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my first story it need work
Skinny dipping gone bad

It was a Friday last day of school and the beginning of summer.
I am tom 17 years old 5’7” 140lb brown hair blue eye me and my mates wanted to swimming we found a lake in the woods so we all stripped and jumped in the water.
The water was warm the lake was a good size with a dock that we jumped off of a lot we where having fun splashing and jumping in the water when it happened.
I had just jumped in when my mates saw some riding up on an hours so they grabbed there close and ran off living me to face the rider.
So there I was bobbing in the water with this woman looking down at me from her horse.
She was a blond with a white see throe top tan skin tight pants.
She told me to get out of the water.
I told her that I was naked but she did not give a shit telling me to get my sorry ass out of her lake now.
I got scared and claimed out of the water and stud at the end of the dock holding my Hanes over my crouch.
She got off the horse then walked over to me, as I looked up her tan pants where spited in the crouch so her pussy was on display for me to see, as I looked at the sadly on the horse there where two rubber dildo fixated to the sadly that must of be in her pussy and ass hole as she rides this horse this is one hot hurry woman.
As she told me to put my hands behind my head, so I did what I was told I was scared as she walked behind me and grabbed one of my hands and rapped a leather strap around my wrest and then the same to the other wrest.
Then she walked around to stand in found of me looking me in the eye as she said what your name shit head is and what are doing here?
I am tom Burton, my mates and I just got out of school for the summer and came here to do some swimming.
This woman then grabbed my cock & balls so she can put another leather strap around my cock & balls then she pulled the end of the leather strap as she walked.
I was being pulled down the dock by my cock & balls and my cock was getting hard as she led me over to a tree that she tides me to with the leather strap.
The woman picked up a switch from the grown and began hitting me on the ass, my back and the back of my legs.
She told me never to come here agene and tell my mates what happen to me.
When she finely stopped hitting me my whole back side was on firer, she then made me kneel down in front of her so I can eat her pussy with the split in the crouch of her pants.
As I started to lick her pussy I fund that it was shaved clean.
So I went to work on her pussy after some time she grabbed my head pulled me in to her pussy then shivered flooded my face with her judies.
The woman then untied me and told me to get the fuck out of here, as she claimed back on her horse inserting the dildos and rides off.
So I start to walk home naked finding my close just before I got to eng of the woods, when I got home it was all most dark I when up to the bathroom to take a shower and look at my back.
After a hot shower I got out to dry off and to look at my back side, it had a lot of red marks all over it some where turning black, blue.
So I got dressed in some loss close for bed as I went to sleep.
The next day my mom came in my room to check on me and tell me breakfast was ready.
So I got up and went down for breakfast that was when mom told me about the job opening at work that I had asked her to check out for me.
The mail room at the headquarters of the bank she worked for was hiring summer help and I had good chains at the job, so I can get a car by the end of the summer.
So on Monday I was going to work with mom to get the job in the mail room.
At about noon I talked to my mats about the woman and what she did to me, lifted my shirt to show them and they where sorry that they left me there to take the punishment.
So was she hot are what? I lied she was old, fat and ugly, we all said that we would not every go back there.
So I went back home because my ass hurt and I just wanted to chill out and play some video games.

Part 2
Skinny dipping gone bad

Mom woke me up on Monday morning there I was with a regain hard on making a tent in my bed but mom said nothing about it just get up we are living at 7:00am.
I got up tuck a shower and got dressed in some jeans with white button down shirt and dress shoes then I went down for some breakfast then we out the door and on are way to work.
We got to mom’s office building at 8:00am so mom could bring me to the mail room to talk to the man in charge.
Mr. bob talked to mom then to me after that he gave me the job and some papers to fill out, it did not take long then I was shown what to do and started working at 11:00am I was sent to delver mail to all the offices as I work my way throe the floors saying hi to every one then I one last package for TJ CEO 13th flood so I went to his offices.
I knocked on the door saying mail as I went in with out being asked to come in, as I looked at the TJ the CEO my jaw dropped it was the woman from the lake.
She was on the phone looking at me saying I will have to call you back some thing just came up and hug up the phone.
What the hell do you think you are doing you little shit, get on you knees, who are you and what are you doing in my office?
Dropping to my knees I said my name is tom Burton I was just delivering the mail.
So when did you start here and who said you can work here?
I started to day and my mom help with getting the summer job in the mail room.
So who is your mom? Miss Janet brown
In the loan department
TJ picked up the phone to call mom up to her offices.
Mom: Miss Brown, yes mama be right there.
A short time later mom was knocking on the offices door, I was told to open it.
As mom came in the offices saying hi to TJ and asking who can she help her for, she then saw me closing the door, Turning say what are you doing here Tommy?
TJ told my mom to set down and then started to ask mom about me the job EST.
So mom started tell TJ all about me wanting a car and how she would pay some of it if I got a job pay for the rest of it and then she told her how by talking to bob in the mail room.
Miss Brown did you know that this past Friday I counted this little shit skin dipping in my privet lake, he was disciplined and I bit he still has the marks, show us you back boy!!
As I lifted my shirt to show them the marks from Friday, mom gasps and TJ was smiling.
So if he needs to make some money for the summer I am in need of a farm hand on the weekends all summer.
That will mean you will be working all summer no time off.
Is that ok with you Miss Brown? Yes mama.
This means he will be spending the weekend at my farm in the buck house, I will have all that he will need on hand.
Ok both of you back to work and boy come back to my offices at 4:00pm for more info.
So I lift the offices heading for the mail room.
Bob asked where I was. I said in the CEO’s offices!
Bob said so that is why TJ wants you to be the only one delivering her mail.
So the rest of the week I delivered mail ever day being nice to every and every time I delivered mail to T.J.’s offices she made me watt out side her door tell she was ready to see me.
On Thursday TJ told me to drop my paints so I did.
She told me to shave my crouch and here in the offices building to address her only as Miss Jones.

Part 3
Skinny dipping gone bad

On Friday I got to work every thing was going great, tell Bob came to me with a note that said. (Come to my offices ASAP Miss Jones)
So I went up to the 13th floor to knock on Miss Jones offices door.
As she asked me in tells me close the door and drop my paints.
I did as I was told; just standing there she had me walk over to the side of the desk.
After I did that she pulled out a leather strap and started to wrap it around my balls.
Now pick up pants a get back to work, I will see you at 4:00pm.
So left Miss Jones offices to get back to work, the hole time my balls where hurting.
It was almost 4:00pm so I made my way up to the 13th floor and just as it hit 4:00 pm I was knocking on Miss Jones door to stand there tell she asked me to inter.
As I was closing the door she was saying it was nice to see that learned fast but by the end of this summer I well know my place in world.
With that said she told me drop my pants then picked up the leather strap hanging from my blue balls and then told me pick my pants up.
So there I was with a leather strap coming out of the zipper of my pants.
Miss Jones lifted the offices with me being pulled behind her by the leather strap.
Walking over to the elevator for a ride down to under gown garage we pasted other people as they where taking double takes.
When we got to Miss Jones car the trunk was popped open, as she told me to strip and put my close in the trunk, so I did as I was told.
As we where diving to Miss Jones’s farm I was being told how things where on the farm, so the rules where.
#1: all ways address her as Mistress.
#2: I well always be nude when at the farm.
#3: I well be whipped daily
#4: cum well be milk from you every morning.
#5: I well have to drinking every drop of cum.
#6: I well be servicing her.
#7: when gust are at the farm I am to do what they want.
#8: I well do all jobs what every they are.
#9: women are supper to men.
#10: at the farm you belong to me.

The hole time we where driving to the farm Mistress was stroking the cock that well soon be her new play thing and she was playing with it but just before it was going to blow she stopped.
This was just as we pulled up the drive to the farm.
The car was stopped in front of small building, this where you well be staying for now.
I was then led from the car in to the bunk house, where mistress first milked the cock of cum in to a glass for me to drink.
Now you must be fitted with wrest and ankle cuffs.
Just two more things a shock collar to help a boy leaner there place and a butt plug with a tail was pulled out of a box with some lube.
But before this boy is trained you need to be whipped and it is time to start training you.
So I was led out side tide to a hitching post, as mistress went to get a whip.
Mistress came back shortly wearing the same out fit she had on last Friday, she also had the whip that I would soon learn to love.
So mistress started hitting me with the whip that was living marks all over my back side.
When mistress had made her point, so she just walked off living me tide to the post.
Mistress came back leading a horse with the same saddle she had at the lake last Friday.
This is the start of training I was unaided and instruct on how to put the saddle on the horse and peppier the dildos for the rider.
Then I was trained to service rider, as mistress was about to go on a nightly ride.
I found that a shock from the collar put me on knees in front of Mistresses crouch.
I was then told to lick her pussy and asshole so the ride would be a nice one.
Before mistress road off she tided the ball lash back to the hitching post.
After about two hours Mistress came ridding back towards me.
When she stopped and climbed down her pussy was dripping wet.
I was dropped to my knees in front of her from that shock collar.
As I was licking, sucking Mistress clean as she kept having orgasms wile telling me what need to be done to horse and sadly.
The horse was lead to the barn along with me, where a cow bell was tide to my balls.
The bell clank as I rubbed down the horse and licked the sadly clean along with sucking the dildos at the same time.
As I was walking back to the bunk house clanking all the way.
Mistress was in the bunk house when I walked in clanking Time for milking boy.
Mistress started giving me a hand job it did not take long tell I came in the glass that I had to drink.
Mistress then tied to bed spread-eagle with my cock-balls tied off also.
Mistress lifts the bunk house but just before walking out the door she shock me, as I jumped saying thank you Mistress.
The next day the first thing I got shocked as door was opened.
(Thank you Mistress)
Mistress was standing in the door way with sun just give here a nice glow.
There she was nude walking over to the bed as she climbed on the bed putting one knee on each side of my face and before she said a word I went right at eating her pussy, that’s a good boy.
Now to day I have guest coming over and you well be servicing them just as you do me, is that clear. (Yes Mistress)
Now make me cum then I well get the milk for your breakfast.
I was untied as mistress jerked on my cock fore a short time tells the glass was haft full of cum for me to drink.
It was about 10:00 am when a car pulled up the drive as a woman and young girl got out the car, as Mistress went to meet them.
I was called over a short time later, as I walking the girl heard the clanking.
Ant tiffany what is that sound, wow. There was a big smile on the face of the other woman.
This is my new hand for the summer the boy this my sister stormy and my nieces snowy.
The boy well is here on the weekends as I train him in the world of women on top.
Ant tiffany can we ride the horse to day, yes boy go sadly 3 horses (yes Mistress)
Back in the barn there was 3 horses a black, white and tan so I put 3 dildos sadly on the horses then lead them out to where mistress was setting with gust.
Stormy was about 37 years old 5’7” 130lb black hair green eye DD breast.
Snowy was 17 years old 5’4” 110lb black hair green eye C breast and I had seen her around school.
Here are the horses shoal we a lady Godiva?
Stormy said why not I see you our there all ready.
Zap there I was on my knees agene in front of 3 women pussy.
Snowy step up first as I licked her pussy she was telling them that I went to her school, then a shiver came over her.
I licked her asshole and the dildo on the sadly of the white horse and helped her up.
Stormy was next she had a nicely trimmed pussy for me to lick, suck tell she oarsmen, her asshole was so sensitive she came agene in a short time later; she was on the black horse in no time at all.
Mistress did not take long to get all wet and ready to ride.
As the 3 ladies ride off bouncing on the dildos, I can hear them moaning as they fade in to the woods.
After about 2 hours the women came riding back to have a drink by the pool.
I was sent to brush the horse down and clean the saddles.
I then came back to the pool to fined the women needed there pussy cleaned up, starting with stormy then showy last was Mistress.
On Sunday four women came busting in the buck house.
They where striping, talking and there I was tided to the bed.
Then a speaker came on with Mistress Voices saying ladies meet your play toy for the summer.
The women turned to see me in the bed with a hard on.
As the day went on every one was naked and I was serving drinks, food and doing what ever the women wanted.
Every one was nude the women where playing with each other and stroking my cock just to keep it hard.
At times I was tided to trees whipped and spanked then told to eat there pussy.
So this was the events of the weekends for the summer.
Dunning the week I worked in the mail room at the women’s bank and on the weekend I worked at TJ’s farm where I was trained to sever women.

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2015-03-27 06:12:30
I thought I could get past all the errors because I like the concept but that is just horrible.


2011-08-31 13:39:11
thank you all for your comments
i would like to ask if some would like to work with me in making this story and other storys better

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2011-08-29 12:23:17
it does need some work

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2011-08-29 03:37:19
Your first story?!!! Maybe it should be your last until you learn to proof read and spell! I could not continue past the first paragraph. Some sentence structure would not hurt either.

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2011-08-28 20:42:28
I'm sorry, this is so badly written I can't get past the first couple of paragraphs. It takes more than a good story line to write, it takes, at least, a moderate command of the English language and a spell check. Come on!

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