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Hi this is my first and I felt I should post something since I’ve been using this site for some time now. This may take time to get to the hot parts or whatever but my relationship with this girl was quite unusual. Positive comments are much appreciated and constructive criticism is also welcome. Thank you and hope you enjoy.

Ch. 1: Intro.
Hi, my name is Bryan and I’d like to tell you of a girl named Paula who lived down the road from me in a little town called Citrus Springs. First off, I am about five foot ten inches and a former football player and JROTC Raider team member so I’m pretty fit. I moved to Citrus Springs in the summer of 2004 right after my fifth grade year. At first when I moved to this new town in central Florida I was sort of shy so I never went out much except to ride around on my bike which is when I met these two young girls. Having turned eleven just a few months before I was still kind of unsure of girls and these two girls were somewhat intimidating at first, the first girl who introduced herself was named Ebony, she was about eleven herself, African American and not obese or anything but she had some meat on her bones. The girl next to her introduced herself rather shyly and in a low voice said her name was Paula McLean, this girl I thought was like me, she seemed shy and unsure but I wasn’t sure what she was so shy about. Even then, I could see that Paula wasn’t your average girl; she had turned twelve last week but already she looked pretty. As I looked Paula up and down I could see she was mostly legs even for that young age and she had a cute pixie-esque face except for her nose where it looked like it had been broken sometime earlier in her life but she was still beautiful. At the time she had just started filling out and she was wearing about an A cup and she was definitely fit as I could see most of her torso in a low-cut, tight top. That was how I met this beautiful young lady, Paula.

After several months we started school again and I wasn’t sure how I would fit in like most insecure kids, but thankfully I had Paula to help me, at least in the morning and afternoon bus ride. After that first day of school had gone by rather smoothly and same for the bus ride home I decided to stay and talk to Paula and ask if she wanted to hang out at my house, she told she wasn’t allowed to go out without her mom or step dad being at the house so I decided I’d talk to her on her porch. She said she didn’t mind and pulled out a couple of chairs and set them down, we talked about everything ranging from hobbies and favorite TV shows to school and her love of nature. At this time she seemed to notice that an ant was wandering around in between us and as I was about to stomp on it she bent over to pick it up and place it down in the dirt, however when she bent over I saw all the down her loose t-shirt and noticed she wasn’t wearing her bra that day. I was immediately transfixed and I couldn’t remove my focus on that wonderful cleavage. It was the first time I had seen boobs or anything and as she sat back up she noticed where I was staring and blushed a deep red, I said my apologies and got up to leave but she grabbed my hand and asked if I wanted to come inside for a drink. Without hesitation I said sure, trying to sound nonchalant but I was as eager as a kid in a candy store. When she had given me the tour of her house she led me towards her room where we sat down and stared at each other with a tension I had never felt before. She scooted up closer to me and I placed my arm around her waist and pulled her in for a kiss, what was apparently her first, and as she got more into it I slid my tongue out and started to try and force my tongue into her mouth which she did cautiously but soon she was attacking my tongue with her own. As we kept kissing I grew a little bolder with my actions and started running my hand up her leg until I reached the edge of her shirt, when I moved my hand inside of her shirt I paused for a second in case she was uncomfortable with it, I didn’t get any rebuttal so I continued my way up her silky skin and soon found my prize. I didn’t realize at the time but her A cups had grown into B’s and so as I started to fondle her breasts, I felt her nipples start to harden and so I moved my hand to her areolas and rimmed the outside of her left breasts areola with my index finger as my other hand was feeling up her tight butt. As this continued a little longer I decided to lightly pinch her nipple and she stopped kissing me and let out a light moan which surprised me since I had never heard anything like it before that time. What seemed like right after her first moan we heard something outside, hearing it was a car I just ignored it and started kissing her neck but she was scared stiff so I looked out the window of her bedroom and saw that one of her parents were home. I wasn’t sure what to do but she soon regained her situational awareness and moved to the window that faced the neighbor’s house, she opened and motioned for me to leave out that window, just before I ducked outside I gave her a little kiss on the cheek and said see you later and left.

I’ll post chapter two as soon as I can where it’ll get a little more interesting. Sorry if I didn’t give you what you wanted but there’s more to come. Again constructive criticism and comments are welcome..

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2011-09-01 08:40:10
Well its a good start ....... I hope ?

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2011-08-30 20:06:31
you were a horny fuck i guess.

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2011-08-30 13:56:52
I really doubt this is true. It wasn't very well written either

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