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It might help to understand this story if you have already read my first effort, Slave Nurses for Sale. If you enjoy these stories, please give me high marks. I'm new at this kind of thing, but I would love for you to leave comments of what you would like to read and how I can improve my writing. I'm just a lonely girl with big natural boobs, who fantasizes about having some of the same experiences of the girls I write about.

Chapter 8

It took part of a day to move the girls, along with large, camouflaged tents, and camping supplies on to the beach farthest from the sea. The yacht came equipped with motor driven dinghies to accomplish the move, but loading the equipment was the lion share of the task. Along with regular camping supplies, the men had thought ahead to bring a 6500-watt generator, along with another one just like it for backup. Life on the island would not be anything like the movie, Castaway, with Tom Hanks.

One large hut was built to house all three couples, and the girls helped just as much as the men in the building of it. Bamboo was plenteous in different widths and lengths. Palm trees lent their branches for the thatched roof, and the palm tree trunks were cut into piers for the floor construction so that seawater would not need to become a problem for the hut. Queen sized air mattresses served as beds for the captors and their girls. Any need for security had long since become unnecessary, at least as far as the girls themselves were concerned. The girls had become masters in the use of the machete, but the captors were not the least worried that it would become a weapon against them.

Once housing was established on the island, the yacht was anchored in the cove which was supplied by a 40-foot waterfall. Fresh water was not a problem, and the climate lent itself to year-long water sports. Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing occupied a large amount of the group’s time; but plenty of the daily schedule left room for sex—lots of sex. The girls truly felt that they could continue life as they had come to know it forever. However, they could not possible have realized that, just as the nurses had been, they would soon be sold to the highest bidder at a special party.

Chapter 9

Charles had radioed the attendees from the yacht and given all of them the day, and the location where the auction of the girls would take place. The day before the event, the men had a swinging party that lasted all day except for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Michael ate Beth’s pussy while she sucked on his cock, taking his first load of the day as she deep-throated him. She then sucked and licked him into a second erection and climbed on top of him, lowering her soaking pussy onto his large dick until it filled her completely. She then leaned over him so that he could kiss and suck on her big tits while he fucked her into a huge orgasm. Since he had already blown his load once, he kept fucking her, amidst her screams and moans, until she could stand it no longer and climaxed into unconsciousness while Michael filled her pussy with his second load of cum. They then fell asleep until lunchtime.

William awoke with a mouth licking and sucking on his morning hard-on. He reached down and felt Cindy’s large tits, pinching and twisting her nipples until she began to moan around his erect penis.

All of these sounds caused Charles and Patty to rouse out of their slumber. They turned toward Michael and Beth just in time to see the young girl take a creampie in her pussy.
They turned toward little C and William and caught him pushing his stiff cock inside Cindy’s waiting anus.

Charles decided that he would like to spend some time just sucking Patty’s large nipples while she stroked his hair and cradled his head against her breast. The effect this was having on Patty’s cunt was predictable—she was on the verge of squirting—and so she begged him to slide his large dick (the hardened one which was pushing against her thigh) into her twat and bring her some relief. He had wanted to do that very thing, so he removed his mouth from her tits and moved his dick from her thigh to her vagina’s entrance. Then with one stroke he pushed it balls’ deep into her pussy. She climaxed at once, spraying her female fluids everywhere.

“I can’t believe you came so close to getting me off just by sucking my nipples, master!” Patty said when she had gotten her breath back.

“Well, if that’s all it takes, just call me a “tit man” from now on. I always did like to suck on big titties anyway,” said Charles.

“Then come over here and suck mine while William fucks me, master!” said Cindy.

“No way, little C! Master hasn’t had his orgasm yet! I want master to fill my pussy with his cum the same way Beth got hers filled!”

Michael was the first to say it, “Shut the fuck up, you cunts! We’re the ones calling the shots, and you’ll get exactly what we want to give you when we want to give it to you. We’ve been mighty damn easy on you little whores up until now!”

“We’re so sorry masters.” The reply came almost in unison.

“I’ll never, ever again tell you what to do, master” said Cindy, her voice shaking with remorse. “It was so selfish of me to do that after all you’ve done for us, masters!” She then broke down and cried with sobs that racked her whole body.

Patty also began to weep uncontrollably and in between sobs said, “I’m…so…sorry…masters! You…have…been…so…good,…and…we’ve…been…so

Now it was William’s turn, “Oh, just shut the fuck up! It wasn’t that big of a fuckin’ deal that you all had to get so fuckin’ torn up about it! Now let’s quit all the cryin’ and start havin’ some good old sex!”

All the girls were able to turn off the waterworks and turn on the sex even hotter than it was before. They all wanted to bring their masters to as many orgasms as possible. They had no idea that their masters planned to auction them off to the highest bidder the very next day.

Chapter 10

When the sun rose after that night of decadence, the hut was still filled with the scent of male and female fluids.

“Let’s all take a quick trip to the cove. We could stand a little shower from the waterfall. Today is going to be a great day for you girls,” said William.

Of course these words generated immediate excitement from the girls. And as they raced up the trail to the cove, their big naked tits bounced and their nipples hardened in anticipation of what the masters had in mind for them. After all, William had said, “today is going to be a great day!”

“Slow down, you little sluts! It wouldn’t hurt you to wait for us to go with you would it?” Michael’s voice rang out.

The girls stopped in their tracks and rushed back to their captors, embracing them as if they had not seen them in years, crushing their generous bosoms against the hardened chest of each man.

“Masters, please forgive us. We are just so happy to be going anywhere with you. We love you so much.”

The trip to the cove was not a lengthy one, and soon captors and captives were all enjoying the fresh water as it fell off the big rocks above. They swam about and enjoyed the touch of their naked bodies as they frolicked in the water.

“Okay, girls, time for breakfast! Let’s swim over to the yacht and eat.” This comment came from Charles as he began the short swim to the yacht and climbed up the ladder which hung from its side. Soon the whole party had assembled and were seated about on deck as Charles prepared the morning meal. Scrambled eggs, fried ham, berries and cream, along with fluted glasses of champagne gave everyone a brand new energy for whatever lay ahead.

The girls were all sent to their captors’ cabins where they dressed in see-through lingerie and slippers which matched the color of the gowns. They spent over an hour making sure their hair and makeup was perfect, then they all assembled above deck with their captors.

Chapter 11

In the time the girls had been below deck, getting themselves ready for the “great day,” Several helicopters had flown in and landed on the shore. The prospective buyers had each paid $100,000 advance in cash for the privilege of bidding on the three girls who were up for sale.

The breakfast that each girl had eagerly consumed was drugged with a very special potion which brought about a zombie-like mentality—one that would begin in about an hour and would last for several hours. By the time the girls had made their way above deck, the drug had taken effect on each of them.

Patricia was first to be auctioned. After Michael had given a brief deion of her to the bidders, he informed them that bidding would have to start at $1 million in cash, and that all sales were final. The bidders were all allowed to fondle each girl in any way they chose, but only if they were active in the bidding process. Consequently, the bidding started quickly and in a very short time, the final bid of $6.5 million was made. Once Michael had received the purchase price, Patricia was then escorted to the bidder’s helicopter which departed the island to an unknown destination,

The next girl to be auctioned was Cindy. Charles let all the bidders know Cindy’s particulars and then asked for an opening bid again of $1 million in cash. The bidders seemed to be entranced by Cindy’s blonde hair and blue eyes. Bidding quickly escalated to $5.5 million, and began to slow down with intermittent bids of a few thousand more. After several minutes, one of the bidders decided to bring a quick end to the process.

“I will bid $8 million for this angel,” said the bidder.

“Sold!” said Charles.

After the cash exchanged hands, Cindy was taken to another helicopter which departed the island.

Elizabeth was the last of the girls to go. She was to be the premium purchase. The bidders were overwhelmed with her flaming red hair and sparkling green eyes. The fact that she was also the youngest of the three was not lost on them either.

William did not need to state anything concerning an opening bid. The person who seemed to be the wealthiest of the group quickly said, “I will bid $20 million for this treasure.” None of the other bidders spoke a word.

“Sold!” said William, and the purchase price for the young girl was immediately offered to her captor. Elizabeth then was walked to the waiting helicopter which lifted off the beach, carrying the young girl to a new life with a new master. As the other disappointed bidders flew away from the island, the captors sat on the deck of their yacht.

“This time was different from the nurses,” said Michael.

“I think we all became too emotionally attached to the girls,” said Charles.

“Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me?” said William. “We just made over $30 million dollars, and those girls will adapt to whatever luxury accommodations they have to face in their new lives. I think we need to start planning a new caper—maybe this time a group of high school graduates; and who says we have to stop with three of them?


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