That normally would be a great idea for Ron, but he remembers that Dr. Betty Director said she would like to ‘run tests’ on the Ron Factor more. “NO! No, not them.” Ron says, shooting the idea down. “No Wade, I’m gonna have to do this solo.”

“Uh, Ron? You do remember the last time you went Solo?” Wade asks. Ron remembers it well. To give Kim some family time with the Possibles, Ron went solo after Dr. Drakken. He ended up stranded with him in the frozen tundra, and almost killed by Shego. Luckily, a shared love for a Christmas Special saved him (along with Kim & her family). On that day, Kim threatened to break Ron’s legs if he ever went solo again.

“Gotta risk it.” Ron tells him. “But maybe I can find a disguise so Kim won’t know it’s me. Only problem is where…” As he walks down the stairs, he begins to hear familiar theme music. Looking down onto the Living Room, he sees the Tweebs Jim & Tim watching old reruns of ‘The Fearless Ferret.’ Inspiration strikes Ron, as well as an idea.

“Wade, I need to make a call to Timothy North. A hero is about to Return.”

3 Hours Later…

“If somebody told you I was just the boyfriend & sex toy of a Hot Redhead Crime-fighting Cheerleader…somebody lied.”

Ron sits perched atop an apartment building, staring down at a warehouse just across the street. He’s decked out in his Fearless Ferret costume as he watches the activity down below. Killigan is instructing his minions (who, as you could’ve guessed, are dressed up as Caddies) to move the Golf equipment that they’re robbing from the Warehouse. Ron continues to observe with a vigilant eye…at least until he feels the suit tightening up on him.

“Ow. Ow! OW! HERO SUIT WEDGIE!!!” He stands up and begins tugging on the suit, trying to loosen it as much as he can. A moment later, Rufus hops out of his pocket and begins to loosen his Wonder Weasel suit, feeling it tighten up on him. He’s just returned from the Vet, fully healed after the Showdown Ron had with Dr. Drakken months ago.

“OK, Rufus. You’ve been out of the game a while. You sure you can do this?” Ron asks, causing Rufus to respond angrily. “Hey! I’m not questioning your skills! We all know you still got the Rufus factor! Now let’s go, buddy!”

Ron pulls out a grappling gun and fires it at the Warehouse roof. It connects, and, what’s even more shocking, Ron’s pants stay on. Rufus seems to say something of that nature to him. “Yep, finally found the perfect solution.” Ron tells him. “I’m wearing triple-threaded suspenders!” With that, Rufus jumps on Ron’s back, as Ron leaps from the rooftop. He swings on the rope towards a Warehouse window, and crashes through it. As Killigan & his henchmen look up, Ron lands on a large stack of boxes, ready for a fight.

“Who the devil are you?” Killigan asks, confused.

“You’re worst nightmare.” Ron says menacingly. “The Fearless Ferret.”

It takes a moment for those words to sink in, but once they do, the reaction becomes one that Ron wasn’t looking for. The henchmen break into hysterical laughter, most of them rolling on the floor & holding their stomachs. Even Killigan is laughing it up, almost unable to speak.

“AYE!” He says, still chuckling. “That’s what we fear…a furry woodland creature!”

“HA! My Dad use to watch the show!” One of the henchmen yells between laughs.

All of this starts to mess with Ron’s confidence, but he quickly shakes it off. “Hey! I’m the Fearless Ferret. I should be feared and…WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”

Ron’s clumsiness sets in, and he slips off of the stack of boxes. But his luck also kicks in at the same time, because as he falls, he grabs on to a long lever. Pulling it down, he releases thousands of Golf Balls that bounce & roll on the ground. Killigan’s henchmen start slipping around on them, trying to keep their balance. Within moments all of them are lying on the ground, effectively dazed. Killigan looks back at Ron in rage.

“I don’t know who ye are, Boyo.” He says. “But ye just made ya last mistake!” Digging into his pouch, Killigan pulls out what appears to be an ordinary golf ball. Grabbing a nearby club, he drops the ball on the ground and smacks it towards Ron, who’s knows exactly what it is.

“EXPLODING GOLF BALL!!!” He yells, ducking for cover along with Rufus. The golf ball hits the stack of boxes & explodes, causing the stack to avalanche down onto Ron. Killigan takes this moment to gather his troops into the truck, before hopping in himself.

“COME ON, BOYS! We’ll come back for the other stuff later!” Killigan orders, as the truck pulls off. The factory is now empty, and the floor littered with golf balls. The large pile of boxes remain motionless, as Ron’s survival is now in question. But it’s only for a moment, as the pile begins to move. A large box is tossed out of the way and Ron peers his head up through a pile of packing peanuts, spitting several of them out of his mouth.

“Thank god for packing peanuts, right Rufus?”

Rufus pops up right beside him, spitting a peanut out of his mouth. “Uh-huh.”

“But Killigan was right.” Ron says. “This suit is just not a fear-striker. It’s too 60’s. We need to update our wardrobe.” Rufus looks at Ron and sounds like he’s making a suggestion. “Naw, Smarty-Mart doesn’t stay open 24/7 anymore. But Club Banana does. Maybe Monique can hook us up!”

An Hour Later…

At the Club Banana outlet in the Middleton Mall, Monique is going through her daily job routine. Just as she finishes putting the money in the vault, a customer walks into the store. Monique turns to see that it’s Zita Flores, and she’s not happy.

“What’s up with you, girl?” Monique asks.

“Men!” Zita answers coldly.

“Had a bad date?” Monique inquires.

“More like no date.” Zita answers. “He stood me up. I waited 2 hours at the theatre for that bum and he didn’t even show up! I’m done with dating! I haven’t had a good one since I was going out with Ron, anyway.”

“Ron? Ron Stoppable, Ron?” Monique says. “You were going out with him?”

“Yeah, but we had to break up.” Zita says.

“Why the hell did you do that?” Monique probes.

“Well, you’ve seen the clumsiness.” Zita tells her. “I mean, can you imagine him in bed?”

“I don’t have to imagine.” Monique says, developing a smirk. “All that clumsiness goes away between the sheets. He is a Pro in the sack.”

“You mean, you & him?” Zita asks.

“Me & him, him & Kim, him & Bonnie, me, him & Bonnie, you name it.” Monique answers, as the smirk grows wider. “With me & him it happened on one of Kim’s missions. That boy can wear you out & make you a happy woman.”

“I can’t believe it.” Zita says in slight shock. “Ron Stoppable’s…a stud?”

“Super Stud!” Monique counters. “He’s like the perfect guy. He’s nice, caring, considerate, hung like a horse, can go all night…”

At that moment, the very same Ron Stoppable storms in through the doors and runs up to the counter. “MONIQUE, I NEED YOU!!!”

Monique’s grin grows even wider as she looks at Zita. “…And the boy delivers.”

“Oh, hi Zita.” Ron says, just noticing her. “Monique, I need you to make me a new Fearless Ferret outfit. Only your fashion expertise can help me.”

Monique looks over the outfit Ron is wearing, and agrees that he does need change. “Oh yeah, you definitely need something more modern, boy.” She says. “The Vintage look is so last year. I’ll do it, but it’s gonna cost you.”

“No problem!” Ron says, pulling a credit card from his pocket and showing it to her. “Still got a few greenbacks saved from my Naco royalties!”

Monique shakes her head as puts his hand down. “Uh-uh. I’m talking about the ‘other’ payment.”

Ron instantly knows what she means by ‘other’ payment, and kicks himself for not expecting it coming. “Alright.” He sighs. “But just a quickie. Killigan’s still out there and…”

“Hold on, stud muffin.” Monique says, stopping him. “Zita’s joining us tonight.”

“Wait, Zita?” Ron asks. “But she doesn’t know.”

“I just told her.” Monique says, taking Ron by the arm.

“Can’t anyone keep a SECRET ANYMORE?” Ron yells as Zita grabs his other arm. The two women proceed to pull along Ron towards the employee back room area.

“Rufus, watch the register for me!” Monique says, as Rufus jumps out of Ron’s pocket. He climbs up to the main counter and watches the register as Ron gets pulled away.

“Wait! Can’t we reschedule?” He begs. “Killigan’s gonna get away!”

“Hey, if you wanna look good catching the bad guy in your Ferret suit, you gotta pay.” Monique tells him. “And I assume you’re doing this Without Kim’s knowledge?” Ron shuts his lips tightly & turns away, but it’s enough of an answer for Monique. “Mm-hmm. That’s gonna cost extra.”

They lead him into the back room and shut the door behind them. Monique pushes Ron onto the couch in the room, then straddles him so he can’t get back up. “You’re lucky you caught me working the grave-shift.” She tells him. “We’ve got all night to have some fun.”

Ron is about to say something in dispute, but ends up with Monique’s lips smothering his. Zita takes a seat right beside the action and looks on, as Monique & Ron get started with a hot makeout session. Ron begins to lift up Monique’s shirt, as she does the same with his. Monique breaks the kiss so she can take her shirt all the way off, revealing a Club Banana black lace bra. She then pulls his shirt all the way off, revealing a white tank top underneath.

“OK, I’d just like to register a complaint, that I’m not exactly for this idea.” Ron says.

“Complaint registered.” Monique says. “We’re still doing it.” She switches her focus to his pants, tugging down on them along with his boxers to get to the main focus, Ron’s Cock. Zita’s eyes widen in shock as she takes her first glimpse at it, a look Ron has seen all too many times before.

“WOW!” She says. “Well, that does explain all the clumsiness.”

“You know, every girl always says that.” Ron says. “I can’t help the size of it. It’s just…oh, man.”

He quiets up when he feels Monique’s tongue run around the head of his Cock. It’s quickly joined by Zita’s tongue, which works the shaft. Both women are huddled between Ron’s legs, giving him the time of his life. They caress his balls, while kissing & licking each & every inch of him. The double team culminates when they meet at the top, and begin French kissing each other, with the head of Ron’s Rod right in the middle. Their lips engulf the head, as their venture their tongues all around it & into each other’s mouths. Ron feels ready to pop his top at that moment.

“Oh man…I’m gonna come…”

And that’s when Monique brings the action to a stop. “Well, we can’t have that happening too soon.” She says, as she starts to pull down her Capri pants, along with her panties. Zita follows suit, kicking off her shoes & pulling off her sweat pants, along with her thong. She then looks over at Monique.

“Hey, you mind if I get first ride?” She asks.

“I’ve had him plenty of times. Go right ahead.” Monique tells him.

“Wait, do I get a say in this?” Ron asks. He gets his answer when Zita starts climbing on top of him.

“Hope you know how to use this Joystick, Ron.” She says, grabbing hold of his Rod. Splitting her love lips open, she lowers herself onto him, trembling in pleasure with each inch taken in. Once it’s all inside of her, she looks up and says some words of encouragement.

“Dios Mio!”

“What does that mean? Did I do something wrong?” Ron asks nervously.

“Relax, boy.” Monique tells him. “Trust me, it means something good. As for now…” She pushes Ron flatly down on the couch and climbs on top of him, straddling his face with her legs. “…You can put that mouth to another use.”

Seeing no choice in the matter, Ron decides to go to work, licking & sucking her pussy. Monique lets out a moan of passion as she enjoys Ron’s mouth. Meanwhile, Zita looks lost in ecstasy. She moves in sync with Ron as he pumps into her with each hip movement. Biting her lower lip, she grabs the side of the couch for balance, never feeling anything like what Ron’s packing.

“Oh fuck! It’s so thick & big!” She says, leaning forward & catching herself before she falls. Her motions now have her bouncing on Ron’s pipe like she was on a trampoline. He breasts jiggle & shake with each stroke he makes deep inside of her. Going back to Monique, she’s beginning to breath hard. The sensation of Ron’s tongue probing inside of her and her clit being sucked is almost too much for her.

“FUCK! Oh, you’re so good, Ron!” She yells, feeling herself approaching her limit. The two women are now soaked in sweat, closer than ever to hitting their climax. Zita is the first to reach hers. A split second later, she pulls herself off of Ron, allowing him to cum, as he sprays his load between her round rear cheeks. A split second after that, Monique experiences her orgasm. Her body almost collapses from the intensity, but she catches herself long enough to climb off of Ron. The room is now silent, save for the three trying to catch their breaths.

“So…is that enough payment?” Ron asks.

Monique slides back into her panties and stands up. “For right now, stud. I’ll get started on getting your new wardrobe. Should take me just a couple of hours.”

“A couple of hours?” Ron says. “What am I supposed to do till then?”

Monique stops at the door and turns back to Ron, wearing a sly grin. “Oh, I’m sure Zita can come up with some good ideas.”

Ron takes a long gulp before turning back to Zita, who looks ready for more. “How about we play Everlot?” She suggests, which raises Ron’s hopes, until she finishes. “I’ll be the village, and your Cock can raid me.”

As Ron prepares for yet another night of passion-filled naughty sex (without Kim), all he can do is yell out the name of the woman responsible for him being here.

The Fearless Ferret Chapters 2

“And then, the dreaded beast of the Cursed Woods fell at my feet.”

Kim feels like she’s trapped in a Torture Chamber. The Possible Family Reunion is one day in, and already the boredom is at maximum capacity. She lies in her bed, wishing to be anywhere else. Battling Shego & Drakken, chasing down Motor Ed, avoiding the death traps of the Seniors, ANYWHERE but here. To her left sits Larry, her cousin. To the right, Joss, another cousin. Right now, Larry is discussing his recent “epic” battle online on Everlot.

“And after I got his magical shield and majestic sword, you know what happened?”

“No Larry, what?” She asks, not really wanting to know.

“He resurrected.” Larry continues. “And then I battled him again for 16 straight hours. Would’ve been 17 but I had school. And then…”

“Uh, Larry?” Joss says, interrupting. “How bout y’all mosey on downstairs and…get your…action figure collection. So you can show ‘em to us.”

“Heh, fantastic idea.” He says with a grin. As he stands up and rushes out of the room, both Kim & Joss breathe a sigh of relief.

“Thanks, Joss.” Kim tells her. “That bought some time. It’ll at least take an hour for him to find all of them.”

“Yep, and that leaves us with time to talk about your missions!” Joss replies. “Like the time you were in Cambodia, and you had to chase down Shego through the…”

Kim lets out a silent sigh, not really wanting to relive her missions over again. But a savior comes through her door in the form of her boyfriend, Ron Stoppable. “Hey, KP. Hey JP.” He’s wearing a Black Jacket & Khaki pants, a drastic change from his usual wardrobe.

“Ron!” Kim says, sitting up in excitement. “Thank God you’re here!”

“Can’t stay for long, though.” Ron tells her. “How’s the leg?”

“My mom says I’ll be out of the cast in a week. And walking normal in about 2.” Kim tells him. “I’m surprised that there haven’t been any mission calls. No criminals to capture. No one’s even broke out of jail.”

“Heh-heh, yeah.” Ron agrees, nervously. “I guess it’s just a slow crime day…er, week. Hey, let’s see what’s on.” He turns on Kim’s TV, about to look for a show they can watch together. But the first thing to appear on the screen is a news report about Killigan…and the Fearless Ferret.

“Reports say that the Mad Golfer was stopped by a former TV show hero, now turned real life crime-fighter, the Fear—!” Ron quickly shuts off the TV, fearing his identity & plan exposed.

“Ron, what was that all about?” Kim asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Wha? Oh, Nothing, nothing!” He says. “It’s just that…I remembered a study…that said too much TV…can make you blind!” Both Kim & Joss look at Ron strangely. They feel he’s acting weird, but since he does most of the time, they dismiss it. Joss goes back to talking with Kim, when Ron’s Kimmunicator goes off. He walks over to the window and answers it.

“What’s the Sitch, Wade?”

“Killigan’s at the Upperton Chemical Plant.” Wade tells him. “I think he’s going after the experimental cloning formula, to start his army.”

“On it, Wade.” Ron says, before looking up to the night sky. He rips open his Jacket a la Clark Kent to reveal a new Fearless Ferret costume underneath. “This looks like a job for the Fearless Ferret.”

“What did you just say, Ron?” Kim asks, causing him to panic and quickly close his Jacket.

“NOTHING! Nothing! Uh, gotta go! I’ll drop by later! SEE YA!” He scrambles out the door in a rush and heads downstairs, passing multiple members of Kim’s family. Instead of going out the front door though, he heads towards the garage area. Opening the door to the garage, he finds the Tweebs, Jim & Tim, finishing up on his Moped, which is now an advanced Ferret-Cycle.

“Nice job, guys.” Ron says, hopping on. “And the colors match the outfit!”

“Just remember the deal, Ron.” Jim tells him.

“A souped-up ride for half of your Comic Book collection.” Tim adds.

“Alright, alright.” Ron says. “But remember, Kim knows nothing about this. Cause I…WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” Clearly not able to handle the power of his new ride, Ron rockets out of the garage & down the street, barely hanging on to the handlebars as he makes his way towards Upperton.

1 Hour Later…

After unwillingly driving off-road in an impromptu shortcut, Ron reaches the Chemical Plant. He peeks in through the Loading Dock entrance and sees Killigan, commanding his minions to load barrels full of the cloning formula onto trucks. He pulls his head back as Rufus peeks up out of his pocket, looking up to him for a plan.

“OK, last time we came through the window.” Ron says. “This time, we’ve gotta be more dramatic. I say we bust down the door and unleash the Monkey Kung Fu. You with me, buddy?” Rufus gives him the thumbs up, indicating he’s with him all the way. Ron turns and backs away from the door, getting a running start. Once he’s a fair distance away, he charges full speed, intending to reduce the door to splinters. Instead, he bounces right off the door, and he feels like the bones in his arm have been reduced to splinters.

“OW, OW, OOWWW!!! THAT DOOR’S MADE OF TITANIUM!!!” He screams, holding his arm in pain. A moment later, the door falls forward and onto the ground, causing Killigan & his henchmen to turn their attention to Ron, who’s now standing in the doorway, still holding his arm.

“You again?” Killigan asks.

Ron jumps into his Monkey Kung Fu stance. “Yeah! And this time we’re bringing the Butt-Kicking!”

“The Buffoonery is strangely familiar.” Killigan says, almost recognizing. “Oh well, CADDIES! Rough him up on the Back 9!” The Caddies charge toward Ron, who’s more prepared this time around. He takes off his Jacket to fully reveal his new Ferret costume, which is mostly black & Dark Brown, and has the Ferret logo on the chest. Ron & Rufus then leap into battle. Ron’s Monkey Fu skills come out this time around, as he’s able to handle the henchmen with ease. Rufus helps out by tripping them up, and biting those that sneak up behind Ron. Within moments, Killigan’s gang is taken down, and Killigan is left alone.

“Now it’s just you & me.” Ron says, sounding threatening. Killigan, instead of fighting this time, decides to make a break for it. But Ron pulls out his grappling gun and aims it at him. “You won’t escape again, you golfing man-WAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” Unfortunately, the gun goes off prematurely. The hook bounces off a barrel, the side of a truck, a lighting fixture, and a metal beam, before rocketing back down and circling around Ron, tying him up with the rope. Killigan takes one last glance behind him and then stops, seeing that Ron is now incapacitated.

“HA! Ya goofed up, laddy!” Killigan says, as his henchmen start to regain consciousness. “BOYS! Let’s say we dump him in the Water Hazard.”

The Caddy-dressed henchmen surround Ron, trapping him on all sides. He tries to break free, but the ropes keep him tightly bonded. As the slowly close in, Ron calls for his one ace in the hole.


In a flash, Rufus runs into the picture and climbs up on Ron’s shoulder. “Quick, use the 3rd pouch on my Ferret Belt!” Rufus climbs down his body and goes to his left side. Opening the pouch, he finds nothing but the keys to the Ferret-Cycle. “No, 3rd from the right. And hold your breath!” Ron tells him. Rufus scampers to the other side and opens the pouch, holding his breath. What comes out is a dark powder that quickly fills the air. Ron starts to jump up & down so that the powder can spread out more. The henchmen stop in their tracks, and one of them gets a whiff of the powder.


It’s Sneezing Powder. Within seconds, everyone begins to sneeze uncontrollably. Even Killigan, who calls for a retreat. “Let’s go…AH-CHOO…back to the…AH-CHOO…The Hideout! AHHH-CHOOOOOO!!!!!” The gang makes a mad dash for the trucks, sneezing hard along the way. The trucks burn rubber out of the plant and down the road. A moment later, Ron appears from the plant hopping as fast as he can, trying to escape the powder. Once far enough away, he falls down on his side. Rufus begins to chew through the rope, and frees up his friend/partner. Ron picks himself back up and notices the trucks careening in the distance.

“BOOYAH! Looks like it’s a victory for the Fearless Ferret and Wonder Weasel!” He says, to which Rufus agrees. “Let’s go home, buddy.”

The Next Day…

“OK, I got Bloody Combat, Doom-Bringer 6, and Breaking & Entering: Las Vegas.”

Ron is at a local Video Game store with Kim’s twin brothers. He promised to take them there for the day so that the Possible Family can have one day of the reunion without something blowing up. Right now Jim & Tim are looking for any more violent video games they can rent. Ron decides to walk over to the counter and pay for the ones he has now. But when he gets a look at the cashier, his face turns pale white.

“ZITA!” He yells, not expecting her to be working here. “Uh…Hi! I…didn’t know you were working here.”

“Yeah, the Theatre didn’t pay that much.” She tells him. “Plus, I get to be close to my love.”

“Your…love?” Ron gulps nervously.

“Video games, silly.” She says, before leaning in close to his ear. “But you’re a close second, stud.” That comment causes him to drop the games he was carrying onto the counter. Zita just giggles and starts to ring them up. “OK, that comes to a cost of $18.99. But, I’ll just give you store credit.”

“Wow. Thanks, Zita. That’s nice and…what a minute!” He says, getting suspicious. “What’s the catch?”

“Oh, I think we can work up some ‘other’ payment.” She says, causing Ron’s heart to drop.

“Uh…this place doesn’t have a back room, does it?” He asks.

“No.” She answers. Ron breathes a sigh of relief, but it’s a short-lived on when she leans in and whispers to him again. “So we’ll just have to have a quickie out here.”

His heart stops for 3 good seconds, and his eyes grow as wide as dinner plates. His first thought is that she can’t be serious. But remembering what he’s been through with the other women of Middleton, including Kim, he quickly believes her. “We can’t do it here.” He silently disputes. “Kim’s little brothers are right here.”

“Don’t worry.” Zita says, before turning her attention to Jim & Tim. “Hey, you guys wanna try out the new Death-A-Geddon 2008 machine?”

Jim & Tim’s eyes light up. “DO WE?”

“It’s right in the other room.” She tells him, pointing towards a doorway that leads to the Arcade. In a flash the Tweebs bail out on Ron and into the room, leaving him & Zita alone.

“OK, you may have gotten rid of the Twins, but…” Ron’s cut off by Zita’s lips pressing against his. Gently, she leads him around to her side of the counter and breaks the kiss. Her hands then go to work unzipping his pants, before reaching in and pulling out his Cock.

“Come on, Ron. Raid me.” She whispers into her ear before turning around. Hiking up her dress, she pulls down her panties just enough for easy access. Ron takes one look at her heart-shaped backside and grows rock hard. Not wanting to draw attention to himself, he decides to just get it over with.

“How do I get into these situations?” He thinks to himself, approaching Zita. He pushes his Rod deep into her, making her let out a low moan of pleasure. Ron is very careful to make as little noise as possible. His strokes are slow & quiet, but deep. His heartbeat accelerates as he looks around, hoping not to get caught by an innocent customer walking in.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” He says quietly.

“Don’t worry.” Zita assures him. “This is down time. No one will walk in here for a couple of hours.”

The reassurance doesn’t ease Ron’s nervousness, but he keeps going, wanting to get it over with. Zita starts gripping the counter edge, as she feels Ron hitting spots no one else ever has. It doesn’t take long until she gets close to her limit.

“Oh Ron…Ron…I’m gonna cum!” She yells silently.

“Me too!” He answers, before pulling out. They both reach their climax, and Ron’s sprays his load all over Zita’s ass. Leaning on the counter, Zita holds her head up with her hands and enjoys the afterglow of an afternoon orgasm. Which came just in time, cause as Ron zips up, the Tweebs dart back into the room.

“That game was Killer!” Tim says.

“Yeah, did you see the Mega-Cannon that blew up Russia?” Jim adds.

“You missed it, Ron!” Tim tells him. “What were you doing out here?”

“Uh, just…paying for the games, that’s all.” Ron says, joining back up with them.

“Well, why does your friend look so sweaty?” Jim asks, referring to Zita.

“OK! Let’s just get home so we can blow up stuff in the games!” Ron tells them, quickly changing the subject. As they step outside, they hear the honking of a car horn. Looking around for a moment, they notice Mrs. Possible waiting for them in the family Station Wagon. Jim & Tim run over and hop in the backseat. But as Ron walks over, he gets a call on the Kimmunicator from Wade.

“Uh, gotta take this. You go ahead.” Ron says. As the Station Wagon pulls off, Ron answers the call. “What’s the Sitch, Wade?”

I have Intel that Killigan’s hitting the Middleton Chemical Plant tonight.” He tells Ron. “Probably to steal the cloning formula you stopped him from getting back in Upperton.”

“Then we’re gonna be waiting for him.” Ron replies.

Later That Night…

It only took Ron a little over an hour to get into his Fearless Ferret costume and get to the Middleton Chemical Plant. Once he arrives, he’s surprised to see that the plant is empty. He & Rufus hop off of the Ferret-Cycle and decide to investigate the building. Sneaking in through an open door, they walk through the dark, cavernous plant, searching for any sigh of light.

“Man, it’s Dark.” Ron says. “Wish I’d remembered to bring my Ferret Flashlight.”

Suddenly, the lights to the plant come on, and Ron & Rufus find themselves surrounded by dozens of Caddies, Killigan’s henchmen. Standing on a catwalk with his finger on the light switch, is Killigan himself. “Will this do?” He asks sarcastically.

Ron gets ready for a fight, but is swarmed by the Caddies, who all dog-pile on him. “HEY! NO FAIR! THIS IS CHEATING!!!” Within moments, the Caddies have Ron & Rufus tied up & helpless. They carry them up the stairs and onto the Catwalk where Killigan is standing.

“I’ve had enough of your shenanigans, Boyo.” He tells Ron. “Yuir not gonna stop me from creating my army. I’ll make sure of that.” He points downward to a gigantic vat, filled with some sort of boiling hot bubbling liquid inside.

“EWWW, What is that?” Ron asks.

“That is your demise, laddy.” Killigan answers. “You will be boiled alive in Haggis!”

“Haggis?” Ron says. “What’s that?”

“It’s a traditional Scottish dish, involving the heart, liver & lungs of a sheep, oatmeal, suet & stock.” Killigan tells him. “And it’s all boiled along with a sheep’s stomach & pig’s intestines.”

“OH GOD, NO!!!” Ron says, freaking out. “HEELLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!!” He wiggles to try and break free, but it’s of no use. Luckily, and unknowingly, he does manage to activate the Kimmunicator. Wade listens in, and hears Ron’s cries for help.

“Oh, man. Ron got caught.” Wade says. “And who knows what Killigan will do to him. What do I do?” He thinks about the situation and his options. The Wadebot isn’t advance enough for combat & calling in Global Justice might take too long. Realizing that, Wade comes up with his only choice.

“Sorry Ron, gotta do it.” Wade says, putting out a call to Kim’s Kimmunicator. A moment later, Kim picks up on the other end.

“Wade, is something wrong?” Kim asks.

“You…could say that.” Wade tells her.

“It has something to do with Ron, doesn’t it?” Kim says.

“You…could say that, too.”


“OK, OK! Look, it hasn’t all been quiet since you broke your leg.” Wade confesses. “Killigan broke out of jail and is trying to recreate his clone army. Ron stopped him as the Fearless Ferret two times, but now he’s been captured. And there’s no one else I can call who’s closer!”

There’s a long pause from the other end, as Kim grows a displeased look on her face. “We’re gonna have a long talk about you two saving the world without me.” Kim tells him, reaching over to grab her crutches. “But right now, I have to save my boyfriend.”

“Are you sure you can do it, Kim?” Wade asks. To which Kim smirks.

“You’re forgetting the name.” She answers. “I can do anything.”
The Fearless Ferret Chapters 3

20 Minutes Later…

Back at the Middleton Mall, Monique is in the middle of locking down Club Banana, after a long day of work. She finishes up and makes her way to the mall exit, when she notices Zita walking in her direction. “Hey, Monique.”

“Hey, girl. What’re you doing here?” Monique asks.

“Looking for Ron.” She answers. “I thought he’d be hanging at the Bueno Nacho. Looks like I just missed him.”

“Come on, I know all his usual hangouts.” Monique says, getting in the mood for having him herself. “It shouldn’t take long for us to find him.”

“Good, then you can help me out.”

Recognizing the familiar voice, Zita & Monique look to their left to see Kim standing there on one leg, holding herself up on crutches. She’s wearing a displeased look on her face, indicating that she might know about their time spent with Ron. And even though her leg is broken, Monique & Zita still fear that she can take them down very easily…especially with crutches. Panicking, Zita takes the quick & desperate way out.

“It was Monique’s idea!” She says, before dashing off in the other direction.

“What the…oh, I’m gonna…” Monique is about to chase after her, when she remembers Kim is still standing there. She then nervously turns back to her and smiles. “Hey, girl. How’s that leg? You know the Club Banana staff really misses you.”

“Cut it, Monique.” Kim tells her, sounding serious. “You’re the one that made Ron’s new Ferret Suit, right?” Monique nods yes. “Well, you’re gonna have to design a new one.”

“Hold up, you mean like a ‘Ferret Girl suit’?” Monique asks.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this but…yes, a Ferret Girl suit.” Kim answers.

Monique begins to look Kim up & down, looking at her body type and going over measurements in her head. “Well I can definitely work something.” She says, as the two make their way back to Club Banana. “But what’s this all about?”

Monique starts unlocking the doors as Kim begins to explain. “Ron’s been captured by Killigan.” She says. “And I can’t go in there as myself. If Killigan sees me, he might find out Ron’s identity. So I need the disguise myself as…Ferret Girl…” She shudders after saying those two words. “…Which will give me a better chance at saving him.”

Monique unlocks the doors and the two walk in, making their way to the rear changing rooms as Monique grabs several articles of clothing along the way. As they enter one of the rooms, Kim contacts Wade on the Kimmunicator.

“OK, Wade. You need to give me any more info you know about.” She says.

“Alright…Ron WHOA!!!” Wade’s gaze suddenly becomes fixated forward. Kim’s about to ask what’s wrong until she finds out for herself. Monique has taken her shirt off, and is now wearing just a bra as she checks the size of her shirts with the ones she just grabbed.

“Hey, did you know we wear the same size?” Monique asks.

Kim rolls her eyes and shuts off the visual feature of her Kimmunicator. “Aw, man.”

“Focus, Wade.” Kim tells him.

“OK. Ron didn’t want you to get involved because of your broken leg & the family reunion.” Wade tells her.

“It’s the Christmas Trip all over again.” Kim says, as she takes off her shirt.

“Killigan’s trying to revive his Clone Army of Tiger Woods.” Wade continues. “Ron almost stopped him completely, but Killigan set up a trap at the Middleton Chemical Plant. I can’t get full audio & video of where he is inside of there, but I did find out that he’s hanging over a vat of…Haggis?”

“Haggis?” Monique asks, helping Kim with her clothes.

“The Heart, Lungs & Liver of a Sheep boiled in it’s own stomach.” Kim tells her, which makes Monique cringe.

“And I thought Mystery Meat was bad.” She says. “We’ve gotta save Ron.”

“Good News!” Wade chimes in, before the screen shows a map of the streets of Middleton. One street is highlighted bright red. “I found the quickest route to get to the plant. You should get there in no time.”

“Good. We’re on our way.” Kim says, hanging up on Wade. She then stands up and looks at herself in a mirror, wearing the Ferret Girl outfit Monique assembled for her. “So how do I look?”

“Like a crippled superhero.” Monique says.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Kim agrees, before turning to Monique. “Which means we’ll have to go with plan B.”

“Plan B?” Monique asks.

“Good thing we wear the same size.” Kim adds, which immediately lets Monique know what plan B is.

“OH, NO! No way! I am not putting on that Ferret Costume! You cannot make me Ferret Girl!”

15 Minutes Later…

“I can’t believe you made me Ferret Girl.”

Kim did indeed persuade Monique to don the costume, as Kim is in her new mission outfit. The two are driving in Kim’s car, towards the factory where Ron is being held. “Alright, remember the plan.” Kim tells her. “You draw their attention, while I stop Killigan’s plan & free Ron.

“What? Wait a minute, you mean I’m the distraction?” Monique asks.

“Not distraction.” Kim says, trying to shy Monique away from that word. “More like…diversion.”

“They’re both the same thing, Girl.” Monique says.

Kim is about to debate more, but stops when she notices the factory coming up. “You might wanna buckle up, Monique. This is gonna get rough.”

Monique does exactly that, putting on her seatbelt as Kim slams down the Gas Pedal to the floor. Barreling down the road, they crash through the Plant windows and skid to a stop, right in front of Killigan & his men, who are in the process of lowering Ron to his doom. A moment later, Monique steps out of the car and faces them down.

“Who the devil are you?” Killigan asks.

“I am Ferret Gir…uh, Woman.” Monique says. “That’s right, Ferret Woman! And you guys better release the Fearless Ferret or there’s gonna be trouble. Don’t make me open up a can of ass-whooping on all y’all!”

There’s a moment of silence as Monique’s threat sinks in. But the moment is short, as Killigan gives his reply. “GET THE LASS!!!”

“Eep.” Monique makes a break for it as dozens of Killigan’s henchmen chase after her. At least until Kim gets involved. She power-slides the car into their path, taking out several of them. The others jump on top of the car, trying to force their way in. But Kim just puts the car into a rapid spin, sending each & every one of them flying all over the plant. As Killigan views his henchmen getting roughed up, Monique sneaks up to the Main Control Panel platform. Flipping a switch, she stops Ron & Rufus’ descent, and moves them over to her.

“What the…Monique? You’re rescuing me?” Ron asks.

“Yeah, but it was Kim’s plan for all of this.” She answers, as she starts to untie him.

“Was it her plan for you to be Ferret Girl, too?” Ron adds, causing Monique to grab him and pull him close.

“OK one, it’s Ferret Woman. And two, I am NEVER wearing this costume again, got it?” She says.

“Got it.” Ron answers, knowing she means business. As she frees him, the two are interrupted by Killigan.

“Ya think me daft, Boyo?” He asks. “Ya think ya can pull the wool over me eyes? I know this was a distraction. But you won’t be escaping me.” He pulls out several of his trademark exploding golf balls, intending to use them. Ron, Rufus & Monique feel trapped, until Ron notices Kim rocketing towards them. Or more exactly, a load-bearing beam that’s under them.

“Any last words, laddy?” Killigan asks.

“Actually, I got two…BOO-YAH!!!” Ron quickly grabs his Grappling Gun and fires it at a ceiling beam. A moment later, Kim takes out the lower beam, causing the entire platform to crumble and fall. Ron grabs Monique & Rufus just as the hook attaches to the ceiling beam, and the three swing down towards Kim’s car. Both Monique & Rufus make perfect landings in the seats. Ron, however, ends up upside-down & stuck in the sunroof…with his pants down.

“Aw, man. Of all the times!” He says, wiggling his legs, trying to free himself.

Killigan starts to pick himself up off the ground, but Kim fires off a net that entraps him, leaving him helpless. With the mission a success, Kim turns the car around and heads out of the plant towards home, with Ron still hanging out the sunroof.

Later That Night…

“And we’re here.”

Ron walks into Kim’s bedroom, carrying Kim in his arms, with Monique right behind him. The three are lucky enough to have the house to themselves, as Ron places Kim gently on her bed. Rufus was dropped off at Ron’s house. Monique puts Kim’s crutches off to the side as Ron plops down, exhausted.

“OK. I carried you all the way up the stairs to your room.” Ron says. “Now will you forgive me?” Kim nods her head no. “OH, COME ON!”

“Ron, you went on a dangerous mission by yourself against Killigan.” Kim tells him. “Killigan! He has ‘Kill’ in his name. What if something had happened to you?”

“Hey, I only did it so you wouldn’t have to go.” Ron responds. “I was worried about your health. I…didn’t want anything to happen to you.”

“Oh Ron…that’s so sweet.” Kim says.

“So does that mean you forgive me?” He asks.

“Not even close.” She answers. “But, I know a good way you can start.” She reaches over and starts to unbuckle his pants, which causes Ron to protest.

“Oh, no. We can’t do this, Kim. You’re injured and…and…oh, man.” Ron quickly finds out that he’s lost the argument, as Kim wraps her velvet-like lips around his Cock. As she bobs her head back & forth on the shaft, Monique moves to the end of the bed. She slowly & gently pulls off Kim’s pants & panties. Then, grabbing a dildo from Kim’s drawer, she starts to get into the action herself, probing the Dildo inside of her. Kim lets out a soft moan of pleasure, as she continues to suck off Ron. She takes in half of his Rod with each motion, as her tongue rotates around the head. Ron has to brace his hand against the wall just to hold himself up.

“You’re…not…playing…fair.” Ron says, feeling that this isn’t the way he wanted to get her forgiveness. Regardless, Kim continues and even starts taking in more of his Cock, as she plays with his balls. Monique is going to work herself, using the dildo to make Kim good & wet downstairs. After several minutes, Kim finally stops and takes out his Cock, feeling that it’s hard as steel.

“I think you know what to do from here, Ron.” Kim says with a smirk.

Monique climbs on top of Kim and hands her the dildo, before turning around to face Ron, who’s already positioned himself. “OK, again I’d like to register a complaint that I’m not for this idea.”

“Complaint registered.” Kim & Monique answer. “We’re still doing it.”

“I’ll hold Kim’s legs up so she won’t hurt herself.” Monique says, holding her legs apart enough to give Ron clear entry. Ron sighs, but decides to go through with it. Grabbing hold of his member, he brings it to Kim’s wet pussy and pushes it deep inside of her. Kim winces slightly, still not completely use to the size, but the look is quickly replaced by one of sheer enjoyment. Ron starts his strokes, going slow so that he won’t hurt her.

“Yes. Yes!” Kim moans. “Yeah, Ron. Give it to me, baby.”

It’s the first time she’s felt his Cock in a long time. With increased missions and work at school, she & Ron barely have had time for each other recently. Ron has missed this moment also, and nearly becomes lost in it. On instinct his strokes go deeper inside of her, but he remains at his steady, slow pace. But while the two have their fun, Monique feels like she’s left out.

“OK, is it me, or am I the odd partner out?” She says.

“I can fix that.” Kim says, turning her attention to Monique’s backside. She pulls down her tights, along with her thong, low enough to reveal everything. Grabbing hold of the dildo on the bed, she begins to rub it against Monique’s love lips, before pushing it deep inside of her. Monique gives the same reaction Kim did, a small wince, then a passionate moan for more.

“Oh yeah, girl!” She says. “Work that thing inside of me.”

“Feel left out now, Monique?” Kim says, before feeling an incredible sensation wash over her body. “OH GOD RON, That’s the Spot!”

Ron has been the only one able to hit Kim’s G-spot, and he’s just reached it again. As he continues to pump his Cock into her pussy, she fights to hold on, not wanting this to end. Not wanting to come just yet. But it’s a losing battle, and she feels herself approaching her limit.

“Oh! Ron, I’m gonna cum!” Kim yells.

“Me too!” Monique adds, and a moment later, they both hit their climax. Their bodies tremble, their orgasms nearly overwhelm them. Monique gently puts Kim’s legs down before collapsing onto the bed. A moment later, Ron pulls out, and feels left out.

“Aw man, I didn’t even cum this time.” He says.

“Allow me to solve that problem.” Monique says, grabbing hold of his still firm Cock. Taking it into her mouth, she starts to suck him off, rotating her tongue around the head of his Rod. Her technique isn’t as developed as Kim’s, but she can take in more than Kim ever could. Soon Ron feels himself being brought to his limit.

“OK…OK, that’s gonna do it!” He says, just as Monique pulls his Rod out of her mouth. A moment later, he lets off, spraying his load all over her face and Kim’s stomach. Finally spent, Ron falls forward and into bed, where Kim cuddles up beside him, along with Monique.

“Alright, you’re forgiven, Ron.” Kim tells him, which brings a smile to his face. “But if you go on a solo mission again, Global Justice won’t hide you from me. Got it?”

“Got it.” He answers, smiling nervously. Kim then rewards him with a deep goodnight kiss.

“Goodnight, Ron.” She says, reaching over and turning off the lights. As Kim & Monique drift off the sleep, Ron can’t help but to stare at his Fearless Ferret costume lying on the chair. Sure the adventures were death-defying & dangerous, but there’s still a hint of pride and heroism inside of Ron that would have him put it back on, and once again become the Furry Avenger of Righteousness. At least until Kim catches him staring.

“Ron, you’re never wearing that suit again.” She says.

“And I won’t be dressing up as Ferret Girl!” Monique adds.

“Alright, alright.” Ron says, getting the point. “A man can’t dream?”
The Mother’s Day Chapter


Ron ponders this question as he drives an ATV through the deep African Forest, while being chased by dozens of Monkey Fist’s monkey ninjas. Strangely enough, today was supposed to be something simple. Ron got the idea of picking some Lotus Blossom flowers and giving it to his mother for Mother’s Day. He also got a few for Kim’s Mom…but that’s when Monkey Fist showed up.

“I do not know how you discovered the secret of eternal youth those flowers hold Stoppable,” Monkey Fist yells to him, chasing him, “but you will NOT have a chance to use it!”

“Dude, what are you talking about?!?” Ron yells back, taking his eyes off the forward path for a moment. Ron doesn’t know that Monkey Fist intends to use those flowers in a mystic potion that would give him immortality & internal youth, which he will use to proclaim himself as a Monkey God. As Ron looks back to the path, he finds that the moment shouldn’t have been taken, because he’s heading for a cliff.

“Rufus…it looks like this is gonna be a rough ride.” Ron says. Rufus peeks out of Ron’s jacket pocket and sees the upcoming cliff, then covers his eyes, expecting the worst. But fate steps in once again for Ron, and a rope ladder rolls down right at the edge of the cliff. Timing it right, Ron leaps off the ATV and grabs the ladder, which he now sees is attached to a Global Justice Helicopter. The Helicopter pulls him up as most of the Monkey Ninja plummet off the cliff to the water below. Monkey Fist stops short, and curses himself for Ron escaping.

“How does he get so lucky?” He asks, before yelling up to Ron. “ WE WILL MEET AGAIN! AND NEXT TIME YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE ME AGAIN, YOUNG STOPPABLE!!!”

“AH-BOOYAH!!!” Ron yells back, sort of like a victory call. He climbs all the way into the Helicopter and takes the nearest seat, still clutching the flowers he picked for his & Kim’s mothers. “Hey, Helicopter dude. Do you drop off at the front door?”

2 Hours Later…

“Oh Ronald, they’re beautiful.”

Mrs. Stoppable clutches the dozen Lotus Blossoms her son has just given her, before thanking him with a kiss on the forehead. “How’d you get these?”

“Eh, I know a guy.” Ron says nonchalantly, referring to Wade, who clued him in on their location. Mrs. Stoppable thanks her son again, before climbing into a Station Wagon being driven by Ron’s father.

“We’re gonna go out for a Mother’s Day Brunch.” He says. “You’re gonna be OK alone?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” Ron answers. “Gonna go visit Kim to give these flowers to her mom.”

Ron’s parents bid their goodbyes and pull off, as Ron grabs his Moped. He hops on and begins his drive over to Kim’s house. As he rolls down the road, his mind can’t help but to wander to that innocent day where he dropped off Mrs. Possible’s medical bag, and ended up getting a special ‘Check-Up’ himself. Nearing Kim’s house, he remembers the plan he made for this instance.

“OK. Just get there, give Kim the flowers, and get the hell out of there.” He thinks to himself. As he pulls into the driveway, Kim is at the front door to meet him. “Aw yeah, this’ll be easier than I thought.”

“Hey, KP.” Ron says. “Got these for your mom.”

“They’re perfect, Ron.” Kim says, thanking him with a hug. “I’ll take them right up and…” She’s interrupted by the sound of an explosion. The two turn around and look across the street to see a Dirt Bike rocketing down the road…and Kim’s little brothers, Jim & Tim, chasing after it.

“GRRRR! TWEEBS!!!” Kim growls. “I’ll be right back, Ron. You take these up to my mom.”

“Wha? Your mom? She’s here?” Ron asks.

“She’s up in her room in bed!” Kim yells back to him as she chases after her brothers. Within seconds, Ron’s face turns pale, his heart rate slows down, and a cold sweat forms on his forehead. This is not what he had planned.

“WHAT? WAIT, KIM!” It’s too late. Kim’s already a block down the street, and out of hearing distance. Seeing no other choice, Ron reluctantly walks into Kim’s house and up the stairs. With each step he takes, his heart beats a little faster. The last thing he wanted to see was Kim’s Mom in bed. As he reaches the top of the stairs, he takes a deep breath and plans to himself.

“OK. Go in her room, drop off the flowers, and get the hell out of there.” He says to himself, slowly walking forward. He approaches Mrs. Possible’s room and peeks in, only to see her staring back.

“Hello, Ronald.” She says.

“Uh…heheh, Hi Mrs. Dr. P.” Ron responds before slowly walking in the room, being sure not to make eye contact with her. “Uh, I just came to drop off these flowers and I’ll be on my…”

“Oh, those are beautiful, Ronald.” She interrupts. “Bring them over here.”

He hesitates for a moment, but then complies. Turning to her, he sees that Kim’s mom is wearing an old long-sleeve nightshirt with the face of a Teddy Bear in front and is wrapped under the covers. Ron brings the flowers over and she takes a short whiff of them, enjoying the aroma. “Thank you, Ronald.” She says. “You can put them on the nightstand.” Ron places them there and turns to make a hasty retreat out of the room, but he feels Kim’s mom grabbing his wrist, stopping him. “What’s the hurry? Don’t you have another present?”

“Uh…another present?” Ron says nervously. Mrs. Possible elaborates by removing her covers, revealing that she’s wearing nothing but socks underneath. All the willpower in the world isn’t able to help Ron as he lays his eyes on her bare pussy. He develops a Hard-on in 0.6 seconds, and it’s one that doesn’t go unnoticed.

“That’s the present I mean.” She says.

Beads of sweat form on Ron’s forehead, as he realizes exactly what’s going on. “Mrs. P you’re trying to seduce me!!!”

Mrs. Possible just smiles back at him. “Would you like me too?”

At that moment, Ron gazes deep into her eyes. And for some reason, all doubt and resistance fade from his mind. There’s something in her eyes that reminds him of Kim, and soon he finds himself no longer in control of his actions. Letting his pants drop to the floor, he steps out of them, and his shoes, and climbs into bed with Kim’s mother. She spreads her legs apart, inviting him inside of her. The hesitation he normally feels at this moment is nowhere to be found, and he goes forward. Pulling his boxers down to his knees, he grabs hold of his Cock and brings it to Mrs. Possible’s love lips, before pushing all the way in.

“Mmmm, that’s the present I’ve been waiting for.” She says, moaning in pleasure. Ron pushes deep into her, then pulls back, starting off his stroking motion. Mrs. Possible grabs the covers and drapes them over Ron & herself, as Ron continues to pump into her. He slowly becomes engulfed in the moment, and lifts up Mrs. Possible’s nightshirt, revealing her bare breasts.

“My goodness, Ronald.” She says. “You certainly are assertive today. I like it.”

Ron just smiles back. And though he’s giving it all he has, and enjoying every moment, in his mind there’s a different reaction to this situation. “WHAT AM I DOING???” He thinks to himself. “I’m…I’m fucking Kim’s Mom. IN HER OWN HOUSE! WHILE SHE’S HOME!!! OK…OK. As long as I finish before Kim finds out…”


The thought dies in his head, as Ron instantly recognizes the voice. He doesn’t want to turn towards the source, but knows he has to. Slowly, both Ron & Kim’s mom turn their heads towards the door to see Kim standing there in disbelief, jaw dropped to the floor.

“You…and Ron…AGAIN?”

“I am so dead.” Ron thinks to himself.

“Um, Kimmy? I can explain.” Mrs. Possible says.

“I don’t think I want you to.” Kim says, walking over and sitting on the bed beside them.

Mrs. Possible puts her hand on Kim’s shoulder & explains. “You see honey, I’m…a bit of a Nympho. It…runs on the female side of the family. In fact, it’s the main reason your father married me.” Kim turns to her mother as she continues. “So, when I saw young Ronald’s…gift, it was almost too much for me to bare.”

“You’re…a nympho.” Kim says, not fully believing her as Mrs. Possible nods her head yes. “OK, then prove it.”

Kim slowly leans forward towards her mother and puckers her lips, while closing her eyes. Mrs. Possible is a bit shocked as what her daughter is trying to do, but she doesn’t turn away. Instead, she meets her halfway through and they lock lips. It’s an innocent kiss at first, as Kim keeps her lips pressed against her mother’s, trying to see if she pulls back. But what she gets is the unexpected. Mrs. Possible ventures her tongue into Kim’s mouth; causing Kim’s eyes to shoot open wide in shock. She didn’t expect to find out what her mother’s tongue feels like, and she expected even less to like it. She likes it so much, in fact, that she starts to climb in bed beside her. Mrs. Possible grabs Kim’s Baby-T and pulls it off over her head, breaking the kiss only for a moment.

“OK.” Kim says. “I believe you.”

They resume with their makeout, which continues to get hotter by the second. Ron, in the meantime, is in total shock. His heart skipped several beats when they started kissing, and now he finds himself balls deep inside of Kim’s mom, ready to cum like a firehose just from watching the action.

“OK, no offense, but I’m about to explode just from watching this.” He says, causing the two to break the kiss.

“Well, we should at least let him join in.” Mrs. Possible says, wanting him to finish.

“And I have the perfect motivator.” Kim adds, turning her attention to Ron. She kisses him, just as deeply and passionately as her mother kissed her. As Ron kisses her back, he grabs hold of Mrs. Possible’s thighs and continues to penetrate her deeply. Kim starts taking off her shorts, along with her thong, leaving nothing but her socks and a bra on. As they break the kiss, Kim’s mom gets her attention again.

“OH! Oh, Kimmy. Suck on my tits!” She says. Kim complies, wrapping her lips around her mother’s nipple and tonguing it. She fondles her other breasts, as Ron starts to drill her hard. Each stroke brings her closer & closer, until she finally can’t hold out any longer.

“OH! Oh Ronald!” She yells. “You’re making me Cum!”

“Same here…Mrs. P.” Ron says, giving out a few more strokes before he hits his limit. He lets loose his load, spraying it deep inside of her. It’s a sensation Kim’s mother welcomes, as it’s been so long since she’s felt it. Kim sits up and looks at her mother, who’s basking in the afterglow. Ron, however, doesn’t feel as good.

“OH MY GOD, I JUST CAME IN YOUR MOM!!!” He yells. “What am I gonna do?”

“Relax, Ron. Mom’s on the pill.” Kim tells him, before looking at her mother with concern to confirm it. “Right, mom?”

Mrs. Possible nods her head yes. “Me & your father thought it was best, especially after the twins.”

Ron breathes a sigh of relief. “So…what happens now?”

“I take my turn.” Kim says pushing Ron onto the bed as he pulls out of Mrs. Possible. He lands right beside Kim’s mom and, a moment later, Kim herself starts to mount him. Mrs. Possible just rolls on to her side and grins, ready to watch the impending action.

“My little Kimmy always did know when to take charge.” She says, as Kim slips onto Ron’s still-hard Rod.

“OK, this is kinda weird us doing it in front of your mom, KP.” Ron says.

“Oh Ronald, don’t think of me as a spectator.” She says, before bringing her lips to his. She kisses him more gently than she did her daughter, but still lets her tongue roam into his mouth. After a short hesitation, he comes back with tongue-play of his own. The kiss lasts well over a minute, before Mrs. Possible breaks it. “Think of me as ‘just waiting my turn’.”

“OK, still weird, but there’s no way in hell that I’m stopping!” He says, ready to continue. Kim starts off by moving her hips, slowly at first to work the rhythm. She puts one hand on the headboard for balance, as Ron holds onto her hips. Kim lets out a soft moan, and bites her lower lip, enjoying this moment.

“Mmmm, nice technique, honey.” Mrs. Possible says.

“Thanks, mom.” Kim says, picking up her pace. “Ron’s been a big help. Oh God, Yes!” Kim begins to fondle her own breast with her free hand, tweaking the nipple to get off even more. After a moment more of looking on, Kim’s mom decides to join in.

“Let me help you with that.” She says, sitting up towards Kim. Putting one arm around her daughter, she uses her other hand to play with one of Kim’s breasts, while she licks the other.

“OH! Damn mom, you’re good!” Kim tells her, loving the experience. Mrs. Possible attends to her daughter’s breasts some more, as Ron starts to plow into her balls deep. Kim & Ron are pouring down in sweat, and Mrs. Possible is starting to glisten herself. The covers have now been tossed aside and are lying on the floor. Mrs. Possible removes her mouth from Kim’s breast and takes off her nightshirt, tossing it aside & letting her perfect breasts out in the open. Ron takes a one good look at both pairs of breasts in bed with him, and gets pushed over the limit.

“Aw, man! KP I’M GONNA CUM!!!” He yells.

“Me too, Ron!” Kim answers. “Cum inside of me!”

A few strokes later he does exactly that, shooting a hot stream of semen deep into Kim. Her body tenses up, as she experiences her own orgasm, which is followed by a look of pleasure that washes across her face. Ron’s now breathing a little heavily, but as Kim climbs off of him, he’s surprisingly still hard. This astonishes Mrs. Possible.

“Wow, Ronald. You’re staying power is amazing.” She says. “Care to go for Round 3?”

Most of the time in this situation Ron would bow out. But after glancing upon Mrs. Possibles’ bare body, he wants to do anything but. “You know it, Mrs. P!”

“How about we try a new position?” She suggests, turning away from him onto her side and raising one leg into the air, inviting Ron’s Cock once again. He positions himself behind her and guides his member to her pussy lips. As Kim climbs over the two to face her mother, Ron slides himself back inside of Mrs. Possible. He’s reminded of how warm it is inside of her as he begins to work up a steady hump. Mrs. Possible coos in pleasure and begins to rub her clit. But Kim stops her before she can get further into it.

“Let me help you with that.” She says, using her hand to rub her mother’s clit. Mrs. Possible does the same to her daughter, and the two kiss once more. All three pairs of legs wrap around each other as Kim pushes herself closer to her mother. Their breasts press against each other, nipples poking each other, which only serve in making the two Possible women even hotter. Meanwhile, Ron has nearly lost himself in the moment, as he pounds Mrs. Possible’s pussy without mercy. Kim & her mother break the kiss, this time leaving a long, thin line of saliva between them. Kim then switches her attention back to Ron, and lets him share in the makeout session. Their tongues roam in & out of each other’s mouth, as Ron continues to ream Kim’s mom continuously. He gropes Mrs. Possible’s tits, almost mesmerized by how soft they are & how they feel. The couple breaks the kiss, just as Kim’s mom turns her head to look back at Ron. And almost on instinct, Ron & Mrs. Possible lock lips. Her hands venture inside of Kim’s pussy, which is now wetter than ever. Kim lets out a loud moan of pleasure, feeling herself being brought to another orgasm. Kim’s mom isn’t far behind her, as Ron’s Cock continues to probe deep inside of her. Ron & Mrs. Possible break their kiss, just as the two Possible women reach their limit.

“Oh, Mom! I’m gonna cum!” Kim yells.

“Cum with me, Kimmy!” Mrs. Possible says, still fingering her daughter to an orgasm. A moment later, both Kim & her mother let out dual screams of passion, reaching their limit. A moment after that, Ron reaches his and unleashes a second load deep inside of Kim’s mother. The room slowly falls silent, as all three lie in bed almost motionless, only the sound of their heavy breathing filling the room. After a few more moments, Kim breaks the silence and looks up at her mother.

“Happy Mothers Day, mom.” She says. “Hope you like the gift.”

“I love it, Kim.” Mrs. Possible says. “And I’m glad Ron could give me double.”

“Happy…to help out…Mrs. P.” Ron says, feeling totally exhausted. The three continue to lie there, not moving, and not wanting to. Mrs. Possible is the most satisfied of the three. With Ron’s Cock still deep in her pussy, she embraces her daughter Kim and kisses her once more, grateful for a memorable Mother’s Day.
The Tokyo Drifting Chapters

“Ron, how could you say that?”

Kim looks across the table at her boyfriend Ron in shock. The two are enjoying a meal at Bueno Nacho, or at least they were until Ron stated something to make Kim upset enough to drop her Chimerito. Ron swallows the bite he took out of his Naco and continues.

“I’m sorry, KP. But you’re kinda dull.” He says.

“Ron, I’m a teen super spy who saves the world on almost a weekly basis.” She counters. “Half of the missions we go on involve death-defying situations!”

“I know.” Ron agrees. “But you do all that exciting stuff to save the world. Other than that, you live a pretty dull life. You’ve never done anything wild & crazy, just because. In fact, you’re kinda predictable.”

“I am not dull or predictable!” Kim counters. “I can be spontaneous…I can do something wild & crazy without it involving saving the world.”

“Sure you can, KP.” Ron says, not really believing her. As he picks up his Naco for another bite, his eyes glance down at the wrapper it came in, and for the first time he notices some words on the wrapper that are barely visible cause of the grease. “What the…”

Putting his Naco down, he grabs a napkin and wipes the grease from the wrapper so he can read what’s on it. Once all the grease is off, he reads the wrapper, which says: ‘You have won a free trip to the Grand Opening of Bueno Nacho Tokyo.’

“OH, YEAH! BOOYAH, SCORE!” He cheers. “We just won a free trip to Tokyo!” Rufus emerges from Ron’s pocket and celebrates with him, before breaking into some Kung-Fu poses. Kim however, doesn’t look as excited.

“That’s great, Ron.” She says. “But we can’t go to Tokyo. I mean, what if there’s…” She’s interrupted by the sound of her Kimmunicator going off. Taking it out from her pocket, she answers the call. “What’s the Sitch, Wade?”

“Just got an alert from Middle High-Security Prison.” He says. “Motor Ed was there and helped with a breakout.”

“His cousin Drakken?” Kim asks.

“No, get this. He broke out Adrena Lynn.” Wade tells her, surprising Kim & Ron. “They were last seen hijacking a Cruise Ship on their way to Japan. Tokyo, to be precise.”

“Then it’s off to Tokyo.” Kim says, grabbing her jacket. She’s about to stand up from the table & leave when she notices Ron sitting there, wearing an ‘I told you so’ smirk with his hands folded over his chest. “I…was gonna suggest going there anyway.”

“Sorry, KP.” Ron says, not believing her. “But when it comes to you doing anything, being spontaneous isn’t on your list.” He gets up from the table and heads towards the exit, with Kim following behind. Though she doesn’t admit it, Kim is thinking that her boyfriend just might be right. Aside from her heroic missions, which often have life-or-death situations, she hasn’t done anything exciting other than baby-sit her twin brothers. And it’s them who start the excitement.

“I can be spontaneous.” Kim thinks to herself, developing her trademark Determination mentality. “I can do anything!”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world…

It’s late night on the streets of Tokyo, as the neon lights shine brightly, illuminating the Entertainment district of the city. There are Citizens walking the street, either on their way home or on their way to fun another fun spot to spend their time, all of them going on their way without a worry…until a gigantic Monster Truck comes barreling down the road. The Tokyo Citizens flee in terror as the Truck, with the name ‘Big Green Dragon Monster’ on each side, crushes anything & everything in its path. Driving the Behemoth vehicle, not surprisingly, is Motor Ed. In the passenger seat is the newly freed Adrena Lynn.

“Uh, why does it say ‘Big Green Dragon Monster’ on the side of the truck, baby?” She asks him.

“Cause I can’t remember the name of that Lizard Dude who fought that Monkey Dude in the movie!” Motor Ed replies.

“Uh, you mean Godzilla?” She says. “And why would you name this truck Godzilla?” Motor Ed brings the truck to a stop after she asks that. Pushing a red button just above the CD player, he activates one of the truck’s special features. The headlights slide down into the truck, and dual flamethrowers pop out. A moment later, they shoot out waves of flames that incinerate everything directly in front of it, leaving nothing but charred remains & ash. Needless to say, this sight excites Adrena Lynn.

“FRRRREAKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!” She says, wearing an almost sadistic grin.

“SERIOUSLY!!!” Motor Ed adds. “It’s all part of my killer plan, babe.”

“What is your plan, anyway?” She asks.

“Oh, I’m gonna enter my killer dragster in the Tokyo Underground Grand Prix.” He tells her. “The Grand Prize is an experimental Jet Engine from NASA! With that puppy in my pride & joy right here, we can crush anything that gets in our way! Plus, I’d be a shoo-in to win a ton of Car Shows. Seriously!”

“Oh YEAH!” Lynn says, getting more excited about the plan. “And I can film the whole thing, and sell it to PPV! The ratings will be sky high, along with the greenbacks!”

“Yeah, we’ll be rolling in the dough, babe!” Ed adds.

The excitement begins to overwhelm Adrena Lynn, and she starts getting aroused. Subtly she starts playing with herself, one hand groping her breasts and the other in her pants rubbing her pussy, making it wetter by the second. And by the second it also starts to get less & less subtle. “Baby, I want you to crank this monster to the highest gear!” She tells Motor Ed.

“No problem!” He replies, pushing the stick shift to 6th gear and roaring forward. At this moment, he finally notices Adrena Lynn feeling on herself. “Hey, babe. You want some excitement? I can let you take the wheel, seriously! Know how to drive a stick?”

Adrena Lynn leans towards him and slips her hand into his pants. “Oh, I wanna try a different Stick Shift!” The evil newly couple kiss passionately, shoving their tongues into each other’s mouths as Lynn begins to unbuckle Motor Ed’s jeans. Getting them loose, she grabs hold of something large in his pants. Breaking the kiss, she looks down to see his python-like Cock in her hand. Apparently, Drakken & Motor Ed have something in common.

“HOLY CRAP!” She says, in total shock by the size. “This is all you?”

“Oh yeah!” Ed replies, smirking in pride. “Think you can handle it, my extreme queen?”

“I’ll die trying! FREAKYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!” And with her gung-ho attitude in full gear, she dives into his lap headfirst, engulfing the head of his Cock into her mouth. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get easier for her from there. She’s barely able to get another inch into his mouth, before she fills it up. Motor Ed sits back and enjoys the feeling, until he sees Lynn’s ass almost pointing skywards, waiting to be handled. Reaching a hand over, he pulls her jeans down just low enough to uncover her round luscious bare ass.

“Whoa! No panties!” He says. “Seriously! I knew there was a reason I loved you!”

She removes his Cock from her mouth and looks up at them. “Oh, I always go commando! 24/7!” Knowing she won’t be able to fit anymore into her mouth (without unhinging her jaw), she proceeds to lick his shaft & head, while jerking him off with her hands. Motor Ed begins to finger Lynn’s pussy, using his middle & ring. After bathing his Rod with her tongue, she engulfs the head again, and moves her tongue back & forth. It’s a great sensation for Ed. But after a few moments, he wants a little more.

“Whoa, babe! Babe!” He says, as she removes his Cock from her mouth again. “Don’t get me wrong, your mouth is fantastic. But Big Ed wants to park his truck into your garage.”

“Ooh, yeah!” She agrees, taking her pants all the way off. “I wanna ride this bull!”

She straddles him between her legs, having his Cock nestled between the crack of her ass. She lifts up her shirt enough to expose her perky round breasts, with both nipples still pierced. Lifting herself up, she comes down and engulfs the head. But begins to have a little problem as she gets to the shaft.

“Oh God, it’s huge!” She says.

“Whoa, Lynn. You sure you can take it, babe?” Ed asks.

“Fuck Yeah I can take it!” She answers, thinking back to a time where she shared & jail cell with Shego. Shego told her about her nights with Drakken, and how she was able to handle his Cock. Slowly she starts taking in the rest of his monster, using Shego’s advice as a guide, until Motor Ed is balls deep inside of her. “YEAH! IT FIT! NOW LET’S GET HARDCORE, BABY!!!”

Ed is more than happy to comply, as he begins to pump his Cock in & out of her. Lynn grabs him and pulls herself close before kissing him again, shoving her tongue back into his mouth. Ed puts his hands around her hips and holds onto them as he continues to drill into her. Out of the corner of his eye, he spots a long row of cars. Breaking the kiss, he gets an idea.

“Hey Babe.” He says. “How about we put a few rough bumps into this ride?”

Adrena Lynn knows exactly what he’s talking about, and excitedly nods her head yes. Putting his arms around her, he grabs the steering wheel and turns towards the row of cars, before putting his hands back on her hips. The two brace themselves, but don’t have to wait for long. The Truck hits the first car, causing Lynn to bounce up higher, leaving only the head of Ed’s Cock inside of her. A moment later, the truck crunches the car, and Lynn comes back down hard, Ed’s Cock slamming deep inside of her.

“OH, FUCK YEAH!!!” She screams. “GOD I LOVE THIS RIDE!!!”

The truck rolls over another car, and Lynn gets another big bounce, having Ed’s Cock slamming into her deep regions again. It continues with each car they crunch, and it starts to bring the two to her limit. Motor Ed is taking pleasure in his idea, as he watches Lynn’s tits bounce majestically from inches away. Soon, he no longer wants to be a spectator where they are concerned. He lunges forward & wraps his mouth around one of them, sucking on them & biting her nipple as he tweaks her piercing on the other nipple.

“FUCK!!!” She screams in pleasure. “That’s right, baby! WORK THE KINK!!!”

He continues to do just that, as his Cock continues to drill her snatch relentlessly like a Jackhammer. Soon, Lynn’s not able to hold out any longer.

“I’m gonna cum!” She says. “ OH YEAH!!! EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEME!!!!!!”

Her entire body tenses up as she hits her orgasm hard. At that moment, Motor Ed hits his limit, and erupts deep inside of her like a Volcano, shooting off his load. Her pussy begins to drip with cum as it runs down his Cock. Ironically, they reach the end of the long row of cars at that moment. Motor Ed brings the truck to a stop as Adrena Lynn lies against him, basking in the glow of a huge orgasm.

“Hey…babe.” He says, out of breath. “How bout we take this party back to HQ?”

“Oh yeah, baby!” She says, all for the idea. Motor Ed stomps on the gas and pulls off, not bothering to look behind him. If he had, he would’ve seen the massive amount of damage his Monster Truck has caused. Dozens of cars have been crushed, hydrants broken as water shoots up out of them like a Geyser. The entire road looks like an F5 Tornado has hit it. Motor Ed would’ve been proud.

Back around the world…

Kim & Ron are seated in First Class on a Commercial Plane. Wade was unable to get a ride for them, so they decided to head there under the guise of Contest Winners, since Ron did win. As the plane flies over the Pacific on its way to Tokyo, Kim gets her mission briefing from Wade as Ron kicks back & relaxes.

“Some Undercover Global Justice sources tell me that Motor Ed & Adrena Lynn are planning to enter some illegal underground racing Grand Prix.” He tells Kim. “First prize is an experimental Jet Engine from NASA.”

“No doubt to be used by Motor Ed if he wins.” Kim adds.

“He almost created havoc with the Keplar.” Wade says. “We can’t let him get his hands on this Jet Engine.”

“He won’t.” Kim says. “Wade, I’m gonna need…”

“Uh yeah, just give her the usual, Wade.” Ron chimes in, to Kim’s chagrin. “She won’t be changing up.”

“Please & thank you.” Kim adds, before signing off. She lets out a low groan before turning her attention to a passing Stewardess. “Excuse me, could you get me a…”

“Cup of water and a bag of those Honey Roasted Peanuts.” Ron finishes, which gets to Kim.


“What? Just trying to speed up the boring process, KP.” Ron replies.

“I am NOT boring, dull OR predictable!” She tells him.

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being safe.” Ron says, as he rises from his seat and walks past Kim. “I’m sure lots of people lived their lives without doing something wild & crazy just for the hell of it. Of course they had boring lives…”

Ron stops when he notices Kim’s arms are folded over her chest and she’s wearing a peeved look. Deciding it best not to continue, he walks off down the aisle and enters the Plane Bathroom, leaving Kim to herself.

“I can be spontaneous!” She says to herself. “There was the time at Camp Wannaweep where…no, that turned into a mission. Well, the time where I went…no, that was to save the president. Well, that time when…no, that was to preserve the timeline against Shego.” She lets out a hard sigh, and puts her head in her hand. “Ron’s right…everything exciting I do is mission related. I haven’t so much as jaywalked or shoplifted. Well…that’s gonna change right now.”

Developing an idea in her head, she gets up from her seat and walks down the aisle towards the bathroom Ron went into. When she reaches the door, she gives it two knocks, before hearing Ron’s voice on the other side.

“Uh, Occupied. Be right out in a second.” He says, but Kim doesn’t want that. Reaching into her pocket, she pulls out a credit card & slides it through the crack of the door, jimmying it open. Ron looks over at the doorway to see his girlfriend there.

“Whoa, Kim. Uh, this is the Guys Bathroom.” He says.

“I know that.” She answers. “But you & me are about to join an exclusive club.”

“Huh, they got clubs opening up at the school?” Ron asks.

“No.” Kim answers, her look becoming more seductive by the moment. “The Mile High Club.”

“What kind of club is that?” He asks. “Do you have to be a Denver Bronco fan to join?”

“No, all you have to do is have sex…30,000 feet in the air.” Kim says, advancing towards him. Then it hits Ron, like a rock. He’s heard the term before, along with the stories. But in a crowded plane like this, it’s not something he had planned for today.

“WHOA! Whoa! Hold on! Wait! KP, there are like over 100 people on this plane!”

“Then we’ll have to be extra quiet.” She replies. “Rufus, go watch our seats.”

Hopping out of Ron’s pocket, Rufus scampers out of the bathroom and back to their seats, where he finds a package of Honey Roasted Peanuts waiting. He opens the package and pops on in his mouth, while back at the bathroom; Kim closes the door & locks it.

“Wait, this is about me teasing you for not being spontaneous.” Ron says, coming to that conclusion. “Can’t we start out with something else, like Jaywalking?”

“Now who’s being safe?” Kim says smugly, as she leans in close to Ron. He turns his head away from her, knowing that if he feels her lips, he’ll become like putty in her hands. Unfortunately, she knows about how ticklish he can be, and gently runs her finger across his chest. He stifles a giggle, but the sensation is too much and he ends up laughing. Kim takes the opening and lunges herself at him, locking her lips with his. The two hit the wall as Kim puts her arms around Ron, locking him in close. The taste of her strawberry lipstick is almost too much to bear, as Ron begins to kiss her back. His hands roam down her body until they reach her round backside. He gives her cheeks a gentle squeeze, before reality hits him and he realizes where he is. Panicking, he breaks the kiss & backs up.

“OK, NO!” He says, trying to sound firm. “There is no part of me that wants to join the Mile High Club!” A moment later, his pants drop down to his ankles, and a raging hard-on is revealed through his boxers. “Not now, pants! WHY HAVE YOU BETRAYED ME?!?!”

“They have a good idea.” Kim says, bending over to take off her white pants. She pulls them all the way down, then steps out of them, showing Ron her red panties with a white heart on the front. Ron takes one look at them and loses all resistance in his mind. The couple lock lips again, kissing more passionately this time. So much so that they lose balance and in up on the toilet, Ron sitting down with Kim on to of him. Ron starts to move down Kim’s neck, kissing the certain spots he knows she loves. And it works, as Kim becomes even more aroused than when she first decided to do this. After a moment, she stops him, getting another idea.

“Wait, wait.” She says. “Lets try something new.”

Using her Cheerleading training & acrobatic skills, she slowly flips into a handstand before landing on Ron, in a somewhat standing 69 position. Ron doesn’t have to think about what Kim wants to do.

“Spankin’!” He says, pulling her panties off just enough to get to her wet snatch. He dives in, tongue-first, and begins licking & sucking on her to no end. Kim goes to work as well, pulling out Ron’s Cock & shoving it into her mouth. Her head bobs back & forth, as her tongue rubs against his head & shaft. She even uses her hands to caress his balls, wanting to give him the full treatment. Ron meanwhile is concentrating on Kim’s clit, tonguing & sucking on it while he fingers Kim’s pussy. He then shoves his tongue back into her snatch, and uses those fingers to run her clit. The pleasure hits Kim immediately, as she wraps her legs around Ron. Instinctively, he begins to pump himself into Kim’s mouth. She welcomes it, and times it so her tongue circles the head of his Cock with each thrust in. After minutes in this position, Ron calls for a stop.

“Wait! KP!” He says. “We can’t stay like this.”

Kim flips off of Ron and lands on her feet, though she stumbles a bit due to the blood that rushed to her head. “You’re right, Ron. Besides, time to move on to the main event.”

She hops up on the bathroom sink and spreads herself open, pussy wet from her juices & Ron’s saliva. Not wanting to turn back, Ron gets to his feet and positions himself in front of her. Pushing forward, he slides his Cock deep inside of Kim, causing her to grunt, then moan in pleasure. She places her feet on the adjacent wall, then pulls Ron towards her & kisses him, almost like she’s giving him incentive to fuck her hard. It works, as Ron starts to pound her pussy, going as deep as he can with each stroke. Kim’s panties now hang loosely off of one leg. Ron pulls up her sweater and begins to grope her breasts. They break the kiss, leaving a line of saliva, but still stay close to each other.

“Yeah, Ron! Fuck me! Fuck me good!” She cheers.

“Damn, I love your tight pussy, Kim.” Ron tells her.

“Yeah, just for you.” She replies. “Only you.”

She clenches the side of the sink tightly, not only to keep her balance but also to stave of the force of Ron’s thrusts. Sweat begins to drip & roll down both of their bodies, as the mirror Kim leans against begins to fog up. She takes one hand and starts rubbing herself, almost in unison with Ron’s movements. Their grunts & moans fill up the tiny bathroom, but thankfully aren’t loud enough for someone outside to hear them. Kim continues to get reamed by Ron’s member, and feels she can’t hold out any longer.

“Oh yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” She says, trying to remain quiet. “Ron, I’m gonna cum.”

“Me too, KP!” He replies, ready to blow.

“Come with me, baby! UUUUUUUUHHHHHHNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!”

In one moment, the loving couple cums together. Ron unleashes his load deep inside of her, not bothering to pull out & not worrying since Kim reminded him she’s on the pill. He pulls out as his Cock continues to pour out cum, spraying it between Kim’s legs. Exhausted, he puts his hands on the sink to stop himself from collapsing. All that’s heard in the bathroom now is heavy breathing, until Kim breaks the silence.

“So, I’m not spontaneous?” She asks with a grin.

“OK, OK. You win.” Ron says, giving in. “You can do anything.”

“Better believe it.” She tells him, before pulling him close again and kissing him once more. The kiss is short-lived though, as the two feel the plane bouncing and slowing down.

“Oh, crap!” Kim says. “The plane’s landing!”

“What? How did we get to Tokyo this quick?” Ron says. The two quickly scramble to get their clothes back on and get themselves straightened up. After a couple of minutes, they’re fully dressed. Ron walks out of the bathroom first, not wanting to draw any attention. He waits by the door for everyone to exit the plane. Once it’s clear, he opens it back up and Kim comes out. Rufus runs up to them and hands Kim her Kimmunicator, which she picks up from him. Kim & Ron then look at each other and breath a sigh of relief, before laughing over the situation.

“OK. Next time I think I’ll stick with Jaywalking.” Kim says, as the two exit the plane.

“Well, at least you’ve taken your first step to living an exciting life.” Ron tells her, just as her Kimmunicator goes off.

“What is it, Wade?” Kim asks.

“What happened?” Wade asks. “I tried to call you but I only got Rufus.”

“Uh…we were…going over tactical plans for the mission.” Kim says, wanting to keep her Mile High experience secret.

“Well anyway, I got a guide for you to show you around Tokyo.” Wade says. “She should be there right now.”

“Roger, Wade.” Kim says before hanging up. She turns to Ron to relay the news, and sees him with his jaw dropped, wearing a look of shock. “Ron what’s wrong? You act like you’ve seen a…” Kim’s gaze turns to wear Ron is looking, and she immediately understands the look on his face. The guide that Wade got for them is very familiar, especially to Ron.

“Stoppable-San. It is good to see you again.”

“Yori.” Kim utters, with a hint of coldness & jealousy.
The Tokyo Drifting Chapters 2


“I wish I were dead.”

Those are the words Dr. Drakken thinks in his head, as he sits on the edge of his bed, forced to share a Cell with Frugal Lucre, a two-bit crook with a one-bit personality. For hours he’s been forced to listen to Lucre “discuss” future plans on how he’ll take over the planet and rule it on a $39 budget. Countless times Drakken has entertained thoughts of shoving a pillow down his throat, ending his ranting for good. The only thing stopping him is his knowledge that he’ll go to the Box, and he feels he’s spent enough time there for a lifetime.

“And Club Banana outfits would be OUTLAWED in my regime!” Lucre continues, before noticing the time. “Well, it is getting late. Let’s get some shut-eye, buddy. And save some rest time.”

Lucre lies down in his bed and turns away from Drakken, ready to get some sleep. “Finally.” Drakken utters under his breath, shutting off the light & lying down in his own bed. As he lies on his back, he looks out of his cell window. The expression on his face isn’t the one of a plotting genius, or even that of a vengeful madman. No, it’s a look of defeat Drakken is wearing.

“It’s over.” He says to himself, referring to his dreams of World Domination. “It’s truly over. My evil Lairs have been seized by Global Justice, my minions are either locked up or working with two-bit villainous hacks, and my Henchwoman…” He stops right there, not wanting to think about it any further, especially since he doesn’t know whether Shego is alive or dead.

“I give up.” He says, looking up at the stars. “I’ve lost. I have nothing left to live for, so there is absolutely no use for me to go on in this miserable world! JUST GET IT OVER WITH!!!”


The ceiling of Drakken’s cell caves in, sending debris to the floor. A moment later, a green light shines down on the evil doctor. The light begins to pull at him, lifting him up off the ground and pulling him from his cell. Drakken is in shock, and before he can ask what’s going on, he is beamed inside of a giant black Flying Saucer. The beam shuts off, and the Saucer zooms off into the night. Surprisingly, through all of this, Frugal Lucre has not even flinched, as he remains in his sound slumber.

On the spaceship, Drakken finds himself lying on the floor, staring up at bright lights. “Am I dead?” He asks, still in shock over what happened. “Is this heaven or…is this…the bad place?”

He begins to shiver in fear, thinking that for what he’s done in his life, he might be in the ‘Bad Place’. But he finds that not to be the case, as a Titan-sized figure walks up and stands over him. Drakken examines the figure to see that it has a slender & shapely body, which leads Drakken to deduce who it was that freed him from prison.

“You? But…I thought you where never coming back.”

End Prologue.

“Welcome back to Japan.”

Yori greets Kim & Ron with a warm smile as she approaches them. Ron can’t help but to stare at her outfit, which consists of a red & black mini-skirt, jet-black thigh high stockings, black high heels & a red blouse. Yori hugs Ron first, causing Kim to twitch slightly in anger. Yori then walks over to Kim & hugs her, catching Kim off guard.

“Yori, it’s good to see you.” Kim says, not really meaning it. “But what are you doing here?”

“The Yamanouchi School is holding a special Ninja conference here.” She says. “Your friend Wade-San informed me of your need for a guide.”

Wearing an unpleased look, Kim raises her Kimmunicator and contacts Wade. “Wade…”

“She was the closest friend that I could contact.” Wade tells her. “You’re not…jellin’, are you?”

“Not Jellin’!” Kim answers, hanging up on him again. Yori then escorts the two over to a waiting Rickshaw with two runners.

“Oh, Cool!” Ron says, as he hops on first. “I always wanted to ride in one of these.” Before he can blink, both women join him on either side, Yori on his left, & Kim on his right. The runners take off, pulling the three behind them as Yori starts briefing them.

“I will be able to assist you if needed on your mission.” She says.

“You won’t be.” Kim quickly replies. “This will be a simple infiltration and…” Kim is cut off by the sound of her Kimmunicator going off. She answers it and sees Wade face on the screen again.

“Problem, Kim.” He says. “The Grand Prix Committee has a bylaw stated in the rules that won’t allow you to enter.”

“You can’t be serious, Wade.” She says. Wade responds by pulling up the exact statement onto the screen. Kim reads it from beginning to end, realizing Wade was telling the truth. Ron takes a look at it as well.

“Boy, they’ve really done their homework this time.” He says.

“This changes things.” Kim says. “We’re gonna have to find a driver willing to partner with us and…”

“Hey, hey, hey!” Ron says, interrupting her. “You don’t need another Driver when you got the Ron Man behind the wheel. I can use our ride to enter the race.”

“Ron, it’s not that simple.” Kim says. “Remember, the Grand Prix calls for a two-man team. You’ll need a partner to help you.”

“I would be honored to assist Stoppable-San in the race, Kim.” Yori chimes in.

Kim develops a displeased look, but doesn’t want to alert Ron to it. “Great. Thank you, Yori.” She says, with a hint of coldness.

“Hey, I just wanna get to check out the sites of Tokyo.” Ron says, opening a Tour pamphlet of the city. “Cool! There’s this place that offers something called ‘Happy Endings’. Must be some Theme Park for Kids.”

Yori begins to giggle at Ron’s comment. “Oh, Stoppable-San. Always with your American-Style jokes.”

“Ron, ‘Happy Endings’ here are really…” Kim leans into Ron’s ear and finishes her explanation. A moment later, Ron begins to blush bright red.

“THAT’S what it stands for?” He says, shocked. “They actually have places like that here? What kind of Country are they running???”

Later That Night…

“I am NOT Jellin’!”

Inside of her hotel room, Kim stands by her bed wearing nothing but her bra & panties. There’s a black stealth ninja outfit lying on the bed, as she talks with her best friend Monique, who’s on the Kimmunicator.

“Doesn’t sound that way to me, girl.” Monique says. “You don’t trust Ron?”

“I trust Ron.” Kim tells her. “I don’t trust Yori. You should’ve seen what she was wearing when she met me & Ron at the airport!”

“Uh, Kim? You’re starting to sound like Bonnie.” Monique says. Kim realizes this and catches herself before she goes any further.

“I…just have a feeling.” Kim continues. “She could try anything to steal my boyfriend. I know what she’s capable of.”

“Probably cause she’s a little like you?” Monique says with a smirk.

“Don’t go there, Monique.” Kim tells her, as she finishes putting on her Ninja Stealth Suit. She puts the hood over her head and her mouth before walking over to the dresser and picking up her Kimmunicator.

“Where you going now?” Monique asks. “Spying on your Boy Toy?”

“NO!” Kim replies, but the thought had occurred to her. “I got some Intel on where they’re holding the Jet Engine. And I’m gonna get it back.” She shuts off the call and places her Kimmunicator in a secret pocket. Turning towards the window, she gets a running start before diving head first out of it. As she begins to plummet downward, she pulls out her grappling gun and fires it, hooking it on to a nearby rooftop, then swinging towards her destination.

Meanwhile, in another Hotel Room…

Ron sits on the corner of Yori’s bed, waiting for Yori to come out of her bathroom. He’s wearing his standard clothes, along with a leather racing jacket. As he waits, his mind jots back to the last time Yori & Ron were in the same Hotel Room together, and he has to tell himself to forget that memory.

“OK. OK, I’m ready. I am ready!” He tells himself. “That sexy Kimono, I’ve seen it before. No big deal. I’m ready for however she looks!”

“Stoppable-San, I am ready.”

Ron turns around, expecting to see her wearing the same Kimono she did last time. But it’s the complete opposite. What Yori is wearing is what could be described as Kryptonite for even the strongest-willed man. She stands in the doorway, wearing a Little Red Dress, which is almost an exact copy of Kim’s Little Black Dress. Yori has finished off the look by wearing a pair of black high heels. Ron has only one thing to say about the outfit.

“I am so not ready.”

“With this outfit, I can be a distraction to the other drivers.” She says. “I can be the, how you say, eye candy.”

“Yeah, Candy.” Ron thinks. “Candy good. Wanna lick. Wanna eat…NO! NO, NO! NO! I’M WITH KIM! MUST STAY LOYAL!!!

Yori begins to walk towards Ron, but unfortunately she’s forgotten one thing…in her life, she’s never walked in high heels. Tripping after the first step, she stumbles towards Ron and tackles him. The two end up on the bed, with Yori on top of Ron.

“My apologies, Stoppable-San.” She says with an embarrassed smile. “Unfortunately, Sensei did not train me in walking in High Heels.”

“Heh, no problem.” He replies. The two stay like this for moments, neither bothering to move. Ron’s hand is on Yori’s hip, and instinct is telling him to move it lower. Luckily, Yori climbs off of him before he gives in.

“We must journey to the Race area before we are late.” She says, making her way towards the door. She walks out, with Ron lagging behind him.

“This is gonna be a long night.” He says.

A Little While Later…

There is a large gathering of amateur Street Racers in front of a poplar Casino, which is where the Race will begin. Most of the cars are just souped-up versions of Dealership Sedans and the like. But one ride stands out from the rest…a Light Blue Muscle Car, which looks to have a Booster Rocket attached to the rear. The Driver, not surprisingly, is Motor Ed. He stands in front of his car with Adrena Lynn at his side.

“We are gonna burn rubber in this monster, babe. Seriously!” He says.

Just then, Adrena Lynn’s cameraman runs up to them. “I got the camera, Lynn.”

“It’s about time!” She tells him. “Get in the backseat. I want an up-close shot of the two of us winning this race.”

There’s a smug look on Motor Ed’s face, as he grins over the thought of easily winning the Grand Prix with his Super Muscle Car. But his attention is soon turned elsewhere, when he notices a Purple Car speeding towards the race area at an incredible speed. As it gets closer, the car slows down and skids to a stop, right beside Motor Ed’s right.

“Wait a minute, I recognize the wheels.” Ed says. “This is Red’s Ride!”

“Kim Possible?” Adrena Lynn says. “But, she was banned from this race!”

“And you are lucky she was banned, lady!” Ron says, stepping out of the car. “Now you only have the Ron Man to deal with.”

Motor Ed looks over the car, checking it from bumper to bumper to see if any modifications have been made. Noticing none, he begins to laugh at Ron. “HA, HA! Dude, Seriously! You expect to beat me in that puny car?”

“What? This car is all muscle!” Ron says, walking over to the front and opening the hood. “It’s got an engine that AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” As soon as the truck flies open, dozens of bats fly out & attack Ron, swarming him all around. “WHY DO THEY KEEP COMING BACK TO ATTACK ME? WHY???”


That’s the signal, and every Race competitor hops into their car & starts their engines. Motor Ed jumps into his ride, followed by Ron, who was finally able to get rid of the bats. High above the Starting Line sits “Big Daddy” Brotherson, one of the evil Villains responsible for this Grand Prix coming to, and he’s hear to kick off the race.

“On your marks…get set…Go!”

The sound of screeching tires fills the air, as the dozen cars peel off from the Starting Line and roar down the road. Motor Ed’s Muscle Car leads the pack, followed by the other criminals chasing behind him. Ron’s car, however, has not left the Starting Line.

“Stoppable-San! We have not started!” Yori tells him.

“I Know!” He replies, frantically searching for something. “But I can’t find my racing music!” He keeps looking around, until Rufus pops out of the glove compartment holding a CD up high. “Rufus, you are the Naked Mole Rat!” Ron grabs the CD and pops it into the player before pressing the ignition button. A moment later, the car rockets from the Starting Line at blinding speed. Within seconds, it’s caught up to the rest of the field. Adrena Lynn, still in the lead with Motor Ed, just happens to look in the rearview mirror, and spots Ron catching up.

“Oh, Crap! They’re gaining!” She says, getting worried.

“No sweat, my extreme queen.” Motor Ed tells her. “Things are gonna get slippery for the Sidekick! YAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”

Pressing a button on his dashboard, Ed activates dual hoses in the back of his car. The hoses shoot out gallons of oil, which spills all over the road. Some cars are sent careening uncontrollably in every direction. Ron sees the slick made by Motor Ed, but is unable to avoid it. Turning hard, he puts the car into a wild spin.

“RUFUS!!!” He yells. “GRIP TIRES!!!”

Rufus hops on the dashboard and jumps onto a green button. The Grip Tires activate, and the car is taken out of its spin. Ron stomps down on the gas and speeds off, with only three surviving cars chasing behind.

“Stoppable-San.” Yori says. “I fear at this speed, we will be unable to capture the our foes.”

“That’s only because I’m still in First Gear.” Ron says, grabbing the stick and switching it to second. “BOO-YAH!!!” The car switches gears and burns rubber up the road, eventually even catching up and driving to the side of Motor Ed’s car, much to his shock.

“OK, that ride is really starting to harsh my mellow! Seriously!” He says. The two cars reach a part of the race where the track splits in two, due to a Train Track in the middle. Coincidentally, a Freight Train is barreling down the tracks, with most of its cars being flatbeds. Adrena Lynn takes this moment to take action.

“Don’t worry, baby.” She says, kissing Motor Ed on the cheek. “I’ll deal with this extreme wannabe!” She hops out of the car through her window and climbs onto the roof. Timing her jump right, she leaps from the car onto a flatbed on the Train.

“MAN, I love that woman! Seriously!” Motor Ed says, after witnessing her stunt.

Yori saw it too, and as Lynn moves over towards Ron’s car, she decides to take her own action, by climbing out to join her. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???” Ron asks, but it’s too late. Yori leaps from the car onto the flatbed; rolling to her feet in a fighting stance, ready to face Lynn.

“WHOA! Looks like the Sidekick’s got someone on the side.” Lynn says. “Does Kimmy know about you?”

“You will not harm Stoppable-San.” Yori replies, remaining serious.

“Ooh, protective of your man!” Lynn continues. “But just a little FYI, I already had him…deep inside me!”

Yori’s eyes narrow, as he anger grows. “You will pay for that remark.”

“Oh I love it when the hero girls talk tough!” Lynn says. “FREAKYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!”

Adrena Lynn charges forward with her attack, only to be flipped over and slammed onto the flatbed by Yori. Lynn quickly responds with a kick to her chest as she stands back up, but before she can attack again, Yori grabs her and locks in a headlock.

“Surrender!” Yori demands. “I do not wish to humiliate you further!”

“See…that’s the problem with you Goody-Goods!” Lynn says, struggling to break free. “You…never know…how to fight…DIRTY!!!”

Lynn stomps down on Yori’s foot, causing her to break her hold due to the pain. She follows up with an elbow to the gut that sends her stumbling back before she falls to her knees. Lynn stands up straight & slowly walks over to Yori, feeling confident that she’s defeated. But in the blink of an eye, Yori comes back with a Roundhouse Kick that spins Adrena Lynn and sends to the ground, leaving a bruise on her cheek. Lynn is up immediately, ready for Round 2, until she sees that the Train is going underground into a tunnel. Acting quickly, she jumps back on Motor Ed’s Muscle Car and hops in through the window. Yori does the same with Ron’s car, barely making it. The road joins back together, and Ron & Motor Ed race side by side down the homestretch.

“That car should be in the Junkyard, dude! Seriously!” Motor Ed yells to Ron, as he side-slams him with his Muscle Car.

“Oh yeah, well…the 1980’s called. THEY WANT THEIR MULLET BACK!!!” Ron responds, side-slamming Motor Ed back.

Ed looks out of the window at where Ron rammed him. “DUDE, NOT COOL!!! I just got a custom paintjob!”

The Finish Line is now in sight for both of them, as they speed towards it. Ron is in the lead by a nose, and that’s when Motor Ed flips a secret switch under the steering wheel. A moment later, the Booster Rocket activates, and Motor Ed’s Muscle Car jets past Ron, leaving him in the dust. A second later, it crosses the Finish Line for the win. Ron’s car is the second one across, followed eventually by those racers who were able to finish.

“Aw, man.” Ron says, leaning back in his seat. “We failed.”

“Congratulations, Ron.”

Ron looks down at the dashboard to see Wade’s face on the screen. “Wade, I came in second. I didn’t win.”

“Ron, there’s another race.” Wade tells him. “You just came in second in this one. If you win tomorrow, you win the Trophy.”

“SWEET!” Ron says, getting excited. Before he can thank Wade though, he sees Motor Ed & Adrena Lynn speeding past them, going the other way. “Wade, they’re on the move. Maybe I should…”

“Don’t worry about it.” Wade interrupts. “I got Motor Ed on Satellite Surveillance. Kim’s still on her mission so in the meantime, you & Yori can take part in the after party. They got a buffet, live music, even a Sauna.”

Upon hearing Wade say that last word, Yori begins to develop and idea in her head. “Come, Stoppable-San. Let us, how you say, mingle!” She grabs Ron’s arm and pulls him out of the car through the passenger side. He barely has time to shut the door and put the alarm on as Yori drags him into the middle of the party.

Some Time Later…

After a few hours spent gathering information on Motor Ed’s ride from other Race contestants (and hanging out at the free buffet), Ron has decided to take a rest & wind down. Inside of a Sauna Room, he sits on a bench, wearing nothing but a towel to cover himself. Rufus sits along side him, wearing a towel wrapped around his head.

“Man, we really gotta get one of these things for back home, buddy.” Ron tells Rufus, who agrees by nodding his head. “Best thing about this room? There’s absolutely no way that I can be anywhere near…WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! YORI!!!”

Ron is proven wrong again, as he sees the Ninja student walking into the room, wearing nothing but her headband & a towel to cover herself. “Uh, Yori…this is the Guys Sauna.”

“Actually, in Japan they have some Saunas that are shared by men & women.” She tells him, grinning as she walks over. “This is one of them.” Yori sits down right beside Ron, and then looks over at Rufus.

“Rufus, I believe they wanted you to DJ the party outside.” She says. Rufus stands up and takes off his towel, before scampering out through the door, which closes behind him. Ron & Yori are now left alone.

“Uh, so…that was an exciting race.” Ron says nervously, steering the conversation to something far from sex.

“Indeed it was, Stoppable-San.” She answers, leaning closer to him and laying her head on his thigh.

Immediately Ron can tell what she has planned, and decides to put a stop to it. “Yori, I’m with Kim now, you know that. She’s my girlfriend. And even though you’re hot…really, really hot…I can’t. I just can’t.”

“I understand.” Yori says, which surprises Ron.

“You do?”

“Yes. As I have told Kim, I believe in destiny, which has put the two of you together.” Yori tells him, which brings a calm to Ron. Slowly he begins to relax again, feeling that nothing will come to pass tonight. Unfortunately, as before, he is wrong again.

“But, I also believe that you have the power to control your own destiny.” Yori continues.

“Yeah, I…huh, what?” Ron says, before feeling Yori’s lips pressed against his own. She leans in and causes him to lie on his back, but Yori makes sure that the kiss stays locked. Her hand ventures under Ron’s towel, and she begins to stroke his Cock gently, bringing him to a hard-on. Eventually, Ron is able to break away.

“What…what are you doing?” Ron asks, starting to feel strange.

“Do not fight it, Stoppable-San.” She says. “My lipstick is made from a rare plant near the Yamanouchi School. It has the abilities to increase your desire for another.”

Ron can tell that she’s telling the truth, as he slowly starts to feel the effects of her lipstick going into action. His willpower is weak, and thoughts of ravaging Yori’s body begin to fill his mind. Yori removes her own towel, showing off her sexy, well-toned, shapely body. She then snatches Ron’s towel off of him, leaving the two both completely naked.

“Yori…can’t…” Ron says, still trying to fight the effects.

“Do not worry, Ron-San.” She seductively tells him, straddling herself onto him and grabbing his member, ready to insert it. “Kim does not have to know.”

Getting on her knees, she brings the head of his Cock to her love lips, then slides it inside of her. The sensation is one that she has missed sorely. Even with the many male ninja students at the Yamanouchi, Yori’s never wanted anyone else but Ron. She shows him just how much she’s missed this, by rotating her hips, moving in a circle with Ron deep inside of her. The sensation is almost too much for her to bear, as she has to grab on to a nearby towel rack to maintain her balance. She looks down at Ron and smiles, and right then, Ron can’t help but to smile back. The drugs have taken full effect on Ron, and suddenly he feels to urge to grab her ass, latching onto it as he slowly begins stroking in & out of her.

“Yes, Stoppable-San!” She says. “Do not fight it! Give in a Fuck me!”

He does exactly that, pushing himself deep into her snatch, going in rhythm with her as she starts to bounce on his Rod. Yori moves her hands to his chest, placing them there to hold her balance better. She increases her speed, leaning closer into Ron, as her hips almost become a blur. Their eyes meet, and a powerful lust develops between the two, causing them to kiss each other passionately. Their tongues venture into each others mouths without abandon, as they trade moans of pleasure. Eventually, the heat from the Sauna & the heat from the action become too much for Yori to handle, and she feels herself approaching her limit. So much so she breaks the kiss.


A moment later, she does cum, having a major orgasm that’s stronger that the last time she was with him. The intensity causes Yori to fall on top of Ron, feeling spent. Ron, on the other hand, isn’t near tired and hasn’t had his orgasm yet.

“Yori…” He says, the lipstick & heat from the Sauna affecting him. “I…didn’t…cum yet.”

“Then fuck me until you do, Stoppable-San.” She replies, wanting more herself.

With that, Ron sits up and wraps his arms around her. The two kiss yet again as Yori wraps her legs around him. Ron stands up with her in his arm and places her against the wall. From there, he gets started again, ramming his Cock deep within her, holding onto her legs and keeping the spread wide. Yori’s exhaustion fades at this point, as she seems to have caught her second wind. Breaking the kiss, she cheers him on.


She puts on arm around him and the other against the wall, forcing herself to stay balanced. Her body is smashed between the wall and Ron, who continues to pound her pussy relentlessly. Shockingly, the look on Yori’s face has changed. As she bites her lower lip, she wears a look that reveals how bad she’s needed this. The stress & frustration of being the star Ninja student of the Yamanouchi has faded from her, all thanks to Ron…and his special gift. Ron & Yori are pouring down sweat now, and they keep adding to the steam in the room. Yori leans her head back against the wall, feeling herself coming close to her limit again, and this time she’s not alone.

“I-I’m gonna cum, Yori!” Ron announces.

“Yes! Me too!” She replies.

He gives her a few more strokes before pulling out, barely in time, and spraying his load between her legs & inside her thighs. A moment later, Yori reaches for the temperature switch and turns off the heat. That’s good for Ron, who falls to his knees and collapses on the floor, with Yori on top of him, burnt out completely by the heat & the sex. Both of their bodies are glistening now, and Yori grabs her towel and puts it over herself & Ron, should someone walk in.

“You are, how you say…the Man, Stoppable-San.” Yori tells him, before lying her head on his chest to rest. Ron just smiles at her, happy that she’s satisfied, and that it’s all over. And as the effects of Yori’s special lipstick wear off, one realization pops into Ron’s mind.

“Kim is gonna kill me.”
The Tokyo Drifting Chapters Part 3

It’s 2am in the morning, and after a long drive from the Racecourse, the Roth SL Coupe finally pulls into the parking lot of the Hotel. Ron is the first one out of the car, as he sleepily walks over to the passenger’s side. Opening the door, he reaches and picks up Yori, carrying her in his arms. Ron slams the door shut as Rufus activates the alarm.

“Come on, Rufus.” Ron says exhausted. “Let’s get upstairs.”

As Ron & Rufus walk over to the nearest elevator, Ron notices that Yori is sleep in his arms. 4 times they did it in the Sauna, and neither of them were able to walk afterwards. It took 12 cans of Red Bull delivered by Rufus just to get Ron to his feet. Rufus hops back in Ron’s pocket as they board the elevator and Ron presses their floor number. The doors slide close, the elevator journeys up to their floor, and Ron thinks over the events of today.

“How do I get into these situations?” He asks himself. “I didn’t even try! I hid out in the Sauna to get away from her!”

Just then, his eyes wander downward onto Yori and her firm & shapely body, wrapped in her little red dress. “But she is so hot! And she actually likes me! How many girls can say that? Well…except for Bonnie, Monique, Zita, Tara…” He stops right there, knowing that if he continues he’ll name half the women of Middleton. “Well, at least I’m good. As long as I’m not found out by…”

DING! The elevator reaches its floor. And as the doors slide open, Ron sees the last face he wanted to at that moment.


Instinctively he drops Yori, causing her to land on the floor, waking her up. Ron leans over and helps her up as Kim questions them.

“Where have you two been?”

“We were at the Race, KP.” Ron answers nervously. “We didn’t win but there’s another race tomorrow and we have a chance to take the prize then.”

“But the race ended at 10.” She says. “And it’s 2am now.”

Ron is speechless now. There’s nothing that he can tell her that she’ll believe, and begins to think that it’s all over. But luck shines on him, as Yori chimes in. “Stoppable-San and I stayed to see if we could find out further information. Unfortunately we were not able. Were you successful?”

“No.” Kim says. “It looks like the only way we’ll get the Engine back is to win that race tomorrow.”

“I’d better get back to the room.” Ron says, walking off. Yori follows after Ron, but stops suddenly, right beside Kim. The two are each facing opposite directions, and they don’t look at each other. But then again, they don’t have to. Tension begins to build between them, though neither let the other notice it.

“Hey Yori,” Kim says, “I just wanted to make sure that you were OK with Ron being MY boyfriend now.”

“It is OK, Possible-San.” Yori replies before asking a question of her own. “Tell me, what rank is your Kung Fu again?”

“Black Belt, 2nd Degree.” Kim replies, with a hint of smugness in her voice.

“So, you are only 2 levels from reaching my degree.” Yori replies, returning the smugness. “Good night, Possible-San.”

“Good night, Yori.” Kim answers, now showing a hint of anger. She knows Yori was indicating she could easily take her, and begins to sense that a battle might be on the horizon.

22 Hours Later…

“Welcome Back to Adrena Lynn’s PPV Return Extravaganza! FRRREAKYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!”

It’s 11:58pm, and the Tokyo Oceanfront is the venue for the final race. It will take place all alongside the docks & roads of the ocean. At the Finish Line sits the Jet Engine, which is the Grand Prize for the winner. At the Starting Line sits the racers. Motor Ed & Ron are the two lead cars, followed by the four others who were able to survive the last race. Yori again joins Ron in the race, and again wears the Little Red Dress. Adrena Lynn sits on the hood of Motor Ed’s car, giving her final words to her “adoring public” before the race starts.

“This will be our Greatest Victory!” She declares. “Once Motor Ed crosses that Finish Line, we will have the most powerful engine on this Planet! Think of the havoc and mayhem we can cause!”

“SERIOUSLY!!!” Motor Ed yells from the driver’s seat of his ride.

“And the best part about this…No Kim Possible to mess this up!!!” Lynn laughs almost maniacally as she kicks her legs up in joy. But that joy would quickly leave her if she knew she was being watched. High above the Starting Line, perched on a crane, sits Kim, who’s just watched Adrena Lynn’s boastful telecast on her Kimmunicator.

“That’s what you think, Adrena Lynn.” She says.

Just then, Wade appears on the screen. “You know this is almost cheating.”

“No it’s not.” Kim counters. “I’ll just be providing Ron with the quickest Route for winning the race. Just call me his ‘KPS’.”

“And you’ll also be able to keep an eye on Yori, Miss jellin’.” Wade says with a smirk, causing Kim to hang up on him. As the racers down below get into their cars, Kim readies herself by activating the Jetpack on her back.

“Just making sure Little Miss Ninja keeps her hands to herself.” Kim says, confirming Wade’s remark.

The time is now 12pm midnight, and a nearby Clock Tower begins to toll its bell. It echoes throughout the whole Oceanside area, as the racers wait for the final toll, which will signal the start of the race. Ron & Motor Ed are side by side with their respective rides. Motor Ed begins to rev his engines, in an attempt to intimidate Ron. But Ron just smirks, and counters with his own tactic.


The Naked Mole Rat pops out of the glove compartment carrying a CD. Popping it into the CD player, the system begins to play rock that sounds a lot like AC/DC’s Hells Bells. The Clock Tower is on its 9th toll, as the start of the race looms.

10th toll, Ron now revs his engines.

11th toll, Both Ron & Ed prepare to stomp the gas for a quick send-off.

12th toll, they leave everyone else in the dust.

The roar of their engines now fills the air, as they rocket down the docks. Within seconds they’ve reached over 100mph, and it appears none of the other racers can catch them. High in the night sky though, Kim watches over them, easily keeping up with them in her Jetpack. The two trade leads by inches, going back and forth trying to jump in front of one another. Motor Ed finally gets fed up, and side slams Ron.

“See ya at the Finish Line, Sidekick! YAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”

Ron loses control for a moment, but it’s enough to send the Coupe into a Dockside Fish Market. He crashes through several booths, sending fish everywhere, including his windshield.

“Rufus, Wipers!” Ron yells. Rufus goes to work and activates the wipers, tossing the fish aside. But as Ron gets back control, he finds himself far behind Motor Ed. “Aw, man. We’re trailing!”

“Not for long, Ron!”

Ron & Yori look down on the dashboard, surprised to see Kim’s face. “OK. There’s a fork in the road coming up. Go right and it’ll lead you into an alleyway. There you can ramp off of a Garbage Truck and…”

“Wait? Garbage Truck?” Ron says. “OK, have you been playing my video games again, KP?”

“Ron, we have to win this Race!” Kim tells him.

“She is right, Stoppable-San.” Yori says. “We must take this shortcut!”

The fork in the road appears for Ron and as instructed, he banks right. Going into the alley, he spots the Garbage Truck, which is now emptying a dumpster and looks like the perfect makeshift ramp. Ron closes his eyes and stomps the gas, barreling towards it at full-speed. Luckily, he hits the makeshift ramp perfectly and is sent airborne. Opening his eyes and looking around, Ron sees that he’s now several stories in the air.

“Whoa! I can see our Hotel from here.” He says.

“Stoppable-San, the landing!” Yori says, getting him refocused. They brace themselves for impact and hit the docks, but are still able to maintain their speed. A quick glimpse in the rearview mirror shows that now they’re way out in front of Motor Ed & Adrena Lynn.

“BOOHOHOHO-YAH!!!” Ron cheers as he switches gears and extends the lead.

“NOT COOL! TOTALLY NOT COOL!!!” Ed says. “How did Sidekick get in front of us?”

“I don’t know! I…” Lynn stops herself when she notices a figure, flying pass the full moon in the night sky. She picks up the camera she was using earlier and uses the zoom feature to identify it. A moment is all she needs as she gets her close up. “It’s Kim Possible!”

“Red?” Motor Ed says. “But she was banned from the race!”

“She must be helping them beat us. Don’t worry babe, Lynn will put a stop to this!” She grabs a Jetpack that was hijacked from Drakken’s Lair and straps it onto herself. Opening the passenger door, she leaps out and activates the pack, rocketing into the air. Surprisingly, she knows how to use the pack well, as it only takes her a few moments to reach Kim.

“I’m sorry, but this is an No Redhead Race!” Lynn says, flying to her side.

“No redheads, but they let the dumb blonde in?” Kim snaps back.

“You can’t help your boyfriend down there.” Lynn tells her. “My man Motor Ed is gonna burn your sidekick!”

“You & Motor Ed?” Kim says a bit surprised. “Well, it makes sense. You two are the most annoying! FREAKYYYYYY!!!!!”

Lynn is insulted, obviously, and decides to end the friendly banter. “It’s such a nice night, how about we go for a dip?” Without warning, she grabs Kim & wraps her arms around her. Turning downward, she sends herself & Kim into a tailspin, planning to drown Kim in the Pacific Ocean. But Kim’s able to power out of her hold.

“No thanks, I’m not a night-swimmer!” At the last moment, Kim pulls up and barely misses taking a drink. Flying low to the water, she rockets under the docks. Lynn is right beside her though, and the two begin to trade blows. Meanwhile, right above them, at the same speed, Ron & Motor Ed drive down the docks, barreling towards the home stretch. Kim & Lynn keep up their fight, until they notice a dead end coming up fast. Flying out from under the docks, the two resume their battle higher above the water…and right next to the two lead racers, Ron & Motor Ed.

“Stoppable-San! Look!” Yori says, pointing out to his left where they’re battling.

“What? Aw, man! KP’s in trouble!” Ron becomes worried, but still focuses on the race. Motor Ed on the other hand, lends his support.

“GO, LYNN!!!” He yells from his Muscle Car. “TAKE RED DOWN!!!”

Ed ends up getting side slammed for his support by Ron. “GO, KP!!!”

As the battle continues, Kim easily avoids Lynn’s attacks. But an errant kick lands on Kim’s Jetpack, and disables it. Adrena Lynn takes advantage of this and grabs Kim by the back of her shirt. “I think it’s time you take that dip, Red. It’ll do wonders for your skin. FRREAKYYYYYYYYY!!!!!”

“Possible-San is in Danger!” Yori says after seeing what happened.

“I know!” Ron responds. “But I have to win the race!”

“Then I will help Possible-San.” Yori says, opening the sunroof. She starts climbing out onto the roof of the Coupe, much to Ron’s chagrin.

“Whoa! No, No! Too Dangerous! YORI!!!” She doesn’t listen. Lynn lowers herself down to sea level and starts trying to drown Kim. That’s when Yori takes action. Leaping from the Roth SL Coupe, she plummets downward off of the docks, hoping her timing is right. It is, and she lands on Lynn’s back.

“What the…no joyrides, Ninja Girl!” Lynn says, trying to shake her off. Using Yori’s distraction, Kim reaches up and presses a button that puts the Jetpack in overdrive. The three women soar high into the air, far ahead of the two leading racers and towards the finish line.



Both Ron & Motor Ed shift to maximum gear in an attempt to get to their ladies in time. Several miles ahead, Kim, Yori & Adrena Lynn come falling back to the earth. They land on a cloth banner above the finish line, before falling out of that and hitting the pavement. The crowd gathered around is in stunned silence, as they just came out of nowhere. A minute passes, and all three women start to move. Adrena Lynn is the first to her feet, and she slowly limps over to Yori, intending to make her pay.

“You…are about to get…and extreme…BEATING!!!”


Lynn stops in her tracks, as she hears the sound of someone clearing her throat. Turning her head, she sees Kim back on her feet, banged up, roughed up, but still ready to fight. Lynn decides to take out Yori quickly, before dealing with Kim. But when she turns her attention back, Yori is already standing on her feet, in her fighting stance. With both women surrounding her, Lynn knows the odds are slim to none.


Kim & Yori end it there, with Yori hitting a roundhouse kick to Lynn’s head, and Kim hitting a Leg Sweep to Lynn’s ankles…simultaneously. Lynn hits the ground hard, instantly KO’ed by the double maneuver. Kim & Yori aren’t able to celebrate their victory yet though, as they make out two pairs of headlights speeding towards them in the distance. Carrying Adrena Lynn off the track, the two stand in the crowd and await the winner of the race. They don’t have to wait long, as the two cars roar past the finish line. But they were side-to-side, resulting in a Photo Finish. As the cars skid to a stop, a black & white image appears on a billboard screen over the finish line. The image shows that, just by a few inches, Ron has won the race.


“BOO-YAH!!!” Ron cheers, celebrating with Rufus inside the car.

“This is such a downer, dude. Seriously!” Motor Ed says, being on the losing end. He then spots the Jet Engine up on the stage, surprisingly unguarded. “OK, new plan! Steal the engine anyway, then drive off into the night!”

“There’s something wrong with that plan though, Motor Ed.”

He turns to his left to see Kim & Yori in his car window, fists cocked back.


They deliver a double haymaker, putting Motor Ed out of commission, just like Adrena Lynn. The two then congratulate each other with a high five, as Ron runs over to them.

“KP! Yori! You OK?”

“We are fine, Stoppable-San.” Yori tells him.

“No big, Ron.” Kim adds. “So not the drama”

“Man I’m glad to hear that!” He says, hugging both women. Instantly they begin to swoon over Ron caring so much about them, but that feeling fades when they remember that it’s a shared hug. Kim & Yori then trade cold looks, neither of them wanting the other to be near Ron.

The Next Morning…

“OK. The Engine is back on its way to NASA, and your plane should be ready by the time you reach the airport.”

“Thanks, Wade.” Kim tells him over the Kimmunicator before hanging up. With their mission done, Kim & Ron pack up their gear for the long trip back home. Yori is in the room as well, wearing her traditional schoolgirl outfit, to give her wishes to Ron for a safe journey. As they finish packing, Kim’s eyes glance over to Yori, and the tension in the room rises again. Ron, who’s standing between them, can feel it almost immediately and decides to put a stop to it.

“OK, that’s it. That’s it!” He says, zipping up his luggage before turning to Kim. “Look, Kim…I got something that I have to tell you. You see…”

“I took advantage of Stoppable-San.”

Kim & Ron turn to Yori, surprised that she confessed. “I…was weak, and I could not help my actions. I know that it was very dishonorable. I apologize, and I beg for your forgiveness.”

Kim is caught off guard by Yori’s confession. With the case of Bonnie & Monique, they’ve constantly tried to keep their fun with Ron a secret. Yori came right out with it, and it causes her anger & jealousy to subside. “It’s OK, Yori.” Kim replies. “I know…Ron can have that affect on people.”

“Thank you, Possible-San.” Yori tells her, bowing in respect.

“Well, we better get going.” Kim says. “Come on, Ron.” Ron grabs most of the luggage and follows Kim towards the door. But once Kim walks out, Yori flips over to the door and slams it shut, before locking all the locks.

“Uh, Yori? What are you doing?” Ron asks confused.

“I feel it is only fitting that we partake in a special long goodbye kiss.” Yori answers seductively, indicating she wants more than a kiss. She approaches him and playfully runs her hand across his chest. “Do not worry, Stoppable-San. It will take Kim 10 minutes to kick the door down.”


“More like 10 seconds.” Kim says, nearly kicking the door off its hinges.

She slams it shut behind her and crouches into her fighting stance, as does Yori. Ron decides to back up to a safe distance as the two circle each other slowly. Both of them look at each other, trying to find any weakness of their style. After a minute, they see none, and Kim goes on the attack. She leaps at Yori trying to grab her, but Yori avoids her and hops onto the bed. Kim follows up by grabbing her legs and sending down hard on her back. She tries to jump on top of her, but Yori rolls out of the way, before nailing Kim with a kick to the back of her head. Kim in turn grabs Yori’s leg, and counters with a kick to the gut that sends her stumbling.

“Uh, Ladies?” Ron says, trying to break them up. “Maybe we shouldn’t fight here, you know, with the breakable stuff we’ll have to pay for.”

Neither listen. Yori charges Kim with a Flying Kick, intending to put her down. But Kim reverses it and slams her hard into the adjacent wall. As Yori falls to the floor, Kim jumps on top of her and locks in a Sleeper, wanting to end this. Yori doesn’t go down, though. Instead, she starts elbowing Kim in her stomach & sides, until she finally can’t help but to release the hold. They back away from each other, but look far from finished. And it’s when they charge each other again that Ron decides to step in.


It only takes a split second for Ron to realize he’s made a stupid mistake stepping between these two warriors. It happens in slow motion, but the pain still comes quickly for him. A right hand shot by Kim, followed by a Haymaker left from Yori. Both shots meant for each other, both shots landing in Ron’s head. The force of the attacks sends Ron flying backwards, crashing into a corner in the room. Immediately both Kim & Yori stop their duel.



They run over to check on him, as he barely looks conscious.

“This is my fault.” Yori says solemnly. “My jealousy overpowered my better judgment, and now I have injured Ron-San.”

“He’s taken worse.” Kim says. “He’ll be OK. But…I gotta say that I was jealous, too. I guess with all the time he spent with you in the past, I was afraid you steal him away from me.”

“It is not that, Possible-San.” Yori tells her. “In fact, I would even be willing to share him with you. But you not want that.”

Kim looks back at Yori wearing a grin. “You’d be surprised.” The two women help Ron to his fee and place him in bed. “Although, I don’t think Ron will be willing to agree with that.”

“Here.” Yori hands Kim a tube of the lipstick she used on Ron. “It is made from a rare plant near the Yamanouchi School, and will increase Stoppable-San’s desire for us.”

“Oh…man, what happened?” Ron wakes up to see both Kim & Yori lying next to him in bed.

“You got hit by both of our best shots.” Kim answers.

“Oh yeah.” Ron says, the memory coming back to him. “Uh look, if you’re about to start again, let me get to someplace save. Like Kansas!”

“We have come to an agreement, Stoppable-San.” Yori tells him. “There will be no more fighting. We will focus more on the Yin, than the Yang.”

“OK, Yin sounds good.” Ron says, a grin coming to his face. “What exactly do you mean by the Yin?”

“She means that we’re gonna start making it up to you, if you know what I mean.” Kim translates, rubbing her leg against Ron’s crotch.

“OK, Yin’s starting to sound bad.” Ron says, trying to escape the bed. “I don’t think my Cock can take Yin!”

Kim puts her hand on his chest and climbs on top of him. Leaning in, she kisses him passionately on the lips, ending his protests. Kim pulls back from Ron and Yori quickly takes her place, not even giving him a chance to breath before she presses her lips to his. A double dose of the lipstick has more than worked, as Kim can feel Ron developing a roaring erection, even through his pants.

“This lipstick works quick, Yori.” Kim says, rolling off of Ron and taking off her pants.

Yori breaks the kiss and hikes up her mini-skirt, before pulling off her pink Hello Kitty panties. “It is a very potent formula.”

“I just want it to be said,” Ron chimes in, pulling down his own pants, “that I’m gonna need a crate of Red Bulls after this!”

“It’ll be worth it, Ron.” Kim says, climbing back on top of him and wearing her seductive look. It’s a look that’s almost as powerful as the Puppy Dog Pout, and Ron’s will power is useless against it. Kim slides herself onto Ron’s hard pipe, and starts to move her hips. Yori joins in also, straddling herself across Ron’s head and putting her pussy in perfect position. Ron doesn’t have to be told what to do, as he grabs hold of her hips and runs his tongue along the lips of her snatch. Yori lets out a pleasurable moan, and grins.

“You are…very gifted with your tongue, Stoppable-San.” She says between moans. Meanwhile Kim is working Ron’s Cock, moving her hips in rhythm and slamming herself down onto him, putting his Rod deep inside of her. She looks over at Yori and grins.

“Guess this shows you that I don’t have a problem sharing.”

“I believe…there is something else…we can share.” Yori responds. Before Kim can ask what, she’s pulled towards Yori, and her lips become smothered by hers. Usually this would be an awkward moment for Kim, but because of her experiences with Bonnie & her mother, she’s grown use to the feel of a woman’s lips, and even welcomes Yori’s tongue. As they continue making out, Kim lets her hand roam over to Yori’s perky breasts and begins to caress them. Yori returns the favor, turning it into an all-out grope session, until the two feel themselves being brought closer to their limits.

“Oh Ron, I’m Gonna Cum!” Kim yells.

“As am I!” Yori declares.

Kim gives Ron’s Cock one last bounce, then stops, having her orgasm. Ron hits his limit also, spraying his load deep inside of Kim without abandon. Last to cum is Yori, as Ron licks her to an orgasm, causing her to squirt out her love juice all over his face. After a minute of rest, Kim climbs off of Ron and rolls out of bed. It’s at this moment where Yori discovers that Ron is still hard, and ready to go.

“I believe you should take this opportunity to use the road less traveled, Stoppable-San.” Yori says, moving herself in position for Ron to enter her.

“OK, Yori, I really don’t understand the Sensei talk.” Ron tells her.

“She wants Anal Sex, Ron.” Kim says, as she searches through her luggage.

“Possible-San is correct.” Yori says.

“OH!” Ron says. “Then it is my honor to invade your ass!”

“Indeed.” Yori responds. Ron grabs hold of his Rod as Yori back herself up on her knees. He brings the head of his Cock to her asshole, then plunges it in slowly along with the shaft. Yori winces and grits her teeth, experiencing her first real live Cock inside of her ass. But the pain subsides, and is replaces by waves of pleasure.

“Yes! YES! Fuck me, Ron-San!” She yells, moving her hips up & down in conjunction with Ron’s strokes. She takes in half of his member with each thrust, and is enjoying every moment of it. But pleasure turns to shock once she gazes up and sees Kim climbing into bed…wearing a Strap-On.


“Hope you don’t mind that I brought a little help.” Kim says.

Ron looks around Yori to see what Kim’s wearing. “Isn’t that Shego’s Strap-On?”

Kim nods her head yes. “Took it while Global Justice raided Drakken’s Lair.”

“Who is this Shego?” Yori asks.

“Nevermind!” Ron & Kim say, quickly changing the subject. “Don’t worry, Yori.” Kim tells her. “I’m sure your Ninja training can help you handle this.”

Not wanting to look weak in front of Ron, Yori leans back and spreads her legs wide. She puts her hands on either side of the bed to keep her balance as Kim moves in closer. She grabs Yori’s black stocking-covered legs and pushes the Strap-On deep into her snatch, making her utter a delayed moan.

“It feels…so good!” Yori proclaims, as both of her holes are now being attended to. Ron begins to probe deeper into her ass with each stroke, while Kim is already drilling her deeply. Kim takes off her shirt and tosses it aside, as she continues to pump Yori’s pussy now wearing nothing but a purple lace bra. Yori bites down on her lower lip and shuts her eyes, feeling waves upon waves of sexual bliss wash over her, until it’s too much to bear.

“I am cumming again!” She yells.

“You’re not the only one!” Ron adds.

Kim & Ron give one final stroke, pushing deep inside of Yori, giving her a huge orgasm. Ron cums at the same time, shooting his load deep into Yori’s ass this time. Somewhat exhausted, Yori pulls Ron’s Cock out of her ass and collapses to the bed on his side. Kim remains kneeled on the bed, as all three catch their breaths. After a couple minutes of silence, Yori makes a surprising statement.

“I do not wish this to end.” She says, taking off her blouse and unhooking her bra before tossing the on the floor.

Kim can’t help but to smile after hearing that. “I don’t think Ron wants to stop either, Yori.” She says, pointing at Ron’s Cock, which despite the laws of human physics, is still Rock Hard.

“Yeah…well, it’s kinda got a mind of it’s own, sometimes.” Ron says, rolling over to face Yori. She puts one leg around Ron and invites him into her soaking wet pussy. He takes the invitation, and slides his Cock deep within her. As he works up a steady stroke, Yori leans in and kisses Ron again, her firm, perky breasts pressed up against his chest. What Yori doesn’t notice is that Kim has moved behind her, and is now poised to use her Strap-On again.

“I think I’ll be taking the back door entrance.” She says, splitting Yori’s cheeks open and pushing the Strap-On into her ass. Yori responds with a look of shock. Her eyes widen and she breaks the kiss to let out a loud moan.

“OH! I…I have never been…pleasured like this before.”

A cocky smirk develops on Kim’s face as she continues to ream Yori’s ass relentlessly. Yori’s entire body is now glistening in sweat. She can’t even speak a word, as only grunts & moans emanate from her lips. Ron & Kim are reaching spots inside of her she never knew existed, and it’s becoming overwhelming to her. She uses one hand to grip the bed sheets tightly. The other hand, surprisingly she uses it to reach back and draw Kim’s hips closer, wanting her to go deeper with the Strap-On. Kim & Ron continue to give Yori double penetration. Non-stop, for minutes on end, they drive themselves into her holes as deep as they can go. After what feels like hours for the three, Yori & Ron reach their limit.

“Ron-San…you are making me cum once more!”

Ron quickly pulls out of her as Yori experiences her third consecutive orgasm. He then has one of his own, spraying his load in between her legs and onto her stomach. Kim also pulls out of Yori, exhausted from making her come. All three lie in bed, almost motionless save for their heavy breathing. It takes a few minutes, but Ron is the first to break the silence.

“Hey, KP.” He says. “We’re gonna miss our plane.”

“We’ll catch the next one tomorrow.” Kim replies.

“Indeed.” Yori adds.
The Hollywood Chapters


“I have returned to you, Great Blue!”

Drakken feels a pair of large hands picking him up off the floor and lifting him into the air with surprising ease. With the light out of his eyes, he’s finally able to get a clear view of his liberator from Prison, the one that freed him from Upperton Maximum. It is the Amazon-like warrior from Lorwardia…Warmonga. She brings him in close and hugs him tightly, nearly turning his torso bones into powder.

“W-W-Warmonga? Y-You’re back?” Drakken struggles out.

“I was foolish to leave you for that imposter on the planet known as Pluto.” She tells him, easing up on her hold. “Only a being of your intelligence could be the Great Blue.” She then drops her head in shame. “My apologies for doubting your greatness.”

Drakken can’t help but to grow a fiendish smile upon his face. The fact that his Alien Super-Powered enforcer has returned has given him the ultimate Trump Card. “Uh…yeah. YEAH! The Great Blue accepts your apology!” He declares, playing the part. “But…it will take time for complete forgiveness.”

“Then I vow to gain that forgiveness, my Great Blue!” She pledges, pulling him close again & hugging him tight enough to make more powdery bones. After a moment, she finally lets him down, and Drakken drops to the ground, unable to feel anything below his neck and above his waist. After a minute, he becomes thankful for the ability to use his lungs again and gets up, regaining his composure before taking a look around Warmonga’s Warship. He notices the advance technology that makes it up, even more advance than what equipped the ship on his first visit.

“This is off the HEEZY!!!” Drakken declares, developing a fiendish grin. “With this technology at my disposal, I can bring the entire world to its knees…if I only knew how.” He lets out a frustrated groan and begins tapping the side of his head with the bottom of his right hand. “Come on, COME ON! ARGH! All that time in prison must’ve stifled my criminal creativity! This would be easier if I had Shego’s sarcasm to deal with.”

“The Great Blue speaks of the Mean Green Woman?” Warmonga asks.

“Huh? Oh, yeah.” Drakken answers, his mood changing to a solemn one. “I don’t know where she could be, or if she’s even alive. And it’s all thanks to that Buffoon, and Kim Possible!” He slams his fist down on a nearby consol, enraged as the events of his last showdown with Kim & Ron play over in his head.

At that moment, Warmonga takes Drakken by the hand and picks him up, carrying him in her large arms. “Come, Great Blue. Warmonga knows how to assist with your problem, and make you happy.”

There’s a hint of seduction in her voice that doesn’t go unnoticed by Drakken, but he quickly disregards it. She carries him through the Technical Bridge of the ship and over towards a Purple Door. Once they reach the door, it slides open to reveal her personal quarters, which noticeably has a very large bed in the middle of it. Drakken is caught off guard by this sight, and it causes him to slip out of Warmonga’s arms and fall to the ground again.

“OK, this is gonna lead either some place really good or really bad.” He says, picking himself up.

“Warmonga will stimulate the Great Blue’s mind, by making him feel good.” She tells him, leaning down closer to him. Putting her massive arm around Drakken, she smothers his lips with hers; giving him a passionate & wet kiss the likes of which he’s never experienced. Things become even more overwhelming when her large tongue ventures into his mouth, almost flattening his. After a moment, she breaks the kiss and backs away, leaving Drakken dumbfounded by the experience. Walking over to the bed, she climbs onto it and lies down in the middle, spreading her legs wide open. She motions her finger to call Drakken to her.

“I am all yours, Great Blue.”

Not wanting to waste another second, Drakken strips out of his prison jumpsuit, leaving on only a tank top & a pair of boxers with green hearts on them (a present from Shego a few years back). He climbs into the bed and begins scaling the Amazon-like alien.

“My word, this is almost like climbing Mt. Everest.” He thinks to himself. Reaching her breasts, he grabs onto them with both hands, and finds that they are even bigger than his head. He pulls her outfit down and brings her watermelons out into the open. Wrapping his mouth around on of her nipples, he begins to suck on it; feeling like a mini-Tootsie Roll is in his mouth.

“Yes, Great Blue.” Warmonga cheers. “Have your way with me. Give me your Devine Rod.”

Drakken pulls down on his boxers; just enough to bring out his “Devine Rod”, as Warmonga literally rips her outfit off, exposing the rest of her well-toned, shapely (and very large) body. She waits in anticipation as he brings the head of his Cock to her love lips, then pushes inside of her snatch. Drakken finds himself balls deep inside of her. As he looks up, there is no sign of pain coming from her face. If anything, it’s all pleasure.

“Yes! More, Great Blue!” She begs. “Fill me up with your greatness!”

“This is Phenomenal.” Drakken thinks. “It’s almost like the perfect fit. Not like Shego, always complaining about how we should use lubricant.”

He pulls back and gives her a good thrust, and finds that Warmonga’s body has barely even moved. It’s at this moment Drakken decides not to hold back, and begins to pound his massive Cock inside of her like a Jackhammer. Even though her body remains almost perfectly still, Warmonga can feel Drakken’s Cock probing deep inside of her.

“More, Great Blue. Please!” She pleads. “Your loyal servant begs for more!”

Drakken responds by grabbing her legs, intending to lift them higher. He finds it to be a daunting task though, almost like bench-pressing weights. Getting them to his desired height, he starts plowing into Warmonga’s snatch without mercy, slamming into her so hard the sound echoes through the room, along with her moans of pleasure. It’s enough to bring Warmonga to her limit, somewhere she hasn’t been in a long time due to her travels through space.


Drakken’s on the verge himself, and gives her one last stroke when he feels Warmonga’s legs wrap around him, locking him in like an Anaconda. She sinks her fingers into the fabric of her bed (literally) as her orgasm hits. It’s an intense one, as her legs tighten, almost squeezing the air & life out of the Mad Doctor, and turning him even bluer than was thought possible. After a moment, Warmonga releases her leg hold, causing Drakken to gasp for air. He falls almost lifelessly on top of her, unwilling to move, fearing she may have shattered his pelvis & hipbone.

“Was Warmonga helpful, Great Blue?” She asks, not even feeling spent.

“Strangely…yes.” Drakken answers, exhausted. “I’ve just come up with a plan for Global, NO… Galactic Domination!”

End Prologue

Four Months Later…

In the basement of the Senior Villa Mansion, Senor Senior Junior guides a now completely healed & blindfolded Shego down its stairs carefully, holding her hand. Today is the day he has planned ever since she revealed her obvious desire for vengeance against Kim. He wants to reveal a special present to her, which is why she’s blindfolded. They reach the bottom of the stairs, where Junior leads her to the center of the room, which has a large tablet that’s covered by a sheet. Stopping right in front of the tablet, Shego becomes fed up and upset.

“Are you ready for your surprise, my dear villainous vixen?” Junior asks.

“Alright, you know what? Enough of this.” She says, snatching her hand away from his and taking off her blindfold. “Whatever Stupid surprise you got down here, you can just…just…”

She stops in mid-sentence once she lays her eyes on what awaits in the middle of the room. Junior removes the sheet to reveal on the tablet…what appears to be a normal suit, all black, with some parts trimmed dull green. A LOT like the jumpsuit Shego is currently wearing, only more skintight. She walks up to the tablet and looks at the suit, unimpressed.

“THIS is your surprise?” She says. “You made up all this fuss for a stupid Suit!?” She slams her fist onto the tablet in anger, which triggers a low, soft humming sound. Shego looks back at the suit and notices that the dull green trims are now glowing bright neon green. It doesn’t take her long to put two and two together.

“Wait…this, this kinda looks like Kimmy’s Battle Suit.”

“But it is your Battle Suit!” Junior announces. “You have been such a downer talking about revenge on that Kim Possible, so I had my father’s scientists work on a duplicate of that tacky Kim suit. They told me it has all of the same capabilities and more. And I handled the design. Black is so much your color.”

Not caring about what Junior just said, Shego picks up the suit and holds it up in front of her, admiring the style. “Oh yeah. I gotta try this baby on.”

Taking the suit, she heads for the nearest bathroom and walks in, slamming the door shut behind her. The scientists in the room begin preparation for battle-testing the suit, as Junior stands out of the way, wearing a cocky smirk on his face.

“Did you see the design? Totally my idea.” He says, nudging his elbow into a nearby scientist. Junior’s nudging stops when he hears the ringtone of his cell phone activated, playing “Hello” by the O’ Boyz. He pulls out his cell and answers the call. “You’ve got Junior. Talk to me, babe.”

“Junior? Baby?”

He instantly recognizes the voice. “Camille?”

“Ugh. About time I got through. These roaming charges are like, such a pain!”

“I know!” Junior agrees. “And all of the weekend minutes really put a cramp in my…Wait! Why are you calling?”

“OH! Junior, I need your help!”

“What is the matter?” Junior asks.

“There’s this like, crazy, overweight lady who’s running around Hollywood destroying Movie Studios with her…furry things! I think it might be Rosie O’Donnell. But the worse news is…she like, destroyed the studio that wanted to do MY movie!”

“Not to be offending to you Camille, but I do not see what this has to do with me.” Junior says.

“Well, maybe you could come down and, like, help me stop her.”

“Oh, No!” Junior replies. “No. We are, how you say, the Splits-ville. It is over between us. And there is nothing you can say that would change my mind.”

“The Studio your father owns is her next target.”

“AAHHH! Father will be furious!” Junior begins to panic, and gives in. “OK, I will travel to the Town of Tinsels to meet you. But this is business! That is all, so none of the hanky-panky!”

Junior hangs up the phone and sighs. The last thing he wants to do is see Camille Leon again, especially with Shego slowly warming up to him. But he has little choice in the matter, due to the situation. Junior makes his exit, climbing the stairs out of the basement, just as Shego emerges from her Changing Room, wearing her Battle Suit. She doesn’t notice him leaving, as several scientists swarm her and lead her over to a makeshift Target Range.

“Ms. Shego, if you could just follow us over to the Target Range, we can…”

“Ye—save it!” She says, cutting the scientist off. “I already know what to do.” She stands behind a white line, facing the range. A moment later, several likenesses of Global Justice Agents pop up all in one line. In the middle, there’s a likeness of Dr. Director, and Kim Possible. Grinning almost sadistically, Shego unleashes a blinding flurry of energy blasts at a rapid-fire rate, all of it enhanced by the suit. The plastic targets are obliterated within seconds, leaving nothing but their melted remains and no way to identify them even remotely. The grin on Shego’s face grows wider, as she looks at her right hand, feeling the enhanced power.

“Oh YEAH! Momma Likes!” She says. “Junior, come here! I wanna test out the strength of this baby!” She looks around and sees no sign of him. “Junior?”

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but Master Junior was called away on business.” The Mansion Butler says, descending the steps into the basement. “Though he did leave me with a request to see that you remain comfortable here.”

“Don’t bother, Jeeves.” Shego responds, putting her hand up to deny the request. “Something’s telling me Junior’s going where the action is. Well, he’s gonna have company on his trip. And if I’m lucky…” She ignites her right hand with a massive load of energy, turning it blindingly bright green as she holds it in front of her face, and clenches it into a fist. The sadistic grin still resting on her face. “…Maybe I’ll run into the Princess along the way.”
The Hollywood Chapters 2

“Alright you maggots, Listen up!”

Ron sits in the front row of desks inside of a darkened classroom, surrounded by his Varsity Football teammates. At the front of the room Mr. Barkin walks back & forth in front of a Chalkboard which has a Football Play drawn on it. He looks out at his student-players like a Drill Sergeant looks out at troops, and addresses them as such also.

“The Championship Game is 2 weeks away.” He continues. “So we need to make sure that we have each & every play locked into our minds Perfectly! Meaning we go over our ultimate play one more time! Now…is EVERYONE paying attention?”

Barkin directs his gaze over at Ron, referring especially to him. Ron responds by bringing out a notepad & pencil. “Don’t worry Mr. B, I’m ready to take notes.” Rufus hops up onto the desk and salutes Barkin, ready to help Ron out.

Barkin just turns and walks over to the chalkboard. “Alright. Now, the Quarterback drops back and hands off to the Halfback. The Halfback drops the ball for the Quarterback. The Quarterback picks it up and drops back while the Fullback blocks the Linebacker. The Halfback runs back around the back of the line for the Quarterback. The Fullback takes out the Linebacker. The Quarterback gets back behind the Fullback’s back and throws to the Halfback so he can run it back! And if you don’t execute the play, you’ll all be on your backs! Am I understood!?”

Barkin looks back out to his student-players only to see each & every one of them confused beyond belief. Especially Ron, who looks like he’s just experienced a Brain Shutdown. Even Rufus is baffled over “The Play”. Barkin just drops his head and sighs, shaking it slowly as the School Bell rings. A moment later, the players snap out of it and head out of class, including Ron.

“We’re going over these plays again on Monday, people.” Mr. Barkin calls out to his players. “AND YOU’RE ALL DOING LAPS, ESPECIALLY YOU STOPPABLE!!!”

“Aw, man.” Ron responds, walking down the hall. “It’s not my fault we can’t tell whether that’s a play or plans to a Nuclear Device.”

He makes his way past rows of lockers and through dozens of students until he reaches his destination, Kim’s locker, with Kim standing in front of it. “Hey, Ron. Why do you look so burnt out?”

“Because my brain’s been cooked like a Naco.” He responds.

Kim just smirks, knowing he’s been through another Barkin session. “Then maybe this will cool it off.” She leans in and gently kisses his lips, putting her arms around him. The kiss is short, but when Kim breaks it, she sees that it’s more than enough to put a smile on her boyfriend’s face.

“Oh yeah.” He says, grinning. “Cool as a cucumber.” But Ron’s coolness fades when Kim’s locker door flies open and a beam of light shoots out, generating into what looks like a Ghost image of a Woman.


“Calm down, Ron.” The two turn back towards Kim’s locker to see Wade’s face on the computer screen. “It’s a special message from Global Justice. Straight from Dr. Director herself.”

Sure enough, the ghostly holographic image sharpens into Dr. Betty Director. “Greetings Kimberly, Ronald. Global Justice is in need of your special skills again.”

“Wait, why didn’t you just zoom us to your Headquarters like you always do?” Ron asks.

“The Transportation tubes are being upgraded for faster travel from Middleton.” She tells him. “But to the matter, we need you for a mission in Los Angeles. More specifically, Hollywood.”

“Hollywood? BOOYAH!!!” Ron cheers, pulling a pair of shades out of his pocket and putting them on. “Fancy Cars, Movie Stars, and the Bling-Bling Life, hey Rufus?”

Rufus pops out of Ron’s pocket, also wearing a pair of shades. “Mm-Hmm!”

“Ron, we’re going there for business.” Kim tells him.

“Indeed” Dr. Director agrees, before continuing. “There have been reports of wild riots & severe vandalism caused by gigantic animal creatures.”

“Gigantic Animals?” Ron says. “Oh wait, you can’t mean…” He gets his answer when the hologram shows an image of several Furry-like creatures, all being led by DNAmy.

“Yes, it seems that DNAmy has made her return.” Dr. Director says.

“No big.” Kim responds. “We’ll get the first ride out West.”

“I’m working on it right now.” Wade chimes in, before typing away at his computer.

“Please & thank you.” Kim tells him, before shutting the locker door. She & Ron begin to make their way down the hall when a familiar voice is overheard.

“Did someone say Tinseltown?”

Almost out of nowhere, Bonnie appears in front of Kim & Ron, her ears catching the mission briefing Kim was given. “You’re gonna need some backup for this, K. Someone who can hobnob with the stars.”

“Sorry, B.” Kim snaps back. “But hobnobbing snobs aren’t needed for this mission.”

“That’s right! This is a mission for Team Possible!” This time out of nowhere, Monique walks up and puts her arm around Kim, grinning. But Kim shoots her down also.

“Sorry Monique, but it’s just me & Ron this time.” Kim tells her. “Mission’s too dangerous with those animals loose, plus it’s not fashion related.”

“Oh, come on!” Monique says. “Who’s to say you won’t need a new look fighting evil? Besides…” She grabs Kim’s shoulders and pleads with her. “…I NEED to meet MC Honey & the Oh Boyz!”

Kim just smiles and removes Monique’s hands. “Sorry, Monique. But I got you next time, girl.” She says, before walking off with Ron, leaving Bonnie & Monique behind. The two look Kim & Ron together, making their way to the exit, and can’t help but to feel a bit of resentment…Bonnie far more than Monique.

“This is so not fair.” Bonnie says. “They get to party in Movie Star Land while I have to remain here in boring Middleton.”

At that moment, Monique develops a smirk on her face. “You know…we don’t have to stay behind.” Bonnie turns to her, confused about what she means. “Just watch.”

Monique turns towards Kim’s locker and opens it up. With a few keystrokes, she activates a channel that connects her to Wade. “What’s the problem…Monique? What are you doing on here?”

“We need the location Kim’s ride is leaving from.” Monique tells him.

“Monique, you know I can’t do that.” Wade replies. “This mission is Global Justice priority, meaning Authorized Personnel Only.”

“Oh, I think I have the clearance needed.” Monique counters, clutching the bottom of her T-shirt with both hands. She then lifts it up enough to reveal her bare round breasts to Wade, flashing him for 2 seconds before pulling her T-shirt back down. The 2 seconds were enough though, as Wade stares back at her in shock.

“I arranged a ride from Middleton Union Station.” He says, in somewhat of a daze.

“Thanks, Wade.” Monique replies, before shutting the locker door. She & Bonnie then make their way to the rear exit of the school, when Bonnie remarks on what she just saw.

“Using your sex appeal to gain information? You’re picking up some of my best traits.”

Later that Night…

At the Middleton Union Station, a fully loaded passenger train is just pulling out, ready to make a speedy trip to it’s destination, Hollywood. The 5th passenger car is where Kim & Ron make their stay, packing their mission gear into the overhead compartment before sitting down in their seats. Across the aisle from Kim sits a familiar looking woman who’s reading a pamphlet. She’s wearing a light gray suit jacket with a blue blouse underneath, a brown business skirt, black high heals and a baby blue headband. Neither Kim nor the mysterious woman pay attention or even notice one another, not even when the woman gets up from her seat. As the train moves into full gear, she exits the 5th car and enters the 4th, the First Class car. The woman looks around to see a row of doors in front of her, each leading to a private room where the occupant can ride, dine & sleep in peace. She walks over to the 3rd door on the right and looks through the window to see Senior Junior sitting there, staring out of his window as he watches the farmland pass him by. But when she opens the door to his cabinet, the Conductor of the train approaches her.

“Excuse me ma’am, but I will need to see your ticket.”

The woman turns towards the Conductor to introduce herself. “Well Hi! I’m Miss Go, the talent agent of that wonderful up-and-coming actor in there, Senior Junior.”

Shego a.k.a. Miss Go grins at the Conductor, who’s just fallen for her ruse. “Really, he’s a movie star? On my train?”

“You got it.” She answers cheerfully. “I was just about to talk to him about his latest role…uh, as a Train Conductor in his next movie!”

“Oh, this is like a dream come true!” The Conductor swoons.

“Tell ya what, how about I get you his autograph, and then later he can get some pointers from you for his role?” Miss Go asks.

“Absolutely!” He responds, before heading off to check other tickets. “OH! I’m going to be chatting with an actual movie star! Oh, happy day!”

As the Conductor heads into the next car, Miss Go reverts back to her classic Shego self. “Ye—that guy, one Boxcar short of a Freight Train.” With that, she opens the door to Junior’s room and walks in, startling him.

“OOH! Uh, pardon, Miss. But this cabin is…Shego?”

“UGH! I Hate playing the goody-two-shoes!” She says as she snatches off her blue headband and letting her Jet Black hair flow freely.

“What are you doing here?” Junior asks.

“No, no, no, no!” Shego says, sitting down across from him. “I ask the questions here. Now why’re you heading off to Hollywood?”

“I am afraid that is of a private matter.” Junior responds.

“Uh-huh. And I’m afraid I’ll throw you from this train if you don’t spill!” Shego counters.

“AAHHH! OK!” Junior screams, giving in. “I am on my way to the Tinseltown to save my father’s investment. There is a crazy woman wreaking havoc in Hollywood, and she threatens to destroy my father’s Film Company.”

Shego begins to think for a moment on that explanation. “Hmmm, let me guess, crazy lady had giant furry animals with her?”

“Why…Yes.” Junior replies, shocked by Shego’s accurate guess. “How did you know?”

“Cause its DNAmy.” She tells him, shaking her head. “I knew they couldn’t keep her in the Looney Bin. You’re lucky I came along, you’re gonna need some help putting her down.”

“B-But, you were supposed to stay behind and train with your spiffy new suit.” Junior tells her.

“Ye—Junior? I do my best training when I’m ACTUALLY kicking ass.” Shego replies. “I don’t waste time with stupid Training sessions. Speaking of wasting time…”

Shego develops a seductive grin across her face as she reaches for the light switch & flicks it off, leaving nothing but moonlight barely illuminating the room. She then slowly creeps over towards Junior and lies against him, almost straddling his left leg. “This train ride is gonna be a long trip. We should keep ourselves busy.”

She presses her lips against his in a deep kiss, while she lets her left hand roam down his Junior’s body, until she reaches his pants. Using both hands now, she gets them unbuckled and starts stroking his Cock, pulling it out into the open. Junior’s hands go to work also, as he reaches behind Shego and starts to palm her firm, round ass. But after a couple of gropes & rubs, he notices something a little surprising, and it’s enough for him to break the kiss.

“You…you are not wearing panties?”

“I work better when I go Commando.” She says, grinning back at him. It’s all Junior needs to hear, as they lock lips again. He resumes squeezing and groping her ass, even running his fingers across her pussy lips. But he does well to stay away from her asshole, knowing that action near there is like setting off a Nuclear Bomb for her. As they continue to suck on each other’s lips, they feel themselves becoming ready. Junior’s Cock is hard as steel & ready for entry, while Shego’s pussy has never been wetter. Ceasing with the foreplay, Shego brings her hands up and literally rips open her blouse, exposing her breasts. She then breaks the kiss and brings her left leg over, straddling herself onto him. She hovers for a moment, hiking up her, before bringing herself down onto his Cock.

“Oh, Fuck yeah!” She swoons. “Ready for a long ride, Junior?”

Gently wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she slowly rocks her hips; moving them at an angle and bringing his Cock nearly all the way out, before taking all of it back in. Junior puts his hands on her hips and lays back, enjoying the ride.

“Mmmm, so did Camille every ride you like this on your tape?” Shego asks seductively.

Junior is a little hesitant to answer the question, but does anyway. “Unfortunately…No. In fact, that tape is the only time we’ve done it.”

Shego shoots him a surprised look. “Seriously?”

“Yes. In fact it is the reason we broke up.” He confesses. “That and she slept with the Oh Boyz while on their tour.”

“Geez, I thought it was just rumors. She is a slut.” Shego says, before turning her full attention to Junior. “And I bet she has nothing on me.”

She speeds up her hip movements and begins going at a moderate pace. Leaning back in, she French-kisses Junior, letting her tongue explore his mouth. Muffled moans emit from her as he begins thrusting in unison with her. Junior’s hands move down lower, clenching her ass yet again. In his mind, Junior knows that Shego’s right. Sex was OK with Camille, but it’s heaven with Shego. He can feel her bare breasts pressed against his chest, as she sucks on his lips and wrestles with his tongue. After minutes of steamy close-up action, Shego finally breaks the kiss, leaving a small, thin line of saliva connecting their mouths. She drags her hands gently down to his chest and begins to ride his Cock a little rougher than before.

“Oh you love it, don’t you?” She says, bringing in dirty talk. “You love it when I ride your Cock.”

“Oh heavenly father, yes.” Junior declares. His eyes are focused on Shego’s plump, round breasts as the moonlight shines down upon them, giving them an almost heavenly glow. His Cock continues to penetrate deep inside her, but he’s getting closer to his limit, and can’t hold on for much longer.

“Shego…I feel I may be coming soon…” He warns.

“Huh, what?” She says, snapping out of her euphoria state. “No! No, not yet! Mama’s getting hers this time, now make me cum!”

She clenches her fist tightly, and Junior knows that she is serious. He begins picking up his own pace, pumping in & out of her snatch faster than she expected. Shego has to grab onto his shoulders to keep balance, but she holds on as her limit nears.

“Yeah, Oh Fuck, Baby!” She cheers. “Keep fucking me! Just like that!”

It takes nearly all of his willpower to hold back his urge to cum, as Junior continues to pound her pussy relentlessly. Shego bites her lower lip and tightens her grip on Junior’s shoulders. Her orgasm hits and she stifles a scream, but it still comes out as a load moan. Her body trembles momentarily, and she tosses her head back and relishes the moment.

“Fuck! That was so good.” She says, nearly feeling spent. As she brings her head back, she looks at Junior and notices he hasn’t come yet. “You wanna cum, baby? Yeah. Come on! Shoot it all inside of me!”

She rocks her hips back and forth again, wanting to bring Junior to his limit. It doesn’t take long, as his orgasm hits and he shoots his load deep into her snatch. Shego leans forward and kisses him once more, muffling his moans so that they won’t be heard. He continues to let off almost like a firehose, and excess cum starts dribbling out of her pussy. Shego doesn’t care though, and neither does Junior. After a minute, they break the kiss, and Shego smiles at him.

“Bet that bimbo never made you cum like that, did she?” She asks.

“Not…even…close.” Junior responds, drifting off into slumber. Shego soon joins him as she rests her head against his chest, and the two fall asleep.

The Next Day…

A nearly 24-hour ride finally comes to an end when the train reaches its destination, Los Angeles. The almost cavernous train station is huge enough to hold 40 to 50,000 people, so it’s no surprise that Shego & Junior were easily able to get off the train and travel through the station without detection. Kim & Ron are still by their train, as they wait for the cargo loaders to finish unloading their equipment.

“Why did Global Justice give us all of this stuff?” Ron asks.

“Most of it is surveillance and Covert Ops.” Kim answers. “It’s just a bunch of High-Tech Binoculars and junk.” At that moment, a huge wooden crate is slammed down in front of them. “Except that.”

“Uh, sir?” Ron says, getting the attention of one of the loaders. “This crate isn’t ours. I’d think we remember something this gigantic.”

“It’s got your names on it.” The Loader responds, before turning to help the other passengers. Kim looks at the stamp put on the front of the crate. The stamp reads: Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable property.

“Our names are on it.” Kim says, looking suspiciously at the crate. “But I don’t trust it.”

Ron feels the same way, and puts his ear to the crate, trying to listen for anything suspicious. Strangely, he does hear sounds coming from inside. “O-OK. Either this crate is haunted, or it’s a trap from one of our foes. RUFUS!”

The loyal Naked Mole Rat pops out of Ron’s pocket, scampers up to his shoulder, and then leaps onto the crate. Taking a moment, he paces back & forth along the edge of the crate, until coming to a sudden stop. He then leaps into the air and stomps down on the edge, jimmying the crate open. The door slowly teeters and falls down, giving Kim & Ron a look at what’s inside. What they see is a shock within itself. Bonnie & Monique were the ones in the crate, and they’re lying in a very suggestive position; Bonnie on top of Monique, legs straddled.

“Uh…Hi, Kim.” They both say to the Redheaded Spy, who’s not wearing a pleased look.

“Mind telling me why you hijacked my luggage to come along?” She asks.

“Yeah, and why you’re lying like that.” Ron adds.

Finally noticing the position they’re in, the two quickly push off & separate from each other. “Look, like it or not Ms. Perfect, you need me.” Bonnie tells Kim, standing to her feet. “Stars know information. Big stars know more information. And I’m the one who can get it.”

Bonnie folds her arms and smirks at Kim, expressing the brashness Kim & Ron have become use to throughout the years. It’s a different story with Monique, though.

“You HAVE to take me with you, girl!” Monique pleads, grabbing Kim’s arm. “This may be my only chance to meet MC Honey! You can’t deny that for your Best Friend!”

Kim just sighs and activates her Kimmunicator. “Wade, I’m gonna need a pickup to send two stowaways back to Middleton.”

“Actually, I think they should stay.”

Kim cocks an eyebrow up when she notices the voice is not Wade’s. “Dr. Director?”

Like clockwork, her face appears on the Kimmunicator screen. “Global Justice scientists have just made a breakthrough. They believe that there could be a ‘Bonnie & Monique’ factor that enhances your mission success.”

Both Kim & Ron drop their jaws in shock. “You’re kidding, right?” Kim asks.

“Not in the least.” Dr. Director answers, her usual serious self. “Since you’re the events that occurred at Drakken’s complex, your missions have been far more efficient & successful when they accompany you, even in the face of impossible odds. I think they should remain while our scientists examine their effect. Your ride should be there to pick you up shortly.”

The communication is cut off, leaving Kim stuck with her two star-struck classmates. “You heard the woman.” Bonnie tells her with a smug grin. “You need the ‘Bonnie’ factor to help you with your mission stuff.”

“That’s the Bonnie & MONIQUE factor.” Monique chimes in.

“You’re right, I do need it.” Kim agrees, developing a smug grin of her own on her face. “But now, I need your ‘factor’ to help carry the bags.”

Both Kim & Ron walk away, leaving the heavy luggage with their two classmates. “Oh, no. I do NOT do heavy lifting. Find some other—OOMMPHH!!!”

Bonnie feels a heavy bag jammed into her gut by Monique, who’s carrying 4 of her own. “Oh yes you do, if you wanna hobnob with the stars…Bon-Bon.” Monique moves on ahead to catch up with Kim & Ron. Reluctantly, Bonnie picks up the rest of the bags and follows behind, grumbling under her breath along the way.

As the four exit out of the Train Station, they hear the honking of a car horn. Looking around, Kim spots that their ride has arrived for them…an all-white Stretch Limo with 14-karat gold trimming and a Jacuzzi in the back. The back door of the Limp opens up to show the person responsible for this ride…Pop Diva Superstar Britina.

“Heard you needed a ride, Kim.” She says. “And I thought you’d like to ride in style.”

The sight of a true Hollywood star up close proves to be too much for Bonnie & Monique, and they promptly freak out. Charging the Limo, they toss the luggage over to the side and barge their way in. Unfortunately, it was the side Ron was standing, and he ends up buried. Kim climbs into the Limo and glares at the two.

“Nice job, ladies.” She says sarcastically. “I think you gave Ron a concussion.”

“Well…he’s a strong guy. He’s on the Football Team.” Bonnie says, defending herself.

“And you Monique?” Kim asks, turning to her best friend.

“Well…Bonnie did it, too.” Monique replies, before turning her attention to Britina.

“Don’t worry about it, Kim.” Britina tells her. “My bodyguards can handle the luggage.”

Kim looks back out of the car window to see several large men walking over to the pile of luggage. Within seconds they lift up each & every bag, freeing Ron from his suitcase captivity. “Heh, yeah, thanks guys. But I had that. Just a couple of more seconds I would’ve powered my way out.” Kim just smiles as Ron climbs into the Limo and sits beside her. Bonnie & Monique continue to marvel over Britina as the Limo pulls off away from the Train Station.

Later That Night…

Deep in the heart of Beverly Hills rests Britina’s summer home, now currently a covert base of operations for Global Justice. Not many agents are there though, and those that are remain well hidden. Team Possible is in the process of making themselves at home. Bonnie & Monique tour the Mansion while Kim gets a further mission briefing from a GJ Agent. Once informed, she turns around to see Ron walking up, fresh off of discovering a Bueno Nacho Restaurant on the 2nd floor.

“OK, does every rich celebrity have a Bueno Nacho in their house?” He asks, feeling a little jealous. ‘Why didn’t I think of that when I was rich?”

Kim is about to answer him when her Kimmunicator goes off. She pulls it out of her pocket and answers as it shows Dr. Director’s face on the screen. “Kimberly, we need to discuss your tactical plan for confrontation. Especially if you’re going to be using the Battle Suit.”

“Cool, I could go for a little mission briefing.” Ron says, putting his arm around his girlfriend.

“Sorry, Ronald. But this briefing is only for Special Level One agents & associates.” Dr. Director informs him.

“You should get some sleep anyway, Ron. We had a long trip.” Kim says, as a small hole pops open under her. She drops into it and is sent to Global Justice Headquarters, leaving Ron at the Mansion.

“Well, maybe KP is right.” He says. “I am a little tired. And…”

“Ron! There you are!”

He turns around to see Britina walking up behind him. “I need your help with something in my room. You know, kinda guy stuff.”

Ron smirks and cracks his knuckles, ready to go to work. “Yep! No problem, Britina. I am all over it. You got the Ron Man’s strength at your disposal.” Feeling useful, Ron follows Britina up the main staircase leading to the 2nd floor. They reach the top and proceed down a long hallway, which looks to have a dozen doors on each side. After a bit of walking, they finally reach Britina’s room. She opens the door and invites Ron to go in first.

“THIS IS YOUR BEDROOM???” Ron’s jaw drops as he stares into her bedroom, which more than dwarfs his by comparison. In fact, at this moment, Ron’s pretty sure he can fit his entire house into this room.

“You just go sit on my bed.” Britina tells him. “I’m gonna get a little more comfortable.”

She walks into her bathroom and shuts the door behind her as Ron sits down on the edge of her bed. Looking around the room, he sees various awards that Britina has won over the years for her music. Her walls are covered with Gold & Platinum Records, and a large bookcase by the door holds her music awards.

“Whoa. I can’t believe I’m seeing this.” Ron says to himself. “She’s got a lot of awards stacked up in her bedroom. Wait…I’m in her bedroom. That usually means…”

Before he can finish his sentence, the door to the bathroom swings back open, showing Britina in more “comfortable” wear. She has on a tight Baby T-shirt, white lace panties, thigh-high white socks and white high heels. Seductively she strolls over to her bed, causing Ron to panic and climb into it. It’s at this point that he notices the bed is heart-shaped.

“How the hell did I miss that?!” He thinks to himself, before turning to Britina. “Wait! We can’t do this, I’m dating Kim!”

“I know.” Britina says, climbing into bed and over towards Ron. “But I also heard about everyone else you’ve been with. And since me & Kim are BFF’s, I know she won’t mind sharing.”

Ron lies down on the bed as Britina hovers over him, ready to experience ‘The Ron Factor’. “It’s just that, I’ve been through so many photo shoots and so many tours that I never have time for this.” She tells him, grabbing his pants and tugging them down to his knees. “It just gets so frustrating. But I know that the Ron Man can help me with that.”

Frustrating. That very word sends a chill down Ron’s spine. He’s heard it so many times before, and he knows exactly what it leads to. Britina grabs his hand and willingly places it on her ass, then leans in to get things started. She gets closer, and closer, and…

“Well, well, well.”

Both Ron & Britina turn towards the bedroom door and witness an unexpected and frightening sight…Bonnie standing in the doorway.

“Caught with your pants down, huh Ron?”
The Hollywood Chapters 3

“I’m gonna need Witness Protection.”

Those five words play through Ron’s mind as he finds himself caught in a compromising position, with Britina on top hovering over him, her lips just inches from his. Bonnie leans against the doorway wearing a white guest robe that was given to her.

“Uh, this isn’t what it looks like?” Ron says, hoping for the best.

“That’s funny, because it looks like you’re about to get freaky with a Big Name Celebrity.” Bonnie replies, walking into the room and untying her robe. “And it looks like I’m gonna join in.”

She opens up her robe and takes it off, letting it fall to the floor. Ron’s eyes widen in shock as he sees Bonnie is wearing the exact same outfit that Britina has on, right down to the lace panties. “Like it?” Bonnie asks, semi-posing for Ron. “I subscribe to the Britina Line in Victoria’s Secret.” As Ron lies there stunned, Bonnie climbs onto the heart-shaped bed and joins the two. “You don’t mind the company, do you?”

Britina shakes her head no at the question, but Ron has a different response. “OK, I mind! I very much mind right now!”

“Maybe we shouldn’t.” Britina says. “I mean he really looks like he doesn’t want to do this.”

Bonnie just smirks and points a finger down Ron’s body. Britina follows the finger and notices the raging erection Ron has, one that threatens to nearly rip his Dick out of his boxers. “The Cock never lies.” Bonnie tells her.

“OK, that is out of my control!” Ron counters. “Honestly, it could happen to any man!”

“Would you stop resisting, Ron?” Bonnie tells him, as she moves her left hand into his Boxers and starts stroking his Rod gently. “You’re about to have sex me AND a Hot Celebrity. You’re basically living the dream.”

She lies down over Ron at the waist and grabs his Cock with her right hand. Licking her lips, she proceeds to start licking the head & shaft, before engulfing half of it into her mouth. Before Ron can say anything in protest, he feels his lips being smothered by Britina’s. A conflict is then set off in himself, part of him once this to end, but another part agrees with Bonnie and wants to keep this going even further.

“Aw, man. I shouldn’t be doing this!” He thinks. “But this is a once in a lifetime chance. Ahh, curse my male need to screw a Celebrity!”

And it’s that male need, along with Bonnie’s tongue, that makes him give in. He returns the makeout to Britina, even inserting his tongue into her mouth, which she more than invites. His hands explore her body, paying attention to her breasts first. He lifts up her T-shirt and begins to fondle them, as Britina wraps her arms around him. Meanwhile Bonnie is working Ron’s Cock around in her mouth, using her right hand to grip the shaft and her left hand to caress his balls. She takes most of it out of her mouth, only leaving the head as she rotates her tongue around it, before she swallows it back up. After a minute of fondling, Ron starts to move his hands lower, until he reaches Britina’s heavenly round backside. He pulls them down a little, just below her cheeks, and delves his two fingers into her awaiting snatch.

“OOOHHHHHH!!!” Britina lets out a satisfied moan, breaking the kiss. Ron takes this opportunity to taste her breasts, wrapping his lips around her nipple. She places her right hand under her breast and holds it up for him to lick & suck on more.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Keep licking, Ron.” She moans, enjoying the sensation. Ron’s fingers continue to go to work on her pussy, which is now becoming slick & wet enough for entry. At that moment, Bonnie removes her mouth from his Rod, as Ron grabs Britina and rolls over, putting her on the bed under him. He kicks off his pants and pulls his boxers down to his knees, more than ready to give her his Cock. Bonnie sits to the side, feeling a bit jealous.

“Hmmph! It should be me going first.” She utters under her breath, turning away and pouting.

Grabbing hold of his Rod, Ron guides it through her wet pussy lips and plunges it deep inside of her. Britina gives off a sudden gasp, not completely ready for all Ron has to offer. She recovers quickly though, and narrows her legs so that her thighs rub against Ron’s sides. The feel of her soft, velvety skin intoxicates him, as he begins to stroke himself in & out of her wet snatch. Still, thoughts of Kim linger in his mind, and Bonnie doesn’t help the situation.

“You should be thanking me, Ron.” Bonnie says seductively, bringing herself closer to him. “Kim would never let you have the chance to fuck a Celebrity.”

Before he can even reply to that remark, she kisses him, smothering his lips with hers and running her tongue into his mouth. As he continuously pumps Britina’s pussy, his right hand begins to roam down Bonnie’s body, until it reaches her firm round ass. Then, just as with Britina, Ron pulls her panties down below her cheeks and begins to rub his fingers against her lower lips. The pleasure from it causes Bonnie to break the kiss and moan aloud in passion. Grabbing hold of his shirt, she pulls it off over his head before falling back onto the bed, landing beside Britina.

“Oh God…he’s so good with his hands…and his Cock.” She says between gasps and moans.

“You have no idea.” Bonnie replies with a grin.

Ron, now bare-chested, starts to pick up his pace and drills deep into Britina’s snatch. He moves her left leg so that her ankle rests on his shoulder. With a clearer path, he continues to drill her a little harder, making her gasp & moan loudly with each thrust. She grips her bed sheets and hangs on, taking as much as she can and wanting more.

“God, it’s been so long!” She thinks. “Not even Nicky Nick could make me feel like this.”

She grits her teeth as she feels Ron’s hard pipe reaching deeper then she’s ever felt, even with a dildo. Sweat drips off of her body, and her ponytailed hair is now a frizzled mess. She starts to fondle her own breasts, as she gently bites her lower lip, feeling a level of pleasure she hasn’t ever experienced. Within moments she feels herself nearing her limit at a rapid pace, unable to stop it and unwilling to.

“OH FUCK, I’M GONNA CUM!!!” She screams.

“UGH! ME TOO, BRITINA!!” Ron answers.

He gives her one more stroke then pulls out of her, just in time as he starts shooting his load out, spraying it over her stomach, breasts, and even hitting her face. She couldn’t care less, though. It’s the longest & hardest orgasm she’s ever experienced, and all she wants to do is bathe in the afterglow. But as Ron pulls out, he finds that there’s someone else who wants that same feeling.

“You better have enough left for me, Ron.” Bonnie tells him, grabbing hold of his shoulders and pulling him down on top of her.

“Just…5 minutes, Bonnie.” He replies, a bit exhausted from his go-around with Britina. Unfortunately, that wasn’t what Bonnie wanted to hear.

“So you think you can fuck Britina and just finger me?” She counters. “No. Way. Start using your tongue.”

Bonnie’s bossy nature rears it’s ugly head, and it almost takes Ron out of the mood. But remembering that Bonnie won’t hesitate to tell Kim about this keeps him going. Moving down her body, he kisses her breasts, then her stomach and lower, until he reaches his destination. He moves between her legs and dives in head first, putting his tongue to work on his snatch. Bonnie lets out a moan of pleasure as she feels Ron’s tongue probing into her.

“Oh yeah, Ron! That’s it!” Bonnie tells him. “Lick it!”

She puts her right hand on his head, running her fingers though his blonde hair and holding him there. Ron continues to “have dinner” between Bonnie’s legs, kissing & licking her inner thighs along with her love lips. Bonnie’s now gripping the bed sheets tightly, as he breathing becomes labored. Ron really gets into eating her out, so much so that he brings his hands up under her rear and elevates her lower body inches off the bed. At this point, Bonnie is approaching her limit like a runaway Freight Train.


A few seconds later she does, hitting her orgasm so hard she gushes into Ron’s face, causing him to drop her back down to the bed. As he wipes his face clean, Bonnie looks up at Ron, still feeling spent from the orgasm, and gives her opinion of his performance.

“Next time use you better use your tongue better, Ron.”

And with those words, Bonnie has broken the last straw. “That does it, woman!” He says, grabbing her hips and rolling her over onto her stomach. Bonnie’s in shock about what’s going on, but she’s too winded now to fight back. Gazing down, it only takes a quick look at Bonnie’s soaked pussy and a few strokes of his Cock to get Ron ready.

“You want Big Ron Bonnie, you got Big Ron!” He says, leaning forward. He guides his Rod to her pussy, then shoves it balls deep inside of her, causing her eyes to widen in shock.


Immediately Ron starts giving her the pleasure she wanted in droves, slamming his Cock deep inside of her with each stroke. The impact of skin slapping skin echoes throughout the room, and is enough to snap Britina out of her Orgasm-induced daze. Ron reaches under Bonnie and lifts up her T-shirt, exposing her breasts. He fondles the right one, rubbing & tweaking her nipple as he leaves the other pressed against the bed. Bonnie moves her right hand under herself and begins to rub her clit feverishly, as she bites down on her lower lips trying to stifle loud moans of pleasure. As Britina rolls over and looks on with amazement, Ron holds onto Bonnie’s hand with his own from behind. Their bodies shimmer with sweat that makes them glow even in the low light. In all the times Bonnie has been with Ron, never has he been this deep inside of her. Her usually perfect hair looks like an Atom Bomb struck it, and she can barely keep her eyes open, overwhelmed by Ron’s Rod ramming into her from behind continuously. He keeps his body close, working his hips in a constant motion that brings both of them closer to their limit again. Soon, neither is able to hold back.

“GOD! RON, I’M GONNA CUM!!!” Bonnie cries.

“ME TOO!!!” Ron replies. Giving her one last deep stroke, Ron pulls out and unleashes his second load, spraying it all over Bonnie’s luscious & sweat-covered ass. Bonnie’s body trembles in ecstasy. That orgasm was unquestionably huger than the one Ron gave her with his tongue. Ron, dog-tired, falls almost lifelessly to the bed, landing between Britina & Bonnie. Breathing heavily, he can barely move a muscle, and doesn’t notice Britina cuddling up next to him until she comes into his vision.

“Wow! I can’t believe you made her cum that hard.” She says.

“Yeah.” Ron responds tiredly. “But she’s…gonna kill me…for being…so rough.”

Just then, Ron feels Bonnie’s arm drape across his chest. Exhaustedly she begins to sit up and crawl towards him, wearing a vindictive look. Ron’s too tired to try and escape so he braces himself for whatever beating or tongue-lashing Bonnie wants to inflict. He gets the latter, though not in the fashion he expected. Bonnie wraps her lips around his and French kisses Ron, bringing her leg up and wrapping it around his. After a minute, she finally breaks the kiss and looks at him with fatigued eyes and a bushed, but satisfied grin.

“Thanks…Big Ron.” She says, before resting her head on his shoulder.

“Yeah, thanks Big Ron.” Britina adds, turning Ron’s head towards her and applying her lips to his. The two lovely ladies lie huddled close to Ron Stoppable, who just can’t help but to feel like, so many times before, the luckiest man alive.

“No problem, ladies…my pleasure.”

At That Moment…

On the other side of Beverly Hills, a large celebration has just gotten underway. Dozens of celebrities have flocked to one Mansion, ready to party until sunup. In the middle of it all is the eternal party girl, Camille Leon. She dances with several half-naked Speedo-clad males around her, not having a care in the world…at least until the doorbell rings. Breaking away from the party, she walks over to the already open front door to see Senior Junior standing in the doorway.

“Junior, I am so glad you came!” She says, wearing a joyous grin.

“Yes, I would’ve been earlier but it is so hard dodging the Paparazzi.” Junior replies, before several photographers out of nowhere surround him. He poses for their pictures for a moment, before they scatter away.

“Ugh. Like, tell me about it.” Just then, they flood back and swarm Camille as she poses for their flashes. As they disperse again, Shego comes out from the darkness outside wearing a confused look.

“O…K? What’s with the flash happy photographers?”

“Who is this, Junior?” Camille asks annoyed.

Shego just looks back at her feeling somewhat shocked. “You don’t know? Wait a minute you gotta be kidding me. You don’t know who I am?”

Camille leans forward and takes a closer look at her. After a minute, she finally recognizes the face. “OH! You’re that green lady who hangs out with the blue guy and wears those tacky clothes.”

That sentence is enough to send Shego into a furious rage, as she clenches her fists and ignite them. “WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU LITTLE—?!”

“Heh, she is tired from the trip here.” Junior interrupts, putting his mouth over Shego’s.

Camille just rolls her eyes and walks away. “Whatevs.”

Junior breathes a sigh of relief, successfully avoiding any clash between Shego & Camille. But he pays for his actions when Shego delivers a sharp elbow to his gut. “Next time, I’m dragging her around Beverly Hills by her hair!”

“Please, Shego.” Junior tells her, holding his gut. “We need to assist her with this problem, so that my father’s movie company will not be destroyed.”

“Just remember, I’m getting 6 Million out of this, got that?” Shego reminds him.

“Yes, of course.” Junior agrees. “I need to talk to Camille for more information. You can go do the mingle at the party.”

“Ye—I don’t mingle. These snooty Hollywood parties just plain…HELLO!!!!!!” Several objects of affection come into Shego’s view, as she spots the Speedo-clad men who were just dancing with Camille. “MAMA’S READY TO PARTY!!!!”

With a look of lust in her eyes, she storms through the party crowd over towards the men. Junior looks concerned with Shego’s decision at first, but waves it off. Spotting Camille by the bar, he makes his way over there. “OK, I am here. Now what about my father’s studio being attacked?”

“Huh?” Camille replies, losing track of thought for a moment. “OH! Like, some psycho TV Talk show reject called DNAmy is running around with animals, trashing all the Hollywood studios! Luckily, they didn’t hit the one that wants to do my life story. I was thinking of having Heather what’s-her-name play me in the movie, but maybe not, cause of the lips.”

Junior just rolls his eyes as Camille’s self-serving rant reminds him of why they split. “OK, that is very good.” He interrupts. “But has this DNAmy attacked my father’s studio?”

“Uh, no.” She tells him. “She, like, hasn’t been seen in a few days. I think she went underground to her hideout or something.” Suddenly, she switches the subject as she reaches over and playfully runs her fingers down Junior’s chest. “I’m so glad you came, Junior. Maybe we can…pick up where we left off?”

She slowly leans forward and puckers her lips, intending to plant them on Junior’s. But as she gets a mere inch away, she feels someone sharply pulling her hair back, and her along with it. A moment later, Shego appears in front of her.

“Nuh-uh. Sorry Ms. Heir Head, but those lips are my property.” She punctuates that statement by planting a wet one on his lips, almost smothering them as she wraps her arms around him. Camille growls and walks away from the scene, pouting & fuming at the same time. After a minute, Shego finally breaks the kiss, allowing Junior to breath.

“Heh, thanks for the save.” He tells her. “But you didn’t have to make it so believable.”

“Who said it wasn’t?” Shego replies. “Your lips are mine. Now lets find her bedroom so we can conduct some business of our own.”

“But…the Speedo Men…” Junior questions.

“Ye—good looking, but severely lacking where it counts.” She answers, grinning seductively at him. No more needs to be said between them, nor is there. Taking off from the bar, the two make their way from the bash and upstairs, to have a party of their own.

The Next Afternoon…


Kim scouts the vast halls of Britina’s mansion looking for her boyfriend. The Global Justice briefing last night ended so late, she went straight to sleep once she got back. But now there’s an alert: an attack is being waged on another Hollywood Studio, one that’s filming a Comic Book Superhero Movie; and Ron is needed.


The sound of her voice finally jars Ron from his sleep. The sunlight from the window shines down upon him, causing him to avert his eyes until he can adjust his vision. He’s about to call out to Kim, when he’s instantly hit with what happened last night. All that happened. As his vision clears, he notices he’s still in the same bed as Britina & Bonnie, who’re both starting to wake up themselves.

“WHERE ARE YOU, RON?” Kim calls out, causing Bonnie & Britina to sit up in shock. Instinctively they cover his mouth to prevent him to spilling his location. Bonnie then rolls out of bed, puts on her lace panties and runs over to the bedroom door. She opens it up slightly, so that her body blocks the entire view of the room.

“You mind taking it down a notch, K?” She asks.

“Sorry to ruin your beauty sleep, B.” Kim replies sarcastically, before noticing where Bonnie is. “Uh, why are you in Britina’s room?”

Bonnie’s heart skips a beat, but she quickly shrugs it off so not to alarm Kim. “What? We were just having a Girl-to-Girl sleepover.”

“Dressed like that?” Kim asks, referring to the sexy outfit Bonnie is wearing.

“Can I help it if I like to look hot when I sleep?” Bonnie counters. Inside of the room, Britina is helping Ron gather his discarded clothes as he puts them on. She then opens a side door that allows him to sneak back into his room, which he quickly flees into.

“Nevermind. Look, I need to find Ron.” Kim tells her. “We’ve got a mission and…wait a minute…” She starts to put two & two together, realizing there’s a reason Bonnie’s standing in front of the door like that. Charging forward, she budges past Bonnie and swings the door wide open…only to find Britina in the room.

“Hey, Kim.” Britina says.

“OK…” Kim replies. “…But if Ron’s not in here, than…”


Kim turns around to see Ron hopping into view outside of the doorway, fully dressed in his mission clothes, albeit sloppily, and trying to put his other shoe on. “I heard Wade’s report. We gotta get to that lot!”

Kim turns and walks out of the room, feeling somewhat confused. “But…I could’ve sworn…”

“You know, just because you have green eyes Kim, doesn’t mean you always have to go all Jell.” Bonnie remarks, wearing a smug grin before she shuts the door. Kim folds her arms over her chest still feeling that something went on while she was gone. But she ignores that feeling for the mission.

“Come on, Ron. Let’s go.”

30 Minutes Later…

At the Budding Star Pictures lot inside of a large studio, a movie is being filmed about the exploits of TV hero The Fearless Ferret. On the set, the Director, who ironically is the same one who offered to do a movie about Kim & Ron some while ago, is addressing the lead actor, who’s dressed up as the Ferret.

“OK. In this scene, you’re gonna have the final climactic battle against your archenemy, the White Stripe! He’s gonna make a grand entrance, and then you two make with the punching.” The Director then hurries off the set and sits in his chair, ready to film the scene. “LIGHTS…CAMERA…and ACTION!!!!!!”


The entire sidewall to the studio crashes down to the ground, startling everyone in the building. Dust & Debris fly into the air, causing everyone to cough and gasp for air. For a few moments, no one can even see their hands in front of them. Finally, the dust settles and it is revealed just exactly what was the cause of the collapsing wall…a Giant Man-Skunk.

“WHOA! Did they make some costume changes to White Stripe?” The Ferret Actor asks. He gets his answer when a woman’s voice is heard.


DNAmy comes out from behind the Skunk, and frowns at the cast, including the Director. “You couldn’t just let my creations play the monsters in your movie. You…you had to go with…stupid dumb actors! Well…now you’re gonna pay for it!”

She orders her Man-Skunk to turn around, which he does. He then lifts his tail into the air, which causes a mass riot as dozens of cast members, screen-workers and the like scramble for their lives (and their noses), trying to find the nearest exit…or at least a clothespin. Help comes to them though, as the Roth SL Coupe 2.0 crashes through a window and lands between the panicked movie workers and DNAmy. The doors to the Coupe fly open and out step Kim & Ron, ready for action.

“Sorry Amy, but you’re about to end up on the Cutting Room floor.” Kim says.

“Oooh, Kim Possible!” DNAmy fumes. “Always in my business. Well, you’re about to get the business end!” The Man-Skunk points his rear end towards the two heroes, taking aim at them.

“WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! SKUNK BUTT! SCATTER!!!!” The two scramble and take cover behind a nearby prop wall. The Skunk lets off, spraying it’s stink onto the wall, but thankfully missing Kim & Ron. “OK, I didn’t sign up for this!” Ron says. “Maybe evil Monkey Kung-Fu Men and Killer Swamp Monsters, but not Man-Skunk things!”

“We have to find a way to disable that Skunk!” Kim says, right before finding her solution. She grabs a long rope behind Ron that’s attached to a rafter up near the ceiling. “I got an idea, but I need you…”

“…To be the distraction.” Ron finishes. “You know, being the distraction can get very dangerous at times.”

She counters by giving him a quick kiss on his lips. “And that’s why you’re my Dangerous Man.” With that, she runs to the far end of the studio, hoping to get a good running start.

“Man, I always fall for that.” He says, part of him happy that he did. He then turns his attention back to DNAmy and her Skunk enforcer, coming out of hiding.

“HEY, YOU! YEAH, YOU! YOUR MOTHER WAS AN ALLEYCAT!!!!” That gets their attention, and sends Ron off running for dear life. As the Man-Skunk takes aim, he notices a figure high in the air, swinging down towards him. It’s Kim, and he’s too late to react. She swings right into him, nailing both feet into his chest and sending him flying across the studio, crashing into another set and knocking him out of the fight. She hops off of the rope and faces down DNAmy, who doesn’t look like she’s done just yet.

“You always have to hurt my babies!” She scolds. “But I’ve brought more playmates.”

Snapping her fingers, she signals for several large Man-Poodles to invade the studio. They all jump in and surround Kim, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Ron.

“KP, I GOT YOUR BACK!!!!!” He charges forward, ready to defend his girlfriend with all of his strength. But a few steps into his rescue, he notices that he’s now surrounded by more of DNAmy’s creatures…Large Chipmunk Bodyguards. Specifically, the same one’s that attacked him when Kim broke her leg.

“Uh, you guys aren’t here to sing Christmas Songs, are you?” Ron gets his answer when the Chipmunks attack. “OW! OW! AH, HEY! NO! NOT IN THE FACE!!!!”

Kim is having her own trouble, as the Man-Poodles are proving more formidable than the last time she faced them. She attacks one with a jump kick, leaps off of him, and hits a mid-air spin kick on another one. But as soon as she lands, several of them rush her and pin her to the ground. A few more approach her, cracking their knuckles, ready to rough her up at DNAmy’s command. Meanwhile, Ron’s barely able to hold his own against the Mutant Chipmunks, and he notices his girlfriend is down.

“KP, NOO!!!!!”

Desperate, he breaks away from his fight and dashes toward Kim, thinking he can only save her. Fortunately, backup arrives in the form of Global Justice agents. They flood into the studio, most of them on Jetpacks, and easily neutralize the threat. Nearly all of the Mutant creatures are captured and detained in nets. All except for the Man-Skunk, who escapes amid the chaos along with DNAmy. Several GJ Agents help Kim to her feet just as Ron gets there.

“Kim! Are you OK?”

“I’m fine, Ron.” She says, cracking her neck to get the stiffness out. “Those Poodles are a lot tougher than last time.”

Ron breathes a sigh of relief, thankful that Kim’s OK. “Aw, man. I should’ve been there. Stupid Chipmunks surrounded me and…”

“Ron, don’t beat yourself up.” Kim tells him. “I had trouble with DNAmy’s creatures, too. In fact, I might need the battle suit for this.”

“But what if the battle suit doesn’t work? What if…” Kim puts her hand over Ron’s mouth, having heard enough of the negativity.

“Ron, I’ll be fine. I’ll handle those creatures next time.” She removes her hand from his mouth and gives him a warm smile. “Besides, remember the name? I can do anything.”

Ron nods his head in agreement, and Kim turns and walks over to a head GJ Agent to inform him what went down. Deep down though, he’s still worried about Kim’s welfare, and he’s not about to stand around and do nothing about it. Pulling out his special Ronunicator, he dials up a connection to Wade, who appears on the screen within seconds.

“Wade, I need you to set up an appointment for me.”

Much Later that Night…

“This is the place.”

Ron stands outside of a Country Club Banana, located in the heart of Beverly Hills. Throughout the day he had Wade search for a special Clothing Designer; his intention, finding someone that could make a replica of Kim’s special battle suit. Wade already has the technology to imbed into the clothing, though it is experimental. Ron looks at a sheet of paper he’s holding in his hand, and confirms the address. Then taking a deep breath, he proceeds to walk towards the front door…at least until he hears a familiar voice.


Ron’s heart nearly jumps out of his chest, and he has to regain his composure from the shock. But it gives him time to recognize the voice. “Monique?”

Sure enough, Kim’s best friend comes out of the shadows to face Ron. “Why are you out here in the middle of the night?”

“Wait, what are you doing here?” Ron asks.

“I was out for a midnight stroll on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.” She replies sarcastically. “I’m the one asking the questions!”

“Just go home, Monique.” Ron tells her, sounding serious. “This is something I need to do alone.”

“Oh, I ain’t going anywhere.” She counters, folding her arms over her chest. “So you better start spilling about this Sitch.”

Ron lets out a low groan, knowing that Monique means every word, and decides to fess up. “Look, I’m here to meet someone that can make me a special outfit for missions.”

Monique looks at Ron in shock. “You went to some unknown designer for new mission threads and didn’t ask me? I designed Kim’s Clothes!!!”

“Not that kind of outfit!” Ron counters. “I need a battle suit so I can help Kim went she needs it! Today…she could’ve gotten hurt. And all I could do was get knocked around by some Mutant Chipmunks. Well that’s not gonna happen again!”

“Ron, Wait…”

He doesn’t listen. Instead he storms forward and barges through the open doors and into the darkened Country Club Banana, with Monique right behind him. After taking a few steps, the two stop in the middle of the room and look around in the darkness. Wade informed Ron that the contact would meet him here at this time, but neither sees anyone. After a moment passes though, they hear a voice…a surprisingly familiar one.

“Well, look who finally showed up.” Ron & Monique turn towards a dimly lit corner in the room to see the last person they ever expected…Hoodie of the Fashionistas. “And he’s sporting Kim’s accessory.”
The Hollywood Chapters 4

Hoodie leans in the corner with her arms folded over her chest. She’s wearing her trademark purple Hoodie (of course), along with a part of matching athletic short shorts, thigh-high gym socks and silver sneakers. The hood covers her eyes, but her trademark sly yet cocky smirk can be seen clearly. Her presence shocks the two Team Possible members…well, Monique more than Ron.


Monique grabs hold of Ron’s collar and begins shaking him by it back & forth in anger. “You went over me for a Fashionista?!”

“I didn’t know it was gonna be a Fashionista!” Ron replies, defending himself. Monique finally lets go of him as he grabs his Ronunicator and contacts Wade. “Wade, need an explanation.”

“She was the only designer I could find close enough to do the job.” Wade answers, his face appearing on the screen. “Don’t worry though, none of the other Fashionistas are in the area. Or the city for that matter.”

“Whatevs! I broke away from those hacks.” Hoodie tells them. “They expected me to handle Evening wear? I only do the sporty look.”

“But how’d you get out of jail.” Monique asks.

“Good behavior.” Hoodie responds. “And I figure since the sidekick needed an upgrade to his wardrobe, it’s my chance to break into the Solo spot.”

“Yeah, well forget it.” Monique tells her. “Ron doesn’t need the help of a criminal to get what he needs. Ain’t that right, Ron?” She doesn’t hear an answer, and when she turns to him, she finds that he’s actually thinking it over. “RON!!!”

“I know, I know, she’s a Villain!” He says, before turning to Hoodie. “But…you can make a Funky Fresh Off the Hook battle suit for me, right?”

“For shiz-nit!” Hoodie answers. “At a price.”

“I knew it!” Monique interrupts.

“Not a problem.” Ron replies. “Still got some left over Naco Royalties!”

He pulls out a Platinum Credit Card, which only causes Hoodie to smirk. “Cash is good, but not what I meant.” Slowly, her smirk turns into a seductive grin, and it sends a chill down Ron’s spine. “You see, while I was on LD…”

“LD?” Ron asks.

“Lockdown.” Monique translates.

“Anyway,” Hoodie continues, “While I was on LD, I heard that Extreme Junkie Adrena Lynn bragging about how she had the best lay. She told me Shego went for a fun ride, too. And both mentioned you by name.” She strolls slowly Ron, then playfully running her finger down his chest. “So you’ll get your special new suit…just as long as you give me the workout of my life.”

Ron gulps nervously. “Please tell me you mean at a Gym or something.”

“Oh, I think we can work our Aerobics on right here.” Hoodie changes the direction of her finger, sliding it down Ron’s body, closer & closer to his waist and what lies below it. That is, until Monique reaches out and grabs her wrist.

“Uh-Uh!” Monique says, as Hoodie snatches her arm away. “My boy Ron is not paying ANY price, especially what you’re asking!”

Hoodie just scoffs. “And who’s he gonna get for the Top Design, Little Miss Retail?” she asks, referring to Monique.

“Oh, that’s funny.” Monique responds sarcastically. “Well FYI, Little Miss Retail MADE Kim Possible’s mission outfit.”

“Yeah, from the Fashionistas design.” Hoodie scoffs.

“Was it the Fashionistas design to include the Gloves?” Monique asks smugly.

Hoodie is about to reply when she stops herself. “You added the gloves?”

“Thought they would set off the outfit.” Monique smirks. And right before Ron’s eyes, the conversation takes a turn. He watches as the argument turns into an agreement, then into a trade of ideas, and then into a brainstorming session about Ron’s new suit. Monique & Hoodie are now discussing the features & design, and after a few more trade of ideas, the battle suit turns into a Battle Hoodie.

“We can style it like his shirts.” Monique says, drawing blueprints down on an old receipt. “Keep it loose-fitting, since he runs a lot.”

“Hot.” Hoodie responds. “And Black & Blue for the color. He definitely needs a darker tone.” The confusion almost overwhelms Ron as he looks on. Soon though, it becomes very clear to him “We’re gonna need to get his measurements to do this right.”

Monique nods her head in agreement, then turns to Ron, wearing a seductive look. “Oh, I think that won’t be a problem.”

Ron’s seen that look too many times before, especially from Monique. Using his experience from past situations like this, he decides to run for dear life. Unfortunately, Ron doesn’t know about Hoodie’s agility, which is on par with Kim’s. A few flips and Hoodie has the exit blocked as she lands right in front of him.

“Someone’s a little shy, isn’t he?” She says, slowly backing him up.

Ron backs himself into the counter, and into Monique’s reach. “He’s always like that, until you get him started.” She proceeds to do just that, pulling him close and wrapping her lips around his. The thing Ron has found out during his time with Monique is that she’s a better kisser than Bonnie, and almost on par with Kim. This makes it harder for him to resist the urge, especially when she presses herself against him. The two stumble backwards and end up in the Country Club Banana window display, knocking over several mannequins before they hit the glass window. A moment later, Monique breaks the kiss.

“OK, wait!” Ron says. “Don’t you need rulers and measuring…stuff, to check out my size?”

“Ron, don’t argue with the designers.” Monique replies with a smirk. Just then, Ron notices Monique’s hands going to work unbuckling his pants. Before he can react to it though, Hoodie draws his attention by unzipping her hooded sweatshirt and showing Ron her perfectly round, firm breasts.

“Don’t worry, you can look AND touch.” She tells him, leaning in closer. Around this moment Ron’s logic nearly shuts down completely and he becomes driven by desire. Grabbing one of her breasts and groping them, she meets Hoodie halfway and presses his lips to hers. They lean back against the window, as Ron lets his hands wander over her body. He delves his left hand into Hoodie’s sweatpants and begins to feel around her firm backside. It’s at that moment that he feels Monique’s mouth going to work. He glances down to see her pulling down on her blouse as she inhales his Cock deeper into her mouth. Soon, Hoodie breaks up the kiss and decides to join in. She slowly drops down lower and takes hold of Ron’s manhood just as Monique releases it from her mouth. The two then work either side with their tongues, while Monique hands tend to his balls. After a few minutes they then switch up, with Hoodie swallowing the head and rolling her tongue around it, while Monique keeps licking the shaft. The double tongue action is almost more than Ron can handle.

“Oh…aw, man…I’m gonna cum soon…” He utters, just loud enough for them to hear as they stop their progress.

“Can’t have you going out to early.” Hoodie tells him, standing back up. She then grabs her sweatpants and pulls them down, all the way to her ankles, along with her sports thong. Standing bent over, she waits to be penetrated by Ron’s lumber. “Show me what you got.”

Ron knows it’s too late to back away now, as he lets his pants drop to his knees and grabs hold of his Rod. Bringing the head to her moist lips, he slowly pushes through them and deep inside, until every inch of him is within her. She lets out an almost joyous moan, as she places her hand against the window glass.

“So deep.” She says. “Don’t stop now, baby. I want it hard!”

“You heard the lady, Ron.” Monique adds, inserting herself back in the action. As Ron starts pumping himself in & out of Hoodie’s snatch, Monique makes herself more comfortable by dropping her tight jeans and stepping out of them. She then tends to Ron’s lips again, kissing them as he plows deep into Hoodie, who now has both hands on the window. Ron holds on to her hips and continues to pound her from behind, so hard that it forces Hoodie into the window more. The side of her face is pressed against the glass, along with her luscious melons, shown for anyone to see. Luckily for the three, the streets of Beverly Hills are barren at this hour, and there’s not a soul in sight. At that moment, Monique breaks the kiss and shifts her focus.

“You mind if I join in, girl?” She asks, moving towards the window and in front of Hoodie.

“Mmmm, not at all.” Hoodie responds, wearing a seductive grin. She then presses forward again, squashing her breasts against Monique’s. Hoodie’s right hand moves lower and into Monique’s panties as she begins to rub her snatch, while still feeling Ron penetrating the deepest part of her. Mixed sensations are flowing through Monique at this moment. She can feel the coolness of the glass window as she braces herself on it from behind, and Hoodie’s warm front pressed against hers. All of it adds up to a tremendous amount of pleasure for all three, especially Ron & Hoodie, who’re close to their respective limits.

“Man, feels like…I’m gonna come.” He says.

“Oh…God, me too!” Hoodie replies. Her knees begin to buckle and her hand slips down the window as Ron gives her one final stroke. He then pulls out in the nick of time, letting loose his load all over well-toned ass, as she trembles from her orgasm. It’s so overwhelming that her knees give way, causing her to collapse. Luckily, Monique catches her before she hits the ground. The same cannot be said for Ron, as he falls to his knees and hits the floor in exhaustion. He lies there wants this to be a moment of rest for him, unfortunately, as always, it’s not.

“I hope that ain’t all you got, stud.” Monique says, climbing onto Ron.

“You know, being fitted for an outfit is exhausting work.” Ron quips.

“Speaking of work, think you’re up for another round?” She asks.

“Do I have a choice?” He asks.

Monique grins at Ron, then leans in and presses her lips to his to jumpstart his engines. It works, as Monique feels Ron’s manhood stiffening up for another go around. Ron’s feeling up and ready himself, as he wraps his arms around Monique and sits up with her, keeping their bodies close and the kiss intact. He can feel her erect nipples pressed against his chest, and it only arouses him more, as it does her. After a minute, Ron finally breaks the kiss.

“OK, not fair.” Ron tells her. “That’s the same thing Kim does when she wants me to fuck her.”

“Who do you think taught it to me?” Monique replies with a smirk. Reaching down between them, she grabs hold of his thick shaft and guides it towards her wet snatch. She brings it to her lips, and then lowers herself down onto it, taking in all of Ron’s manhood. Ron wraps his arm around her as Monique braces herself, and starts to ride Ron’s Cock for all it’s worth.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, Baby!” She moans. “Fuck me, Ron.”

He thrusts himself deep inside of her pussy over & over, as Monique rocks her hips in unison. It doesn’t take long for either of them to become lost in the moment. Monique was always energetic, almost rivaling Kim. She puts one hand on the back of Ron’s neck and uses the other one to fondle her breasts. Her legs almost completely wrap around Ron as he continues pounding her pussy, but soon fatigue catches up with him and he finds himself back on his back, lying down. Monique doesn’t slow down a second though, and as Ron grabs hold of her hips, she begins to ride him harder, rocking her hips more and slamming herself down onto his pipe.

“OH GOD!!!” She screams. “I’m almost there, keep fucking me, Ron!”

Monique can feel her limit approaching, and wants to ride it all the way out. Putting both of her hands on Ron’s chest, she starts to ride at a frantic pace, biting her lower lip as sweat flies off of her body. Soon, the fast pace of her hip movements bring her right there.



Monique is the first to have her orgasm, and the intensity causes her to nearly lose her balance. She then pulls herself off of Ron, just as his orgasm hits. He shoots off a load that hits Monique’s stomach & breasts, and that’s when he feels a set of lips wrapping around the head of his Cock. Raising his head, Ron finds that the lips belong to Hoodie, and she’s swallowing every drop of cum Ron lets loose, making sure not to spill anything. Her lips & tongue work makes him cum even harder, and she takes it all down the throat. Once he’s finally done, Hoodie removes her lips from his Cock and grins back at him.

“Mmmm, thanks for the protein drink, stud.” She says.

“Heh…my pleasure.” Ron grins. But slowly, the grin fades from his face and is replaced with a look of remorse, one that doesn’t go unnoticed by Monique.

“OK, you mind telling me why you look bummed out after Hot Sex?” She asks.

“Cause…I think I crossed the line this time.” Ron answers. “I cheated on Kim…with a villain. I mean I’m probably going to get nada out of this.”

“I told you, I’m on the straight & narrow.” Hoodie tells them.

“She’s telling the truth, Ronald.”

Hearing that familiar voice, Ron reaches over to grab his Ronunicator. The face he sees on the screen confirms his guess on who the voice belongs to…Dr. Director. “And you’ve been very helpful to Global Justice.”

“I have?” Ron asks, tired & confused.

“Indeed.” She answers. “You see, the former Fashionista Hoodie was released from prison as part of the ‘Turning Leaf’ program we just started. It gives perennial lawbreakers & super villains the opportunity to turn to the right side of the law.”

“You mean, Hoodie’s working for Global Justice?” Monique asks.

“Exactly.” Director replies. “And when word of Ron’s need for a super suit in the likeness of Kim’s got to us, we sent the best woman for the job.”

“You mean, she would’ve made the suit for me anyway…and I could’ve avoided the guilt sex?” Ron asks.

“Actually, her having intercourse with you proved to us her commitment for being on the side of Justice.” She tells him. “So no worries, Ronald. You will get that suit that you requested.” Dr. Director signs off and ends the communication. But as Ron puts his Ronunicator back down, Hoodie starts crawling on top of him.

“But I still need to get down the right ‘measurements’.” She says, not bothering to hide the seduction.

“Uh, Monique?” Ron looks over to her for help, hoping that she will intervene and save him. But as Monique stands up and pulls up her panties, it doesn’t look good for him.

“Sorry Ron, gotta work more on the blueprint.” Monique tells him. “But you can help Hoodie get the ‘measurements’ right.”


Still Later That Night…

It’s now past 2am, and the parties in Beverly Hills are just starting to wind down. Unfortunately, one party girl is not in the mood to call it a night. Camille Leon rides in the backseat of her jet-black Limo, staring out of her window in a state of extreme boredom. She doesn’t want to go home, especially since she had an incident earlier with Shego that involved Hair Dye & a push-up bra, and almost resulted in Camille having her hair set on fire.

“Ugh! There is nothing to do in this town!” She scoffs. “Like, why didn’t I just fly to Hawaii to hang with those yummy male dancers? I could…” She cuts herself off when she notices the scene outside of her car window: Ron & Monique sneaking out of the Country Club Banana through a side exit in the alley. “That’s Kim Boy-Toy, which means Miss Teen Crime-Fighter must be in town.”

Slowly, a sinister grin grows onto her face. “I think I know a way I could have some serious fun tonight.”

Meanwhile, Ron & Monique are making their way onto the main street. Their deal with Hoodie is complete (after several “measurements” for size), and she’s now off to complete the Battle Hoodie. Right now Ron would love nothing more than to get into bed and get some rest. But that doesn’t seem to be in his future, as an incoming alert sounds on his Ronunicator. He pulls it out to check it, and hears Kim’s voice.

“Ron, I need backup. I made a discovery on this mission we’re but I need your help. Come to the Posh Nightclub on Rodeo Drive, I’ll be in the back.”

The communication ends right there, and confounds both Ron & Monique. “That Club is just a block away.” Monique says. “But I thought Kim was in Hollywood doing the spy thing.”

“The spy thing might’ve led her here.” Ron replies. “Come on.” Monique takes the lead as the two run from Country Club Banana across the street to the front entrance of the extravagant Posh Nightclub. There’s a long line of partiers that rounds the corner, all of them waiting to get in for a chance to rub shoulders with the who’s who of Tinseltown. But Ron bypasses all of them and heads towards the door. He gives a nod to the Bouncer by the door, who instantly recognizes Ron. Two years back Kim & Ron saved him from a collapsing building in an earthquake, and that grants Ron access to the club as the Bouncer opens the door for him. Monique, however, is stopped at the door and turned away, until Ron steps in.

“Yo, main man, the Hottie’s with me.” Ron tells the Bouncer, putting his arm around Monique. “It’s all good, it’s all good.”

“Word.” The Bouncer replies, letting Monique through. The two continue through the front door, with Monique wearing a look of shock.

“Did you just get us into one of the Hottest Nightclubs in L.A.?” She asks in disbelief.

“Yep.” Ron replies smugly. “You just gotta know how to speak the lingo, Monique. And the Ron Man can speak the lingo.”

“Uh-huh. You & Kim saved that Bouncer’s life before, didn’t ya?” Monique asks.

“Wha…oh, well that’s not the point.” Ron counters. “The point is we’re in with Hollywood stars! BOOYAH!!! I am SO in my element!”

As the two enter the main room of the Club though, Ron realizes that may not be true. The room is packed with celebrities and the rich, all of whom make Ron’s yearly salary at Smarty-Mart every 2 minutes. “I am SO not in my element!”

“You don’t need to be, there’s Kim!” Monique says, spotting her near the back of the club. Ron & Monique make their way through the crowd, trying to reach Kim. Along the way though, they end up getting separated and head off in completely different directions. After a minute, Ron reaches the rear of the Club first, and finds his girlfriend waiting for him.

“Ron, you made it.” She says.

“I’m here, KP.” Ron replies. “What’s the Sitch?”

Instead of answering, Kim greets Ron with a hug and a small kiss on his lips. One that seems strange to Ron. She then takes his hand and leads him through a doorway into the private VIP Room of the club. The room is empty, and dimly lit.

“Uh, Kim? Is everything alright?” Ron asks.

“Oh it’s fine, baby.” Kim answers seductively. “I just needed to see you now…all of you, if you get what I mean.”

“So, this is like a booty-call?”

“Oh yes.” Kim responds, before giving Ron another peck on the lips. “And this booty is all yours.”

“Heh, that…that sounds good.” Ron says, smiling over that idea. “There’s just a small problem, though.”

Suddenly, Ron kicks Kim’s legs out from under her and flips her onto a nearby black leather couch. He lands on top of her and pins her down by her wrists.

“You’re Not Kim Possible!”

“Ugh! What?” She says. “What are you doing, boyfriend? Of course I’m Kim Possible.”

“No you’re not.”

Both Ron and “Kim” look over to the doorway to see another Kim standing there holding a black bag, this one with Monique. “I am.”

Her ruse failed, “Kim” begins to morph herself out of her current form and into her true identity…Camille Leon. “But, how did you know? I played the good girl and everything.”

“Because my lady doesn’t kiss me like you did.” Ron says, getting off of Camille as Kim approaches him.

“This is how I kiss my man.” Kim says, before giving a demonstration. She wraps her lips and arms around Ron, making the make-out passionate, as it always is between the two. Ron puts his hands around her waist as they work their tongues back & forth from each other’s mouths. After a minute, they finally break away; leaving a thin line of saliva that connects their mouths, and shocks Camille.

“Uck! How trampish!” Camille says.

“You’re one to talk.” Kim replies.

“So, wait?” Ron interrupts. “Was the distress call real or…”

“Fake, made by Camille.” Kim says. “Wade caught her hacking into the Kimmunicator signal to contact you. That’s when I decided to tail her and see what she was up to. Ron, why don’t you & Monique go party in the club, while I handle Ms. Heiress.”

Ron nods his head in agreement, knowing that his girlfriend more than has this situation under control, and walks back out of the room with Monique in tow. As soon as the door closes though, Camille leaps from the couch at Kim, intending to take her down. Rookie mistake. In one motion, Kim sidesteps the attack, grabs Camille’s left hand, pulls out a pair of handcuffs, leads Camille into a nearby Stripper Poll and cuffs both of her hands together around said poll, leaving her helpless.

“What the…what are you doing?” Camille asks.

“Relax, I’m just gonna ask you a few questions.” Kim answers.

“What, like some interrogation?” Camille says. “Well tough luck, redhead. Cause my lips are sealed.”

At that moment, Kim walks over to the black bag she dropped at the door, reaches down and searches through it. After a moment, she pulls out the item she was looking for…a 10-inch Strap-On Dildo
The Hollywood Chapters 5

Kim slowly attaches the Strap-on to herself, wearing a smug grin that’s hard to hide, even for her. It’s been silent in the room for a full minute, and Camille starts to get nervous.

“What…what are you doing back there?” She asks.

“Just getting the right tools ready.” Kim answers, before slowly making her way towards Camille.

“Y-You, you mean like torture?” Camille says, becoming more nervous. “You can’t do that, you’re the good guy.”

“You really need to check the name, Camille.” Kim tells her. “You know, I took a look at your profile, and it says you’re into a lot of things. Lounging at the Beach, Going Shopping…Anal Sex...”

Those last two words make Camille shiver & widen her eyes in terror. “Uh…like, what are you talking about?”

“No use, Camille.” Kim tells her. “Everybody’s seen the tape with you & the O Boyz.”

“Damn!” Camille utters under her breath. She attempts to break free by scraping the chain of her cuffs against the Stripper Poll, but it’s no use. But she continues to try, that is until she feels her tight white jeans being pulled down to her knees, exposing her pink thong. It continues as Kim pulls down the thong, leaving Camille’s bare ass exposed…and helpless.

“Uh, you’re…not really gonna do this…are you?” She asks.

“Hmm, let’s see. You’re a known criminal who’s withholding information, and you tried to seduce my boyfriend while disguised as me.” Kim states. “Oh, I’m very sure.”

And with that, Kim proceeds with starting the “Interrogation.” She brings the head of the dildo up to Camille’s ass cheeks, stopping for a moment when she reaches her asshole, then pushing one inch in.

“AAGHH!!” Camille yells, startled by the size of it. That doesn’t stop Kim though, as she pumps forward, putting two more inches into Camille.

“You know, I still got a lot more to go.” She says, looking to see if Camille will crack. Surprisingly, the heiress’ lips remain shut, which puts a smirk on Kim’s face. She pushes the dildo into further her ass; five inches, six, seven, eight, nine…until the dildo Strap-On disappears. Camille’s legs begin to wobble & weaken. This is the most she’s ever had in her ass and while it was painful at first, it’s now an experience in pleasure. She clenches the stripper pole, trying desperately to hold her balance.

“Whoa, impressive.” Kim says about Camille taking all of the Strap-on. “But let’s see how long you can last.”

Kim pulls out of Camille halfway, before pumping her asshole with the Strap-on. Camille lets out a grunt with each thrust Kim gives her, and shockingly becomes wetter by the second. As Kim continues to punish her backside, Camille tries frantically to free herself again, only this time so she can finger her soaking pussy. After a minute, Kim notices just how wet she’s become.

“You’re starting to enjoy this.” She says, stopping her pumping motion. “I’ll keep going gently if I get the answers I want. Now, mind telling me what you’re doing out of prison?”

“Ugh, uh…I got out on good behavior?” That wasn’t the answer Kim was looking for, and she lets Camille know by forcibly shoving the Strap-on deeper. “OH, GOD! OK, I escaped! I morphed into one of the guards and broke out!”

“That makes sense.” Kim says, slowing down her strokes. “But what are you doing in Hollywood?”

Camille just scoffs. “Like, I AM Hollywood. This town would fall to pieces if I wasn’t in it.” Kim takes a moment to think, and determines that it’s not the whole truth. She shoves the Strap-on back deep into Camille’s ass, startling her. “AGH! Look, I told you the truth!”

“Not the whole truth.” Kim replies, quickening her thrusts. Camille can now feel every inch of the Strap-on probing her faster & faster, and she’s unable to do anything to stop it, but cave in.

“OK! I had a deal with some Movie Company to make a movie about my life!” Camille confesses. “And then, that tubby mess DNAmy started wrecking studios! She almost attacked mine!”

“Sounds about right. And don’t worry, I’ll handle DNAmy.” Kim says, before switching the subject. “Now…about you & Ron…”

Camille starts smiling nervously. “Uh, well…you see, I didn’t…AAAGGHHHH!!!!”

Kim slams the Strap-on into Camille ass and begins pounding it mercilessly. “You see, I’m getting tired of my arch foes ending up having their way with him, and it ends now. So this is a clear message, telling you that RON’S…”

She gives Camille a deep thrust.


Then another one.


And a final thrust the finishes it.


It’s the largest & longest orgasm that Camille has ever experienced, and it almost makes her go completely limp. Her eyes nearly roll into the back of her head, and as Kim pulls out of her, she falls to her knees almost lifelessly. Her snatch is still soaking as Camille is left helpless; the sight brings a smile to Kim’s face, as she turns away.

“Now I know how Shego felt when she did that to me.” She says, referring to the last time she faced Shego. Taking off the Strap-on, she stuffs it back into the black bag and leaves the room, back into the main club area to look for Ron & Monique. It takes a few minutes, but Camille is able to snap out of her orgasm-induced daze. She tries to morph into someone smaller so she can escape the cuffs, but finds it hard to concentrate, or even summon the strength.

“Dammit, I’m too weak!” She says, frustrated. “This is so not fair, I so do not deserve this. There’s no way this moment can get any worse.”

As those words leave her lips, she hears the door opening again, followed by a familiar voice.

“I knew we’d find the little slut here.”

Turning herself around on the pole, Camille looks to see that last person she ever wanted to see in a situation like this…Shego, who’s accompanied by Junior carrying a large brown leather bag.

“What the…what are you doing here?” Camille demands.

“Shego wished to shake down nightclubs for their earnings.” Junior tells her.

“Gotta stay in practice.” Shego adds, clenching her fingers and stretching them out before looking over at Camille. “Did I just miss some Hollywood Orgy or something?”

“NO! I was…uh…nothing!” Camille says, not wanting Shego to know about the humiliating ordeal. Unfortunately for her, Shego begins to catch on.

“Oh just leave her.” Junior says. “She was probably with that Nicky Nick again. They like to do the weird stuff like this.”

“No…no, I think it’s something more.” Shego says with a grin as she walks over to Camille. She squats down and gently lifts up Camille’s head, meeting her eye-to-eye. “So how about it Blondie, wanna come clean?”

Camille turns her head away from Shego, snuffing her. But that only puts a sinister smirk on her face. “Okay. You wanna keep your lips shut for the first time, fine by me.” Shego says, walking over to the bag Junior was carrying. She unzips it and digs through the contents before pulling out her item of choice…a 12-inch Strap-on. “I got ways of making you talk.”

A wave of déjà vu washes over Camille as she peers her head over to Shego…and sees the lethal weapon in her hand. Her ass begins to pulsate in pain just from the thought of her using it, but strangely, a small part of her wants it to be used. Shego attaches the Strap-on to herself, as Junior looks on in shock.

“You…you carry a Strap-on with you?” He asks.

“It’s intended for a certain someone else.” Shego confesses as she slowly walks over to the still helpless Camille. “But…I think I can give it a test run here. But first, I think it needs some lubrication.”

With those words, Shego grabs the back of Camille’s hair and shoves the dildo into her mouth. With forceful thrusts she moves it in & out of her mouth, as Camille struggles to break free. Inadvertently though, she does the job well, and a moment later, Shego pulls out to reveal a soaked dildo. As Camille coughs and gasps for breath, Shego slowly moves behind her, eyeing Camille’s still bare backside.

“Looks like someone’s already done a number on you.” She says. “Hope you don’t mind if I take the backdoor entrance as well!”

On that last word, Shego, without warning, puts the dildo to Camille’s asshole before slamming it deep forcefully, almost causing Camille’s eyes to pop out of her head. Her breath is knocked out of her and she barely has time to recover as Shego starts to pound her backside mercilessly. She grabs hold of Camille’s hips and jackhammers her ass, slamming into it with reckless abandon on each thrust.

“Are your lips a little looser now?” Shego says with a grin, enjoying it. “Wanna tell me who did this to you?”

“GAH!!!” Camille responds, almost unable to put together a complete sentence. Her grip on the pole is starting to weaken, as are her knees and her will to hold out. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Shego, who only begins to pound her harder in order to get the answer she wants.

“I can do this all day!” Shego tells her with a sadistic grin. “TALK! Who did this to you?”

As Camille feels an even bigger orgasm coming on, her will finally breaks.


At that moment, everything gives out for Camille. Her body goes limp, and as Shego pulls out of her, she drops to the floor, barely able to lift a muscle. Shego rips the Strap-on off of her in a blind rage, one that’s growing by the second.

“WHAT??? That Redhead is in this town!?” She growls. “And…she stole my thing? Oh, then I’m gonna have a real fun time tonight!”

Igniting her hands with her concentrated Kinetic Energy, she storms towards the door intending to start a womanhunt for the Crime fighter to have that talk. At least until Senior Junior jumps up and stands in her way.

“Wait, you cannot leave to do that!” He tells her.

“Out of my WAY, Rich Boy!” Shego barks. “I’m gonna make Miss Cheerleader pay for stealing my thing!”

“Your thing?” Junior asks, confused.

“My thing!” She replies. “Where I do the torture, with the Strap-on, and, it’s just that…BACK OFF, BEEFCAKE!!!!”

“WAIT! My father’s Studio is still in peril!” Junior pleads. “I am still in need of your assistance! You cannot just leave me!” He falls to his knees, begging for her not to run off in his hour of need. It’s a pathetic sight to her, and a familiar one as she remembers Drakken being like that so many times before. And it’s enough to change her mind.

“Alright, ALRIGHT! I’ll stay!” She says, as Junior stands back up. “But once your Daddy’s studio is safe…I’m going Cheerleader hunting.”

Even Later That Night…

The time now is 4am on the dot, and the Parties that have littered around Beverly Hills have just come to an end. The night air that was once full of loud music and celebrity chatter is almost eerily silent. Sunrise is just a little over an hour away, and Ron is just now lying down in bed in the guest bedroom, with Rufus resting on his shoulder. Wearing only his black mission shirt, gray socks and a pair of blue & white Boxers (gift from Kim), Ron exhaustedly flips through the gigantic Flat-screen TV in front of him, until he finds something of big interest to him on.

“Aw, Score!” He says as his eyes light up. “A Captain Constellation Marathon!” Rufus’s eyes light up as well, and the two prepare for some vintage action-adventure until…

“RON!!!” Kim yells from the bathroom, causing him to change the channel. It’s clear she isn’t over Ron & her Dad practically brainwashing her into loving the show.

“Aw man! The Rockets were go, too.” Ron sulks, as does Rufus.

“Aren’t you supposed to be going to bed?” Kim asks, still in the bathroom.

“Well, it’s not my fault that Britina’s Guest TV has over 2,178 Channels.” Ron tells her. “I mean I’m still in the 500’s here. A TV like this can give a guy insomnia.”

At that moment, the light in the bathroom is turned off and Kim steps into the doorway, wearing a white sheer top, thigh-high stockings…and nothing else but a seductive smirk. “Then I got just the thing that’ll cure it. Rufus?”

Immediately the Naked Mole Rat scampers away from Ron & out of the room, giving Kim & Ron their privacy. Kim slowly strolls over to the bed as Ron’s eyes follow her every move. Reaching the bed, she climbs into it and crawls over to her man, then straddles him, ready for action. She can feel that Ron is ready as well, with a raging erection that threatens to rip through his boxers.

“Damn…sexy!” He says about Kim’s bedtime outfit.

“I knew you’d like it.” She replies with a smirk. “Just something I found in my Mom’s closet.”

And like clockwork, the thought of Mrs. Possible wearing the very same outfit Kim is fills Ron’s mind. That only serves to make him even harder, to the point where he can’t wait. Kim scoots back and pulls down his boxers, letting his Cock out into the open. Gripping it with her right hand, she guides herself down onto his pipe, taking every inch of him. But instead of starting right off, she just sits there and enjoys the moment, as does Ron.

“Oh God, I need this.” Kim moans. “Damn mission trail’s gone cold. I can’t find any clue on where DNAmy could be.”

“Didn’t Camille tell you anything?” Ron asks, putting his hands on her hips.

“She only knew about the attacks.” Kim replies.

“You mean she wasn’t involved with them? Then why’d she lure me to that club?”

“Because she wanted you to herself.” Kim tells him.

It takes a moment, but Ron gets what she means. “Oh. OH! Uh…well, I’m flattered but…”

“Don’t worry, I took care of her.” Kim says. “Plus it gave me a chance to try the Strap-on interrogation.”

“Wait, you used a Strap-on on Camille? And didn’t let me see?” Ron asks upset.

“Yep, missed the show.” Kim tells him with a sexy grin. “But you’ve got a front row seat to a better one right now.”

She puts her hands on his chest and rocks her hips slowly, being in no rush for this to end quickly. Ron moves his hips up & down in unison, pumping her snatch and making it wetter. The moonlight shines in through the window and dimly illuminates the room. As he pumps into her, Ron finds himself unable to take his eyes off of Kim’s breasts which jiggle & bounce hypnotically with her movements. Taking his left hand, he runs it under her top and begins to grope them, much to her enjoyment.

“UHN!!!” She moans, as Ron’s Rod continues to reach deep inside of her. He moves his right hand further and begins to palm her perfect bottom, gently squeezing it as she rides him. After a few minutes, Kim moves her hands, then reaches down and starts pulling off Ron’s shirt. He helps her along the way, and then tosses it to the floor, showing his bare chest. Kim’s top is next as she takes it off and tosses beside Ron’s shirt. Ron leans forward and presses his lips to hers, while palming her ass with both hands now. After a moment he breaks the kiss and starts moving down her body, pecking certain spots and making her even more excited.

“Oh God, Ron.” She moans, before surprisingly pushing him back down. She leans down with him and shoves her mouth into his, all while still rocking her hips back & forth. Ron always did love it when Kim takes charge in the bed, and this instance was no different. Her tongue ventures into his mouth and he quickly welcomes it with his. Her breasts are pressed against his chest, and he can feel just how hard her nipples have become. Minutes pass before Kim breaks the kiss and sits back up. She increases his speed, feeling the urge to cum, and Ron follows suit.

“Oh yeah! Fuck me, Ron.” She yells. “Fuck me good!”

Her hands go back onto his chest as he begins to drill into her pussy, letting out grunts with each thrust. His body begins to glisten with sweat, as does Kim’s. Her usually well-kept red hair is now becoming frazzled, and her breathing heavier. Taking her left hand, she begins to rub her clit as Ron pounds her snatch. She bites her lower lip, and feels an orgasm coming on, but tries to hold out as long as she can. Unfortunately, with Ron’s Cock working her, it’s not very long.

“Oh…Oh, Fuck! I’m gonna cum, Ron!”

Ron tries to hold out himself, but that too is a futile effort. “KP…I hope you’re still on that pill!” He doesn’t know the answer, and it would be too late anyway. He shoots a hot stream of Ron-ness deep inside of her, as Kim basks in the glow of her orgasm. Both of them cum at the same time like always. Kim then climbs off of her man and lies down beside him.

“So not the drama.” She tells him. “The pill’s still working, so no big.”

She gives him a peck on the cheek before rolling over, with her back towards him. Usually around this time Ron would go off to sleep right beside Kim. But as he takes a quick glance down, he sees Kim’s body again, which makes blood rush back to “little Ron.” Knowing he won’t get any good sleep with this hard-on, he decides to make use of it.

“Uh, Kim? Still sporting a hard-on here.” He tells her, which brings a grin to her face.

“Then we should do something about it.” She answers, all but inviting him to go for it. He doesn’t have to be told twice, as he rolls over and gets into the spooning position. He lifts up her leg slightly and guides his Dick through her soaked love lips and back deep inside of her.

“Uhh. Oh yeah.” She moans, welcoming his Cock back within her. She reaches down and pulls the bed sheet over her & Ron as Ron starts to plow her from behind. He wraps his right arm around Kim and fondles her breasts again, as she rubs her legs against his. The soft fabric of her stockings arouses Ron even more, and drives him to go on. The sound of skin slapping skin now starts to fill the room, but neither of them cares a bit about it. Kim starts to rub her clit again with her right hand, while using her left hand to help Ron with her breasts.

“God I love your pussy, KP.” Ron tells her.

“And I love your Cock!” She moans back.

The two lovers are now drenched in sweat, and Kim’s hair is a frazzled mess. She moans and grunts with each stroke her man gives her, and is pushed closer to her limit as well. Soon, neither of them can hold out.

“Oh God KP, I’m gonna cum again!” Ron yells.

“Me too!” She screams. “Cum in me, Ron! FILL ME UP!!!”

Ron does exactly as instructed, letting loose his load for a second time inside of her. Kim shivers in pleasure, enjoying her second and more intense orgasm of the night. This time though, she doesn’t bother to move away, and neither does Ron to pull out. The two stay as there are, enjoying the moment and the silence, at least until Kim breaks it.

“Hey, Ron.” She says. “Before I forget, Dr. Director and I came up with a plan to draw DNAmy out of hiding. But you’re…”

“…Gonna have to be the distraction again?” Ron finishes. “You know, I don’t get enough Health Care being the distraction.”

“Trust me.” Kim tells him, staying close to him and keeping his arm wrapped around her. “You’ll like this distraction.”

The Next Afternoon…

At Triple S Studios in Hollywood, the cast & crew of the latest movie being shot are going through their takes when they’re interrupted by the sound of loud honking. As they look over towards the entrance, they spot an entire entourage making their way into the studio. In the middle of the crowd, wearing shades, a Members Only jacket, Khakis, designer Sneakers and a fat gold chain around his neck…is Ron Stoppable.

“Yo, Yo, Yo!” He says. “What’s happening, my peeps! The Ron Man is here with the new star of this flick, the Mole Rat in the Buff, Rufus!”

Rufus climbs out of Ron’s jacket pocket and onto his shoulder before putting on his shades and folding his arms over his chest. “Yeah!”

Ron poses in the same manor as the cast & crew rush over to see the new star. For safety, 4 large bodyguards surround Rufus & Ron, or so it would seem. In reality they’re actually undercover Global Justice Agents. The previous day Kim & Dr. Director came up with a plan to lure DNAmy out of hiding by portraying Rufus as the next new Hollywood Animal star. Ron is playing the role of Rufus’ manager, while Bonnie & Monique, behind Ron, are playing Rufus’ groupies.

“This is so demeaning.” Bonnie says under her breath. “Playing groupie to that naked hamster.”

“Oh, like you wouldn’t be doing this for some big name celebrity.” Monique counters.

“Well, that’s different.” Bonnie scoffs. “Ron is not a big name celebrity.”


The admiration for Ron & Rufus stop, and everyone turns to a corner in the Studio to see a fuming DNAmy standing there, shaking in anger alongside one of her mutations, the Man-Poodle. “YOU…BIG…MEANIES!!! How dare you pick that Naked…THING, over my lovable, adorable creation!” The Man-Poodle shows his gratitude for the kind words by licking DNAmy’s cheek, an act that isn’t favored by anyone in the room.

“ICK! Wrong-Sick.” Bonnie says.

“That’s what I’m saying.” Monique agrees.

DNAmy angrily storms toward the entourage, or more specifically Ron. “It’s little runt nude animals like you, that make it so hard for my creations to…wait, you’re that Ron Stoppable guy.”

The look on Ron’s face turns into a smug one. “Yep.”

DNAmy starts to look worried. “But…but that means…”

“That I’m here, too.”

Before DNAmy can react, she’s nailed in the back by Kim, swinging in from the rafters. DNAmy tumbles across the floor a bit before coming to a stop. Her anger now raging, she stands back up and points at Kim. “GET HER, MY PETS!!!”

Almost immediately several Mutant Poodle-Men storm the Studio and surround Kim, who doesn’t look worried at all. “I was expecting you guys to make an appearance.”

Grabbing her watch, she makes an adjustment to it that affects more than the time it takes. Her new Purple & Black mission outfit slowly fades away, revealing her Blue & White Battle Suit underneath. From there she leaps into battle, taking on all of them at once as Ron looks on.

“OK, why does KP always get the cool gadgets?” He says, as a large shadow casts behind him. He feels their presence and turns around, only to see the last thing he ever wanted to. “No…not the Chipmunks again!”

Sure enough, several of DNAmy’s Mutant Chipmunk bodyguards are ready to “welcome” Ron to the fight again, and that causes him to run for his life with them in hot pursuit.


Monique looks on from the sidelines, while Bonnie takes cover and hides behind a prop brick wall.

“Well, this is bad.” Monique tells herself. “Hope Ron can outrun those…” She stops herself when she notices a package sitting next to her on the table, one that has seemed to appear out of nowhere. She looks around to see who could’ve left it there, and after a moment she spots a grinning Hoodie off in the distance, saluting her before departing. Quickly, Monique rips open the package and pulls out a Black & Blue Hoodie that has the same designs as Kim’s Battle Suit. It’s Ron’s Battle Hoodie.

“RON! CATCH!!!” She tosses it to him as he runs past and he catches it.

“BOOYAH!!! BATTLE HOODIE!!!” Making some distance between him and the Mutant Chipmunks, Ron quickly puts on the hood and readies himself for action. But as the Chipmunks surround him, he feels nothing from the suit. “OK, I take back the Boo-yah. Nothing’s happening!”

Monique begins to panic, until she spots a card with the wrapping of the package that reads, “Activate by wearing Hood.”

“RON, PUT THE HOOD ON!!!” She yells to him.

Seeing no other choice as they close in on him, Ron flips the Hood on and charges forward. Instantly, lines on his Hoodie begins to light up and glow just like Kim’s Battle Suit, and Ron feels the ability of Monkey Fu coursing through him. Leaping forward, he takes out one Chipmunk with a Double-Fist Smash, then follows it up with a Leg Sweep that takes down two more. The final one charges him, but Ron uses his momentum to perform a monkey flip that sends the poor creature dozens of feet in the air before crashing down hard. Ron quickly hops back to his feet, grinning from ear to ear.

“Aw YEAH! Reinstated BOOYAH!!!” He cheers. “The Ron-Man can rumble!”

In the midst of the fighting, DNAmy decides to make her leave, sneaking discreetly past the brawlers and over to the Studio exit. Once she reaches it though she receives a rude surprise…dozens of Global Justice Agents surround her.

“DNAmy, you’re under arrest!” The Lead Agent says, walking over and slapping the handcuffs on her.

“Oh, Poo!” She pouts. “And I wanted a director to give me my close-up.”

Back at the fights, Kim is finishing up with DNAmy’s creatures. A Jumping Roundhouse Kick KO’s the last Man-Poodle, as he drops to the ground. “There, that should do it.” She says confidently. She turns her attention over to the Agents who’re hauling off DNAmy, and doesn’t notice one last Man-Poodle sneaking up from behind. He’s ready to pounce, and just as Kim turns to see him, Ron comes in for the save, delivering a Power Shoulder Block that sends him flying into another Movie set, completely wrecking it.

“Ron! Thanks for the save!” She tells him. “But…how exactly did you do that? And why are you wearing a Hoodie which is glowing like my Battle Suit?”

“Uh, well…you know, just a little something-something I got around town.” Ron answers, playing it off to not reveal the truth. “I mean the Ron-Man has connections. I know how to get favors.”

Bonnie & Monique join the two as Kim looks back at Ron, not completely believing him. “Uh-huh. And one of those favors wouldn’t involve sex, would it?”

Both Ron & Monique begin to grin nervously, while Bonnie decides to take advantage of the situation. “I’m guessing it does.” She says, turning to Monique. “Monique, you should be ashamed of yourself. Is that all you think Ron is for? Sex? I’m ashamed to know you.”

“Who are you kidding, girl?” Monique shoots back. “You & Britina were going at it with Ron like he was the last man on earth.” That comment causes Kim to switch her glare to Bonnie, who’s just been caught. “That’s right, girl. Britina may be rich & famous, but Homegirl has some thin walls.”

Ron drops his head in shame as Bonnie starts stuttering, trying to explain herself. The Global Justice Agents fly off using their jetpacks with DNAmy in tow, and it’s just the opening that a certain someone needed. A figure that was lurking in the shadows during the fight finally makes an appearance, and interrupts Team Possible.

“Hope I’m not interrupting your Teen Angst Moment.”

In that very instant, a cold chill travels down the spine of both Kim & Ron. They never expected to hear her voice again, and they can’t believe they’re hearing it now. But as they turn towards the exit, their suspicion is made reality. Shego stands in the doorway, wearing a sadistic smirk along with the Battle Suit Junior made for her.

“Th…Th…That’s the Green Lady.” Bonnie says, backing up slowly along with Monique.

“Shego?” Kim says in shock.

“Alive?” Ron adds, experiencing the same shock.

“Alive…and KICKING!!!”

Shego clenches her fists as several neon glowing green lines run up her suit, illuminating it brightly. As Junior walks in and joins her side, Shego ignites her fists until they burn fiercely with her green energy. This sight surprises Kim & Ron even more.

“Uh, KP?” Ron gulps, worried about his girlfriend. “Shego’s got a…”

“I know.” Kim interrupts in serious tone. She prepares herself for a brutal fight as Shego stretches into her Eagle Claw stance, ready to rip the life out of the Teen Superhero. The smirk has faded from her face, replaced with a look of cold hatred.
The Vengeance Chapters

Their eyes narrow, their stances strengthen, and their muscles tighten. It’s the way Kim Possible and Shego have always faced off. Neither took the other lightly, and both of them never held back in their battles. But there’s something different about this moment, and Kim knows it. Shego hasn’t cracked one devious smile. She hasn’t called Kim ‘Princess’ or ‘Cupcake’. She doesn’t even acknowledge the rest of Team Possible. Her eyes are focused on Kim and Kim alone.

“Something’s not right here.” Kim thinks to herself.

Shego, in the meantime, doesn’t feel like reverting back to her normal ways in battle. In her mind, she replays the events that have brought her here. Blasting Ron’s arm, the ensuing fight with Kim, being kicked off the roof of Drakken’s Lair plummeting to her near-death. She remembers the pain, the agony, the months that she was helpless, unable to move, barely able to breathe. And it enrages her far past anything she’s ever felt.


She storms forward, ready to start the battle, and Kim grins in response. “She always did want to lead. Better make this quick.”

Kim knows Shego always starts with a left jab, and prepares to launch a side kick to disrupt it. But instead of a jab, Shego leaps into the air, catching Kim off guard and making her miss the kick. She connects with a devastating hook to the jaw that sends Kim stumbling back, rattling her.

“Whoa! What the…OOOMPHH!!!” Shego follows up with a brutal left uppercut to the gut, and doesn’t intend on stopping there.

“YOU’RE GOING DOWN!!!” She unleashes a flurry of punches, kicks and knee attacks, all of which Kim is barely able to dodge. Kim can see the hatred & rage in Shego’s eyes, far more than she has shown in all of their past encounters combined. After several moments, Kim finally goes on the offensive, dodging a left hook and countering with a hard side kick. Usually that would cause Shego to back up, holding her side in pain. But today, at this moment, she sucks it up and counters with a vicious side kick of her own.

“AAAGGHHH!!!” For the first time in a very long time, Kim cries out in pain. And her boyfriend doesn’t plan on letting it happen again.

“KIM!!!” Ron sprints forward, intending to inject himself into the fight, until Junior steps in front of him.

“Shego wishes to handle Kim Possible herself.” He says, putting up his fists. “Meaning you will have to deal with me and my muscles…of which you don’t have.”

“Oh, I don’t need muscles, Junior.” Ron replies, throwing the hood back on over his head. Instantly his battle hoodie powers up, which gives Junior second thoughts.

“Um, I believe that I have a photo shoot to attend.” He says, before dashing off for his life.

“Hey, WAIT! Come back here!” Ron yells, chasing after him. “Now I know how the bad guys feel.”

Back with the main event, Kim has brought the fight to a stalemate, with both vixens punching & counterpunching with everything they have. “It’s like she’s possessed.” Kim thinks, referring to Shego. “I’ve never seen her this angry before. I gotta end it now!”

Kim holds off on another attack and tries to bait in Shego. Once she attacks with a right straight punch, Kim proceeds to end it. She connects with a right hook to the jaw, follows up with a spinning backhanded left fist strike, and then another one. “It’s over, Shego!”

Kim goes for the finishing blow, a spinning jump kick, only to have it blocked by Shego’s right hand. As Kim looks down, she sees the rage on Shego’s face, and her right fist glowing brightly with energy. Shego then puts the fist to use, connecting with a violent jumping uppercut that sends Kim airborne. Everything moves in slow motion as the impact overcomes Kim. But time begins to increase in speed on her descent. Shego lands on her feet first, and after two seconds, Kim slams into the ground on her back. She’s still conscious, but the attack is taking its toll on her. She’s bleeding from the mouth, and her face is worse for wear.

“It will NEVER be over, Kim!” Shego barks at her, still enraged as a single tear rolls down her left cheek. “Now after what you did!”


Shego takes her eyes off of Kim and looks around the movie studio, watching as dozens of Global Justice agents flood in, attempting to capture her. She then turns back to Kim, and gives her some cold parting words.

“We are not done.”

Igniting her hands, she fires off randomly in all directions, hitting agents & debris, and causing fires in multiple spots. As the smoke fills the Studio, she makes her escape into it, with Junior right on her tail. The agents quickly extinguish the fires and clear out the smoke, just as their leader, Dr. Director, touches down in her jetpack.

“Kimberly, are you all right?” She says, running over to her. Ron follows after her and slides down to Kim’s side on his knees. Kim nods her head ‘yes’, but that’s a lie. She’s not.

“I…I don’t think I could’ve beaten her.” She thinks, still shaken from the blows she took. And for the first time since her entry into crime fighting, she begins to feel unsure of her abilities.

Two Days Later…

“This is the greatest day of my life!”

Kim walks down the hallway of Middleton High, carrying her schoolbooks to her chest. Some of the bruises from her battle with Shego are still visible, which is why Bonnie is feeling so joyous as she walks alongside her. Ron is on Kim’s other side, as the three walk over to the History Class they have together.

“You look like you were in the ring with Roy Jones Jr.” Bonnie tells Kim, who remains silent. “Only if someone had a camera to remember this. Oh, wait…” Almost predictably, she pulls out a digital camera and takes a quick snapshot of Kim, which makes her growl in displeasure. Bonnie just smiles back at her and heads into class, while Kim & Ron remain outside.

“You want me to contact Wade and tell him to hack into Bonnie’s camera?” Ron offers.

“Later.” Kim replies. “Bonnie’s right, though. Shego really did a number on me.”

“Eh, just some lucky punches…and kicks.” Ron tells her. “She won’t stand a chance against you next time.”

“That’s just it.” Kim reveals. “There was something in her eyes…something that fueled her. I gave her some of my best shots, and she just shrugged them off and came at me even harder.”

“What are you saying, KP?” Ron asks.

“That whatever Shego wants with me, I don’t think it involves me being healthy…or even alive.” She concludes, as the two of them head into the class. They heard the news from other students that there would be a Substitute Teacher for this class, and Ron figures it as a free goof-off period. But as they glance towards their Sub, their expression turns to shock to see who’s standing there…Miss Go.

“Oh, so glad you can join us, Kimmy!” She says cheerfully, showing no hint of malice. Kim & Ron decide it wise not to start anything here with innocent students around, and walk over to their desks and sit down.

“Now, I know it’s only two weeks until your Graduation.” She tells the students. “So instead of making you do some boring old school assignment, how about we go to the Study Hall and have a Senior Party!”

That suggestion causes cheers to erupt from the students as they jump to their feet. “And this day just gets better!” Bonnie yells.

“You kids go on down to the Study Hall!” Miss Go tells him. But when Kim gets up from her desk, she puts her hand up. “OH, not you Kimmy. I’d like a short word with you.”

“A free period to party AND Ms. Perfect gets in trouble, pinch me, I’m dreaming.” Bonnie boasts as she exits the room. Ron gets up from his seat and stands beside his girlfriend.

“Go, Ron.” Kim tells him, looking dead serious.

“Are you sure, KP?” He asks.

“Very.” She responds. “I will handle this. Just go.”

He does as asked, walking towards the door as Miss Go and Kim stare each other down. In their heads, they count down the moments it takes for the last student to leave the room. Out of the corners of their eyes, they watch as the door slowly closes, until it’s completely shut. That precise moment is when Shego strikes, shoving the teacher’s desk at Kim, who effortlessly leaps over it. As she lands though, she receives a hard thrust kick to her chest, courtesy of Shego. She follows up with a straight right punch that floors Kim, and leaves her completely vulnerable.

“So what is this about?” Kim asks, struggling to sit up. “Drakken wants to capture and make another clone army of me again?”

“Oh, we are far past Drakken.” Shego answers coldly. “This is about me getting the payback I deserve, and your suffering.”

She balls her right hand into a fist and charges it up with her energy. Reeling it back, she prepares to deliver a punch that can do irreparable damage. That is, until she’s clocked upside the head by a book. Catching it before it hits the ground, she sees that it’s a High School History book. Her gaze then turns towards the doorway, where Bonnie stands ready to chuck another book at her head.

“I have a Science book!” She threatens. “Over 450 pages!”

Shego just smirks and turns her attention to the cheerleader. “Big…mistake.”

She prepares to deal with the small nuisance, when she realizes she’s made the mistake. Kim wraps her legs around Shego’s waist and flips backwards, tossing her foe out of an open classroom window. Jumping to her feet, Kim then runs over to the window, intending to chase after her. But as she peers her head out, she sees absolutely no sign of her.

“Gone!” Kim utters, before turning back to Bonnie. “I…can’t believe I’m going to say this but…I think you saved my life.”

“Yeah, well don’t get all warm & fuzzy about it.” Bonnie responds. “You saved the world against that crazy green chick, and she had it coming. Oh, and you can thank me by having Ron come over my house at 8pm. My parents & sisters won’t be home then.” Bonnie gives Kim one last smug grin before turning to walk out of the room. Usually at this point, Kim would try to get in the last word. But right now her focus is on Shego, and why she’s brutally attacked her twice. And why it has nothing to do with Drakken.

3 Hours Later…

“Thank you for shopping at Club Banana!”

It’s 6pm and nearing the end of Kim’s shift at the Club Banana store, thankfully for Monique. Kim’s mind has been focused on Shego since her attack earlier, and it’s switched her usually cheery demeanor to a dreary one.

“Are you feeling OK today, girl?” Monique asks Kim.

“I have my arch-foe, who’s the henchwoman for a mad scientist, hell-bent to make me suffer, and it’s not even part of the mad scientist’s plan.” Kim blurts out, feeling extremely frustrated.

Surprisingly, Monique gets exactly what Kim’s talking about. “The Green Lady?”

“She’s been attacking me over & over.” Kim confesses. “I feel that every time I turn a corner, she’ll be right there waiting with a fist.”

“Excuse me, do you have this in a forest green?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll get that and…” Kim stops herself when a trigger in her mind causes her to recognize that voice. She slowly raises her head and looks up across the counter…and her guess is confirmed. Shego is standing right in front of her.

“Oh, Lord!” Monique says, getting out of harm’s way.

Kim just slowly shakes her head. “Not here, Shego.”

“Oh yes.” Shego replies. “Here!”

She leaps over the counter and tackles Kim to the floor, who then counters by flipping her up in the air. But Shego anticipates the move and grabs Kim’s wrists. The force of the throw plus the pull of Shego causes Kim to be dragged into the air, and Shego takes advantage by landing on her back and kicking Kim through the Club Banana display window, onto the main concourse of Middleton Mall. Needless to say, that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“That’s it!” Kim yells, fed up with the attacks. “I’ve had it with these attacks! Why are you so pissed off?!”

Shego leaps out through the display window and cocks an eyebrow upward. “Pissed off? You do NOT know the definition of the word.” Shego counters. “After what you did to me…I’m FAR passed pissed off!”

She charges Kim like a rampaging bull, both hands burning bright with energy. Kim avoids the first two swipes Shego takes at her, but ends up being scratched in the gut by the third one. She stumbles back and looks down, noticing her blouse has been ripped open and two scratch marks are on her stomach, bleeding. It’s at this moment that Kim herself snaps, and decides to end it for good. Bringing her left hand up, she motions for Shego to ‘bring it’, which she does.

“You’re gonna feel what’s it’s like to have every bone break in y—!” Shego’s threat, and charge, is cut off as she feels a foot wedged deep in her stomach, courtesy of Kim. She follows up with a spin kick to the face that sends Shego reeling, switching advantage to her for the first time. She calmly walks towards Shego, eyes filled with determination. Shego attempts a right hook, but it’s easily deflected by Kim and countered with a left hook. Then a right, then left, then a knee to the jaw, before a straight punch knocks Shego to the ground. Every shopper in the Mall now have their eyes locked on this battle as Kim continues to dominate. Shego struggles to her feet, but rises up. She goes for a side thrust, and ends up having it parried by Kim, who counters with a vicious front kick. Shego staggers back in pain, and Kim decides to end up. Charging forward, she leaps into the air, plants one foot in Shego’s chest, and brings the other one under her chin, connecting with the same Flash Kick she used on the villainess to defeat her so long ago. Shego flips into the air and lands brutally face down, as Kim lands perfectly on her feet.

“Finally.” She says, pulling out her Kimmunicator to contact Global Justice. But as she’s about to dial in…


The sight is shocking to Kim, as she watches Shego struggle to stand. She’s bleeding from the mouth, and various bruises adorn her face. Yet she still tries to stand. “We…aren’t…done!”

“Why, Shego?” Kim asks, frustrated & confused. “Why do you wanna fight? Why do you want revenge? You’re the one that tries to take over the world! You team up with a mad doctor, threaten the safety of everyone, you even attacked Ron and burned his arm. Then…”


Those words. Those five words. Kim never expected them to come from Shego, and it stuns her, more than any blow from Shego ever could. Seeing this, Shego sprints forward like a Cheetah, leaps into the air, and delivers a devastating jump kick that propels Kim backwards and sends her crashing into the Middleton Mall Water Fountain.

“Uhhn.” Kim’s barely conscious now, and Shego doesn’t plan on stopping as she ignites her hands again.

“I fell…hundreds of feet from that building…onto JAGGED rocks below!” Shego tells her, revealing what happened. “I couldn’t move! I couldn’t talk! All I could do was look up and watch you fly away with Global Justice…leaving me to die!” A tear rolls down each cheek as she continues. “And I would’ve if Senior Junior hadn’t found me. Can you imagine what it’s like? Being in a cast, in so much pain, unable to move for MONTHS!!! And all while knowing that one person put you there!”

She aims her hands at Kim, who has no way to defend herself. “Well you don’t have to…because I’m gonna make it reality!”


Before she can even blink, Shego feels a vehicle slamming into her, trapping her on the hood. It’s a Middleton Mall Security Cart, being driven by Monique, who jumps out of the cart as it zooms through the entrance and outside of the Mall. Immediately Monique rushes over to her friend, who’s just about to pass out.

“KIM! Can you hear me? Are you all right? KIM!”

2 More Hours Later…

Kim opens her eyes, only to be greeted by the blinding shine of a flashlight. And she immediately knows whom it belongs to. “Mom?”

“Well, there’s no memory lost.” Mrs. Possible says, turning off the flashlight. “And no head trauma from what I can see. What happened?”

“Shego.” Ron says, as he comes into Kim’s vision. Kim takes a look around and finds herself on the couch in her living room, with a bandaged stomach. She sits up slowly and listens as Ron continues. “Monique told me she attacked her at the Middleton Mall. It must be another plot by Drakken to…”

“No.” Kim interrupts. “It’s not.”

“Well whatever it is, the only thing I can prescribe is not going on any missions.” Mrs. P tells her daughter, but deep down she knows that’s impossible for Kim not to do. “Anyway, I have to get to work. Get some rest, Kimmy. Please.”

As Mrs. Possible makes her exit, Ron sits down on the couch beside Kim, who immediately puts her head on his shoulder. “KP, are you this isn’t another Drakken ‘Lets clone Kim Possible’ plan?”

Kim nods her head yes. “It’s more serious than that.” Ron puts his left arm around Kim as she continues to explain. “Remember the last time we battled Shego?”

Ron looks down over at the arm that’s wrapped around Kim. It’s the same arm that was blasted by Shego and suffered 2nd degree burns. “Yeah…”

“Well, when you passed out, me & Shego went at it.” She tells him. “I ended up kicking her off the top of the lair, and when I looked down at the darkness…I thought she’d just escaped.”

“You mean she didn’t?” Ron asks.

“She told me…that we left her down there.” Kim reveals. “That we left her for dead. Ron, you know me. I don’t like Shego but I would never…”

“I know, KP.” He answers, interrupting for her good. “I know.”

The two of them decide to just leave it at that, and watch TV. With all that has happened today, they honestly hope that there are no calls for missions, as they just wish to spend a quiet night at home together.


On the other side of Middleton, in a dank & rundown apartment building that is barely staying up, rests…no one whatsoever. However, in the newly built Middleton Suites across the street, a pair of green eyes looks out over the city, angrily.

“That redhead has got to be the luckiest girl alive.” Shego utters. “I had her three times…THREE TIMES and she got away!”

In frustration, she swats at a nearly priceless vase and sends it into the wall, shattering it into dozens of pieces. Junior sits on the bed, just having witnessed it happen. “Shego, do you not think that you are becoming obsessed with Kim Possible?”

“Obsessed?!” She replies, before storming over and getting right into his face. “I am hell-bent on Payback! After what she did to me, I plan on making her suffer for as long as humanly possible!”

She’s wearing her angry face, and it shows as Junior is cowering in fear of her right now. She realizes this and backs away, before taking a deep breath and breathing out. “You know what, I need some air.” Turning away from Junior, she grabs a jet-black jacket from off of the bed, walks toward the window and leaps out of it. She soars through the night air and lands several stories down on an adjacent rooftop. From there she goes to the edge of the roof and slides down the rain gutter until she reaches the ground in an alley. Law Enforcement has been on high alert ever since Shego revealed herself among the living. But she’s more than use to making unconventional exits. As she exits the alley onto the main street…


The ground-shaking explosion nearly knocks her off her feet. She looks at the source, and sees a former electronics store, which has now been turned into a fiery inferno. And out of the flames floating in a hovercraft is a very unexpected face…Dr. Drakken.

“Hmm, not much for stealth capability, but it gets the job done.” He says, referring to his new cannon that has just been equipped on the hovercraft.

“DRAKKEN???” Shego yells, which gets his attention.

“Shego? SHEGO, YOU’RE ALIVE!!!” He immediately turns his craft and hovers towards her, but stops short when he’s reminded of something. “Wait…you’re alive. WHY DIDN’T YOU BREAK ME OUT OF PRISON???”

“Maybe because I was KICKED OFF THE ROOF OF YOUR LAIR, AND HAD TO TAKE MONTHS TO HEAL!!!” She barks back, angry that Drakken reminded her of the events. “And just how the hell did you get out of prison?”

Shego gets her answer when she sees the mammoth figure known as Warmonga emerging from the damaged store, carrying several high-tech supplies on her shoulder. “HER???” Shego asks. “You replaced me with HER???”

“The offer was there, how could I refuse?” Drakken counters, which causes Shego to flare up her fists with energy. “HEY! In my defense, I thought you were dead.”

“Yeah, well she’s about to find out just how alive I AM!!!” She charges forward towards the alien warrior, who tosses aside her items and prepares for battle. Shego leaps into the air and aims for the face, but Warmonga lunges forward, slams her hand into Shego’s stomach and slams her into the ground hard. Shego’s not out though, and she counters with multiple energy blasts to Warmonga’s face, temporarily blinding her. As she stumbles back, Shego preps for another attack as Drakken tries to reason with her.

“Shego, you don’t understand.” He tells her. “I have a plan for Galactic Domination!”

“Enough with your stupid plans!” She replies, charging forward again. Warmonga hears her coming and lets loose a left hook, but Shego ducks under and kicks the legs out from under her. Putting Warmonga on her back, she clenches her hands together and prepares to slam them down on her face. But Warmonga grabs Shego by the wrists halfway down, and forcibly throws her across the street, slamming her into the side of a car. Drakken floats over to Shego and attempts to reason with her one last time.

“Shego, we could team up and rule over this planet with her!” He says. “Will you just listen to—?”

“SHUT UP!!!” She barks at him, charging back into battle. This time however, she becomes reckless. Warmonga easily anticipates her movements and grabs Shego by the throat, lifting her high into the air. As Shego struggles and gasps for air, Drakken slowly hovers around the two.

“What shall you have Warmonga do with angry green woman?” Warmonga asks.

“Nothing…yet.” Drakken answers, before turning to Shego. “I’m sorry my dear, but I am too close to ultimate victory to have you ruin it. Warmonga is the perfect henchwoman for my new organization. She’s obedient, not sarcastic, and she actually shows faith in my plans. Plus the obvious superior physical strength. Maybe when you have a little change of attitude, you can rejoin us…as her lackey.”

He snaps in fingers, and in an instant, Warmonga chokeslams Shego viciously into the pavement, leaving an indentation of her. As the former henchwoman of Drakken lies motionless, Drakken flies off into the night, with Warmonga and the stolen equipment right behind him. An overwhelming feeling of Déjà vu overcomes Shego as she feels consciousness slipping away. It’s the same feeling she had months ago, when she was left for dead.
The Vengeance Chapters 2

“HA! Found the last one!”

Ron comes out of the kitchen with his hands victoriously in the air, carrying a leftover Chimerito from their earlier Bueno Nacho delivery. He walks over to the couch where Kim’s sitting and plops down right beside her. Grabbing the remote, he flips through the channels looking for anything good on.

“Man, there has got to be something on that we can watch.” He says, before landing on a channel that more than piques his interest. “Aw, SCORE! They’re having another Captain Constellation marathon! What about it, KP?”

“GRRRR!!!” The growl from Kim’s lips is more than enough answer for him, as Ron quickly flips it to an episode of ‘Ballroom with the Actors’, a favorite show of Rufus’ as he hops out of Ron’s pocket and onto the coffee table to watch it. Kim & Ron also settle for this show, and wrap their arms around each other.

“It’s been so long since we’ve been able to be at home alone.” Kim says, enjoying the moment. “No Mom & Dad asking me about chores, no Tweebs…”

“No having to chase after a little sister who’s been endowed with Mystical Ninja powers.” Ron adds. “Yep, just the two of us alone.”

“Yeah.” Kim agrees, before remembering something that changes her mood. “We won’t have much time for that with Graduation coming up.”

“Yeah.” Ron agrees. “Hey, you know, I just got a scholarship to Upperton Tech, they want me to start for their team. Guess they must recognize the mad skills.”

Kim smiles Ron, happy for him. “Yep, nobody runs away better than my Ron.” She jokes.

“You know it, babe.” He says, before thinking about just what she said. “Hey, was that a shot?”

Kim makes it up to him by moving closer and giving him a peck on the cheek. But that quickly turns into a prolonged kiss as they remember they’re alone. They keep their lips pressed together, as their hands move over each other’s bodies. Lower and lower they go, until…


The sound of Kim’s Kimmunicator effectively ruins the mood for both of them. Reluctantly, she pulls it out of her pocket and answers, as Ron groans. “What’s the Sitch, Wade?”

“I just got a hit on your site, from your Mom.” Wade tells her. “She wants you to come down to the Hospital. Says that there’s a patient you need to see.”

30 Minutes Later…

On the 5th floor of the Middleton Medical Center, Kim & Ron stand in front of a bed with a curtain wrapped around it. Mrs. Possible grabs hold of the curtain and prepares to pull it back. “This is why I called you here, Kimmy.”

She tugs the curtain and walks around the bed, pulling it back and revealing the newest patient for the Medical Center to be Shego. Kim lets out a startled gasps as Ron’s eyes widen. They see the bumps and bruises that adorn her face & arms, the black eye & swollen jaw. Her wrists, ankles & waist are strapped down to the bed by titanium restraints, much like the ones in Ron’s belt.

“What happened?” Kim asks.

“We don’t know.” Mrs. Possible answers. “She was found almost indented into the pavement and rushed here. Her injuries aren’t serious, but it will take her a long time to recover.”


Shego slowly starts to awaken from her unconscious state. She opens her eyes slowly, and is welcomed by blurred vision. But it soon clears up and she notices the three standing around her, especially Kim.

“YOU!!!!!!” She tries to pounce on Kim but is successfully restrained by the straps. It doesn’t stop Ron from being startled though, as he latches onto Mrs. Possible, but only for a moment.

“Uh, yeah. I uh…slipped.” He says, trying to play it off. “Man, this floor is slippery. Hey, where’s the guy that’s in charge of mopping?”

Ron walks away with Mrs. Possible, looking for that person, and leaves Kim & Shego alone. “Enjoy seeing me like this?” Shego says bitterly.

“Who did this to you?” Kim asks.

“Why do you care?” Shego replies. “Mad cause you didn’t do it yourself?”

Kim sighs hard and looks at Shego with sincere eyes. “I didn’t mean to leave you down there, Shego. I may stop the bad guys but I don’t kill them. Now I’m trying to help you out. Will you work with me?”

Shego looks into her foe’s eyes, and sees that sincerity there. And that show of sincerity puts a small feeling of doubt into Shego’s mind. The rage she’s built up for so many months against the cheerleading crime-fighter begins to subside, and a small part of her breaks down. But she doesn’t let it show, as she turns her head away from Kim.

“Go away.” She says.

Kim sees Shego’s sudden change in emotion and leans in closer. “Shego?”

“JUST GO!!!” She barks out, causing Kim to jump back. Backing up, she walks away from the bed as Shego lies there, experiencing conflicted feelings. A tear streams down sideways off her face, as she questions did Kim really meant was she said. Meanwhile, Kim runs over to join Ron & her mother when…


…Another incoming call. She pulls out the Kimmunicator and answers. “Go Wade.”

“Got an alert from a Military Base just outside of Middleton.” Wade tells her. “Someone’s tearing through the Base.”

“On it.” Kim says, before ending the communication. “Come on, Ron.” The two scramble down the hallway towards the stairs, as Mrs. Possible looks on. She’s watched her daughter run off to fight crime dozens of times before, but she just can’t shake the feeling that the danger Kim will face is more than she’s dealt with before.

“Be safe, Kimmy.”

30 More Minutes Later…

A large explosion erupts from the middle of Fort Carlton Military Base, and dozens of troops scramble towards the source in order to put a stop to it. Outside of the front gate, a Hummer rolls up and through inside the grounds, carrying two of Middleton’s finest. Kim & Ron look out of their respective windows, just as another huge explosion goes off.

“Whoa.” Ron says. “Uh, KP? I think you’re gonna need the suit for this.”

“Already on.” Kim informs him, showing her hand, which is covered by the suit. As the Hummer comes to a stop, several yards away from a smoldering warehouse building, a maniacal yet familiar laughter fills the air.


“I know that laughter.” Kim says, jumping out of the Hummer.

“Me too, KP!” Ron adds, hopping out on his side. They dash forward, closer into the inferno, but stop once they notice a figure walking out of it. They squint their eyes as the man calmly walks out of the huge gaping hole in the building. A couple of steps more, and his identity is revealed.

“Drakken!” Kim says coldly.

At most time, the Doctor would be in shock to see his greatest nemesis here. But today is a different day. “Kim Possible.” He says, wearing a smug grin that doesn’t go unnoticed by Ron.

“OK, he’s not shocked to see you?” He says.

Drakken’s grin grows wider with that comment. “That’s because, Buffoon…I now hold the Trump Card.” At that moment, Drakken’s Trump Card emerges from the flames. Carrying two Cruise Missiles, one under her left arm and one on her right shoulder, Warmonga walks to the side of Drakken.

“It is the annoying red female.” She says. “Shall I deal with her, Great Blue?”

“Not just yet.” Drakken answers, putting a hand up to keep her back.

“Wait, Warmonga’s your henchwoman now?” Ron asks. “You do know Shego’s in the Hospital.”

Drakken’s evil grin grows even wider. “Who do you think put her there?”

Kim & Ron’s eyes widen in shock over that statement. “Dude, that is so cold!”

“Is it really?” Drakken asks, defending himself. “She’s ridiculed my plans, belittled me in front of my Henchmen, and shows little to no respect for me in general! All I did was upgrade to a better Henchwoman…and now I have the chance to rule the Universe!”

“OK, I know he’s still the bad guy, but he makes a lot of good points about Shego.” Ron says.

“Regardless, you’re going down hard.” Kim tells him, getting into her Karate stance.

Drakken sees this and tones down his smile to a simple evil smirk. He also puts down his hand and addresses Warmonga. “Now you may deal with her.”

Warmonga nods her head and gently places the two missiles on the ground. Once safe, she charges forward like an enraged elephant. Kim stays focused and waits for the right moment. Once she’s close enough, Kim flips into the air and over the Lorwardia warrior, nailing her with a kick to the back of the head on the way down. Warmonga stumbles forward, and Kim rushes her to stay on the offensive. But Warmonga sees her coming. Grabbing Kim by the waist, she viciously slams her into the ground, much like she did Shego.

“KP!!!!!” Ron is about to rush over to help, but a laser blast in front of him stops him in his tracks. He looks up to see Drakken already in his Hovercraft, and aiming for another blast. Without a weapon or shield of his own, Ron’s forced to take his best action.


He jets off like a track star, with Drakken chasing after him, missing every shot. “Hold still you blasted buffoon!”

Back at the fight, Warmonga raises her foot and prepares to end the fight, but Kim rolls out of the way, causing her to miss. She follows up with a backflip kick that sends Warmonga staggering forward again. Kim jumps to her feet and nails a spinning jump kick to her jaw as she turns around.

“Gotta end this!” She says, knowing Warmonga’s power & recovery speed. Charging up the power in her battle suit, she ignites her hand a la Shego until it burns brightly with blue energy. Warmonga turns again and tries a haymaker, but Kim ducks it and unleashes a devastating right uppercut, one that would put any normal human being in a coma. But Warmonga’s not human, and she shakes off the punch before looking down at Kim with a sinister grin.

“Good shot.” She says. “Now it’s Warmonga’s turn.”

Before Kim can even react, Warmonga picks her up by the waist and speeds forward. Kim tries punching her back & neck with energy-charged blows, but it’s no use. They storm closer to the side of another Warehouse, which boasts a heavy brick wall. Closer and closer, and closer, until…



Even with the suit on, Kim can feel the impact of hitting the heavy brick wall at such a high speed. She’s literally planted into the wall, so much so that as Warmonga steps away, Kim is left lodged into it, unable to move, and barely conscious. Ron sees this and immediately switches focus.


He stops and changes direction, and that’s all the time Drakken needs. He fires a light-blue energy ray that zaps Ron and causes him to collapse to the ground. He remains covered in light blue energy, something he knows all to well about.

“Can’t…move…Immobilization…Ray…” Ron struggles out, unable to open his mouth, and barely able to move his lips.

“That should take care of you.” Drakken says, before turning his attention to Kim. As Warmonga walks over and picks back up the missiles, Drakken hovers over to Kim, wearing a victory grin.

“This is a new day, Kim Possible.” He tells the barely conscious heroine. “And today, you are not all that.”

With mockingly evil laughter, he hovers over to Warmonga as they make their escape. Kim, fighting to stay conscious, loses the battle and passes out, as Ron watches helplessly, unable to move.
The Vengeance Chapters 3

As nearly every building around them burns into the night, Ron tries desperately to move any part of his body that will help him get to Kim, or get to help. The effects of the ray are still working to their fullest though, as he finds himself powerless to even lift a finger. He fears for the worst as he looks over at Kim, still wedged into the brick wall, courtesy of a massive slam from Warmonga. Suddenly, a revelation hits him, and remembers there is a savior around.


The naked mole rat emerges sluggishly from Ron’s pocket. Due to his different physiology, the rays’ effects were limited on him. Rufus looks over at Ron, who gives him the order.


Rufus nods his head and climbs back into Ron’s pocket. A moment later, he slowly resurfaces, pulling the Ronunicator out behind him. A quick press of the emergency red button instantly gets Wade on the other end.

“Guys, satellites show that there’s a spaceship in the vicinity and…” Wade’s interrupted by Rufus, who tries to explain the situation to him, but is fails. “Rufus, calm down. Just show me what happened.”

The mole rat does exactly that. Picking up the Ronunicator, he uses its camera to show the carnage done by Drakken & Shego. “Oh man. Rufus, stay there! I’m calling in Global Justice!”

Wade signs off as Rufus falls flat on his back on top of Ron. All of his movements have been strained and he’s near exhaustion. All that’s left is the wait. The soldiers of the Base have taken off after Drakken & Warmonga, leaving the Kim, Ron & Rufus all alone. Thankfully, the wait is not long. Within 3 minutes the Global Justice Helicarrier hovers high above the site, and dozens of Global Justice agents swarm the scene, all of them lead by Dr. Director.

“I want this area secure!” She commands. “No one gets in or out without…Oh my god.” Her gaze turns toward Kim. “Get her out of that wall, now!”

10 agents follow the order, and proceed to help Kim as a medical team rushes over to her. Ron smiles, happy that they arrived to help her, when he hears a voice.

“Ma’am! I’ve found Stoppable! He seems to be incapable of movement!”

Betty rushes over and examines Ron. “That damn Immobilization Ray.” She says. “Get him aboard the ship and to the Science Deck, ASAP! Before he loses all movement!” Two agents grab hold of Ron and lift him to his feet gently, holding him up from under his arms. As they carry him off, he utters something to Betty.


“Kim will be fine.” Betty tells him. “But we need to neutralize the effects of that ray on you before they becomes permanent.” The agents rush towards the Helicarrier carrying Ron, following behind a dozen agents who are boarding with Kim in tow. Betty takes one last look at the collateral damage done in the area, as a look of worry creeps onto her face.

“This may be our biggest battle.”

1 Hour Later…


Kim’s eyes slowly break open, as she awakens from her forced slumber. A bright light greets her first, and she averts her eyes to the side and notices herself surrounded by high-tech equipment, all designed to keep her alive & well. Sitting up, she finds herself back in her mission clothes.

“The mission. They…”

“Got away.” Dr. Director says, alerting Kim that she’s in the room. “Though we are just glad you’re still among the living.”

Among the living; and that’s when it hits Kim. “RON! Oh God! Is he OK, he didn’t…”

“Calm down, Kimberly.” Betty tells her. “Ron is being attended to right now. We are trying to find a way to break the effects of Drakken’s ray so he can become mobile.” Just then, Kim hears her boyfriend’s voice yelling out.


“It seems as if we were successful.” Betty adds, as Kim shifts to the edge of the hospital bed. “Slow movements, now. That Lorwardian Amazon knocked you for a loop.”

“Tell me about it.” Kim agrees, still feeling like her head’s spinning. “We’re on the Helicarrier?”

“The most efficient place you can be during this time.” Betty tells her. “Your arch-foe’s here as well.”

“Shego?” Kim asks. “Why is she here?”

“You’ll find out in due time.” Betty informs her. “For now, you should regain your legs and walk around. But I will be expecting you in the Briefing Room in 10 minutes.”

With that said, Dr. Director makes her exit from the room. She’s followed behind by Kim, who’s trying to indeed gather herself back together. She walks down the hall, making some distance until comes upon an intersection. There, she sees her boyfriend, wearing a hospital gown, locked in a struggle with the vending machine.

“EH! Come on, I want my Nutty Crunchers!” Ron says, banging his fist against the glass case. Suddenly, he’s nearly tackled to the ground by Kim, who holds him tight, thankful he’s OK.

“I’m so glad to see you.” She says lovingly, as Ron hugs her back just as tight, happy she’s OK.

“Same here, Kim. Same here.” He says. It’s a joyous & relieving moment between the two, one that’s interrupted as Ron notices a large, muscle-bound, masked Global Justice agent surprisingly sneaking down the hallway.

“OK, is it me, or is that guy acting like he’s out after curfew.” Ron asks. Kim lets go and turns to see what Ron means. Spotting the agent, Kim puts a finger over Ron’s lips, indicating for him to be quiet. The two then stealthily follow the agent as he proceeds down the hallway, until he reaches a room that’s right across from Kim’s. He opens the door and quickly enters as Kim & Ron stay hidden outside. A moment later, the agent emerges from the room with Shego in tow, pushing her in a hospital bed. It’s at that moment that Kim & Ron decide to come out of hiding and confront the agent, who stops in his tracks once he spots them. He tries to backtrack, but finds the hallway flooded with agents, all lead by Dr. Director.

“Uh, I was taking this here bandit to…uh…pay…for her…bad crimes!” The agent says, in a horrible Texas accent. Dr. Director decides to put an end to the mystery off his identity and snatches off the mask to reveal that it’s Senor Senior Junior.

“AAAHHH!!! I AM EXPOSED!!!” He says, covering up his face.

Shego just sighs in frustration. “I could’ve gotten out easier with Motor Ed.” She says.

“The question is ‘Why do you wish to leave’, Shego?” Betty asks her.

“Look, I have my own agenda, Betty.” Shego replies. “And it doesn’t involve hanging around goody-two-shoes again.”

“Wait a minute.” Ron interrupts. “You two know each other?”

“Unfortunately.” Shego groans.

“We participated in various field assignments while she was a member of Team Go.” Betty tells him.

Shego’s heard enough and tries to get out of her bed. “Yeah, well if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to participate in stomping that alien bitch, and ramming my foot up Drakken’s—!”

“As I was saying,” Betty interrupts, “that is why I have you both here. Your expertise & knowledge of Drakken is direly needed. His latest plan has made him top priority. He needs to be stopped, and the best way he can be…is if you two team up.”

A tidal wave of shock washes over both Kim & Shego, as they look at Dr. Director, then at each other. “ME…WITH HER???” They say in unison.

“Yes.” Betty answers in all seriousness. “Like it or not, you two may be all that stands between Drakken & possible Universal Domination.”

“Ye—NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!” Shego barks at Betty. “I rather join back up with my stupid brothers than team with goody-two-shoes!”

“And I can think of more better partners.” Kim counters. “Preferably ones without the yelling and hot-temperedness.”

“WHY DON’T YOU SAY THAT AGAIN, PRINCESS!!!” Shego yells, charging up her fists with energy. Kim backs into her fighting stance, but Dr. Director steps between both of them.

“I didn’t want to say this but, need I remind you two that both of you took on Drakken by yourselves, and both of you had your backsides handed to you by Warmonga.” Betty says, quickly quieting the two femme fatales.

“Uh, no offense KP, but she does make a good point.” Ron agrees, which causes Kim to growl at him. “Shutting up now.”

“The fate of this planet depends on you two.” Betty tells them.

“Hey!” Ron says, feeling left out.

“And of course, the Ron Factor.” Betty adds, which cheers him up. “Now, I’ll expect to see all of you in the Briefing Room in five minutes.” Putting her hands behind her back, she turns and walks down the hallway, passing Kim on her way to the Briefing Room. Kim follows behind Betty as Ron heads back to his room, looking for his clothes. The agents disperse from the scene as well, leaving Shego & Junior alone.

“Um, did she also mean I was to join in the Briefing Room?” Junior asks.

“Just wheel me back into my room so I can get my pants.” Shego sighs.

5 Minutes Later…

In a large, theatre-like room, various agents of Global Justice sit and wait patiently for what mission will soon be ordered of them. At the front of the room sit the prime players. Kim, Ron, Shego and Junior all wait for what Dr. Director has to tell them, as she steps onto the stage and begins.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this will be the most important day of your lives.” She starts off. “As you know, for the past few weeks Drakken has stolen various high-tech equipment while managing to stay under the radar, hence why neither we nor Kim Possible could track him. But with his latest theft of two experimental Cruise Missiles, he has decided not to care about hiding.”

“So we know where his new lair is?” Ron asks.

“Yes, and there lies the trouble, Ronald.” She answers, before pulling out a remote and pressing the red button on it. A moment later, a large image of the Moon appears on the screen behind her. “We believe that he has used the alien technology provided by Warmonga to set up his base on the Moon. Not exactly simple for us to reach, plus he would have full knowledge of our approach. Sources tell us that he’s close to initiating something called, ‘Plan X’.”

“Oh, God!” Shego says, dropping her head to the table in her arms.

“You know about Plan X.” Kim deduces.

“I didn’t think he would actually go through with it!” Shego says, before confessing. “Look, Dr. D had this idea where if someone found a way to…create artificial earth air or something, he’d steal it and use it to take over uninhabited planets. That way he can have multiple hideouts, have his men on multiple worlds, and…”

“Have a decisive advantage when it comes to Global Domination.” Betty continues. “Plus he can strike at other worlds and repeat the process.”

“Bingo, Betty.” Shego says.

“Wait, wait…so Drakken really IS trying to rule the Universe?” Ron asks. “OK, KP? I think we should call in your cousin Larry for this one.”

“No time for that.” Betty says. “If that really is Drakken’s plan, we might not have as much time as we thought. You must get to the Moon and shut down his operation before he can succeed.”

“You can count on me, Dr. Director.” Kim says.

“And me.” Ron adds.

Betty smiles and nods at the two, before turning to Shego. “And how about you?” Shego just scoffs & turns away, which Betty predicted. She walks off of the stage and over to Shego, pulling out and handing over what looks to be a check. “I figured as much. But rest assured that if you do assist us, you will be well compensated.”

Shego glances over at the check and the pupils in her eyes almost turn into dollar signs. Never has she seen so many zeroes in her life. “CHA-CHING!!! Well, you’ve bought my services!”

“Well not mine.” Junior protests. “All of this Outer the Space travel, the big blue alien woman, no! I refuse to be a part of this, and I…”

Junior’s cut off when he feels Shego grabbing him by the collar. “Do it or I boot you off this ship, while we’re still flying.”

“AAAHHH!!! OK! OK! I’M IN!!!” Junior yells.

“Uh, not to be a bring-down, but how exactly are we gonna get to the moon?” Ron asks.

“Don’t worry, Ronald.” Betty tells him, handing him two 8x10 photos. “We have two experts on the job. One for building the Rocket that you’ll be traveling in, and the other for building the operating system.”

Ron takes one look at the photos, and then grins. “Well, they are experts.”

“Can’t get any better.” Kim agrees, after glancing at the photos, which are of her father, James T. Possible, and Wade.

4 Hours Later…

As the sun slowly rises over the horizon, Kim looks at her watch to see that it’s 6:11am. Normally, she would be either just getting home from an overnight mission, waking up to go to school, or falling asleep after a “Loving” night with Ron. But today is a far different day. Kim, Ron, Shego and Junior all stand in front of a specialized NOSA (National Outer Space Administration) Rocket Ship, customized for their mission. Kim & Shego are wearing their battle suits, and Ron is sporting his battle hoodie. Junior isn’t unprotected either, sort of, as he wears ancient Greek battle armor that was given to him as a birthday gift from his father. With the importance of this mission, relatives & friends have shown up to show their support.

“I hope to be back by our Dinner Party, father.” Junior says.

“Son, I want you to know that while I do not approve of your heroic deed in this matter, I can understand.” Senior tells him.

“Would it help if we robbed Fort Knox when I got back?” Junior asks.

“That’s my boy!” Senior says with pride, hugging his son.

Also exchanging final words are Shego and her brother, Hego. “The Wego Twins told me that they wish you the best of luck on this mission.” He tells her. “And they wish they could be here with you…but they got detention in school again.”

Shego cracks a smile, remembering the old times with them. “Heh, I told those twin dorks to pay more attention in school.”

“And I wish to extend these words of wisdom.” Hego continues. “Though you might find the odds stacked against you, as a hero, you must rage forward into the light, and…”

Shego cuts him off by igniting her fist. “I swear, if you start another one of those stupid motivational speeches I will…”

“OK! OK!” Hego says, deciding to just extend his hand out. “But let me say this…Good Luck…sister.”

“Yeah, thanks.” Shego answers, trying to sound disinterested as she grabs his hand and shakes it. She realizes that was a mistake though, as Hego pulls her close into a full-on hug. “DAMMIT! Always the hugging with you!”

Meanwhile, the Possible Family giving their support to Kim. All except Jim & Tim. “So not fair!” Jim says.

“We should be the one doing space travel!” Tim adds. “Kim doesn’t even like space.”

“Of course I do.” Kim counters. “I love having a whole lot of space between me and you Tweebs.”

She lets off a smirk in their direction, before Mrs. Possible gives her a kiss on the forehead. “You stay safe, Kimberly.”

“Don’t worry honey.” Mr. Possible says, reassuring his wife. “My little Kimmy-cub will be riding in the safest Rocket built in U.S. history…as long as Ronald’s not driving it.”

“He won’t be.” Kim tells him.

At that moment, Ron says his goodbyes to his family. “Goodbye Ronald, and good luck.” Mr. Possible tells him calmly.

Mrs. Possible, however, isn’t so calm at this moment. “Oh Ronald, are you sure that hoodie armor is gonna protect you way up there?” She says, grabbing onto her son and holding him tight.

“Mom, it’s a battle hoodie.” Ron says. “And stop with the emotions, you’re embarrassing me in front of the others!”

She finally is able to let go, thanks to some help from Ron’s Dad, and Ron follows the others onto the ship. As they walk in, they notice the surprising interior, which has been made up to look like a VIP Jet.

“Whoa, swanky!” Ron says about the décor. “At least we’ll be flying in style when we meet our doom on the moon.”

“Ron, positive thinking…” Kim reminds him.

As the four sit down in their seats, they hear a familiar voice over the P.A. system. “Please fasten your seat belts and keep your trays at an upright position.”

“Wade!” Kim says, glad to hear his voice. “Didn’t think you could hack into our system from your computer.”

“Oh I could,” Wade says, “But I decided to help you on the mission from your Dad’s control center. They do have a bigger screen. I’ll be guiding the Rocket to the moon from here, so you won’t have to worry about you know who taking the wheel.”

“Hey, for your information, I’m a better driver than Kim!” Ron says in his defense.

“Oh, here comes the countdown…”

T-minus 10…











As friends and family head inside of the Control Center, the rocket ignites it’s thrusters and slowly begins to lift off of the ground. The fuel lines shut off and detach from the Rocket as it gains speed, producing a white cloud underneath that grows larger by the second. The cloud soon covers the entire launch pad and stops expanding, as the Rocket roars high into the sky. From the Control Center, everyone watches as hope in their hearts, and also prayer.

“I hope you really can do anything this time, Kim.” Wade says under his breath.

At That Moment…

Unbeknownst to everyone, the launch of the Rocket is also being watched closely by eyes on the moon. Dozens of henchmen monitor their screens and watch as the Rocket hits the stratosphere, and report to their leader.

“Dr. Drakken. Global Justice has just sent up their Rocket. Kim Possible and her sidekick are on board, along with Shego and hers.”

Drakken nods his head as he sits in a throne-like chair, elevated at the back of the room. Warmonga stands by his side, wielding her power staff. “I knew they would come to stop me.” Drakken says. “But I doubt they know the surprise that awaits them on their ship.”
The Team-Up Chapters

Deep in the silence of space, the NOSA Rocket soars through the stars, its inhabitants on a journey to stop the mad doctor and his plan for possible universal domination. But it’s a 12 hour trip to his moon base, which leaves time for rest. And that’s exactly what Ron & Senior Junior are doing, as they sit dozed off in their seats. The two other passengers are far from sleep though. Kim Possible & Shego continue to stare each other down, each waiting for the other to make a move, and both very wary of this “forced” partnership.

“So what are you waiting for?” Shego asks, breaking the silence. “Can’t finish me off unless it’s on a rooftop?”

Kim sighs in frustration. “Shego, I gave you my apology. Why can’t you just accept it?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Shego answers sarcastically. “Maybe it’s because you left me to die!”

“I didn’t leave you to die!” Kim counters. “And if I remember right, that’s what you did to Ron when you burned his arm!”

“Yeah, well that was payback for my…” Shego stops herself when she realizes she’s reached the source, the very center. Everything that has happened to her, to Kim, to Ron, to so many...has revolved around that chance sexual encounter with Ron. “You’re…you’re right.”

“And…I am?” Kim says surprised.

“Yeah, surprisingly.” Shego answers begrudgingly. “Look, did the sidekick ever tell you about our “time” together?”

Kim lets off a quick facial twitch as she’s reminded of that event. “Yes…”

“Yeah, then you know it was a trap meant for you.” She confesses. “Drakken had this special room with whips & chains and…lets just say it was gonna be a lot of fun…for me. But, that was no reason for me to take your Boy-Toy’s virginity. I was frustrated. Maybe if I held back, this whole mess wouldn’t have started.”

Shego folds her arms over her chest and turns away as Kim continues to look at her in shock. She never expected an apology from Shego. She guessed that Drakken would make a successful plan first before that happened. “Uh…apology accepted? Look, I…kinda understand. I know the effect Ron can have on a lot of women.”

“And you’re still with him?” Shego asks.

“Because most of the time the women give him little choice. Much like you did.” Kim answers. “Besides, I’m learning that joining in makes it better.”

Shego’s eyes widen as she can’t help but to laugh at that last comment. “OHOHO!!! You’re telling me little miss cupcake actually has a wild bedroom side?”

“Check the name, Shego.” Kim responds smugly. “I can do anything.”

“Is that so?” Shego asks, with the same amount of smugness. “Fine, then let’s see you plant one right here.”

She points to her jet-black colored lips, which catches Kim off guard. “Kiss you?”

“What’s the matter, never kissed a girl before?” Shego smirks.

That was almost an understatement to Kim. She’s had more than enough experience with Bonnie and others at Cheer Camp, and as the shock wears off, Kim goes forward. She sits up and leans forward, as does Shego, who puckers her lips. “Heh, she’ll probably go for the quick peck.” Shego thinks. “She’ll want this to end as quickly as—!”

That thought goes down the drain as she feels Kim’s lips nearly smothering hers. She brings her hand under Shego’s chin and opens her mouth, almost as if she’s inviting Shego’s tongue inside. The invite is taken, and the two nearly become lost in their impromptu make-out session. So lost that they fail to realize they now have an audience, as Ron begins to creep out of his slumber.

“Aw, man…I must be having that dream again.” He says, still thinking he’s asleep. “But…why aren’t you two in the lingerie? And where’s Mrs. P?”

Kim & Shego break the kiss quickly and look over at Ron. “Mrs. P?” Shego asks. “Does he mean your Mom?”

Kim just sighs as Ron begins to awaken fully, and realize this isn’t a dream. “Wha? Wait-wait a minute, this isn’t a dream. YOU TWO WERE ACTUALLY KISSING???”

“Huh? Who was doing the kissing?” Junior asks as he wakes up.

“Dude, Kim & Shego were just kissing!” Ron tells him, which shocks Junior fully awake. “HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD???”

“Ron, calm down. It’s a long story.” Kim tells him, as she & Shego fall back into their seats.

Shego looks over at a timer on the wall, and reads that they still have 8 more hours until they reach the moon. “Well, we gotta kill the time somehow.”

“OOH! I know! We can play that 6 Degrees game of that actor!” Junior suggests.

“And that goes in the bad idea category!” Shego responds.

“I know a perfect way.” Kim says, as she secretly moves her hand and slides it into Ron’s pants.

“Man, I wish I’d asked Felix to bring my video games so we could…GAAHHH!!!!” Ron feels Kim’s right hand reaching his manhood.

“Whoa! You’re really taking this ‘I can do anything’ motto of yours seriously, aren’t you?” Shego asks.

“Yep, and now it’s your turn.” Kim tells her. “You said I couldn’t kiss you, I say you can’t screw Junior, right here, right now.”

“WHAT?” Ron & Junior yell.

Shego just grins deviously at the challenge. “Oh, you don’t know what I’m able to do, princess.”

“Wait! Do you not think it weird us about to do it in front of our foes?” Junior asks.

“Yeah, I gotta agree with Junior.” Ron adds. “Having sex in front of villains is just…” Kim puts an end to the disagreement by locking her lips with his. As always, Ron finds himself powerless to resist the softness of her lips, and all he can do is wrap his arms around her, as she breaks the kiss. “That’s not fair…using your mouth like that.”

“I know.” Kim answers, grinning seductively. Grabbing her tight black pants, she pulls them down to her knees, then kicks out of them before doing the same to her pink thong. Once both are on the floor, she climbs on top of her boyfriend and straddles him. Reaching down, she unbuckles Ron’s pants and slides them down enough to reach her intent…his Cock.

Meanwhile Shego, not wanting to look to be outdone, does the same with Junior. Grabbing hold of his hardening manhood, she tugs her tights down to her knees before sitting on Junior’s lap. Junior does the rest as he pulls her panties down, and guides himself through he wet lips and inside of her. Shego lets out a pleasured moan as she feels every inch of him slide deep into her. Back over across the table, Kim has just slid herself onto Ron’s manhood, and she slowly starts to ride him. Ron lifts up her shirt to expose her perky breasts, and fondles them.

“Still don’t think this was a good idea?” Kim asks.

Ron looks back up at her with a weak grin. “Well…it’s better than playing that actor game.” The two wrap their lips around each other again as Kim puts her right arm around his neck, keeping it there for balance. Ron rolls up Kim’s mission shirt and fondles her breasts with one hand, while palming her ass with the other. Back across the table, Shego feels herself being groped as Junior drives into her over & over. He fondles her breasts as she wraps her arm around him, begging for more.

“God, YES!!!” She screams. “Give it to me, Junior! FUCK ME!!!”

Hearing her screams of passion begins to stimulate Junior, and he places both of his hands under her knees to elevate her. Once high enough, he increases his speed and starts jackhammering her snatch, which nearly makes Shego’s eyes roll into the back of her head with pleasure. On the other end, Kim is now treating Ron’s Cock like a trampoline, jumping up & down on it. Her breasts jiggle & bounce majestically, almost hypnotic to Ron, who can’t take his eyes off of them. After a moment though, he snaps out of the trance when he gets an idea.

“Wait, KP. Lie down on the table.” He suggests which makes her grin.

“Now you’re getting into it.” She says, going ahead with it. Using her agility, she spins around forward while still keeping Ron inside of her. As she leans forward onto the table, Ron leans on top of her and resumes his hip thrusts, giving her all of his manhood again & again. Kim opens her legs even further, wanting all of Ron to penetrate deep inside of her.

“Yeah, baby!” Kim tells her man. “Oh god, fuck me just like that!”

“Always, Kim.” Ron answers, gladly pounding her from behind just like she wants. Kim soon gets company on the table as Shego, now completely naked, is laid down on her back. Junior holds her legs in the air by the knees and starts to drill her snatch like before. She lets out a loud moan of approval before her breaths become short. Beads of sweat form all over her body, and fly off with each thrust made into her. Kim & Ron are working up a sweat also, as Ron pumps his Cock into his girlfriend’s pussy, bringing her closer to her limit along with him. And it only takes a few more fucks to get them there.


With one simultaneous moan & groan, the two have their orgasm together. Ron fires off a warm load into Kim’s snatch, one that puts a wide smile on her face. But they’re not the only ones reaching their limit.

“Shego…I am about to erupt.” Junior tells her, trying to hold back.

“Yeah, erupt inside of me, baby!” She cheers, and Junior complies. One last thrust does it, and he shoots his semen out, filling her up. Exhaustedly, he pulls out and inadvertently sprays another load over her stomach, breasts and face. He then plops back into his seat, as does Ron. The two men feel spent after their fun. Unfortunately, Shego & Kim do not.

“Oh god, that was time well spent.” Shego says as she sits up. She then notices that Junior’s still ‘ready’, and turns to Kim. “I guess it’s my turn, now. Ever have the sidekick’s sausage in your mouth?”

Kim pushes herself up off the table and grins back at Shego. “Plenty of times.”

“Then show me your technique.” She says, pushing herself off the table and squatting down in front of Junior. Kim does the same, dropping to her knees. Though Ron’s not too excited about it.

“Whoa, wait.” He says. “Can’t we get like a 5 minute break? Maybe an energy drink or something?” He gets his answer when he feels Kim’s lips wrapping around the head of his Cock. She then takes half of it into her mouth on the first try, something that’s slightly impressive to Shego.

“Not bad.” She says, before turning her attention back to Junior. She gives the shaft of his Rod a good lick, before engulfing ¾’s of it into her mouth. Shego’s motions are quick & steady. She tightens her lips around his shaft and moves her tongue circularly, running it over every inch of his meat. Kim is taking a different approach, though. She licks Ron’s shaft up & down before taking it back into her mouth, and tonguing the head of his Cock. She bobs her head up & down for a few times, then takes it out and runs her mouth and tongue along the shaft again, while using her right hand to jerk it. Both approaches are different, but they’re more than effective as Ron & Junior feel their limit approaching for a second time.

“Damn, KP…” Ron says. “…you’re gonna make me blow!”

“I feel…I will blow too, Shego.” Junior adds.

And a moment later, they explode like fire hoses. Ron cums first, shooting a second load onto Kim’s face, hitting her cheeks and nose. Junior cums right after him, shooting off in Shego’s mouth just like she did her pussy. It’s just how she likes it, and she swallows every drop, with Kim looking on.

“Doesn’t that taste disgusting?” Kim asks.

“Drakken’s Taste-Bud Modifier,” Shego answers, “one of his few inventions that work. You’d be surprised the flavors he can come up with.”

“I probably would.” Kim agrees. “And I believe it’s my turn now.”

“So whadaya got?” Shego asks.

“I say, let’s see if they can give as good as they can take.” Kim suggests, hopping back on the table and spreading her legs in front of Ron.

“Ye—I never thought I’d say this, but I like the way you think.” Shego replies, before doing the same. Junior looks up at Shego perplexed.

“I am supposed to give the head now?” He asks. “But I do not know how.”

Ron grabs hold of Kim’s legs and gives Junior a little advice. “Dude, you just gotta dive in there and do your best.”

“You heard the sidekick.” Shego says, grabbing Junior’s head and shoving it between her legs. Junior is still confused as of what to do, and begins to kiss her inner thighs, which is not exactly what Shego wanted. “Oh, for the love of…JUST USE YOUR TONGUE!!!” Getting those orders, Junior does indeed put his tongue to work, moving it along her pussy lips before delving it inside, and pleasing her. “Oh YEAH! That’s it, baby!”

Ron is doing his thing between Kim’s legs, kissing & licking her just how she likes. Her legs are wrapped around his neck as she sits back with her arms behind her. “Yeah Ron, Lick it baby! I love your tongue!” Her chest starts to heave as her breath becomes shorter. She takes one hand and rubs her right nipple as she gently bites her lower lip. Moans escape her lips about every 2 seconds, and her body quivers every time Ron licks her favorite spot. But soon, her love sounds are drowned out by Shego’s loud moans. It seems that Junior is a quick learner, and as she holds his head down between her legs, he proceeds to lick her closer & closer to her 2nd orgasm.


An orgasm wave washes over the villainess as she hits her limit for the 2nd time. Her body trembles in pleasure as she gushes her love juices out, and into Junior’s face. Kim isn’t far behind as she cums for the 2nd time, and gushes herself, with Ron’s face as the target. Worn out, both women fall onto the table beside each other, as Ron & Junior fall back into their seats.

“Need…rest…” Ron pleads.

“Me…to….” Junior adds.

“Oh…fine.” Shego says, fatigued herself. “5 minutes, and then it’s my turn again.”

“KP, how long are we gonna be doing this?” Ron asks.

“How long do we have left till we get there?” Kim counters.

Ron looks over at the timer, and sees that they still have a long way to go. “Aw man, I knew I should’ve packed Energy drinks.”

8 Mostly Sex-Filled Hours Later…

“Alright, does everyone have their equipment?”

Kim asks this question as she suits up with the rest of the team. They’re right outside Drakken’s Moon Base stronghold, about several dozen yards from where they landed the ship. The final three hours of the flight were spent getting rest and mission briefings. They will split into two teams, with Shego & Kim sneaking in to get closer to Drakken, while Junior & Ron provide the distraction by storming through the front. They finish putting on their grey spacesuits, and activate the artificial forcefield helmets that come with them.

“We all know what needs to be done.” Kim tells them. “Shego and I will sneak in through the side to try and reach Drakken. You two see if you can reach him through the front.”

“Should be simple to find the flaw and shut down this operation.” Shego says, having experience.

Ron nods his head in agreement. “Yeah, well as long as nothing unexpected happens, we can—!”


A planet-shaking explosion rattles the ground, and the four look over to see that the ship that brought them here is now victim to a massive explosion. As flaming debris falls from the sky, the four turn to each other, realizing things have just become harder for them.

“Does this mean we are stuck here?” Junior asks in a panic.

“Calm down.” Shego tells him. “Dr. D always has some sort of ship or Escape Pod in his lair. We shut down his plan and take one of them back home.”

“And that’s what you’re gonna be doing.” Kim tells Ron & Junior. “Along with…”

“…being the distraction.” Ron finishes half-heartedly. Kim grins at him and gives him one last tight embrace.

“Be careful, Ron.” She tells him, before heading off, followed by Shego. The two femme fatales are wearing their respective battle suits underneath their spacesuits, so they’re ready for anything. They find an opening through the Loading Bay and activate their cloaks before entering. Dozens of Drakken’s henchmen litter the place, loading & unloading various supplies and weapons for his conquest. Most of the henchmen Shego know very well.

“That guy still owes me 5 bucks.” She murmurs under her breath. She & Kim make their way unnoticed past the henchmen and exit the Bay into a long hallway with many doors.

“Great. Looks like Drakken’s stole more blueprints from those Extreme Evil Lair Makeover guys.” Shego says.

“You’re the hideout expert.” Kim tells Shego. “Where’s Drakken’s main Lab?”

Shego takes a moment to think. “Hmmm, usually it’s on the 7th door on the right.” That’s where the two head, and as Kim kicks the door open, the two charge inside…only to see that Drakken’s nowhere to be found, and over a hundred of his henchmen ready to greet them. “Unless he changed it into the henchmen training facility.”

The only exit from the room slams shut as the lead henchmen traps the two women inside. “Surrender, and swear allegiance to Drakken.” He says. “It is impossible for you to defeat us.”

After hearing that remark, Kim & Shego just smile at each other and crouch into their fighting stances. “Ye—you really need to check the name!” Shego quips.

Meanwhile, downstairs…

Ron & Junior aren’t exactly taking the easy path themselves. Right now they’re trying to outrun rapid laser fire from the ceiling, not to mention giant spinning tops of death.



As they continue to flee, they find the road almost about to run out for them with a dead end. Thinking quickly, the two split up and jump into separate doorways. The spinning tops roar past them and into the dead end, causing the wall to come crashing down. Dust & debris rises into the air, making it impossible for the lasers to find their targets. It’s at that moment that Ron notices a light coming from where the tops crashed.

“Junior, follow me!” He says, as he runs to the crash site. Junior follows behind and when they emerge from the dust, they find themselves in the control room of the entire complex.

“This has to be some stroke of luck.” Junior says. “For the spinning tops to crash into a room like this.”

“Dude, it’s called the Ron Factor.” Ron counters. “And it always comes through, A-Booyah! Now come on, we can shut down the security system here!”

Ron runs over to the nearest panel and, in his usual Ron-style, begins to press every button in a frantic attempt to shut down security. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, it works as the system becomes overloaded and crashes. Once done, Junior draws his attention.

“Ron, quick! Come here!” Ron runs over and Junior points at a monitor which shows a violent brawl inside the building. “Shego and Kim Possible! They might need our help!” Ron just grins as he points back to the screen, and Junior sees that it’s Kim & Shego who’re in the middle of the brawl, more than holding their own. Kim’s putting her Kung-Fu skills to the test, while Shego plays target practice with her powers and any standing henchmen.

“Dude, it’s more than under control.” Ron tells him. “I say we just kick back and—!”

Ron is suddenly cut off when he feels his skull cracking against Junior. He falls to the floor and begins to lose consciousness. As he looks up, he can only make out the shadow of an Amazon-like figure standing above him.

5 minutes later…

“Oh, what happened?”

Ron opens his eyes to see Junior still KO’d on the floor. The scene doesn’t get any better as he notices he’s in a heart-shaped bed, and there’s someone in bed with him, crawling towards him…someone big.

“You are the mate of the fiery-haired warrior.” Warmonga says, more than intimidating Ron at this moment. “Warmonga has heard rumors of your ‘talents’.”

“Talents?” Ron asks nervously. “What are you talking about?”

“Warmonga spied on females in earth prison before freeing the Great Blue.” She confesses. “Many females claim you have special talents that can satisfy them. Warmonga wishes to experience those talents.”

She now has Ron lying down flat on the bed as she looms over him, wearing a seductive smirk. And as he senses his doom nearing, only one thing goes through Ron’s mind.

“I knew all this sex would get me killed one day.”
The KP Chapters Finale

“There, that should do it.”

Kim brushes her hands off as she looks around at the dozens upon dozens of unconscious bodies lying on the ground. Though the numbers were over one hundred, they didn’t stand a chance against Kim & Shego’s might.

“Heh, good for a workout.” Shego says, tilting her head and cracking her neck. “But I want another crack at that Blue Amazon Bitch!”


Kim immediately looks to her wrist Kimmunicator to take the call. “Go Wade!”

“Got some info on why your Rocket exploded.” Wade informs them. “A beacon was detected on board, and Drakken was able to use one of his rays to zero in and send a signal for the engine…”

“…To go Kablooie!” Kim finishes. “Probably was stashed by one of Drakken’s minions.”

“My fault, Kimmie-Cub.” Kim’s Dad chimes in off-screen. “NOSA really has to fund the security department more.”

“Global Justice is sending up a ride to bring you back.” Wade tells her.

“Good. Once we find Drakken and Warmonga, we can…”

“Uh, Kimmy?” Shego says. “Looks like the big blue bimbo found something more interesting.”

Kim looks up to see Shego pointing out of a window. Following the direction, Kim spies just was Shego meant…a clear view of Warmonga’s quarters, with Warmonga on top of Ron, about to disrobe him. And as it has before with Bonnie & Camille Leon, the green-eyed monster comes out.

“Looks like she wants to test drive the sidekick.” Shego quips, only making Kim angrier.

“The Hell she is!” Kim snaps back, igniting the jet pack on her spacesuit. As her forcefield helmet activates over her head, she roars through the glass into the cold, vastness of space. Shego quickly turns on her helmet to prevent loss of oxygen.

“Heh, looks like the Princess’ got a mean streak after all.”

Like a crimson bullet, Kim flies towards the room and shocking speeds, and crashes through the window into Warmonga’s room. But she doesn’t stop there.

“GET. OFF. MY. RON!!!”

She throws her entire body into Warmonga, knocking her off of Ron and through an adjacent wall. As the air quickly escapes the room, Ron powers on his helmet, then runs over and activates Junior’s, before turning to Kim.

“Hey, I just want to say she was taking advantage of me!” He says in his defense. “I’m the do-ee, not the doer.”

“No kidding.” Kim answers, climbing to her feet. “I have to jump on you in the bed half the time to get you going.”

Ron is about to counter that remark when the sound of Warmonga rising from the debris grabs their attention. “Foolish red female.” She says. “It will take far more to defeat the mighty…”


Warmonga turns towards her window only to be tackled by a Rocket-propelled Shego, and driven out of the room. As they crash through wall after wall, Kim decides to give her assistance. “I’ll help Shego take down Warmonga!” She tells Ron. “You & Junior find Drakken and shut him down.”

“On it, KP!” Ron replies, before running over and helping Junior, who’s just waking up, to his feet. Kim takes off and follows the path of destruction that Shego & Warmonga recently made. Getting to the end, she catches Shego’s crash landing, as she drives Warmonga into the hard floor. Surprisingly though, Warmonga is unaffected, and quickly swats away Shego like a fly. Kim jumps down to ground level and lands by Shego’s side as she stands to her feet.

Warmonga just smirks fiendishly at the sight of them fighting side by side. “The two mightiest females of this planet wish to test their warrior will against Warmonga?”

“No, we wish you kick your big, blue ass!” Kim answers.

“Down into the ground!” Shego adds.

Warmonga can see the seriousness in their eyes, and decides to up the odds. Letting out a whistle, she calls for her war staff, which flies into her hands a second later. She then slams the staff into the ground and twists it. A moment later, the staff emits an energy barrier which surrounds all three, locking them it what looks to be a makeshift death ring.

“In that case, as they say in your language…bring it!” Warmonga states.


Several floors above, Ron & Junior speed down the hallway, trying to make their way to the center of Drakken’s operation to stop him. “Aw, come on!” Ron says. “Why can’t villains just have a door that tells you where the center of their operation is?” At that moment, Ron notices a door to his right and what it says, ‘Center of Drakken’s Operation through here.’

“Hmm, convenient.” Ron says.

“Yes, quite.” Junior adds.

The two then kick down the door, startling Drakken and interrupting his launch process. “What the…THE BUFFOON! How did you find me?”

“The sign was on the door.” Ron tells him smugly.

“GRRRR!!! I only put that up so I wouldn’t get lost!” Drakken says in his defense.

Junior is ready to charge the mad doctor, but Ron puts his hand up, holding him back. “Wait, one question. You don’t still have that Hench-Co Strength Enhancer, do you?”

Drakken looks back at Ron confused. “No, why do you ask?” He gets his answer when the two bum-rush and tackle Drakken through the window onto a catwalk below them. But Drakken quickly kicks Ron off of him and jumps to his feet. “Even without that device, I’m more than a match for you!”

Drakken’s boast gives Junior an opening though, and he uses it to bearhug Drakken from behind, squeezing the air out of him. “I do not believe you have the muscles that I do, doctor!”

He’s right, but Drakken has brains, and he uses his to stomp down on Junior’s foot. Junior breaks his hold and begins hopping around in pain. “OWIEOWIEOWIEOWIE!!!!!!”

Drakken grins at his handiwork and turns forward to make a break for it, when he sees his first foe back on his feet, ready to rumble. “HUWAAAAAAAA!!!! You wanna piece of Ron?”

“Uh…one moment.” Drakken responds, before leaping over the guardrail down to the darkened floor. Both Ron & Junior look over the edge, thinking that Drakken might’ve foolishly jumped to his death. But once they hear him and, followed by his footsteps, they realize it’s very different. They leap over the guardrail and follow him down, landing on the floor below.

“I don’t see him.” Junior says.

“Well, he couldn’t have gotten far.” Ron says, before various lights begin to illuminate in the darkness behind him.

“Indeed I haven’t, sidekick.” Out of the darkness steps Drakken, who’s now suited up in, of all things…Prototype Mech Armor. “And as to answer your question…I do want a piece.”

At That Moment…

Kim & Shego slowly shuffle their feet while staying in their stances. Their eyes go to work scanning any weakness in Warmonga. Finding none, they decide to attack her head on, with Kim leading the charge.

Warmonga reacts with a straight punch that’s ducked by Kim and countered with two shots to the stomach. She follows up with a right hook to the jaw, but Warmonga blocks a front kick and swats her away. That gives Shego an opening, and she lands a devastating spin kick that stuns Warmonga momentarily. She then follows up with a knee to the gut before grabbing her by the hair, and giving her a knee to the face. But Warmonga quickly shakes it off and delivers a knee of her own that sends Shego soaring. But it also leaves her open to Kim, and a brutal dropkick that causes her to stumble a little. Kim continues by doing a handspring kick, nailing her in the face and leaping into the air. That proves to be a mistake though, as Warmonga catches her before another attack, and plants her into the floor. But that allows Shego to come down hard on her with an energy-powered double-fist smash to her back. Shego has her down, and begins to throw energy charged punches at a breathtaking rate, trying to keep her down. But Warmonga uses her strength to violently throw both of them off of her. She stands up to her feet, actually looking like she’s been in a fight.

“It is wise to realize that you two are no match for Warmonga!” She says. “My Lorwardian training far surpasses anything you can throw at me!”

“Is that so?” Shego asks. “Then why’s there blood coming from your mouth?” Warmonga scoffs at that comment, but then considers it. Wiping a hand across her mouth, she looks down at it and indeed does see blood, all while giving Shego another opening. “AND HERE’S SOME MORE, BITCH!!!”

A jumping knee attack lands with Warmonga’s jaw, causing her to spit out more blood. Kim joins back into the fight, charging up her battle suit to emit a blue hue of energy from her hands. Once her fists are ignited, she charges forward and delivers jackhammer-like punches to her gut. After over a dozen shots, she finishes up with a massive uppercut that sends Warmonga reeling. Shego decides to end the fight, and follows up by leaping into the air and coming down hard with a two-foot stomp to Warmonga’s face. She plants her head through the floor, and renders her motionless. But it’s only for a brief moment. In a flash, Shego feels both of her ankles grabbed as she’s slammed to the floor. Warmonga rises to her feet, with an almost crazed look in her eye. Using Shego like a bat, she smacks her into Kim, and the two careen into to energy barrier, which gives them an electric shock feedback. It only lasts for a second, but it feels like an eternity for them before they break free and fall almost lifelessly to the ground. But it’s not over. Warmonga violently picks them up by their hair and prepare to smash their heads together, like she did Ron & Junior, only with far more force. But as she closes the gap, Shego & Kim grab each other’s hands, stopping her attempt cold. They then deliver a simultaneous elbow to the stomach, followed by dual energy-charged haymakers which send her staggering backwards, holding her face. It’s clear at this point, that Kim & Shego have taken Warmonga far beyond what she’s experienced in a fight.

“WARMONGA WILL TASTE VICTORY!!!” The Lorwardian declares in a state of rage. “And I will taste your blood on my fists as I do so!”

“She’s nearly down!” Kim tells Shego. “Time to end this. Like we planned on the Rocket. GO!”

“This better work, princess!” Shego says before charging forward. Warmonga braces herself for another attack, but is shocked to find Shego sliding between her legs under her. But it’s not as shocking as when she looks up, and feels a two-fisted uppercut, courtesy of Kim. She stumbles back, and Kim maneuvers behind her, grabbing her arm and locking it behind her in a hammerlock. She then turns Warmonga towards Shego, whose hands are glowing brighter than ever before.

“DO IT NOW!!!” Kim yells.


And in a shining moment, Shego unleashes a bedlam of energy blasts at the Alien Amazon. Unable to block fully, she can do nothing but try to withstand the onslaught. Shego doesn’t hold back. Every blast she fires has enough force to turn concrete into dust, and is hot enough to melt steel. Kim shields herself behind Warmonga’s body, as the Lorwardian warrior cries out in pain for the first time in battle…ever. The blasts go on non-stop for almost a full minute, before Warmonga forces Kim off of her and dives out of the way. Just as well to, since Shego was close to running on empty. Warmonga, surprisingly, is able to climb to her feet, albeit slowly. Her body is smoking from the blasts, and she can barely hold herself up as he legs look ready to give way. Kim and Shego stand on opposite sides of her, ready to deal the finishing blow.

“I am…Warmonga…” She utters. “I…am guardian…to the Great…Blue! I…am…”

“You…” Kim says.

“Are…” Shego adds.

“DONE!!!” They both yell, charging her. Kim connects with a flying kick to the face, as Shego hits a dropkick to her knees, and just like that, the fight is over. Warmonga’s body falls lifelessly to the floor as they land, and shows little to no movement. The two former foes look at each other, then down at their defeated opponent, and enjoy a large measure of victory.

“Not so tough now, are ya?” Shego boasts, not caring if Warmonga can hear her or not.

“We got bigger problems, Shego.” Kim reminds her. “Like how do we get out of here to help the guys and stop Drakken?”

Shego answers that question by firing an energy blast at Warmonga’s war staff, effectively disabling it and shutting down the energy barrier. “You were saying?”

“Come on!” Kim tells her, as the two run to join Ron & Junior.


While the battle between Kim, Shego & Warmonga was as physical as it gets, the battle between Ron, Junior & Drakken…not so much. Ron is currently on the defensive, that is to say he’s running for dear life as Drakken chases him in his Mech Armor.

“GRRRR! Come back here and fight like a man!” Drakken yells.

“Easy for you to say, Mr. Mech Suit!” Ron replies, before making a sharp right around a corner. Drakken’s unable to make that same turn, and goes crashing into the ground, giving Ron time to make a call on his Ronunicator.

“Wade, I need some assistance!” Ron tells him.

“I could send the Wade-Bot 3.0 up there, but it’ll take some time.” Wade responds.

“We don’t have time, Wade!” Ron says, before noticing Junior cowering in the corner for his life.

“This is not cool!” He says. “It is like we are in some bad video game!”

And in a moment of brilliance, Ron comes up with an idea. “Wade, patch me through to Felix!”

“I don’t understand.” Wade says. “Why would you want…?”

He’s cut off by the sound of Drakken’s mech hand crashing through the wall, which sends Ron off to the races. “No time to argue, Wade!”

Wade decides to patch the call through, and a moment later, Felix’s face appears on the screen. “Ron? Is that you?”

“Yeah! Felix! What’s up, buddy?” Ron says. “Could really use your help right now!”

“Is that Ron?” Felix moves to the side a little as Zita’s face appears on the screen beside him, which causes Ron to stop in his tracks.

“Whoa wait, is that Zita?” He asks. “What’s she doing at your house?”

“We’re dating now.” Felix tells him. “Been going out for 3 months.”

“Alright, Felix!” Ron cheers. “She’s a good lady, loves video games as much as we do.” He begins to congratulate them more, but the sound of Drakken’s loud stomping gets his mind back on point. “Oh right, the death chasing me thing. Felix, I need to know how you defeated the Mecha-Dictator in ‘Robot Overlord 4’!”

“Uh, it doesn’t look like you’re playing video games, buddy.” Felix tells him.

“Less talkie, more helping out!” Ron dashes forward and makes some distance between him and Drakken before hiding behind a stone pillar as Felix answers him.

“Well you gotta trick him into trapping his hands in the ground, and then disable the wires in his legs.” He says. “You might have to distract him for that.”

“Got it!” Ron says. If there’s one thing he knows how to be, it’s the distraction. And he puts that skill to work as he comes out of hiding and grabs Drakken’s attention. “Hey Drakken, why the suit? Afraid my Mystical Monkey Fu will whoop on you again?”

That sentence is more than enough to get the mad doctor’s attention. “Now you go squish, Buffoon!” He says, charging forward and raising his mechanical left arm. Ron dives out of the way, barely avoiding the arm as he drives it into the ground and, just like Ron planned, gets it stuck. Ron quickly moves to his rear and begins yanking out wires randomly. Within moments, Drakken’s left leg is rendered useless.

“OK.” Ron says. “Now I just get the other leg and—OOMPHH!!!”

A hard swat from Drakken’s mech arm sends Ron flying across the room and into a wall. He slides down to the floor feeling dazed, as Drakken approaches him, hopping on one leg. “Did you really think it would be that easy?” He mocks. “Did you really think that your foolish Monkey powers would help you stop my greatest plan yet?”

“It depends…” Drakken turns around to see Junior, out of hiding, standing behind him.”…Did you think you’d look cool wearing that outfit?”

Drakken feels insulted by that remark. “I’ll have you know that this was picked out by the cast of ‘Evil Eye for the Bad Guy!’”

“So that explains it.” Junior concludes. “It came off the rack!”

“GRRRRR! I’ll put you ON the rack!” Drakken says, raising his mech fist up. Junior dives out of the way as Drakken drives it through the floor, getting it stuck again.

“AAAAHHHH!!!” Junior screams. “Ron, use your Magic Monkey skills!”

“Dude, it’s Mystical Monkey Powers!” Ron tells him, before charging forward. He goes to work on yanking wires from the other leg, and within moments, Drakken’s mech is rendered unable to walk.

“Wha…Gah! G-Gak…NOOOOOOO!!!” Drakken yells. “I will not be defeated by the sidekick again!”

In an almost crazed state, Drakken begins to work his mech arms into overdrive, frantically swinging at Ron, Junior, and anything else close enough. He crashes through and topples several steel pillars as Ron joins up with Junior and gets to a safe distance, before turning his attention back to Drakken. Looking to finish it, he storms forward towards the mad doctor. Once close enough, he leaps into the air and attempts a flying kick aimed straight for Drakken…but ends up in his mech clutches.

“Too bad, so sad, buffoon.” Drakken gloats, ready to squeeze the life out of Ron. “And today, your pesky girlfriend won’t be able to save you!”

“GRRRMMFFF! Don’t…need her…not when I got Wade!” Ron pries free one arm, grabs his Ronunicator, and aims it at Drakken. Pressing the red button on it, he activates a signal installed by Wade to cause any electronic system to crash. Drakken’s mech suit isn’t immune, as it falls backwards and hits the floor with a massive thud. Ron lands on Drakken’s chest, as Drakken finds himself unable to move any limb on his mech.


“But I am!” Ron interrupts. “BOOYAH!!!” It’s a huge victory for Ron at this moment, taking down Drakken without Kim’s help. But it’s a short-lived one as he begins to feel the entire building shake, as if it’s ready to collapse. “Whoa! What is going on?”

He looks down at Drakken, only to find that he’s struggling to escape his suit. It’s then that he notices he’s standing on something, and as he removes his foot, it’s revealed to be a button. Drakken takes one look at the button, then turns to Ron in Anger. “YOU IDIOT! You’ve activated my base’s self-destruct!”

“Hey, me?” Ron says in his defense. “Who in the hell puts a self-destruct button on his own robot suit?”

“It helped me to remember where it was!” Drakken barks back, before he feels the floor beneath him begin to crumble. Ron hops off of Drakken and makes a mad dash towards the exit, where Junior is standing waiting for him. But as he pushes forward, he notices the floor crumbling in front of him, starting a few feet from the exit and heading towards him. Still, he doesn’t stop.

“No problem.” He thinks. “I can make the jump. I can make it. I can make it!”

Faster & faster he runs, trying to reach the right point to where he can make the jump. As he runs out of floor, he leaps into the air and stretches out his arms in a valiant attempt. But it’s a failed one, as gravity kicks in halfway across. “I’M CAN’T MAKE IT!!!”

He looks down the see the vast darkness below him, and his heart skips a beat. A quick instance of his life flashes before his eyes, and he realizes he still owes Monique $5. But before he plummets down into the dark depths, he feels a sharp tug at his spacesuit, followed by two arms wrapping around him securely. It appears his angel has arrived just in time.


She carries him across the ever increasing gap to the exit, and places him down beside Junior. But as she lands with him, Ron remembers someone left behind. “Wait, Kim! Drakken!”

He points across the room to the supervillain, who has just now unhooked himself from the mech armor. But as he sits up, he sees the insurmountable gap between him and the only exit out, and becomes reserved in thinking that there’s no escape. “So this is how it ends for the great Dr. Drakken.” He says, voice beginning to crack. “Not with a bang…but just a whimper.”

The floor beneath him starts to break away, and Drakken utters his final words. “It appears…I shall meet my fate in the afterlife!”


And with perfect timing, another angel of mercy swoops in to save Drakken’s life. Though at the moment, Drakken doesn’t see it that way. “SHEGO???”

“Shut up and hang on!” She tells him, as she rockets through the exit. Kim, Ron & Junior quickly follow after them as Drakken’s fortress begins to crash down. During their escape, the five speed past the ground level where Shego & Kim defeated Warmonga, and notice the Lorwardian warrior still lying there.

“Wait, we should save Warmonga!” Kim suggests. But a moment later, her body begins to sparkle and slowly fades away, as if she were teleported somewhere.

“Looks like someone’s beat us to it!” Shego responds. “NOW COME ON!!!”

The 5 continue on their escape run from the fortress, as the walls cave in around them. But luck is on their side, and they reach mammoth front doors to the lair. Dashing out, they run to a safe distance before looking back, and watching as dozens of escape pods fly from the fortress, which is now crumbling like a sand castle and rapidly becoming jagged scrap metal.

“Looks like we did it.” Kim says.

“Indeed you did.”

The 5 of them turn around and see, to their shock, the Global Justice Helicarrier, loaded with hundreds of troops, and Dr. Director. “Congratulations, all. You’ve done an outstanding job and the world thanks you.”

“OH, COME ON!!!” Ron says. “You mean we could’ve taken the heavily armored Helicarrier to fight Drakken instead of our ship that blew up?”

“The Helicarrier was not ready for space travel by the time you took off.” Betty explains. “Basically this is our first test run outside of the earth’s atmosphere. Plus gas prices are a real pain in the arse.”

The 5 follow Dr. Director onto the Helicarrier and are greeted almost immediately by Monique & Bonnie. Monique obviously more enthusiastic over the victory. “Yeah! I knew my girl could do it!” She says, before giving Kim a big hug.

As she lets go, Bonnie reluctantly walks over to them. “Yeah, I guess you DID save the world. Thanks.”

“No problem.” Kim answers smugly. “Always glad to make the world safe for the snobby & conceited.”

“AHEM!!!” Shego interrupts, clearing her throat. “Yeah, hate to interrupt the teen love moment, but there’s the little matter concerning my…”

“The funds have been transferred into your account.” Betty tells her, which brings a grin to the villainess’ face.

“Then this is where I get off.”

Giving Kim a quick kick to the backside into Dr. Director as a distraction, Shego grabs hold of Drakken and leaps into a nearby GJ Escape Pod. Before agents can stop her, she launches from the Helicarrier and makes her own way back to Earth. Global Justice Agents are about to call a strike on her, when Dr. Director puts up her hand.

“No.” She says. “Let her go.”

“But she’s escaping with Drakken.” One agent says.

“If I know her, Drakken’s about to get a punishment far worse than what we can deliver.” She tells them.

And at that moment, Drakken, barely conscious, addresses Shego as she pilots the Escape Pod. “You…saved me from prison.” He says, worn down from the battle & escape. “After…what happened…between us. You…do care.”

After hearing those words, Shego puts the Pod on auto-pilot before walking over to Drakken and straddling him. She grabs his collar and pulls him close, looking at him with cold eyes. “I care about making you pay!” She barks at him. “Let’s get this understood, YOU DO NOT REPLACE ME! And for you and the big blue bimbo putting me back in the hospital AND making me team with Kim Possible…oh, you’re gonna pay!”

Drakken smiles nervously, hoping for the best case scenario. “Flowers & Candy?”

“More like Whips & Chains.” Shego says, as a sinister grin grows on her face.

“Mommy!” Drakken whimpers, fearing for his life.

Back on the Helicarrier, Junior is feeling the pain of this impromptu rejection. “Does…does this mean I am dumped?” He says. “But…who will I find as my soulmate to live with me at my Villas?”

The last word of that sentence captures Bonnie’s attention, as she quickly makes her way over to the young Senior. “Did I just hear ‘Villa’?”

“No, Villas.” Junior corrects her. “I have about 4 and…” He cuts himself off as he glances at her, and finds himself gazing into her eyes. Bonnie is unable to look away either, and as they stare at each other, it appears to be love at first sight. Love, mixed with a helping of lust as they break their gazes and begin to kiss each other passionately. The frantic makeout leads the two towards an Escape Pod and they fall in, closing the door behind them so they can have some privacy. Ron, Kim & Monique stand there in stunned silence, until Monique breaks it.

“You know…they actually make a good couple.”

“Plus, they have the right idea.” Kim adds as she turns her attention to Ron.

“I believe you two deserve some well-earned alone time.” Betty says with a grin, before turning and walking off towards the main bridge. Before Ron can protest, Kim leads him into another Escape Pod, shutting the door behind them and leaving Monique by her lonesome.

“Hey, what? OH, COME ON!!!” She yells, folding her arms over her chest in frustration. “That just figures! A saving the world celebration and I’m man-less!”

She lets out a solemn sigh and begins to make her way out of the area when Kim & Ron’s Escape Pod opens up. She looks over to see Kim already on top of Ron. Her spacesuit is halfway off, as is his, and she’s waving her over. “Room for one more.”

Monique doesn’t have to be asked twice, and she immediately runs over to join the party. Slamming the door shut behind her, she hops over beside and begins disrobing along with Kim.

“OK, I’d really like to register a complaint.” Ron says. “I had nothing to do with this idea!”

“Complaint registered.” Kim & Monique say in unison. “We’re still doing it!”

Realizing it’s useless to resist at this point, Ron gives in and begins to pull of his spacesuit. He kicks it off the rest of the way as Kim & Monique strip down to their sports bras & thongs. Kim then climbs back on top of her man as Ron pulls aside the fabric of her thong and begins to run her snatch, just as she likes. The two press their lips together and exchange tongue work as Monique hops in beside Ron, who lets his right hand wander behind Monique and into her thong. He rubs & fingers both women as they press themselves close against him. Feeling the dual pair of round breasts surrounding his chest nearly causes his manhood to explode from his boxers. It doesn’t go unnoticed by either ladies, as Monique reaches in and pulls it out.

“Do you mind?” She asks.

“Not at all.” Kim answers.

Taking her up on that, Monique slides off her thong before climbing on top of Ron with her back towards him. She grabs hold of his firm shaft and slowly slides herself down onto it, as she puts an arm around Ron for balance. Taking all of his manhood in, she leans back as Ron grabs hold of her legs and starts pumping her wet snatch. Kim leans in close to Monique and joins the action. The moment is heated for all three. Arousal is at it’s peak, which causes Kim & Monique to lay a wet one on each others lips. Their breasts lay squashed against each other as Ron looks up and marvel at the sight.

“Spankin’…” He utters, simply enjoying the view.

The ladies break up with makeout session as Monique subtly rocks her hips, grinding against Ron as he continues to pump her pussy. Kim switches her attention from Monique’s mouth to her breasts, and begins to suck on her nipples. Ron takes this moment to introduce Monique to his tongue, which she gladly meets. The heat from their bodies starts to make them sweat, and even creates a little fog on the Escape Pod door window, which gives them a little more privacy. Monique moves her hand under Kim and starts fingering her snatch. Kim uses her hand to stroke the base of Ron’s shaft, as he continues to drill Monique. As soon as Ron breaks his kiss from Monique, he finds Kim’s lips smothering his, and her tongue invading his mouth.

“Gotdamn you can fuck, Ron!” Monique moans, as Ron speeds up his thrusts. Subtle smacks of skin slowly fill the room as Kim & Ron break their kiss, leaving a thin line of saliva connecting their mouths. Beads of sweat now coat their bodies, and as Ron continues to grope both Kim & Monique’s breasts, Monique feels like she can’t hold on for much longer.

“Oh, Fuck! I’m gonna cum, baby!” She yells.

Ron lets out a grunt and pulls his cock out of her, before hitting his limit himself and spraying his load out, all over Monique’s stomach & breasts. Even Kim’s breasts are hit, and as Ron leans back into his seat, he’s cuddled in by both Kim & Monique.

“Aw, man.” Ron says with a hint of concern in his voice. “I just remembered…we got Graduation coming up in a week.”

“Well, with what we’ve been through…that’ll be the least of our worries.” Kim answers.

“Yeah.” Monique agrees. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

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