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This story came is in part a response to an article in Time Mag. The response being to Janes web site and her 1000 limit. I am posted an expanded version under Essay. It all with some amazement hooks in. Expands a little on my Sweet 1st Wife. Deal with Jane and Country Joe, and a very special time and season. Very much reality.
If you Google the Word Traitor. The 1st Name that comes up in the Search List is Traitor Jane Fonda.

We who lived through and where in the Service and in Vietnam when you went and sat on the Commie Tank still remember and have Not Forgiven You In Anyway. You are a Traitor you will always be a Traitor.

Not so much the Hanoi thing but the other acts of Treason and the Fact that you where not a bimbo and fully knew what you where about and what you where doing. Traitor Jane Fonda you are Guilty of Treason against the United States of America, during a Time of War and you are going to Hell, and not the 1 in Minnesota. You are going to Fundamentalist Fire and Brim Stone Hell, weather or not it really exists. If I meet you in the afterlife I will know that I am in Hell. Millions of us do not forgive you. Your 1st name will always be Traitor Jane.

That Said. I forced my self to see On Golden Pond, and I went to see your Dad not you. You however are or where a fine Actress. One of my better memories of Vietnam is seeing Barbarella. You are also a fantastic businesswomen and your Videos Rock mostly because they work. So doesn’t Billy Banks so what the heck.

At 73 you are still very easy on the eye and after Norma Jean Baker, and Jamie Lee Curtis, the hottest female on the planet time and season considered. I am glad at 73 you are still having Sex and enjoying your self. I know I am at 65 at least my 50 year old wife tells me I am. Getting old hurts and it sucks but I think different people think differently about it. As we live so much longer, I would hope your 70's and 80's become more age appropriate for having Sex.

In retrospect its Not Just the Hanoi thing it the Country Joe and the Fish thing, and the Draftees coming to the concerts some wearing wigs. I was there I know. You where all Guilty of Treason, Vietnam was a hot war and your actions prolonged that War. Indirectly costing lives. That parts not your fault so much. The problem is that even counting time and season you actions where still Treason.

I do have great respect for your Dad, your brother and from a Craft and Business stand point you. I am not developed enough as a Human being to forgive you. Then again I do not take tours to Vietnam and hug commies either. If my fellow Vets need that to clean their soul or lives then that is their right and they fought for that right, more power to them. I live in Hawaii I have to deal with them from time to time. I think both sides cope and we do well. I am retired now and my hobby is Adult Romance Writing. My passion is stopping Abortion, and Stopping Domestic Abuse in General. Best wishes and good day.

This is partly in a response to an Article in Time Mag Aug 22, 2011 Jane Fonda 10 Questions, knowing I would not get far with Time, I posted this on Traitor Jayne’s Web Site. She has a 1000 stroke limit and xnxx has a 5000 stroke min, and it came in at 2600 and change. She got a way cut version and this is an expanded version starting from this Paragraph.

This does have to do with Sex as Jane Fonda was Sex and behind Norma Jean Baker and Jamie Lee Curtis, could be the 3rd Hottest chick on the Planet ever.

In 1968 she could make most men cum in their pants. There are plenty of Nude Shots of her on Google. And some good shots of Bridget also.

Jane Fonda was honest and did not ever say sorry about taking off her cloths. What you see was what you got with her. Did it make her actions as a Traitor count any less. No they did not and in some ways made them count more, Because despite the popular spin that she was a controlled Bimbo she was far from it and knew full well what she was doing.

It was 1968 and I was at Fort Lewis doing Dwell Time, exactly 6 months to the day recovering from 3 years in Europe fighting the Cold War, until the Army could legally send me to the Hot War. Rest assured when my day came I got orders for Nam. Despite my attempts to have my files lost. People went out of their way to make sure that I got to go. It was my turn and I really had not much against it.

I had been Married about Six Months and I had not brought my Wife from Utah to Ft Lewis because of the short time I had to do there and the expense of moving her and her Horse. Except for the Tight Virgin Pussy Factor I had no business messing with her in the first place and she had absolutely No Business messing with me we where Oil and Water in every way possible. However we where old pen pals and had full filled a need for one another for several years. At the end of my Tour in Europe I went to see her and we more or less decided we wanted to fuck our brains out, and in order for her to do that she had to be married so wanting that pussy so badly I could taste it we got married, which in her faith group gave her permission to fuck. It took two day to get her relaxed enough to get that pussy open 8 plus inches in and sperm into her spermicide filled hole. I was good but not edible because of the Spermicide. I made it my goal in the two weeks we had together to put enough Cum in her to make the Spermicide a non issue. If she got PG she was not going to have an Abortion, the guilt would drive her nuts. She had to work some of that two weeks, and she started date and times count after about the 4th day. I did get control and did take my time and she did come. She asked me if she could move her hips and I told her to move any thing she wanted, and things got better right away. Apparently in her sheltered Culture laying there and taking it was standard behavior.

She never was willing to suck, get on top or anything close to taking it Anal The pussy was fine so I did not care about the rest, I was young in love and for the first time in my life getting laid regular.

Short time it was, we set her up in a small apt, and off I went to Fort Lewis. Till I could scope and figure things out. The result of that was to decide to stay apart because I would not be at Lewis long enough to matter. Looking back it all mattered, but you do not always know that till later.

I was thinking with my head and not my dick at the time and it should have been very much the other way around. Should I have done things differently perhaps, but perhaps not.

When I did get orders for Nam like I said to the exact day. She did come up for the 1 month required leave and we did fuck our way up and then down the Pacific Coast. From Vancouver Canada to Disneyland up into Utah. I remember when she arrived in her Truck. I had signed out of Base and rented a cheap Motel Room Next to a Denny’s where we could be served at. We gave each other big hugs and kisses and went inside the Motel Room and I got her shirt of and Bra Off and those small Melons up against me and in my mouth as soon as I could. She was cute as all get out, just right thick and wore a pair of blue jeans to die for. Usually either Levi or Wrangler, Man’s she liked the cut. I told her I didn’t care what she wore as long as it came off. Anyway I had most likely beat off but I was able to fuck her twice with out stopping and my Sperm beat the Spermicide as I came all up in that pussy and just stayed in it. Their was No throwing your legs back with her, she laid on her back laid there and took it, the big difference is that she came, Juices did not explode because she held it in and then headed straight for the bathroom. Now and then I could get her to lay in it for awhile. Some of both of us would drip out.

We fucked twice and got up and cleaned up and went to diner at the Denny’s. Because of our Mix we started to get the Slow service bad service stuff, and I remember calling the manager over and saying what I thought also that I was on my way to Nam and although I was leaving Ft Lewis, I had been the Caddy for the Base XO and I could have his place off limits in one phone call. The last part of that was a lie. However he did not want to take a chance on me not having been the XO's Caddy. I just told him I wanted to get my wife and I fed and out of there but if needed I would give him more then the problems he was asking for.

Its rough when you have to fight for your food. We got back to the Motel and fucked again this was more like making love, and between Truck Trip and having be fucked twice already she just went with it and as soon as I came,she fell asleep.

How does this relate to Traitor Jane Fonda. Well when I was doing Dwell Time at Ft Lewis I went one evening with a friend and we saw Traitor Jane and Country Joe and the Fish in a small arena in Tacoma lots of anti war stuff bordering on Treason. It was not just the Country Joe thing. Joe MacDonald was Vile and Toxic. A lot of GI Draftees where there and some wore wigs so people would not think that they where in the Army but although they went around talking to each other about Plastic People (68 was the early days of Credit Cards) they where the most plastic of all.

I want to get into that trip my 1st wife and I took up and down the Pacific Coast, but another time. I know what I describe would now be thought of a boring sex but consider the time and season and the upbringing and we did have a good time. Would I do it again even though I knew how it would turn out. Hell Yeah!!! Now we sing “ I've Seen Fire and I've seen Rain” and we just wipe a little tear for the could have been. Ist loves like bad habits die hard.

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2013-04-11 19:32:03
You were the traitor for participating in a genocidal war based on lies (Gulf of Tonkin non-incident) and only for the aggrandizement of the Cabal and the military-industrial comples. Country Joe and the Fish told it like it was.

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2011-08-31 18:42:19
I just love your work, you make it so real.

Happy RabbitReport

2011-08-31 00:55:41
That said the person that should have been my father spilled his gutts on D Day.

The 40 almost 40 year old person who became my father was Black and American Indian and had a College Degree, on of his many issues was under achivement. He met my mom who was working as a waitress on the Cape and had a real low self image because of the Stigma of Rickets. Stigma over anything was a big thing in the New England, Brought on and expanded by Trailor Trash.

My object is that when he started to hang out with my Mom, No one hung him. He married my mom and they far from lived happyily ever after.

I should have been born white so I could have been a Nudeist. Also gotton laid sooner and easier. However I was not and I have had to deal with it my whole life, one reason I live in Hawaii.

i see this story is going heavy Negative however it was done for me and a little bit for my 1st Wife and to deal with the Reality of Commie Traitor Jane. If you did not like it then read somthing else

Happy RabbitReport

2011-08-31 00:41:27
Sorry Minor Mistake on my part. Would not lie on purpose.

What you do is go to Google an Key Word in Traitor Ja at that point the Drop Down list shows Traitor Jane Fonda cleck on that line and it goes to a Major Web Site and Deals with the Traitor and Her Issues.

If you just do Traitor J she is the 3rd one down. Over 273 thousand results. So she is concidered a Major Traitor which she is.

I know this works as I just did it. You do need Traitor and a least the J to get the result. Traitor Ja gives you the whole name in the drop down. First Web Site under Web gives you the whole story.

if this Traitor had Not Done a Page in Time Mag i would have never wtitten the story at least Not In The Way i Did. However I stand by it as it is what happened and I saw it, her and Joe MacDonald.

Also the Part about my 1st Wife. I was not going to do the Interracial thing because because it was not Black and White.

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2011-08-30 21:31:13
You lied, if you google "traitor" you get linked to some movie with that black guy from hotel rowanda.

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