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My Disgusting Experience with Daddy, Part 4:

It was dark and the middle of the night, and my daddy was holding me down on my bed, pushed up against the wall with his hand under my panties, his middle finger deep inside my asshole and his thumb in my pussy. My breasts were out in the open and he was grabbing and squeezing them with his free hand while calling me names and saying obscene things, like that I was a dog-fucker and that he was going to fuck me. His penis was out of his pants and very rigid, as I could feel it poking and rubbing on my leg, leaving behind smudges of his sticky pre-cum. I had already tried to fight him off but he was too big and I was too small, and he knew it. I was so scared.

Abruptly, he drew his right hand out of my panties, and I felt his fingers pull out of my cunt and ass, almost with a painful “pop”, but giving me a momentary feeling of relief. I was so thankful that was over! Both holes closed up tight as soon as he was out of them. But my relief turned to panic as I felt and heard him moving around, and realized he’d taken his pants completely off. With both hands he grasped my panties at the waist and yanked them down, so roughly that they got caught up on the area above my knees and yanked me down with them, so that I was no longer shoved up against the wall but was instead now flat on my back once again. He yanked again and this time got them down to my ankles before they got hung up, again. He wasn’t expecting that and it made him lose his balance, and he fell flat on his drunk-ass next to my bed. I thought, now is the time! If I were going to get away I’d have to act now!

I was frozen with fear, but tried to will myself to move, to get up and run!! “GO!!” I yelled at myself, in my head. “Run now!! Run while he’s on the floor!” The second hand of the clock on the wall ticked once, but it felt like an hour!

And still I laid there, unable to move or even make a sound.

That second felt like an hour, but it was over in a flash, and I had missed my opportunity. He was on his feet immediately. He pulled my panties completely off and flung them somewhere in my darkened bedroom.

I couldn’t believe this was really happening as I felt his weight once again on my bed. This time he crawled in between my legs, forcing them to open wider and wider as his knees kicked at my thighs, until my knees were bent and spread and his cock was resting on my pubic mound, covered with newly grown pubic hair. I had never shaved “down there”… I didn’t even know anything about that! His right hand reached down and felt my fur, running his hand back and forth over it. I was humiliated that he even knew I had pubic hair!! “Ohhhhhhhh” he breathed. Then he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled, while his left hand went to his rock-hard cock and pushed it down so that it was in between my vaginal lips, poking at my clenched pussy entrance. Using my pussy hair as a “hoist”, he pulled up, which pulled my pussy lips up and open, and his cock literally fell/slid almost directly into my hole.

As soon as his dick was in the right position he spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock. He did that again and then he fell against me, pushing his hard pole in me and forcing my pussy to give in to his pressure. Reluctantly and against my will, my pussy accepted him, and while he forced his cock inside me he moaned, loudly. I thought that maybe, the neighbors might hear, it was so loud! It could almost be described as a scream, although his voice was so deep, maybe it was more like a moan, but it was loud. I felt like I could look at his face at that point, since he didn’t even seem to know I was there or who he was with. His eyes were closed, his mouth was open, and he looked like a stranger to me. I was repulsed!

He started to thrust his hips towards me and away from me. I was confused, since I didn’t really know what fucking was. I thought it was that a man puts his penis inside a woman’s vagina, and that was the end of it. I didn’t know about pumping, in and out, etc…

But that’s what he did. He moved it in and out of me… his eyes closed, never looking at me. Grunting and sweating, and breathing on me with his vodka breath. One hand found my tits again, snaking up underneath my tee… pulling and pinching my nipples. It hurt. He was still talking and saying vulgar things, but it was only one word or two at a time. “Fuck you” he said, “Sooooo good”, and when he said “I’m fucking my daughter” I realized he had wanted to do this for a long time. The incest sites I’d caught him looking at now had some meaning. This was what he had wanted all along!

I suddenly had a memory, of a bath I took long ago. I was small, and he was giving me my bath. I was playing in the tub with favorite bath toy, a big Barbie head that had hair that I could wash and style! And I felt like he was doing something, but I couldn’t see what it was because of the sides of the bathtub (he was kneeling on the floor). But I suddenly felt the need to pee, and I told him so. I started to get out of the tub, but he stopped me, and told me to wait a second. “Ok” I thought, though I wondered why.

He was fiddling with his pants when the door opened and my mom was there. She said “I’m just coming in to check on you guys, you’ve been in here for a while…” when she looked at my daddy and gasped! I’m not sure what she saw, but she freaked out!

They had a big argument, and Kevin, my older and best brother put me to bed that night.

Later that night my mom came into my bedroom, woke me up, and told me she was leaving, but that she’d be back to get me soon. I said “Ok” and went back to sleep, I was really sleepy.

The next day, Mommy was gone.

After that memory I snapped back to the present.

Daddy then put his full weight on me, laying on me like I was a mattress, and thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy, somewhat wet with the spit he had put on his cock.

He kept fucking me until I started to feel my pussy dry out. His cock was pulling and rubbing a lot with all that friction, and his hand still gripped and pulled at my pubic hair. It was like he was using my pussy as a puppet…making it go where he wanted it to go.

After what seemed like hours (although it was probably only about 20 minutes), his whole body got tense! His hand went to my throat, but then moved down to my collar bone. I got the feeling that he was withholding something but then gave in, and his whole body got tight. He pushed his pelvis towards me with his cock in my pussy and held it there.

I felt… well, something. It was warm… no hot! Actually very hot! And it was inside of me!

His pumping stopped, his moaning got quieter, and his whole body relaxed and fell onto me.

I felt his cock twitch a few times, I could feel it flick and pulse inside of my pussy, while a warm, thick liquid filled me.

He totally collapsed on me, and I think he passed out. All of a sudden he was breathing like he was sound asleep, but his cock was still inside my puss! But it wasn’t as hard anymore, and it was starting to withdraw from me. I felt it shrink and pull out of me, making sort of a “plopping” noise.

He laid on top of me, apparently sound asleep. I didn’t move, I was trying to figure out if he was done or not. I guessed he was, but still I was frozen and afraid to move.

I laid there for an entire hour!! With him on top of me, as his dick softened between my legs. I felt his cum running out of me, gathering on the sheets and making a cold puddle. I tried to clench myself tight so that it wouldn’t run out and make a mess, but it didn’t matter, it just oozed out anyway. His hand was still on one of my tits, and he snored and drooled, completely oblivious to the world….

Finally, I got the nerve to believe he was asleep, and I pushed him gently on his shoulders. Surprisingly, he rolled over and off of me, his dick dragging his cum across my thigh and leaving a slimy trail.

Gingerly, I sat up and got out of bed., feeling his cum smeared over my thigh and trickling out of me. As soon as I stood up, I felt a huge rush of fluid coming out of my pussy. Again, I tried to stop it by clenching my pussy closed, but again, it didn’t matter, and my daddy’s semen flowed out of my pussy and down onto my thighs. I felt the sticky mess rolling down my legs as I walked out of the room, lubricating my thighs as they slid together. I left my daddy in my bed, and vowed to call my oldest bro, Kevin, and tell him about what had happened.

Surely, Kevin would help me.

(To be continued….)

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