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This is chapter two. Hope you enjoy.

A few weeks after Paula and I had had our first make out session, her and her family invited me over for a barbeque at her house. It was on a Friday so I had no objections and neither did my mother, except, of course she asked me to drag my little brat brother along thinking it’d be good for him while I was annoyed at the both of them.

We got to her house a little after 4 and immediately I ditched my little brother with her little brother while I went to find Paula. I’m not looking for her long as I find her in her room zipping up one of hers (and mine) favorite miniskirts. I look her up and down and walk up behind her wrapping my arms around her and kissing her neck as I start running my hand up and under her top massaging her left breast as I move my free hand down to the hem of her skirt.

Then she slapped my hand away as we hear her step-dad walking through the sliding glass back door and saying the burgers were ready. I whispered to her that I had other thoughts of what I could eat as I kissed her full lips. Paula and I walked out back with the others and mingled for a little bit before retreating to her room so she could show me a few problems she had or at least what we told her parents while the young ones were playing video games.

When we got to her room Paula closed the door and locked it then pushed me on the bed as she straddled me and we had a mini make out session until I managed to get my hand underneath shirt and started to fondle her breasts and tweaking the nipples as she moaned and ground her pelvis against me. When we broke apart for air I took her shirt and bra off to find two beautiful B cup breasts with little pink eraser sized nipples pointing out at me. I took hold of one with my mouth and started to flick her nipple with my tongue as I pinched the left breast with my hand then I switched and did the same to the opposite breast.

About this time I was pretty hard and I could tell she was wet from the dampness I felt on my leg so I took the opportunity and lifted her up and slowly placed her down on her back on the bed and knelt down in front of her where I could see directly up her skirt. I reached out with my hand and started to rub her pussy through her panties and then I slowly hooked the sides of her panties and slid them off of her. When I looked back up I had a realization, her pussy was bald which almost made me blow my load right then and there. After I had stopped staring at her pussy I put her legs up on my shoulders like I had seen some guys do in porn I had seen once. I slowly stuck my tongue out and licked her outer lips and she shivered a little, taking that as a good sign I opened up her pussy lips a little and stuck my tongue inside her and started tongue fucking her wet pussy. Suddenly, she grabs one of her pillows and forces it on her face as she moans and locks her legs around my head and I get greeted by a mouthful of Paula’s sweet juices. As she came off her first male induced orgasm she looked at me with loving eyes and said “Thank you Brian.” I was about to say you can thank me a different way but her brother decided to knock on the door asking what we were doing in there. Getting caught off guard I just told him that we were working on some homework and then having given Paula enough time to compose herself she opened up the door and asked her brother what he wanted, not wanting to incur the wrath of this 5’ 4” 105 pound girl her brother slowly backed away.

Looking over at me with lustful eyes she asked me what exactly I wanted to do next, I simply told her to come down here and I’d show her. So she sexily sauntered over to where I was still sitting on her and stood directly in front of me. I placed my hands on her calf muscles then slowly began creeping my way higher until I reached her pert little butt which I gave a nice swat and then slowly began unzipping the skirt that was holding her lovely cunt prisoner from my now rock hard cock. I pushed her against the wall and dropped my jeans and boxers all in one move freeing my cock. When Paula saw it for the first time she got a huge smile on her face and rubbed her pussy lightly, looking up at me she pushed me onto the bed and got down on her knees and licked the underside of my cock as I lay back enjoying every second of my first blowjob. She slowly started licking up to the tip of my cock then she kissed and put the tip into her mouth. Going off of instinct I put my hand on her head and she took more of me into mouth until I hit her throat where she slowly pulled back and then went back down trying to fit more of me into her sweet mouth. After a couple of minutes she manages to get the entire length of my cock into her mouth and when she starts to massage my cock with her throat I throw my head back and grasp the back of her head forcing her to take me further into her throat as I cum down in her mouth and down her throat. After I came down off of my own orgasm she whispered to me that I should clean up a bit not realizing I still had our juices all over me. The night ended without a hitch besides forgetting my little brother.

Again constructive criticism and comments are always welcome. I’ll get chapter three up as soon as I can. Hope you enjoyed Paula and the Barbecue.

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I love the story. keep it cumming. don't worry about the freak judges here. they just envy you because they did not experience what you had.

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All background and no substance. No sex not ever worth of this web site.

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