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A celebration party turns more fun.
Hey guys, the names of the people have been changed to conceal their identities. 

Hi, my name is John and I'm 15 years old. One Friday night, I was planning on having my friends Alex and Jake over to play some xbox and spend the night. Let me tell you about us. I'm 5 foot 6 and weigh about 100 lbs. I'm skinny as hell. I have short black hair and brown eyes. Alex is the same height and weight, but he's a Ginger. He's really sexy. Last but not least is Jake. He's 5 foot 8 and about 125 lbs. He has blonde hair blue eyes and pale white skin. He's so sexy It's hard to contain myself around him. Incase you haven't guessed, I'm bi. We are all 15 and sophomores. Enough explanation let me tell you about how the day went, from start to finish. 

I woke up this morning at my usual time, got to school on time and all that. When I got there the first bell hadn't rung yet so I went to find my friends. Alex and Jake were sitting near the doors to the hallways with my other friend, Kevin. 

"Hey John!" they all said in unison. 

"Sup guys!" I replied with a grin on my face. 

"Why so happy?" Alex asked. 

"Yeah what's up?" Jake added. 

"Last night Sara gave me a blowjob!" I excitingly stated.
Sara is my girlfriend. She's 5 foot 4 and black hair blue eyes with pale white skin. She's 15 aswell.

"Holy shit!" they all said. "Now you're almost one of us!" 

My friends are studs. Alex has gotten laid like 50 times and Jake like 100 times. Kevin like 70. I laughed at their joke but inside I felt extremely jealous that they've been laid so many times and I just now got my first blow, but I moved on. 

"Hey John I had an idea and I'm sure you're going to hate it!" Alex said with a big grin. 

"Lay it on me." I responded. 

"Let's have a party tonight to celebrate at my place! All four of us!" Alex exclaimed!

"Shit man I cant, Steph and I were going to a movie tonight." Kevin said sadly. 

"I guess we get to party without you loser!" I jokingly said. 

"Alright I'll see you guys at my place around 5 ish." said Alex. Me and Jake said that sounded good and the bell rang. We don't have any classes together so I didn't see them until the party tonight. I may have a girlfriend, but I hoped to get a piece of both Alex and Jake's hot bodies. 
I've gotten off to them so many times.

I texted Sara to let her know my plans for tonight. She said she wanted to come too and I called Alex and asked if that would be ok. 

"Shit man if she comes you're losing your virginity tonight!" he said. 

I called Sara and told her to come at 5 ish and bring some chips. 

At around 5 I arrived at Alex's place, all ready to have some fun. Alex's parents were away on a business trip for the weekend so it was just us four attending. 

Sara and Jake arrived soon after. 

We started off watching a movie and then Alex raided his parents' beer fridge and we all got wasted. Jake had the brilliant idea to play truth or dare and if you turned down a dare you had to run around the neighborhood naked screaming "I LOVE WAKING PEOPLE UP!" for 15 minutes. 

I went first. We used a bottle to see who got truth or dared by whoever was it, me this time. The bottle landed on Alex. Perfect. 

"Alex, I dare you to strip to your boxers and feed one of your pubes to Jake!" 

Alex got wide eyed at my dare, but reluctantly stripped. Jake wasn't too happy at first for having to eat the pube but he did it. It was really hot, I started to get a semi. Next it was Sara's turn. It landed on Jake. 

"Jake, I dare you to kiss Alex on the lips for a minute." 

"Hey! Why am I getting all the guy guy stuff!?" he jokingly asked. 

"Kiss me, princess!" Alex mockingly moaned. The two started making out and I noticed them both getting semis. They both enjoyed it. After it was done, it was Jakes turn. 

"Finally my turn!" The bottle landed on Alex. "Alex, I dare you to strip your boxers off."

Alex complied and soon enough a 7 in cock flopped out.

"Now I see why you get laid so much! Look at that thing!" I said. 

Alex starting flexing to show off in response. Next it was Alex's turn. The bottle landed on me. I hoped he would make the right dare. 

"John, I dare you to strip your girlfriend naked." Alex excitingly said. 

Damn. I guess it might happen later. 

I looked at Sara and she nodded. I went over to her and started undressing her. I looked over at Alex. 7 in. turned into 8. Wow he is big. Once Sara was nude I returned to my seat. I was next again. The bottle landed on Sara. "Sara. I dare you to give Alex a lap dance." 

"But we're both nude!" she complained. 

"Even better!" I responded. 

Sara sighed and went over to Alex. She started giving him the hottest lap dance I've ever seen! I was having trouble keeping it in my pants! I looked over and Jake and he was in awe. I guess he's never had a lap dance before. Shame. 

They finished after a minute and it became Sara's turn again. The bottle rolled onto me. 

"John, I dare you to blow Alex until he cums in your mouth, then swallow every drop." Sara exclaimed. 

Wow. What was probably payback for her was heaven for me. I shrugged, pretended I didnt care.

"Cmon sweet cheeks, my dick won't suck itself!" complained Alex. 

I've never given a blowjob until this moment so I was probably not the best he's had. I walked over to him and engulfed all now 8.5 inches. That thing was thick too! My mouth could barely take it, and my mouth is big! He stood up and had me kneel down. He began fucking my mouth. I gagged a bit but swallowing seemed to help, as Alex couldn't keep himself from stuffing me with it's entire length, all while moaning quite loudly. Soon, I felt a spasm and my mouth was filled with his nectar. 

"Shit that was good!" moaned Alex. 

We continued on, I ended up going down on Sara and me and her tag-blew Jake. Sadly I remained a virgin, but that changed in the not too distant future. 

Want more? Have comments for me to improve my writing? Feel free to post below! :D

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2013-09-18 02:06:27
absolutely fantastical :)

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2011-08-31 17:57:41
yeah dude carry on with part 2

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2011-08-31 17:56:37
yeah dude carry on with part 2


2011-08-31 17:37:19
hey, omg im so horny after reading it :), write more please


2011-08-31 15:22:06
It was my first story and to the below commenter: she is a side character. If you don't like the fact that we aren't ready for full sex but I'm ok with her blowing my friends then so be it. I want advice to improve. Part 2 will come today and will feature some male male girl 3 some and if you don't like it good for you.

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