Two 12 year old schoolgirls give a guy the time of his life
The school girls on the bus

I had not been feeling well at work the whole day, and finally at 2pm I decided to call it a day. I had been feeling wheezy and light headed, and to make matters worse, for some reason my car didn’t want to start, so I just decided to leave it at work. I was too ill to work, but not sick enough for urgent medical attention, so I just took the bus home. This was a first for me, okay I’ve taken the bus before, but never this early in the day. As I boarded the bus I immediately noticed them. They were sitting in the middle of the bus, and I decided to go and sit on the seat adjacent to them. They were playful and giggling, and looked no older than 12 or 13 years old. I took out my football magazine and started catching up on all the latest news, but couldn’t help noticing them occasionally glancing my way and giggling. The bus drove along for a few more minutes, and soon it was just the 3 of us on the bus. The next moment the girl closest to the window yelled “Hey Mister!” and what I saw still shocks till today. They were both wearing dark blue skirts with black stockings and cute white school shirts and a blue tie. The girl that called over to me had her stockings and panties pulled down a bit, and I could get a clear view of a tight hairless pussy, but only for a moment, as she quickly pulled her panties and stockings back up again and the girls giggled teasingly. They could tell I was initially shocked by the look on my face, but I decided to play along.
I asked as I smiled at them “Anything I can help you with, girls?”
“Hmmm maybe…how big is your cock?” The other girl asked me, as normal as asking for the time. She was eyeing me licking her lips seductively, as her friend was still adjusting her panties.
“Well let’s go to the back of the bus and you can find out…” I joked, and winked at her.
The girls looked at each other and answered in unison “OK” and ran to the back of the bus. I was still staring in disbelief as they whispered loudly over to me “C’mon Mister, we don’t have whole day!” and burst out into giggles again. They appeared so innocent, but even from where I was still sitting I could see the horny lust in their pure blue eyes. They were both blonde, with smooth white tanned skin. I eventually decided to join them and they made space as I approached, obviously so I could sit between them.
“So what’s your name Mister?” The one that flashed her pussy at me asked.
“I’m Mike, and yours?”
“Hmmm Mike…such a sexy name! Well I’m Tammy, and this is my bff Cindy. We’ve been friends for 8 years now and share everything!” Tammy really put emphasis on the word ‘everything’, as she winked at me.
“So how old are you 2 then?” I had to ask.
“Old enough to do this!” Cindy said as she suddenly wrapped her hand around my already hard cock and giggled naughtily. “Oooh it feels so hard and big Tammy…”
I was in heaven! These girls were giggling like 2 silly girls who just discovered something new and exciting, somehow I felt this was not new to them, they seemed to know exactly what they wanted.
“Cindy, stop teasing Mike!” Tammy scolded “And we’re 12, I’ll be 13 in 2 weeks and Cindy in August. Ever fuck a 12 year old, Mike?”
The way they were questioning me was so taboo yet they made it sound so normal. I decided not to tell them of my daily fucking sessions with my 12 year old neighbor girl Misty, so to keep it interesting I answered no.
“Well you just relax and let these 2 little preteens take care of you Mike.” Cindy said hungrily, as her hand went to my zipper and pulled down. She reached in and pulled out my dick, which was now very hard and leaked a little precum.
“Oh fuck Tammy see how yummy it looks!” Cindy licked her lips and bent down to try and get my dick in her mouth. We were sitting a bit awkwardly, so she shifted down the back seat and she was flat on her tummy now with her head over my dick. She looked at it playfully before inserting my dick into her hot preteen schoolgirl mouth. As I moaned, Tammy, who felt a bit left out, started kissing me and pushed her tongue inside as she started fucking my mouth with her tiny but talented tongue. Both girls were so hot now, and my fingers went down and under Tammy’s skirt. I pushed her skirt up and tried getting my hand inside her damp panties. Tammy shifted a bit and spread her legs, and she helped guide my hand to her 12 year old wet schoolgirl cunt. Cindy was still busy with my cock and managed to get 6 inches in her hot little mouth. I was fingering Tammy and she was moaning into my mouth as we kissed and our tongues were still dancing. I could tell Tammy was close to cumming as she bucked harder against my fingers.
“Oh Mike Oh Mike!” I heard her gasp as she pulled her lips away from mine suddenly.
“Cindy…Cindy!” She called out to her friend, who had stopped sucking to both our disappointment. My fingers were still inside Tammy’s wet and hot preteen pussy as she urged her friend.
“Cindy, we better hurry, no more time for foreplay if we want him to fuck us both!”
This was like music to my ears, as I wanted to nothing more at this point but ravish the wet horny pussies of these 12 year old schoolgirl friends. Cindy just nodded and asked who first.
“You can ride him first while he sucks my pussy, them after you come we can swop okay?” Her friend decided. Tammy smiled and slid off my fingers and they instructed me to lay on my back. I did as I was told and spread my legs out in front of me as I saw my dick stand up as straight and unshifting as the Eiffel Tower. Cindy smiled at me and licked some precum off her lips as she quickly removed her shoes, black stockings and pink floral panties, but left her navy blue tiny school skirt on. She unbuttoned her white school shirt, and took off her small A-cup bra, and immediately guided my rock hard cock towards her smooth, hairless preteen pussy and pushed it inside. My hands went to her small but soft boobies, while from behind me Tammy had stripped in the same way and was straddling my face. I could see the tiny clit and pussy lips heading towards my own lips. Cindy was rocking slowly, as she wiggled her 12 year old pussy onto my 8 inch cock, and soon started riding me while her tiny school skirt kept flapping up and down. Tammy’s skirt almost completely covered my face as my tongue teased her tiny wet pussy lips, and she tasted very similar to Misty. I was starting to love how young 12 year old schoolgirls taste! The girls started moaning softly as I just remained quiet enjoying all of this.
“Oh Mike fuck me hard! You like me riding your hard cock with my tiny teeny pussy hmm? Fuck me rough Mike till I come over your amazing cock!” Cindy screamed softly.
“MMM Mike oh yes lick me just there, lick my schoolgirl pussy and get me ready for you hard dick!” Tammy moaned above me.
This seemed to be to much for both me and Cindy as she was fucking me and riding me very hard and fast now, and as I felt my seed squirt inside Cindy’s hot preteen pussy as she spew her little girl cum over my dick. I was still lapping hungrily at Tammy’s pussy, but she somehow figured that I had cum inside her best friend, and suddenly stopped riding my face.
“Awwhhh you made him cum!” She yelled at her friend, disappointment in her voice.
“Haha relax greedy.” Cindy teased, “He’s still very hard babe, here look…”
Cindy pumped me inside her a few more times before getting up and my still hard dick popped out of her soaking wet schoolgirl pussy. Tammy just stuck her tongue out and smiled. Without saying another word the girls quickly swapped places, moving across me while I just lie there still very sexually charged. I could now see that Tammy’s pussy was much tighter than Cindy’s, but as she straddled me my dick slipped inside this schoolgirl just as easily. Tammy went right at it, wildly bouncing her tight wet pussy up and down my dick getting more of me inside her. Cindy was very wet and globs of her little girl cum was going into my mouth as I licked her pussy even wetter.
“Oh oh oh fuck Mike oh shit oh babe fuck me harder! Fuck me faster make me cum baby!” Tammy screamed softly and she rode me like a bronco. For someone not involved in this hot and taboo threesome it must have looked good enough for any decent hardcore porn movie, only to me this was happening now and it was real and I had 2 very insatiable 12 year old sex monsters right on the back seat of a fucking bus! Reality was starting to dawn on me as I felt myself close to cumming inside this little schoolgirl who flashed her sweet hairless pussy at me just 10 minutes ago.
“Oh fuck yes Mike! I can feel you getting harder CUM INSIDE MY TINY PUSSY –”
Cindy cupped her friend’s mouth just in time as she started screaming. The last thing any of us wanted to do at this point was alert the driver. Maybe he would want a bit of the action, who knows, but we weren’t willing to take that risk. I could see from beneath Cindy’s skirt her hand was still cupping her Tammy’s mouth, and Tammy’s eyes were closed in pure ecstasy as I felt her bald schoolgirl pussy cum all over my dick. This was really too much for me now and I shot my seed deep inside Tammy. She bucked her hips a few times and I felt her tight preteen pussy clamp down on my dick and milk it for all the cum it had left to offer. Tammy stopped and collapsed on top of me. It was so cute when she lifted her friend’s skirt, whose pussy I was still lapping and smiled at me saying that was the best fuck of her young life! This was too much for Cindy who came all over my face, and Tammy immediately started kissing me and licking her best friend’s cum off my lips. These girls were just incredible!
“Tammy, 2 more minutes till our stop…” Cindy said sadly while Tammy was still licking her cum off my face. She stopped and looked into my eyes.
“Have fun Mike?” She teased and smiled at me again.
“You 2 are fucking amazing!” was all I could reply.
The girls giggled and instantly started putting their stockings and shoes back on, and buttoning up their schoolshirts.
“Er, you forgot your panties my dears.” I reminded them.
“No,” Tammy said, handing them to me, “You keep those, as remembrances.”
I felt flattered but hoped this was not the last time I saw of these 12 year old schoolgirl sluts. I decided to go for broke.
“Will I see you 2 ever again?” I had to ask.
“Hmm really? You’d want to?” Tammy asked me, almost surprised.
“Of course silly!” I teased, “You girls are fucking hot and you know how to treat a guy.”
They just smiled and giggled as Tammy quickly scribbled something on a sheet of paper. The bus stopped and they ran to the front, still giggling as they got off and waved to me. I looked at the piece of paper, and burst into a fit of giggles. It had a very cute drawing of a tiny pussy, with a big dick doodled just beneath it. And just beneath were the 2 schoolgirls’ e-mail addresses and cell numbers. I couldn’t wait to get home and set up our next date!

If you enjoyed, let me know and I’ll write part 2 ;)

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