A rp I did with a friend that I thought I'd share
Dinner And A GOOD Pregnant Fuck

<WarriorWallace> Good girl *I say to Sarah as I stroke her hair as I watch faye bleeding on the ground* Now, tell your mother what you are and what you want.

biFayelee:: she moaned Sarah smiled "I'm daddy's whore and I’m going to give him babies"

<WarriorWallace> Good girl *I say as I pick Faye up and carry her to my desk, forcing her to bend over the desk, her blood strewn chest smearing blood on the surface as I spank her ass hard*

biFayelee:: Sarah watched faye moaned blood smearing over the desk she was crying "what’s master going to do with me?"

<WarriorWallace> *Now Sarah, grab that staple gun in Daddy's trop drawer and staple what is left of mommy's breasts to the desk

biFayelee:: she swallows hesitating "wh..why daddy?"

<WarriorWallace> *I then move to a large closet to the left and I open the closet doors, pulling out a 7 foot long barbeque spit* Because, I need her to hold still, do as Daddy says or he won't fuck you little girl.

biFayelee:: she whimpered getting it she got it stapling her breast making her scream Sarah was crying watching her father

<WarriorWallace> Faye, I still love you *I say as I hold the spit to Faye’s ass hole* And now I am going to let you fulfills your destiny.

biFayelee:: * she whimpers feeling it she couldn’t look back to see what he's doing

<WarriorWallace> *I then reposition it at your pussy and I shove it deep inside your pussy, using a hammer head I begin to pound the spit into you, deeper and deeper as Sarah watches on in horror*

biFayelee:: Sarah watched horrified faye was moaning in pain feeling it go through her cervix up against her stomach wall "please master please it hurt please stop" but id didn’t matter now once through the cervix she was good as dead

<WarriorWallace> Hold your mothers head up! *I order Sarah as I drive the spike deeper into her, through her stomach and upwards, hammering the spike deeper and deeper within her*

biFayelee:: Sarah was shaking as she held her head up the spit went through her lungs making it hard for her to breath, up through her throat and a foot out her mouth. Faye’s eyes fluttered at the full feeling she felt and the pain of it inside her she was shaking slightly Sarah was whimpering watching it but getting wet

<WarriorWallace> Hmm, now kiss your mother on the cheek Sarah.

biFayelee:: she leaned down kissing her mothers check lightly she was having trouble breathing her eyes blinking she stood "May. Maybe daddy should tie moms hand and feet

<WarriorWallace> *I hand Sarah some rope* You do her hands *I say as I begin to tie her ankles together, Faye trembling on the table as we work*

biFayelee: Sarah tied her mothers hand watching her mother tremble looking at the huge pole going all the way through her

<WarriorWallace> *I then pick up Fay, kissing her bottom lip as I whisper into her ear* I love you *Before I carry her to the fire and place her over the fire place, cooking her on the spike. I placed he high enough where she will cook nice and slow so she will be tender.*

biFayelee: Sarah watched her mother slowly cooking alive she could see her humping the pole inside her pussy it was rubbing against her clit and she would moan if she could

<WarriorWallace> *I then grab Sarah by the hair and force her down onto her elbows and knees in front of the there, as Faye watches I slam my cock into Sarah from behind, moaning in pleasure as I push my hips up against her ass*

biFayelee: Sarah screamed in pleasure throwing her head back thrusting back against him as he pounds deep into her womb as her mouth cooked alive watching them she must of cum because it slide out of her pussy making a popping nose as it hit the fire

<WarriorWallace> *I pull Sarah’s head up to watch her mom Cumming as she is cooked alive, fucking Sarah so hard her elbows are knocked out from under her, her breasts rubbing against your carpet* Tell your mom that you are my new baby making cunt slave, and that we will be eating her soon!

biFayelee: she was shaking all over moaning thrusting back against him "GOD YES I"M DADDYS NEW BABY MAKING SLAVE I HOPE MOMMY TASTE REALLY GOOD" she was shaking trying not to cum right then and there faye could feel her breast and stomach cooking

<WarriorWallace> Good girl! *I say as I slam into Sarah’s pussy hard, rubbing her clit with two fingers as I begin to pound her hard and deep while I slap your ass with my hand over and over, spanking her as I fuck her* But this is your punishment for hurting your mother! *I say as I spank you hard while I drive deeper into you*'

[biFayelee: Sarah screamed in pain and pleasure as Faye whimpered lightly as the fire started to turn her skin bright red you could see tears rolling down her cheeks and falling into the fire below making little pop and sizzle sound

<WarriorWallace> Now little Sarah *I say as I lift her head up to me, my cock still planted deep in her womb as we watch her mothers skin begin to char* Do you think your mother has had enough, should we let her go?

biFayelee: Sarah moaned shaking her head "no daddy she's not cooked enough to eat yet" Faye eyes blinked again whimpering feeling her inside cooking struggling no to pass out. Sarah whimpered lightly "daddy please pleas I need to cum please daddy please cum deep in my womb and make a baby inside me

<WarriorWallace> *rubbing Sarah clit hard as I begin to pound her pussy hard with my huge shaft, I look into Faye’s eyes and mouth "I love you" before I slam my cock deep inside Sarah again and again, fucking her so hard the whole floor shakes* Beg for your Master's cum, you little slut!

biFayelee: Sarah moaned "please please daddy please shot your hot baby making sperm deep my womb" she was shaking thrusting back against him Faye was watching the two fuck feeling her skin browning

<WarriorWallace> ughh Ohhh Ughhh God! *I growl, biting Sarah's neck as she fucks me back* But.. but what about college and your boyfriend little Sarah?

biFayelee: she whimpers rolling her hit "I'll drop out of college and I don’t have a boyfriend..." she gasps watching her mother biting her bottom lip trying not to cum right then and there

<WarriorWallace> *Rubbing Sarah’s clit hard as I begin to ram my huge cock into her over and over holding her against the floor now as I bite hard on her neck* Yess, you are going to be my fuck toy, my personal little whore, I own you now don't I sweet daughter, don't I!

biFayelee: she screamed in pleasure moaning feeling him bite her making her bleed forced to the ground rolling her hips thrusting back against him "GOD YES DADDY DADDY I"M YOUR LITTLE WHORE YES I"M YOUR PERSONALY LITTLE BREEDING SLUT"

<WarriorWallace> *I hear my own daughter's words, and I growl, slamming into her, watching Faye cook, my eyes never leaving hers as I cum inside my own daughter* Ohhh yess!

biFayelee: Sarah whimpered loudly feeling him cum deep inside her she cummed at the same moment knowing this could knock her up with her daddy's baby. Faye eyes rolled back in her head after watching him cum inside their daughter and she died

<WarriorWallace> *I let Sarah drop forward panting as I caught my breath* Good girl, Daddy loves you

biFayelee: Sarah looked up seeing her mother had died feeling full of cum she licked her bottom lip "mommy smells so good..."

<WarriorWallace> *I stand and take Faye off of the tire, placing her on the desk I grab a knife an a large fork for Sarah, handing it to her* Carve mother, serve some for you and for me sweet one

biFayelee: she nods she carved some meat from her mothers large breast "can you get some plates master?"

<WarriorWallace> *I get some plates from the cabinet and move them to the desk, placing them before you*

biFayelee: she smiled putting some meat on his plate then one on her own

<WarriorWallace> *Suddenly the door opened and my legal assistant is there, he looks on at us with wide eyes and mutters* Oh shit *Before he flees, slamming the door shut behind him*

biFayelee: Sarah was taking a bite seeing him she looked at her father her nipples hard in the cold air still nude

<WarriorWallace> Excuse me dear *I say while I grab my shot gun and rush out to follow him*

biFayelee: she sat in the corner looking at her mothers dead body eating the meat. Knowing there was a little one growing inside her and that her mother was so good.

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2014-07-09 00:10:42
this could have been a really good story but putting <WarriorWallace>/biFayelee: makes it a really difficult read

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2013-02-03 23:19:00
You are a sick human being why would u even think of that!?!?!?

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2011-09-18 05:22:57
this is some fucked up shit

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2011-09-04 01:51:48
I couldn't get into it. Not due to the subject matter. It was the format how it was written

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2011-08-30 17:49:29
It is really hard to write cannibalism stories and I think you are on the right track with this so Positive vote from me.
I'm not sure what the deal with the names at the start of each paragraph, it looks like a script style of approach and I assume the system put all those horizontal triangles- it does some bizarre things sometimes.
Keep going and remember there is nothing more erotic than the woman being killed at the moment of orgasm- especially if that's what she wants and remembering this is just a fantasy and doesn't reflect what you or I would ever want happen to a real person.

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