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Turning on the Neighbor lady

A woman moved in next door to my girlfriend and I. A real nerd. I could tell she had a hot body, big tits, nice ass and legs through her lab coat she always wore. She wore no makeup, piled her hair up sloppy, dumb looking glasses and was not into guys much. She was 23, and only had a few dates with other nerds. My girlfriend and I took and interest in her and soon she spent a lot of time at our house.

… She was the ultimate naïve girl. My girlfriend got close to her with secret girl talk. She had never had sex and hadn’t even ever masturbated. Her parents were brainy nerd professors and all they ‘all’ did was read books as she grew up, except no books about… sex. She was adopted. Her parent weren’t into all that messy sex stuff. They home schooled her with the finest schooling. They got her a degree.

…. She was so into the science lab where she worked, it had consumed her whole life. Her I.Q. was really high.

…I started getting sexually interested in her. She liked my male attention. Every one has things that turn them on and I wanted to turn her on to me. I slowly got real close to her. She would gasp if I hugged her or rubbed her arm. I would whisper to her when the girlfriend was out of the room, how smart she was that I liked her and I would squeeze her hand.

...She would gulp and start breathing hard. As time went by, she would close her eyes and just stand there as I rubbed her arm and whispered how much I liked her body. Now she would look at me with loving eyes and then she would lean her head on my chest.

… She was getting attracted to me. Just what I wanted. I started sexually teasing her when the girlfriend wasn’t around. She didn’t quite understand it, but her breathing told me she was effected by it.

…One evening when the girlfriend was out of town, the nerd (Jenny) ask me to come over and just talk. She saw me looking at her tits, she had no bra on. She asked me why I liked her tits so much. I told her because I had an urge to feel them, and that it would please me to do so. I ask her if I could feel them. She said with a quiet tremble in her voice: “Sure, go ahead“. She had on this ugly robe, so I reached in and felt her nice big tits. She just stood there with a gasping reaction. I started kissing and sucking in them. When I got to her nipples, things changed. She sucked a big breath and said: “That feels quiet pleasant. How does it feel to you?”

...I wanted to say…..(’it makes me want to fuck you!, lady’)…but with her,… a little at a time. I said I loved doing it, but it’s so much better for both of us to do it lying down. She said: “Oh…..well….let’s go lay down then. She held my hand and led me to her bed. We moved a bunch of books and she lay on her back and waited. I got on top of her, and started sucking her nipples good. She started breathing pretty heavy, but still did know how to react. I told her to close her eyes and I would show her other places that ’felt pleasant’. She said ’ok’ and I began to open her robe up all the way.

... I slowly removed her panties and started kissing down on her tummy and kept going. She said: “Oh Wow!….that’s real pleasant.” Now I was getting somewhere. I placed her hands on my head as I opened her legs wide and my tongue headed for her pussy. I said: “You guide me to where it feels the most ‘pleasant’….ok?”

…This was all new to her, but she did it. She had a cute patch of pubic hair and a tiny clit. When my tongue touched her clit. She jumped. She held my head tight and took a big breath. “There” she said. “Keep doing that please.”

Jenny thought…..
…Sex lessons, that’s what I never learned. Mom and dad never talked or taught me about sex. I’m loving this, I’m going to need a lot of sex lessons from James…I’m a good student and I want to do good at this. He’ll be the perfect teacher for me, and so far he as taught me many new things. I feel affection toward him and new feelings that make me want to have some sex with him. He makes me feel excited and nervous at the same time. I won’t fail at this because I want him to like me. I love these new feeling I get from him, and now I want more. Strange how sex does this to a girl. I need to study up on ‘sex’, but I have a great teacher.

…It was the first time a guy had licked her pussy. I started in to make her as really turned on as I possibly could.

….She continued to hold my head and guide my tongue to her clit. “Oh my, that is really feeling good James, I feel all kinds of new things in my body going on. Can we do this a lot?” she said. I said: “Oh yes, there is a lot more that this.”
“Oh… I want you to teach me everything about this ‘sex‘. I feel like I want to kiss you James. Can we kiss too?”

…I thought…what a golden opportunity to train a woman to my liking. Un-tainted by the anyone. I kept licking her clit as she began to moan for her first time. Her knees came up and she raised her pussy up with my long licks of her slit, ending the lick on her clit. “Oh James, I feel a real good feeling building up inside of me, keep that up please.” she said breathlessly. She had never had an orgasm and she was about to have her first with my tongue. I held her hot squirming legs as she felt for the first time an orgasm coming. She ran her fingers thru my hair and unconsciously pulled it. She began to tremble as I nibbled on her now swollen clit.

...She started in with her out of control moans. “Oh James…I…I’m…Oh Yes James …I can’t take it.. “ She pulled my tongue away from her clit and shook hard. “Oh My God” she cried out. “That….oh god…James…that…that..”

…He first orgasm shook her up real good. She was now speechless and just moaned and squirmed over and over. She finally composed her self and pulled me up and kissed me with all the passion she had. Now was the time to teach her about our tongues. I darted my in between her lips. She shuddered and after several darts of mine, she slowly let her tongue slip in my mouth. “James…I can’t breathe…please wait.” She caught her breath and then she went right back to our tongue fest.

... For at least 10 minutes she now let her tongue go wild and feel my tongue with hers. “James …your beautiful, I have wild feelings about you I can’t control. I want you to keep holding me forever….but that doesn’t make sense. I feel so good I want…I want…oh James..”

….I let her sort out in her mind the new things that just happened and went back to my place. I left her with her eyes closed and in a daze.

….Fate stepped in and my girlfriend called. I got dumped. She found someone new and would be by one last time to pick up her stuff. I tried to sound disapointed on the phone, but I was smiling big.

….By Friday night Jenny was over. The girlfriend was now gone and Jenny wanted to learn anything I wanted to teach her. We went to her place. After we showered and I just let her watch me as I watched her, we headed for her bed. She had never seen a man naked before live and she had a lot of questions. She was shocked at the difference between a regular sized cock and a full erection. I let her touch, feel and play with my cock. She said quietly: “I feel like I would like to kiss it, is that normal?” I smiled to keep from laughing and said: “Oh yes all girls like to kiss men’s cocks.” She looked relieved and kissed my erection. Once, twice and then just kept on kissing it.

…Now was the time to talk about ’oral sex’ and a new word: ’Blow Job’. I explained that was just an expression, that girls liked to ‘suck’ and not ‘blow’ on men’s cocks. She was all excited and just had to try it. I coached her about not letting her teeth scrape my cock, and it takes ‘lots of practice’ to get it right. I let her ‘practice’ on me for a while. I coached her and she was a quick learner and I was feeling real good as she wanted to please me, the teacher. Now I talked about cum.

...I said ‘if’ she got real good at sucking my cock, she would get a nice reward when ‘cum’ came shooting out the end of my cock and inside her mouth. She was all excited and said she would try real hard to get the reward. I said: “Tomorrow I’ll let you try that, but for now, to practice, rub my cock up and down to see if you can make it cum, ok?”

… I brought this little ’bell’ with me. When you hear me ring it, that means it’s ’practice time’...ok?” She said “Ok!” Now…I need to practice licking you between your legs Jenny.” She said: “ Oh James, you don’t need any practice at all, you’ve got it down perfect!… but you can practice on me anytime you want.”

….I was on my back and moved her on top of me 69 and let her ’practice’ jacking me off. I began to lick her wonderful virgin pussy again. She hiked her pussy up and backed it into my tongue. Now the moaning started as she jacked me as I had taught her to do. She wanted that reward and really worked it. As I brought her up to a new way for her to have and orgasm, she got real turned on and hyper as she moaned and jacked me faster. I soon felt her lips go over my cock and listened to her moan and breathe hard.

….I could hold off no more as I shot a big load in her mouth. She jerked her head and moaned loud as I squeezed her clit with my lips. She bucked her hips and moaned her orgasm again. She trembled awhile and then said: “James…(breath)..I did it!…and I got the reward. Oh my god that was….(gasp) so exciting…the cum reward is so warm and a little salty, but I love it!…. Do that again!”

…I had to explain about waiting for another load.

….I moved in with her the next day.

…It was Saturday and all day long we ‘practiced’ feeling each other. I taught her about masturbation. This was new and she said: “I had this wonderful thing between my legs all this time?, Oh James…how can I thank you.” I said:


….That night I showered with her and showed some fun things to do in the shower. I got her pussy all soaped up and we did a little expanding as she was a virgin. I showed her how to find her G spot. I think she orgasmed 3 times as we played.

…I got into bed and reached over and rang the little bell. She came running in saying: “Practice time!”, and jumped on top of me. I told her to put my hard cock between her legs and rub her pussy up and down on it. She said: “oooooo I like this. I felt her big tits as she did tongue ‘practice’ on mine. My cock was rubbing right on her clit as she got hotter and hotter. I said to ‘practice’ putting my cock inside of her pussy. She started trying a little at a time. She said: “..oh James…this is feeling better and better, it was a little tight at first but it’s starting to go in further. The further it goes in, it feels even better…oh god James…my pussy is jacking you now, this is the best!”

…I let her go at her own pace as she began to get a rhythm going. I loved listening to her pant and moan as she was now fucking for her first time. She was experiencing for the first time, sex with a guy. I watched her pink face as she worked up the good feeling higher and higher. She managed to say: “…James….I’ve never felt this before…. is it taking my mind…. to new ….and….wonderful places….(gasp)…oh….oh..” As the climax climbed up high she started to shake….she let out a shaky moan, that I’ll never forget.

…She clamped her arms around me and fucked me hard and stopped and shook some more. I let go with a hot load in her which caused her to squeal and dig her pussy hard into my cock….
My cock just kept on shooting in her until I was totally spent. We lay there in a arm wrapped ball of euphoria. Twitching and spasms were all we felt as sleep took us over…….


….Jenny was now a lusty, horny wild girl. She wanted to experience her new found life every night.
She would go in the lady’s restroom at work and finger herself now. Another nerd girl named Molly, heard her moan and ask her all about her pleasure sounds.

….One day she called from her work and said she had a surprise for me that evening. I was in the back of the house when she came home. I heard my little bell ringing and ringing. I wondered what she was up to. I came in the living room. There was Jenny, bell in hand and this girl named Molly. I had heard all about Molly from Jenny when Molly caught Jenny masturbating in the restroom at work. Molly ask nothing but questions to Jenny every chance she got from then on. Questions that Jenny didn’t know the answer to yet.

…. Molly was a nerd ok, but…. beyond her thick glasses and messy blond hair, I saw nice round tits and a hot body. Beautiful long legs, and a face to die for. They both smiled at me and then Jenny spoke:

“James, this is Molly and she needs sex lessons bad. I’ll be gone for about 3 hours, can you give her a first lesson?”

….I was so stunned, I could only nod my head as Molly and I smiled at each other. Jenny left and Molly stood up, kicked off her shoes, took her glasses off, pulled her blond hair back and pinned it and took her long lab coat off.

….She was completely naked.

…My eyes feasted on her young full pointy tits and super hot body. She smiled big, walked over to me and said softly:

……..(”So…where do we start?”)……
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