A sub meets her Dom for the first time.
Sitting in the restaurant, in a scarlet dress and heels, wearing makeup, my short hair styled in as feminine a way as possible, I felt exposed and vulnerable, and more than a little foolish. How had I let myself get so swept up in an idea that I ended up in this place? Why couldn't I seem to refuse this man anything? How far would he push me? I felt the blush rise in my cheeks as I realised the waiter was still stood at the table, clearly enjoying the sight of me squirming against the egg that Carl had requested I wear. Hurriedly I tried to snap to attention, knowing that my glassy-eyed gaze was a dead giveaway.

I don't recall how things started with Carl. I have a vague memory of him contacting me through one of the internet sites I visit, but I can't now remember which one it was. I had been growing more and more interested in BDSM after watching some Master/slave porn, and had been lurking on many sites, too nervous to join in the discussions. He messaged me and asked for my number, and I immediately complied, shocking myself. We had been talking for a few months when he suggested meeting, and by that time I had grown eager to please him. He had given me very specific instructions on how to dress (including the remote control vibrating egg currently lodged deep in my pussy), how to address him (as Sir, even in public), and what to do when we first met each other. Tonight was the night, and it was unlike any other first date I've ever been on!

I'd been so very nervous, but I obeyed, and the look on Carl's face when I handed him the remote control to the vibrator was one of such pride in me that everything I'd gone through, all my fears, ceased to have meaning. All that had meaning for me was him.

He took me to his favourite restaurant, giving me little jolts with the egg now and again. We were seated at a secluded table, and once we'd decided what to eat Carl called the waiter over and demanded I order for both of us. As soon as I opened my mouth to speak Carl turned the egg to its highest setting, making me squirm breathlessly. Somehow I managed to give our order, yet the waiter stood and continued to watch me as I felt the heat flood my face from my arousal.

I looked across the table at Carl, almost afraid to meet his gaze, only to find him smiling softly, clearly enjoying my discomfort. "Thank the waiter Dawn".
"Th-thankyou" I stuttered as the egg started to pulse. The waiter smirked as he walked back to the bar, and I was embarrassed beyond belief. Even as I felt the arousal flood my body I fought against it, hanging my head to hide my blushing face.

I was startled by the softness of Carl's voice, as he reached a hand out to stroke my face. "Don’t you like it Dawn? Aren’t you wet? Don’t you want to cum for me, make me proud?"
"Yes Sir" I murmured, rubbing my face against his warm palm, relishing the contact, "I want to make you proud, but I’m scared to cum in public, and I don’t think I can hold it much more".
Immediately he snatched his hand away and turned the egg off, his voice becoming much harder. "Oh no, my little slut, your orgasms belong to me, understand? You cum when I say, and not before. Little sluts need to ask permission to cum, don’t they?"

I was so shocked at being referred to as a slut that for a moment I couldn't form an answer, and then I felt a pressure on my pussy as Carl lifted his foot under the table and ground his shoe against me. "Don’t they?" he repeated, insistently.
"Yes Sir" I whispered, a shiver of dark excitement flooding through my body.

"Very well Dawn," he removed his foot from between my thighs as he leaned slightly forward in his seat. I found myself unconsciously mirroring his posture, leaning forward until our faces were just inches apart. "I want you to listen well, and then do exactly as I say. Go to the ladies toilets, and sit in the middle of the three stalls there. Remove your knickers, and insert your left index and middle fingers into that wet little honeypot of yours, while you use your thumb to stroke your clit. Then you will masturbate roughly without stopping for any reason until you cum for me, cum hard and don’t hold back. If you are noisy, so much the better. Then put your knickers back on and come straight back to the table. Don’t wipe your hand or your dripping cunt, just come back exactly as you are".

For a moment all was silent as I tried to digest what he had said, and then I saw him move his hand towards the remote again and scrambled to my feet. Wordlessly I hurried to the toilets, walking a little unsteadily on the high heels I was so unused to wearing.

The toilets were dim and grimy, and I felt an expression of distaste cross my face as I looked at them. Then I recalled him waiting for me and I hurried to comply with his instructions. Sitting on the toilet in the middle stall I pulled my knickers down, embarrassed at the wet patch that was already clearly visible on them. I shoved my fingers into my pussy and started to hurriedly work them as I stroked my clit with my thumb. With every shove my fingertips pushed the egg a little higher into my wet cunt, until I was arching my back and moaning as I felt my orgasm build.

Just as I was on the brink of orgasm I heard the door open and two slightly drunk-sounding women come in. Suddenly I realised why Carl wanted me to take the middle stall, as I was clearly audible to both women. He told me not to stop, so I carried on, but I found it impossible to be silent. I knew the women must know what I was doing; if the wet noise of me working my hand wasn’t enough of a give away, my stifled moans certainly were. Both ladies flushed, and I took advantage of the noise to let myself cum, moaning loudly. I heard them giggle as they washed their hands, and I knew that they had heard, and the embarrassment made me cum even harder, until I was whining and shaking.

As my orgasm died down I hurriedly pulled my knickers up over my now sticky wet pussy, and opened the door of the stall. Thankfully the two women had left, but I was crimson with embarrassment as I crossed the restaurant, knowing they would see me scuttle back to my seat.
"Did you cum hard?"
"Yes Sir" I muttered.
"Give me your hand"

I looked up, unsure of what to do. He sighed in exasperation and reached across, picking up my left hand and examining it, covered in juices. I saw the waiter approach with our starters and tried to take my hand back, but Carl laughed and held the wrist tighter. As the waiter placed the plates on the table Carl looked at him with a broad smile on his face. I looked at my hand and knew there was no way to hide what I’d just done, my juices were coating my fingers, smeared all over the silver ring I was wearing, and the scent of my sex was heavy on the air.

"Josh, I was rude before and didn’t introduce my lovely companion, I apologise. Josh this is Dawn. Dawn, this is Josh, and he is always my favourite among the staff here".
As Josh leaned forward I could see what was about to happen and I knew I looked shocked and appalled. Carl laughed softly as the waiter took my wrist from him and leant over to kiss the back of my hand "Madam, it is truly a pleasure...". His eyes met mine as his lips touched my skin, his tongue stroking the back of my hand. I felt helpless to resist as he turned my hand over and ran his tongue across my palm, before taking my fingers into his mouth and sucking on them.

I felt naked, sitting in public while a stranger sucked my juices from my fingers while my date sat and watched, and I could feel a pressure behind my eyes that suggested tears were threatening. Carl saw my distress rising and gently cleared his throat, which jolted Josh and prompted him to drop my hand. "You are most fortunate Carl, she is… delectable". He smiled softly and left us to our meals.

I was in such turmoil I could barely see my dinner. I’d never felt so vulnerable, or so humiliated. I was looking down at the table and so Carl's hand startled me as he ran it through my hair. "You are such a good girl Dawn, I am so proud of you". The softness of his voice was wonderfully reassuring. I took my first deep breath since I walked out of my door that evening and shyly returned his smile.
"Thankyou Sir". His approval stripped the humiliation from my actions, until I felt proud of my obedience.

We ate our meals in deep conversation, laughing and joking, with no further embarrassments. I had told a friend I would text her at 9 to reassure her I was safe, and as 9 approached I used the excuse of visiting the toilets again in order to text in private. As I stood up Carl gripped my hand and pulled me down until my face was level with his. "When you come back I expect you to have removed your panties, understood?"

A shiver of excitement ran through me at his commanding tone, and I whispered "Yes Sir" as he released my hand. I tottered to the toilets, texted my friend and removed my knickers, blushing once again at how wet they were. I carefully dampened some tissue and tried to clean my juices from my pussy, trying to avoid the embarrassment of ending up with a damp spot on my dress. I washed my hands too, repaired my makeup and steeled myself to go back into the restaurant, and back to my exciting, frightening, compelling date.

As I reached the table my heel caught in the carpet and I felt myself stumble. Immediately Carl gripped my arm and helped me regain my balance. "Are you OK Dawn? You've not twisted anything?"
"No Sir, I'm fine. I'm just not used to wearing these damned heels, and I'm finding them tough to walk in"
"I knew you would my dear, that's why I told you to wear them. I love how vulnerable they make you, how fragile your ankles appear in them. I'd love to see you with those beautiful ankles attached to a spreader bar..." he broke off with a small sigh as Josh brought our desserts.

As the dishes were placed before us I felt Carl's shoe between my legs once more, grinding against my pussy. As I looked up startled he winked at me and dismissed Josh with a nod. "Lift your dress my slut, I want to press directly against your skin".

He said it in such a matter-of-fact tone it didn't occur to me to argue, and I obediently lifted the skirt of my dress over his shoe. He was wearing black leather lace-ups, and as he moved the shoe between my lips I could feel the laces rough against my tender softness. He moved insistently up and down my channel, until I was red and biting my lip in an attempt not to orgasm. "Oh Sir, I'm so close, please, don't make me... not out here... please".
"You little slut," he growled "going to hump yourself against my shoe, filthy bitch. But you can't cum, because I didn't tell you to. Not yet"

He put his foot back on the floor and I sagged against my chair. I had honestly thought he was going to push me to orgasm right out in public. I closed my eyes while I tried to calm myself, then cringed slightly as I heard Carl say softly "oh dear... oh, you filthy slut, you'll have to be punished for this."

As I opened my eyes I saw him smiling softly at me, drumming his fingers on the table. I couldn't understand what I could possibly have done that would deserve punishment - hadn't I obeyed his every wish and done exactly what he requested of me?

He saw my puzzled expression and laughed so loudly several other diners looked to see where the noise was coming from. "Your filthy slut juice is all over my shoe. Look and see"
I glanced under the table, and to my horror I saw that he was right - my wetness was all over his shoe.
"If you want to orgasm tonight then I suggest you get under the table and clean up your mess." I picked up my napkin and prepared to duck under the table, only to have Carl grab my hand "Not with your napkin you silly girl, with your tongue. I want you to lick your juices off my shoe".

He saw my hesitation as I dropped the napkin. I didn't think I would be able to do it, not right out in the restaurant where people could see. I wasn't sure I'd have been able to do it in private, to humble myself so much, yet the idea of it was making me tremble with excitement and was making my cunt drip. I could feel my hard nipples scratching against my bra, and I knew that Carl would be able to see how hard they were, to know how excited I was at the thought of such humiliating treatment.

"If it's too much for you Dawn you have only to say, and I'll take you home right now". Yes, I mentally added, and never contact me again. I knew this was a test, knew that he was seeing how far he could push me, and I was desperate not to disappoint either Carl or myself. Closing my eyes as though it would block everyone out I dropped to my knees and ducked under the tablecloth. I crawled to his foot and tentatively licked his shoe, tasting the bitterness of shoe polish as well as the warm musk of my juices.

I jumped as I felt a hand on my head - Carl had reached down to stroke my hair in reassurance as I degraded myself for him. After a moment he passed me my napkin and told me to wipe off whatever was left and sit back up.
By the time I sat on my chair I was as red as my dress, but felt strangely proud of myself when I saw the admiration on Carl's face. He called for the bill and paid, never taking his eyes off me, smiling warmly at me the entire time. As we stood to leave he wrapped his arm around my waist, telling me to lean on him, before whispering into my ear "I've never been so proud, you are my magnificent darling".

As we walked to the car the warmth of his arm was wonderfully reassuring, and he kept dropping kisses onto the top of my head as he told me how pleased he was with me. I was beaming, overjoyed to have earned his praise, and as he opened the car door for me he leaned in and tenderly kissed me, laughing as I closed my eyes to savour the caress of his lips on mine.

As he started the car he asked "Did you think I'd forgotten I promised you an orgasm?"
"No Sir, I hope I earned it"
He reached into his pocket, and I felt the egg start to vibrate. He turned it up to full power, and grinned as I started to squirm against it.
"Now my slut, I want you to pull your dress right up so I can see your naked cunt. I want you to spread your legs and rub your clit, and I want you to cum hard for me when you're ready. Understand?"
I nodded as I pulled my dress up. I put one foot on the dashboard of the car, giving Carl a good view of my dripping cunt, and I began to rub my clit as he started to drive home. The roads were quiet at that hour, and I closed my eyes to concentrate on the sensation. When the car stopped I assumed we were at traffic lights, until I heard him wind my window down and call "excuse me".

As my eyes flew open I saw a man walking towards the car. I moved to pull my dress down, only for Carl to slap my hand away, muttering "don't you dare". As the man approached the window Carl asked for directions to Dover Road, and the man told him he didn't know where that was. Carl apologised for troubling him, and the man didn't bother taking his eyes off my wet exposed pussy as Carl laughed and drove away.

In spite of my embarrassment I was so aroused at the thought of the stranger witnessing my obedience and my humiliation that I couldn't hold back any longer and rubbed frantically at my clit, moaning and grunting as my orgasm built. "Oh yes my gorgeous slut, that's it... cum for me now, let me see you cum for your master"
I was shuddering, my body wracked with intense spasms, my head thrown back as I howled. I was pumping my hips at my hand, the wet noise of my fingers sliding in my soaking channel adding to the lewdness of the whole scene and serving to take my orgasm higher.

As I came back to earth I realised Carl had stopped the car. I looked over at him to see his hard cock in his hand, his face a mask of lust, his breathing laboured. "Kneel in the footwell my slut".

I hurriedly unfastened my seatbelt and knelt in the cramped space, as he grabbed my face and dragged it down to his cock. Just as I opened my mouth to swallow his shaft he came, painting my face and my hair with strings of hot cum. As I moved my hand to scoop up his seed he said "no, leave it, you're going home marked with my cum, and you won't wash it off until tomorrow. Sleep in it and remember that you're my slut now".

Proud to be his slut, I calmly sat back in my seat and fastened my seatbelt before looking tenderly at him and whispering "yes Sir".


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Loved it.. not to humiliatingly not into scat, but very sub here.

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I hate bullshit stories like these. A woman would actually give up her own pride to "serve" man as a sex slave? And you sick people actually like this? Unbelievable!

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2016-06-30 12:10:18
I hate bullshit stories like these. A woman would actually give up her own pride to "serve" man as a sex slave? And you sick people actually like this? Unbelievable!


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@eroticbeing: thanks for the constructive feedback, I'll be sure to take it on board.


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