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My Disgusting Experience with Daddy, Part 5:

I walked out of my bedroom feeling my father’s slimy semen drip and ooze out of my sore pussy, making my thighs glide over each other and spreading his spooge further around. Every now and then I’d feel a new splurge of it coming out, adding to the mess that was already there. My panties had been flung and were now resting somewhere in the darkness. I didn’t care about them, I just wanted to leave the room, but there was no hurry in my gait.

I turned at the doorway, and looked back at Daddy. He was passed out in my bed on his side, facing me. He was naked from the waist down, the tip of his dick touching my pink sheets. “Fucking asshole!” I thought. I wished Mom was still here. Then I turned back and left my room.

I needed to clean myself up, I was a mess from my bellybutton to my knees! And I needed something to wear, but all my clothes were back in my room, and that was one place I’d be avoiding for the next few hours, at least.

Then I remembered that I had just done a load of wash and I hadn’t gotten it out of the dryer yet! I knew there were clean panties and tee’s and even a pair of sweatpants in that load (I declared that I was going to wear sweatpants to bed from now on, as if that would protect me!).

I opened the door to the laundry room quietly… I didn’t want to startle our Golden Retriever, Corky… we kept him in there at night.

As soon as I opened the door I heard his dog collar rattle and I knew he was awake; it was silly of me to think that he’d actually stay asleep while I rummaged around in the dryer.

So, I flicked the light on and proceeded to open the dryer door to dig around for the clothes I needed. I found a clean tee-shirt and the sweatpants quickly, but I was having trouble finding a pair of panties. As I was digging through I thought again about my brother, Kevin.

He was 22, in his last year of college, and he had always been in my corner. Helping me with homework, defending me in the little spats neighborhood kids have with each other, helping me get my breakfast in the morning, etc. I felt I had to tell him about what Daddy did, even though I dreaded the idea. It would be so embarrassing… on so many levels! He’d know that I wasn’t a virgin anymore! He’d know that I had felt things, like lips on my nipples and a penis in my vagina. He’d know that Daddy was a sick person! What if he thought it was all my fault?!! Still, I promised myself I’d call him at his dorm room tomorrow, no matter how hard it would be.

My thoughts of Kevin were abruptly interrupted as I felt something cold and wet nuzzle into my crotch from behind. I was completely startled, feeling something touch my asshole! I thought “Oh my God! It’s Daddy! He’s still awake!!” My heart leapt out of my chest, and then I heard the dog collar rattle again and felt something warm and silky on my upper thighs.

Oh my God, Corky! I’d let him lick my bare pussy once before, and I guess he wanted to do it again! He lapped at the backs of my thighs and I pushed him away and said “No no no, Corky… no no” and turned around, gently trying to keep my distance. I thought I’d had enough for one night. But he managed to get one good lick at me from the front, and it truly felt so nice on my sore pussy!!

A thought occurred to me, and then I thought “Why the hell not?”

Feeling confident that my daddy was passed out for the night, I squatted, this time leaning against the dryer instead of the wall. I felt a big blob of Daddy’s cum fall out of my vagina, and since I had no panties on it fell and splattered onto the floor.

Corky was right there immediately. He sniffed the puddle of cum on the floor and licked it up, and in an instant the puddle was gone! Then he stuck his nose in between my legs and started cleaning my dad’s cum off my cunt. He licked at it, not paying any attention to my bush, and it felt heavenly after my dad had treated me so roughly. I loved the feeling of his wide, smooth tongue on my clit! So warm and soft, so gentle!

It was like bliss! But he was also spending a lot of time lapping at my oozing hole and not much time on my clit, so I picked up the slack by using my left middle finger to rub myself where it REALLY felt good. After all I had been through tonight, I thought I deserved an orgasm of my own!

Corky continued to lick and lap at my pussy, swallowing my father’s cum and my own juices, while I rubbed my finger in a circular motion over my little button, until I felt the orgasm starting. Once it started, I didn’t have to touch myself anymore. My hand froze in mid-air over my pubic region, feeling that incredible wave rolling up and looming above me, the tiniest flick of Corky’s tongue made the wave even higher. It felt so good and I cried out “Yeahhhhhhhhhh”!!! My pussy clenched up tight, pushing more fluid out of me, though I wasn’t sure anymore if it was Daddy’s cum or my own.

I came, and so hard my whole body spasmed. I closed my eyes, and threw my head back…slamming my shoulders into the dryer as my entire body went tense with extreme pleasure. I’m telling you, that was one of the best orgasms of my life!

I rode it out as long as I could, pressing my finger on my clit to make it last longer. That was one thing I had taught myself how to do.

Finally, reluctantly, it was over, and once again I felt “normal” and disgusted with myself, for letting my dog lick me in such places! What kind of sicko let’s that happen? What if people knew? What if my teachers knew? What if Kevin knew??!

Coming to my senses, I opened my eyes. My dog was still lapping at me, but my clit was SO sensitive now. It was like one little touch felt like a bolt of lightening! Feeling very dirty, I pushed him away. He was so excited, though, and I saw that he had a doggy-erection! That scared me, quite a bit! I didn’t want to get fucked by my dog, or my dad, or anyone at that point!! I was still so sore down there! I grabbed the sweatpants and the tee-shirt I’d found and ran out of there, closed the door behind me and left Corky to fend for himself. Screw finding panties!

I was exhausted, mentally and physically, and after dressing in the clean tee-shirt and sweatpants I made my way to the couch. I lied down, curled up, and went to sleep.

Morning came all too soon, and I awoke, wondering at first where I was. Then I remembered it all, why I was on the couch, why I was dressed the way I was, and it was like a punch in the stomach. Daddy had fucked me, hurt me, and when I got away I got off on my dog’s tongue. I felt like a cloak of shame had been draped over my shoulders.

I sat up and looked at the hallway that led to my bedroom. I guess I had to prove to myself that it was real, and I stood and walked towards my bedroom.

I got to the doorway, and looked in. The morning sun was shining through my 2 windows, and there was my daddy. He was not asleep. In fact he was sitting up, his feet on the floor, still naked from the waist down.

He saw me and covered his penis with his hands. “What the fuck, Jenny?!!” he sort of softly shrieked, and I could see in his eyes he had no memory of the night before, and he was confused. He laughed, nervously, and averted his eyes. One of his hands went to his head and ran through his hair, simultaneously wiping the sweat from his brow. It occurred to me that he was getting close to sober, and although he had no memory of what exactly had happened, the fact that he woke up almost naked in my bed with my panties next to him (yeah, that’s where they ended up) was really hitting him. I think he had an idea of what had happened. Maybe he was starting to remember, maybe not, but in any case, I think he knew something bad had gone down. Or maybe in his eyes, it was “good”.

I didn’t say a word. I turned my back to him, went into the kitchen, picked up the phone and dialed Kevin’s number.

To be continued…

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Lovely story,after all,its only a fantasy,but nice and wicked

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More abusive! Get nipple clamps on that little girl asap, maybe a buttplug

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As one reader said, they are boring and predictable. The only thing that changes is the level of brutaliity and I find less is better. I don't want a quick jerkoff story, I want one where the main characters are changed by their experiences, both good and bad.

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OH and one other thing One Naughty Girl your stories should be at least twice as long.

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To One Naughty Girl. YAYAYA We know big brother comes home and dady gets him to fuck his little sister her other brother comes home and gets to fuck her too. I hope these stories start getting more abusive and rougher in the way daddys little bitch daughter gets raped and fucked by her family how about letting the dog, with daddys insistence and comand, fuck this baby slut. And after her old man, her brothers and the dog have all fucked her, daddy and brothers should start pimping her out to friends and strangers to start bringing in somecash that the 3 male members of the family could all share in along with sharing in fucking little sister.

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