I suggest you read part 1 first
Misty gets high and wild-Part 2

(I suggest read part 1 first)

My dick was still deep inside this 12 year old girl’s hot wet pussy as she flexed her legs in order to remove her shoes. She was bucking slightly beneath me, urging me to not stop fucking her.
“Mike, help me get them off and also my stockings and panties please.” She begged, “I wana put my legs over your shoulders so you can really get deep inside my pussy!”
I couldn’t believe how hot this little girl was, I knew she was no angel, but I never expected my preteen little neighbor girl to want to be fucked like any adult slut. Misty wrapped her legs over my shoulders, and started fucking me hard from under me. This 12 year old horny slut was incredible! I could feel her getting wetter as she was bouncing around with wild abandon, try to screw the entire length of my dick inside her. She pulled me closer towards her and wrapped her legs around my waist now, so tightly that I could barely move or do anything else but get more of me inside her very wet cunt.
I felt Misty tense up and the tight lips of her preteen pussy grasp my dick even tighter. The next moment I felt her spasm and with this little girl still bucking and bouncing beneath me I felt her spew her 12 year old girl cum all over my rock hard cock.
I knew I hadn’t imagined this and I can’t deny it was kinda hot, although of course I wasn’t her daddy but I was surely old enough to be, and her calling me daddy just drove me over the edge. I was fucking her almost automatically now, hard and wild just like this little girl wanted it. I glanced at the bed and all the blankets were crumpled and wet from our hot and sweaty fucking. This was not love making or even sex-this was wild raw fucking that I have never experienced before, and what made it even more hotter was that it was with this sexy and willing 12 year old daughter of my neighbor friend. A slight feeling of guilt came over me as I thought of how much Carol trusted me with her daughter, but that didn’t last very long as I felt Misty cumming again and again. What was strange was that this was so hot it was actually weird I wasn’t even close to cumming. I figured subconsciously my dick was just reveling being inside this preteen pussy and pleasuring the very precocious Misty. I think she took note of this as well, and after a few sharp stabs onto my dick, Misty gave out a long loud groan and started slowing down. I thought I had worn her out but oh how wrong I was, she was just getting started! Our fucking became slower and more rhythmic, and now only could I really see how wet this girl was as I heard the slapping sounds everytime my balls hit up against her soaking pussy lips. Suddenly she stopped, and slipped herself off me to my disappointment. It didn’t last long though as she quickly grabbed my cock and brought it up to her tiny mouth. She looked so slutty yet innocent as she just smiled at me as this 12 year old fuck doll rammed most of my cock inside her mouth. My dick was still wet from her pussy juices and slid in very easily even though her mouth was so tiny, as she licked the tip of my dick with her tongue. This girl could really suck a dick! She kept sucking for about 5 minutes as I started to moan and grunt. To my disappointment again, Misty stopped and looked up at me with pre-cum on her lips.
“You made my pussy feel sooo good Mike, but I don’t want you to come in my mouth, perhaps later. I want you to come in my tight 12 year old ass.” She said in a little girl voice, still smiling at me. Misty simply got on her hands and knees and pushed her tight little cute ass up at me.
“Come on Mike, what’s the holdup! Put it in my ass.” She giggled.
Her mouth was good and her pussy felt so good as well, but I knew if I put my dick inside this preteen I would last long. Neither of us had even noticed the movie had stopped, as we were so consumed with each other and our bodies. This was no longer a 40 year old man and a 12 year old little girl, we were two sex crazed bodies that needed each other! I lined my dick up with her tight little asshole and pushed slowly.
“Oooh Mike that feels so good, but please stop teasing me, fuck my ass as hard as you fucked my pussy!” She begged.
I shoved more of my 8 inch cock inside Misty’s ass, and it was so tight I could hardly move, but she couldn’t wait she started pushing harder against my balls.
This drove me over the edge and I couldn’t hold it in any longer as the next moment and almost without warning I had the best orgasm of my life till now. I kept pumping my seed into this little girls ass as she was still bucking hard against me.
“Oh yes daddy pump your cum into my little ass it feels so good shooting inside me!” She moaned as I started slowing down. We fell together on the bed, me behind her with my dick still inside Misty’s 12 year old ass.
“That was incredible Mike! Please stay inside me a bit…” She said between breathes.
I couldn’t believe how hot and horny this girl could be as she took my hand and pushed it towards her tight wet pussy, and helped me shove 2 fingers inside as I brought her to another quick climax. I thought Misty was spent, but again I was so wrong. As my dick went soft it plopped out of her ass. She rolled me over and straddled me and grabbed hold of my dick, smiling mischievously as she rubbed it up and down her still soaking wet clit.
“Pass my phone please Mike.” She said suddenly and I froze.
She could tell I was a little nervous at this request and just giggled as she held her hand out motioning for me to pass her her phone.
“Relax silly, if you think this is hot, wait till the surprise I have for you!” She winked.
I was very curious now as Misty dialed the number, her rubbing her wet pussy softly over my cock trying to get it hard again.
“Hello, Kelly?” I heard her say after a few seconds, and I was even more curious now.
“Let me speak to Tara,” She said again, “Hey Tara? Hey what you guys upto? Me?...I’m sitting on top of one of the nicest cocks you’ll ever see, want a piece?” She winked at me as she asked someone, obviously a friend of hers if she wanted a piece of my dick!
“Great!” I heard her say after a moments silence. “Just give me a missed call when you get to my building and I’ll come get you…what? Sure Kelly can come as well. See you soon.”
Misty hung up and just smiled at me knowingly, as if she could read my mind and the pressing question.
“Tara and Kelly go to school with me, they’re sisters. Tara is 12 and Kelly is 10. Their daddy had been fucking Tara and me since last year, but then her parents got divorced because her mums a slut, and her daddy moved out. She still gets to fuck her daddy when she visits, but unfortunately I don’t get to any more. Though now I have you Mike to satisfy all my little girl needs!” She laughed and started tickling me playfully as she jumped me again. “Oh, so incidentally, Tara and Kelly are coming over so you can fuck them too if you want, and Kelly is still a virgin. Her daddy says she’s still too tiny, but you can have her if you like Mike she wants to do it so bad!”
Misty was telling me this as normally as she would tell me how her day was, but I was learning quickly that nothing about this little girl shocked me any more.
“They’ll be here in 15 minutes, one more round before they come. And this time please come in my pussy daddy.” She said this in a little girl voice and she grabbed my cock and pushed it in between her 12 year old pussy lips. She moaned as it went inside, and as she started riding me hard I knew this was going to be a very long day…

Stand by for part 3…cumming soon ;)

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