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A young acqaintance rides horses. After talking to her I found out she would do ANYTHING for her horse. She'd do darned near the same to be a famous equestrian, maybe go to the olympics. I was inspired watching her ride.
Riding Trials
Chapter One

Michelle had just turned 18 and graduated high school a couple months prior. She was a striking red head with long thick hair. She was an athlete all through school so was in very fine shape with a strong athletes build not skinny but not heavy either. Here breasts were nice 36B's that she kept in tight check by wearing sports bras. The love of here life and main passion was equestrian dressage competition. Michelle was very highly ranked in her sport and had been preparing all spring for a national qualifying event in August. Her horse Zieglers Fancy Flare was a strong bay mare she called Ziggy. Her bond with the mare was incredible and she doted on the mare day and night. Michelle was no sheltered little virgin. She had dated fairly regularly since she was 15 and had a few steady boyfriends along the way. She had had sex with 3 boyfriends but was always a bit frustrated with it. She enjoyed sex but she never got to climax. The boys were either clumsy, hurried, came too soon or something. When Michelle was 17 she had a one nighter at a friends party. He was in his early 20's and almost arrogant. She felt drawn to him and after a couple drinks she went upstairs to a bedroom and had sex in a way she had never experienced. Jimmy was his name and he treated her almost coldly and even a bit rough. He was demanding yet he was the first man to eat her out. He took his time yet worked over her tits and pussy with his tongue and pussy and was not very gentle. When he finally entered her his cock was much larger than her other boyfriends and he wasted no time pounding deep into her and stretching her in places she'd never experienced. He lasted a long time and Michelle found herself rea ching her first climax. Soon after he filled his condom he withdrew and removed it tossing it in the corner. Michelle was out of breath and layed back and exclaimed "Wow, that was a first" . Jimmy whispered "You ain't seen nothin yet. Now your warmed up and loosened up, now we can have fun". Michelle didn't know what he meant but went with it since the feeling was definitely new and appealing. Jimmy took over and began manhandling her tits by kneading them with his strong hands and sucking on them til they ached. She could feel her pussy dripping in it's reaction. Jimmy started fingering her pussy using one, two, three fingers. He was not gentle and she could hear the loud squishing noises as he jammed fingers in and out of her soaked pusssy. He finally worked a forth finger into her as he moved down and began licking her clit. Her pussy was full and beginning to get sore as another strong climax grabbed her. Jimmy didn't let up his assualt and jammed four fingers in and out of her and sucked on her clit and her climax lasted what seemed like forever. Jimmy abruptly stopped and rolled her over. He propped a pillow under her hips and grabbed her ass. In a fairly swift thrust he buried himself in her soaked pussy. He was brutally rough. He grabbed a handful of her long red hair and pulled back as he reached around and began pinching one of her nipples very hard. He pounded into her for what seemed like an agonizing eternity then abruptly stopped. He got off her and laid next to her. She looked at him quizically and he told her "get on top of me and ride me hard". Michelle did as she was told and reached down to grasp his cock and help guide it into herself when she realized he had not put on a condom. She froze and told Jimmy no since he was unprotected and she wasn't on any birth control. He snarled, grasped her hips, and pulled her down onto him in one forceful movement. She struggled for a moment or at least thought she did but by then he was deep inside her pushing against her cervix. Jimmy grunted "ride me like a stud horse" Ride hard" and Michelle did. Jimmy grunted and filled her pussy with cum as Michelle reached her third climax. As soon as they were done Michelle could see cum oozing out of her pussy. In a panic she headed for the bathroom. Jimmy laughed and said "You better find a douche or a garden hose and wash that shit outta you or you'll get knocked up horsey girl" She raced through the cabinets and found a douche and used it. When she was done she cleaned up and walked back into the bedroom and Jimmy was gone.
Michelle had just had her most incredible sexual experience and felt dirty yet excited. She was frustrated he'd left and felt strange that this stranger had just worked her over. She had no control and he was very rough in the way he treated her yet she had climaxed three times and had not stopped him when he fucked her unprotected. So many things swirled through her head. She went home later that even and was confused for several days. As a side affect her pussy and tits were very sore and tender for a few days. That certainly added to her confused state something that made her so sore could excite her so much.
Michelle went on with life and dated occasionally. She mainly threw herself into her dressage riding and training. After winning a dozen or so prestigious events with Ziggy she was considered a top competitor in the Pacific Northwest region. Mom and dad were wealthy and with sponsorship support she could travel to competitons and did very well. Michelle dated a bit and even had a one nighter that was a let down. She had not seen Jimmy and could only remember, sigh, wonder.
After she had graduated high school she went to work at a local print shop making designs and printing graphics, signs, etc. The work was during the day and she spent her evenings and weekends working with Ziggy practicing. At one major dressage event before the national qualifier Michelle was getting ready and was watching some of her competitors when a striking blond named Kim rode up. They’d known each other through the dressage competitions but not well. They talked for a moment then a handsome man walked up and put his arm around Kim. Kim kissed him then introduced him to Michelle. As Michelles eyes met his she realized it was Jimmy. Kim introduced him as James Talbot her sponsor, boyfriend, and old family firend as well. She explained how James took care of all her competition expenses, travel, etc and really supported her winning. He was sponsoring her in the National qualifier in August……
Michelle was stunned and played along. Jimmy/James pretended to be pleased to meet her and Michelle acted pleased to meet him as well. Kim explained that Michelle would be her main competition going for nationals in a few weeks. Jimmy was impressed and said “I’ve heard great things about your riding ability. I’ll have to watch for you.” Michelle kind of blushed and thanked him. She left the staging area a bit flushed and embarrassed yet strangely aroused all over again.
That evening Michelle was putting Ziggy in his stall and getting ready to leave when she looked to the far end of the country club barn and there was Jimmy. At this late in the evening Michelle was always the last one to close up the country clubs stable so she was surprised to see someone. Jimmy walked toward her and they met in the middle of the barn. Michelle said “It is a pleasure to see you again Mr. Talbot.” Faining a degree of formality. Jimmy waved his hand and said “It’s Jimmy when we’re alone, you do remember the last time we were alone?” Michelle blushed and said “Yes…. But you left and I haven’t seen you since then. Imagine my surprise.” Jimmy chuckled and told her that he had seen her compete several times and had paid close attention to her equestrian career. He also told her that once he found out she was seventeen he backed away and waited. Then he congratulated her on being eighteen. He smiled an evil smile and said now all kinds of things are legal. She was a little stunned. Then Jimmy leaned over and kissed cheek and said I’ll see you around. I have the 6 stalls and tack rooms in the back of the country clubs barn. Jimmy turned and walked away as Michelles head spun. Jimmy was right here and had watched her over the last year.
Two evenings later Michelle was working Ziggy in the main arena and had cleared all her jumps perfectly. Her and Ziggy were in perfect sync. As she cooled him down and headed to head for the stables she noticed Jimmy watching from the barn. His car was the only one in the parking area and she noticed no one else at the barns as she walked Ziggy to her tall, unsaddled her , brushed her, and put her in her stall for the evening. Jimmy stood close by and watched her work. Michelle finally asked “What brings you here this evening?” Jimmy repplied “ I thought I’d see you and catch up” all Michelle could say was “Where is Kim?” Jimmy explained how she was staying with friends in Seattle and getting ready for national qualifiers up there and how he went the couple hours up there a few times a week to visit. A few minutes of small talk and they found themselves walking to where Jimmy’s stalls and tack rooms were. Jimmy opened up one tack room and it was set up as a changing/bedroom. He turned her to him and kissed her passionately. Michelle hesitated then began kissing him back. They entered the room and Jimmy shut and locked the door. In no time Michelle was naked on the bed and Jimmy was wasting no time savaging her tits and pussy. She was on her back when he entered her the first time and pushed all the way to the hilt. Michelle groaned at the huge intrusion. Jimmy began pounding her with long powerful strokes. After a short while she climaxed. Position after position Jimmy took her furiously hard. Jimmy finally rolled her on her back and tied her hands above her head. She did not object as he raised her legs and tied them to hooks on the walls. He began fingering her sopping pussywith three then four fingers. He started licking her clit and then asked her “You love when I fuck you and strectch your cunt don’t you?” Michelle rocked here head side to side and whimpered “ yes”. Jimmy asked “Do you want me to use you like a whore, fuck you rough, use you as I please?” Michelle whimper “Oh yessss” as she came from all his fingers and tongue working over her pussy. Jimmy slipped his thumb alongside his fingers and carefully worked his fist into Michelles soaking strectched pussy. She whimpered as he finally got all the way in. He started pushing in and out while licking her clit. Michelle just whimpered and panted as he pushed her closer to another climax. Jimmy said “I’ll use your cunt like this anytime I want. You love this fist?” Michelle shook her head yes and groaned as he pushed too deep. Jimmy just laughed and said “This is just the beginning my little horsey slut. Wait til you see what else you can do on video” Michelle’s head cleared after he removed his fist and said “what do you mean by what else I can do on video?” Jimmy raised her legs higher and wider on another set of hooks so her legs couldn’t spread anymore. He placed himself at the opening of her pussy and pulled off his condom. She looked down and shook her head no as he slammed into her. Jimmy just laughed and said “ Oh yeah and we’ll have it all beautifully on film”. He turned his head to the side and Michelle followed his eyes then spotted the the video camera against the far wall with a red light glowing on top. He looked down past the foot of the bed and on a shelf on the opposite wall from the foot of the bed was another with a wicked red light glowing on top. Michelle groaned “Oh my god No…” as Jimmy began brutally fucking her while she was tied with her hands above her heaad and her legs spread high and wide. Jimmy finished with a loud groan and came deep in her pussy. Michelle was crying as he untied her. She said “Why?” and he just chuckled “Why not, your mine now” “We’ll do this and so much more but for now you better hurry home.” “If you hurry and wash out that cunt you may not get knocked up”. Michelle was crushed and crying as she got dressed and ran to her car. Once she was home she douched and took a shower. As she washed she could see some bruises on her tits. She cried and vowed never to see Jimmy, James, whatever he called himself again. This would not happen again. She washed her pussy again and found it was very sensitive and still very wet. She groaned and shook her head and whimpered “why am I such a dumb slut”? “How am I ever gonna avoid him or will I be able to stop him from doing this again” She ran her fingers across her clit and her legs nearly failed as she felt as warm rush of her juices on her thighs. She knew she loved the sex but hated him for making her feel this way. She dried off and cried herself to sleep. Tommorow was another day and her and Ziggy had to get ready for Nationals qualifier. Mercifully her mom and dad were on a cruise for two more weeks and she could deal with this without their interloping. Sad sigh tommorow is another day.

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