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The next morning my mom was already out of bed when i woke up. I went down stairs and she was in the kitchen making some eggs. She was wearing a semi-sheer lace black bra with matching thong panties, and black thigh high stockings. It was truly a magnificent sight.

"Morning mom" i said "you look great"

"morning honey, thank you i thought you would like this"

"I love it, im already hard" My mom turned her head and glanced at my cock

"Not so fast baby, you need to eat first, regain your strength from yesterday"

I walked up behind my mom and pulled my cock out between the opening in my boxers. my cock was standing straight up. i place my cock against my moms ass in between her ass cheeks, like a hot dog on a bun and wrapped my arm around her gently caressing her right boob.

"But mom the only thing i want to eat is between your legs... and between your ass" I began kissing down my moms neck.

she let out a moan. I slipped my hand down into her panties and slowly rubbed her pussy up and down.

my mom tilted her head back closing her eyes as they rolled back in pleasue. She reached her arm up to the cabinet above the stove to keep her balance

"aww baby, you make me so wet" i continued rubbing her pussy. Her breathing became more and more heavy.

I pulled my hand out of her panties and place my cock between her juicy thighs against her wet pussy, slowly thrusting in and out.

"Are you sure you still want me to eat first"

my mom struggled to talk "you know baby... im still your... mother ... and you shouldn't.... take advantage of me.... like this...but this is... so fucking good .... please dont stop baby!

My mom's thighs felt good, they were nice and soft and warm. And they were glistening in my her juices, making them nice and slick.

I then swung her around and picked her up like a groom carries the bride. I don't think she was expecting this
"ahh" she let out a little scream and then laughed. As i carried her over to the family room our eyes locked. I starred into her deep hazel brown eyes for what seemed like forever. There was a romantic spark between us. I lowered my head as she lifted hers. Our lips met and caressed for a moment. Our tongues broke our lips and collided in a climactic explosion of sensual romance.

Yesterday was a day of lustful sex but today was different, that moment changed our relationship from lust to love, and today we were making love.

i placed her face down on the couch and laid on top of her. I kissed down her neck, then down her back until i reached the top of her ass crack. I slowly pulled her panties down and proceeded to kiss down her ass crack, kissing her asshole then her pussy. I went back to her neck gently sucking it.

My mom grabbed my cock and guided it between her legs. I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy until it was all the way in.

"Awww" my mom moaned.

i slowly took my cock all the way out and then pushed it back all the way in

"Awww yes Tommy fuck me nice and slow, make love to me"

"mom.." i began to say

my mom cut me off "Your my lover now Tommy, call me Denise"

"Denise" i said "I want to fuck you nice and slow until you cum all over me" it felt so hot calling her by her first name.

"Awww yes Tommy put that big cock in me nice and slow i don't want to cum yet, i want to cherish this"

I stuck my cock in Denise a few more times and then she rolled over, "my turn to be on top" she said and seductively licked her top lip.

She got on top and closed her eyes as she slowly squatted down on my cock until it was all in.

"Awww" she moaned. Then she bent down and kissed up my chest until we met for another kiss, our tongues meeting in the middle. She began moving her hips in an oblong circle motion as we continued to make out. She was fucking a little bit faster than me.

"mmm" she moaned as we kissed. Soon i was thrusting my hips meeting her every hump, our bodies smacking together making a clapping sound as my crotch hit her ass.

My mom broke off our long chain of kisses, her eyes were shut hard.

"Oh Tommy im going to cum, yes.. yes ... yes" Her pace increased a little and our bodies clapped harder.
"Yes im commmmmmmming... fuck yess. yess awwwwww, awww yes"

our pace slowed again

"awwww yes" Denise moaned as we slowly fucked.

She gave me another big kiss " I love you tommy"

"I love you too Denise"

"awww yes" she moaned

i continued to slowly stick my cock all the way in and out of her.

"tommy your so good"

i could feel my balls tightening

"it's time for you to cum"

Denise jumped off me and got down on her knees as i sat up.

Denise began stroking my cock. She put the head in her mouth as she continued to stroke the shaft. She then started bobbing her head up and down, with the same rhythm as her hand, i was going to cum any second.

She must have sensed this because she stopped stroking me and then lifted her head up.

She looked up at me but didn't say and thing, and then lowered her head again still keeping eye contact. She slowly lowered her head down my cock until she deep throat-ed the whole thing. It felt so good. She held her head there for a moment and then slowly came back up, still never breaking eye contact.

She looked so hot as she starred up at me while sucking my cock. She then deep throat-ed me again. My balls were tightening again. She came back up and said,

"Cum for me"

Then she started stroking my shaft as she sucked my head again. It felt so good i came in about 10 second. I shot 3 huge stings of cum into the back of Denise's throat. She swallowed all of it. Then i shot a fourth and then a fifth. She swallowed all she could but it began to be too much and started leaking out of her mouth. I shot my sixth and final strand. The cum leaked out and dropped down to her huge tits, it was a fantastic sight.

She sucked my cock a little longer and got all the cum off it.

She lifted her head and said "I love you Tommy"

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