Kathy wanted BBC and she got a lesson on a conference trip
I am bored was what I was thinking on the way to Orlando to attend the consultants conference, here I was 26 years old, divorced, 5’5” 36D, 115 lbs. just broke up with another white guy with a small cock and I am sexually frustrated. I had been on line a lot in the last two weeks and had been looking at interracial sex, and went to bed many a night looking at an interracial video and masturbating to several climaxes.
I called a black girl friend, Kamisha, and discussed what it would be like to be with a big black man and she told me that it was different and that I needed to find out if my pussy would handle a black cock. I went to an adult store and bought the three dildos she suggested, an 18” with 6” handled, an 11 “suction dildo and an 8” triple ring butt plug.
I ran the 12” dildo with the handle up my pussy and I got 9” or so in my pussy. I now knew what she was talking about, what if I was in bed with a BBC and he was hitting bottom, it would hurt and he would not be pleased. I went to Home Depot and bought a 6” high sturdy metal box, I then duct tapes the 11” dildo to the box then sat down on the dildo. It did feel big, but it began to feel good once I got the courage to go up and down on it, but as I used it over and over I was able to sustain a rhythm on the dildo and I was having wonderful climaxes.
She also told me that most black men wanted to fuck a white girl in her ass and refusal to give it to them would limit my opportunities. And also, I needed to learn how to douche and lubricate my ass and run the dildos in my ass followed up with using a butt plug to stretch my ass canal. Boy was that dildo big for my ass but I was not discouraged. But, I knew that I needed to work with the didoes before I went out with a BBC.
When I arrived at the conference I saw my black friend, Kamisha that I had met at the last conference and had called. She was very slender and had a nice body and a bright smile. She came over and kissed me on the lips and her hand brushed up against my ass. I kind of enjoyed the feeling, and we talked about what we had been doing, she suggested we get a drink and we found a bar.
While we were talking a handsome built 6’2” black guy came over and greeted Kamisha and she introduced him to me. His name was Jackson and he was married and from Milwaukee and my panty was wet. About that time Kamisha’s phone rang and she said she had to meet her boss for a planning session did we mind if she got with us later. I gave her my phone number and she left. There I was making small talk with a black man and I could not look him in the eyes without staring at him. And then he looked at me and said you are very beautiful and you are going to make some man very happy. I blushed and said he was very handsome and his wife was very lucky. We both looked at each other and knew there was magic.
He asked if I had any plans for dinner and I said no, and he said that there were a lot of people that knew him here would I mind meeting him at a small restaurant on the other side of town. I said no. I paid the check, my first lesson in black men, and went to my room. I had about 1 ½ hours to when I was to meet him and I sat there thinking about me pushing the 11” into my pussy that night and it was tight and it hurt. I could see how a lot of white girls do not like BBC. I worked with it for a half an hour and it was moving in and out smoothly, but it took a week. The suction dildo I put on my bathroom wall and fucked myself with a doused ass and pussy every morning and on the box every night that week. And here I was about to have dinner with a black man, sliding a butt plug up my ass and knowing I want to have sex with him.
My cab went right to the restaurant and he was there in the small bar and the host took us back to secluded table with a curtain that was served from the rear. The booth was circular and we were sitting next to each other hip to hip. The server came in and brought us a drink and then said he would wait for us to call him for our dinner order. Jackson looked me dead in the eyes and told me he was married and that he was here because Kamisha had told him of my desire to be with a BBC and that his attraction to me was so great. He asked me if I had followed Kamisha advice and gotten the dildos and I said yes and that I had worked with them for two weeks. He asked was it satisfying and I said yes. He asked if I had ever been with a black man, I said “no”. He smiled and asked if I thought I could take an 11” black cock. I told him that I recently bought an 11”dildo and had found out that I needed to expand my pussy, ass and mouth if I was to enjoy being with a BBC.
His hand was between my legs while he was kissing me. He looked at me and said that he was a very demanding man and he had a very large cock. I said how large and he said 11”, 4” round, I said “wow”. He asked if I wanted to see his cock and then give him a blow job. I was startled, but he told me to get on my knees and suck his cock under the table. I slide under the table and unzipped his pants and pulled this massive semi hard cock from his pants, and he said for me to spit on it and suck his cock. I did just that and it was as big as my dildo at home and I licked it good. About two minutes later I felt him grab my face top and bottom and slam his cock in my throat and he ordered me to breathe through your mouth and he began fucking my mouth. He took his cock out of my mouth and then right back in with saliva was pouring out of my mouth and I was chocking and my eyes watering.
The waiter stuck his head in the booth, I guess from my chocking noise, and asked if everything was alright. Jackson said fine give us a few more minutes. The mouth fucking went on and on with him allowing me to come up for air then right back to the gag fucking. About five minutes later he told me that he had my dinner just about ready for my mouth and it was coming about now. I felt a large load of come go right down my throat and then another then another. I sucked more come from his cock and then he said he was through, did I want to get back up.
I was almost in shock from just what just took place, but he told me to kiss his college championship ring to thank him for allowing me to suck his cock. My hair was in mess, my lipstick was gone, and I had cum dripping down my chin. I felt like I had been raped, but I had this excitement of what had just happened but I leaned over and kissed his ring. He said “slut go get yourself together and come back and let’s have dinner, then if you are lucky I will take you back to my room and fuck your brains out”. I looked in the mirror and got in shape to go to the rest room, while I was walking to the rest room, I thought about going to the door and getting a cab, but my panty were soaking wet and my nipple were about through my bra and dress. I got straight as much as I could then go back to the room.
He had ordered a fish dinner for us and he asked me how many face fucking had I had and I said that that was my first. He asked how I liked it, and I said I felt like he had just raped me and he said that was the point. He told me that he would give me a more proper mouth fucking when he got me back to his room, I like my white sluts to lay their head over the edge of the bed and for him to stand in front of me and for him to fucked my throat directly, and then you can imagine what the pussy and ass fucking I was going to give you. He put his hand between my legs and picked me up and felt my ass and panty. He whistled and said can I wait and I said just barely, and then he felt the butt plug, and he asked how big was it was I said 8”, he asked if I doused and lubricated and I said yes and he said that pleased him.
We finished eating and he said he would get a cab and for me to pay the check and get a cab and he would call me when to meet him in his room. I was stunned, here I had guys falling all over themselves to buy me dinner and he had just raped my mouth, shot his load down my throat and now gave me the check, told me to get my own cab back to the hotel, and he told me he would call me. I walked out and got a cab and while I was going to the hotel, I knew that when he called me a slut that he meant it, and that I was just a piece of pussy to him, but that my panty had not been this wet for a long time and that I needed to know what a black man slut was and did I want to play this role.
When I got back to my room, I took my clothes off and took a shower doused my ass and then stuck as much lubricant as I could then put the butt plug back in my ass. I put on a tight mini shirt with no panty and a halter top with no bra. I sat there in the room waiting for the call, but 10:00 came and went, I got up and took my skirt off and top and put on a t-shirt and panty. I feel a sleep but my phone rang about 11:00 and it was Jackson. He apologized and said that he had run into the conference chairman and he wanted to have a drink. I said I was a sleep he asked my room number and I said I will see you tomorrow and hung up.
About 5 minutes later there was a knock at my door, it was Jackson I opened the door and he pushed his way in the room. I said I was tired, but before I could get it out of my mouth he said he was sorry for not getting back to you earlier and he gently pinned me to the wall, I felt his hand grab my hands and pin them above my head with one of his hands and the other lift my t-shirt above my tits.
He then kissed me with the longest tongue that I had encountered and with his free hand he was playing with my nipples. His mouth then moved down to my tits and nipples and he roughly began sucking and biting my nipples and I began to moan and cry out. He did not stop but kissed me again and said he loved my nipples and worked them over again. His free hand was now in my panty and I was getting wet fast, and soon climaxing.
He then back up from the wall but his two fingers were still in my pussy, he said that it was time for that mouth fucking he had promised and for me to get on the bed with my head hanging off. I said that I needed to know that I was not just another whore; he said no you are not, but you are in training to be some black man slut. I knew what this was about and he was right I was so hot for a black man that I was a slut. He stepped in front of my face and slipped his cock into my mouth right down my throat and he grabbed my face and the mouth fucking began and I was more comfortable than before, but it still established dominance and control, every stroke hurt but I could feel that this was something I wanted, but I feared.
It went on in and out of my mouth and I was drooling over and over he was having a big time, he told me to swallow his cock over and over and said how do think you’re going to be a black man slut and not be able to swallow his big black cock. I said that I was trying and he brought my face to his face and he said in strong voice that there were plenty of white sluts for black men to choose from and I needed to learn that a black man was not with me for my pleasure but for their pleasure and part of that was watching a white slut swallow his cock.
He pulled his cock from my mouth and then asked how long since I doused my ass, I said over 2 hours. He said get in there and douses your ass and lubricates it. I did and when I got back he was standing at the end if the bed with his massive cock in his hand and told me to get on my knee on the edge of the bed. His finger found my asshole and he stuck two fingers in the hole and was pleased with how my asshole expanded. He then brought the head of his cock to my asshole and told me to get ready to take a fucking in my ass for him. He slide his cock in my asshole and it was tight but he kept pushing it in until he had half of his cock in there and he started to fuck me and then he barked out for me to fuck his black cock, and now.
I was struggling with his size, but I fell back to my bathroom training and began fucking his cock when he said good and popped my ass cheeks on both sides. He fucked me in the ass, popped my ass and it hurt but my preparation had helped, but it seemed forever. He then he pulled his cock out and told me to ass to mouth and clean up his cock and he told me to roll over. Without letting go of his cock I rolled over on my back and he pushed my legs down to my chest and stuck two fingers in my pussy and said just about right, hot and wet. I was dripping wet and he told me to put the big black cock in my pussy and beg for the fucking.
I knew that my life was changing but I wanted it so bad I did as I was told and stuck the head in my pussy and begged him for a fucking. He laughed and pushed that big cock in my pussy and it slide almost three quarters in my pussy and then he started slowly then picking up speed and like a piston then began pounding my pussy. I came and came, with the two climaxes I had in the tits work over and the ass fucking I was up to five. I had not had five climaxes from a man in two weeks.
He fucked me for a long time and then said that he wanted to come on my face. No man had ever done that, but he pulled his massive pussy juice dripping cock from my pussy and slide up on my chest and grabbed my head and pulled it up and jerked off on my face and huge load of come and then took his cock and rubbed it on my face and put the come in my mouth. He told me to suck his cock until it went down this took a few minutes. He told me that I had the potential to make a black man as fine slut and that the dildo fucking had helped me take what a lot of white girls could not.
He grabbed his clothes and got dressed came over and kissed me and told me that he wanted me in his room for the lunch break tomorrow to give him a head job. Be there right after the break, and he left. I was laying there wiping come off my face and my ass and pussy tingling from the massive cock fucking. My phone rang and it was my last boyfriend and he asked if it was too late to talk and I said that I was a sleep and I would call him.
The next morning, Kamisha came over to me and said how I liked black cock. I told her that I had never envisioned a night like last night but I liked it. She said Jackson had told her that you had the making of a fine black man’s slut. I went into the meeting and at the lunch break I headed to Jackson’s room. I knocked and he opened the door and he was naked and there on the bed was Kamisha naked with her legs open. He told me to get naked and get down and eat her pussy. I got my clothed off and began eating her pussy, he then got on the bed and put his cock in her mouth and she was sucking his dick.
I brought her to two climaxes and then he told me to get on the bed and 69 with her with both of us to eating the others pussy. He got behind her and began fucking her in the ass. I was eating her pussy and watching his cock going in and out of her asshole, I brought her to two more climaxes. He then came in her ass and told me to open my mouth and told her to sit her asshole on my face and told me to suck his come out of her asshole. I sucked and sucked until it was all out. Then he told me to get dressed and for me to call him a 5:00 to see if he wanted to fuck me that night. He fucked me that night and then we did another threesome; he told me there would be no charge for the training.

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Story was good. You might want to use the word, "and" a few less times.

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