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A couple of weeks passed by and we would have the occasional make out on her front porch but that’s as far as we’d go because of her parents. Until one day her parents got home early one day and told her she could come over to hang out with me for a while.

I had about a dozen of my friends over to start celebrating our winter vacation which in Florida didn’t feel like winter and when she showed up in a red, tight fitting tank top and miniskirt, I could make out her nipples through the thin fabric and knew she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath that top I could only hope she wasn’t wearing anything underneath as well. I invited her in and she gave me a tight hug which I took the opportunity to feel her tight butt noticing there wasn’t anything underneath. When my mother came down the hall we quickly broke it off and I sat down in the recliner next to her acting as naturally as I could so not to draw suspicion from my mother. When my mother noticed it was Paula standing there she went back to watch my little brother and his little friends in his room as Paula sat down in my with her legs partly spread. Soon I could feel the heat from her pussy telling me she was pretty turned on and I started inching my hand up her skirt as I rubbed her back and sides with “accidental” boob contact and the occasional nipple pinch if no one was looking. She started to breathe a little irregularly after a little of this teasing had been going on for a few minutes and she had her eyes closed.

After an hour or so of the guys goofing off playing the new wrestling game Paula stood up and gave me a little peak up her skirt as she went down the hall towards my room and a few seconds later I received a text message telling me to come to my room, down at the bottom of the message was a picture of her clothes in a pile on the floor and a little wink smiley face. So acting as if I needed to use the bathroom I rushed to my bedroom and locked the door; as I turned around scanning the room for my prize I spotted a lump underneath the bed sheets and pulled them back, revealing Paula in all her nude glory, her perky B cups almost C’s and her shaved pussy to her beautiful piercing eyes, she had the most devilish smile on her face I had ever seen on her. I started to take my shirt and shorts off but she jumped up off the bed and knelt down before me giving me a slight wink before shedding my shorts and boxers off with a single pull. In an instant she had me half way down her throat before coming back up and licking the underside of my cock as she came up, then she went back down all the way to the hilt all the while keeping her eyes on mine as if she was telling me that this is my punishment for teasing her in the game room, soon she started playing with my balls. About fifteen minutes later I start to feel the familiar feeling in my balls that tells me I’m about to cum. I tell her that I’m going to cum and she stops sucking me and I get this playful grin on her face and she says that she wants me to cum inside her. It takes me a second before I realize that she wants me to fuck her brains out, finally.

So I pull her up and she wraps her legs around my waist as we kiss passionately and I stand up and press her against the wall of my bedroom. I give her one final kiss before I line up my hard dick to enter her tight pussy for the first time. I get my head in and she starts to hold me tighter and she moans into my ear saying for me just to break it. So not wanting to postpone anything I slide my head out and then plunge the entire length of my cock into her pussy making her jump and bite my shoulder as I feel her hymen break and my cock go to the hilt into her. I just keep myself inside of her for a moment or two as she gets over the pain and adjusts to the size. When she relaxes a little I start to enter her velvety tunnel slowly at first then as my lust grows I start using longer strokes and forcing it deeper inside of her hitting her cervix as I pin her against the wall and she’s biting my shoulder harder and harder with every thrust. Soon I can feel my balls churning and I can feel the pressure building up, I can’t slow down so I just tell Paula that I’m going to cum and just as I tell her I feel her inner walls squeeze my cock as she moans with ecstasy and I can feel her cum squeezing past my cock and then I erupt inside of her pussy which sends her into another orgasm and as I start to pull my cock out she is trying to squeeze every last drop of cum out of me as her pussy massages my cock. As I pull it out it makes an audible pop and we lay down in a spooning position and just stare at the mess on the wall that we’ve made, and as we’re falling asleep I hear her call out to me and say, “I love you”.

Soon afterwards Paula and her family move and we lose contact with each other. It’s been five years since my first encounter with the lovely young woman Paula, the girl down the road.

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2011-08-30 10:48:13
FAKE!!!!!!!!! No one looses their virginity standing up. That takes practice!!!!!! So just on that note I say this story is FAKE. Change the title and then it will rate better for you being a first time writer.

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