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This is my first story, I will write more if I get positive feedback. I am also thinking of making this story the first in a series of stories. If you didn't like the story that's fine go ahead and say so, tell me what I should do better. But please don't be rude.
No slander comments please. I will just ignore them anyway. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Please enjoy this story!

“So who is this bitch you have been following around for the past week?” asked my friend, Erik, from New York.

“First off, I have told you several times don’t just call her a bitch. Second, I can’t tell you her name… Just call her… Nikki. Ok?” I said angrily. I have been buddies with Erik since he saved my ass from getting mugged when I first moved to New York to work at a law firm. I never kept secrets from Erik, but this time it was different.

“Okay, fine whatever… Nikki it is. So mind telling me where exactly you are? I am getting a little tired of covering for you. I say you should quit stalking this poor girl and just fuck her already. God man, just rape her or something like I did with that dumb blond at that party last February. Little bit of happy powder in their drink and bam, out like a light.” He said this last part sounding rather impressed by himself.

“I have told you several times man, I can’t do some crazy shit like that. What happens if she does decide to go to the cops? I’m screwed that’s what! Just don’t worry about it. I have a plan. But hey, she is on the move, I will talk to you later.” I quickly hung up the phone before he had a chance to be a smart ass.

Out of a small apartment walks a beautiful red head. She is 5’4”, 130lbs, 34c breasts, and an ass that would put Beyoncé to shame. That moron Erik doesn’t know what he’s talking about… I haven’t been stalking her for a week… It has only been 2 days since I started following her around. And it’s not stalking, she’s my cousin. I’m just trying to find a good time to surprise her. He is right about one thing though… I really would like to fuck her. Maybe I should try something while I’m here. She gets in a car and I snap out of thought.

After driving a while I got confused. Yesterday and the day before she went straight to a fast food restaurant to get something quick to eat and went straight back home. Where could she be going today?

Moments later I have my answer. She goes and runs the track sometimes. I watch from the road as she enters the track. Well, maybe now is a good time to surprise her. I scope out the area and find a nice alcove to hide in near a concession stand. Ok, as soon as she passes by right here I will run out and start running the track with her, when she finishes I will loudly say ‘Damn cuz that was a good work out!’

I can’t help but be distracted by her beauty as she runs the track. Not to mention that I couldn’t keep my eyes off her bouncing breasts! Finally, I regain my composure and prepare to run out on the track. She was rounding the curve on the other side of the track when I noticed that there was someone hiding under the bleachers where the football team runs out onto the field from. As she starts to pass him I watch as he runs at a dead sprint directly towards her. He tackles her to the ground and I hear screaming, I am preparing to take off out there when I decide to make a more subtle approach. Luckily for me I am a bit into wearing black. Black shoes, pants, and jacket. My socks and shirt are both white, but enough of my clothes. I quickly and quietly flip my hood up and dash to the side of the bleachers. I check to see if he noticed me just in time to see that he is binding my cousin up with duct tape. I see something on the ground near him. A Taser, either she tried to put up a fight, or this bastard tased her to get her quiet quickly. I dashed behind the bleachers and down to the opening from the back where he had just come from. He won’t expect to see someone coming from where he just was. I thought to myself.

He was just finishing tying her up as I took off at a dead sprint towards him. As I was getting close he stands up and is in mid turn towards me when I jump into the air and use the forward and downward momentum for the hardest punch I could muster, straight to the side of his head. He is out cold but I take the liberty to kick in a couple of his ribs while I had a chance. I then rushed over to my cousin and noticed that I hadn’t moved quite quickly enough. He had ripped her shirt open and her bra appeared to have been hastily pulled off of her. Her shorts which read “Sexy” across the ass were now ripped off and half way down her legs. It was only then that I noticed that she had no panties on. I couldn’t help but slowly run my hand up her leg until I brushed across her mound. I shook myself, now isn’t the time to be doing this! I quickly flipped out my phone and called an ambulance for the fool that was lying on the ground. I quickly took off my jacket and draped it over my cousins exposed body. I don’t need that distracting me right now. I thought to myself.

I went over to him and searched him for a wallet. After finding it I pulled out his ID. Bad day to be you Seth, I chuckle to myself. I called Erik and asked him to run a search on the guy. First thing he said after finding the guy was, “Damn man! Tell me you aren’t having lunch with this guy anytime soon or anything! This guy has warrants in 9 states man! This guy’s rap sheet is longer than my… Well let’s just say it’s insanely long. If you see this guy, don’t fuck with him man. Just get away.”

“Too late, I already knocked him out and cracked a couple of his ribs. An ambulance and cops are on their way now. Thanks for the info. I need you to fax all of his warrants and records to the St. Louis PD. I need it done yesterday.” Again I hung up before he could say anything.

As the cops were pulling up both my cousin and this Seth guy started to come to. She started to panic and I went to her to make sure she stayed covered and to comfort her. As soon as she realized who I was her eyes teared up even more and she started trying to explain what happened and I told her that it was all ok now and that the police were here to take care of everything.

Seth started screaming in pain, and it was then that my cousin noticed that her attacker was still here, which worked her up even more. I hold her tighter as the cops rush over to apprehend Seth and get our names and statements. The police took my sworn statement and decided to forego getting my cousins until a later time, when she wasn’t hysterical.

I helped her to my car and started driving. She finally calmed down and passed out. I drove her to her apartment and carried her in and laid her on the bed. I called out to her a few times to try and wake her up so I could get her to change, but she wouldn’t wake up. Well what now? She is dead asleep, but she needs changed. Well I don’t have much choice now do I? I went over to her dresser and rummaged through until I found a big t-shirt to put on her. I went over to the bed with the shirt and shook her a couple times to make sure I had to do this, but nothing.

I sighed and decided to pour myself a drink first. I ran back out to my car and grabbed my bag and brought it into the house and straight back to her room. I pulled out a bottle of vodka and took a swig, then pulled out a quart of OJ I had bought this morning then poured as much of the vodka into the OJ as I could fit in it and shook it up a bit. I took a few drinks from it and decided to stop procrastinating and to get right to business. I lifted my jacket off of her and started carefully removing her ruined clothes. I then noticed that I was alone with my cousin and she was completely naked. I bit my lip as I started rubbing her breasts lightly. After doing this for a while she groaned a little and rolled over to her side exposing her ass to me. This was a chance I couldn’t pass up either! I leaned forward and lightly ran my tongue across her bare ass cheek. Her leg twitched a little and I stopped and slowly sat up. I looked over at her to see she was still asleep. I decided that was enough play, it was time to cover her up.

I sat her up slightly and started pulling the big shirt over her. I got it pulled down to her waist and stopped. Her legs were parted just enough that I had a great view of her pussy. I laid her back and stared at the sight before me for what seemed like forever. Finally I decided to go for it. I started with my hand on her hips and slowly made my way to her beautiful mound. I started rubbing her pussy lips gently, making sure she wasn’t waking up. I felt her starting to heat up and get wet so I slowly slid a finger down and into her hole, holding it for a moment to make sure I wasn’t going to wake her. After a couple minutes I slowly started finger fucking her. Her breathing started to pick up and she started moaning quietly. I did this for another five minutes or so and felt her get real wet, so I decided that I was done. I pulled my finger from her and sucked her juices from my fingers. Now I have tasted quite a bit of pussy in my life but hers was by far the best. She was sweet as fresh strawberries.

I finished sucking her juice off my finger and decided to call it a night. I pulled her shirt down the rest of the way to cover her and went and got ready for bed. I striped down to my boxers and lay down on the bed next to her and quickly nodded off. That night I had the craziest dream. I was dreaming that I was getting head from my cousin. She was amazing and it didn’t take long for me to cum.

I woke up the next morning and just laid there for a while. I rolled to my side and saw my cousin wasn’t in bed anymore so I jumped out of bed and noticed something else. My dick was hanging out the front of my boxers. I was a little worried she would walk back in while I was exposed so I quickly tucked myself back into my boxers and thought nothing of it. I went to go use the restroom and walked in and noticed the shower was running. I started to turn back out and close the door when I heard my cousin say my name.

“Jake, is that you? Come back here for a minute. I need to talk to you about last night.”

My heart sank. Did she know what I had done to her? I walked back in and said, “Yeah, what’s up?”

“It was really sweet what you did. I can’t thank you enough. How did you know?”

“Oh that? I was on vacation and wanted to surprise you. I saw him attack you so I came rushing into the rescue. I really didn’t know he was going to attack you or anything.”

“I see… well you can go now… I need to get out of the shower and you don’t want to see me naked.”

I chuckled and said, “Yeah, okay.” I sounded more sarcastic than I meant to be but I didn’t think she noticed. I stepped out of the bathroom and went and made some coffee. A short time later my cousin came out in just her bra and panties and sat at the table and told me I should fix her a cup so I did.

“Jake, did you change me when you brought me back her last night?”

I looked at her a little nervously. “Yeah, I had to. Your clothes were all torn apart. I didn’t want you to wake up mostly naked in bed with me and freak out, you know?”

She was quiet for a moment, and then said, “I wouldn’t have freaked out. I didn’t freak out when you were spooning me with your massive hard on last night. What was that, a good 8 inches? Nice hunk of meat there cuz.” she said that last part a little mockingly.

My face got red and I started stammering and managed to say, “Well if it wasn’t for your ass up against it I probably wouldn’t have gotten hard anyway!”

She smiled great big at me. “So you like my ass huh? Is that all? You saw my whole body last night and all you like is my ass? My tits and pussy are offended.” She laughed hard at that last statement and the effect it had on me.

My nerves were a little shot after a comment like that so I decided I had to play it cool or she would walk all over me and wouldn’t take me seriously. “No I didn’t say all that did I? Your ass got me hard while I was asleep. You have a great pussy and tits, but those weren’t up against my dick.”

“No that’s right. You just copped a feel while you thought I was passed out huh?”

“Yes, yes I did. Why, didn’t you while I was asleep?”

Now I had her on the defensive. “I didn’t jerk you off or give you head or anything. I told you, you dick was on my ass.”

It was my time to grin at her. “I didn’t say anything about you jerking me off or giving me head. Thanks though. It was great, I really needed it.”

She got red in the face and left her coffee and walked off.

I sat in the front room of her apartment thinking to myself. Damn, I went too far. Now she is pissed. I guess I might as well get my stuff and say bye... this trip was a total bust… I got up and headed into her room to apologize and get my stuff.

I walked into the most beautiful sight. She was fingering herself and had a dildo in her ass. She looked at me and threw her head back and moaned “OH FUCK YES!” She picked up her head and looked at me again and stopped fingering herself to motion me over. I slowly walked over. “You sure you want me here? You seemed pretty mad.”

“Mmmm, fuck yes I want you here. I want you in me. I woke up while you were fingering me last night and pretended to stay asleep so you would keep going. It felt so good! You were right too. I gave you head last night right after you fell asleep. I left your cock out as a hint. I want you, I need you. Please fuck me. I have wanted you for so long. I have been in love with you since we were kids, but I was always so afraid to tell you because I thought you would think I was gross. So please, fill me with your cum and make me yours!” she said as she continued to fuck the dildo in and out of her ass slowly.

I smiled and bent over her to kiss her. “I never thought you were gross. I was in love with you that summer you first came to visit. I have always been scared to tell you because of the same reason you were.”

I stood back in front of her and allowed my boxers to fall to the floor and I leaned over her to kiss her again. This time though I slowly kissed a trail down to her perfect tits and took my time sucking and licking both as I felt my cock twitching and throbbing between us. She moaned hard and tried to buck her hips up at me. I decided to give her what she wanted, I guided my cock to her vaginal entrance and slowly inserted the head. She groaned for me to just fuck her.

Just then I thrust my cock in as deeply as it could go and sat there and enjoyed the sensation of her pussy on my cock. I felt her cumming hard on my cock. “Ohh fuck! That feels so good! I had no idea your cock would fill me up so much! Mmm fuck I just came so fucking hard! Fuck me please, fuck me hard!”

At her words I started pumping in and out of her hard and fast. Her pussy was tighter and wetter than any pussy I had ever had. It felt amazing! I could feel her pussy clinch onto my cock every time I pulled my cock back. If felt like it was trying to keep me in and deep! That drove me to fuck her harder and faster. She yelled that she was cumming again and again.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and she looked as though she would cry, but when I pulled the dildo out of her ass she knew what I had planned. She rolled over onto her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at me and said, “Do it, fuck my ass. I want you to cum hard in my ass!”

I positioned my cock at her asshole and slowly started to push it in, holding onto her hips tightly. She took the dildo I had taken out of her ass and started fucking her pussy with it while I slowly pumped in and out of her ass. She moaned hard and started pushing back hard onto my cock so I decided it was time to give her a fucking she would never forget. I started fucking her ass as hard and fast as I could, soon matching then surpassing the speed she was going with the dildo in her pussy. She started screaming, “OOHHHHH… OHH FUCK YEAHHHH… FUCK ME HARDER… OH GOD… IM FUCKING GUNNA CUM!!! FUCK YEAH… MMMMM FUUUUUUUUCK!!!” Just then she pulled the dildo out of her pussy and I felt a warm gush of her juices flowing from her pussy. That pushed me over the edge. I pulled her in tight and started to cum. I just kept cumming and cumming. Finally I was able to pull from her ass and watched as she rubbed her swollen wet pussy as my cum ran out of her ass and across her pussy lips.

“Jake… I meant what I said. I really do love you. I didn’t just say that so you would fuck me…”

“I know, and neither was I.”

She got up and kissed me. “I’m going to shower again, care to join me?”

I laughed, “Sure. That would be great.”

“How long will you be here? I really don’t want you to leave…”

“I will stay here as long as you want, or you can come back to the east coast with me. We could even live together if you want. I don’t mind.”

“Really?! I would love that!”

We went and showered. Of course we had to get dirtier before we got clean. We did end up moving together to the east coast, but that my friends, is another story.


2015-05-29 21:21:35
Great story, keep writing

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2011-09-01 17:55:00
The story is good i put it in my favs not so much for the story but because i do want to keep track of you as a writer as you have great potential. You appear to have all the basic tools and are a good story teller. Beleiveable Fiction is much better the Fiction that is just to far out there to work, although some of that is very good also.

A lot of Sci Fi Fiction has become reality Dick Tracys Watch for example. What None of us saw coming was the internet. Thanks George, Bill and Steve.

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2011-09-01 17:50:01
I liked you story, your work is very good. So she mover with you to the East Coast lets hear about that next.

You worry to much about what other people might think, just write. Let the chips fall where they may

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