Picking up with Ange and Lin
I’m not as young as I used to be, so I don’t recover as quickly. Besides, I think I may have been dehydrated after that last orgasm. Even after taking a shower together in the huge stone and glass shower in Lin and Ange’s suite, rubbing wet and naked and soapy against these two beautiful women, I couldn’t get hard enough to be any good. But I didn’t mind. I still spent a long time watching the contrast of their skin as Ange and Lin worked fingers, tongues, and toys into each other. They made full use of the fruit tray, coating each other with strawberries, kiwi, and various melon slices to add a sweeter taste to various body parts. Fortunately I was even invited along, both to give and to receive.

An hour later, I started to stir. Finally the play of my Asian and Ebony queens roused my dick to full attention, and they seemed about as excited as I was.

“Hunter, have you ever had a blowjob by two women?”

Just the thought made my dick jump, and it didn’t escape their notice. “Not yet. But I’ve always wanted a double.”

Lin gave me a wink and a lick from balls to bulb, and looked me in the eye the whole time. “You’re going to like this,” she said. As she began to grope and lick and grab and squeeze and kiss my shaft and balls, Ange knelt behind her rubbing up against her pussy and ass. After a short while of getting Lin worked to climax, Ange slid up beside her and began kissing up my hip, side, chest and neck until we began kissing while Lin worked her magic.

Ange slowly made her way back down my side, kissing across my abs down to my cock, kissed Lin for a moment, like gentle lovers, before trading places, and Lin worked up my other side so we could kiss while Ange worked me over. The exchange was brutal. Whoever was working me over would bring me kind of close to the brink, then back me off from it while her companion would distract me with kisses. After a few minutes, however, Lin worked her way back down to finally begin my “double blowjob.”

As one would lick my perineum and balls, pulling and sucking them into her mouth, the other would work the shaft and head with her hand, lips and tongue. After a few minutes the one on the balls would work her way up and they would both work the head and kiss each other while the tip of my penis was caught in the tongue fight like the luckiest ref in the world. As Lin would squeeze the base of my cock and push the pre-come out the tip, Ange would lick it away and share with her girlfriend. When Ange did it, Lin would lick it and share some back.

They giggled and moaned and made a big show. My ass had never puckered so tight as it did during their playtime, as my orgasm boiled in my balls and the pit of my stomach for what seemed like forever. I don’t know if they could feel what I felt, but they sure had a good grasp on how to keep me from cumming. As I looked down past their heads, I was able to watch their asses and backs as they ground their hips against the bed.

“Hunter, are you ready to feed us yet?” Ange asked innocently. “Lin’s getting hungry. And she always shares.”

I looked at Lin and she had a faint, but innocent smile, and gave a small nod as she licked up the bottom of my shaft. A small spurt of pre-come escaped and ran over Lin’s first knuckle before she caught it with her tongue and cleaned it off her hand.

“Oh, damn, ladies! I can’t hold back now!”

“Stand up, Hunter! Feed your cum to my lover.”

I stood up as fast as I could, and had to steady myself with a hand on the bar where we had mixed our drinks. As soon as I was up, Ange went to town on my cock and balls, stroking my cock with one hand, and taking me as deep as she could into her mouth. She had her other hand on the back of Lin’s head, while Lin rubbed her clit while looking me in the eye, and with her other hand, she alternated pinching her own nipples and pulling on Ange’s. Every once in a while, Ange would shudder and moan.

All this served to draw me beyond what I could withstand. I let out a huff and arched over a little as my stomach spasmed. Ange pulled my skin tight against my groin, pulling my penis tight, and gave it a squeeze to narrow the passage through which my seed would pass.

Grabbing a handful of Lin’s hair, Ange pointed my dick directly at Lin’s open mouth and watched my cock expectantly. There was first a little spurt of clear fluid, which didn’t go far, followed by my first blast of cum as my dick jumped. My ureter was on fire from the volume of ejaculate being forced through a constricted space, but the force of it was incredible. That first shot would have broken a window if Lin’s face hadn’t stopped it. There was a trail of cream from her hairline to her open mouth, followed by a second and a third that landed directly in her mouth. Ange and Lin moaned and commented their approval as Ange began to stroke my cock, making sure to graze the bottom side of my head with every stroke. I continued to shoot, but with much less force and Lin moved directly under my head to allow the cum to dribble onto her tongue. When I had finished, Ange took me back into her mouth to clean me off and to suck out the remains.

“Mmm!”, Ange moaned, to get my attention. I watched as she dribbled that little bit into Lin’s mouth, then she cleaned up Lin’s cheek and forehead with a single swipe of her tongue, and dribbled that into the tiny Asian’s mouth as well.

“Damn,” I muttered unconsciously.

“Hunter. Hunter!”

Ange awakened me from my haze. “Huh?”

With a smile, amused at their effect on me, she urged me, “Watch. Lin’s good to share with her friends.” Ange dropped to sit on her heels, and Lin rose up to her knees and hovered above Ange’s open mouth. Lin placed one hand on Ange’s chin and another on the top of her head to steady her. After giving me a look to make sure I was watching, Lin tilted her head and parted her lips, allowing my cum to flow slowly but completely, into her girlfriend’s waiting mouth. Ange let out a moan of approval, then swallowed it all and began kissing her Eastern lover again, closing out the evening.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced.” I know I must have sounded like an idiot teenager, but I had lost all pretense of self-control long ago.

“I’m glad you liked it, Hunter,” Lin replied as she stood up beside me and helped her black lover off the floor. “I know I did.” She leaned in to give me a slow, sensuous kiss, and then Ange did the same.

“You girls wore me out. I don’t know if I’ll have enough energy for the final morning session tomorrow.”

“Then don’t go. We won’t either,” Lin suggested.

“Well, it is only a motivational speaker. All the trade talks finished up already,” I conceded.

“Listen, go get your stuff and bring it here. I’ll put in for a late checkout tomorrow and we’ll make the most of our last day here.” Ange had a plan and I liked it. “We’ll get up early, go for a short run, eat a good breakfast out, then finish up the morning here.” As she talked, she had her hand on my chest, but when she said, “finish up the morning here” she moved her hand down to grab my dick.

Lin let out a short moan of approval at the thought, her eyebrow raised.

“Great,” Ange said. “Hunter, go get your stuff and we’ll shower here and get some rest.

I returned to my room, packed up, and called down that I was checking out early. I left my keys on the nightstand and returned to Ange’s suite, using the key she had given me.

When I returned I found the shower already running and both ladies standing naked at the sinks brushing their teeth. I stripped and got out my toothbrush, the sidled up between them and smiled. In a couple of minutes we were all minty fresh and soaping each other up in the shower. Again. I don’t want to say it was completely innocent, but we were all exhausted and knew that we were going to get in bed to sleep only. I had the privilege of sleeping in between these two naked gorgeous women, so no matter which way I faced, I could curl up behind one of them and stab her in the ass with my erection. My hand was almost always on a tit. And I loved every minute of it.

Morning came early, but we had all slept surprisingly well. I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised with as much energy as we spent last night. We quickly got dressed for our run and went out on a quick 4-miler before returning to the car for a short drive to the nearby pancake house.

As we looked at the menus, Lin mumbled, “Load up on your carbs, Hunter. You’re gonna need that energy.” Ange and I both burst out laughing and the three of us spent the next hour laughing and making fun of some of the other conference attendees and speakers. It was still pretty early when we made our way back to the hotel, and as we approached the elevator, the mood began to change as we each looked forward to what was about to happen. I had a knot in the pit of my stomach from sheer excitement. Last night I was just hopeful. This time, I knew what I was looking forward to.

As soon as we got into the room, Lin pounced on me and began kissing me as her hands roamed all over my body. I promptly returned the favor and was stabbing at her through our shorts. Ange went to get the shower running and on her return, she chided Lin with a laugh. “Hunter, I should have warned you that exercise makes Lin horny. You’re about to have your ass kicked.”

“Fuck you, bitch!” Lin barked. Ange laughed, knowing that Lin wasn’t angry, just horny as hell, and Ange was in for it, too.

We all three yanked clothes off ourselves and each other, a tangled mess of flesh, spandex, and running shoes. As soon as we were free, we climbed into the giant stone shower and Lin immediately dropped to take the biggest erection I’ve ever had, into her mouth, all the way to its base.

“Damn, Lin!” I blurted out.

“I told you.” Ange retorted, watching Lin bob forward and back as she held onto my ass to pull me into her throat. “Don’t worry, though, I know she’s going to fuck the shit out of me, too. That’s one of the things I love about training with Lin.”

As soon as Ange was done warning me while she soaped up, she reached over and began to soap me up everywhere, then rinsed me off. “Okay,” she warned, “here we go.” At that, she reached down to soap Lin’s back and legs, before working around front. As soon as she touched Lin’s tits and pussy (which she did at the same time for just such an occasion), Lin launched into a screaming cursing orgasm. Fortunately she pulled off my cock before gritting her teeth.

Ange immediately grabbed her Asian screamer by the hair and yanked her head back to kiss her with a passion I’d never seen before. She squeezed Lin’s tits with her other hand and then jammed two fingers in her pussy and working them back and forth so fast her hand was a blur. Lin screamed and shot a stream directly at my shins and feet. Her hands were grabbing at air, her fingertips grazing the glass door on one side and the stone wall on the other. After she came, Ange shoved her forward and ordered, “Don’t ever call me a bitch again, you Chinese whore!”

“Damn!” I thought. “Ange’s giving it back to her!”

Lin didn’t say anything, but I could tell she hadn’t lost any of her fire. I began to think that I was a part of a lover’s game rather than a lover’s quarrel. Ange picked Lin up by her arm, ordered me to turn off the shower, and dragged Lin, dripping wet, to the giant bed, throwing her onto it. She immediately straddled the Asian’s face. “Eat my cunt, whore!” Then she turned to me and pointed at me. “You! Eat her pussy!”

Gladly! I tasted all around this Asian pussy and dug my tongue in as far as possible to get at the sweetest juice. I could see Ange’s ass riding Lin’s flailing tongue and Ange was busy grabbing her own tits to bring her off. I reached up and grabbed Lin’s tits to bring her closer and closer.

Ange turned around and ordered me to stick my fingers in her cunt to make her cum. So I did. My two middle fingers worked her over as I continued to lick her clitoris. As Ange would look back on occasion, I realized she was in charge of Lin’s orgasm because she was the one giving me orders, not Lin. Why did Ange tell me that Lin was going to kick my ass when Lin was the submissive one?

As Ange rode, I saw her buck and convulse. As soon as she did, Lin squirted out again and flooded my tongue, chin and chest, catching me by surprise. When Ange got off Lin’s face and pulled her up, Lin’s chin and neck was dripping wet from Ange’s juices. It had started to run down Lin’s tits and I couldn’t help myself. I dove in and began to lick all Ange’s cum off her girlfriend’s tits. Lin threw her head back in pleasure and began to rub her own clit as I played.

Meanwhile, Ange was on all fours on the bed beside me, pointing her ass right at me. I took the cue and moved to eat her pussy, tasting her juices right from the source. She quickly began to cum and I felt her fingers brushing my chin as she rubbed her own clit. And there it was. I couldn’t help myself. I made a quick swipe up her pussy straight to her ass, and she shuddered at my first contact with it. I decided to camp out there and to lick her ass for a little while until she came again.

At this point, Lin had apparently moved down to take me back into her mouth, so I was getting a blowjob from an Asian while I licked a black girl’s perfect ass. There’s a first time for everything. As I started getting close I realized I didn’t know if I could cum more than once today, so I’d better do something quick before I ruined it. I stopped licking Ange’s ass and pulled Lin off my cock to place her beside Ange on the bed, bent over like her girlfriend. I would alternate licking one pussy, then the other, comparison shopping, then I moved to their asses, returning to Ange’s then getting my first taste of Lin’s. They were both amazing and they both thoroughly enjoyed it. It wasn’t long before they began commanding me how and when to lick their asses, all while they kissed each other and rubbed their own pussies.

All of a sudden, Lin shoved her ass back and flooded me again, knocking me back on my heels. Knowing what Lin was doing set Ange off and she repeated, spraying the floor a few feet away. As Ange recovered, I grabbed Lin’s hips and drove my prick straight in to the balls, causing her to scream out in ecstacy. Or agony. Whatever. She immediately looked over her shoulder and ordered me to fuck her. Her shoulders dropped to the bed and her fingers rubbed her clit again as I pounded into her fuckbox. I eventually drove her hips into the mattress so she was lying flat and I was straddling her hips pounding straight down. She came again. And again. Or maybe it was the same one. It’s hard to say.

I suddenly pulled out and grabbed Ange’s hips, slapped her hand away and pounded into her pink. Her dark lips surrounded my cock and as I pulled out, I exposed more pink before driving it back into hiding. Over and over. Her juices were dripping off my balls and splashing back against me. Lin disappeared between my feet and shoved her face up to begin licking her lover’s juices off her other lover. She was fierce and ardent in her search. She was matched only by the fervor of the cum receptacle on the bed who was smashing her ass back against my groin. She needed to be taught a lesson, so I drove her forward onto the mattress just like I had done to her friend a few minutes before. Her cries were muffled by a pillow, but they were loud nonetheless.

That’s it! I’d had enough. I grabbed Lin and pulled her up on the bed, then pulled out and flipped Ange over beside her. I had no sooner pulled out than the first shot arched up Ange’s body and into the headboard. The second didn’t have as much force, so I could aim it at Lin and the next one at Ange, then back and forth. Within a matter of seconds, both women had plenty of semen on their bodies and faces.

I couldn’t believe it. I was still hard and had enough energy to keep going! I threw them a towel to clean up my cum, then asked if they had any lube. Lin wiped my cum off Ange’s tits and answered, “Always.”

“Where is it?” I demanded.

Ange continued to stare at my still-hard cock with disbelief and quietly pointed and answered, “Black bag on the window seat.” I opened it up and saw a full arsenal of toys and a jar of coconut oil. I grabbed a double-sided dildo and tossed it to Ange: “Keep yourselves warm.”

They smiled and knew exactly what to do. It didn’t take them long to get into a rhythm of fucking each other with their toy while rubbing and grabbing their own bodies. I decided to take advantage of this and walked up to Ange’s face and rested my erection on her cheek. She immediately grabbed it and went to town working it over with her mouth and hand, her other hand busy on her own body. After a few minutes I switched over to Lin, then back once more, and back again.

After they had each cum a couple of times, I went over to Ange and pulled her ass to the side of the bed, rolled her hips up and dripped some oil on her pussy. I ran my head and the bottomside of my shaft along her labia and clit, which we both began to enjoy. Just as she was getting into it, I pulled back enough to get the head do drop down to her opening and drove into her pink again, grazing her g-spot and causing her to arch her back. I lay down on top of her and began kissing her like never before. The thought of what I was about to do was driving me to heights I’d never imagined. I’d never done this before and I wanted her as worked up as I was.

“Keep going, Ange. I’m going to fuck your girlfriend now.” This got her going and I pulled out and drove straight into Lin’s pussy while Ange watched and played with her own pussy.

“Lin, you want to watch me fuck your girlfriend?”

“Oh, yeah!” she blurted before we made out in front of Ange while I plowed into Lin’s cunt.

I pulled out and drove back into Ange, then into Lin. Every time I switched I would pour a little coconut oil onto their pussies. I would order them to rub it around their bodies and soon all three of us were covered from our necks to our asses in coconut oil, providing for an interesting sensation, effortless sex, and the sexy sheen of oil on two fit ladies.

As I was driving into Ange, I grabbed her ass and lay down on top of her, then dragged my finger across her asshole before pushing just the tip in, then a little more. I was getting a favorable response with her breathing and moaning. “Don’t say anything, Ange. Just whisper and nod, okay?”

As I drove into her, she breathed out, “Yeah”

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

“Uh uh.”

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass, okay?”


“Do you want me to fuck Lin in the ass?”


“Should I tell her first?”

“Uh uh.”

“Okay, It’ll be our little secret. Don’t tell her what I’m doing to you, either. Just enjoy it.”

As I slowed down my pace to withdraw, I moved over to Lin and drove into her to get her worked up. We kissed and she was getting loud. I dragged a finger across her ass and she moaned, so I pressed in, then a little more, each time with a moan. I could feel the underside of my dick pressing against my finger while I fucked her and she was really enjoying it, just like I was.

“I’m going to go give my cock to your girlfriend, Lin. I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Fuck! Yeah!” as she came all over me.

Back at Ange, she looked at me with a mix of passion and fear. I didn’t prepare her because we couldn’t let on, but we were both slick and she knew it was coming. I lined up my cock with her ass, and I pressed. The head slowly sank in, then popped as the head passed the ring. I looked at her with lust and she closed her eyes and convulsed just a little.

“Lin,” I said. Lin looked me in the eye when I called her. “I’m about to fill your girlfriend with my dick.” Lin convulsed at the thought and I looked her in the eye as I pressed forward, then withdrew and pressed forward a little more. Ange was panting and moaning and when I was balls deep I began to withdraw again, then press forward. Ange reached down to rub her clit and she began to enjoy it more and more. Lin had no clue other than that her friend was getting fucked into oblivion. The little Asian was too caught up in her own pleasure. When my black lover finally came, she screamed and flooded like I’d never seen.

I called her name and said, “Watch me. I’m going to fuck your girlfriend.” Because she was in on the surprise, I didn’t mind that she sat up and wanted to join the party. She turned around and lay on her side, moving Lin’s leg so she could watch. At first, Ange rubbed Lin’s clit, but then she stretched over and began licking it. This sent the Asian into overdrive and when Ange looked up at me and grabbed my cock as she licked her friend’s pussy, I knew. I hovered just away until Ange nodded during Lin’s orgasm. Then I pressed forward.

“What the fu……!?” but Lin’s words trailed off as her orgasm increased with the intrusion. I continued to press forward as Lin came and Ange licked and played.

“FUCK MY ASS!” screamed Lin. She caught us both off guard, but I readily complied. When Ange moved to lie beside her friend, I could clearly see Lin’s face and she wanted it. She grabbed her legs behind her own knees and craned he neck to see. Ange quickly ran to the bathroom to get a hand mirror so her friend could watch her own ass getting invaded for the first time by a dick. It didn’t take her long after seeing it before she squirted again, and this was going to set me off.

My last orgasm was big, but this one was unbelievably intense. Though not as much semen came out, the intensity of the orgasm more than made up for it. I pulled out of Lin’s ass and coated her pussy with my cum. Ange immediately dove in to clean her up, and swallowed everything she got.

The two women lay side by side and embraced. I plopped down on the couch across from the bed, exhausted from the most intense sexual experience of my life so far.

Lin was the first to speak.

“So, when does registration start for the spring conference?”
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