Wife gets the worst of the road rage.
“Charles, watch out! You just cut him off!”

I put my foot down, but still the blue panel van came up on my bumper, horn blaring. I cursed and gave a friendly wave of apology, but still the high beams came on, blinding me in the rear view mirror until I could flip the little switch. “Damn it! He must have sped up when I put on my blinker.”

“There’s no need to rush, just let him pass.” We had only been married for three months, but already Rachel’s tendency to be a back seat driver drove me nuts. It was really the only thing about her that really got to me though, so I usually tried to let it go. We had been having a really good evening out dancing and I was fairly sure we were on our way to finish it off in the bedroom, so picking a fight now didn’t make any sense.

“I’ll get over as soon as I can.” Without parking on the shoulder, there was nothing I could do until the on-ramp ended and the freeway opened up. The van was veering from side to side, trying to shine its brights into my side mirrors. I was already going nearly ninety and still he was right up behind me. This guy was really starting to piss me off.

There is only one sure way to deal with a tailgater and so I took my foot off the gas and let the car slow down. “Give me some room and I’ll get back up to speed,” I muttered as if the guy could hear me. Hell, he was close enough he could probably read my lips in the rear view mirror. Somehow he managed to get even closer, and now he was laying on the horn.

“Honey, just let it go. For all we know he could have a gun.”

I knew she was right. We heard about road rage on the news all the time, but honestly I was raging a bit myself. He should have let me in, he shouldn’t be harassing me on this one lane on-ramp when there’s nothing I can do to get out of his way, and damn it, he shouldn’t be tailgating! At this point I was going about five miles an hour. Why was he in such an all fired hurry at two in the morning anyway?

Rachel was getting pissed herself and I knew it wasn’t directed at the asshole in the van behind us. No doubt I was going to spend the night on the couch, but even though I knew this, my ire was up and really I was out of control.

Sometimes I was really stupid. I had been planning this night for over a month. It had taken weeks of begging to convince her to wear the miniskirt and low cut blouse she had on. She had only agreed after I assured her that there was no chance her friends might see her way out here in the middle of no-where. Ordinarily she was so conservative, always beautiful, but Rachel could be a real knockout. On a couple of occasions I had convinced her to wear lingerie for me – nothing too slutty though – and she certainly had the body for it, but I knew it made her uncomfortable. Truly she wanted to please me, but she had some pretty old fashioned ideas about modesty and how a lady behaves in the bedroom. It was only our first year of marriage, I was guessing that little by little she’d get into it as we became more familiar with each other.

My plan had been to get her a bit tipsy and try to go down on her. She abhorred oral sex – felt it was demeaning to women and unsanitary. I spent two days of our honeymoon sleeping on the floor because I had asked her for a blowjob and she said it made her feel like a whore. I thought that if maybe I could eat her, let her see how special and wonderful it could be, she might end up returning the favor. Also, I was hoping to give her an orgasm, something she had never experienced from making love. She insisted she enjoyed our lovemaking and was completely satisfied; her mother had told her that some women weren’t capable of having orgasms and she wasn’t worried about it. But I worried about it. I wanted her to crave having sex with me, to be a lot more wanton; so far in our marriage the most I could say was that at least she was willing. She hadn’t really turned me down since the wedding, except on those days of the month, but I could count the times she initiated something on one hand. If we weren’t trying to get pregnant I wondered if she would have even started anything at all.

Well, tonight had been awesome, every guy in that club had been eyeing her, more than a few had asked her dance right in front of me, and she blushed a lot but seemed to enjoy the attention a bit. When we danced, she had let me grope her ass a bit and when she had felt my hard cock, she had grinded into me. This was the hottest I had ever seen her, and now, I was messing up all my own plans by letting this jerk get to me.

“Shit! I’m sorry, honey. I’m being an asshole.” I sped up to well over the speed limit and hurried onto the freeway, anxious to let the guy get around me. “I don’t know why I let guys like that get to me.”

Rachel was still cross, but she unfolded her arms. Maybe I could salvage this night after all.

The van was still right behind us though, even though there were several wide open lanes. He was tailgating me, continuing to shine his high beams through our back window. If I changed lanes, he changed lanes, if I sped up, he sped up. Clearly he was trying to scare us.

When our exit came up, Rachel shook her head, “No, don’t lead him to our house!” It was probably an over-reaction, but she had a point. If he followed us home there would be no way we could get into the house without an altercation. I started trying to think of a public place I could go, but it was the middle of the night, nothing was open. Suddenly, I remembered where the police station was, and I stepped on the gas a little.

I sped onto the next exit, the van right behind us, and Rachel screamed, “What are you doing? Don’t get off here!”

“The police station, honey. We can stop there and he’ll have to leave us alone.” But even as I said it I realized my mistake. This station had been shut down, all the windows boarded up. The defunct mall that used to be at this exit was now in shambles, amidst an empty parking lot overrun by weeds, trash, and large chunks of cracked asphalt. Worse, the whole lot was now surrounded by a high chain link fence which turned the little road we were on into a sudden dead end. I slammed on the brakes and tried to maneuver a quick u-turn, but the van cut across and completely blocked our passage.

“Fuck!” I said, and then seeing my wife’s pale expression, I added, “Don’t worry honey. I’ll go apologize. Everything’s going to be just fine.” Maybe I was trying to reassure myself more than her, but I don’t either of us felt any better. I hadn’t been in a fight since grade school. Hopefully this guy would see reason if I was completely apologetic.

I got out of the car and approached the van, squinting into the bright headlamps. The sliding door of the van opened and I heard footsteps. As I passed through the haze of the lights I realized that I was in some serious trouble. Next to the van were four very large black men with angry expressions on their faces.

“Son, you about to get fucked up!” the one in front said, two of his front teeth encased in gold.

“I am so sorry!” My voice cracked but I kept on, “I didn’t mean to cut you off, and then when you turned on your brights I just got a little angry. I shouldn’t have reacted that way. I was completely at fault. Maybe I could pay you for your trouble.”

“Ain’t me who’s in trouble, son. And if you think you sorry now, well you gotsa ‘nother think coming.” The other guys all laughed, but no-one was smiling. I began to wonder if I was going to die tonight. “But now, how much money you got?”

I didn’t have a lot of cash on me. “I’m not sure. I might have a couple hundred on me.”

“Fuck you, man!” he said, “I think Andy here has more'n that and he’s on fucking food stamps, ain’t you Andy?”

“Fuck you, Tyrell! The last time I saw food stamps was when yo momma paid me to let her suck my dick.”

Tyrell burst into laughter apparently not too worried about his mother’s sullied reputation. “Sorry, buddy. I guess your poor white ass can’t buy its way out of this one. Tell you what though – you give me that two hundred dollars and I’ll make sure we don’t accidentally kill you.”

“Please! We don’t want any trouble. I’m really very sorry. You can follow us to an ATM and I can get you all the money you want.” We only had a few hundred in the bank, but at this point I felt like I just had to get away alive.

“Son, does it look like I needs yo money?” Tyrell gestured to all of the gold jewelry draped on his person. “That’s twice now you done disrespected me.”

“Look, just let us go.”

“Who the fuck is ‘us’?” Tyrell turned his gaze onto our car, and then nodded at Andy who moved around to Rachel’s door. We heard the sound of the door locking.

“Looks like this ho don’t like us much, Tyrell.” Andy said.

“Well, that’s just because she don’t know us so well yet.” Tyrell said, and again everyone laughed. He then turned to me and said, “Is your girlfriend a fucking racist or something? That’s three times now. I suggest you unlock that door right now.”

I thought about resisting, but what was I going to do. They could easily beat me up and take my keys. So I just clicked the unlock button on the remote and cringed as I heard Rachel scream as she was dragged from the car by her long curly red hair. Rachel shot me a look like I had betrayed her as Andy pushed her down in front of Tyrell.

Tyrell circled around her, “Mmm mmm! This is one tasty looking little ho you got here. Is this slut your girlfriend?”

“Look, leave my wife out of this. She was pissed at me for messing with you.”

“Damn! Y’all were fighting over me? Shit, well it isn’t the first time some bitch and her ol’ man were worked up about me, y’know what I’m saying?” This brought a fresh round of chuckles. “This hot mama is yo wife? Shit, I wouldn’t let my wife dress like this. Why don’t you get up and do a little turn around for us, bitch.”

Rachel was shaking as she got to her feet, barely able to stand in the tall heels I had begged her to wear. “Please, don’t hurt me,” she said as she slowly turned around while all the men whistled at her.

“Look at the ass on her,” said one of the other guys, elbowing Andy in the shoulder. “For a white bitch, she’s got a coupla handfuls.”

“You ain’t lying, Chug,” Tyrell smirked, “Why don’t you bend over the back of your fucking Volvo and let us get a better look at that thing?”

Rachel looked over at me, a mixture of anger and fear. I didn’t know what to do, so I just nodded.

“You see, bitch, yo man don’t mind if you show it off a bit. Hell, he let you dress like a ho, so he don’t mind you act like a ho, know what I’m saying?” Rachel bit her lip and bent over the back of our Volvo, her short pleated skirt riding up so that the bottom edges of her ass cheeks came into view. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen in person, and despite my fear and concern for her, I felt my dick stirring. “Go on, sweetheart, lift up that skirt and let us see that fat ass of yours.”

Rachel looked right in my eyes as she lifted up her skirt revealing a lacy black thong. Her eyes narrowed at me as the men broke into applause and cat calls, and then she looked away. I couldn’t believe it: she had worn a thong just for me and now she was being forced to expose herself to these strange men. I watched helplessly as they all took photos with their phones.

“Now, let’s see you make that ass shake, bitch! Just like those hos do in the rap videos!” Rachel had never even seen a rap video, but Tyrell talked her through it. Soon she was shaking her ass up and down, the firm mounds of flesh bouncing, and my cock was rock hard. The guys were all recording it and I wondered how long it would be before images of my wife’s ass were spread all over the Internet.

Tyrell looked at me and approached my wife. “You see how useful these high beams can be? Just a minute ago you were all upset about them, but now they are spot lighting your wife’s fine ass as she shakes it.” He grabbed her head and turned her to look at me. “Show your bitch your rock hard dick, son.”

Rachel’s eyes widened as I undid my pants and my hard-on was stretching out my jockeys. I gave her an apologetic look, but her eyes shot daggers back at me. “You fucking bastard!” she muttered.

“Now, now, honey. Don’t be too hard on him. I guarantee you that every man here is hard after that little show you just put on. You have an ass made for spanking. Spanking and spanking to, know what I’m saying?” Uproarious laughter at that one. “What’s your name, asshole?”

I told him my name, and everyone laughed again. I don’t know what’s so funny about Charles.

“Well, Charlie,” Tyrell said, “Do you mind if I spank your slutty wife?”

I stared at him, wanting to tell him to fuck off but knowing that I had to keep my temper in check if we wanted to get out of this alive.

His eyes got dark and serious, “I axed you a fucking question, mother fucker: Do you mind if I spank your wife’s slutty ass?”

“What do you want me to say, Tyrell?”

“I want you to tell me the fucking truth, man! Do – you – mind – if – I – spank – your – wife’s – slutty – ass?”

“Yes, of course I mind!” I spat out, cringing even as I said it.

“Well, I don’t give a fuck what you mind, Charlie Brown!” His huge hand came down hard on Rachel’s ass causing her to yell out. He lifted it and a large red handprint was visible on her pale skin. Again he hit her, and again. Rachel was bawling now.

“When was the last time someone spanked this luscious ass, honey?” Rachel cried, but after a few more swats she told him that she hadn’t been spanked since she was nine. “Well that explains it! Lack of discipline. I was wondering how a bitch like you felt it was okay to dress up like a slut and go out in public. Your momma didn’t teach you no self-respect. But that’s okay, ‘cause Daddy’s gonna teach you all kinds of things.”

He went back to spanking her again and then looked at me, “Get your fucking clothes off!” What could I do other than obey? I stripped naked, feeling like a jerk standing there with my dick pointing at the sky.

“Man, slut, your man sure does like seeing you get abused. I’ve never seen such a hard cock!”

Rachel’s eyes were filled with hate for me as she saw the evidence of his accusation. Why was seeing her spanked turning me on so much? Would she ever understand that I would have rescued her if I had been able?

“Get these panties off your wife, chump, I wanna see if she’s as wet as you are hard.”

“You asshole!” Rachel spat as I hooked my thumbs in her miniscule panties and pulled them over her bright red ass and down her long slender legs. To my total shock her pussy was completely bare, not a hint of pubic hair showing between her legs as she bent over the car. My heart broke as I realized she had done this for me and was again going to suffer humiliation because of it.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I’ll get us out of this, I swear it!”

“Quit lying to the bitch, and just shove your finger in there. Tell us if she’s into it.” Feeling like an impotent loser, I put a finger at my wife’s freshly shaved pussy and felt no moisture what-so-ever. She was never wet at home either, we used a lot of lube to help her get in the mood.

“She’s dry, you son-of-a bitch. Now, you’ve had your fun, and taken your pictures. I think we’re even.”

Tyrell moved so fast I almost missed it, and then I felt his fist in my gut. I had never been hit so hard in my life and I crumpled to the ground. “I’m getting fucking sick of you disrespecting me! Talk back to me again and your bitch here will be a widow.” The man dropped to his knees between my wife’s legs and, as I struggled to find air, I watched his tongue move over her pussy.

“Oh God! Please, stop it! That’s filthy!” Rachel was moaning as he tongue fucked her, occasionally flicking his tongue into her asshole as well. I wanted to cry as I witnessed him tasting her the way I had hoped to, knowing that no man had ever done that to her before, including me. The hate I had for myself was intense as I realized my dick was still hard. After only a few moments Rachel began to beg him to stop and then she was overtaken with an intense orgasm, the first of her life. “Oh fuck! Oh no! Stop!” But he didn’t stop, he kept going until she came two more times. The whole event was caught for posterity on camera phones and they all called her a nasty slut for cumming while a stranger forced himself on her.

“Now, Charlie, tell me if she’s into it, and watch your fucking tongue or I’ll rip it off.”

I stood up, still shaky from the punch, and slid my finger into my wife. Her pussy had never been this wet, not even after using lube. It broke my heart that I wasn’t the man to do this to her, but as I felt her pussy muscles tighten around my finger, I felt nothing but lust for her. Tyrell gave me a knowing look and I said, “She’s wet.”

You would have thought I had told the funniest joke in the world from the reaction I got.

After Tyrell calmed down a bit, he unbuckled his jeans and let them fall to the ground. “Put on her panties you fucking loser.” I just blinked at him until he told me I better not make him tell me twice. While everyone laughed, I pulled her tiny lacy thong on. It barely fit, and the tiny strip of lace completely failed to contain my raging hard-on. He stepped out of his shorts and the most enormous cock I had ever seen came into view. It was thicker around than my wrist and nearly as long as my forearm; the angry purple head looked like a small fist. “Now, princess, put my cock in your wife.”

Rachel’s face was ashen as she saw the black monster intended for her pussy. “Please, don’t put that in me! It won’t fit!” I wondered if she wasn’t right as I took a deep breath and gripped the fucker, my hand would not wrap all the way around it. Seeing that Rachel was going to bolt, Andy and Chug held her against the trunk of our car. “No, don’t rape me! Oh, this can’t be happening! It’s not going to fit!”

“It’s gonna fit, bitch! Every fucking inch of it is goin’ inside your slutty hole.” He nodded to me and I guided his monster cock to my wife’s cunt. The head split her lips apart and she moaned, as I pushed it inside she began groaning and crying and begging him to stop. Finally, only a length the size of my fist was outside of her. I couldn’t believe it had fit. Tyrell pushed me aside, “I can take it from here, princess.” He shoved the last few inches into her and she squealed.

“Oh my God it’s so fucking huge! You’re tearing me apart!” From my vantage point I could see him splitting her open, and I could see the anguish on her face as she was raped by this black man with the biggest cock I had ever seen. He began to pull it all out except the tip and then shove it back into her, making her grunt and moan. Her pussy was gripping him tightly, and a frothy foam of her juices began to build up as he moved in and out of her like a piston.

Tyrell steadily fucked her while his buddies filmed it and made comments about what a slut she was. I could not believe his stamina, never had I lasted this long inside of her. “You love that big black cock don’t you?”

“Oh God! Please! I can’t take any more!”

“Honey, I’m not gonna cum ‘til you do. Princess, get your mouth over her and suck on her clitty!”

It took me a moment to remember that I was Princess, and then I really didn’t even know how to do what he was asking. Tyrell pulled out of my wife, eliciting a “thank God!” from her, and he pulled me down between her legs, facing out, so I could get my tongue on her clit. “Oh, that’s too much! Don’t do that!” Her pussy was delicious though, and I went to town. A small patch of bright red pubic hard tickled my upper lip. For a moment or two I just enjoyed my wife’s pussy and making her moan but then Tyrell brought me back to reality by sliding his cock inside of her. I couldn’t avoid his massive cock, getting a taste of it as I tried hard to focus only on her clit. With each stroke however, his huge balls slapped against my chin. It was just too much for my poor, ordinarily demure, wife – she came hard, juice spilling out around his cock and dripping into my mouth.

“Okay, slut, get ready for the load of your young life!”

“No! Not inside of me!”

“Too late, bitch!” he announced and I felt his cock spasm inside of her as he shot rope after rope of cum into my fertile wife. Midway through he pulled out, shooting all over her ass and my chin. “You better get all of that cum out of her Princess if you don’t want to be raising no black babies.” I reached up and he slapped my hand away, “Just yo fucking mouth, honey!” It was unthinkable, but the idea of trying to explain a black baby was worse so I dove in, trying to get my tongue as deep inside of her spunked in hole as I could. I ate a lot of cum, and Rachel was grinding her cunt back into me, shuddering with yet another orgasm.

Finally it was over, I collapsed to the ground. I realized that there was now film of me wearing panties and eating another man’s cum out of my wife’s snatch. My cock was still hard as stone, but all I wanted was to get as far away from this moment as I could.

“Come here and thank Daddy for giving you such a good time, slut!” Tyrell’s cock was still semi hard and dripping with a combination of his and her cum. Rachel slid off the trunk of the car, barely able to move, and looked at Tyrell, unsure of what he wanted. “Tell her what you want to see next, Princess – and you better get it right.”

“I want to see you suck his cock,” I said, defeated. She looked at me with pure hatred, fire in her green eyes, but squatted down before Tyrell and opened her mouth. My whole marriage I had wanted her to do that for me, and now I was forced to watch her do it for another man. It didn’t matter that she didn’t want to do it, it didn’t matter that she was being raped, I resented her for not doing it for me first – weeks ago.

Rachel’s face was disgusted, but she took as much of his monster into her mouth as she could. She licked it clean from tip to balls and then began sucking on the head of it, allowing him to push more and more of it into her throat until she could take almost all of it without gagging. It helped that it was only semi-hard – if he had been fresh I doubt she could have taken it. It seemed she was a natural born cocksucker, and I felt so jealous.

At this point the other men began to undress and I realized that they all intended to have their way with my sweet Rachel. Tyrell began to recover at my wife’s ministrations, and so while she sucked him, Andy got behind her, pushing her onto her knees.

Rachel did not allow me to fuck her doggie style. It was demeaning and immoral, but she put up no resistance to Andy. His cock was every bit as massive as Tyrell’s, and she moaned as he pushed it into her from behind. They made me come closer and watch as they fucked my wife from both ends. It seemed to go on forever until they made me crawl under her and lick her again while Andy fucked her. This time my face was under his cock as he slowly penetrated her, his balls resting on my forehead and nose. After he made her cum, he came inside of her and then pulled out to finish off on my face. Again, I ate her out, desperate to get the black cum from her. While I ate Andy’s cum she swallowed a load from Tyrell.

“Drew, you’re up!” Tyrell ordered, and the fourth man stepped up. He wanted to see my wife’s breasts, and so they made her dance while she removed her shirt. Rachel had been a cheerleader just two years ago in High School, so she knew how to move. It was quite a show, and all caught on camera phones. Her large natural tits swayed and bounced, while the guys called her a slut and a ho and fuck meat. I think she was just happy not to have any cocks in her for a few minutes, but it was short lived.

Drew laid down on the ground, his large black cock standing straight up. Like his friends he was massive, and Rachel begged for mercy even as they forced her down on top of him. “I’m so sore! I can’t take any more! Please!” But they ignored her except to laugh and mock as she began to cry again. So my precious Rachel’s pussy was split wide open again as she was forced to bounce up and down on her third massive cock of the evening. Occasionally she would look over at me, see my hard dick within her lacy panties, and she would narrow her eyes and turn away. I don’t know what she expected! I couldn’t fight these guys. And it was quite a show.

“Princess, get in there and lick her asshole. Deep.” I couldn’t believe the humiliations they continued to find for me, but I had no choice. While Rachel rode Drew’s dick, I knelt behind her and tongued her virgin asshole. Rachel moaned, and then came like crazy. Finally, Tyrell pushed me aside and began to line his massive cock up with Rachel’s tightest orifice.

“No!” she screamed as she realized what was about to happen, but there was nothing that could be done to save her. At this point she really fought back, but they all joined in and held her down, impaled on Drew’s dick, while Tyrell forced inch after inch of his tool into her shitter. It was amazing to see that thing disappear inside of her. I could not believe it was possible, but it was happening over and over. Chug finally tired of her squeals and so he plugged his freshly hard dick into her mouth. My adorable wife, the love of my life, was now filled in all three holes by black cocks.

It seemed like an eternity watching her getting gangbanged, and it seemed whenever one would cum, another would be recovered enough to take his place. After a while she just finally broke or something, she would cum and cum and then when one would pull his dick out she would beg for another. All the time she was filmed.

Finally, they were all exhausted, Rachel most of all. She was covered in cum from head to toe, oozing out of her ass and pussy. Tyrell forced me to clean her up with my mouth until I thought I was going to retch from swallowing so much cum.

“Put your cock in your wife, Princess,” Tyrell ordered and he didn’t have to tell me twice. Rachel was curled up on her side, sobbing, but I didn’t care. I needed release so badly. There was absolutely no resistance when I sank my dick into her. It was hot and wet, but I might as well have been fucking a bowl of soup because there was no grip on my cock.

“Get it in me, Princess,” Rachel said in a mocking tone, “You’ve been loving watching me get raped so much!”

“It is in you, slut!” Tyrell cackled and they all laughed.

“But I can’t feel it,” she pouted and they all just about died laughing that time. Angry, I flipped her over and shoved it into her asshole, but there was only moderately more grip there. “It’s so tiny! Oh please, someone fuck me! I need another cock!”

“Shut up bitch!” I shouted, forgetting that she had just been through an ordeal worse than my own. I grabbed her red curls, gooey from all the cum, and shoved my dick in her mouth. She gobbled it eagerly, taking me down to the balls with no effort, and after only a minute or two I began to cum. Rachel pushed me away, spitting my cum on the ground.

“You don’t get to use me that way until you can please me like a real man!”

Finally I just started to sob and relief flooded over me as I saw them getting back into their van. Rachel sat on the ground naked watching them. “Honey, we’re in town for three more days if you want to come with us. I can promise you we’ll fucking abuse you over and over. Or, you can go home and try to get princess to get you off.”

Rachel stood up and walked over to our car, grabbed her purse, and leaving all of her clothes behind climbed into the van. “See you on Tuesday, Princess.”

I went home, sobbing the whole way. Hating the fact that my cock was rock hard again from remembering the event. I masturbated more over the next few days than I had in my entire life, but I found I had to be wearing her thong panties in order to get fully hard. It was disturbing, I began cumming into a glass and then making myself drink it. Online I ordered every product I could find that promised to make my dick bigger.

I tried calling her cell phone over and over but she never answered. Finally on one attempt I received a recording saying that my number had been blocked. Every so often she would send me a text message with a picture of her fucking huge black cocks.

On the second day I found the website; The splash page was a picture of Rachel smiling, completely naked, while kneeling amidst seven black cocks. In the background was a picture of me, in her panties, cum all over my face, with a rock hard cock. I had to give them a credit card number to see more, and my dick was hard before I entered the first four numbers. There were so many pictures and videos of Rachel getting fucked in every way imaginable. Each video ended with the clip of me with my dick all the way in her and her pouting, “But I can’t feel it.”

On Monday I called in sick. All I did was watch the website, masturbating. I figured out that she had fucked nearly forty black men over the three days she was gone. The counters on the site told me that some of the videos had over six hundred thousand views. On Facebook, I noticed people I know linking to the site – including my parents and brothers.

Finally, on Tuesday night she came home. I had cleaned the house, and made sure I was shaved and well dressed. (I was wearing the panties, of course.) Rachel came in the door, waved at whoever had dropped her off, and then looked at me. She was beautiful, sexy, in the sluttiest pair of shorts I had ever seen, her tits barely encased in a tube top. “We need to talk, Princess, but first I’m in need of your services.”

Rachel pulled down her shorts revealing the tiniest thong I had ever seen. Immediately I noticed that her clit had been pierced, and that she had a tattoo that read, “You Must Be Ten Inches or More to Ride”. She had me lie down and then squatted over my face. Copious amounts of cum began to drain from her pussy and asshole and fall on my face, I ate all of it, licking her clean and making her cum hard. Afterward she demanded to see my cock, and I blushed bright red as I undressed revealing my rock hard cock encased in her panties. She smiled and removed her new thong and tossed it to me, “Add it to your collection, Princess.”

“Your cock is not going to do it for me. You can get a girlfriend or boyfriend if you need to, or just jerk off to my website, but I never want to see you stroking your cock when I’m around. If you cum anywhere near me, I’ll fucking leave your ass.” I hated myself for the relief I felt when she implied she wasn’t leaving me yet. “Occasionally one of my friends may want me to fuck you, but unless I’m forced to do it by a real man, it’s not going to happen. So at least you’ll have something to hope for when I bring guys over. And I will be bringing guys over. If you don’t like it, then get the fuck out. I’m making more than enough money now.

“Frankly, I don’t find much use for you now, so you better find ways to entertain me. Of course you’ll be cleaning me up after dates, because humiliating you really gets me off. For now, you can start by finding out which of your friends and family have cocks that would satisfy me. I want a list of cock sizes by the end of the week, and I better not find out you’re holding out on me.” How was I possibly going to accomplish this?

“Oh, by the way, Princess, your boss says you are fucking fired. Man, he has an amazing dick for a white man. As a personal favor to me he’s blackballing you in the field. So, if you think about leaving good luck finding a new job. But be a good little princess, and I’ll always take care of you.”

“Rachel, maybe you should see someone?” Clearly she was dealing from post traumatic stress or something.

“Fuck you, Charles! You wanted to see me get raped. I saw your pathetic little dick while I was being violated. Well, you got what you wanted. I’m a slut now. You’ll never have to beg me to dress like a little tart again. And another thing, you don’t get to call me Rachel anymore. I think ‘Mistress’ has a nice ring to it.”

“Rach – I – I mean, Mistress, I’m not sure if I can do this.”

“Well, frankly I don’t really give a fuck what you can or can’t do. For now I want some fucking payback, so I’m going to keep you around for awhile. When I get bored I might cut you loose. But I guarantee I’ll see you sucking cocks for a living if you try to leave me. I wasn’t given a choice, you don’t really have one either.” I couldn’t believe the change in her, but damn it if I wasn’t hard as a rock.

“One more thing, Princess,” she sneered reaching into her bag, “I got you something.” She pulled out a leather harness with an enormous black dildo fastened to it. “It’s a perfect replica of Tyrell’s cock that we had made. You’ll be fucking me with this when I can’t find a real cock to satisfy me. But more often than not, I’ll be fucking you with it.” She was strapping it on and my heart was racing.

“You can suck it for a bit first if you want some lubrication, it’s up to you.” That fiery hatred still burned in her emerald eyes, “But first go get the video camera ‘cause this shit is going on the website.”

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2014-12-18 02:50:22
This fucking sucked it Had the worst ending like some kind of fucking hunchback slave shit

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2013-12-09 07:02:23
Another option would be to stay with the "breaking" aspect of the interaction, which is what the mindless predators specialize in. From the story, it appears these negros are predatory in nature. The negroid assailants would have finished off the night by securing the couple in the abandoned police station in lock up completely stripped, except for Princess in his wife's panties. They would get her absolutely drunk off her feet, tie a noose around her neck, arms tied behind her, and tie her feet to his neck. They loop the hanging rope into the ceiling and tie off the other end to his cock. His arms also tied behind him. They would take the car, and sell it, burglarize their home and drain their accounts. Back at the police station the predicament would play out as the wife began urinating on her husband, the negro cum oozing out of her. She dies from hanging and his cock is permanently damaged. His mind is broken, he now serves what he believes is her Dominant ghost.

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2013-12-09 06:38:17
For the wife to have achieved Dominant status and confidence, she would have had to have exacted revenge upon her negro assailants. The husband would have been locked away in the abandoned prison, and later rescued by the wife. She might even have one or two of the Negros imprisoned in the home, kept in a kennel for future enjoyment when she felt like getting into bestiality. In their home, she would discover a sadistic side, and find that she really enjoys torturing and tormenting men. Her husband would find that his own phallus betrays him, and that he becomes quite devoted to his Mistress-wife. When she tires of him, she orders him to grind up the negro animals into hamburger meat, to consume their bodies, to perform self-torture and ultimately end his own life.

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2013-09-14 00:28:34
Haha, their names are andy and drew

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2012-11-19 18:23:24
sounds to me like that bitch needs to die.....just like mine did

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