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Something happened to me years ago that I've never told anyone about, but I still think about that day all the time when I lived in California.
Something happened to me years ago that I've never told anyone about, but I still think about that day all the time. It was when I lived in California, and in those days, I used to like to take walks along the beach around sunrise.

One morning, along a deserted stretch of beach, a movement caught my eye in the water about 50 yards out. It was a flash of pink and white, and I thought I saw a pale slender arm wave frantically above the surf. Then I heard an unmistakable cry, "Help!" and saw a girl fighting the crashing waves. She looked to be in distress, and I stood there transfixed for a minute trying to comprehend what I was seeing.

As she sank below the surface, I realized she was in trouble and I kicked off my sandals and ran towards the water. The waves were rough and I was soon being buffeted around trying to swim to the area where I last saw her. It was farther than I thought and the current made my progress even slower. It took a couple of minutes to get to the area where I thought I last saw the girl. I paddled around, treading water, and looking on the surface for any sign of her. Suddenly, something brushed against my foot, and I pulled my leg away quickly in reflex. Then, I realized it might be the girl, so I dove down to look. The salt water stung my eyes, but I saw the shape of a woman's head, her dark hair flowing back and forth like seaweed. I grabbed her hair and pulled her to the surface, and began frantically towing her towards the beach. I couldn't tell if she was breathing, but I tried to keep her head above water and swim towards shore.

When my feet touched the sandy bottom, I lifted her by her armpits and dragged her limp body up on to the dry sand, laying her on her back. She didn't seem to be breathing and her well-rounded form was limp and still. I looked up and down the beach for someone to help, but it was still quite early and no one else was in sight. I knew no one else would be able to help her but me, but I wasn't sure what to do.

I had seen people apply CPR in movies before but I didn't really know how. I realized time was critical so I thought I had better try to resuscitate her. I turned her over on her stomach and pushed down hard between her delicate shoulder blades. As I pushed down, I heard a soft gurgling sound come from inside her, and a white, frothy foam issued from her mouth. I rolled her over and put my ear to her mouth, listening for the sound of a breath. She was silent.

I put my fingers between her teeth and pried her mouth open, and covered her colorless lips with my own. I exhaled sharply into her mouth, and froth and foam shot out of her nose onto my cheek. I had forgotten to pinch her nose, as I had seen it done. Again, now with my fingers pinching her nostrils shut, I breathed into her mouth. This time her chest heaved upwards and I could hear the air rush into her lungs. As I pulled my mouth away, the breath escaped with a burbling wheeze. I repeated this several times, but she still did not begin breathing on her own.

Pressing my ear against her left breast, I listened for a heartbeat. She had no pulse. I pushed down hard on her chest above where I though her heart was, wishing I had learned how to do CPR properly. Her large, soft breasts flopped obscenely as I pushed down rhythmically on her chest. I continued for several minutes, but she remained still and lifeless.

"Somebody, help me! HELP!" I shouted, but there was no one anywhere on the beach. I fell back on the sand, exhausted and saddened that I could not save her. She was certainly and irrevocably dead. It was much the sadder because she was so young and pretty, even in death.

As I looked down on her, my frustration and sadness began to be replaced by another emotion. I noticed my cock stiffening inside my shorts as I took a long slow look at the lifeless form of this young girl that was breathing and laughing and living just minutes before. She was quite beautiful. Her mouth gaped slightly open and she seemed to have an expression of mild surprise, with her pale blue eyes staring, unfocused, off into the distance somewhere. She wore a scanty two-piece suit that flattered her soft, round curves. As I reached down to touch her, it was as if I was watching someone else's hands fumble with the ties on her pink bikini top. Untied now, I pulled it away from her soft white mounds, exposing her large brownish nipples. They were sticking up erect and hard (from an end-of-life climax at her moment of death?). I could not help squeezing and kneading her yielding, lifeless breasts. They were cool to the touch and so soft and pliant. I pinched her nipples softly, then harder, almost hoping she would yelp and come back to life, but it was not to be so. I let one hand drift down her belly. Ashamed, but unable to control myself, I reached down inside her bikini bottoms and felt for her mound of soft hair, still damp from her immersion in the sea. Reaching down into her panties further, I felt the lips of her vagina and the warm wetness in between.

My erection was begging, screaming to be released from the confining material of my shorts. I looked around once more, and saw the beach was still deserted. Knowing it was crazy, a sickness I could not overcome, I pulled down my shorts, then quickly reached down and yanked her bikini bottoms off, exposing her dead yet still inviting pussy. Her dark, neatly-timmed pussy hair framed her lifeless vagina. As I lifted and spread her legs, water trickled out slowly from her beautiful, gaping cunt. I touched it with my fingers, and the flaccid lips offered no resistance as her pussy opened easily to my obscene exploration. With one hand, I lifted one of her legs higher, touching her knee to her chin, while with my other hand, I guided my now engorged prick into her. More water squished out of her as I slid my hot cock into her cold softness and slowly inserted my prick into her dead pussy. As I thrust into her, harder and harder, her beautiful breasts jiggled to and fro in rhythm, and she seemed as sexy as any live girl I had ever had.

I kissed her lifeless lips as I fucked her, and stuck my tongue deep into her mouth, feeling her own limp tongue lolling about, tasting the salty froth that still oozed from her mouth and nose. My depravity had now reached a fever level, as I pulled my penis from her cunt and kneeled over her upper torso. I lifted her head towards me and brushed my cock against her lips, feeling her sharp teeth brush against me. Opening her mouth farther I rammed my stiff prick between her teeth, seeking the soft tissue inside. Her teeth rasped my cock painfully, yet I thrust in farther and harder, the tip of my penis feeling her cool tongue and then her uvula flopping at the back of her throat. Her cheeks and throat puffed out slightly each time I thrust in farther and the combination of ecstasy and pain was more than I could bear. I exploded inside her, and her throat bulged as my hot cum erupted into it. It felt like I squirted gallons of come into her mouth, and her teeth scraped me painfully as I jerked and twitched in orgasmic convulsions.

Suddenly, it was over, and the pain of her sharp, white teeth on my engorged penis now overcame my lust. I slowly withdrew my now drooping cock from her open mouth, and several streams of froth and semen leaked slowly from her lips and trickled down her cheeks.

What had I done? I must be the worst kind of pervert. I just had sex with a corpse! A lovely corpse, nonetheless, but a dead body all the same. I was overwhelmed with shame and remorse, and suddenly I began to worry I would be discovered. Looking around, I was still alone, but the sun was beginning to rise higher above the horizon. No one must discover what I had done!

I pulled her bikini bottoms back up over her legs and snuggled them up around her waist and soft, round ass. Finding her top, I fit it over her cold, white breasts and tied it gently behind her back. I laid her gently on her back near the waterline. When she was found, a postmortem would no doubt show she was just one more victim of a tragic drowning. No one would be the wiser!

I walked off down the beach quickly, seen by nobody. Soon beachcombers would be walking along looking for objects of interest that had washed up on the shore. One would find quite a treasure this morning.

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2016-03-03 03:32:28
I masturbated to this like 5 times

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2016-03-03 03:31:48
This was fucking hot!!!!

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2013-08-01 12:29:42
it is fiction ddddddddddddddddddddddumbass

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2012-12-08 05:39:51
Its a lil fucking twisted im not judgeing anyone but i have to admit it is freaking hot


2012-09-14 10:04:11
one of the best stories i have read. needs some mention of her belly which is probably bloated with water. i would love to press down hard on it and see water spray out from her mouth and nose. then give her some more post mortem cpr before entering her.

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