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im back did you miss me
when me and harvey got back from are honeymoon we was so inlove when we got back to la harvey come straight to my house and everyone was there to see us it was so heart warming to see everyone wishing us all the best for the future after the party me and harvey went to bed as we was getting into bed i notice harveys wedding band and startd smiling harvey said to me "what are you smiling at babe?" i said "im smiling because i know your my hustband" harvey smiled back and me and we went to sleep this time i was holding harvey

when got up the next morning me and harvey went to the bathroom to got get ready for graduation when we came down stairs are parent was smiling at us and my mom asked if we would have a picture taken i looked at harvey and said "harvey i look a mess" harvey kissed me on my forehead and said "no you dont babe you look like you was carved from angels" i looked lovingly into harvey eyes and smiled harvey smiled to and my mom took the chance to stap a picture i took harveys hand and we walked to my car my mom said she would follow right behind us with bella (for those of you who dont know thats harveys mom)

when we got to graduation harvey said "babe im gonna go talk to the football team" i said "okay then" i walked over to brit and my other girl friends (so to speak) and we started talking about colleges i said "what colleges are you all going to" i got a few answer back and then brit asked me i said "my hustband and i are going to a college in la. we are staying here but looking for a house of are own" my friends smiled at me and wished me luck

walking into the graduation whole we listened to the end of high school speaches and we all collected are diaplomas i was so proud of harvey when he collected his the next day after the after party i wke up with a killer hangover but i soon got over it i drove to birt house to wish her a happy birthday and to give her the present i had brought her when i got into her party i handed her a box she opened it and there was a key inside she said "what this key for" i said "go look out front" so we all walked out the front to see a brand new mim cooper parked in her drive way i said "happy brithday babe" harvey came up behind me and said "thats a nice present babe" i said "wait to your next brithday babe your get somethink really special" after the party i went home with my hustband and started looking for cheap places to rent and we found a really nice one for $1500 a month

my mom and dad walked in and said "we have a graduation present for you" me and harvey looked at my mom and she handed me a deed she said "we brought you an apartment" i was really really happy i jumped up and gave my mom and dad a massive hug and asked if we could go see it right that second my parent got into there car and i got into mine i followed them to this nice apartment block and we went to see are new apartment it is really beauitiful mom and dad but you shouldnt have spent that much money on us a new watch would have been present enought my mom handed harvey the keys and said "i will let you guys get comfy in your new place" i shouted "bye mom bye dad i love you both and thanks again" i got my cell out of my pocket and called brit i said "drive to this address" giving her instruction on the way when she got here i buzzed her in and she took a look around and said "this place is so cool" i said "i know" brit said "where harvey" i said "at the market getting some food he is going to cook me dinner tonight then we are going to have a bath together and then a early night" brit laughted at me and said "im not 6 you can just say your gonna have sex" i said "okay me and harvey are going to fuck all night long " brit looked at me and said "right i didnt need that much information"

when harvey got back brit said "i will leave you two boy to it" winking at me on her way out harvey said bye to brit and gave me a kiss after we kissed he said "why did she wink? babe" i said "because im gonna fuck you in the living room the kitchen and then finish off in the bedroom" harvey laughted at me and said "that one way of taking me to bed but i hate to burst you bubble but you going to have something to eat first because you havent eatten all day" i said "harvey i really wanna lose another 3 pounds" harvey looked at me and said "babe you are gorgous the way you are" i smiled and said "thank babe so what we going to have for dinner" harvey said to me "veggi burgures and french fries" i said "umm sounds nice" harvey maid use dinner and we ate at the table and went to bed and fucked for a good few hours before going to sleep

hey guy im back and i will be writting my stories more offen so how are you you lot doing im intrested to know what kinda life you all lead comment below and tell me please it would mean alot to me and my hustband thank you for reading are stori-y and i will be writting more when it happens lol (i really want a starbuck but harvey wont get me one because i wont lend him my car)

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2012-05-31 16:53:57
Are u going to have kids


2011-10-17 20:03:09
rich boys love 36 was just released where my brother return francis spencer god i hate him :@


2011-10-17 08:30:29
BTW he just came out on sunday! today is a good day!


2011-10-17 08:29:20
Zachary Quinto is gay!!!! Ever since season 1 of "Heroes" I have had the biggest crush on him!


2011-10-09 08:15:21
just kinda odd that my family was "surprised" by it and close friends that i know that didnt know until i told them wernt surprised and already knew!

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