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Note: This story has to do with partying, and gay sex, if you do not like it, please leave. This took place a week and a half ago.

Nothing could compare with the way my life was going right now. I had graduated high school last year with top marks, and still managed to help lead my water polo team to victory. As if things couldn’t get any better, I received a full scholarship to a private university in the Midwest where I would not only be playing water-polo, but studying at their world renowned political science program. Mark and I had parted ways at the beginning of the summer, not on bad terms, because we are still great friends (and occasionally hook up), but thought it would be best for long distance.

I had made a few decisions throughout my senior year, mainly after Mark, that relationships weren’t for me, that I was going to college and it was time for me to have fun and live life. Needless to say, I was worried about college. Not because I was going there for free, essentially, but because I had never really partied or hooked up for fun, it had always meant something to me.

These things kept popping into my head as I finished up packing to leave later that night for the Midwest. I was excited about my living situation. I was going to be sharing a fairly large dormitory with a very attractive former high school football star from New York. We were friends on face book, and he had countless pictures shirtless, his large pectorals and tight abs mixed with his mountain sized arms, all topped off with a messy mob of dirty blonde hair on top of his head. Surprisingly to me, I wasn’t thinking, even dreaming, of trying to get into his pants. I am not saying I wasn’t attracted to him, he was gorgeous, but I did not want to have to live with him for the rest of the year in awkwardness.

As I was zipping up my suitcase, I glanced at the clock to see that I had 6 hours until my plane departed. I had nothing to do until then. My parents were out doing whatever, and promised to be home an hour before the plane left. I plopped down on my bed and peered around at the emptiness of my room, and sighed at how fast my life had gone, leading up to this huge moment. I decided to get up and go check the bathroom one more time, just to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. As I looked in the mirror, I thought of how much I had matured and grown, both in height and muscle mass. It had been a full year of senior water-polo, which meant endless practices, weights, running, and more weights. I had finally been able to compare to Mark’s amazing body, but unfortunately, I still had my 8.5 inch dick, compared to his almost 11.

DING DONG. I jumped at the sound of the doorbell and tucked my slight hard-on into the waistband of my shorts and went to get the door. I opened the door and was surprised to see Mark. I remember that day 2 years ago when I opened the door to find him there, the complete stranger, before he came in and gave me pleasure I had never experienced. “Hey what’s up?” I asked. “I just came to say good bye to you” he said, smiling. He was going to a junior college in town. “Sure, come in” I said. He came in and I shut and locked the door behind him.
We went into my room to survey my pile of things to come to school with me. He sat down on the bed and we began to talk, not about anything in particular, but just talk about stuff. He brought up our trip around the world before our senior year in high school. He was talking on and on about the sights we saw, the places we visited, the people we met, and somehow snuck in the countless and elaborate ways we fucked.

I looked into his eyes with surprise, before I leaned forward and kissed him. He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. “I’m going to miss you so much Jer”, and with that, he put me down on the bed and kissed me. He started to undo my jeans while he hovered over me, kissing my face and neck. I tried to undo his pants, but he planted my arms on the bed and told me I was leaving, this was about me. He continued down my body and came to my dick. He looked up at me and winked, and then he took my whole dick into his mouth, and bobbed his head up and down vigorously.

There was a certain desperation in him, he was sucking my dick like he never had, and I couldn’t take much longer. He swirled his tongue around the head while still managing to keep it all in his mouth. After a few minutes I felt my balls clenching, and then before I could even tell him, I was cumming into his mouth. We both moaned as he continued to suck my dick, slurping my cum down his throat.

He looked up at me and then came to eye level and planted a hot, wet kiss on my mouth. I reached into his pants and felt his hard dick at full attention. I started to jack him off while looking into those eyes which I loved so much. I saw the look of lust in his eyes. He reached his shirt over his head and I took off his pants, while I kicked mine off of my ankles. We were both now completely naked. I examined his body, and his dick which I loved so much. He kept his touch over summer with his ripped body.

I pulled him down onto the bed and we began to vigorously make out. I was now fully hard again. I rolled him over so that I was on top, grinding my dick into his, but then he flipped us back around. I turned back over, which instigated a full on, naked, wrestling match. He pushed me against the wall, pinning my arms against the wall, all the while making out with me. We were still on the bed however, so I wrapped my legs around his midsection and tried with all my might (which is a lot because I developed a lot of leg strength through water polo) and tried to flip him back over the other way. He didn’t budge.

I moaned in exasperation and pleasure, which made him laugh. I was so caught up in the moment that I dint even realize he had let go of my right wrist to grab the bottle of lube I had in my bedside table, and had already lubed my ass. The minute I realized this, however, his hand was already back to pinning my arm again.

He put his dick at my asshole, and before I knew it, he forced it in. I screamed in pain and pleasure, but mostly pleasure. The position we were in, my legs wrapped around his body caused me to be a little up the wall, had caused the perfect angle. When he shoved his dick in, he hit the spot immediately. He then began to pound vigorously, causing me to scream in ecstasy. He had to replant his mouth on mine to suppress my moans. My dick kept hitting in between our bodies, and with the continual hitting of my all my pleasure point, I barely lasted five minutes. I erupted in between us, causing my load to hit both ours chins, and make our stomachs slippery. But that didn’t stop him. He slid his tongue into my mouth and began to probe m mouth, all the while never letting up on his incessant pounding.

This went on for ten more minutes, and my back began to hurt, but I didn’t care. I felt another orgasm coming on, when at last I felt his warm cum spurting up into every crevice of my ass. He moaned into my mouth, and then we both let go, falling in a messy heap on my bed.

We sat there panting for ten more minutes, when he grabbed my hand, and led us to the shower. We showered together, not talking much because we were held in each others arms making out. When we were finally done, before turning off the water, slid down the wall and sat under the spout. He opened up his legs and motioned for me to come over. He grabbed my hand and turned me around, and led me to sit in between his legs, leaning against his stomach. He moved his neck to the right, letting my head fall on his shoulder, and then rested his head on top of mine.

I felt tears rush to my eyes as I remembered us and how much I loved him. He began to trail his finger on my stomach, while holding me with his other arm. He kissed my head whispering “I’m going to miss you so much Jer”

Landing down in Illinois was bittersweet. Mark had left shortly after getting out of the shower, and saying goodbye to my parents was worse then Mark. They raised me from day one, supported me and my decisions, and of course, knowing my mother, left me with a hefty sum of cash for college.

My roommate was picking me up, seeing as how he drove to the university from New York, and the ride was about an hour from the airport. When I landed it was about 11:30 at night. I wrapped my blanket around my arms and walked out of the plain and to baggage claim. Walking through the airport I saw various posters for the school I was going to, closed shops full of memorabilia, and a set of Speedos that I smiled at, remembering Mark and me in Belize.

When I retrieved my bag, I went out into the pick up zone and sat on a bench. I looked around, and didn’t see any sign of Blaine, my roommate. “Why hey there stranger” I looked up and think I almost shit my pants. I wanted to scream, yell, turn the other way, or punch the kid in the face. It was Aimes, my freshman year of high school Sweetheart. He was looking at me with this smug expression. He hadn’t gotten any hotter, but not any uglier either since freshman year. His jet black hair and emerald eyes looking back at me.

“W-hat are you doing here” I muttered. Turns out he was going to the same school as I was, but a different campus, which was a godsend. Also turns out he wass sitting next to me the whole flight, I was just not paying attention the whole five hours. “Why is my life full of fucking stupid coincidences” I asked myself in my head. “You look really good Jer” he said, sounds of lust in his voice. I whipped my head and stared at him. “Don’t call me that” I said with poison in my words.

I heard squealing of tires and saw a Mercedes C63 pull up. PHEEWWW I whistled, as not only one of the sexiest cars pulled up, but one of the sexiest males stepped out of it. I was awestruck when somewhere in the back of my mind I was hearing “Jeremy, Jeremy, JEREMY” I pulled ot of it and Aimes was nudging me. “That guy I waving at you to come over” he said. I looked up and realized it was my roommate Blaine.

“Oh what the hell” I muttered, thinking of my stupidity. I grabbed my bags and walked over to his car, all the while cursing myself for my stupidity. “Hey Jeremy! Nice to finally meet you! You were everything I expected and saw in your pictures” he exclaimed. “Erm….you too..” I said awkwardly. He loaded my bags into his car, all the while making awkward small talk. “Nice car” I said, cutting him off. “Oh…um yeah. My parents bought it for me as a graduation present” he said. Only an 80,000 dollar car, I was thinking. “They’re so flashy, I hate it, but I’m not going to turn down this from my parents” he said. I smiled at how non flashy he was.

“Got any room for me? I have no idea where mine is” I heard Aimes voice from behind me. I heard the tones of slobber and lust in his voice, but I knew it wasn’t for me. Blaine had moved around the car and was holding a door open for me “Well…erm..” I heard Blaine start to say, obviously about to say yes. Aimes was staring at him, and behind his back I was shaking my head, and Blaine said “I don’t have enough room. Sorry bro” I smiled and slammed the trunk and ran to the door.

I lowered myself into the seat, admiring the beautiful leather and woodwork on the inside of the car. My door shut and Blaine lowered himself into his seat. He turned the key and next thing I knew, the most beautiful purr brought the car to life. I shivered. As he pulled out of the Airport, he launched into a story. Oh great, I thought, my eyes drooping with exhaustion.

“I assume you know I was the high school star in high school?” I nodded. “I wasn’t a star to everyone in my class, in fact, I was only a star to the administration. I mean I was good, really good, good enough to be quarterback and bring my team to victory, but none of the guys liked me” he said. I was listening now. “And the reason I’m telling you this” he said with apprehension, “is because I want us to be good roommates, so no secrets” he said. “I’m gay”

Oh god damn it. I thought. I didn’t want him to be gay so nothing would happen! But apparently, that wasn’t the end. “And just to have all our cards on the table, I’ve been really attracted to you ever since I saw your picture on face book. I don’t know if that makes you feel weird, but I just want to be honest and…” he was beginning to ramble, and for some reason I just couldn’t take much more of it. “ENOGUH!” I half shouted. He jumped and muttered “Oh no, I’ve offended you. Oh my God you’re a homophobe…” again he was rambling. “Will you shut up?! I’m gay too!” I said. There was a brief silence, followed by him saying “Oh….” For the next half hour we drove in silence, until I felt something on my thigh. I looked up and saw him briefly glancing at me, and moving his thumb up and down. Who the hell does this kid think he is, and why does this shit always happen to me?!?!?

“Look Blaine” I said “Truth be told, I’m really attracted to you to, I mean you’re one of the most gorgeous guys I’ve ever laid eyes on” he got as cocky grin from that. “…BUT, I don’t want there to be awkwardness between us IF something happens between us” I said. The whole time he was still massaging my thigh, and surprisingly, I wasn’t the least bit hard. I picked up his hand to return it to his own lap, or better yet, the god damn steering wheel, when I stopped dead in my tracks. What I saw astonished me. He had one of the best looking bulges going down his left thigh that I clearly saw through his jeans. It looked about the same size as Mark’s.

I instantly became hard, and recalled my thoughts about putting myself out there. “Erm…never mind” I said as I quickly put his hand onto my crotch. He slightly gasped at this, but began to vigorously massage me over my shorts. “Shit Jeremy you’re so hot” he said. “Mhm” I said as I stared at his crotch. He followed my gaze and unzipped his pants and pulled out his monster. He put his hand back on the wheel and grabbed my head and thrust it into his lap, grinding his dick into my cheek. “Mmmm yeah. Suck daddies cock” he groaned”. With that, I told him to pay attention to the road, and engulfed his cock. I felt the car jerk a little bit as he let out a long moan. I began to slowly go up and then shove the whole thing into my mouth, until I was skillfully at the base.

I began to bob up and down, and reached down to massage his balls. I began to swirl my tongue around his head, and he began to moan even louder. “Holy fuck Jeremy, I’ve had a lot of blow jobs, and not one of them has had me…ughhh…cumming this….FAST” as he said the last bit, he shot jet after jet of hot cum into my throat. 1….2…3…4… six string later and he was still going. I slurped it all up as I continued to jack him off, milking him out.

I sat back up and he re did his pants. I leaned over and said “Did you like that, daddy?” he laughed and quickly kissed me. “Its going to be one hell of a year Jeremy, now sit back and relax, were almost there, and boy to I have to re pay you once were in that dorm”. I smiled.

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I like cats.....

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2016-04-06 09:56:27
I'm sad that you and Mark didn't continue to work out! I thought you loved each other?

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2016-04-05 20:43:56
I'm sad that you and Mark didn't continue to work out! I thought you loved each other?

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2014-07-28 12:32:44
College was a brilliant time in my life cock size didn't bother me as I had a different one every week I just loved the variety is the spice of life they say and they would be right I adored playing with and eventually sucking and fucking some really beautiful cocks as you can imagine I had quite a reputation and it didn't bother me in the slightest that my own little cock was only three and a half inches when erect

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2014-07-23 06:26:59
Really! Upset because you were only 8.5 inches and he was 11? C'mon either get real or be very damn happy with your so called 8+ dick. Truth be known you are probably 5 inches, now that would be something to be upset over.

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