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Finally Over
I'm posting split off , prologues , the works. Please read the others before starting this to get the whole feel.

RAWR- Jai127

"Day At The Lake" (Finale)

In case you haven't been reading the previous 3 chapters, you are about to meet Jim & Jeannie (married couple), Ted (Jim's best friend), CJ (a hot little bombshell, Jim met on the LL), Pete & Karen (married & curious about their growing fantasies), Cavi (into jogging, hiking, and bike riding, and built for fucking), Levi (he & Jim were former military men and had recently become friends) and more surprise guests! Fun loving people that mutually enjoyed camping, swimming, drinking and sexual fantasies. That is what brought them here this weekend... Come on in, the water's fine!

The end of the past day, a new arrival showed up, Cavi. She came riding her bike into their campsite, sending a tingle through Jim's shorts. He had talked with Cavi via the LL, but they had never met face to face. Jim wasn't the only one that noticed how pleasing she was to the eyes. Jim had invited her join their lake campout, but after her missing the first three days, he figured she wouldn't show.

As Jim introduced her to everyone, they all began drinking and visiting. Then a shuffling sound was heard on the dirt road coming into their site. Jim smiled and shook his head; it was Levi. He was pushing his bike, bent wheel, flat tire and a bit skinned up on his right knee. As Jim ran to greet him he asked, "What the hell happened to you?"

Levi explained, "I was riding along, minding my own business, staring at this beautiful ass riding ahead of me. Next thing I know, I hit a bump in the road and slammed into a tree."

Levi and Jim heard a chuckle and turned to see Cavi, covering the smile on her face. Limping closer to her Levi said, "Thanks for causing me to destroy my bike and bang up my knee."

With her smile disappearing Cavi said, "I'm sorry. I didn't know you were behind me."

He smiled and said, "It's not your fault. If I'd been paying attention to riding my bike, instead of dreaming about what I'd like to be riding, this wouldn't have happened."

Her big smile told me they were about to become good friends.

As Cavi turned to join the rest of the ladies at the picnic table, Pete came over to meet Levi. "Nice knee you have there? I'll have my wife grab our first aid kit and we'll have you fixed up in no time." Pete turned and hollered, "Karen, grab our first aid kit?" No answer.... He and Jim looked around, but no sight of Karen in the site. "Huh. She must have taken a walk. I'll grab our kit and help you get that cleaned up."

Levi thanked him, as he walked away to their fifth-wheel. Jim noticed that Ted was missing also and began to wonder.

Pete returned and had Levi sit in a chair, propping his right foot up on another chair and began cleaning the scrape.

Jim lit a smoke and said, "I'm going take a walk, I'll be back shortly." He headed for the creek, to see if he could locate the missing campers. As he passed the restroom and shower area, he heard soft, echoed voices and water running. Curious, Jim stepped inside the entry way and waited, listening...

He heard Ted say, "You have beautiful breasts, Karen. They feel wonderful covered with soap."

Jim could hear her moan, "You have big hands Ted, they cover my entire breasts, I love how they feel gripping my tits so hard."

Jim took another puff from his smoke, snuffed it out and leaned around the corner for a look at what was happening. Karen had her back against the tile wall. Her hands were raised, gripping the showerhead pipe and both her breasts firmly in Ted's grasp. He suddenly planted his lips on hers, darting his tongue into her mouth. As their tongues began dancing, his fingers began gently twisting and pulling on her hard, raised nipples. She began moaning like a woman in labor!

Jim had watched long enough and slowly walked inside, removing his shirt as he went. He stopped by the bench, removed his shorts, placing them and his shirt on it. Ted smiled at Jim, saying, "Did you come to help me out with Pete's wife, buddy?"

With a devilish grin Jim replied, "Yes I did, if you don't mind?"

Ted looked at Karen asking, "Do you mind Karen?"

She did not say a word, just shook her head no, with her face beginning to flush. Ted pulled Karen away from the wall, allowing room for Jim to press his body to hers from behind, his hardened cock pressing against her nice, warm, soapy ass.

Jim whispered into her ear, "Let the shower begin darlin', we have some unfinished business! "

Fear, or lust, began showing in Karen's eyes, as four big hands started pawing and groping every inch of her body.

Ted dropped to his knees, placed his right hand between her thighs, forcing them apart. Jim's hands traveled around her ribcage and got a full grip on both of her soapy tits. Karen moaned deeply as Ted's tongue came in contact with her begging cunt, flicking firmly at her raised clit. Jim was giving her tits a good workout while Ted was devouring her wet pussy, sucking at her juices inside. Jim's right hand dropped down to grip his thick cock, guiding it up and down the crack of her hot, soapy ass, teasing Karen with every pass over her puckered back entrance.

Suddenly Ted rose to his feet, forced a firm French kiss to her mouth, letting her taste herself from his lips. Karen was at a full state of arousal and began sucking at his lips, moaning, "Mmm, I taste good. I had no idea how good."

Ted went over and sat on his ass on the wet tile floor, leaning his back against the shower wall. Looking into Karen's puzzled eyes, he asked, "Was Jim telling me the truth about you?"

She said, "About what?"

Ted replied, "He told me that you give some really good head, is that true?"

She just shrugged her shoulders, then said, "I guess so?"

Like an order, Ted said firmly, "Come down here Karen, I want to give you a second opinion!"

She had mental images of her husband Pete passing through her mind. What would he think, or do, if he saw her here with Ted and Jim? Yet... her pussy was dripping, her nipples so hard that she feared they'd never go down. So she slowly lowered to her hands and knees, crawling between Ted's legs, as Jim watched her soapy buttocks wiggle as she crawled. Jim lowered himself to the floor, resting back on the heels of his feet to see the show.

Karen slowly slid closer towards Ted and rested her arms on his beefy thighs. Gently, she began kissing and licking on the dome of his big cock, wondering if she'd be able to take its length and width inside her small mouth. Ted reached up and placed both hands behind her head and pulled her down onto his cock, shoving it slowly inside her warm mouth. She moaned softly as she felt his massive size begin stretching her lips, trying to work its way deeper inside her mouth.

Jim's cock was so hard now that it almost hurt. He slid up behind Karen, brushing the head of his dick against her inviting cunt. "Remember this cock Karen?" he asked. She nodded her head yes, keeping her mouth firmly planted on Ted's cock. "Do you think Pete would mind if I take some more of his wife's tight pussy?" She just shook her head no and began seriously sucking on Ted's rod. Jim wanted more of her... now!

Pulling on her hips, he forced the head of his cock into her waiting box and began humping her. Deeper with every stroke, he took all of her. Pounding harder, he watched the muscles of her tiny hole stretching to allow his total length inside. Her juices were starting to flow, dripping from his dick and onto his swollen balls. Then Jim heard Ted say, "Hey Jim, who's the new couple?"

Jim continued fucking Karen long and hard, as he turned to look over his shoulder. There was Levi with his arm around a blonde. Jim recognized her right away. "Hey Levi, what are you doing with Christine? She was coming here to be one of my squeezes!" Jim yelled.

Levi smiled and said, "Hey Hoss, she was standing outside the door! I took one look at those great tits of hers and her fine looking ass and knew I had to bring her in here for a test drive!"

Jim gave Christine a good visual look-over and, smiling, he said, "Levi, want to have a shot at Pete's wife Karen? I have something I need to straighten out with Christine!"

Levi smiled, put his clothes on the bench, then slowly walked towards Karen, as Jim pulled his cock out of Karen and headed to greet Christine. Levi wasted no time mounting Karen, thrusting his hard cock into her depths, holding her hips and pounding away on her.

Jim stood before Christine, threw his wet arms around her, firmly planting a welcoming kiss on her lips. His wet body was causing her thin shirt to stick to her, but she didn't seem to mind. He pulled away, looked her over really good and said, "Turn around Christine, let me get you out of those wet clothes." Taking hold of her wrists, he raised her arms, placing them on the top edge of the tile wall. Jim leaned in close to her ear and in his deep, penetrating voice he growled, "Keep your hands where they are and trust me, I just want to explore the landscape."

< Meanwhile, back to the other campers... CJ, Jeannie, Peter and Cavi had headed out for a dip at the waterfall. Peter was instantly turned on, because on their arrival at the waterfall, all of the ladies began stripping down, waded into the water, and grouped together under the falling water. Peter lit a cigarette and leaned against an old tree thinking to himself, 'Man, this is like window shopping at a candy store.’ He watched as they bathed themselves and each other. He admired the selection of treats before him. Between Jeannie's luscious lips and breasts, Cavi’s muscular legs and ass, and CJ's tempting mangos and shapely behind, he wasn't sure what he wanted to sample first. He snuffed out his smoke and headed in to the water, to have a closer look.

Joining our group back in the shower... >

Ted had decided to remove his throbbing erection from Karen's talented mouth and traded places with Levi. Suddenly Karen rolled over onto her back. With her outreached hands she motioned for Ted to climb on, as she spread her legs wide open and said, "Come on Ted, show me what you've got. Fuck me like you mean it, big boy! I need that long, thick cock!"

Ted needed no more encouragement and crawled between her legs, burying himself inside her wet and freshly fucked box. Levi looked down at her beautiful tits and the devil put a thought in his brain. He placed his feet on both sides of her ribcage and lowered himself down, pinning her arms down with his legs. Karen had a puzzled look in her eyes, as Levi stared into them saying, "I hope Peter wont be too upset, but I just have to fuck his wife's beautiful, wet tits." Karen smiled as Levi rested his hard cock between her tits, gripped both of them and wrapped them tightly around his shaft and began fucking them.

Christine was gripping the shower wall as Jim began unbuttoning her shirt from the bottom and working his way up. His big hands were brushing against her bra as he fumbled with the top two buttons. Again he growled gently in her ear, "Put your arms down to your side." She did as she was told. Taking hold of her shirt, he removed it, letting it drop into the water on the floor.

Christine snapped at him, "Hey, you're getting it soaked!"

Jim smiled and said, "It will dry on a tree branch outside, while we take a walk later."

Jim found the clasp of her 4-hook bra to be an easy task to release. He pulled it free, adding it to her wet shirt on the floor. She looked over her shoulder and glared sternly into his eyes, to show her displeasure at his actions. "Easy girl! You don't want Jimmy to play rough, do you?" She shook her head no, but her eyes were saying yes. "Put your hands back up on the top of the wall!" he barked. She did as he said. Jim slid both of his hands slowly up from her hips, along her ribs and took both of her large tits into his grip. He massaged them firmly while gently twisting her hard nipples between his thumbs and fingers, while rubbing his hard cock against her shorts, which covered her beautiful ass.

Then they all heard a deep moan echo through the shower “Arrrrrrggghhh... Shhiiiit!” It was Ted yelling out, as he dumped his massive load into Karen's tortured cunt.

She screamed out, "Holy Jesus!!!!!!!! Yeeessss!!" while pulling at Ted's hair. Karen was cumming too, as both of their bodies shook violently.

Poor Levi was hanging on for dear life, trying not to lose his rhythm. He reached forward and grabbed her hair in both hands, pulling her to his throbbing cock and forcing it into her warm, wet mouth. It only took a few long thrusts, before Levi began pumping his spurts of cum into her mouth and throat. She swallowed all that he had to offer.

While watching this “porn flick” on the shower floor before them, Jim and Christine were powered into second gear. Jim forced his body against hers, trapping her to the wall. He slid his right hand down into her shorts and inside her panties. While he untied the rope that held up her shorts, he slid a finger inside her waiting cunt. As he pulled her shorts down with his left hand, he began finger fucking her with his right. She purred, "Mmmmm."

He moaned deeply into her ear, "Just checking your oil darlin', to see if you're ready for servicing. Mmmmm, I think you're a quart low, let me see if I can fix that?"

Ted, Karen and Levi took a seat on the shower floor, leaning against the wall for a much needed rest. As Jim continued fingering Christine, he jerked her panties down and off with his free hand. Reaching up and gripping her left wrist, he pulled her arm down and back, allowing her to wrap her fingers around his thick shaft.

"My God you're big," moaned from her lips.

"The better to fuck you with, my dear. Now bend over and put your hands on your knees and slide your feet apart!"

Christine was beyond resisting now and did as he ordered. Jim's cock was so hard now it didn't need guiding. He just took hold of her hips and pushed his shaft deep inside her waiting cunt. "Ohhhhh.... Yeeeessss," came pouring out of her mouth. Christine started grinding back against his thrusts. Deeper and deeper he pounded. Her head was tossing from side to side, her body almost out of control.

Jim reached and gripped her hair, pulling her head back and shouting, "Come on, fuck me bitch, harder, come all over my cock!"

She burst into her orgasm, yelling, "I'm cummmmmmiiinnng! Yeeessss!" She was so weak from the moment her knees buckled and she slid to the floor.

The three onlookers watched to see what Jim would do next. There he was, just standing there with his hands on his hips and his erection sticking out like a classic Pontiac hood ornament. He just waited a few minutes, hoping Christine would regain her strength? While he waited, he turned to Karen and smiled, saying, "Get over here, Karen, I haven't had your sweet mouth in a few days!"

Slightly shaking her head, she said, "I really don't think I can suck anymore cock today, my jaws are so tired."

Jim squinted his eyes and softly said, "Come here, Karen, I need you, girl."

Hearing him ask again, almost pleading, she gave in. Karen came over to Jim, lowering to her knees before him. She gently touched his balls and found they were firmer than boiled eggs. As she leaned closer to his hard prick and started kissing its plumb shaped head she whispered, "Poor baby, does it hurt?" She looked up into his eyes and saw his pouting look on his lips and his head nodding yes. Karen smiled at him and took his cock into her mouth slowly. As she began bobbing her head up and down, sucking him deeper and harder each time, Christine began to stir a bit.

As they watched Jim playing this out to his best ability, Ted turned to Levi and whispered, "Look at that dirty bastard, he's milking this. He's going to play his favorite 'double-header' game."

As Christine looked up and saw Karen sucking Jim's cock, he said, "Get up here and help her, slut. You started this, you help finish it!" Remembering the orgasm that Jim had just given her, she rose to her knees and began kissing the sides of his cock, as Karen continued sucking him.

"Break time, Karen, let Christine have a turn," Jim moaned in a shaky voice. As Christine started to suck him deep into her throat, Karen rolled his balls gently in her fingers. "Mmmmmm, you girls are good", he moaned. As Ted and Levi looked on, Karen and Christine worked his throbbing cock like pros! Jim felt his release slowly approaching, so he reached and gripped both ladies by their hair and alternated between their sucking mouths. He'd push one back and pull one forward, back and forth, back and forth, with the pressure building in his balls. Then ‘BAM!' His cock started pumping wads of jizz, as he pulled both girls close. Their faces were plastered with spurt after spurt of his tasty seed and they both fought with their tongues for their share of it.

< Meanwhile, back at the waterfall... CJ, Jeannie, Peter and Cavi were enjoying a group skinny dip. >

Jeannie was seated on a big rock at the water's edge. Peter had his head parked between her thighs and was “dining at her Y.” CJ and Cavi were on both sides of Peter, rubbing his cheeks of his ass with one hand and fondling his hard cock with their others. CJ got a devilish grin on her face and slid her hand on Peter's ass over to his butt crack and began toying with his puckered hole. "Mmmmm..." escaped his lips, as CJ started easing her tiny finger into his tight ass.

Not to be outdone, Cavi pulled his hard cock to her lips and sucked him inside her waiting mouth. As CJ fingered his asshole and Cavi fed her hunger on his dick, they heard Jeannie say, "Pete... are you going to fuck me, like Jim and his friends are your wife? I need some hard cock too!" Pete was not about to pass up the invite, so he moved in closer to her waiting, begging prize.

As Pete gripped his big cock and guided it into Jeannie's wet pussy and began long-stroking it, he reached under her and took her ass cheeks into his grip. Jeannie's arms were stretched out wide on the rock, as her head fell back and her eyes closed. She'd decided it was her turn for an orgasm and she was going to savor it!

As Pete pulled her tighter to him and fucked her as hard as he could, she moaned, "Ohhh God yes, give it to me Pete, harder." Cavi and CJ came closer, sitting on each side of Jeannie, and began fondling her large breasts. Leaning in close, they flicked their tongues over her raised nipples and sucked them into their mouths. They both reached down and felt Pete's swollen balls and knew he was close to pumping his load into Jeannie's welcoming cunt.

< The shower group came walking up naked, just as things under the waterfall got heated up. Karen's eyes widened, as she saw her husband's bare ass humping away on Jeannie. >

Karen turned to Jim and said, "Looks like my husband is getting even with you?"

Jim smiled at her and said, "I've got it coming, I've pretty much done everything with his wife."

All five of them waded into the water and eased in closer to the action. Jim had his hand on Karen's fine ass as she moved through the water. He whispered into her ear, "One of these days, I'm going tap that tight ass Karen."

She just grinned at him and said, "Maybe?"

Pete was seriously fucking Jeannie now, as the ladies feasted on her breasts. Suddenly, Jeannie's body began shaking out of control. Just as she went into a full-blown orgasm, Pete began dumping his wads of seed into her. Ted began chanting, "Hit that pussy Pete, hit it hard."

Then Ted turned to Jim and said, "When he's done, I'll show you the right way to fuck Jeannie." Ted moved closer, waiting for his turn.

< The skinny dip had turned into an all-out orgy! Ted had taken over on Jeannie, fucking her doggy-fashion over the big rock. Levi had Christine pinned on her back on the sand bank, giving her a good titty fucking. Peter had Cavi's legs over his shoulders, fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Jim had CJ on her back on the bank, her legs wrapped around his waist and his cock pounding into her, balls deep! >

CJ looked deep into Jim's eyes and asked, "Is this going to be an annual campout, Luv2?" He just smiled at her silently, as they orgasmed into heaven together...

As CJ rested, Jim heard a sound in the trees. Raising his head, he looked up the mountainside and spotted what appeared to be an “Indian Squaw.” He starred directly into her very dark eyes, marveling at her beauty. She raised both hands to brush back her long hair, allowing Jim to see her smile. Then she turned away, slowly disappearing into the forest...

< Departing the falls >

As the group gathered their clothes and headed for the campsite, they walked together as if they were couples.

While holding hands and strolling, Jeannie turned to Jim saying, "You know... I never got to fuck your marine buddy."

Jim smiled and said, "Oh Levi? Maybe some other time honey?"

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