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This is Part III not a lot of Sex Part IV will have more Sex, and some new players.
George Mickels was examined, and then specialist where called in and he was examined again, and then he was rushed to Surgery. Ten Hours later after a Quadruple Bypass, George Mickels was wheeled into Intensive Care and placed on life support machines. His Condition was Critical and Unstable with doubtful prognoses. At the moment any interruption of life support would mean a quick death. No Visitors where allowed.

That being said, many Candles where Lit, from the many faith groups in the Islands. Days passed and George Mickels hung by a thread between life and death. One day two middle aged men approached Ann Mickels who had more or less be waiting and living in the Waiting Room with either Mikey or Nancy in rotation with the other one left at home to care for George Boy. George Boy could very well take care of George Boy, but his Mom wanted an older person at home in case the Police or Social Services came by. A neighbor also agreed to rush over if she was called or if she saw anything happening. This Neighbor had been a good friend her mom’s for years, Right down to Sign Making and Sign Waving. She was trusted as much as anyone would be trusted and more than most. Her name was Aunt Becky and the kids loved her. Aunt Becky was also somehow connected to the State but Ann was not sure how. Twice Aunt Becky had gone to the Mainland with Ann’s Mom.

As she saw the two middle aged men approach she noticed that, one was dressed in a Suit White Shirt and Black Tie. The other darker skinned one was Bald Headed and was wearing a White Shirt and Tie, a Lava Lave plus Sandals with No Socks. Ann knew who both where and stood to greet, Brother Quinton and Brother Moe. She had known these Men from childhood. There was a bond between them and Ann that could and would not be broken.

Hi Ann sorry to hear about your dad, Brother Quinton said, as Hawaiian Greetings where exchanged.

The Bishop sent us and we are here to give Brother Mickels a Blessing, Ann thought for a moment and said go ahead. She knew these two then would be polite but not take no for an answer. Besides what harm could it do. Plus she did not want to think of her not letting them attend her Dad and then his dying.

Quickly a Nurse came by and said No Visits. They explained that they were his Clergy and where there to give him a blessing. The Nurse looked at Ann and Ann nodded and the Nurse stepped aside. Brother Quinton took his car keys out of his pocket on the chain was a small brass tube, in the tube was Blessed Virgin Olive Oil. Brother Quinton put a few drops on George Mickels Head. Then they both laid their lands on him and Brother Moe gave him a blessing.

When they came out of the Room they asked Ann if she wanted a blessing and she said yes that would be nice but No, with all due respect. Brother Quinton was about to say something but Brother Moe just said thank you Sister Mickels for letting us in and we wish you well and I hope to see you and the kids soon. Ann responded thank you so much for coming and say Hi to your wife’s for me. I have always admired them both. The Men then left the building.

Within 30 Seconds of that George Mickels Life support went off and he crashed. George Mickels was rushed back to Surgery and more blocked veins where cleared to include the

(Artery, to the corpus cavernosum. In short George Mickels Dick blood flow had narrowed severely.

George Mickels was taken back into intensive care and began to show signs of recovery quickly.

Soon George Mickels was awake and responsive.

Two days later George Mickels was moved into a Private Room. Mikey came to stay with her Grandfather while her Mom went home to change and get some rest. Mikey was beginning to think that her Grandfather might live. She was still a little scared of the questions that might be asked when her Tutu was feeling better. She stayed in a chair most of the time playing games on her laptop and reading xnxx Updates and watching a Video or two. She loved Computer Chess and Match 3 games, and could play for hours. She could also see her Grandpas, Dick Twitch now and then. Because of the Operation they had to drain him into a pan, so there was no tube running up his dick.

Mikey remembered the last place that Big Dick had been and started to cry. The last thing he had done was cum in her with a big load. Mikey did some math in her head and realized that some time had gone by and that she was three days late for her period to start. Now that would be odd now wouldn’t it, Mikey thought with a smile coming across her face.

George Boy heard his Moms Car pull into the driveway; he saw his worse for wear Mom step out of the car lock the car and come towards the house. George Boy opened the door to greet his mother with a big hug. Ann hugged him back and then let him go.

George where is Nancy?

Nancy is in the Bathroom Puking, George Boy responded. A light came on in Ann’s head but she turned it off and ignored it.

I am ripe, I need a shower, something to eat and some sleep.

I’ll fix something to eat, while you get your shower George Boy said.

George looked in the fridge and saw that they had several pieces of Pork Hash; he took out six and put them in the Microwave He then broke 3 eggs in a small bowl, when the bell went off on the Microwave he switched bowls and set the eggs for two minutes. While the eggs cooked the Pork Hash steamed on the side. He bent over and got another bowl and scooped some rice from the rice maker. As his mom came into the kitchen dressed only in a robe and slippers, the Pork Hash, Poached Eggs and Rice where steaming and ready to eat. Georges Mom sat down and started eating.
Nancy walked in and greeted her Mom and kissed her on the cheek. Then she went over to George Boy and lip kissed him, He responded by kissing her back.

What have you guys ben doing while I have been gone their Mom asked.
Nothing much partly because of worry over Grandpa and the last two days my tummy has been upset. Nancy Responded.

Well don’t let that stop you, he is either going to recover or not and he is getting the best of care. Mikey is with him now to take care of things should anything go wrong. So just continue on with life, I am going to bed for a few hours so Video Up and play nice. Are you two getting along?

Yes replied both at the same time smiling have a good rest Mom.

Their Mom took her plates to the sink and then left the room heading for Grandpas Wing of the house.

Little Brother what do you want to do Nancy asked?

Play Video games George responded.

What do you really want to do Nancy asked?

I want to play Video Games and I want to Fuck, I want to put an Atari Joystick up your Butt while I fuck your Pussy.

I am game sounds like fun Nancy said, where can my Dick go. Anywhere you want to put it George Replied, anywhere at all.

They left the Kitchen hand in hand and, headed for the Family Room.

End Part III

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2016-05-26 16:55:48
Format is crap. You have no true punctuation, for example when someone is speaking you should wrap the spoken words with quotation marks "" so that the speaking parts can be determined different to the actual narrative. Too many new line starts, not enough paragraphs. You should look into writing styles, not just wing it.

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2012-03-02 08:50:16
liked the story but i thought the grandpa fucked and came in nancy not mikey.

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2012-03-02 08:50:07
liked the story but i thought the grandpa fucked and came in nancy not mikey.

Happy RabbitReport

2011-08-31 01:08:46
I realize that this story does not have a lot of S&F. It does not because I did not want to mix it with the other stuff. I needed to Not Kill him because killing him would cause parts 1, 4,and 5 not work. So he had to recover. Almost dying on the Hump was a good idea.

I will most likely end this series in Part 6 or 7 or Fast Forward however i am working close to real time so I can't do a lot of that. So about Part 7 we will pause for the cause. As their are other things i want to do. As you may know people who have different disabilityies and Travel to different places are my thing. I want to get these kids to Fiji., and I almost got it worked out.

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2011-08-29 23:13:52
I really like this story and the series is very good, keep up the good work. I am looking forward to reading part 4.

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