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A nice little family reunion...Cherub style.
From the desk of Minus Three:

Two chapters for you today, this one with plenty of sex to contrast (7). My own muse is speaking loud and clear.

A note on tags; Threesome? Only sort of. It's off camera. Deal with it.

Here’s another of these; A little bit of the ol’ bump and grind to get things steamy.

Now go read something,

Vice (8)

Gently Now We Slip Beyond the Veil……

There was a hand on my face, stroking up and down against my skin. It was soft and kind, its touch light and gentle. It pulled back from me as I struggled to open my eyes and I felt lips touch my mouth and kiss me. I pulled my eyelids back with as much effort as anything had ever taken to see Samael staring down at me with worry etched across his features.

“Welcome back, cupcake,” he whispered. “Thought we’d lost you there.”

“What happened? Am I…”

“Dead?” he asked. “No. Not hardly. We’re lucky we have friends in high places, though or you would be.”

“Did she…Aliona…I was falling…”

“You’re safe now, cousin,” a tiny voice said beside me. I looked over and into the eyes of the Lamb and my heart stopped.

She was smaller than I’d imagined. Slight and thin, her face impish and mischievous. She smiled a crooked little smile at me and brushed my hair from my face. It was hard to breathe looking into her bright green eyes; they sparkled with their own light like little multifaceted emeralds.

“Thank you,” I whispered, finding it hard to even speak while locked in her gaze.

Her tiny little smile turned into a wide grin and she tilted her head slightly to the side. “I’d do anything for family.”

“But we’re not…” I started. She cut me off.

“…yes we are.” In her eyes was something I couldn’t define. Power that lurked just beneath the surface; tempered and even but terrible and huge. “Yes we are…

“Aliona, I can’t thank you enough,” Samael said breathlessly. “If you hadn’t…”

She cut him off too. “Shhhhh, both of you. We do what we do and that’s all we get. Right?”

“What about Ephra,” I asked. “Is he…”

“Gone? Yes. Dead? No. There was no time, I had to see to your safety.”

“I feel…weak,” I said with labored breath.

“You feel mortal,” Aliona said, making a funny little face I couldn’t interpret. She held out her tiny little fist, so small, and as she opened it a bright brilliant silver light shone from between her fingers. “He took this from you.”

“Is that my Spark?” I asked, still struggling to breathe as I looked into her bottomless eyes. “It looks so…small.”

“Looks can be deceiving. You’re heart is huge, and so then too is your Spark.”

She held it towards me, turning her palm down and putting it on my left breast. As it soaked through my skin I felt it, hot and wet like liquid fire. I screamed in agony as it rejoined my vessel and Samael held both my hands tightly in his.

“I’m so sorry that had to hurt,” Aliona said, a tear slipping from her eye and down her cheek to rest on the point of her tiny chin. She bit her bottom lip sadly and put her hand, now free of my Spark, on the side of my face. “I’ll leave the two of you alone now.”


“Yes, cousin?” she asked as she looked over her shoulder.

“I don’t know how…how can I…”

“Thank me?” Aliona laughed like small bells in the wind. “You already have, stupid. Just by standing with us you do more than I could ever ask of you. Now rest. We have a long way to go…but we have to get there.”

She left, closing the door softly behind her, and I was alone with Samael. I looked around to see I was in a small bedroom. It was decorated sparsely but well. I looked up at Sam and he smiled. “I really thought I had lost you when I heard the thunder above.”

“You heard that?” I asked him.

“Everyone in the city probably heard that, Serielle.”

I took him in my arms, pulling him down. Samael stretched out on the bed beside me and held me close to his chest, kissing the top of my head. His hands on my back felt strong and I felt safe. My voice muffled by his embrace I said, “I never want to be apart from you again, Samael.”

“Then you won’t be, yeah? I promise…”

I tilted my head up and kissed him again, savoring the feel of his lips against mine. I put one hand on either side of his face and licked softly at his lips while we kissed; he parted them and our tongues touched delicately and slowly in a gentle dance. I let myself slip away in the sensation as one of his hands moved to the top of my ass and held me there, our hips moving back and forth in unison. His other slid up my back and tangled itself in my thick red ringlets, holding my mouth firmly against his.

We kissed and held each other, becoming one in our movements. I didn’t know where my jeans were, I was only in my soft white underwear beneath the sheets. I parted from Samael just enough to slide the sheet from between us and over him. There was no frantic lust, just slow and sensual love as I started unbuttoning his shirt so I could feel the skin of his chest against me. I slowly slid it off over his shoulders and as he pulled himself free from it I undid his pants and pushed them down over his hips. Naked against me he wrapped his arms once more around my back and held me as he resumed kissing my mouth passionately. His hands had gone back into my hair and onto my ass, this time sliding under my panties to clutch gently at my bare ass.

“I thought I’d lost you,” he whispered against my lips.

“I thought I’d died,” I whispered back.

I rolled to my back and lifted my ass from the mattress to slide my underwear off my body. Samael slid on top of me between my legs and I felt his cock push against my pussy as he pushed his hips into mine. I put my heels against the backs of his thighs and pulled him closer to me, grinding up into him slowly and softly. Leaning my head back so he could lick and kiss my neck, I reached my hand between us and took his harness in my hand and guided it into me. Samael pushed softly and he slid into me as we both moaned into each other’s mouths. Our tongues twined around each other and he kept pushing, slowly sinking all the way into me. He filled me, making me feel complete.

Putting one hand on the small of his back and the other on the back of his head I moved my tongue rhythmically inside his mouth the way he moved his cock inside of me. I was overcome with our love, the strands and tethers of light writhing around us, pulling us closer together, wrapping tightly around our limbs and slowly undulating hips. For an hour, maybe more, we moved and slid against each other, lost in our tangled embrace. When our shared climax came we both held it and prolonged as only a Cherub can, drawing that second out into an eternity.

Wet and sticky and breathless we eventually slowed to a stop and lay in each other’s tight grasp. This was what poets had tried to describe for millennia. This was what all the songs were about. This was the Love we resonated with and tried to foster in others.

This was what we fought for.


“Yes Serielle?”

“We have to win this.”

“We will,” he said softly next to my ear. “I promise we will.”

The Road You’re On Goes Straight To Hell, Your Life Is Yours To Give…

We left the guest bedroom in Aliona’s house and went down the stairs, Serielle’s hand held tightly in mine with our fingers laced together. She had on a pair of Aliona’s jeans that were a little too tight across the ass and one of her t shirts that was a little too tight across the chest. Serielle was small, she was a Cherub after all, but Aliona was even tinier. In the large kitchen mark and Lisa and Aliona sat around the island and there was the smell of cooking.

“We weren’t too…” I started.

“…too loud?” Aliona finished for me, smiling rakishly and winking at us. “Not really. I think it’s sweet.”

“At least you weren’t on the couch.” Lisa said, wrinkling her nose and looking at Mark and Aliona.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she went on, laughing and hopping to the counter top range. “Inside joke. Want an omelette?”

“I’m pretty hungry actually, now that you mention it,” Serielle said.

“Grab that thing there,” Lisa said to her, pointing at a bowl full of whipped eggs with a whisk sticking out of it, then to some other bowls with little bits of meat and vegetables in them, “and those things over there.”

Aliona looked at Serielle with a tiny grin and narrowed her eyes. “We cook when things get stressful.”

“Thanks again for the cupcakes by the way,” Mark said awkwardly as I sat down beside him and he slid an open beer along the counter towards me.

“You liked them?” I asked, taking the drink and having a sip.

“I could barely eat them, honestly,” he said with a laugh. “They hurt my teeth.”

“I guess I used a lot of sugar,” I said to him. He laughed and twitched his eyebrows up and down quickly.

“This all seems deceptively domestic,” Serielle said as Lisa poured eggs into a hot pan and motioned for her to hurry up and pick what she wanted in her omelette.

“You can’t perpetrate the apocalypse on an empty stomach,” Aliona said brightly, chopping green onions with disturbing speed and accuracy on the wooden counter top.

“Eggs to live!” Lisa shouted, pumping her fist in the air as she effortlessly flipped the omelette in the pan with the other. The three of them laughed and Serielle smiled at me, shaking her head. I shrugged my shoulders.

“That was really something on TV there, Sam,” Mark said to me.

It hadn’t been in my opinion. Within minutes of going live from the hospital Cassidy had been shut down and fired. Before that happened though she had had me, wings unfurled, start giving an interview about the End Times and how they’d come to Los Angeles. I’d felt nervous and stupid and awkward about the whole thing but hadn’t known what else to do so I went along with it. It had come across more sensationalized than I’d hoped, but how can you put an angel in front of a live camera and not have it seem like something from the Weekly World News? You couldn’t really. I tried to tell Cassidy that it wasn’t going to play out like she thought, but she had the bit in her teeth and was going to run with it.

“Yeah, what the fuck Sam?” Aliona asked with a grin. She was toying with me. We were in the middle of a war against the heavens and she was teasing me.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time. I thought she knew what she was doing.”

“It was a good idea,” she went on, scraping the chopped chives into a metal bowl while Lisa waved them off and told her she already had plenty. “But that Cassidy looked like a crazy person in her sweatpants and wrinkled tank top, man.”

Lisa flipped the omelette out onto a plate for Serielle and started making one for me. “It just occurred to me that we keep pretty strange company, Mark.”

“You don’t have to tell me,” he said, shaking his head and then draining his beer. He went to the fridge and got another. “It’s her fault.”

“Hey!” Aliona piped, punching him in the shoulder before winking at him. “This is my family…sort of.”

“It’s just nice to see you again,” Lisa said, kissing her. Aliona positively beamed as the woman’s full lips pressed against her cheek. Mark hugged her and kissed the top of her head before patting Lisa on the ass as he passed to sit back down next to me.

“You’ve all really got something here, you know that right?” I asked them. Mark just shrugged and smiled and I clapped him on the shoulder with my hand, squeezing softly.

“No one’s going to come shoot up the house this time, are they?” he asked Aliona.

“Oh geez,” she said, shaking her head and looking genuinely concerned. “I hope not.”

“Aw hell,” I said suddenly. “The Nephilim…”

Aliona interrupted me before I could finish my sentence, “…aren’t stupid enough to comehere. The Seraphim wouldn’t be that careless. They know what I’d do if they did that. You two should be safe here.”

“Where’s Avrielle?” I asked as Lisa put a plate in front of me. It smelled delicious and I inhaled above it deeply before picking up a fork.

“The hospital; she missed Christopher. She pines something fierce whenever they’re apart.”

Trying to picture Avrielle pining over anything was a stretch and it made me laugh out loud. “At least Cassidy and Becca will be safe with them there. For now.”

Mark and Lisa shared little glances from time to time. This was all very strange to them but the thick cords of light binding the three of them together were just plain intense. A love like that can overcome any strangeness thrown at it. For a second I envied them until I looked at Serielle. She was staring at me while playing with her food and all she thought about was how much she loved me. I smiled at her and we both felt the hot flash of our feelings in the Choir. Aliona burst out laughing, little bits of omelette flying from her mouth.

“You guys are fucking kick ass!” she yelled. “This is just awesome you guys. Really really awesome.”

“What are we talking about?” Mark asked, a bemused expression on his face. Lisa sat wide eyed looking from me and Serielle to Aliona and back.

“I so totally wish you two could see what I see,” Aliona said to the two of them. She put her hand over mine and smiled a small smile. “I’m really proud of you Samael.”

I blushed and they all laughed at me.

When we had all eaten and Serielle had put our dishes in the dishwasher a strange look crossed Aliona’s face. She had started to simmer and shift and fidget on her stool, her eyes narrow and glittering. “Can you guys do something for me?”

“Oh sure, what’s up?” I asked her. I wished I hadn’t. As soon as I asked it the images that went through her mind shocked even me. I blushed again and Serielle looked from Aliona to me with wide eyes, thinking “Oh my god, Sam; she’s fucking dirty!”

“I am not,” Aliona said out loud, sliding out of her stool and strutting towards the stairs. “I just have a promise I made awhile ago that I want to make good on. Would you two mind keeping yourselves occupied for a little while? Mark? Lisa? Want to come with me?”

Lisa’s eyes brightened, Mark made a shy face, and they both went with her. There was giggling from all three of them as they went up the stairs.

Wow,” Serielle said to me when they were gone. “She’s really intense, man.”

There was a loud cry from upstairs. I blushed again and so did Serielle. We fidgeted nervously on the kitchen stools for a second then looked at each other again. There was a glimmer in her eyes, a smile started to creep across her face, and I returned it.

“When in Rome, I guess,” I said, shrugging.

Serielle jumped up and threw herself into my arms, grabbing the back of my head roughly with the back of her hands and shoving her tongue over my lips and into my mouth.

There’s a certain beauty to a house full of Cherubs and those they love. It was that love that fed us and gave us strength. When it came right down to it, this was a necessity as much as it was a pleasure; our power came from that love, and we were going to need as much power as we could muster as soon as we left this house and the Nephilim came for us. As fun as it all was, it was also a job requirement if you wanted to put it those terms. I did want to put it in those terms. So did Serielle; so we did.

Ha. I really did love my job.

“Oooooh, so do I,” Serielle said as I picked her up by the ass and she locked her legs around my waist and I carried her into the living room and we collapsed onto the couch.

I roughly pulled the tiny t shirt up and over her head, throwing it across the room. She reached between us and jerked the fly of my jeans down, reaching inside and pulling my cock out in her little hand. I undid the tight little jeans she had on and tried to pull them over her tiny but round ass. They were tight and they resisted me so I pulled harder. They tore at one of the seams and Serielle laughed loudly as I jerked them over her hips. She flipped over onto her hands and knees, holding the arm of the couch tightly in her hands and sticking her ass up and back towards me. We laughed again as we heard the sounds of passion coming from upstairs. The torn jeans were around Sara’s knees and her white cotton panties were half way down her thighs. I took a handful of her hair in one hand and my cock in the other, guiding it into her pussy.

She let out a loud cry as I slid into her, pushing her open and stretching her wide. I thrust into her over and over as she tilted her hips up and down in time with me. Each time my hips slapped against her tight ass she screamed out, “YEAH! OH! FUCK! YEAH!” Similar noises were coming from upstairs. The whole house was alive with spiraling and dancing strands of love and light. It was unreal, beyond any experience I’d ever had in my many many years. I let go of Serielle’s hair and grabbed her hips with both ahnds, driving my cock up and into her, hard and fast. She threw her head back, her hair flying in an arc above her to fall long and curly down her back to her rapidly pivoting ass.


I ground my cock as deep into her as it would go, feeling the very depths of her wet, quivering, hot pussy. I pulled all the way out and she flipped over, sliding the jeans the rest of the way off her legs. I grabbed her panties where they clung to her mid thighs and without thinking I ripped them free, shredding them apart. She jumped on top of my lap and reached down to grab my cock and impale her pussy onto it. Without pausing she put her hands on my shoulders for leverage and started bouncing wildly up and down on top of me, flexing her stomach and bucking her hips and throwing her hair around as she fucked me. I braced my hands on the couch beneath us and pounded up into her with force to equal hers. All the while she screamed and sighed and moaned loudly.

From upstairs I could hear scream of lust and the sound of a headboard banging against a wall and then the sound of wood cracking and splitting and voices laughing in surprise before the cries of pleasure resumed. Serielle laughed out loud and her pussy gripped my cock harder and tighter. Her bouncing ceased and with me deep inside of her she started winding her waist around, forward and back and round and round. Her screams intensified and went higher into a breathy whine as she came, her wetness running down my thighs. I shoved my cock up inside of her hard enough to knock her off of me and she dropped to her knees on the floor between my legs, wrapping her lips around my cock and swallowing surge after surge of my hot cum down her eager throat.

I pulled her mouth from me by her hair and collapsed forward onto her, cum still shooting from me and landing on her stomach and breasts. I shoved my cock into her again and she arched her back upwards under me, pushing downwards with her feet and the heels of her hands to thrust her hips up into me each time I slid into her tight pussy. We both maintained the climax, her pussy overflowing with my fluid as I held her hips between her legs on my knees. Our screams were loud and primal, matching those we heard from upstairs. I took Serielle’s ankles in my hands, her tiny feet still wearing knee high socks, striped white and red, and spread her legs apart and kept fucking and fucking and fucking. She looked so small and tiny under me, her vessel hiding the strength in her little form. Her hair was a wild mess across her face, ringlets in her mouth and across her eyes. She bit down on her hair and bared her teeth, looking at me with her intense green stare.

“HOLY FUCK!” she screamed, her body convulsing and writhing as a new high washed over her. Her mouth went wide again, her eyes doing the same, and she pulled her feet from my grasp and wrapped her legs around me, pulling herself up and wrapping her arms around my neck. Her mouth pressed to mine, still tasting of my cum, and I held her tightly under her ass, ramming her up and down on my cock. Every muscle in her tiny body shook and twitched uncontrollably as she wiggled and writhed in my grasp. I stood up, turned, and dropped to my knees on the couch with the small of Serielle’s back on the top of the back rest. Her hung behind it to the floor and her stomach stretched out long and lean. Her hips poked out sharply and I grabbed them hard, driving into her.

The screams and cries from upstairs had increased in their frenzy, as had our own. Serielle’s legs had gone limp and flopped around on either side of me as I fucked her tiny, wet pussy. With one hard thrust I slammed deep into her again and the couch flipped over backwards with us on top of it. I took her right leg in my left hand, gripping her firmly behind the knee, and turned her on her side with her left leg between mine. Her mouth lolled open, her tongue lashing wildly around her lips, as I put my right hand flat on her stomach and held her there, sliding in and out faster and faster before hitting a new high of my own and shooting another huge blast of liquid into her pussy. Over and over I heaved and pulsed and filled her again.

My thrusts slowed, her screaming subsided, and I lowered her leg. She rolled to her back, her pussy swiveling around my cock and making us both shudder and moan. I slipped from her opening’s tight grasp and she took my slippery wet cock in both her tiny hands, rubbing it and stroking it as she grinned up at me. My legs slid out in front of me and I sat flat on the back of the tipped over couch as Serielle turned and folder her legs under her body and she took me once more into her tiny mouth, licking and sucking the sticky wetness from me with her tongue and lips. I closed my eyes and worked my fingers through her ringlets as she cleaned our love making from me.

She looked up at me, letting my cock slide from her tongue. There were no more noises from upstairs. Serielle climbed into my lap and wrapped her legs around me again, kissing me deep and passionate.

“Oh Sam, holy shit,” she panted eventually.

“I know. You’re fucking amazing, yeah?” I said, my breathing slowing.

“I was going to say the same about you. This place is a bit of a wreck, man,” she looked around sheepishly at the couch and our clothes strewn about and we laughed together.

A woman’s voice from the railing at the top of the stairs that overlooks the living room said, “Oh you did not do this to my living room…”

I looked over my shoulder with a shy grin to see Lisa in a robe, her hair a tangled sweaty mess, looking down with a look of shock on her face. Aliona slipped up naked behind her, putting her arms around her waist. She looked down at me and Serielle and exploded with a frantic fit of giggles.

“You owe us a couch!” she called down in her tiny little voice, and then started pulling Lisa backwards away from the railing and towards their bedroom door again. “C’mon Lisa, I’m not done with you yet.”

“The bed though, Ali…” Lisa protested as she was pulled backwards into their room.

Fuck that bed! Let’s see if we can break anything else…” and then the door closed and they were gone.

“She’s really really dirty,” Serielle said, still sitting naked in my lap.

“We’re no better, love,” I chuckled.

“Nope, not so far. Fuck me again Sam, I’m not done either…”

Seraphim, Nephilim, cops, and crazy Cassidy Swanson aside…this wasn’t turning out to be such a bad day after all.

Every job has its perks.

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2013-01-01 02:16:36
Just wondering M3, do you write for a living? if you're devoting 6-7 hours daily to this kind of thing it'd be a full-time job... and besides, YOU'RE REALLY FUCKING GOOD AT IT :D Keep it up!

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2011-09-13 00:58:57
I totally love how all the constant readers of this series are becoming like, I dunno... Remembering eachother?:) Haha Minus, your amazing, as always.

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2011-09-02 00:29:57
Thanks for the advice peeps!


2011-08-31 23:33:22
I agree Minus, well put. I've been working on a novel for the last 6 years, the reason its taken so long is that some days it just doesn't flow like I wish it would. Forcing it out has cost me many an hour reading what I've written and rewriting it because I didn't like it. Writing is about whats inside of the writer I believe, if you write what you think others want to hear then you often hurt yourself in the long run.

Oh and btw Nicely done once again Minust Three.
Can't wait to see the wrath of the lamb!

Minus ThreeReport

2011-08-31 03:03:33
I forgot to answer your other question. I write every single day. Each chapter takes different amounts of time. Sometiems I can write 30 pages in a day, other days I only write 12 or so. Usually I spend about 6 or 7 hours a day writing.

It's good to write every day; but if it's not coming out then forcing it can make the story suffer. If I'm not inspired then I write something else that doesn't matter as much to me so I'm at least writing *something*.

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