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As usual, I was so angry, I told Mike I wasn’t going a few times already, all the while continuing to dry my hair, apply make up, trying to choose an outfit to wear. Each Christmas party, Thanksgiving dinner, Fourth of July barbecue and all the rest of festive days, every birthday, anniversary, baby shower and wedding reception that we have attended together as a married couple had been preceded by an inevitable tension, arguments and shouting matches. One or both of us deciding that we were not going, stomping around the house, throwing clothes and car keys against the wall, angry enough to be able to smack one another, although it never quite got to that point.

This was to be a Valentine’s Day party at Mike’s friend’s place, whom I never even met. One of their buddies from teenage years was flying in from New York and they were to meet for the first time in twenty years and “kick it”. I listened to endless stories of their escapades and how they were like brothers. I was sick of it already.

Besides, I had a sneaking suspicion that the only reason I was invited along was because Jahan was bringing his wife and I was probably to be a distraction for her, so that she wouldn’t be in danger of dying from boredom listening to their stories, undoubtedly minor occurrences blown out of proportion.

Even walking out the door, we argued. He didn’t like what I was wearing, there were comments about make up, he wanted me to put on glasses so that I could drive… By the time we agreed on a cab and were standing in front of his friend’s front door, we’ve been through a huge battle and were not speaking to each other.

The minute we entered the crowded apartment, I was hit by the realization of how Mike had felt when he attended Christmas parties at my job. He was never too eager to go, but did as a married couple does on the occasions like that. Whenever we arrived at the place of festivities I could literally count to ten and before I was through, he would hiss at me: “So, I’m a token nigger again”.

Of course that was not true. None of those parties were exclusively for people of one race, but I just happened to work in predominantly white office and though that did not bother him on other occasions, the insecurities must have set in when faced with a crowd that we were joining. By the time we were leaving however, he was pleasantly drunk and buddy-buddy with most of the people who attended.

As we walked into the apartment, I noticed that I was the only white woman there. I looked around carefully and with a sinking feeling realized I was the only white person. I knew a couple of guys, Mike’s friends, who never went beyond a nod and a grin to me, and I seriously doubted that by the time we left I would be any better of.

I turned around to poke my husband with the same comment he annoyed me with each time he found himself in the situation that I was in now, of course, appropriately calling myself “cracker”, and found him embracing his friends in a most annoying display of male bonding.

After polite introductions, I grabbed a drink and sat in a corner, looking out of the window, admiring the breathtaking view of Chicago skyline and trying to make myself as invisible as I could.

To Mike’s credit, I have to admit he passed by me a few times, lovingly caressing my hair or giving me a hug and asking if I was okay, suggesting I should mingle.

“No, I’m fine here.” I said with a smile as sweet as I could make it. I knew I was going to hear about it later on our way home, not wanting to socialize with his friends. “It’s beautiful here.” I said and wishfully looked out the window again.

“Yeah, it is.” Mike replied. “Brenda and Jahan will be here soon.” He added and was gone.

I didn’t really look forward to meeting even more new people. I have become weary of funny looks directed towards us when we turned up in public together. Our families did not make it any easier on us and despite our marriage having lasted for seven years I always suspected that they were expecting us to break up any day now. Twenty-first century and a big city did nothing for the small-mindedness and we both tried our best to ignore it, but sometimes it was just too insulting.

A couple of hours later, my jaw started hurting from yawning, as I felt I was too tired to concentrate on anything but staying awake. I drank more than usual and satisfyingly noticed that I had managed to empty most of the Bailey’s bottle by myself.

Every few minutes the doorbell rang and more people that I didn’t know came, stuffing the already overcrowded apartment even more. I got a few nods from men and women who walked past me, some pausing in front of the window that I had been standing by, looking out and admiring the view.

A roar of yelling jerked me out of my thoughts in which I had escaped to keep myself amused and I realized that the long awaited friend had finally arrived. I couldn’t be bothered to join in the festivities of his arrival, continuously staring out the window, wishing I were anywhere but here.

I felt Mike’s hand on my shoulder and was turned around against my will, still managing to smile and put on a façade of interest. Jahan was a handsome, tall guy with carefully maintained dreads, reaching to his mid back. He wore designer clothes and if I was to meet him on the street, I would probably do a double take.

This time however, my eyes were only for a woman standing next to him. Her height was the first that I had noticed, having gotten used to the fact that most women were shorter than me. She was an attractive brunette with lively, hazel eyes and nice, sporty body. Dressed in plain jeans and denim shirt, she certainly didn’t match her husband or most of the people in the room, who were all dressed as if going to a Christmas party, including me.

I shook Jahan’s hand but my eyes remained on the woman. She smiled at me and offered her own, carefully manicured hand in greeting. “I’m Brenda.” She said simply and I stuttered my name as if it wasn’t my own.

She had straight, shoulder length hair with a reddish glow. She was not a beauty, but I cannot recall seeing a more interesting person than her in a long time. She looked at our husbands, who were now hugging and tapping each other on their backs, laughing and throwing loving insults at one another, talking about whose dreads looked more genuine and whose belly was bigger.

Brenda rolled her eyes and grabbed me under the arm. “Come, let’s go and find a drink. I’ve had a hard evening already.” She said and I smiled, she must have read my mind.

We sat on the couch, admiring the view and chitchatting, which to my great amazement seemed to come easily, even though this was the first time we have met. I kept looking at her face, finding it more and more fascinating. Her lips were full and her eyes big and round. She had a habit of tucking her hair behind her ears, showing off small ears, bejeweled with delicate, antique looking jade earrings. I liked everything about her, even the way she scratched her head when confronted with a question that needed a careful thought before answering.

We discovered mutual love for books, she works for a New York publishing house, which I did some translations for, and she suggested that we have probably met before, just don’t remember each other.

“No,” I said, shaking my head. “I would have remembered you. You’re not the kind of person one forgets easily.”

She looked at me, her face serious, her eyes smiling. I cursed myself quietly for being so indiscreet. Before I got married, I fooled around with a couple of women, nothing serious, but I still thought about them sometimes. Brenda would certainly be a kind of a woman I would want to mess around with. Providing neither of us was married. I knew Mike wouldn’t stand for it, and although I didn’t know Jahan, I suspected he was the same.

Did I just hit on my husband’s friend’s wife? Of course I did. Did she notice? By the looks of it, she did. And from what I could see, she didn’t mind. I sighed in relief.

“I’ll take that as a compliment, Nikkie.” She said and I nodded. “So, what’s your real name?” she asked and I cringed. I never liked to be called by my given name, which was usually used by my parents when I did something wrong.

“Nicola.” I said. “But, please don’t call me that.”

We giggled as if sharing a secret and she grabbed my hand, squeezing it gently, sending shivers up and down my spine. I liked her more by the minute, and although I couldn’t swear to it, I believed she liked me to. Not just as a conversationalist either.

It has been a long time since I’ve been with anyone but my husband and I feared I had lost my touch. I was going to simply let it be. See what happens, as one might say.

I was disappointed to see Mike approaching, fearing that the night had ended before I had enough time to talk to Brenda more. I loved chatting with her. She was funny and smart, with a sense of humor just as dry as mine, and goofiness much like my own. I had to admit that going home might have been a good idea, though. I had gotten fairly drunk.

“Come on,” said Mike, taking my hand. “We’re all going to Excalibur.” My heart jumped. More time with Brenda.

“Great!” I said and looked at her. She had walked away, talking to her husband. In the confusion of about sixty people leaving the apartment, I had lost the sight of Brenda, which was quite disappointing. Despite the fact that we were in the center of downtown, getting cabs for everybody would take a while and I feared she would have found a different amusement by the time I made it to the club.

We were lucky to be one of the first ones out of the building and managed to flag down the first cab passing by. We were about to enter it when Brenda came running. “Wait, wait!” she yelled and waved her arms. “Mike, go with Jahan. He’s got a cab, too. I’ll go with Nikkie.”

Mike was quite happy to join his old friend. I was certain there were many things they wanted to discuss out of their wives’ earshot. I was exhilarated.

I entered the cab first, Brenda following. I turned around and saw that Mike and Jahan caught the cab behind us. We pulled off and looked at Brenda smiling. I was happy to notice that she was smiling back at me.

“Where to, ladies?” asked the cabbie.

“Excalibur!” said Brenda. “And please, don’t take the shortest way.”

The guy gave us a suspicious look in the mirror.

“Seriously,” nodded Brenda into the mirror. “Lose your way and I’ll tip you good.”

The cab driver shrugged his shoulders and averted his gaze onto the street in front of him. I’m sure he had seen his fair share of weirdoes and odd requests.

We turned the corner and I felt Brenda’s hand on my thigh. “I like those boots.” She said. Those were the same boots that Mike had been giving me grief over earlier in the evening.

“You look like a hooker.” He said, measuring me with his eyes, the boots reaching over the knees and almost touching the hem of the mini dress I was wearing.

“Yeah,” I replied. “But I’m your hooker!” I smiled back and he walked away, disgusted.

I kept looking at Brenda’s hand on my thigh; her fingers caressing me, touching the top of the boots and the bottom of the short dress. I found her staring into my eyes. “If I’m wrong, please tell me now.” she whispered. I swallowed hard and shook my head.

Brenda’s fingers found their way up my thigh and she yelped in surprise. “Oh, you little tart!” she said when she touched the stocking suspenders realizing I was wearing garter belt.

“Always prepared,” I whispered hoarsely, grateful to my persistence in ignoring Mike’s protests. He had called me the same, but with different words and in a harsh tone of voice. The meaning was quite different.

“I want to kiss you,” I continued and closed my eyes. All I wanted was to feel her soft lips on mine.

“Later.” She whispered in reply. “The guys’ cab is behind us. We have to sit still.”

I nodded and gasped when I felt her fingers press against my panties. I opened my eyes and found the cabbie staring in the mirror, obviously aware of what was going on in the back of his vehicle. I hoped he wouldn’t crash and opened my legs, allowing Brenda’s fingers to slip under the edge of my panties, finding their way between my pussy lips and straight onto my clitty. Her touch felt like an electric shock making me shiver with pleasure.

“Scoot down some.” She said and I obeyed. We both slid on the seat, our heads still visible from the vehicle behind us, our hands free to roam.

Brenda pressed her fingers on my clitty and in circling motions made me wet within seconds. She had the Midas touch and within a couple of minutes, I was ready to cum. To my great disappointment her hand left my clitty, only to slide down my pussy and I could feel her shoving her long fingers deep inside of me.

I looked at her and found her grinning. “Not yet, Nik.” She whispered. “Not yet.”

The cab swayed dangerously and we realized that the cabbie was watching us more than the road ahead. Brenda giggled and I closed my eyes in embarrassment. I was certain this was not the first time he had seen anything like that in the back seat of his taxi, but it was the first time I had ever done heavy petting in the presence of a third party. I had to admit that it was a huge turn on, though.

“Fuck, Brenda, I lost it now.” I said out loud when I realized that the moment had passed and I wasn’t going to cum. A second later I felt her fingers slipping out of me and returning to the sensitive bud they had so carefully massaged a little while ago, resuming the teasing, bringing me on the verge of orgasm, only to stop at the last moment and slip inside me again.

A brutal sound of a car horn behind us startled all three of us, and I realized our cab was standing in front of the green light.

“What are you looking at?” I snapped at the cabbie. He snickered and pulled off. I spread my legs even more, chancing a cramp but not caring. Brenda had made me feel really good, if only she would finish what she had started.

To my great disappointment I realized we were just around the corner from the club that we were heading to. “Here we are.” I said and pulled Brenda’s hand out of my panties, pushing it away from me. I was pissed.

I didn’t want to see how much she paid the cabbie. He had a free show, that must have counted for something, but I didn’t say anything. When I stepped out of the car, Mike and Jahan were already waiting for us.

“Why didn’t you tell him where to go?” asked Mike, obviously annoyed. “He took you for a ride.”

“Yeah, yeah.” I said, my anger rising. I felt as if I had cotton wool stuffed in my panties, my pussy was swollen and twitching. I needed a drink.

As soon as we entered the club the guys headed straight for the first bar they saw. I tried to follow, but was stopped by Brenda grabbing onto my arm. “Get some beer for us, too.” She yelled at Jahan, failing to make herself heard. She just waved at him and pulled me after her.

“Come on, Nik.” She half whispered, half yelled in my ear and before I knew, I was dragged up the stairs to the second floor, following her reluctantly. When we reached the top of the stairs, she pointed towards the bathrooms and continued to drag me after her.

As the door of the bathrooms slammed behind us, drowning the impossible noise of music and people shouting somewhat, another noise of giggling and girlie chitchatting hit us. The room was half-full; there were still a couple of stalls empty. If there was a line, I don’t think we could have done what followed.

Without a word Brenda grabbed my hand and led me to the very last stall by the wall. I saw some raised eyebrows and gazes following us, some amused, some disgusted. Again, I could have cared less. I’m sure most of the chicks in the bathrooms have seen the like before.

We squeezed into the stall and I finally turned to her, nervous and expectant. “Brenda, we really shouldn’t…”

Before I managed to utter another word, she hugged me and finally I felt her soft lips on mine. She kissed me gently; sliding her tongue inside my mouth, at the same time I felt my dress being lifted and her fingers slipping inside my panties. She found the spot that had already had plenty of attention inside the cab and started rubbing it, never breaking her kiss.

I moved my pelvis against her hand, vaguely hearing the comments and giggles from the outside. I can never manage to have sex quietly, but this time around I have achieved just that. I’m sure Brenda felt and heard my heavy breath against her ear, but the chicks on the other side of the door wouldn’t.

I was so close to cumming again and if she didn’t realize that by the way my body reacted, she must have felt my strong squeeze on her arm. She kept her fingers on me, at the same time slipping down and to my great surprise kneeling. She pushed the hem of my dress into my hand and pulled down my panties. She bumped my booted feet apart and squeezed in between.

I almost screamed when I felt her tongue replace the fingers. She wasn’t messing around either. Her lips immediately sucked onto my clitty, pulling and massaging it in a steady rhythm, which slowly kept intensifying. I could feel the long awaited orgasm approaching and I gathered all my strength to remain standing up and not let out a yelp of pleasure, but rather just a loud gasp. I was beyond worrying what the women present in the same room were thinking, they certainly knew what was going on by now.

I was still shivering when Brenda got off her knees, stood up and kissed me, thrusting her tongue deep inside my mouth, letting me taste my own juices on her lips. At the same time, she was unzipping her jeans and I noticed that her hands were trembling. What she had done to me had fired her up and she whispered in my ear: “Just touch me, Nik.”

She sat on the toilette as if she was about to pee and this time I knelt in front of her, reaching between her legs. I wanted to rub her clitty just as she had rubbed mine, but her hand pushed my fingers inside of her wet pussy, helping me find the most sensitive spot just a couple of inches from the entrance.

“Push on it, Nik.” She gasped. “I’m almost there.”

I could feel her shivering as she pulled my face towards hers and kissed me hard. At first I thought she had peed on my hand. It had taken me a few seconds to realize that she gushed and I regretted I had not seen it properly. I’ve never been a witness to a woman ejaculating and I could never do it, no matter how I tried.

We froze in a moment; Brenda sitting on the toilette with her legs spread and I kneeling in front of her, our lips touching, our noses rubbing against each other.

“We’d better go back.” I whispered and she closed her eyes, nodding.

Brenda stood up, dressed herself and helping me up, too.

“I want to see you again, Nikkie.” She said and my heart jumped. “Jahan is leaving tomorrow and I’m staying for a couple of days. I’m at the Drake Hotel.”

We embraced and I didn’t feel like going back out, but knew we had to. We’ve already spent more than enough time away from the guys.

Just as I turned around to open the door she grabbed my arm. “Yeah?” she asked, caressing my face. “Will you see me again?”

“Of course.” I said, excited and a little worried. I wanted to be with this woman no matter the danger or consequences.

We ignored the mocking looks of the girls that we passed by. I didn’t care what anybody thought. Brenda opened the door of the bathroom and we stepped into the club, instantly bombarded by the rhythm of music and raised voices of the clubbers.

We joined the guys at the small table by the bar and as I sat down next to Mike he put his arm around my shoulders. I noticed Jahan did the same. I also noticed Brenda’s long and meaningful look, holding my gaze steadily.

I have just come closer to the love at first sight than ever before.

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